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From Mika Göckel <>
Subject Re: [vote] Do we want to change the name
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 09:03:43 GMT
+1 (yet non-binding) for changing the name.

Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> Since there are a bunch of people on here that are new to Apache, it's 
> probably a good idea to do a quick review of the apache voting procedures and 
> responsibilities.  Make sure you read through:
> The important things to remember are:
> * Vote for what YOU think is best for the project and community.   When 
> participating in an Apache project, you are representing yourself and the 
> apache project, not the company that is paying you.   In many cases, your 
> opinion will probably agree with your company, and that is to be expected, 
> but definitely make sure you are voting for what you feel is the best action 
> for the project.
> * Even if you are NOT a committer, feel free to vote if you feel strongly on 
> an issue, but please mark the vote as "non-binding".   The committers 
> definitely have the final say, (actually, that's not true.  The PMC's have 
> the final say as really their votes are the only true bindings votes) but 
> it's also important to know what the users feel in regards to actions being 
> taken.  If 50 users vote in a way contrary to what the project participants 
> vote, that represents a problem and the participants should step back and 
> re-evaluate their stand.
> Anyway, in regards specifically to this vote...
> (I'm sure a bunch of IONA folks are going to scream at me for writing this.   
> Let's see, 3pm on a Friday afternoon of a long weekend....   I might get out 
> of here before anything major.... :-)
> In my opinion, the fact that this needs to go to vote means the name is 
> a "sticking point" for the community.   To me, it's important for the project 
> and for the community to rally together and having a name that everyone can 
> agree on could be a starting point.  From talking with folks outside IONA, 
> I've yet to hear anyone say they like the name.
> I also feel the Celtix part of the name is too tied to IONA which is not good 
> from an Apache project perspective.   The XFire part has serious trademark 
> questions (  (keep in mind, McDonalds sucessfully sued a small 
> coffee house called McCoffee)
> Finally, I just don't like the CeltiXfire name.   Hard to type/say. The 
> imagery it conjures up is bad. (flaming leprechauns)   I've already heard 
> nicknames like "celtic-mis-fire".  Etc....
> Anyway, I'll be voting to change the name.  I'm just not sure "to what" yet.   
> I'll decide on that if this vote passes.   I like xerveza.  I also 
> like "CXF", not quite as much as xerveza, but it certainly is less work to 
> change it to CXF.  (then again, most of that work is on Jason ;-)
> Anyway, those are my thoughts.....    Thus, I'm +1.
> Dan
> On Friday September 01 2006 2:51 pm, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> All the source is is, most of the other resources for the project are
>> setup, and so I thought I would revisit the issue of the name as it
>> seemed generally undecided that last time we chatted about it. So if
>> there is to be any discussion about a name I guess we first need to
>> decide whether we want to change the name. If that vote goes through
>> then we can talk about name.
>> Myself I'm
>> +1
>> To changing the name.
>> Jason van Zyl

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