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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Quick code notes....
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 06:19:42 GMT
Hi Dan,

I think there are some more areas we need to put into the list.

* JAX-WS provider/dispatch way, also include the javascript frontend. i 
don't know if it's the time to do that, maybe i can pick up this area later.
* Mixed style/use case, i don't know if the problem was solved? and 
dont' know which approach we taken?
* XML binding should also port from previous celtix. and the REST maybe 
based on it. i will pick up this task
* For the Fault processing, i don't know how much code you got in your 
working base? is it a generic fault handling or just for soap binding, 
the reason i ask is that the xml binding also need the fault handling, 
can you tell how you design the fault handling, how it works with other 
interceptors, maybe i can pick up the fault handling, and you can work 
on the interceptor chain stuff (mixed style-use case).


Dan Diephouse 写道:
> Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> 2) What can I do to help?
>> Good question. The code in trunk is very early stages. We just got 
>> hello world working a couple days ago. Thus, pretty much everything 
>> needs to be done. The big things would be to help get some of the 
>> tests (system tests, unit tests, etc....) ported from the old 
>> "pre_apache" codebase to the new codebase. (or write new ones) At 
>> this point, without the tests, we're really not sure what does and 
>> does not work. We also need to setup distributions builds, meet all 
>> the incubator requirements (like notice files, etc...), etc... There 
>> is LOTS of stuff to do.
> Let me try to outline some tasks of what I think people are working on 
> and what might be a good area to dive in at:
> Things I think people are working on:
> * Fault Handling - me
> * Port XFire Aegis/Databinding library - me (I have a refactored 
> version which will be coming in the next two weeks)
> * WS-Addressing - Eoghan
> * Code-first services - Andrea?
> * JAX-WS Protocol Handlers - Dan K?
> Areas it might be good to dive in at (please let me know if someone 
> else has taken this)
> * System/Integration tests (see Dan K's message above)
> * Distribution/Incubator policy (see Dan K's message above)
> * JAX-WS Holder support
> * JAX-WS Dispatch
> * WS-Security (depends on DOM mode, but I can get that in today if you 
> want)
> * REST support
> * Code Review - let us know what we didn't get right
> * Port XFire Invoker/Scope library to support different 
> scopes/factories/etc
> * Anywhere else you see fit.
> Regards,
> - Dan

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