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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Summary of IRC discussions today....
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 22:09:19 GMT

We had a couple discussions (all infrastructure related, not code related) on 
IRC today (#cxf @ today.   Since the channel isn't yet 
logged, (Jason, I think that's an action item for you :-)  I've included a 
log here so everyone can see. 

Basically, action items:
1) Jason will create an issues mail list for Jira issues
2) Jason will create a notifications list for build related notifications 
(cruisecontrol, etc...)
3) I'll double check to make sure all the IONA folks can get to the codehaus 
IRC server.  (I think we're OK, but all the dublin folks are on holiday 
4) Jason will create the JIRA project and send me some scripts to help dump 
IONA's internal JIRA issues.
5) I'll get Adi to investigate if we can get a dump of the ObjectWeb tracker 
and have Jason import it
6) The maven deployment repository discussion is still ongoing on the general 
incubator list.
7) I sent a note asking about whether the project name needs to change.

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer
P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194   F:781-902-8001

[10:21:37]  You have joined channel #cxf
[10:26:11] <dkulp> Jason?
[10:31:10] <gnodet> dkulp, try jvanzyl, as usually people will be pinged if 
you type their irc id
[10:32:26] <dkulp> I'm mostly curious as to why the channel was created hear 
instead of on freenode.   (having it here might be a problem for the IONA 
folks, I'm investigating that)
[10:32:35]  hear/here: unknown command
[10:34:03] <gnodet> i guess we could go on freenode if there is any problem
[10:34:22] <jvanzyl> howdy
[10:34:39] <jvanzyl> i just always set things up here
[10:34:44] <jvanzyl> doesn't matter
[10:34:57] <jvanzyl> it can be moved anywhere
[10:35:08] <jvanzyl> i use codehaus for everything
[10:35:11] <dkulp> Let me investigate to see if our IS folks are more 
ammendable to opening up another outgoing port.
[10:35:37] <dkulp> I was also kind of wondering why #tuscany is on freenode, 
but other apache things are here.   :-)
[10:35:38] <tsztelak> dkulp: they can use access over htpp
[10:35:47] <tsztelak> *http
[10:35:53] <jvanzyl> or tunnel
[10:36:05] <tsztelak> i have all ports blocked except 80
[10:36:43] <tsztelak> so i prefer using codehaus irc ;)
[10:37:15] <tsztelak> dkulp:
[10:37:27] <dkulp> Can you use a normal IRC client with that?
[10:37:51] <tsztelak> Don't think so
[10:46:53] <dkulp> jvanzyl:  two more questions....
[10:47:35] <dkulp> 1) I know there was a "maven repository for incubating 
projects" thread on the list.   Was there a resolution to that?   (aka: 
where/how will we publish both snapshots and milestone releases?)
[10:48:19]  tsztelak is now known as tomeks
[10:48:28] <dkulp> 2) Can we get a for 
cruisecontrol to send build results to?  (sorry, I really dislike continuum)
[10:49:29] <jvanzyl> we have notifications@ typically
[10:49:46] <jvanzyl> you guys use what you like, i'm not easily offended :-)
[10:49:53] <dkulp> OK.   That would work.  :-)
[10:49:58] <jvanzyl> actually, i'm generally never offended
[10:50:08] <jvanzyl> use what works for you
[10:50:43] <jvanzyl> probably won't be any good until kenney has a run at it
[10:50:53] <jvanzyl> actually we have two new full-time people working on it 
for the 1.1. release
[10:51:06] <jvanzyl> 1.1 will be decent but anything before that is a bit 
[10:51:23] <jvanzyl> kenney and jesse will be working on the 1.1 release
[10:51:50] <dkulp> ?   Wrong tab/window?
[10:51:54] <jvanzyl> any opinion on the issues@
