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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [vote] Do we want to change the name
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 08:10:47 GMT

On 3 Sep 06, at 8:40 PM 3 Sep 06, Debbie Moynihan wrote:

> Well I believe that if you don't like a name then at least a better  
> one
> should be proposed.

I think deciding as a group that it should be changed is the first  
step. There were already plenty of suggestions for alternate names.

> While some suggestions have been interesting, I haven't
> seen any suggestions so far that are super compelling.  I have been  
> reading
> them all and was curious to see if someone would come up with a better
> name.  I thought Foam was an interesting concept for example,  
> although I
> believe that one had some trademark issues.  I didn't personally have
> anything to do with selecting the "Celtix" or "XFire" names for either
> project and the idea of picking a new name was somewhat attractive  
> when I
> was working on the proposal for merging these projects and moving  
> the code
> to Apache.  Then we brainstormed and ran into a lot of difficulty  
> finding a
> name that is meaningful and has no trademark issues.  I thought  
> that a lot
> of people were interested in this project because the code and  
> individuals
> from XFire and the code and individuals from Celtix are very high  
> quality
> and complementary in many ways and as a single project and  
> community with a
> focused effort it can be even better and even more people would  
> want to use
> and get involved with this project.  From that perspective, I  
> thought that
> the CeltiXfire name was appropriate.
> - 1 to changing

We'll decide as a group and as this is not a technical matter and not  
a release the vote is open to all developers and it's a majority that  

> On 9/3/06, Kevin Conner <> wrote:
>> +1 to changing.

Jason van Zyl

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