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Subject [cxf] branch wss-641 created (now 50ac8f6)
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2019 11:56:17 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

coheigea pushed a change to branch wss-641
in repository

      at 50ac8f6  Adding support to configure the cert constaints separator.

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 88a9451  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.1
     new dfc398a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d33e1e4  Fix "beta" stuff and web site locations
     new 90b234b  Point the poms to the official website now.  Update mailing lists in pom.
     new 6f677c1  Remove incubator checklist from STATUS
     new 4764309  Remove KEYS file from distributions (no-one should ever trust that file in the distribution)
     new 2ea72ef  Move the last remaining schema into "schemas" so we can make it "live"
     new bd4b6d0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.1
     new 18396ec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 845a6e3  CXF-1552 Fixed the bus resource injection error when not using Spring, also changed the comment in CXFNonSpringServlet
     new 515f469  Fix cxf-1555 and cxf-1554.
     new 7f557bd  [CXF-1553] Fix problem of not setting namespace aware for all Stax parsers Fix an issue with the ObjectFactory cache not actually working correctly
     new f5e18cc  Workaround issues on OSX/Windows where maven looks for the wrong class names
     new d6f8a55  [CXF-1560, CXF-1559, CXF-1558, CXF-1546] * Fix some syncronization issues around the schema access * Fix cdata outputting in StaxUtils * Add support for querying the Attachments from client side with JAX-WS * Fix support for Sets when ASM is found
     new bb65155  Make validation tests just allow exceptions to propogate up to JUnit instead of printStackTrace() Stop using NodeList in AbstractDataBinging as NodeLists are aparently not threadsafe in xerces.
     new 43f948d  Fix CXF-1564
     new ad78062  [CXF-1565, CXF-1567] Fix problems with NPE in DynamicClientFactory as well as a bunch of issues with JAXB binding files
     new e0815a4  [CXF-1556] Reduce logging level in JAXRS Also change protection on a method in aegis that is seeming to invoke a bug in the latest PMD or checkstyle plugin in eclipse.
     new cd14458  [CXF-1562] Allow grabbing factory via META-INF/cxf package
     new 06f8fc7  Remove workaround for fixed problem in XmlSchema.
     new e29d3c3  Add a service configuration that sets a soap action for suffering OC4J user.
     new 4334597  update scm urls
     new 3e5a7ce  [CXF-1573]JBIDestinationOutputStream should copy attachments into NormalizedMessage to support outbound attachments
     new 4b41fbe  [CXF-1573]JBIDestinationOutputStream should copy attachments into NormalizedMessage to support outbound attachments
     new 07f1048  [CXF-1574]JBI transport should support copy inbound normalizedmessage property to outbound normalizedmessage
     new 5a30c85  Fix to CXF-1569, I think.
     new bc2e482  Fix CXF-1571.
     new 792797f  [CXF-1581] Fix problems with ?wsdl with sun stax implemenations
     new 377d62e  Give javadoc more memory or it fails on OS X
     new aa79611  Add more comments.
     new ff05ad2  Disable noisy test I hadn't really meant to enable.
     new 23d16da  Fix Javadoc as per CXF-1585.
     new 5de8af5  Fix and issue with not being able to validate a valid wsdl that uses defaults for portType operation message names
     new b2ff5ae  Fix more issues with wsdl first problems where binding operations have message names, but the portTypes don't (and thus should use defaults)
     new 2c51f42  [CXF-1583,CXF-1584] Patches for issues with the classpath and dynamic client applied from Alton Idowu
     new f2d504b  Remove the cxf.xml in systests at that's causing all the systests to use it which isn't exactly expected.  (moved it into the test package that requires it) Make sure the proper content-type for soap is set.  In some cases, it was being clobbered at conduit setup.
     new 38745f9  Add snippet comment back in for the confluence snippet plugin
     new bcae9ca  Fix https stuff on my mac, remove some unneeded bus lines.
     new 8be86ff  [CXF-1588]NullPointerException in JbiConduitOutputStream
     new c827c6d  Fixed Added support for <jaxws:javadoc> customisation
     new 54b24da  fix failing test assertion
     new 09658d4  fix assertion failure
     new 209e089  Spit out a slightly more informative error message
     new 6cba380  remove System.out, uncommented a test
     new 05e3baa  Remove uses of unsafe String constructors.
     new 95ea93f  Remove wrongheaded start on qualification control for Aegis. Add bean for use in future unit test.
     new e8b6c4d  Make attributes unqualified by defaul in Aegis, etc.
     new c5ba026  Add failing (@Ignored) test case for Aegis vs. Dynamic client.
     new 6ad544b  Extend qualification control to XML .aegis files.
     new 519891c  Fix up javadoc related to qualification control.
     new 7936e93  Copy a class to avoid dependency from systest to Aegis test.
     new 57ff622  Fix CXF-1587
     new fc5e743  [CXF-1593] Fix problems of wsdlOptions configured in the pom not being used for wsdl's in the src/main/resources/wsdl directory. Also, move the .DONE files out of the generated directory so they aren't package
     new ad336ad  Add a guard NPE check
     new d9e18df  [CXF-1589] Fix problems of calling Endpoint.publish with a busy port not always throwing an exception back
     new 0dd2a34  Guard against NPE when creating a fault
     new c502440  [CXF-1568] Possible fix for the strikeiron implicit headers problems
     new 42d58e8  [CXF-1596] Add another NPE guard
     new b249e2e  Fix some tooling to map ws-addressing elements to the appropriate EPR if we can.
     new 5c89214  [CXF-1204] Patch from Benjamin Coiffe applied.  Thanks!
     new 3257039  [CXF-1597] Patch from hwavelet applied.  Thanks!
     new b19669c  [CXF-1575, CXF-1592] Don't map webServiceException into the wsdl.  In some cases, allow an older saaj implementation.
     new bec4331  [CXF-1600, CXF-1601] * Add -autoNameResolution flag to wsdl2java to have it handle jaxb classname conflicts automatically instead of requiring a jaxb bindings file. * Fix some issues of mapping out-of-band headers out of wsdl
     new 1855e28  [CXF-1603] Add another NPE guard, fix from Benjamin Coiffe applied
     new aece664  [CXF-1604] Fix NPE issues with null Lists being sent as wrapped doc/lit params
     new 8f45c1b  Some more testing of recent changes to attribute qualification in Aegis.
     new 4c2c6dd  Make sure only the checked exceptions are marked as checked.
     new 7905624  switch to jaxws 2.1 api from Geronimo
     new 9088a7b  Try harder to avoid blowing up for old XML parsers.
     new 4305b96  Try again to catch enough exceptions.
     new 823be8d  Add a dynamic client that is full JAX-WS.
     new 382b53c  Add at least a tiny test for JAX-WS Dynamic Clients.
     new 0fea439  Regress CXF-1603 in preparation for a real test of the JAX-WS DynamicClientFactory. Rename the Jaxws dynamic client  factory to JaxWsDynamicClientFactory.
     new 5542850  [CXF-1606]wsdl_first_https sample doesn't work caused by the Certificate we are using expired
     new fa6ec83  Make the WSDLServiceBuilder complain when a part references an element that isn't in the schema. Correct violations of this in a small host of WSDLs. Try to create a unit test for a no-body-part service using the JaxWs dynamic client, but fail due to a wsdl4j bug that turns a 'type' part into a bogus 'element' part.
     new 3f083db  Added a no-op PolicyInterceptorProvider so as to prevent the policy enforcement logic making it impossible to assert the HTTPClientPolicy upfront before the HTTPConduit becomes invoved (e.g. via a WSPolicyFeature applied to the <jawx:client> bean).
     new 812332b  A maven plugin that runs the wsdl validator.
     new 76c76b5  Improve the validator plugin, but turn it off in the build. Fix an old JIRA about output encodings.
     new 3095f99  Merge jgenenders fix from the 2.0.x branch to trunk
     new 7e88a02  [CXF-1551, CXF-1614] Cache xml events when validating and flush them out only if validation succeeds
     new 054b934  add some fake line numbers into the generated wrapper helper to hopefully help debugging
     new 01b94b9  Make the strange Sun OpenOffice SwA WSDL work when pushed through the entire wsdl2java->ServiceWSDLBuilder->DynamicClientFactory universe.
     new c1f8d8d  Update to latest shade version
     new 34d0546  Update to latest pmd plugin
     new 88e5370  [CXF-1611] Fix corba tests to use the cataloged schemas
     new d267d56  [CXF-1602] Add better fault message
     new 44abeffd [CXF-1602] Revert last commit as null is actually valid if the date is a optional attribute.  Just return null.
     new a0499a2  [CXF-1595] Skip over whitespace in logical message
     new fb3f0ee  geronimo jaxws api is now released
     new d724146  geronimo jaxws api is now released
     new e5dac4e  Added an id attribute to the schema declaration for the <policies> feature, so as to allow this element to be Spring-loaded in standalone form, i.e decoupled from a <jaxws:client> or <jaxws:endpoint> bean.
     new 2dec7d6  [CXF-1598] Grab the qualification for the asm created wrapper beans from the schema.
     new 97a8b64  Add the template that is used for the attachment report
     new 92edd5b  Only include jiras updated in the last 4 weeks.
     new 3d3ea78  Add test case for mysterious missing element from Xml schema.
     new f95200f  Add test case for missing element to the JAX-WS test.
     new 387641a  Try to prevent some infinite loops when using recursively imported schemas
     new 3600012  [CXF-1619] Patch from Ian Roberts applied.   Major thanks!
     new 4e5c6c9  Collect all the schemas in the schemaCollection upfront to create the schema for validation.
     new 1343487  Put repos back to scpexe so master mode works.   I broke this when moving from the incubator.  :-(
     new ae0193a  [CXF-1618] Fix jaxws version of this
     new 9ef6cb9  Throw an informative-ish exception when someone tries to use a Holder type in an interface with the plain RFSB.
     new b818c91  Fix two issues with wsdl2js. Fix -p, remove -client.
     new 922054b  Fix CXF-1622.
     new dcb8734  [CXF-1625] Allow decoupled responses from servlet transport by promoting the getConduitInitiator method to the super class.
     new eb7f124  Delay processing the JAXB configuration beans until they are actually requested.
     new e22531d  [CXF-1627] Update to latest wss4j to remove hacks needed to workaround bugs in the older version. Note: wss4j 1.5.4 requires the opensaml library to work at all.   Thus, that is added.
     new f5d0158  Fix CXF-1628.
     new bf79084  [CXF-1629] Make sure endpoint properties are copied into the factory
     new 08a03b9  Start of XMLBeans tooling More validation fixes
     new 2645260  Hacky workaround for WSCOMMONS-355
     new e683478  Fix OSGi bundle
     new 9f89b71  Explicitly associating a classloader with the JAXBContext created at various points in the WS-RM, WS-Addressing & WS-Policy code, as the implicit usage of the thread context classloader breaks in an OSGi runtime.
     new 2b9c5a1  Adding an "id" attribute to <logging> feature, so as to allow this bean be value-ref'd in Spring config.
     new 040a334  [CXF-1632] WS-Security fault handling improvements.  Patch from Colm applied
     new ea5e219  [CXF-1630] Make the service list a bit nicer.  Patch from Jan Minaroviech applied.   Thanks!
     new 4433094  [CXF-1586] If wsdlLocation is empty, don't output the wsdlLocation attributes on the annotations.
     new 5138e60  Updating BusFactory to use ClassLoaderUtils instead of Class.forName()
     new 6dcd9e8  Adding SuppressWarning annotation
     new 4ef3f68  Update a couple things to we can remove some SuppressWarngings things Update the locating of cxf.xml to also check if the passed in location is a URL and also try our classloader utils.
     new 4a1210e  Update the chain creations to use consistent ordering Fix problem where WS-Addressing wouldn't have used the correct action if wrapper classes aren't used.
     new 32fdcd9  [CXF-1621] Fix for several memory leak issues.
     new 3a7309c  [CXF-1639] Fix for several memory leak issues.
     new c4d37af  [CXF-1640] Removal of all Client EndpointPolicy entries while the corresponding server endpoint is stopped.
     new 7db32cb  Removed the fix made for CXF-1639. From the code it looks like we are never putting literal Strings as keys in maps on client or server side. So the leak could be because of something else. We need to profile again and see whether the issue is still there and if so why. Leaving the issue open till then.
     new 9cac9e4  Removed the fix made for CXF-1639. (Now we add Strings as keys to the WSDLDefinition Map). From the code it looks like we are never putting literal Strings as keys in maps on client or server side. So the leak could be because of something else. We need to profile again and see whether the issue is still there and if so why. Leaving the issue open till then.
     new 3eb95c8  BUNCH of work to get all of the wsdl loading/parsing/extension stuff to only be done in WSDLManagerImpl.   (First part of moving/getting rid of META-INF/extensions.xml) Change caching of schemas to use same key as what's caching the wsdl. That said, removed ServiceInfo from SchemaInfo since it wasn't actually used.  Thus, the memory leak may have been gone just from that. Make sure only the stuff from the actual wsdl is cached.   Aegis tends to modify things strangely ca [...]
     new 70a9df7  Update the spring2.5 profile to use spring 2.5.4
     new 6f3f0f2  [CXF-1638]more package need import of cxf bundle for package resolution
     new c364105  Updating SpringBusFactory and BusFactory to try their own loaders in case of failures
     new 9242cb6  Move wstx import to a dynamic import so hopefully the class.forname stuff will work for it.
     new 9175d43  CXF-1570 : applying a patch on behalf of Brad Moody, thanks
     new d5d96c8  The wildcard should pick up the child package
     new 6014988  CXF-1634 : applying a patch on behalf of Brad Moody(thanks) with minor update : no XmlBean providers added to the default list.
     new c1dcc1e  Use classloaderutils instead of class.forName
     new cd4007b  Remove spurrious appended-resources directory
     new 0af516d  Move build time only files out of src/main/resources so they don't end up packaged in the jars
     new 8bd4872  Remove unused spurious file
     new 4f2c1d0  [CXF-1643] Move runtime extension information into META-INF/cxf so OSGi will find it
     new bf20cb1  Remove stack trace I left in
     new aef4519  Fix a file name so the validator gets picked up
     new 4e2ac73  [CXF-1645] Fix for injection of subclasses of resources
     new 486dc42  Add some cleanup things so tests will pass.
     new d8fb056  Use the ws-addressing UsingAddressing type already in the api package for the wsdl extensor.   Removes the org.w3 stuff from the jar/bundle
     new 32781d8  [CXF-1646] Update xsd plugin to put .DONE files in separate directory so not included in the jar Update both plugins to use mangled full paths to wsdl/schema for the .DONE marker.
     new 9e03199  Remove commented out block
     new 73cda74  [CXF-1457] Make testutils a testcase for this.  My last commits fixed this by using URI's to resolve things against basedir automatically.
     new 8c22877  [CXF-1630] Add sorting to the service list
     new c496780  [CXF-1644] Return a real error message if the wsdl/schema isn't found in the maps instead of a NPE
     new c07380a  [CXF-1623] Fix issues of handler chains not matching on the correct protocol
     new ba2a502  [CXF-1633] If no bus found in the application context so the default bus needs to be used, we'll wire the application context into the Configurer in the default bus so configuration will be picked up.
     new 4c2f3bf  Try to fix build failures on windows
     new d82b420  [CXF-1645] Simplify the target method aquisition for proxies Also remove reflection from the AnnotationProcessor
     new db04e8a  Move last of stuff not in org.apache.cxf package into it
     new eea00d9  [CXF-1649] Possible fix for some race conditions in the Local transport by copying the map on the same thread that would be writing to it.
     new 1a3c8ca  Add ws repository to bundle pom so the dependency reduced pom will be usable (opensaml not yet at central)
     new ba96b01  [CXF-1538] Bunch of fixes to get saaj messages written out to the xmlstreamwriter instead of directly to the stream
     new ea1e7e1  Make sure attachements get copied over.
     new 8e3d64c  [CXF-1609] Fix how the longs are cast down to ints
     new 5d4ff7d  Get build working if path has spaces in it Get tests passing if path has spaces in it Get build working if offline Get tests passing if offline
     new 3a9c642  Update release notes for 2.1.1
     new 2c2a129  Add some info about the opensaml stuff to the release_notes
     new a8f59d6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.1.1
     new 3d93bc9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 6676efd  Added test asserting tolerance for empty or bogus HTTP Host headers on "?wsdl" queries (as set by some HTTP load balancers)
     new b0736ce  CXF-1658: The jbi transport should honor the sendSync flag so that xa transactions are handled correctly in smx3
     new a330d4e  CXF-1617 support set basic authentication from ProxyFactoryBean
     new c66bee4  [CXF-1659] Fix eclipse plugin (although the plugin will most likely be removed soon)
     new 040455e  Coloc interceptor has instance state and thus cannot be static
     new 0300368  Send the DONE status from the jbi proxy, which should also fix the systests hanging
     new 4a81d52  [CXF-1660, CXF-1661] Don't register nested beans as root beans. Fix problems of trying to use <soap:soapBinding style="rpc"/> configuration to configure frontend for rpc. Cache a bunch few things in the RSFB to avoid looking up the same thing (isWrapped and isRPC) a bunch of times for each method.
