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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Analoge for SOAPMessage MimeHeaders?
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 14:37:05 GMT
Glynn, Eoghan wrote:

>>I agree, this would be a good thing to have. I don't know 
>>that setHeaders is the right place as this could be used in a 
>>REST binding too.
>>I would outline two other goals as we figure something out:
>>1. Get rid of Message.getAttachmentMimeType 2. Unify the 
>>mechanism with the Attachment class's methods for getting headers
>>As SAAJ always scares me a little (for instance MimeHeaders 
>>uses a Vector according to the constructor?), I would be more 
>>prone to use using a Map and putting it in the Message - 
>Yep, a named property of type Map<Sting, List<String>> makes sense.
Cool, I'm down with that.

>>and then also declaring a 
>>getMimeHeaders() on Attachment. What do you think?
>What would be a typical use case for specifying *different* MIME headers
>on an attachement versus the associated message?
Thats a good question, which I don't have an answer to. Now that you 
bring it up, I don't think its needed at all. We've inverted the way 
XFire does attachments, so I guess we can get rid of itall. We still 
need to be able to set whether or not the attachment is XOP optimized or 
not (i.e. the content-encoding header), but that doesn't necessitate a 
full blown MIME interface.

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
(616) 971-2053
Envoi Solutions LLC

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