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From "Liu, Jervis" <>
Subject Tuscany integration. WAS: RE: JIRA Issues and Roadmap
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 09:26:43 GMT
Hi, Celtix has been integrated into Tuscany as a Web service binding provider based on Celtix
1.0 release. However, I do not see any CXF-Tuscany integration stories can happen before CXF
reaches it's first milestone release, when I can start porting Tuscany Celtix binding from
Celtix1.0 code base to CXF code base. Less ideally, once we CXF gets stable enough, and most
required features that can qualify CXF as a web service binding in Tuscany are in place, I
can start porting by making Tuscany depends on a snapshot CXF version.


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> From: Dan Diephouse []
> Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: JIRA Issues and Roadmap
> I've spent a bit of time scheduling and creating JIRAs today. You can 
> see the roadmap as it stands here:
> jira.plugin.system.project:roadmap-panel 
> If you see an issue that you're working on or think you'll be working 
> on, could you assign yourself to it? If you don't permissions 
> just email 
> the list and one of us will grant you them.
> I've create a roadmap which has M1, M2, and a release 
> candidate. This is 
> definitely still up for discussion, but its hard to make a judgement 
> call on this yet as not all the issues are in. So: could 
> everyone please 
> create issues for things you are working on that don't have 
> an existing 
> issues? This also really helps me and others coming into the project 
> figure out what people are working on so we don't clash. It 
> also gives a 
> good way to comment on specific features. Great example: 
> - now I know 
> exactly whats 
> being done and where the configuration is going!
> For instance, I know that people are probably working on 
> Geronimo/Tuscany/JBI integration. I would create issues for 
> these, but 
> not really sure what needs to be done and what timelines people are 
> thinking.
> Cheers,
> - Dan
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> Dan Diephouse
> (616) 971-2053
> Envoi Solutions LLC

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