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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [vote] Do we want to change the name
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 08:26:20 GMT

On 3 Sep 06, at 10:37 PM 3 Sep 06, Dan Diephouse wrote:

> Now I am all for considering another name. And the Foam variations  
> don't actually sound that bad.
> But, I think this vote is silly with out a concrete name that  
> someone is proposing. While you can all agree that I and various  
> other folks made the wrong decision, I'm not going to vote +1  
> unless we're voting on a specific name. I asked all the XFire  
> committers for advice, talked to many people at IONA, and in  
> general spent a long time on phone calls and in meetings about the  
> name, and we have what we have. If someone wants to propose a  
> better name that we feel will be better for the project in the long  
> run, great. However if someone is going to propose something please  
> check into trademark issues first so we know whether or not its  
> worth voting on.
> An advantage of CeltiXfire which hasn't been mentioned is that  
> CeltiXfire might work better from a marketing perspective. XFire  
> users and people who know about XFire can draw the connection  
> between the two projects. Same goes for the Celtix side of things.  
> We could eventually phase out CeltiXfire too and just call it CXF  
> which I think is more palatable
> So consider this a -1 unless we are voting on a specific proposal.

I am only going to make the point that the choice of name has never  
appeared to me to be settled, or has been driven from the wrong place  
for the wrong reasons.

I will retract the proposal and I also won't vote as I'm not actually  
a developer and haven't contributed anything to the project per se.

The only stipulation I would like to put in place is that you need to  
decide on a name before the first milestone goes out because after  
that you can't realistically change it without causing a great deal  
of confusion.

> - Dan
> Hani Suleiman wrote:
>> How about a variant of foam? xfoam? foamix? I think we can round  
>> up a  good list of name candidates between us and pick one that  
>> most are  happy with.
>> While celtixfire is the most politically correct name, and most   
>> 'accurate', it's an awful name from every other perspective. Our   
>> package names won't match, it's not easy to type or say, and is  
>> prone  to various awkward abbreviations (as someone else has  
>> pointed out).  If the project is a success (and we all think it  
>> will be) then the  name will become more and more meaningless as  
>> time goes on.
>> It's not hard to imagine a future where it's taken off and has  
>> enough  momentum and reach as its own thing that people won't know/ 
>> care about  the name origins, and instead will just wonder why  
>> such a great  project has such a silly name ;)
>> On Sep 3, 2006, at 8:56 PM, Bozhong Lin wrote:
>>> I have been following up the project name proposal thread and I  
>>> did  not see any good name without trademark problem. I envision  
>>> this  will continue to be that way. We have already started  
>>> project with  CeltiXfire and why do we bother our energy to  
>>> change it now? Users  probably only care when we will have our  
>>> first milestone, instead  of project name. So I suggest we focus  
>>> on getting our first  milestone out ASAP instead of a pretty  
>>> project name, hence my
>>> -1 to change name.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Bo
>>> Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> All the source is is, most of the other resources for the  
>>>> project  are setup, and so I thought I would revisit the issue  
>>>> of the name  as it seemed generally undecided that last time we  
>>>> chatted about  it. So if there is to be any discussion about a  
>>>> name I guess we  first need to decide whether we want to change  
>>>> the name. If that  vote goes through then we can talk about name.
>>>> Myself I'm
>>>> +1
>>>> To changing the name.
>>>> Jason van Zyl
> -- 
> Dan Diephouse
> (616) 971-2053
> Envoi Solutions LLC

Jason van Zyl

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