     new c6af117  Remove stack trace inadvertently left in.
     new 63ee00d  Make error message clearer where soap:header element is pointing to a nonexistent wsdl:message.
     new 4658a77  Trying to please checkstyle.
     new f3ea180  Update some versions of plugins and such
     new 0d38ed9  CXF-1667 Get the wsdlLocation attribute work in <simple:server> and <jaxws:server>
     new 89b2abb  CXF-1667 added the files which I forgot with my last commit
     new 341d5fc  * Fixed issue related to session pooling for JIRA :
     new ef3ccc1  Remove comment as I fixed the issue it was complaining about.
     new e182641  Upgrading JAX-RS implementation to 0.8 api
     new c0d334b  Removing in-process test flag
     new 52a1b91  [CXF-1677, CXF-1674] Add support to specify unmarshall properties as well as marshal and unmarshal listeners
     new 1936303  Ignore for now.   Looks like Sergey forgot to svn add the files in src/test/resources/jaxrs_atom
     new 393961d  Adding missing test resources
     new cdf2b6b  Test is now working.
     new 5d463ce  [CXF-1680] Make wss4j provided principals available to the security context
     new 5d24ec2  [CXF-1680] Don't override basic-auth security creds.   Add a principal result to the message to make it easier to obtain later.
     new 90e877d  Fix a bunch of warnings that are showing up with the ganymede compiler
     new f2aca9b  added comment for location to parent WSDL
     new bf6a0cc  CXF-1688: Make the JBI binding and transport OSGi bundles
     new c1b7dea  Use the correct package name
     new 4338baf  [CXF-1681] Add Endpoint.publish time, use the last base URL to expand out the publish URL to make sure it's updated in the future.
     new 560f471  CXF-1691 : applying Brad's patch (thanks !) and fixing a typo in InjectionUtils
     new b6fddf1  [CXF-1683, CXF-1684, CXF-1685, CXF-1686] Apply a bunch of patches from Dave Leatherdale * Support "zip" URL's in resolvers * Fix relative paths being resolved incorrectly * Fix empty parameters being a problem with maven plugin * Add default options for maven plugin * add <bindingFiles> element to specify binding files for maven plugin so extraArgs need not be used for that and paths can be properly resolved for them.
     new 18474f0  [CXF-1686] Add workaround for issue discussed in the comments
     new de4ad34  [CXF-1687] Fix to make the fastinfoset versions work correctly.  Get comments and processing instructions at the start of XML docs to work correctly
     new d8bf21c  [CXF-1669] Add flag to WSS4JOutInterceptor to allow enabling mtom.
     new 183a455  [CXF-1665] Remove dead code, try to map byte[] as well.
     new 9725ec7  [CXF-1663] Remove unneeded @Resource things Also remove a line that was causing un-found resources to be looked up twice
     new ee9283b  Updated JBI demos to build against correct version of servicemix jar
     new 6fb6aee  [CXF-1692]Patch from Dave Leatherdale applied (with fixes to make tests pass).  Thanks!
     new 8e9e630  Add a PMD rule that catches String operations that use the default charset. These can lead to trouble when users use funny charsets.
     new 4b85802  JAX-RS : Fixing the resource class selection issue
     new 0ea840f  Start working on some ws-secritypolicy stuff by porting the policy things from rampart and then cleaning it up to be java5 friendly and remove a TON of duplicate code.
     new 5494c8d  Add another js demo that isn't working yet.
     new 3b2cd58  Fix xml wsdl validation to actually follow the documented rules.   Fixes the wsdl_first_pure_xml demo.
     new 4da2a24  Ignore a test that keeps failing randomly on the auto build boxes, but not on either of my machines so very hard to debug what is happening.
     new 9b994d4  Fix test that failed with latest commit
     new abc0d91  Fix checkstyle error
     new d3b729f  This now (a) works and (b) is useless.
     new 77a054c  Remove broken sample.
     new 505473d  CXF-1699 : applying patch on behalf of Brad Moody, thanks
     new fea88f0  [CXF-1689] Patch from Hani Suleiman applied. Update to latest wsdl4j
     new 8b3b578  [CXF-1696] Fix problems occuring when a wsdl is used that has out of band headers using the same part names as parts in the real message.
     new 00b2705  [CXF-1700] Add support for xsd:include to xmlbeans databinding
     new dafb668  Update to work with latest distribution stuff
     new 065d0ea  Experimenting with some chunking stuff
     new 062d465  Remove hardcoded host name
     new f68e5da  Allow specifying the host part of the URL so I can get it working on OSX and Linux
     new 057ac8d  Added pom.xml to allow these demos be built and run using maven Updated READMEs accordingly. Added some System.outs to server impls to indicate had been called by client.
     new 214e290  Removed tab characters
     new 8930be1  Introducing minimal and jax-rs cxf bundles
     new 07c7aad  Minor updates to the perf thing to be what I was testing with the chunking stuff
     new b54e787  [CXF-1705] Servlet 2.3 compliance  (Patch from Hani Suleiman applied)
     new 09e9aec  [CXF-1678] Patch from Mike Ramnarine applied
     new 943cbdf  Add some debugging to hopefully help diagnose CXF-1708
     new 731b2ef  [CXF-1707] Remove use of security manager in the plugin (matches the wsdl2java mojo now)
     new 918c323  [CXF-1387] Patch from Ian Roberts applied.   Adds gzip support for http.
     new 4e68b94  Implement threshold for chunking.  Some http cleanups.  Throw exceptions on some errors.
     new 7506ad0  Updated pom.xml's to remove need for env CXF_VERSION. Updated README's accordingly.
     new 86d2bda  Enabled demo to be built using maven. Updated README.
     new 3075ced  Enabled demo to be built and run using maven. Updated README
     new 21e5d9e  Change gzip to using the new Threshold output stream stuff so that it can keep streaming instead of buffering everything.
     new 7a28474  [CXF-1711] Grab parent types as well.
     new 5ca0dbb  [CXF-1712] Fix problems of caching objectfactories based on classname instead of Package object
     new d8f988a  Update name of jaxws jar
     new c67d02e  Added poms to allow demos be run using maven. Added server side logic to js_client demo.
     new afdc330  [CXF-1709] Detect the application context refresh and make sure we update the bus and servlet controller.
     new 9216c05  Fix Javascript tests to actually run asynchronously. Now I can actually work on the problem with multiple requests.
     new bb0a867  [CXF-1578] Workaround bug in Jettison reader
     new d040276  [CXF-1620] Support for jaxb:extensionBindingPrefix attributes (and thus the xjc:simple things and such)
     new a616c15  [CXF-1697] Add calendars to the stuff allowed to be unmarshalled by class
     new dddecaf  Repair CXF-1713.
     new c08eeb4  Add example of multiple distinct operations in parallel to javascript client.
     new 7b53953  * Fix for JIRA : and * Removed dead methods from JMSTransportBase. * Updated System Test.
     new 70aea2b  [CXF-1719, CXF-1720] RPC/Lit issues * Fix issues of soap:body namespace not being honored * Fix issues of soap-rpc:result element causing deserialization exception * Add a warnging (probably could/should be exception) if endpoint name doesn't match the given name (usually due to not specifying an endpoint name and getting the autogenerated name) of any port in the wsdl.   Try to grab a port that may make sense instead of creating a new one so that things like soap:body a [...]
     new 7e14ab5  Enable demos to be built and run using maven. Updated READMEs accordingly.
     new 6303f4e  Fixed commenting, typos, etc.
     new d5cc4a3  Enabled demos to build and run using maven Updated README's
     new 2ffeca1  Turn off PMD charset warnings.
     new c15ae92  Write PIs out when copying DOM to Stax. This should make people happy who want to put stylesheets into their WSDL files.
     new 6a63c19  Suppress PIs from Stax document copies if we're not writing the prolog.
     new 2aa1251  Enabled demo to be built and run using maven. Updated README.
     new ea2855b  added pom.xml allow build and run with maven
     new 4f7dab6  Double check that we really can map all the wrapped parameters to classes.   If not, fallback to bare mode.
     new c8e9cec  Fix code generation failure
     new 0cf9d07  Various minor JAX-RS fixes
     new ccf9f41  Typos fixed.
     new a38a0c0  Start trying to make aegis service configuration work. This test passes, but I don't know why.
     new 85eb7b7  Some CORBA cleanups, fix problems with unsigned types, start exploring how to support derived types.
     new 60a9558  Change to list of tests that don't work as that's more interesting to know.
     new ce316ec  Demo now builds and runs using maven
     new 05be891  Enabled demo to be built and run using maven
     new bbaf11a  Updated ws_policy demo to be built and ran using maven
     new 6dbd760  Make sure an invoker gets set. Propogate some error messages up so it's possible to diagnose why creation of the service object failed.
     new a576f18  Updates to be able to support wsdl's that use the older Yoko namespace by mapping them into the new namespace at read time.
     new 0191425  The corbaloc registration stuff is very ORB specific.   Move that into the OrbConfig where subclasses can be provided for different ORBs.
     new 2566b96  Add flags to service configuration stuff to allow controlling the nillable/minOccurs/maxOccurs of the wrapper parts.
     new 8c33943  Make sure the field is set properly so a warning isn't issued.
     new 9cbfb6f  Punt the seemingly needed new service configuration for aegis.
     new 7287d4d  Fixing checkstyle errors.
     new b6c0f86  [CXF-1734] Make the default workqueue configurable Allow for "named" workqueus Update jms transport to check for particular named workqueues (endpoint qname or "jms") to configure on per endpoint or all other JMS basis Update extension checking in the Bus to search for extensions in the context that aren't yet loaded. Stuff loaded before the IntrumentationManager were not getting properly instrumented or registered.
     new c226276  [CXF-1734] Fix mbean names and stuff
     new 5e6cc58  [CXF-1733] Merge SoapActionOut and SoapPreProtocolOut nterceptors to make sure the action and content types are properly set.
     new 0270ccc  [CXF-1730] Add a NPE guard.   It DOESN'T look like this should be needed though as the JAXRSInInterceptor should have always set this.
     new a83ab46  [CXF-1652]CXF Decoupled Endpoints are not getting cleaned up properly even after bus.Shutdown() in
     new f519042  [CXF-1730] Actually, if a ProviderInfo<RequestHandler> handles it, the ACCEPT_CONTENT_TYPES wouldn't be set and NPE.
     new d52c66d  [CXF-1728] Fix javadoc generation to be /** instead of /* Also, don't output useless empty javadoc
     new 946f325  [CXF-1724] Patch from Dave Leatherdale applied
     new 34f16be  One more attempt to get the "accepted content types" stuff set on the exchange properly in all cases
     new f81c466  [CXF-1723] Output error message if fault has multple parts instead of generating bogus code.
     new d1d3af9  ULongs can map to a java long, not BigInteger.  Thus, avoid creating BigInteger objects if we can.
     new 0db1c18  [CXF-1738]AbstractWSDLBasedEndpointFactory should setTransportId for local and camel transport according to the publish address
     new 5508da7  Bunches of updates to CORBA binding to enhance performance a bit as well as abstract out some more of the stuff that is ORB specific.  Make some more stuff visible to possible orb specific subclasses and such.
     new 0a85e21  Turn of PMD for one line since platform encoding is exactly what we DO want here
     new 58209cc  [CXF-1657, CXF-1737] Fix bug with on-ways in wsdl causing simple frontend to NPE and possible problem in checking for faults with an empty message Also make sure OperationResourceInfo thing is set in JAXRS
     new de813c5  CXF-1741 Fixed the NPE when publish the code first service in NoSpringServlet
     new c1a5ede  Fix multi-request test to use a CountDownLatch and avoid invalid order assumptions.
     new 1ba208b  * Moved pooledSession recycle call to finally block for recycling the session in case of exceptions or normal return.
     new 0faf464  [CXF-1740,CXF-1721] Fix the generated code if style="rpc" is on the operations and not the whole binding Also update a bunch of @Resource things to work correctly (or remove them if not needed) Remove gc() from javascript test.  It now seems to be ok. Fix separator for urn in WS-Addressing stuff
     new 8f0b429  Fix Typo
     new c306cac  Better "assert" line
     new fe18de5  Update DOMStreamReader to properly consider whitespace.
     new cb30497  Fix transport ID in the jms wsdls
     new e99e92d  Update release notes
     new b4405cf  Add dep so the full exclusions can be found.
     new 6ec6e62  Add information for jsr311 update
     new 3f8f925  Actually, 2.1.1 used jaxrs 0.6
     new 39272e3  Fix for NPE I'm getting in one of the bundles
     new 6b170bd  [CXF-1716] Map internal codes to proper soap:fault codes
     new d7a0d53  [CXF-1726] Exclude all the various versions of bouncycastle so we only get the one we want Fix TCK test failure Minor perf improvement in PhaseInterceptorChain
     new 536e188  [CXF-1743] Fix attachment caching to make sure temp files are deleted properly
     new 5f11958  [CXF-1730] More attempts at getting the needed information into the message
     new 1704afa  Update with latest fixes from last 24 hours.
     new 476c6b1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.1.2
     new 4081cf7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3a873b9  [CXF-1745] Patch from   Matteo Vescovi applied
     new 4f03d00  [CXF-1747] Add support for 2004/03 WS-Addressing version.  Patch from Maciej Kwiecien applied!
     new 1a1e8bf  [CXF-1748] Patch from Matteo applied. Also update woodstox version and allow parameterizing the vmargs used for forked surefire tests
     new 4f6f80c  Propogate the vmargs down into the forked processes
     new 688076d  Fix so wsdl2java doesn't run out of memory when passed wsdl with large number of schemas. Modified WSDLServiceBuilder to correctly use schemaCache in WSDLManager
     new 6c06b90  Bunch of updates to tools to try and reuse cached schemas and stuff instead of re-parsing.  Should make the tools a bit faster as well as use less memory.
     new 97582b9  Slight speed up when creating a service.  Don't process the wsdl into a servicemodel, just grab the port information out of it for JAXWS usage.
     new e714f9a  [CXF-1751] Patch to handle ws-addressing refrences from Matteo applied.
     new 51aeb72  Update trunk version numbers to 2.2-SNAPSHOT
     new fea5840  Remove a printStackTrace I left in.  :-(
     new 59d0569  Update trunk to Spring 2.5.5 by default. Register ws-securitypolicy builders
     new ad295e2  Update svn:properties
     new c6a3da4  Initial check-in of test DoubleIt wsdl.
     new 9ada8b0  Infrastructure does like timestamp snapshots
     new f78cbfd  [CXF-1752] Fix problems in generated wrapper types
     new b503b7d  [CXF-1620] Check parent nodes for jaxb attributes as well.
     new 53c95f9  Next step in ws-secpol support (make sure we can actually parse some policy) Output better error message when policy isn't asserted Move systests wsdl dir to new name to not conflict with testutils
     new 2549c31  [CXF-1755]JMSConduit need copy protocol headers to response in Message
     new e212736  [CXF-1753] Remove the attempts at checking the timestamp on the code. It isn't needed for "release" builds, and doesn't really work as it only checks one or two classes, not all the classes that go into the code generators.
     new 2040cc7  Update to try and eliminate a NPE with service creation [CXF-1756] Remove name attribute from generated impls
     new 1d96556  [CXF-1755]populate headers for inMessage directly instead of changing OutMessage
     new 7526116  [CXF-1760] jms transport don't support MTOM
     new 6b75230  Added demo illustrating use of JaxWSFactoryBeans.
     new 98f0505  [CXF-1735] Allow wrapper parts to be individually qualified in code first cases
     new c2c8d6c  [CXF-1735] More for cxf-1735 to get the information it needs from the factory (and thus the configurations)
     new a69beb9  Remove unused imports
     new 3d2d204  address CXF-1575.
     new bee8487  Add some test code to try to make Generics lose in Javascript.
     new 6a1a219  Oh, try harder not to make this explode.
     new 17945e4  Fix for wsdl2java generating incorrect portName in impl class
     new 2e78244  Fix for Wsdl2Java out of memory if the wsdl has tons of imports
     new fee8af3  [CXF-1656] Updates to policy engine to store policies on the service model itself (so it get's garbage collected with everything else) Get the first WS-SecPol assertion working (HttpsToken)
     new 0f6e93f  Add unit test for copying part attributes from Aegis to parts. Fix Aegis array types to have min-max instead of max-min in the names.
     new 5823c88  Improve error message that results from (e.g.) use of Holder with Simple front end. Remove entirely Aegis test of nonexisting feature whose only test case has been @Ignored for a long time. Remove misleading comment from dynamic client unit test.
