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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject Re: REST support proposal for review
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 11:11:55 GMT
Hi Jervis

Perhaps it might be better :

  <Customer href="http://localhost/customerservice/customers/john">John</Customer>
  <!- etc -!>


  <Customer href="john">John</Customer>
  <!- etc -!>

followed by a complete state retrieved through /customer/john...

The resource uri it's not really well located inside a customer value space, it's a metadata
Relative URIs are also easier to handle for a provider, it just puts there a well known key
or something...
On the client side this relative URI should be composed with the the original URI, so if we

http://localhost/customerservice/customers retruieving a list of customers then the next URI
would be

http://localhost/customerservice/customers  + Customers/Customer@href

By the way, I'd recommend 'href' attribute be in a XLink [1] namespace :

<Customer xlink:href="john">John</Customer>

Cheers, Sergey


Using JAX-WS provider approach proposed, this is done by server side provider implementation.
For example, given an URL of 
http://localhost/customerservice/customers, provider impl should return an xml document like


On the receiving of this xml on client side, client can navigate to customer john by requesting
http://localhost/customerservice/customer/john, this in turn will return an xml document :


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