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From Oisin Hurley <>
Subject Re: Wiki and Web
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:01:42 GMT

I think snarfing from Confluence to feed DocBook would be a useful
approach. Support not there yet, however, and looks a bit like it's
not high up the priority list [0].

Since most people on this would probably prefer this to
be couched in terms of a technical challenge, here's what we would
need to do:

  - take the XML-style export from Confluence and mangle-ize
    it to produce DocBook, or maybe even something that the
    usual writer tools can support

Of course, we could also export and mangle-ize the PDF export
too, depending.

In any case, we would need a set of exemplars to construct the
xform - I wonder could we work up some kind of an example to
see what the scope of such a task might be?

More important is the structural aspect. One follows a wiki like
going through a maze. If you could take a bird's eye view of the
maze, then it would look strange and tangled. Formal doc, however
is not meant to be traversed like a maze - it's more like a set
of terraces. From the top terrace you can see all the way to the
end - there is a logical flow and a structure. How can we resolve
the maze with the terraces?



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