     new f227e61  Fix for NPE with invalid wsld:impor
     new 3df7e14  Start wiring the Ws-sec policies in.
     new 600cf2e  Forgot to svn add a file
     new aaeee58  Bunch more policy refactory to get nested policies asserted and their interceptors added
     new 3119e41  Fix the superficial symptom of CXF-1738, since it might come up in a real case.
     new d93cc61  Reveal the URL when starting the sample service.
     new 48f1207  Performance improvement by not mapping the jaxws properties back and forth all the time.  Wrapper the message directly and map on get/put.
     new 4232f04  Fix some tck failures cause by my last commit
     new d5d6ded  Grab the qualification stuff from the parameter itself instead of the schema.  (the runtime has already determined it)
     new 03ac282  Get UsernameToken security-policy working
     new 6432570  Remove some commented out code
     new 410cc30  Fix CXF-1770.
     new 507915d  [CXF-1769] Hack a workaround for a bug in JAXB Fix a couple poms
     new eeff8cb  CXF-1773 applied patch with thanks to Christian
     new f58b14a  [CXF-1779]exclude non-serializable property to JBI NormalizedMessage
     new 04bcd8f  Fix for
     new c3447b4  [CXF-1780] Fix -INF/INF in corba binding. Patch from Matteo Vescovi applied.
     new 63b2f17  removed printStackTrace()
     new 49daa4e  element.setAttributeNS(...) is very slow with Xerces.  Don't use it on critical path.
     new d40d257  Update to latest velocity version
     new dad12d4  When not using 'soap encoding', map Character objects to xsd:strings.
     new ffbfba3  Back out half-baked changes.
     new 34516f0  More revert.
     new 09972d2  [CXF-1778] Fix memory leak with WS-Addressing turned on on the client, but server doesn't respond with addressing information. Also reduce memory usage by clearing stuff in the messages sooner.
     new 2fef498  Keep patching.
     new 2504e33  [CXF-1334] Remove the now un-used eclipse stuff
     new d23008e  [CXF-1624] Check the ObjectFactory to see if the defaultNs can be set or not.
     new 5c3b89e  Remove another eclipse plugin reference
     new f8cad43  [CXF-1779]exclude Map or Collection property as well which entry may not be serializable
     new 7456a2e  Updating JaxbExtensionHelper to use ClassLoaderUtils instead of Class.forName
     new 6c0c478  Fix for
     new 797b183  [CXF-1778, CXF-1781] Fix memory leak with ws-addressing if server is down Make sure we process the mustUnderstand headers If List<Header> contains SoapHeader objects, make sure we write the mustUnderstand/actor stuff out Remove dependency on stax-utils
     new 7f732e3  No longer need stax-utils
     new 4b8965a  Don't hold onto the header objects (allow them to be gc'd sooner) Update error message to be a bit more descriptive
     new 7ac3e21  Don't use NodeList, walking siblings is faster.
     new 4a6d55f  Update policy engine to parse policies in any namespace.   No need to configure a namespace now.
     new 96a967d  Change the default to not throw an exception when encountering an unknown extensor.  Parse it into a XmlPrimitiveAssertion and allow the effective policy computation consider other alternatives.
     new f201e48  CXF-1783 applied patch with thanks to Christian, als fixed some typos on the comments
     new e88330e  Update version of plexus-velocity stuff that the checkstyle plugin will use to remove an [ERROR] message off the build
     new dcb5a89  Don't put the logging interceptor on the fault in as the normal in takes care of it before it's known to be a fault. If the soap message is a fault and the security stuff wasn't found, let the fault propogate.
     new 4cc00ee  added comments clarifying the use of the attributes
     new acfb250  * Fixed build failure in mtom sample. resource file was being copied to wrong location.
     new 98de7dd  Modified code to remove use of NodeList
     new a70866b  Replaced NodeList
     new b9a79c9  removed expensive setAttributeNS() calls
     new ed02714  * Modified build.xml to replace hardcoded SERVICEMIX_VERSION in jar file name to use wildcard for ease of moving between versions
     new 1cd666b  [CXF-1794] Fix problem with wsdlOptions not being applied correctly
     new be71a3b  [CXF-1782, CXF-1796] Updates to Servlet controller stuff to make it more subclassable Reduce logging in fastinfoset plugin
     new c70233b  [CXF-1797] Make sure SOAPAction is properly mapped into the form expected by CXF internals.  (Juan Velez patch applied)
     new 83f5452  Also map Accept header to a known state
     new 70bdf30  Don't go into multiplex mode if mulitplexing won't actually accomplish anything.
     new 29905f4  Update SSL stuff to work with 1.6.0u10 Pass protocol into factorywrapper to setup the socket correctly
     new 4f096cd  Replace use of SOAP-encoding for char with a specialization of integer.
     new de36696  YAUF: supply missing file.
     new 2170fea  Don't try to borrow test class from Aegis.
     new 005861e  remove some dead-ish code left over from when XFire supported Java 1.4, or a smaller classpath. Either way, make javax.xml.XMLGregorianCalendarType required in the classpath.
     new 5aaef29  Fix CXF-1788.
     new 4ae4130  Removed further references to NodeList
     new ba27ecd  [CXF-1792] Make the information in the mgmt console a bit easier to read. (Patch from Hadrian Zbarcea applied)
     new 307a045  Removed further references to NodeList
     new 6d4c115  [CXF-1793] Consider soap headers when determining if an operation is "unique"
     new 690dd84  Remove test case accessing local files that shouldn't be there
     new 572ce67  added some Javadoc comments
     new a020528  Fix formatting of javadoc comments.
     new 4d3fe06  Removed further references to NodeList
     new 486e086  removed commented code
     new e7b9afa  [CXF-1804] Patch for registering the corba conduit/dests from Matteo Vescovi applied.
     new 0d8a79e  [CXF-1194] Ignore the validation errors caused by mtom attachments. Also add the ability to register your own custom validation handlers
     new 3c2c30d  Removed further references to NodeList
     new 2ec1a9d  Update to latest versions of various plugins, various deps, etc...   Move some dep versions to the parent pom so one place to update.
     new 56d133b  Servicemix 3.2.2 apparently has snapshot deps.   Not good.
     new 7c13fb7  Get the policy off the correct operation info
     new d56d11d  cleaned up some of the wording in the toolspecs
     new 696b59e  CXF-1801 applied patch with thanks to William
     new 598c7ad  Interface generated without the proper annotations is actually comletely useless.   Make sure some defaults at least get put on.
     new 0903437  * [CXF-1805] Use of Content-Type in JMS Header not in line with JMS specification
     new 8bc50b0  * Fixed build problem in sample.
     new 91b4846  Only create the output dir if something will actually go into it to avoid having eclipse:eclipse wire it in.
     new 332f1b4  Get parts of ws-secpolicy AsymBinding working (sign before encrypt is working, encrypt before sign is not) Fixes problems with policy impl Delay setting up interceptor chains and vocabs until actually needed.
     new 0de0887  * Fixed mtom sample to avoid null pointer exception in client.
     new a8f53d1  Get Encrypt+Sign+SignatureProtection working
     new 031f11f  Allow the "Crypto" objects to be passed in (from config or from programatic setting or maybe another interceptor).
     new 741c3aa  CXF-1806 applied patch with thanks to Christian
     new f32830c  Start getting SymetricBinding stuff working.   MS WCF InteropFest section 4.1 is now working.
     new 5360ef2  CXF-1823 applied patch with thanks to William
     new e97086a  Some preliminary work on attributes.
     new d65d7c6  Updates to try and get the security headers in the right order.
     new 36c3d62  Attempt to get UsernameToken working with wcf
     new 502c3af  CXF-1825 applied patch with thanks to William
     new bed93d9  CAMEL-1826 Applied patch with thanks to William
     new f677bcb  check for null
     new a5c3f45  refactored JAXWSMethodInvoker so that the code could be nicely reused/extended
     new 4d4cf4d  Get MS wcf Interop encrypt then sign working
     new 79be615  CXF-1832
     new cb2544f  Fix errors/warnings in eclipse
     new 7572ae5  CXF-1832
     new 3f74234  Fix for broken build
     new aec5212  Fix for broken build NullpointerException in ClientImpl
     new 2f1f50f  Updating EndpointReferenceUtils.setPortName to recognize DOM Elements and getServiceName to accept the older ServiceName namespace
     new de6fbfd  Fix CXF-1831.
     new 7c38f18  Instant unit test case to disprove CXF-1833.
     new 08d17ea  Incremental creeping toward attribute support in Javascript. As usual, in spite of the XmlSchema situation.
     new 86adc22  Fixing old package name
     new baafc8c  Fix for failed test with other locales
     new 241381f  CXF-1832 QoS support
     new 561a031  Minor cleanups done.
     new 2bef64f  CXF-1832 Example for JMSConfigFeature
     new 8b71dbf  Comment added on how ApplicationContext is made available to CXFServlet.
     new 0d5f653  CXF-1832 JMSConfigFeature Server part
     new 22dc0bc  Minor fix to AbstractDataBinding so that no schema conflicts occur
     new 9524b0d  Fixing a test failure (with help from Dan)
     new 53d69d2  Yet another update to avoid a possible NPE
     new f2c9d1b  [CXF-1843] Check all extensors to find the binding.
     new 7c4bdd3  CXF-1841 patch applied with thanks to William
     new 88a4479  CXF-1841 set the jca spec jar's scope to be provided
     new 6698b05  [CXF-1834] Fix for writing extensor objects that have been namespace mapped
     new 70faee9  Forgot to add a file
     new 94f9d1a  Progressing toward getting things building/testing with the IBM 1.5 JDK on Linux and AIX
     new 2d63639  Update to bouncycastle 140 and xalan 2.7.1 as we can ship stuff that allows ws-security to now work out of the box
     new 2436087  Add oro stuff
     new 9ea04a6  Fixes from Peter Jones to CXF-1840 and 1845. Thank you!
     new 2e1de08  CXF-1845.  Couple of files missed being added for ibmjdk test fix commit.
     new b1123c2  Added Configuration Exceptions when JMSConduit, JMSDestination or JMSConfigFeature are not configured properly.
     new e59b726  Fix for CXF-1821 from Will Gomes.
     new d89dabd  Add byte binding to aegis.
     new 9c1b90e  Mark resource.spi stuff optional in the osgi manifest Remove an unneeded SuppressWarnings Make the prepareOrb call public to make it callable by interceptors if needed
     new a92a558  Added my public key
     new 0863167  Get it working with the saaj jars from central instead of just the one from
     new d6bedc9  Fix potential race condition where a response COULD come back before the waiting thread was waiting for it.
     new 4a9a04b  [CXF-1809] If springs CommonAnnotation thing is turned on, let it do the @Resource/@PostConstruct stuff.
     new fdb88ce  CXF-1842 added an example to show how to publish the WSDL first endpoints from spring
     new 20246b2  Log a warning if you use the Simple frontend with a class that has jaxws annotations on it.   (sick of fielding support issues related to it)
     new 74e2800  Initial support for schema validation and xsi:schemaLocation
     new 52644b9  [CXF-1849] Just log policy issues on outbound.  Patch from Fred Dushin applied.
     new 964928b  added config element for jms11 setting
     new ab4c65e  Very first cut at Aegis+JAX-RS.
     new 20c85a5  CXF-1857 set the invoker when ServiceFactoryBean create a new invoker.
     new b0edfd8  Misspellings fixed.
     new f6d9d17  CXF-1856 did a quick fix for this issue.
     new 2075aad  [CXF-1864] Fix parsing of namespaces/qnames in the soap 12 fault processing
     new cff6afb  Fix CXF-1859.
     new 4da367c  Work around if JAXB 2.1.8 is used instead of 2.1.7.
     new 61eae25  Change to throwing exceptions for various policy issues during out processing.
     new 8ef96e9  [CXF-932, CXF-1654] Promote request/response contexts up into simple frontend Add ability to specify binding files for DynamicClient.  Add ClassNameAllocator to dynamic client to automatically resolve some of those issues.
     new 140239d  CXF-1872 Applied patch with thanks to William
     new ddebabe  JAX-RS : adding a thread-local ServletContext handler
     new 1e1b05a  [CXF-1776] Provide Async invokes and callbacks on the low level Client objects.  Get HTTP and JMS transports to support the async replies.   Still need to update the JAX-WS frontend to use it and the JMS transport needs someone to look into it to make sure the changes will actually be acceptable.
     new e5d991d  updated schema documentaiton
     new 1cebd75  Start making jaxws async calls use async stuff on client. Fix some ws-rm/ws-a issues created from my last commit. Add "toString" methods to some BAIS to aid debugging.
     new 83234b8  JAX-RS : updating primitive text provider to support Boolean
     new 313dad7  removing start test server in-process flag
     new b9ce9c9  JAX-RS : starting with a jaxrs-jaxws system testing
     new c81022f  JAX-RS : setting Marshaller properties on JAXB provider
     new 85cdf74  Fix compile problems
     new 1788a5c  Fix checkstyle error, add warning if cannot find a "classpath:...." resource, add an import
     new 53d8dd9  Push the JAX-RS thing for Aegis along.
     new 5556316  JAX-RS : Fix for CXF-1820
     new b701d98  JAX-RS : Enabling Aegis test
     new 2892855  JAX-RS : adding a couple of system tests dealing with encoded URLs
     new 8849993  JAX-RS : updating the system test
     new 83da112  JAX-RS: updating the system test
     new 22b9563  Fixing a test following my lame commit
     new 5e78861  JAXRS: fix for CXF-1882
     new 43c70b7  JAX-RS : fixing a typo introducing during refactoring with test
     new ac174e4  JAX-RS : starting to push for 1.0 final support
     new 8577edf  Add test case for generic of generics. It passes, perhaps issue was already fixed. Initial swat at supporting inheritance.
     new 38b239c  Incremental progress on inheritance.
     new 43bd48f  Unit test that really tests inherited properties in Javascript.
     new 1b9134c  Fixed a PMD error in javascript module
     new ed4a311  BUNCH of updates to get all the jaxb RUNTIME parts (including DynamicClient) working with the JAXB implementationbuilt into Java6 as well as the shipped version.  tooling still requires shipped xjc/impl at this point.
     new 27626d6  drip, drip, drip towards attribute support.
     new 24f0794  Fix CXF-1890.
     new 0e99a7d  Apply patch for CXF-1887. Thanks!
     new d35f046  CXF-1749 quick fix for JMS Encoding issue
     new 4ff798a  CXF-1749 update the
     new e755675  I've pushed all of our deps from to central.   Thus, remove repos from poms.
     new fb0b88f  Added test of xmlbeans data binding
     new bbce67a  Add some checks to handle anonymous types when dealing with wrappers.  Also make sure the code is compilable
     new 94ea161  annotatted the element attributes
     new f136d5f  [CXF-1898]optionally depend on J2EE Connector API
     new d4f9ddb  change jaxb-impl dependency scope to fix compilation error
     new f5b81d9  Update Seans test to actually use XMLBeans Fix codegenerators to grab plugins and such from the correct classloader Make the maven plugin cleanup the statics
     new af5c412  Fix build failure
     new 3a024c3  started annotating jaxws;endpoint and jaxws:server children
     new d03b4dc  Fix to allow the JAX-WS SoapHandlerInterceptor peacefully co-exist with an explicitly configured SAAJOutInterceptor - previously installing a JAX-WS SoapHandler in a (WS-)secure CXF application caused outgoing SOAP bodies to be truncated.
     new 3e44329  JAX-RS : minor fix to enable @Resource proxies plus adding HttpServletResponse proxy
     new 4ce6820  Update spring version
     new 563118b  added annotations for jax-ws elements and fixed some typos
     new b5a925c  Minor performance improvement be removing a bunch of instanceof things in chained if..else..else..else things
     new 29dd712  Fix checkstyle errors.
     new 19df114  added more annotations
     new 2b413fe  For spring applications and such, make sure the bus lifecycle listeners are called.
     new dfec261  added some annotations cleaned up a javadoc comment
     new 048c047  Fix CXF-1903.
     new 1eb33fb  Give the bean a real id.
     new 23147b1  CXF-1749 a litter improvement of the JMSUtils
     new 07a4e51  If using jms102, use the correct factory. Make the default for CXF 2.2 be to use the JMS 1.1 stuff (CXF 2.1.x/2.0.x will default to 1.0.2)
     new ba4c83c  Fix where the test code is generated so it isn't packaged
     new f513524  Set javadoc source things to 1.5 just to make sure the right version is used
     new 336f427  Add encoding to remove a warning
     new a0c331a  Install a real HostnameVerifier that should work (need to make this more configurable) Make the Configuration wildcarding actually use regex wildcards. Update to HttpConduits to configure based on the address URL as well as endpoint name.