[10:51:58] <jvanzyl> no, i'm telling you about continuum
[10:52:04] <dkulp> Oh.
[10:52:23] <jvanzyl> i can get the notifications@ and issues@ created today
[10:52:33] <dkulp> That's a good start.
[10:52:39] <jvanzyl> and then we can setup the jira project
[10:52:47] <jvanzyl> what issue tracker do you use at objectweb?
[10:53:15] <dkulp> Something built into their forge software, it's "not very 
[10:54:00] <jvanzyl> do you want all the issues in there?
[10:54:07] <jvanzyl> and if so what kind of export can you get?
[10:54:07] <dkulp> There isn't very many open issues (and those that are open 
need checking to make sure that it's still an issue)
[10:54:16] <dkulp> Thus, we'll probably migrate them by hand.
[10:54:20] <jvanzyl> as i can swizzle anything into/out of JIRA
[10:54:32] <jvanzyl> if you can get me an export i can probably do it faster
[10:54:56] <jvanzyl> i have a JIRA ruby gem for bashing JIRA around
[10:55:40] <dkulp> Let me see if I can get Adi....   he would know more about 
that part.
[10:55:57] <dkulp> I can do all the SVN stuff, but the tracking stuff isn't my 
[10:56:19] <jvanzyl> sure, np
[10:56:38] <jvanzyl> what's dan using for CI?
[10:57:07] <dkulp> I don't think he is.
[10:57:22] <dkulp> We have an "internal" jira with some cxf stuff in it....
[10:57:30] <dkulp> How hard would it be for me to dump that as well?
[10:59:07] <jvanzyl> i can give you the gem and a script to pull stuff out
[10:59:17] <jvanzyl> i use the ruby stuff so that i can pull issues and and 
import them
[10:59:23] <jvanzyl> jira's dumps are crap
[10:59:39] <jvanzyl> unless you are exporting the whole jira instance and 
[10:59:52] <jvanzyl> basically it's impossible using jira to export a project 
and import it
[11:00:08] <dkulp> Lovely.
[11:00:18] <jvanzyl> it's exports are cryptic nonsense for the most part
[11:00:32] <jvanzyl> not designed well for things like codehaus and apache
[11:00:35] <dkulp> And ruby isn't installed on the Jira server... :-(
[11:00:41] <jvanzyl> i think we stretch the limits of jira at codehaus
[11:00:48] <jvanzyl> doesn't need to be
[11:00:56] <jvanzyl> it uses the soap interface
[11:01:02] <dkulp> Ah.   Cool.
[11:01:21] <jvanzyl> i've got some instructions so i'll clean those up
[11:01:24] <jvanzyl> and you can try it
[11:01:40] <jvanzyl> if you've got ruby and gem installed it's pretty easy
[11:01:48] <jvanzyl> and gem is pretty easy to install
[11:01:51] <jvanzyl> basically like cpan
[11:02:29] <dkulp> "emerge -pv gem"  doesn't work.   :-(
[11:03:02] <dkulp> I'll figure that one out.
[11:03:35] <dkulp> Does "rubygems" sound about right?
[11:04:17] <jvanzyl> yah, it's rubygems
[11:04:29] <jvanzyl> but i know little of gentoo
[11:04:34] <jvanzyl> other then i can tell you're using it
[11:04:57] <dkulp> OK.   emerging rubygems now.  :-)
[11:05:34] <jvanzyl> let me see if there are gems for the other stuff
[11:05:42] <jvanzyl> i usually pull all the sources down for what i need
[11:05:53] <jvanzyl> but i'll find gems for soap4r and the command line parser 
i use
[11:05:56] <jvanzyl> i'll sort it out
[11:07:38] <dkulp> Just email me the scripts and I'll give them a whirl.
[11:12:51] <jvanzyl> right o
[11:38:08]  dan ( has joined 
channel #cxf
[11:58:58]  Signoff: tomeks ("CGI:IRC")
[12:15:09] <dkulp> jvanzyl:  you didn't answer the question about the 
incubating maven repositories....
[12:23:38] <jvanzyl> i think we'll be able to have incubator repos
[12:23:48] <jvanzyl> i think that's reasonable and most people agree except 
[12:28:45] <dkulp> My biggest issue is about snapshots, can incubators go into 
the normal apache snapshot repository?
[12:28:53] <dkulp> (since it's not mirrored)
[12:29:38] <dkulp> This kind of affects things today as the Yoko team is 
