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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Proposal to refactor CXF dependencies. WAS: RE: Tooling Proposal [was Re: tooling and service model]
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2006 13:36:10 GMT

> No, just:
> svn mv rt/core core
> The only thing from rt that should be promoted up is the "core" module.   The 
> rest should stay in rt.
> From there, I would just add the tools2 dir (between core and rt) and start 
> building that up.   I'd leave the current tools/common/testutils in place as 
> they are for now.   Thus, nothing would change/break on the mainline. 
make more sense now :)

We definitely should keep the current tools, and just add tools2 for 

Sounds good to me.

We could move those tasks to jira now ;)


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