     new 8fb8262  fix pmd error (not sure why pmd isn't running in eclipse for me right now)
     new 5700276  [CXF-1910]JBI binding should honor aegis databinding
     new 743e5ec  Latest PMD eclipse plugins have changed thier classnames so PMD wasn't getting wired in.
     new 4cb4092  Remove some unused code Wire in conduits into wsdl/schema resolving so configured https conduits can be used to retrieve wsdls/schemas
     new 3b81ea1  Fix ssl issue revert to spring 2.5.5 to remove stack traces all over the place.
     new f4d2145  Fix problems with JMS 1.0.2 providers and "topic" style not working Change the URL style config for http conduits to not consider the params as part of the URL so you don't need to use wildcard for things like ?wsdl
     new 0246ad5  Fix possible NPE
     new a0d787f  Fix CXF-1906 and some related issues involving collection subtypes. We still have java.util namespace bugs lurking, but I'm not chasing them today.
     new 061c7b5  PMD
     new 11109e7  Remove unused xml file to reduce confusion.
     new 0ac32af  Finish neatening up after removing that file.
     new d51bdce  Use a spring alias for the second context entry.
     new e199411  Fixing an XmlSchema bug uncovered an overenthusiastic workaround for it. Make the code adapt.
     new 555aa0f  Perhaps remove a workaround for an XmlSchema bug. Perhaps paper over a new XmlSchema bug. New JIRA Posted to track.
     new c4bac0e  CXF-1835,CXF-1912: continuations support for HTTP and JMS transports
     new c8eac7e  Further fix for scenario with both SAAJOutInterceptor and JAX-WS SOAPHandlers present on the out-interceptor chain.
     new 0394026  [CXF-1918, CXF-1916] Performance enhancments for mime attachments
     new 45031b3  Add some error messages for a common Request/ResponseWrapper annotation mistake
     new 318e949  CXF-1835,CXF-1912:renaming ContinuationWrapper interface to Continuation, updating JMSDestination to use ConcurrentLinkedQueue
     new 8e907c1  CXF-1835: continuations support for JAXRS
     new 2c7fc49  Update to JAXB 2.1.9 (fixes a memory leak) Add a try/catch to allow use of some other Stax implementations (like BEA's)
     new c350f78  CXF-1912: minor updates to JMSContinuation
     new 9f07162  CXF-1912 : putting misplaced isResumed update back to where it should be
     new 8761a35  CXF-1912: ensuring isResumed is not set when timer elapses
     new aec9d01  CXF-1912: minor update to the timer task
     new bac1de3  CXF-1923, improve error message for @SOAPBinding(style=RPC) on a method.
     new ec88f36  Work around issue with Sun stax implementation not liking null namespaces
     new e0e09f2  JAXRS : adding system schema validation test, improving handling of exception mappers
     new 15c1487  [CXF-1923] More fixes related to cxf-1923.   Make sure SOAPBinding style attributes on methods are actually honored in more cases.
     new 1f1767d  [CXF-1922] Make compile method non-static and overridable. Patch from Dennis Bayer applied.  Thanks!
     new 88a4811  [CXF-1921] Remove final modifier from JAXBDataBinding
     new 0cd8bfb  Fix pmd error
     new 6806330  [CXF-1905] Fix detection of whether schemaLocation needs to be added
     new 73ca008  [CXF-1900] Decode the cid used for the Content-ID header
     new 3020eef  Reduce logging levels to reduce LOG clutter when using http GET's
     new 68ffe2a  JAXRS : support for PathSegment path parameters
     new 0d1ede8  CXF-1926 added the getter/setter of transportId on the ClientProxyFactoryBean
     new 126c04f  Fix for handleMessage() being called instead of handleFault() on JAX-WS SOAPHandlers for incoming fault messages. Also fix for incomplete population of SAAJ model in the presence of faults.
     new b9488a3  JAXRS : enhancing FormEncodingReader
     new 4523c19  Use the packagename, not groupId, to define the package
     new 708001f  Add wtp config
     new c372360  JAXRS : support for FormParams, improving the way MatrixParam are dealt with
     new bb1c903  JAXRS : JSONProvider fixes, adding an option to share schema resources between JSON and JAXB providers
     new 941a3bd  JAXRS : Fixing the test schema
     new ca61027  JAXRS : support for per-endpoint providers
     new 3e20ac0  JAXRS : support for custom provider media types plus few other minor changes
     new e93b77f  Added xmlbeans binding codegen test.
     new bdb40c3  JAXRS : fixing issues with the lists of HTTP header values
     new 1c3c12a  Remove some unused @suppresswarnings
     new 286406b  JAXRS : support for arbitrary regular expressions
     new e2d4782  [CXF-1930] Fix for anonymous wrappers when asm is found
     new c2179b5  CXF-1931 added setDataBinding into EndpointImpl
     new 92e20d7  JAXRS : support for list/set of path segments
     new 0cd098a  Update cert loading to better work with MS pfx stores with no public aliases defined. If username not specified, see if one is in the merlin file.
     new 591ee0f  Fixed so that configuration is being picked up correctly.
     new 936aba9  Fix for CXF-1924. Infinite loop in FileUtils.getDefaultTempDir() when "" directory does not exist.
     new 5523f72  Reset system property after test to avoid any potential weirdness.
     new e651127  Make signature keys separate from stuff for usernametoken
     new 6c64d70  Remove some obsolete reflection code.
     new 2d65409  Some modularity cleanup while chasing CXF-1394.
     new aa1c5fa  Fix checkstyle/pmd errors
     new 6ff0184  fix failing test
     new e654a11  JAXRS: fixing AtomClientBookTest
     new 636b12a  Make some field protected so subclasses can access them.
     new fc22a29  [CXF-1935] Bunch of issues with enableAsyncMapping not being picked up all the time.
     new 6b6a9ab  ensure Future.isDone() returns true only after AsyncHandler.handleResponse() is called
     new 52fc466  Add error message to stop users from trying to get useful work out of -npa until JAX-B supports it through the API we depend upon.
     new 1c5d77d  [CXF-1936] Make sure async methods are bound
     new 21e45d9  JAXRS : spring security system tests
     new 80b425a2 Do the node -> string -> jaxb parse thing for the tlsClientParameters to get the properties substituted
     new 9764480  JAXRS : missed test resources
     new 22684e7  Get the correct error out of the jaxb databinding
     new 4321ae3  Fix cs/pmd errors
     new 3b92512  Add a unit test for writing with Aegis standalone.
     new 7692016  Start toward getting a STSClient
     new ee823bc  Give Aegis a sample of its own. This is the first of several to come.
     new c8acb14  Add a sample to help people who want to use Aegis to talk to some pre-existing service.
     new 71dedc9  Fix for CXF-748
     new b2f4242  Fix regression from 2.1.3 where stack traces are generated and things don't deploy if asm isn't there.
     new 548b606  Updating a jaxrs api version in samples
     new 9e8b61d  JAXRS : minor updates to class and operation resource info comparators
     new 586e6c0  Try to work around some issues where a bad JAXB object model can create schemas that confuse things and cause issues with wsdl generation.
     new 87b2235  Add an Aegis standalone sample.
     new ce52a6f  Indent the XML written by the sample. What a lot of trouble for something so simple.
     new 948b23f  Fix warning.
     new 1ed2b8b  Fix checkstyle errors.
     new 6f52a48  JAXRS : fixing https demo
     new 560fb0e  Keep demos consistent using .xml suffixes.
     new 1b56296  JAXRS : adding pom.xml to https demo
     new 5db4397  Bump XML Schema dependency to 1.4.3. Alphabetize versions for easier maintenance,.
     new 8946b6c  Back up xml schema until the repos sync.
     new 528b0b1  Add a flag to the old config to turn on the reconnectOnException support in the spring JMS connection stuff.
     new f69c0c3  Make stsclient configurable in spring
     new 6a95ccc  Add settings to configure which mbean server is used and ability to use the platform mbean server
     new 7822166  Start working on actually creating a real RequestSecurityToken request
     new affd57f  Don't NPE if type is null
     new 946e451  Try again to move to XML Schema 1.4.3, since I have evidence that the mirrors have mirrored.
     new e82717c  back out again.
     new 93283e9  respect content type of data source
     new bc59f8a  add wsdl 1.1 namespace for http binding
     new 29c8d5d  Actually manage to get a token back from the sts
     new e208f00  CXF-1943 added the jms transport injection support for JMSDestination
     new d3ea4c6f Try again to push XMLSchema dependency to 1.4.3.
     new ab5a4d1  Performance change to streamreader to not use indexes for next nodes for DOM, use getNextSibling.
     new a8405f9  Set some eol-style/mime-type attributes
     new aa045fa  CXF-1946 Changed the jms client received timeout value from 2 second to 60 second
     new a9f80f9  CXF-180 added an example to show how to use spring transaction framework with jms transport
     new 0dc8933  Fixed build of CXF trunk
     new 3d4c142  CXF-1947
     new 4bb3916  Some ignores. Checkstyle order-of-imports to match eclipse. Eclipse order-of-imports to match checkstyle. profile for just source checks.
     new 6030e5a  Allow using a wsdl for the STSClient so policies can be pulled directly Update logging to log the URL as well
     new 19df038  CXF-180 Added an example to show how to ignore the UserCheckedException
     new 7b90486  JAXRS : ServletConfig injection, enhancing MessageContext
     new 8053fe5  Updates for symetric x509 certs with ws-trust saml tokens
     new a3775ab  Add ability to configure keep-alive params
     new a82f7b1  adding some JavaDoc comments around the contract resolving mechanism
     new e4f39c0  made sure developer knows the QName is a service name
     new 49aa196  Removed thread unsafe NodeLists.
     new 34b20b4  NodeList references removed
     new 21ab695  Move to wss4j 1.5.5.  Enable processing of responses using derived keys from non-included keys (keys in the keystore)
     new 5ca32fb  JAXRS : fixing resource resolution issues
     new 1f2ce38  Fix issues with primitive arrays when used in exceptions Fix redirect case sensitivity
     new 8c32381  Fix problem of wrong Crypto's being used due to cache keys
     new 97ed354  JAXRS : fixing UriInfoImpl
     new ddb4669  Fixing failing wsdl/core test
     new b593ce2  JAXRS : fixing resource injection issue which leads to JAXWS WebServiceContext being lost if jaxws:endpoint is initialized first
     new e867e65  Added a Junit test of JAXRS endpoint with ServletTranspot
     new 4532786  JAXRS: making field/method/tlproxy resources static, updating system tests
     new 00f8942  CXF-1957, add a profile for Axis2-saaj.
     new a54c945  Add axis2-saaj option to WHICH_JARS.
     new cde230d  CXF-1958 JAXRS Endpoint should be aware of bus which exits in the application context
     new 3310d3f  JAXRS : fixing typos
     new b711b24  Making wsdlto.core dependency (from xmlbeans) optional for minimal bundle
     new 8d59717  Avoiding DomUtils in PolicyFeatureBeanDefinitionParser to avoid recursive lock in OSGI env
     new 8aa79b7  Not yet successful attempt to get aegis off of JDOM.
     new a351932  Undo unwanted set of changes originally destined  for another branch.
     new 4d1d9a0  CXF-1962
     new ed0e4a3  CXF-1962 - checkstyle.
     new cfbf142  Remove all JAXEN dependencies.
     new 4a3435b  Put Jaxen version management back until the other consumers are resolved.
     new b0d3e93  Last particle of Jaxen in the Javascript generator.
     new 0840050  Proper fix for element traversal
     new 0064c8c  Removed more uses of NodeList
     new 103bb58  removed ref to NodeList
     new 18003f7  Corrected nodelist refactor code.
     new 9c1a2ba  Added missing nextSibling()
     new f2d1e92  Herd a bunch of XmlSchema utilities into one place.
     new 58fa35c  Disentangle unit tests, and especially the soap-encoding support code, from JDOM. Sadly, there's more work where this came from.
     new 6d67a11  Add (ignored) unit test for bug in DOM stax reader.
     new de20fff  Fix CXF-1963.
     new c618f5a  More JDOM reduction.
     new 302f7f6  Clean unused import.
     new d372f44  Make JDOM entirely optional in Aegis.
     new f492f5b  Update WHICH_JARS for Aegis losing needs for jaxen and jdom.
     new 0ec2666  Turn off not quite working test.
     new 6e7d4ef  Fix schema generation problem with missing import in Aegis. Remove JDOM usage from Javascript Aegis test rather than track down very muddy change in behavior from old world. Remove the unwanted ant tasks.
     new 63a1106  NodeList refactor
     new d8c9b4e  More Nodelist changes and fix chcekstyle failures in Aegis ArrayType
     new b69eaaa  More NodeList refactoring
     new 6a4a23e  Fix problem of using ENDPOINT_ADDRESS setting to change from https to http
     new 6870547  More NodeList changes
     new 308d369  [CXF-1964] Patch from Colm applied to allow processors to be registered as objects instead of just class names.
     new 59f739d  Fix problem getting children of given name if prefixes are different
     new b962989  Remove eclipse warning
     new d73fa1e  CXF-1962
     new ea6c178  CXF-1968 applied patch with thanks to William
     new 6ac5d56  Add a sample of a complex and messy Dynamic Client case.
     new 2ea8a2f  Fixing JBI integration demos for 2.2/2.1
     new 5623e9d  fixing checkstyle errors
     new 618a9e8  Fix for NPE in SAAJInInterceptor when FaultDetail is not populated
     new 572f669  Add support for parsing KeyValueTokens in policy - Not wired in yet as wss4j does not support them yet.
     new 9ce32c8  CXF-1974 Missing names tag in sample POMs.
     new 4efb9df  JAXRS: improving exception and parameter handling
     new 33559be  Fix for redirects from http <---> https
     new 0057514  [CXF-1979] If something else is named Service, make sure it's qualified
     new aad0a39  If WebApplicationException is thrown by custom parameter class then rethrow it
     new c339e19  Cleanup the parsing of the jetty serverendine factory stuff Allow the properties placeholder things to work with the jetty server stuff
     new 319f406  Fixed the CS error in ws-security
     new dad4d03  CXF-1989 applied patch with thanks to William
     new 68a16a2  CXF-1982: dynamic subresource resolution
     new f9a65a5  CXF-1982: adding missing file
     new eea873b  CXF1982: adding yet another missing resource
     new 3dd4bdc  CXF-1973 Dynamic Client Factory classes should take URL objects as well as Strings
     new 20c9825  Remove anttasks from distribution (not built/used anymore)
     new 0b0fd2c  Removing in-process test flag
     new d552336  [CXF-1993] Allow adding specific namespaces to soap:envolope
     new 73a56c9  [CXF-1992] Honor java.home to find javac
     new e58dc2a  Renaming a couple of JAXRS system tests
     new d73d726  Fix some issues with symetric binding and endorsed tokens
     new 8b67fd6  CXF-1327 Logging Interceptor with pretty formatting
     new 37dd545  CXF-1981 Inconsistent use of logger delegation via LogUtils
     new c2e8ddb  CXF-1969 wsdl2java - NPE when wsdl has a missing attribute
     new 80aaf70  JAXRS : support for multipart/related
     new 8145f1a  Removing in-process test flags
     new a6a97cf  Forgot that tcptrace was used to run the test
     new d9735e0  CXF-1978 Add configurable message selector the selects all messages with the conduit id to allow permanent queues to be used by several instances concurrently
     new 1c11fe1  Fix cruisecontrol test failure
     new 5554909  Rename the archetype to something more appropriate, put in archetypes groupid
     new b6cf9c5  CXF-1978 Fix for test failure
     new 2b7e854  JAXRS: applying a nicely done patch for CXF-1991 on behalf of Andrzej Michalec
     new c7c02f2  JAXRS: context injection into base jaxb provider through setters, minor changes to message context api
     new c5c9dcf  [CXF-1980] Make sure the schema and spring.schemas is added to the jar
     new 9fdcd80  Better fault constructor logic
     new ab9e714  [CXF-1948] Patch from Leo Bayer applied
     new 553172e  [CXF-1895] Fix an issue with an old version of tomcat Remove some unused supress warnings
     new 52493ca  [CXF-1889] Fix memory leak
     new aa6df4b  [CXF-1819, CXF-1847] Apply couple of easy fixes
     new 8bae4ec  CXF-1955 WHICH_JARS text file does not mention commons-collections.jar CXF-1981 Inconsistent use of logger delegation via LogUtils. Removed use of DOM from PrettyLoggingOutInterceptor, added test.
     new 71903ad  Turning test off. Works fine on my windows machine.
     new 26eef72  checkstyle fix
     new fd26842  JAXRS : handling of multiparts by arbitrary providers
     new aa59039  fix init failure
     new fc3f1d0  Fixed with using CXF without network connection. The Spring parsing couldn't find xmldsig-core-schema.xsd.
     new 0e3eb30  Made change as per Dan's suggestion, looks to work on both Windows and Linux.
