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From Jiang Ning <>
Subject Re: context question between transport and jaxws front end
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:33:59 GMT
Hi Eoghan,

Thank you for your replay.
I just went though the JAX-WS BindingProviderImpl,  there were no any 
code of the context copying work.
I think this work need to be done by my hand :).


Glynn, Eoghan wrote:

>Hi Willem,
>I'm not sure there's a problem here.
>The JMS transport wouldn't have a direct dependency on the JAX-WS, just
>an assumption that the frontend (whether JAX-WS or not) provides some
>mechanism to pass context information between the application and the
>Message thats passed to JMSConduit.send() and returned via the
>MessageObserver.onMessage(). In the case of JAX-WS, this mechanism is
>the BindingProvider.get{Request|Response}Context() API. However it could
>be something completely different for another frontend. In any case, the
>transport doesn't need to know the detail of this mechanism, it may
>simply assume some analogous mechanism is supported.
>Any properties available in the context are automatically reflected in
>the Message and vice versa, as the JAX-WS context implementations are
>simply wrappers around the Message.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Jiang, Ning (Willem) 
>>Sent: 22 September 2006 08:35
>>Subject: context question between transport and jaxws front end
>>When I do some clean up work of  JMS work and found out that 
>>JMS system test and demo provide a feature that the 
>>Application code can get the JMS message header information 
>>from the BindingProvider.getResponseContext and setup the JMS 
>>message header into the RequestContext.  The demo code is in 
>>the JMSClientServerTest's utestContextPropogation(). It can't 
>>work currently, because the JAXWS front end provide  the 
>>context transfer between the JAXWS front end and Messages 
>>which are used in the core runtime.
>>If I want to make the current CXF JMSTransport support this 
>>feature, the easiest way is to add the JMS message header 
>>context to the BindingProviderImpl's responseContext which in 
>>the JAXWS front end and read the JAXWS front end context 
>>information in JMSTransport module. But I remember that DanK 
>>had said that transport module should not depend on the JAXWS 
>>front end.
>>If we want keep the transport module have no dependence on 
>>the JAXWS front end, all the JAXWS front end context setup 
>>work will be done in the JAXWS front end by reading the 
>>context information from the Message or Exchange Message context.
>>How can the front end know which  message context will be set 
>>to the JAXWS front end's context and  How can JAXWS context 
>>be set to the runtime Message context?
>>I have a raw ideal about the context setting implementation 
>>between the transport module and the front end by using the 
>>context copy between the JAXWS front end and runtime Message, 
>>but it would take some cpu time when the context is huge :(.
>>Any thoughts ?

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