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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Configuration Requirements CXF
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 04:43:39 GMT
I updated the page with these things and several of my own.

I think the Spring approach that I roughly outlined can meet the 
criteria, although a few tweaks are probably in order for discovery. I 
think we need to starting talking about two cases for discovery. The 
first is where the user is just using CXF and not trying to integrate 
with any container. For this we could have a spring based bus which 
loads all the "META-INF/cxf/cxf-*.xml" files off from the classpath. So 
it would find all of them at startup by virtue of searching the 
classpath. The second case would be people trying to do Spring 
integration. This above scenario allow reuse by normal spring users via 
an <import resource="META-INF/cxf/cxf-*.xml"/> tag.

The other tricky thing is registration. For instance, registering a 
destination with a destinationfactory. If you want out of the box 
registration from each jar on the classpath, I think there are a couple 
1. have a @PostConstruct which does the registering. This does seem kind 
of icky though as I may not always want to register things
2. Create a component which does the registering. The spring 
MethodInvoker class could do this: Kind of annoying to write the extra 
configuration, but it only needs to be done once..
3. Have an initialize-method="register" on the <bean> which does the 
4. Autowiring? (not sure if Spring's autowiring can do that)

Supporting of getting configuration from multiple sources can be done 
pretty easily I think with:
a) having a bean in a user config which overrides the default bean
b) Grabbing configuration from the service model/context hierarchy
c) Using spring's support for command line properties overriding spring 
bean values [1]

- Dan


Liu, Jervis wrote:

>Two comments:
>1. Should not we have a support for dynamic configuration? i.e., users can change default
configurations in the runtime either programatically or through management interface (for
example, JMX Console).
>2. Configuration override: shall we have a override mechanism so that configurations can
be taken from multiple sources and can be overridden in order. For example, a configuration
can be applied in the following order: default config <- user supplied config file <-
wsdl <- command line
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>>From: Dan Diephouse []
>>Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2006 4:11 AM
>>Subject: Re: Configuration Requirements CXF
>>Andrea Smyth wrote:
>>>Before discussing further implementation details let's collect the 
>>>requirements for configuration in CXF.
>>>I have created a page on confluence for that purpose:
>>>starting out with some requirements based on experience with Celtix 
>>>Please update it with any further requirements that you may have.
>>Sounds like a good plan. I'll go through this weekend and add 
>>some stuff.
>>- Dan
>>Dan Diephouse
>>Envoi Solutions

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