     new 616256a  [CXF-2000] Fix databinding put into header object
     new 3b06401  Support for digest auth.  Changes API's a bit, will add to migration guide.
     new 125a9be  CXF-1949 : adding test case, fixing HTTPMethod inheritance issue
     new 59b92c3  Implement old API overtop of new API
     new b2d423b  Fix for CXF-2002. Added configuration for maximum concurrent execution threads
     new 6dd3577  CXF-2003 avoid comparing a namespace of null with a namespace of ""
     new 94cc117  CXF-2003 avoid comparing a namespace of null with a namespace of ""
     new 9ca1bce  [CXF-2005] Add all rpc lit array types, not just non-primitives
     new 06ebe7d  Find longest matching path for rest based stuff
     new 4afbf60  [CXF-2001] Don't regen fault beans that are already there
     new a28c4e2  [CXF-1998] Add default phase for wsdl2java
     new 9312f51  [CXF-1920] Fix issue of unknown bindings causing exceptions even if binding isn't used At startup, only process the binding for the requested endpoint, not all of them.
     new 0964f2b  [CXF-1140] For http urls to wsdl/schema, well cache the results as wsdl4j doesn't call "close()" till the end which results in the connection to the server being held open consuming ports on the server.   Caching allows the keepalives to work and everything transferred over one connection.
     new 9317052  Expose a couple more jms listener properties to the config
     new ce6918a  Update to wss4j 1.5.5 release
     new d2e9da3  [CXF-2007] Add support for Source objects that have a XMLReader, but not really a valid InputSource.  JAXBSource objects do this.
     new e3980a0  Make sure the default executor is the proper workqueue
     new 8704895  Remove usued import
     new 4f9fd27  Cleanup stuff printed to console in systest Cleanup HTTP conduit http<-->https stuff
     new 2103852  jdom dependency was eliminated
     new 38398a8  Make sure svn properties are properly set on everything
     new decc76d  JAXRS : improving the support for multiparts
     new ed46eb7  CXF-1982 : saving the real resource object class on the invocation stack
     new c0aa3e6  CXF-1991: applying a 2nd quality patch on behalf of Andrzej Michalec plus fix for UriInfo.getMatchedURIs and ExceptionMapper injection issue
     new 7a6cc50  [CXF-1673] Exclude some deps from the soap binding as they aren't needed there.
     new d36cded  Fix build failure
     new 6c39b0c  Cleanup some generics/annotation code
     new 26991ec  JAXRS: support for multipart/form-data
     new fc534cc  When using old style config, delay creating ConnectionFactory to allow programatic changing
     new 0437a1d  Remove unneeded unchecked warning thing
     new fb121ab  CXF-2017
     new eef753d  CXF-2018 Wrap connectionfactory into a SingleConnectionFactory by default. Added a config element to make this configurable. Moved jndi config stuff to own class so it is more transparent that this should normally not be set when using the new style config.
     new d6f0f7e  CXF-2018 Wrap connectionfactory into a SingleConnectionFactory by default. Added a config element to make this configurable. Moved jndi config stuff to own class so it is more transparent that this should normally not be set when using the new style config.
     new 2e7b16a  CXF-2003 Added documentation
     new de5b157  CXF-2018 Avoid wrapping a SingleConnectionFactory to make the config downwards compatible
     new 120856b  CXF-2018 Avoid wrapping a SingleConnectionFactory to make the config downwards compatible. Revert test to old setting as we are compatible now.
     new 26eadcd  CXF-2019 Fixed the system test failure in windows
     new 007618b  CXF-2019 This should really fix the test error in windows box
     new fb38c3f  CXF-1991 : 3rd patch from Andrzej Michalec, thanks !
     new f1e0504  CXF-1991: making sure matrix params can be added as part of path(String)
     new 5f89ef7  Remove unneeded SuppressWarnings annotation
     new a4db39f  Cleanup CorbaBinding to use the lists already present in the parent
     new 30fd4af  If the server fails to start, print out the server output so we don't need to dig into files on disk tofigure out why
     new 74b0197  fixed a typo
     new e03d74d  CXF-2019 try to fix the ClientServerSessionTest server start error on *nix boxes
     new dd2b395  [CXF-2020] Fix problems of using mime binding without generating the mime handlers
     new ff41a63  [CXF-2011] Fix a race condition in the async client callbacks
     new f156388  Minor update to mtom demo pom.xml to make a maven parser happy
     new 5d7e240  Fixing ant client target for MTOM demo
     new 5378d67  fix for
     new 71053e9  In the loadSpringBus() method, in case org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext class could not be loaded, we log an error message and create a ServletException, but never throw it. Fixed this to throw the exception back.
     new dea385a  Make sure the Tokens (X509Token, IssuedToken, etc...) can participate in interceptor selection Add the AppliesTo element to the RequestSecurityToken message when possible Add IssuedToken interceptors to handle the configuration and retrieval of Trust tokens.   No client side coding now required.  Just config.
     new 92a13e0  Make sure the streams from remote policies are closed
     new 8ca7f63  [CXF-1549] Patch applied
     new e768606  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 71f11a4  CXF-2023 Applied patch with thanks to William
     new cc82d4d  The equals check for seq.getMaxOccurs() and seq.getMinOccurs() was broken. String was compared to long which would always return not-equal. Fixed this.
     new 4adee18  Fix race condition in async dispatch client where isDone could return true even if the response wasn't actually done.
     new 2083fa7  [CXF-2024] If only one part in the return wrapper, there isn't a conflict.  If multple parts, there is.
     new e6baf37  [CXF-2021] Add detail from fault to SoapFalt
     new 7d5ed9a  After purging acknowledged messages, if there are not more unacknowledges messsages for the given sequence, we completely remove the map entry for the sequence from the ResendCandidates map. The removal operation was buggy - The correct key was not being passed to the map remove method. As a result of this, the entry would forever stay in the map. Fixed this. Also added a new test case for this. RetransmissionQueueImplTest#testPurgeAcknowledgedAll()
     new 40c1745  Added a new test to verify if after purging acknowledged messages, if there are no more unacknowledged messsages for the given sequence, whether we completely remove the map entry for the sequence from the ResendCandidates map. Modifed the createSequence method accordingly as there are new getters on the mock objects.
     new 8b45a9e  While handling MIME part, if the extensibility element is a SOAP Header, the removal from MessagePartInfo list was incorrect. Fixed this by passing the proper instance of MessagePartInfo.
     new 19421f5  Baby steps toward WS-SecureConversation
     new 2476520  Fix build failure
     new 9f3212b  The Xml node value trimming was not being done correctly. Strings are immutable.
     new 40e12fd  [CXF-973, CXF-2025] Fixes for various fault related issues Patches from Will Gomes and Kaj Kandler applied
     new 62e0b02  Set the User-Agent on the HTTP connection
     new f7ffd3b  Setting a faultCode to an invalid value is silly
     new 82d09d3  Don't output FaultTo if it's not needed (wastes bandwidth)
     new 9c43243  More steps toward WS-SecureConversation (we get a token back now :-)
     new 539ba29  Fix creation of clients if DestFactory not found.  ConduitInitiator should be usable as well.
     new e9e259b  Update logging to not output messages line if there aren't any messages
     new c0a4446  [CXF-2038]changes for signaturePropFile and decryptionPropFile of WSS4JInteceptor can't be reloaded if we use cxf in container
     new 3ec4659  JAXRS : prototyping client api - many more things to come
     new 128b2aa  Update server side oneway operations to send response back sooner (PRE_LOGICAL phase)
     new 38987d2  [CXF-2033] Use the element returned from appendChild to keep attributes consistent.
     new 8b50dab  JAXRS : client cglib proxies, xmlsource(to be optimized)
     new be7e7fa  JAXRS : missing files plus fixing a typo
     new 3733004  Fixing build issues
     new fe3f759  Move the version info into depMgmt section
     new c76dc95  [CXF-2030] Fix issues with JMS and IBM MQ.   Patch from Marat Bedretdinov applied.
     new 1f718f0  Don't use deprecated form to allow it to work with spring 3.0 M1
     new 4a88338  JAXRS : adding few javadocs to client api classes
     new 1bc8771  Content-type lookup should be case insensitive
     new 5efd453  Removed useJndi from JmsConfiguration. Instead it will use Jndi when no ConnectionFactory was specified. Added durableSubscriptionClientId to JmsConfiguration as durable subscribers need to set this. Added setting pubSubNoLocal to jmsListener in JMSFactory. Added setting setSubscriptionDurable to jmsListener. ====> But commented it out because we get test failures then
     new f88d614  Add constructor to allow putting the Out interceptor into a different phase
     new c93ec5e  First WS-SecureConversation test endpoint works.   :-)
     new 067388c  cleaned up the syntax of the Javadoc comments
     new 69a433f  Get another ws-sc test working
     new 9497bfb  Assert other policies when transport binding used
     new 1075792  JAXRS: updating an exception mapper test
     new 051dd47  JAXRS : setting the correct http port for a test
     new b933e19  Fix fox CXF-2048 (patch provided by Ron Gavlin)
     new 8fa9aca  Remove unneeded suppresswarnings
     new 2f97dfd  Update sub-policy parsing to account for other policy namespaces
     new 9857d28  Fix usage of stream in client
     new bb3be24  Fix https socket factory being re-created for every request
     new bc056d9  [CXF-918] Make sure exception is thrown if parameter names match, but types are different Another attempt to support spring 3.0 along with spring 2.0 and 2.5
     new cfe01a8  removed unused import
     new ea4cc51  [CXF-2052] Get a couple more SecureConv tests working.   Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied.
     new ec5426e  Remove tab char
     new 7940d09  [CXF-2042] Patch from Cyrille Le Clerc applied
     new a1e8949  [CXF-2037] Fix problem with SOAP 1.2 SubCodes
     new 9fe8b34  [CXF-2050] Fix issue of not detecting ends of mime streams correctly
     new 0f53843  clarified some of the Javadoc comments.
     new 9edcf52  Fix failing test
     new 49e075e  Now fix the line length
     new bad1995  Allow the spuriously resent messages to be passed through to WS-RM in certain circumstances by WS-A, so that the additional ACKs are not lost.
     new 6cdb104  ServerPersistenceTest fix.
     new f6ad925  Fix race condition where a LARGE wsdl containing imports could cause the server to lockup.
     new 458d966  Restore exception logging in PIC. Add utility contructors to Fault to make it easier to use and avoid Message import issues.
     new 23c607b  Inch towared WS-SC server side support.
     new 9c4a7b1  CXF-2044.
     new 2e6f81c  Cleanup inspired by CXF-2044.
     new 4105110  JAXRS: client api support for bus configuration and outbound chains, more updates to follow shortly
     new 88a7db7  Made the CGLib library an optional dependency in the OSGi bundles. This fixes the Distributed OSGi build, which is currently broken with failing system tests.
     new 3ab1b11  JAXRS : introducing jaxrs:client bean definition, tightening WebClient interface
     new 77cfd16  CXF-2055: Support passing username of producer to SecurityContext using JMSXUserID
     new 135a41d  Added support for a <wsrm-mgr:deliveryAssurance> of ExactlyOnce, conjoining AtMostOnce and AtLeastOnce.
     new 8d3beea  JAXRS: ProviderFactory cleanup, enhancing jaxrs:client
     new 7bbf6cc  Remove cobertura so the go-offline stuff doesn't download it.
     new 78a53ad  Fixing test failure
     new 6105973  Round trip of WS-SecureCoverstation now working
     new 03af68b  [CXF-2062] Fix mime content-type header
     new b020db6  Update a BUNCH of stuff for WS-SC to get Token id's correct in the output.   This requies a bunch of fixes to WSS4J so had to set it to use the latest snapshots
     new c9de8b2  Fix failed wssec11 test
     new 93af731  CXF-2057. (re) implement type='aegis type class' as an option in a .aegis.xml file.
     new 082a1f9  Add some debugging code to try and figure out what is happening on hudson.
     new 94a63f8  [CXF-2063]should set catalogManager debug level a bit ealier
     new 2e6a5e8  JAXRS: improving exception handling on client side and media type comparison
     new 4f65d1d  JAXRS : fixing the hudson build failures
     new 35e2f85  CHeck the ws-addressing headers for the Action for WS-SC Make sure the response Action is correct
     new 6237582  Fix CXF-2065, I think, by removing spurious anyAttribute elements from the aegis schema.
     new 2b8430e  Restored some inadvertantly removed functionality around fallback zero-port config for JettyHTTPServerEngine threading parameters.
     new ce32c5f  CXF-2057, once more.
     new b519e24  Tightening up MAPTest.testFallbackThreadPoolConfig
     new e0e35d4  Another thread safety fix to try and get the JAXWS test that randomly fails on Hudson to pass.  (couldn't get it to fail on either of my boxes)
     new 98e2484  JAXRS: UriBuilder and resource method selection algorithm update
     new d4f5dee  Skipping MAPTest.testFallbackThreadPoolConfig
     new ab0d80c  Properly skipping MAPTest.testFallbackThreadPoolConfig
     new 6c457e2  Implement "Cancel" for WS-SC server side Use WS-Add Action header if SOAPAction not set (WCF doesn't send a soapaction)
     new 126adc2  Copy the props to the exchange to outgoing interceptors can get them as well
     new 6e59609  Minor modification to JMS demo
     new a3f831b  Added http_jetty/ThreadPoolTest
     new b8fe6ca  Start progressing toward renewal support Fix issues if policies are merged to have multiple SupportingToken things that they all get added.
     new c10b503  [CXF-2071] add dynamic import for the jaxb ri
     new 211b6a2  [CXF-2059] Add better error message in URIMappingInterceptor
     new 9b69e7d  CXF-2073 : fix plus tests
     new a40d1c8  Fix test failure
     new 6517c9b  [CXF-2034] Add lifecycle listener to make sure the listeners are shutdown If the user specifies a CorrelationID and the destination cannot handle that, bring up a new temporary queue to handle it to avoid a "hang".
     new 543ed9c  Allow selector to be used with user supplied cids
     new ab343e0  Bug with not finding the trust10 token
     new 84e769a  Rmove a check that isn't needed withthe latest jaxbs
     new 90ac2ec  Make it possible to configure trust clients used for authenticating for ws-sc clients
     new 62d8c8a  Piece 1 of CXF-2079, move Stax dependencies to profile-controlled properties.
     new b73f060  More CXF-2079, rest of the POM changes.
     new 153cecf  Missing exclusions CXF-2079.
     new 9d43e55  One last dependency to squish. CXF-2079.
     new a2617ab  Knock off small problems with sjsxp. Also rename a really confusingly named class.
     new ae8d40d  Stop passing null instead of "" for a namespace. CXF-2079.
     new 172ef55  Go ahead and grab 4.0.2
     new 6729284  another trust test working
     new 854b4a9  More work on CXF-2079. Use W3CDOMStreamWriter to avoid a missing piece of SJSXP. (Namespace context support for dom sinks.)
     new 6531a49  JAXRS : CXF-2031,CXF-2080 plus some more fixes/clean-up
     new 7dacb2b  Fix namespaces for copied security elements
     new c44bdbb  Fix aegis base64 types with different stax impls
     new 09f0036  And fix checkstyle
     new 62027eb  Fix xmlbeans with sun parser
     new 8642ca9  Fix issues where the response code for faults is potentially set AFTER data has already started to stream back to the client.
     new e077163  JAXRS: CXF-2058 plus support for XmlJavaTypeAdapter on the inbound path
     new 755eff5  [CXF-2082]client using decoupled ws-addressing with async handler hang from time to time
     new 2d3b799  JAXRS: handling early exceptions which might be thrown by MessageBodyWriters
     new 6c3d45e  Workaround two more tests with sjsxp Add profile for jaxp-ri (requires java 6)
     new 73b4d15  And remove the unused imports
     new b57a604  Wire in the new KeyValue stuff Colm added to WSS4J We now pass 100% MS InteropPlugFest ws-trust10 cxf client -> MS services
     new b3616b5  Try to workaround how WCF tries to improperly interpret a policy so we really do get ws-trust10 at 100%
     new 5a98077  Fix another test with sjsxp
     new 0ad6bfb  [CXF-2089]  fix class cast.   Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied.
     new 1e6a243  JAXRS : fixing a bunch of exception-related issues on the outbound path
     new 09968fc  Trailing comma in minimal bundle DynamicImport-Package broke distributed OSGi on Equinox ... org.osgi.framework.BundleException: "Invalid manifest header DynamicImport-Package" on startup.
     new c71a405  Minor updates to do with output buffering
     new d836025  CXF-2088
     new 23297e8  A rather large raft of changes moving in the direction of Aegis schema validation via Woodstox and msv. Not Turned On Yet!
     new 0c1b0d7  Aegis wasn't always xs:import-ing array types across namespaces. It also was never setting maxOccurs into the schema, and it was setting minOccurs wrong a fair part of the time.
