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From Mika Göckel <>
Subject Re: Configuration Requirements CXF
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 18:22:22 GMT
Dan Diephouse schrieb:
> Mika Göckel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to follow your discussion and find it very interesting.
>> One question about external configuration-changes (through JMX or 
>> other sources). How would you ensure the changes survive a restart of 
>> the application, or better survive a redeployment?
>> I like the idea of being able to tweak my soapstack at runtime, but I 
>> feel it can get really hairy and at the end leads to a sort of 
>> app-server sort of application. Is this our goal? Hot-Deployment, 
>> dynamic configuration, dependency-resolution between separate 
>> deployment-modules, etc.
> IMO - yes and no. No to making the core an appserver of sorts - I very 
> much would like this to keep this out of the core code as it leads to 
> a much more complex framework. If you have any doubts look at what 
> axis2 has done with their core. They're making it into an appserver. 
> They have deployment archives, classloader mucking, etc. It leads to 
> an unnecessarily complex application and a lot of problems.
> Yes, because I know some people need the features. I think its 
> possible to do this in a layered approach though. For instance, if we 
> have a spring runtime its easy enough to search the context for 
> different beans and tweak those values. But I think the other 
> configuration scenarios are important too. In the very near future 
> (i.e. as soon as we get this Configuration layer figured out) I would 
> like to start working on embedding cxf and storing the configuration 
> in a database for an application of mine.
> Regarding hot deployment - I guess I'm very skeptical that people are 
> going to need hot deployment built into cxf. Most of the time people 
> who want to do hot deploys are already using another container like an 
> appserver or maybe JBI. To me this is where hot deployment code should 
> be contained.
> - Dan
+1 exactly what I think.

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