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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: tooling and service model
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:59:44 GMT

> I don't think there is any sense in adding soap 1.2 to the current 
> tool set if we're just going to rewrite it anyway. I'd just assume 
> start on the new tools now.
I'm also OK with totally refactoring as long as each commit will not 
brake all the unit tests and all the system tests and all the demos. And 
I think we'd better have a plan in advance.
> I was looking through this today, and I think it needs to change a 
> little. Basically in the Dispatch we should be able to reuse the 
> Client which contains all the message exchange logic - instead of 
> duplicating it in Dispatch like we do now.
Yes, i agree, i'm also thinking of reuse the code in the clientimpl, but 
i haven't figure out a good way to reduce the code and also keep the 
code simple.
Any good suggestion?
>> Pretty much like the provider based RESTful service in JAX-WS RI.
>> For the provider based RESTful service, seems that there's no need to 
>> get the tools support REST. Can you provide other use cases which 
>> need tools support.
> WSDL 2 has an HTTP GET/PUT/POST/DELETE binding. This is the usecase 
> I'm working toward.

> I have some annotations & ideas I want to plan around with, so I'll 
> probably be doing some hacking here as well.
Jervis and I also discussed the annotation before, since there's no sepc 
around there, i think we can do that way.
Good news is that Jervis already got the provider based RESTful service 
working, so i guess we can claim that we have this feature in MS1.


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