     new c1e892e  Only add -verbose if -verbose doesn't already exist
     new 17541e1  JAXRS: client recursive subresource test
     new b86dc14  added description of what the annotations do
     new eaec3ec  added description of where annotation is used
     new f2c67ad  CXF-2077 added the base dir into the class path
     new 454723b  Ignore a test until I figure out how to fix it. It was broken by a repair to Aegis schema generation.
     new 0a78f5f  Add some validation of incoming secure messages to make sure they match policies.
     new 6167e02  CXF-2094, plus update to Rhino 1.7R1, which I needed to debug this.
     new df741a1  Updates to get tests passing with newer rhino
     new a597f42  Updates so JAX-RS services will work if Policy engine is turned on
     new a7a1656  Remove some unneeded code and deps
     new 23db142  CXF-2095 mapping the XmlBeans buildin type into the natural Java class when getting the wrapped element types
     new 02ce65a  CXF-2076 get CXF work with the XMLBeans wrapper objects
     new f05bc4b  CXF-2095 fixed the typos of
     new cdf4bc1  CXF-2096 removed the wsdl_frist_anttasks example from the trunk
     new 9ef6248  Fix some eclipse warnings
     new 5b6acbb  Consolidate the policy interceptors down a bit to make them have MUCH less performance impact if policy is enabled, but not used.
     new 55cc72b  Make the policy engine default to being on
     new ca878f0  Now that we've graduated, the STATUS file is no longer needed
     new 3ea9f5a  [CXF-1997] Update the location of where generates sources are output
     new 481cfc1  Add ability to turn off the policy engine (since it now defaults to on)
     new 2a2e433  Fix random failure where the OneWay "add" might not be processed before the query gets processed
     new f5532d4  added javadoc to AbstractPhaseInterceptor fixed some typos in MessageUtils javadoc
     new 302e48d  Start progressing toward a cancel operation Make some things optional if they are marked optional
     new 6c23d78  Fix the broken build
     new 2f29805  CXF-2076 don't try to create ASM compiler for XMLBeans
     new caaa186  CXF-2099 added the supporting of XMLSchema vaildation in XMLBeans databinding
     new f0be679  CXF-2076 Added a wsdl_frist_xmlbeans example
     new 29f89a4  JAXRS: client api updates
     new ded332f  [CXF-2100] Patch from Christof Harnischmacher applied
     new 9baa155  CXF-2075 : applying a patch on behalf of Seumas - thanks
     new a376a2e  Update to deploy snapshots to nexus Make sure any accidental release builds (like in auto builds) don't make it to central
     new e6d5d80  Update id to match what hudson expects
     new ae6eaee  Get the "cancel" stuff working for sec-conv tokens
     new 9a28d71  Make sure expired and cancelled tokens get cleaned up.
     new ef31129  CXF-2085 : optionally setting a thread context loader to that of the service object class loader
     new da70313  On the one hand, more work toward schema validation with Aegis. On the other hand, turn it back off until I have a working substrate to work from.
     new 607b1f4  Finish out the modularity to allow Aegis validation at some point. If this much is in 2.2.0, 2.2.x can fill in the rest when msv is ready.
     new 96f58be  Fix for CXF-2098, update to ServletController for last segment matrix parameters handled correctly
     new 8b77d81  Make the msv stuff optional for osgi
     new f634980  JAXRS : getting rid of ProviderFactory singletons
     new 947e196  [CXF-2105] Fix ConcurrentModificationException issues with lifecycle manager
     new 68071cf  Work toward validate.   The MS server is not responding at all to validate or cancel requests (hang) so I'm not sure if they are correct yet or not.
     new d155a37  [CXF-2104] outgoing exceptions to async calls cause the client to hang.  Patch from Gyorgy Orban applied.
     new 5680fe2  added javadoc for addBefore and addAfter
     new 91429e8  Fix build failures
     new 41b3def  This is a part of CXF-2093. Allow the app to grab the type mapping before service initialization without causing all the automatically mapped types to fall into the XSD namespace.
     new 826deb6  Try again to add these.
     new 6106919  [CXF-2106] Attempt to make sure stream is closed so file will delete
     new a0d1f98  Close the input stream so temp file is deleted.
     new 425bccd  Fix problems with methods ending in Async always being treated async Copy the request context for async Dispatch calls to avoid issues with thread local
     new d063914  Wrong future
     new a9aee17  Fix corba bank demo
     new efec17a  [CXF-2108] Make sure Array's have the correct scopes in idl2wsdl so that they can be found.
     new 60d73be  JAXRS : encoding related fixes
     new 08076ec  [CXF-2110] First part of patch from Alessio Soldano applied for adding parameterOrder [CXF-2081] Add an -J-Xmx flag to forked javac (patch from Torsten Mielke) [CXF-2069] Unformatted service list (patch from Ted Leung applied) [CXF-2087] If the baseUri is empty, skip doing some stuff that won't work anyway [CXF-2084] Make AbstractMessageResponseTimeInterceptor constructor public
     new 240bfcf  [CXF-2054] Fix problems with async method code generation
     new 5f92d47  JAXRS : support for proxies with root classes containing template variables
     new 9d9ffc5  * Locked org.codehaus.mojo:xmlbeans-maven-plugin version.
     new 224f9f0  JAXRS : enhancing XMLSource, adding omitted JAXRSClientFactoryBeanTest
     new 5d8d76a  [CXF-1950] If there is a binding, but no service, go ahead and try to use it to determine headers
     new a3dcb81  [CXF-2112] Fix from Alessio Soldano applied
     new 2567009  Flip to test scope for now to not ship it
     new 0a37572  Update various versions of stuff, update release notes, update legal muck, etc....
     new df76f22  Fix checkstyle issues
     new e88c5b9  Remove deprecation warngings
     new 52b9974  Remove the ancient and LONG LONG deprecated org.codehaus annotations
     new 0084fcd  Fix checkstyle issues in xmlbeans sample
     new 0097588  Copy interopfest stuff from sandbox
     new c88fa71  Fix checkstyle/pmd issues
     new bbb2bf2  Update pom version numbers, start updating readme
     new 420e6f4  Update the groupId to put them in samples
     new bf3cc6c  Remove jetty's servlet-api jar from distro
     new b9ffe20  Update headers
     new 3419865  Updates to get wssc working well from command line
     new ed73f1b  Command line version for wssec10
     new 5414eab  Command line for wssec11
     new b78e0b0  Command line for trust clients. Remove server profiles since the trust servers don't work yet.
     new b5b1947  Update the readme for the interop samples
     new 81dbeea  Update versions of various things [CXF-2114] Patch aplied
     new df4c203  Update rust13 descriptions
     new c0cf68a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.2
     new 9207511  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bcdb915  CXF-2116, CXF-2099 Refactoring of the WrapperHelper
     new d59da58  Updates to make sure streams close.   Cache some properties.
     new 6d1554e  [CXF-2115]refactor JBIConduitOutputStream exception handle
     new 5eb835d  Fixed the wsdl_first_xmlbeans mvn start up issue
     new fd174c8  Added a systest for XMLBeans databinding
     new e50709d  Use stax to setup saaj check to see if parts are there to sign
     new 7ae4e73  Add some security policy stuff to benchmark change to using mvn
     new f87b7e6  JAXRS : case-insensitive retrieval of http headers
     new 9e8dccd  JAXRS: XMLSource buffering mode
     new 10eb1f0  Reverting changes to old HTTPBinding tests
     new d95d7ba  Getting ready to fix CXF-2123. Add utility, to be migrated to XML schema, that finds all the possible reasons to add an <xs:import/> to a schema, and adds them.
     new 399c9ef  Commit first piece of Xml Schema validator so that Eclipse will be less confused.
     new ffa668d  Second piece of first piece.
     new 99b9cee  CXF-2125. I don't know why I'm the only person to run into this.
     new 87dbc6e  Turn the systests back on.
     new ac65332  Make a property on RSFB to enable validation, including validation of any schemata created by the data binding.
     new 7eec1b6  CXF-2123 -- all fixed. CXF-2126: one issue fixed, at least one more left.
     new 2543785  Fix the rest of CXF-2126.
     new c001d20  Upgraded the maven-resources-plugin version
     new 6e05bbd  JAXRS: minor updates to do with conneg
     new da07737  [CXF-2129] Add NPE guard.  Patch from   Alessio Soldano applied.
     new 0b3a036  [CXF-2124] Simple fix to propogate the correct error message
     new 98418ab  [CXF-1766, CXF-2117] Support proper wildcards for handler chains
     new ee81981  Try to get xmlbeans stuff to run after a clean
     new c0fbf7a  Minor update to ProviderFactory to avoid a stack trace in OSGI
     new 2bb0a53  Updates to HttpConduit to handle DELETE and empty PUTs
     new 59803ff  Make sure the oneway flag is set
     new f5bada4  [CXF-2104] Write the correct attribute names out.  I THINK this will fix 2104.
     new d59246e  Updating Coloc binding test to use a thread-safe EasyMock control, updating classpath for integration demos
     new 90871d8  Fixes for CXF-2133, CXF-2134
     new f6428c5  added some javadoc
     new bb8765a  Phase one of removing the DOM cache.
     new dc46f56  Move a load of resources to the resources directory structure. Oh, and I also sort my socks alphabetically by color name.
     new ffb9eeb  CXF-2127
     new 465083a  Add a soft reference to the DOM, since the WSDL will hang onto it once created.
     new b37dbff  JAXRS: support for arrays
     new 292ec40  Fix problem of generating Response<void> (not valid) for async method when a void response is expected
     new d01423e  Throw a better exception than a NPE if the crypto properties are not given
     new cee9de1  Fix randomly failing test
     new 9a83d90  Lock the outputstream on close.  Prevents double logging of outbound messages
     new 10bd356  Remove class reference to jaxws api jar so jaxws-api jar should really be removable if not using jaxws
     new 77535e4  Update catalog support to detect if xml-resolver is available and if not, disable itself. If not using catalogs, xml-resolvers is now optional.
     new 161e972  Fixes to work with jdk6
     new debf6fb  Apparently 2.0.9 is required for systests to build now
     new feb2517  [CXF-2140, CXF-2141] Patches to enhance the mgmt stuff from Cyrille Le Clerc applied. Add ability to specify the mbean server directly Add fault counting to response time counter stuff
     new 860bb91  Throw an ID into the logging stuff to make it easier to correlate the request/response in the logs Also throw the incoming URI on server side to know which service it's going to
     new 56bbde0  When validating a wsdl, collect all the errors and spit them all out, not just the first.
     new 98062c7  [CXF-2122] Fix potential NPE in the method invoker.   Fix from Richard Opalka applied.
     new 5d6d49e  added some javadoc comments
     new c48363e  updated the getContent javadoc
     new e255b54  It looks like the fix to Oneway exposed a timing issue in here. Make this code stop whining for null responses, which happen in oneway. Remove use of JDOM.
     new 5992123  Fix binding file schema location to use locator fragment for systemId.
     new bbd48b7  Remove dependency on jaxws from aegis
     new 4ef845a  [CXF-1999] In non-spring case, make sure the client only transport gets registered if http-jetty isn't there
     new 588c300  Remove -p check for multiple schemas as its fixed in the latest jaxb's
     new 0aedce6  [CXF-2138] Add parameterOrder attribute to doc/lit/bare things
     new d0f9db2  Progress toward Aegis schema validation. Sadly, this now hits a bug in the validation support in woodstox.
     new 84520f5  Increasing a bit the number of iterations and time delays for JAXWsExecutorTest
     new 7d792c2  Put back the setElement call as SMX is using it.
     new 4bfd189  added comments to identify what some of the message properties mean.
     new eb88768  CXF-2139, I hope.
     new ffb6306  CXF-2143.
     new 597daad  Suppress stupid stack traces.
     new 443beb1  Update xmlbeans versions and make sure a single version is used across everything.
     new f7ce4c8  Make sure request opertation policies can provide interceptors
     new 17b9b72  Workaround a bug in xmlschema where namespaces are being mucked up a bit. If the schema is a file, let JAXB parse it to get line numbers.
     new 9694812  Strip the schemaLocation from imports for the "file" based things as well.  Make sure the line numbers are actually propogated up.
     new 1bd4da9  [CXf-2151] Fix for finding all the interceptors applied.  (From Dominic Harries)
     new 0ddeb57  [CXF-2145] JCA proxy concurrency issue patch from Seumas Soltysik and William Tam applied.
     new a3a936b  [CXF-2148, CXF-2147, CXF-2149, CXF-2152] Fix problems of not generating all the required @XmlXXXX annotations on the params for doc/lit/wrapped.  (patch from Alessio Soldano applied) Fix problems with different types spring aop proxies (patch from Gyorgy Orban applied) Fix a class cast type thing in the SOAPMessageContext.
     new 3ad0469  In some cases, some of the message properties were not being set.
     new d40eb75  [CXF-2158] Fix problem of referencing a token via ID instead of wsu:Id Fix validation of trandport binding things that usually won't have sigs If username/tokens are required, but not provided a username, throw exception.
     new f0aad11  Forgot to commit the necessary test changes
     new 01f4f43  added javadoc comments
     new 957dd5d  CXF-2130, CXF-2143
     new 6a2af61  JAXRS: introducing non-spring JAXRS servlet, moving XMLSource to its final destination, plus few minor fixes
     new c338c36  CXF-2153 : applying a patch on behalf of Craig Muchinsky
     new 92ae40b  Fixing NPE caused by JAXRS endpoints
     new a027a3c  Fixing NPE caused by JAXRS endpoints
     new 059cf50  Commited patch for CXF-2161 on behalf of Andrew Dinn. Added unit test coverage also.
     new e55aa79  Remove unneeded SuppressWarnings
     new a40421f  Ignore a couple tests.  I think Sergey forgot to svn add a testcase
     new cb0cf4f  More fixes for getting jaxb to report line numbers
     new 08a4d43  Fix some arrayindex issues when run from eclipse
     new 9ff4c8a  Update version of bundle plugin we're using.  Hopefully more stable.
     new c3aebf5  Update a bunch of versions of things...  deps/plugins/etc...
     new 87b477b  Update soap12 fault writing to properly write the Role
     new 8c78a53  JAXRS: adding a missing test file, support for HEAD/OPTIONS, improving per-request handling
     new 3f3dabc  Fixing the build
     new 40c606e  [CXF-2165] Fix problems validating messages that are only signed
     new 7f7694e  support for JAX-RS GenericEntity
     new 74f0d36  Fix compile failures
     new 6b506c4  Progress toward getting things working with IBM JDK
     new dfc209e  Commited patch for CXF-2167 on behalf of Andrew Dinn. Added unit test coverage also.
     new f8fbe10d Fix some warnings with JDK 6 and the IBM JDK
     new 63c2da8  Couple of updates to get the JAXRS tests passing on IBM JDK
     new 467e94e  Progress furthur toward getting things working on IBM jdk.  Tests now "pass", build itself fails, but passes when re-run.
     new 3bc8506  [CXF-2163] Add wsjar: to URIResolver
     new 9ea2300  CXF-2014: support for nested curly braces in UriTemplate
     new 1d30497  broken checkstyle fix
     new 9b88ac0  [CXF-2169]JBIConduitOutputStream need save JBI MessageExchange in response message for later possible use
     new 676d2a7  [CXF-2097] Rename response part to "result" if there is a header part to match what wsgen does
     new 56a0287  [CXF-2162] If wss4j not found, continue and trap out if it's needed later
     new a83b01b  [CXF-2170] Update all logging to use j.u.l
     new 60c8f64  JAXRS: support for HttpServletResponse writes, propogating unmapped exceptions to the container as required by JAXRS
     new 5084e1d  Default shouldn't be local
     new 0f1081a  Fix for plicy validation
     new 06f9c51  Spring is getting confused with the overloaded property methods
     new 64eb7a3  Comment out the UsernameOverTransport test as the MS endpoint doesn't seem to be configured properly (none of the given certs work) and our local server doesn't configure it either (partially due to not know what certs to use)
     new b458490  Removing duplicate and obsolete test which actually passed during the local build initially, perhaps due to in-process testing
     new f8d82db  [CXF-2172] Fix issues with RPC/Lit creating element parts intead of type parts
     new b3552bc  Remove some debug printlns I accidentally left in
     new 582a579  [CXF-1907] First part of refactoring the dispatch/provider stuff to use the same runtime parts as the non-dispatch stuff This gets the dispatch stuff fairly close.  Provider stuff is untouched.   More cruft will be removed when provider is done.
     new 7508dd0  JAXRS: Adding Aegis system test
     new 081e9b1  Adding a missing test resource file
     new a163d38  CXF-2002 : support for maxSuspendedContinuations in JMS
     new 2640a4b  [CXF-2178] Fix issues with not being able to set http headers with 2.2
     new 87e6ff3  Fix jaxrs tests
     new 65d303c  CHange boundary to be a uuid
     new dbd8b8c  typo fixed.
