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From Jiang Ning <>
Subject Re: How can I setup the configuration for management
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:03:46 GMT
Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your replay. Just one more question I want to ask,  
current  configuration Spring Beans provider getter ,setter method and 
can be set the value by Spring reading the configure xml, but If the 
Spring Beans values of complex types which are generated by JAXB not 
support this.
eg. If I just want to enable the JMS In the configuration, how can I 
just write the configuration like this.
  <bean class="">
     <property name="instrumentationControl">
                       <property name ="jMXEnabled" value= "true"/>


Andrea Smyth wrote:

> Hi Willem,
> First I need to get the property editors for the non-standard types 
> registered - I have created JIRA CXF-123 for this.
> Second, you should update the contents of the value elements below to 
> conform to the new (simplified)  instrumentation.xsd schema.
> Will let you know when the CXF-123 is resolved.
> Andrea.
> Jiang Ning wrote:
>> Hi Adrea,
>> I had tried to use the new cxf configuration for  management. I can't 
>> make the xjc created class be set value by spring config xml.
>> Here is the Celtix style configuration to enable the JMX and setup 
>> the JMX Connetor's URL.
>> <bean class="">
>>      <property name="instrumentationControl">
>>          <value>
>>                <im:instrumentation>
>> <im:InstrumentationEnabled>true</im:InstrumentationEnabled>
>>                        <im:JMXEnabled>true</im:JMXEnabled>
>>                </im:instrumentation>
>>          </value>
>>      </property>
>>      <property name="MBServer">
>>          <value>
>>             <im:MBServer>
>>                <im:JMXConnector>
>>                   <im:Threaded>true</im:Threaded>
>>                   <im:Daemon>false</im:Daemon>
>> <im:JMXServiceURL>service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/jmxrmi/server</im:JMXServiceURL>

>>                 </im:JMXConnector>
>>              </im:MBServer>
>>          </value>
>>      </property>
>>  </bean>
>> Can you get me the example how can these complex value type can be 
>> set with the new CXF configuration.
>> Thanks,
>> Willem.

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