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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: SOAP1.2 support
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 12:11:26 GMT
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

The soap1.2 extensor not started yet, right? And from the jira task, 
your mean that you want to use WSDL4J 1.6 to support soap1.2, and what 
it will do is to convert the extensor to internal soap model, right?

I don't know if it's easy for tools to pick up the service model, i 
guess it's a big refactoring, i haven't figure out. let me think about it.
And another question is that how long do you think it'll take to finish 
the soap 1.2 extensor?

So overall, it's seems that we only have two tasks, one is support 
soap1.2 extensor, and another is getting the tools support soap1.2. correct?

I'll talk to the guy working on tools, and figure out the estimation and 
along with your estimation on soap1.2 extensor, i guess we can figure 
out if the soap1.2 can be done by the end of Sept.

And of course , we should add demo to demonstrate  the feature of  soap1.2

Will that work?

Thanks again,
Dan Diephouse 写道:
> Hiya,
> I think if we migrate the tooling to use the service model stuff, it 
> will autmotically get soap 1.2 support because the SoapBindingFactory 
> will support it. It will need to understand the soap 1.2 extensors and 
> convert to our internal soap model like we do for soap 1.1.
> Regarding the fault stuff, I have a soap 1.2 version coming. Also I 
> have a checkin coming in soonwhich gets all the fault stuff working 
> much better (just trying to merge my changes)...
> Cheers,
> - Dan
> James Mao wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Just want to discuss the soap1.2 support in cxf with you.
>> I remember that you have created the soap1.2 jira issues[1][2].
>> But i don't know how much work left currently.
>> What i can recall is that to support soap1.2, that the tools will 
>> need to support first. [3][4]
>> And the we also need to support the wsdl extension for soap1.2 (Using 
>> WSDL4J1.6?)
>> And the soapfault in soap1.1 and soap1.2 also quite different.
>> Anything else?
>> We'd better list all the tasks specifically, so we commiters can pick 
>> up the task.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> James.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]

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