     new 6bef2d4  [CXF-2177, CXF-2174, CXF-2175] Patches from Juan Uys, Ted Leung applied Add NPE check to DynamicClient
     new ce468db  [CXF-2128] Add an npe guard
     new 31643df  Check if classloader is null before using it.
     new ae4a425  Update XmlSchema, Jettison, WSS4J to latest versions
     new 29ec54a  Cache the message factories
     new b230f7f  [CXF-2181] Cache message factories for dispatch/provider stuff as well.
     new ff0fa2e  Use the cached factories for the MessageModeOut stuff as well
     new 091e5d2  [CXF-2180] Catch throwable so ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundErrors can both be caught
     new 1110c6f  Add release notes for 2.2.1
     new 3a19a45  Comment out the msv stuff as it's not working yet and the snapshots will block the release.
     new 107c812  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.2.1
     new 3129ce6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 812ad92  Exclude the simple frontend which sucks in soap.   Not needed in jaxrs.
     new f991560  Opensaml is in central now
     new 9574076  JAXRS: minor update for DefaultValue for CookieParams be picked up, given that HttpHeaders never returns null
     new e2f7b4d  JAXRS: support for multiple matrix params in the last segment
     new 96aab51  JAXRS: no need for MethodDispatcher to use ConcurrentHashMap
     new 77f1b7a  Adding PGP key for eglynn
     new fdd0f53  JAXRS: minor updates to Cookie and ETag handlers
     new a2bc9ca  JAXRS HttpHeadersImpl updates (Locale construction, sorting media types), adding Content-Type to Message headers
     new 9923736  Fixing the test failure
     new 43728e8  JAXRS: Implementing ResponseBuilder.variants() plus various minor updates
     new 5a13e4c  JAXRS: updating UriBuilderImpl to support opaque URIs
     new 2a563ce  JAXRS : retaining schemeSpecificPart in UriBuilderImpl.clone
     new 6bbd530  JAXRS: support for custom invokers injected from Spring
     new ac42462  JAXRS: support for parameter extensions on the client side
     new af324cf  Update jetty version, add a test.
     new a3a05d2  JAX-RS : adding JAXB-based XSLT provider
     new bd23bcd  CXF-2002 : applying a patch on behalf of Freeman
     new 4707cc5  Remove unuseds SuppressWarnings
     new b550990  [CXF-2205] Fix issues with Aegis trimming strings Also fix potential problems with DOMUtils.getContent(..) not returning all the content
     new e5ffb29  JAXRS: updating JAXB provider to use STAX readers/writers if available
     new e24de51  [CXF-2184, CXF-2203] Fix attachment serializer id formatting Use given URL for imported schemas in ?wsdl
     new b4a2689  [CXF-2201] Oneway ops confuse the XML validator
     new c780cca  [CXF-2190] When using the Dispatch clients, all processing has to "assume" doc/lit/unwrapped symantics as, by definition, you are dealing with the payload, not the individual parts and such that RPC expects.
     new 452209a  Creating a timer on demand in JMSContinuation
     new 189f2de  Fixing typo in JMSContinuation
     new b0a2255  Fix issue with second text node being lost
     new eb9fa68  [CXF-2212] Fix problem of only the first detail child being written out. Patch from Colm O hEigeartaigh used as basis.
     new 58d6e79  [CXF-2213] Use 1/0 for mustUnderstand for soap11 and true/false for soap12 Patch from Marat Bedretdinov applied
     new 6dbe2dd  [CXF-2185] Patch from Alessio Soldano applied
     new e094214  If reader created with fragment or document, ClassCast could happen
     new d809b56  If message has attachments, force into mime mode If attachment doesn't have an ID, be OK with that.  Don't NPE.
     new 9b75ad7  Fixes to allow the JAX-WS Dispatch client work with WS-RM.
     new 40f7c59  [CXF-1907] Update to get the provider stuff refactored to go through the normal interceptor chains. Dispatch/Providers now should be able to participate in ws-addressing/security/rm.
     new c90da6c  JAXRS : adding XPathProvider and JAXRSServerFactoryTest
     new 1147874  Add some tests to make sure the Provider/Dispatch refactoring allows them to use WS-SecurityPolicy
     new 0ce6427  Make sure features are applied for dispatch clients. Allow specifying operation for displatch clients so policies and actions and stuff on the operation in the wsdl can be used. Add test for ws-addressing for dispatch clients
     new 633ecf7  Add a testcase for WS-Addressing with a Provider based service
     new c38e1c2  [CXF-1591] Add testcase for non-wsdl based provider
     new 2c01667  Eclipse stuck the import in the wrong spot
     new 29d3ff5  Broke a test
     new bb3c931  Some optimizations for message mode SOAP dispatcher things
     new d874df6  [CXF-2217] add SMX_DATABINDING_DISABLED for AbstractBindingFactory so that to add proper interceptors for endpoint used in smx-cxf binding component
     new 5185c93  Removed minor race conditions in RM tests and improved test diagnostics
     new 115cc57  [CXF-2220] Attempt to fix classloader issues with the AutomaticWorkQueueImpl
     new d1c1915  [CXF-2215] Don't rely on getCharacterEncoding, parse from Content-Type.  May fix CXF-2215
     new 4890dcd  [CXF-2217]revert last commit
     new 16bf916  JAXRS: context injection into super fields, support for type variables
     new e632bc0  Minor update to JAXRSOutInterceptor
     new d50851f  JAXRS : minor update to HttpHeadersImpl
     new ab74f9b  Fix STSClient with latest source databinding optimizations
     new 2b2ef17  Add some timeouts and add a testcase for an async fault
     new 31c5453  Fixing a wrong Content-Language value in test
     new e0d5f79  JAX-RS : moving JAXRSInInterceptor to Phase.UNMARSHAL, support for relative URIs in ResponseBuilder.location
     new 8747a0e  [CXF-2221] Fix for code generation of out of band headers set in multiple bindings causing them to always be OUT only
     new 2cf78fe  Fixed NPE exception in Dispatch client in receipt of partial response when operation was provided via Message.WSDL_OPERATION property on request context.
     new 53d48e2  Fix issues with Sign only not getting a crypto object, particularly for Asym binding.
     new 71c35d7  [CXF-2206] Put a index != -1 guard in place to prevent exception
     new 6385c4f  [CXF-2219] Add hashcode and equals methods to various things that appear in hashmaps.
     new 5021070  CXF-2224
     new 7c222f6  CXF-2207 Applied patch with thanks to LiuCong
     new 1bd2eed  Added Provider-based tests for WS-RM
     new 587e3bc  Fix problems with async calls hanging if there is a read/connection timeout. Also allow passing a HTTPClientPolicy object in via request context to set timeouts and such
     new 35947c5  Update Jetty version due to security vulnerability they've reported
     new 06e87e4  JAXRS : support for annotation-free resource beans
     new d7c8eed  Add sync blocks when using the XMLInput/OutputFactories since the Sun stax parsers aren't thread safe.
     new 7ad2306  [CXF-2228] Problem with the rootNode attribute on the xmlbinding stuff not being consitent with single part messages between reading and writing
     new 72df071  Fix for swa method issue
     new e1daf90  Fix for CXF-2164. As discussed on the Jira, we now maintain a WeakHashMap for the request and response contexts. (With the Thread as the key). This would mean the contexts would get GC's when the ClientImpl gets GC'd (during undeployment).
     new df67dbc  WeakHashMaps aren't thread safe, wrap it with sync map.
     new b08bb7f  Make -autoNameResolution work for method parameters as well.
     new 132f08c  Update release notes and README
     new 2987b30  Add apache license header to sample poms
     new fd93131  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.2.2
     new 67ac066  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1bdbe17  [CXF-2240]add ibmjdk profile for cxf-codegen-plugin
     new 330e96e  JAXRS: removing unused elements and attributes in jaxrs schema definitions
     new d90d9af  CXF-2246 Added the support to configure the transportId from jaxws:endpoint
     new 28a4c77  CXF-2247 added the support of setting the ServiceClass from <jaxrs:server>
     new 59a9ede  CXF-2248 Added the unit tests for the spring configuration of JAXRSServerFactoryBean and JAXRSClientFactoryBean
     new 099b494  CXF-2249. Change the name of the param in the aegis sample.
     new ec0cb81  CAMEL-2248 Includes the minimal cxf and cxf-extension file for test
     new 588dc77  CXF-2242 : applying a fix proposed by Nacho G. Mac Dowell
     new 0605747  [CXF-2250] Fix issue of .INBOUND_MESSAGE_ATTACHMENTS not being mapped correctly on the client side.
     new 85d18b3  CXF-2243 applied patch with thanks to Ron
     new a72d8b9  Fix problems with the ASM optimized wrapper helpers with newer versions of HotSpot.   Fix issue of not finding certain element names with xjc:simple.
     new 287e47e  Set the indentation the same as the non-corba rules so a diff can work better
     new 72ff4cc  Allow the JMS transport to allow one-way operations to proceed on the original thread so transactions will work.
     new ed36793  [CXF-2241] Don't set default values for abstract classes.
     new d0b3f4a  [CXF-2194, CXF-2251] Add system tests for much of the WS-SecurityPolicy stuff as well as not swallowing an exception. Fix from Eamonn Dwyer applied.
     new 033eb3d  Forgot to commit these files
     new df10bfa  Update to latest fastinfoset version
     new 2ecf0c7  Revert commit as FastInfoset 1.2.6 only works with java6, not java 5.
     new 582159f  Remove spurious printStackTrace() that shouldn't be there Make sure same class isn't defined twice
     new 4e8d407  JAXRS: fixing the way resources like model, templates, schemas are loaded
     new 45afe89  Update poms to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 5bfdcd9  [CXF-1880] Patch from Chris McClelland applied to make CXF xjc plugins work better with jdk6
     new 467019d  [CXF-2271] Fix problem where autoNameResolution isn't working for unwrapped operation parts.
     new c5caba8  [CXF-2245] Update corba binding to make it easier to configure the ORB. Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied.
     new 8deb863  [CXF-2274] Make sure we default to ISO-8859-1 if charset is not specified for http
     new 6ccc0c0  Adding jaxrs frontend to minimal bundle
     new 3406f6a  Add missing svn properties for various things
     new a15f8f2  Rework aegis schema validation to use an Aegis-specific interceptor. Split ReadHeadersInterceptor to allow Aegis to slip into the right place.
     new fc577fd  Merge, I guess.
     new 71e638a  Merge versions.
     new 476cc0f  Add .gitignore, try to get old-fashioned validation working.
     new 2799729  Arrange to return a clean fault for a schema validation error.
     new 7c60cc1  Add velocity logs to ignore
     new 9b9ac70  Fix version number in pom
     new 8c59e1f  Default build is now Woodstox 4.0.5, which allows Aegis schema validation, and uses MSV 2009.9 to make it happen.
     new b38fa39  Fix xmlbeans system test
     new d45f36b  CXF-2279 clean up the application context map of ConfigurerImpl when it is destroied
     new 720fe21  [CXF-2278]  Implement serialize method on JaxbAssertions Patch from   Dominic Harries applied From University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre
     new 175cc8a  [CXF-2280] Add OperationInfo extensors to generated WSDL Patch from Dominic Harries applied From University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre
     new 0b96049  [CXF-2281] WS-PolicyAttachment support for Java First services Patch from Dominic Harries applied (with some modifications) From University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre
     new 7fe298c  CXF-1695 : prototyping initial WADL support, a lot more to be done
     new a37621a  First part of CXF-2285.  Stuff from Mayank Mishra added, but needs some changes for the maven poms to work.
     new 39e723e  Fix PMD/checkstyle errors on all the samples
     new 8859ef6  Fixes for potential issue in IriDecoderHelper and setting namespace on all elements.
     new 28e7d40  Make sure "built in" schemas can get included into generated wsdl's if required.
     new 7e74e47  [CXF-2289] If CachedOutputStream cannot create the file, continue with it in memory.
     new 8f57f42  [CXF-2209]  Add support for tomcat's context.xml in cxf webapp samples. Modified patch from Dave Stanley applied
     new 6c7dd85  [CXF-2294] Fix issue in http binding that is preventing code that works with 2.0.11 to not work with 2.1 and 2.2.
     new 4f4c791  CXF-2297 : adding a negative Aegis test
     new dbcc4a6  Get new security demoes working with maven poms
     new a0940ce  JAXRS : use context loader in case initial proxy creation fails
     new 7e87e9c  JAXRS: retrieval of wadl, just to facilitate DOSGI testing, wadl support is still primitive
     new 3329e37  Fix Aegis support for JAX-RS to deal with generics.
     new 1b8415e  [CXF-2299]should catch RejectedExecutionException in OneWayProcessorInterceptor and run the task in caller thread
     new 2bc8979  [CXF-2302] Fixes to the HTTP continuations to work with keep-alives
     new a5363cb  Fix issue of setting MaxRetransmits not turning on the caching that is required for the retransmits to actually work
     new ab370b7  Update to not print stuff on the console
     new 0c0d3d9  [CXF-2300] Adding generic support to response wrapper
     new 3bc2967  JAXRS : support for user model specifying interfaces only
     new ec58dbd  Fix non-maven based demos not compiling correctly
     new b452d6a  [CXF-1822] If schema DOM is passed in, set the element so it's reused.
     new 007fe6f  Change log level to fine
     new ff02e7e  [CXF-2295] Add better error message
     new e489e5c  Update to point at hudson
     new c47d58d  JAXRS: avoiding loading model resource class if it is already been loaded elsewhere (ex, OSGI)
     new a316cef  CXF-2303 : proper support for SortedSets
     new 81fea47  Update xmlbeans tooling to support passing xsdconfig files in as well as provide better error reporting
     new f9b2ef8  fixing jaxws_dispatch_provider client
     new b55e0cb  Update expired certs in https demo (and change script to generate 20 year valid certs to avoid this every year)
     new cb82a7d  Update jaxrs certs to 20 year certs
     new a66d93f  CHeckstyle errors
     new 78addee  CXF-2291 : proper handling of Response return values in the client api
     new 50ecf84  Fix for js_provider
     new 044be24  [CXF-2107] XMLBeans was using the wrong tooling constant
     new 391dc81  Increase timeout on one of the tests that keeps randomly failing on hudson
     new ca6c436  JAXRS : support for overriding HTTP methods
     new f3c10ed  Updating AbstractCxfServlet to support arbitrary HTTP methods
     new 0405cf9  Update FastInfo set version to the version that has passed all of JBoss tests.
     new 2580959  Fix all the warnings that the new Eclipse compiler in Galileo was spitting out.
     new ac82edf  JAXRS : some more wadl updates - tests to follow shortly
     new ce5f1eb  Fix checkstyle error
     new 0092183  Update fastinfoset version in plugin
     new 98327df  JAXRS : starting with WADL testing
     new ed8b1bd  Remove commons-codec from required jars list for corba bindings (still needed by abdera/jax-rs though)
     new b8d49cd  Remove some printlns
     new 0a3433d  Change <cxf:bus> processing to configure the existing bus, not create a new one Make Bus have properties so props (like schema-validation) can be enabled globally
     new f908562  CXF-2322 : applying a patch on behalf of Eamonn Dwyer with minor updates, thanks
     new 0424f4e  CXF-2253 applied patch with thanks to CongLiu
     new a404190  Fix use of generics
     new 652cb4c  [CXF-94] Remove annotations from JS stuff so the scanners in WebSphere won't try to deploy it.
     new 644d60e  Put file that is apparently referenced from some spring configs back
     new 8eda3ec  Use the Provider interface invoke method instead of the instance class specific version since the instance itself could end up being a proxy.
     new 55076a9  [CXF-2318] Put RetransmissionInterceptor ahead of the AttachmentOutStuff
     new 60148ec  [CXF-2317] Fix for NPE in RetransmissionQueueImpl - fix from Guillaume Porcher applied.
     new 4c2c7c1  [CXF-2113] Make Conduit check the ProxyServer name for empty so it can be "unconfigured" via spring.
     new d6cd105  Update policy spring config to configure existing engine instead of creating new one. Have PolicyProviders register themselves instead of scanning application context.
     new 0c19eca  [CXF-2210] Change JSR250BeanPostProcess to check the context itself to see if Spring is handling the JSR250 annotations.
     new dca1080  Remove stuff printed to console I accidentally left there
     new 4fe0bd5  Use SNAP of wss4j for now to test it
     new b4742ca  [CXF-1695] : initial support for listing jaxrs services, fixing ignoreServiceList issue
     new c265cc4  CXF-2292 - don't map faults on one way ops
     new 6066375  [CXF-2282] Fix some policy serialization
     new 74d01ae  [CXF-2279] Make sure app contexts are active.
     new a228025  [CXF-2277] Make the workqueue use daemon threads so apps will actuall stop.
     new 68e1329  Add NPE guard
     new 388267f  Ignore a test for now until I can get ahold of Sergey to figure out what is missing.
