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From Jiang Ning <>
Subject Re: JCA Inbound Propocal
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2006 03:44:23 GMT
Hi Unreal,

Please see the comments in the mail.

Unreal Jiang wrote:

>Hi guys,
>  I'd like to port jca inbound into CXF from Celtix. In Celtix, we create a dynamic proxy
as a implementor, and this proxy will redirect the invocation from client to a backend ejbBean.
This way works fine in Celtix, bus doesn't in CXF. 
Here is the design note of the Celtix JCA implementation.

>Because in CXF JaxWS frontend implementation, it's requested that the implementor must
contain a WebSerivce or Provider annotation, in our case the implementor is only a proxy,
it doesn't have any annotations. 
>  There have two ways to solve this issue,
>  1. Use Simple frontend instead of JaxWS.
>  2. Add a WebService annotation with binary code manipulation.
There are lots of ways to export an EJBean as a web service and we want 
to implement it in a JCA way.
The Celtix JCA inbond implementation is based on the JAXWS API, which 
uses the proxy to carry an annotationed SEI  and WSDL to provider other 
detail information. If we keep on implementing CXF JCA inbond this way , 
we should keep on fighting with JAXWS front end. :(
We noticed that it is will be much easier by an code first way to get 
enough WSDL information from the code side, that is the simple frontend 
way. We want to know more about code first work, maybe study the xfire 
code is a good way.

>  Do you guys have any idea about this two approach?
>  Any comment will be appreciated.
>  Regards
>  Unreal
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