trying to get a SNAPSHOT deployed, they're just not sure where yet.
[12:30:21] <jvanzyl> no
[12:30:31] <jvanzyl> nothing in the incubator can go to the standard repo
[12:30:57] <jvanzyl> it will all have to go to the incubator litter box
[12:31:25] <jvanzyl> though i don't see a problem with syncing that to central
[12:31:25] <gnodet> jvanzyl, will these incubator specific repos be synced to 
ibiblio ?
[12:31:34] <gnodet> thx
[12:31:37] <gnodet> :)
[12:31:39] <jvanzyl> i don't think folks want them to be though
[12:31:54] <jvanzyl> i think we'll get an argument from noel but anyone should 
be allowed to put stuff in central
[12:32:08] <gnodet> but there is really no need for an incubator repo is it is 
not synced
[12:32:28] <gnodet> as we could also set up our own repo from the web site
[12:32:48] <jvanzyl> right, it needs to be synced to be useful
[12:33:25] <dan> synchronization isn't apache policy
[12:33:33] <dan> its maven policy
[12:33:36] <dan> and anyone can sync, no?
[12:33:42] <jvanzyl> any group should be able to sync shit
[12:34:04] <dkulp> So, the question remains, where should Yoko be deploying a 
snapshot today?
[12:34:31] <jvanzyl> there isn't a place yet really
[12:34:42] <jvanzyl> i'll ask henri to create the incubator repos
[12:36:21] <dkulp> We'll need both snapshot and release repos.
[12:36:42] <jvanzyl> yup
[12:36:51] <jvanzyl> there should be one of each for the entire incubator
[12:38:09] <jvanzyl> i pinged henri and asked when he's going to set them up
[12:38:15] <jvanzyl> he will probably post to the incubator list
[12:39:17]  Signoff: jvanzyl (jvanzyl)
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[16:20:19]  jvanzyl 
( has joined 
channel #cxf
[16:20:21] <jvanzyl> howdy
[16:21:22] <jvanzyl> what's up?
[16:21:27] <dan> hiya
[16:21:34] <dan> just hacking some cxf code
[16:21:46] <dan> we're having a concall in the morning about moving the code 
to apache
[16:22:04] <dan> you're welcome to dial in if you want - 11am
[16:23:10] <jvanzyl> sure, send me the details and i'll join in
[16:24:26] <dan> ok
[16:25:51] <dkulp> I had another question about the name.....  ( I hate to 
bring this up...)
[16:26:12] <dan> jvanzyl: sent
[16:26:22] <dkulp> SHortly after moving the code, we're going to want to 
change all the org.objectweb/org.xfire package names to org.apache
[16:27:03] <dkulp> I know there was some "dislike" of the project name when 
the proposal was made, do we want to resolve that before the package re-name?
[16:27:24] <dan> dkulp: please email the list about it :-)
[16:27:38] <dan> I know there are a lot of people who have thoughts on the 
name issue...
[16:27:56] <dkulp> I know, that's why I hate to bring it up.   I hate being 
the bad guy.   :-)
[16:28:11] <dan> well I'm note really in a position where I can be the bad guy
[16:28:16] <dan> so someone needs to be the bad guy
[16:28:36] <dan> there is always hani :-P
[16:30:21] <dkulp> Hmm... not sure if all the IONA folks are on the dev list 
[16:31:03] <dkulp> OK.  Adi says they are.  I'll trust him.
[16:32:25] <dan> they should be
[16:34:42] <jvanzyl> i put them on all the list
[16:34:46] <jvanzyl> anyone who was on the propsoal
[16:34:55] <jvanzyl> ok, now i'm really away
[16:48:26] <dan> jvanzyl: just talked to adi, we're just going to talk about 
the move on the apache mailing list
[16:48:42] <dan> you know, the Apache Way
[16:50:34] <dan> jvanzyl: also, adi said he just faxed in the CLAs
[16:50:37] <dan> this afternoon
[16:58:57] <dkulp> OK,  I tried to not be "too much of a bad guy" and just 
sent a note asking if we had to change it or not.   That shoulld foster some 
discussion I hope.

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