     new 3937ec4  Fixing a test failure
     new aa04dfc  JAX-RS : fixing issue with jaxrs:schemaLocations being ignored
     new 229b25f  [CXF-2326] JAX-RS sub-resources can not access parent template variables
     new 2a33887  JAXRS : support for ResourceManager lookups
     new 8f81761  [CXF-2328] Fix issues with Corba binding not deserializing/mapping user exceptions properly.
     new 619ab52  [CXF-2323] : Support for features in JAX-RS clients (patch from Eamonn with minor modifications, thanks)
     new aa6c635  [CXF-2329] Add NPE guard
     new ee5515c  [CXF-2327] Add some guards around local parts in QName constructions
     new 2dce229  [CXF-2298] Add a better search for  RECV_RESULTS
     new 44eedbb  Remove an instance field that wasn't needed.
     new 45457cd  Make the wsdlLocation a new string to make sure it's not an interned string that could result in the wsdl never being gc'd.
     new 6c37922  Fix a NPE I introduced.
     new d89a2bf  Fix SignatureConfirmation with the old interceptors which has never worked due to looking in the wrong place for RECV_RESULTS and SND_SIGS.
     new 63be5fb  Fix broken test.   Use JUnit assert* instead of JDK assert so if -ea is not specified (like default in eclipse), the failures are consistent.
     new 9976b77  JAX-RS : adding WebClient.path() which can deal with templates, updating AbstractClient.readBody to return null only if Content-Length is 0 or absent, fixing HTTPHeadersImpl NPE issue
     new 2038a48  JAXRS : adding 2 tests for using XSLTJAXBProvider on the client side, with one being ignored for now
     new 43ba168  CXF-2331: try harder to avoid modifying read-only trees.
     new 6b4ae6b  CXF-2264 applied patch with thanks to LiuCong, also fixed the System test error of client side creation
     new f6a85f3  Update javascript stuff to run with java6. 1)  Add a timeout so if something goes wrong, exception is thrown, not a hang 2) Use specific (working) version of Xerces and not the broken junk in the JDK for the validation.
     new 7a3f11c  Fix jms test failure by ignoring the order of the params.   Just make sure they are there.
     new 13fc4ca  [CXF-2264] Some cleanup for wsdl extensor -> transport mapping things Cleanup to make factory.setTransportId actually work
     new 94f9ecd  Fix exception thing for JDK 5
     new 75c0b44  [CXF-2322] can't publish endpoint with XmlBeans databinding when build servicemodel from class
     new d1f5f45  [CXF-2307] Update logging levels for exceptions
     new d907f0f  Typos fixed.
     new b0c353a  Improving the wadl schema generation, moving some of the JAXB databinding utility code to common/utils/jaxb
     new 5c511f3  JAX-RS : access for proxy and http clients to its config
     new 824e642  [CXF-2186] Use the unordered check for checking for actions.
     new 6093f69  [CXF-2316] Support for replyTo header even on one-ways (a bit against spec, but some older servers expect it).   Patch from Marat Bedretdinov applied.
     new e1a7cd7  Update deploy URL for Nexus
     new ee16aca  [CXF-2333] Add support for the encrypted/signed stuff based on xpaths
     new 98e9b23  [CXF-2334] Support for the RequiredElements/RequiredParts assertions
     new 383e23a  [CXF-2333] Add test (and fix) for the SignedElements token
     new a40cfad  JAXRS : support for JSON unwrapped style
     new 90301e5  Compare the wsu:Id as well to make sure they really match
     new 84ba0d7  [CXF-2191] Support WSDL as wsdl extension in codegen plugin
     new bbe089b  Turns out, we don't have to decrypt the internal token.  Pass it back to the target server and they should do it.
     new 79bb57f  Change the repo ID to match what many of the other projects use so Nexus mirrors and such should "just work"
     new fe99703  Use the nexus snapshots so if things move in the future.....
     new 4f2d0ce  [CXF-2336] Add asserts to check the namespace of return to test CXF-2336
     new 2d04727  JAX-RS : support for explicitly provided CachingEventStreamWriters
     new 537b733  Add Document trick to the sample.
     new 4469847  Update WHICH_JARS with additional information
     new a48c7dc  [CXF-2342] Update to use pools of XMLInputFactory/XMLOutputFactory objects Modified patch from Kevin Conaway applied
     new a19701e  JAXRS : initial support for writing and reading explicit lists and arrays
     new 9a1eee2  [CXF-2336] Fix issues with SOAP 1.1/1.2 mixed cases. 1) Soap 1.2 message sent to Soap 1.1 only endpoint should result in VersionMismatch 2) Soap 1.1 message sent to Soap 1.2 should process, but return as Soap 1.1
     new 0a4b15c  CXF-2309, avoid exposing unwanted XML element for Document mapping.
     new ec286a6  [CXF-2344] Make sure id and headers are copied in attachments
     new 5da3a51  [CXF-2343] Change jms transport throttling to use a disconnect/reconnect instead of bogus message selector.   Patch from Paul Hadrosek applied.
     new 57f2bc8  [CXF-1852] Add a testcase to prove this is really resolved
     new 6f4efc4  [CXF-2341] Remove exclusion of jaxp-api which is needed when using ibm jdk 5. Also, added a null check to avoid a NullPointerException seen when running the WSDLValidationTest.
     new aa26ca8  [CXF-2345] Fixing SpringAopClassHelper to recognize double CGLIB proxies
     new cb0d20e  JAX-RS : minor WADL gen updates (handling recursive subresources and parameter beans)
     new ad66291  Fix an issue with xmlbeans where a wsdl:import of a schema (instead of a schema import) would not generate types.
     new 8e84cae  [CXF-2346] Checking servlet request params in cases when input stream was consumed by filters
     new 22f83a7  JAX-RS : minor modifications to support Sets and base Collections
     new 415a262  [CXF-2083] Fix problem with xmlbeans when using relative paths in xsd:imports
     new 213413d  Fix an issue where the annoationhandlerchainbuilder may not find the seiClass if it's in a different classloader.
     new ebefcc3  Add start of SDO databinding
     new c6fffb6  JAXRS : wrapping JAXB objects into JAXBElement, dropping root JSON elements, disabling exception propogation if needed
     new 0641b9f  Start progressing toward SDO support for dynamic SDO
     new 0365c52  Add a more complex test case (echoStruct)
     new 63547d2  fix some cr/lf things and +x things
     new 3ee51ba  more cr/lf things
     new bb238ab  [CXF-2349] Fix lang attribute to not have a trailing space.
     new f2d36c3  [CXF-2350]JBIConduitOutputStream should copy properties between JBI NormalizedMessage and cxf message invocation context
     new 5cb149d  JAXRS : updating JSONProvider to optionally ignore mixed content characters
     new a0ee361  Update poms to be able to turn off deprecation flags when they are known to be an issue with generated code
     new 0bca570  Deal with unchecked casts
     new e852b53  [CXF-2351] Make tool containers use provided err/out streams instead of directly writing to System.out/System.err; also making quietMode do not touch the whole VM System.out/err streams.
     new 1f2238b  [CXF-2351] Allow jaxws tools output to be redirected to a given stream
     new 7565a17  [CXF-2351]
     new f258601  JAXRS: adding AegisJSONProvider plus few more jaxb/json tests
     new 52ecae6  CXF-2355 : fixing an issue with multiple matrix parameters on the last segment
     new c1b0522  [CXF-2353] Updated test to check Book fields rather than do a string comparison. Resolves test failure with ibm jdk.
     new 6b987a1  [CXF-2347] Changed port of systests which use port 9090 to port 9091. Port 9090 is used by the WebSM service on aix which causes a port conflict.
     new 8b5bae9  Update to latest version of JAXB, jetty, others Build with latest version of ServiceMix jbi  api jar Test with 5.1.0 of ActiveMQ.   5.2.0 causes a hang in the transaction system test.   Not sure why yet.
     new 555a06e  Fix issues in mtom demo of the streams getting corrupt Fix checkstyle issues in aegis demo
     new dda66fa  Fix some issues that could cause the JMS tests to hang instead of error out by adding some timeouts.
     new 5d916ea  Add a xjc plugin to workaround
     new a1e5bd7  [CXF-1996] Adding a ServiceConfiguration for getting the style from the WSDL model when building service from WSDL (for instance when we have @WebService(wsdlLocation="...."))
     new f80edb1  [CXF-2357] Patch from William Tam applied
     new 64a9f7f  JAXRS : fixing Aegis JSON reads
     new 73db7c5  [CXF-2356] Make sure the wss4j processing is only done once for faults
     new fb7b617  [CXF-2358] make the autoNameResolution handle cases where class names differ only by case.
     new 5bf0fcd  Fix test failures with latest JAXB and test interaction issues due to state carrying over from test to test
     new e6cd3c1  Fix eclipse warning
     new d3494d5  [CXF-2359] Fixes to properly check all the signatures and timestamps. Part of it is a patch from Colm O hEigeartaigh
     new 062aab3  Check parents for the Provider interface as well
     new 66253c0  Increase some timeout things so hoepfully test will pass in hudson
     new d934338  CXF-2360 removed the useless element from the soap.xsd
     new a78a933  CXF-2361 Adding JBIBindingConfiguration
     new 2dfd67f  [CXF-1079] Add option to allow element refs when checking for ability to unwrap.
     new 04753a9  Allow databindings to be optionally be InterceptorProviders Hack around the JAXB attachment schema-validation issue by forcing it to load the attachments (which validation would do anyway) and locking them to keep them from being deleted during the extent of the reading.
     new 4915db4  [CXF-2363] Fix issue with JMS transport not honoring the reply destinations set in config.
     new ad326e3  CXF-2362 : attempting to fix AegisJSONProviderTest on AIX
     new 2c60550  [CXF-2364] Allow SOAP address rewrite in wsdl according to the request call
     new cdad78e  Work-around issue with EasyMock failing detecting finalize calls during test with ibm jdk (use data members rather than local variables).
     new 57a3f76  Use the databinding ns map if available
     new 7b59236  [CXF-2364] adding check on Service name + providing a testcase
     new 54d4816  Update to really allow streaming of mtom attachments with jaxb   Also close the underlying stream
     new 698626e  t use the timeouts on the tests.  Checking the thread status just doesn't seem to be working reliably.
     new 00052c0  Use the writeDefaultNamespace if the namespace is empty instead of writeNamespace with an empty string.
     new 07e42de  Checkstyle error fix
     new 37721e1  Update to released version of wss4j
     new 6986a0e  [CXF-2366] Patch from Marat Bedretdinov applied
     new f04a140  [CXF-1934] with upgrading to JAXB 2.1.12, this can be fixed
     new 682283e  SAAJ requires the attachments to be cached as well as it breaks the streaming.
     new dfba690  CXF-2314 : Initial support for wrapping CXF DataBindings into JAXRS providers, work in progress
     new c42e3f3  CXF-2314 : Adding SDO write test, read one is ignored
     new 6bb2f2e  Fix sample pom to not hard code version
     new d79ea0f  Add info for the changed deps
     new dccc41b  JAXRS : improving the way OPTIONS verb is handled
     new 3e2ee2c  CXF-2265 added soap jms test case with thanks to LiuCong
     new 37b7a11  CXF-2265 Added a fack test on the SOAPJMSTestSuiteServerTest to make surefire happy
     new f1142a9  JAXRS : updating JSONProviderTest to check Jettison can handle natural notations
     new 42f3706  Fix compile failures
     new 6131053  [CXF-2371] Use a single wsdl and set the address.  Should make it faster and use less memory
     new 8f45d7c  Remove eclipse warnings
     new 91d176a  [CXF-2257] Start adding support for the soap-tcp stuff
     new 15d022d  Fix SDO JAX-RS read test by making sure the START_DOCUMENT event is skipped over
     new fbdfcd2  Update SDO databinding and tools to handle wsdl and schema imports by just using the schemas already processed in the schema collection
     new 3550327  Fix test failure
     new c79a358  Allow and endpoint to specify what headers it can process itself thus allowing other mustUnderstands to be caught before invoke
     new 226f662  Change the string to match the other things we use more closes (like schema-valiation-enabled and mtom-enabled)
     new 9978bb6  Minor sdo codegenerator cleanup
     new 5ef945e  Fill in more stuff into the ClassCollector
     new 3fa753a  Remove a static map that held onto things strongly.  Wasn't needed.
     new 454c171  Remove some unused classes/tests
     new 429cecf  [CXF-2373] Fix for some JAX-RS fault handling issues Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied
     new 10c5139  [CXF-2372] JCA + XA transaction work Patch from Seumas Soltysik applied (with a lot of mods due to conflicts on trunk)
     new f4f9d68  Fix pmd error, organize pom a bit better
     new e10a920  Add snapshot repo to help tuscany folks out
     new c01e980  Updates to some newer version of stuff that already have osgi bundles
     new b927d56  Merge some xsd documentation in that was done on one of the branches and was never pulled to trunk
     new bfffb7b  [CXF-2375] Filter out synthetic methods from service.
     new 0cc5887  [CXF-2374] Handle possible number format exception when reading primitive param.
     new 452212f  [CXF-2379] Require endpoints to declare which mustUnderstand headers they want to process
     new 73b1bf2  [CXF-2381] Only "safe" way to really do this is to allocate a buffer. Other types of input streams may do similar things.
     new 31579ef  [CXF-2380] Have imports check the ResourceResolvers as well
     new 1ccb418  Merge branch 'benson' into trunk
     new 05894f8  Add a BUNCH of events from the factories and create a listener interface to get the events. Start defining some useful annotations. @SchemaValidation now works. @WSDLDocumentation is started (lots more work needed). May convert some of the other annotation processing to new framework once I start nailing it down some more.
     new 15898d4  JAXRS : updating JAXB provider to optionally handle JAXB classes without XMLRootElement
     new 7eafd01  Wire WSDLDocumentation into many more spots
     new 5ab9777  Apparently eclipse compiler is more forgiving that sun javac
     new f2b8cc1  Add tests for fault docs. Add javadoc
     new b5e3d62  Fix issue with javac again
     new 9fd2956  Make more stuff work if asm isn't available.
     new 873bea2  Add GZIP and FastInfoset support annotations
     new 65b8258  JAXRS : adding DataBindingJSONProvider
     new 9a80be7  Update error message
     new 1e05ab2  Change some namespaces in the tests so they don't conflict with testutils and cause issues in eclipse
     new e7c1e9e  Adding PropertiesAwareDataBinding interface
     new 9abc01e  CXF-2265 applied patch with thanks to LiuCong
     new 794b912  JAX-RS : Adding global marshalAsJaxbElement property, ignorable Aegis collection tests, RuntimeExceptionMapper test
     new 3c0555d  CXF-2389 : applying a patch (with additional tests) on behalf of Philippe Merle
     new 797e70c  CXF-2390 : support for fromValue static methods
     new 6dcd688  CXF-2265 removed the unused codes
     new 93472ca  Add a logging annotation Add ability to log to stderr/stdout/file to logging stuff
     new 0fb9416  Update JMS to allow injecting of custom JmsTemplate and AbstractMessageLIstenerContainer objects
     new 7ee41c2  Add DataBinding annotation to set the databinding for a service without needing config.
     new 47fbb72  Increase the timeout a little bit to hopefully allow it to work on the hudson machine
     new 8ba1d0e  JAX-RS : ensuring simple class names are used when marshalAsJaxbElement property
     new e08c33e  Don't checkstyle generated code.
     new de8c294  [CXF-2398] Make sure close() is called on the conduits for JCA. Heavily modified patch from Seumas Soltysik applied.
     new 9fac7ae  Add serverside support for soap/tcp
     new f47b2a6  @Ignore a  test that keeps randomly failing.   Need to investigate more, but hard to reproduce on my machine.  :-(
     new 2772b51  [CXF-2397] Make loading of xmlfi optional if fastinfoset isn't there.
     new 5244707  Call setEventHandler(null); on the jaxb unmarshaller which actually results in a decent EventHandler being setup.  This exposed some bugs in some of the test cases and in the CORBA binding.
     new 7d8882b  Try adding config for checkstyle to reporting to see if it fixes sonar
     new cc192c7  Add ability to set policies via annotations
     new 390509c  Update to new versions of plugins
     new 9d6d744  Change Aegis schema validation to be non-Soap-specific.
     new ed1f580  Try to fix the JMSDestinationTest error
     new b4c3f12  CXF-2393 apply patch with thanks to LiuCong
     new bd83565  Merge branch 'benson' into trunk
     new 22d9320  Fix a warning with jdk1.6
     new 179e77a  Exclude jencks which is apparently causing repository/jar corruption by pointing to a non-existent repository
     new 33925c2  CXF-2400: better diagnosis of elements with no specified type.
     new b682af3  Merge branch 'benson' into trunk
     new e073dc9  Remove unused import
     new 1ca552b  Update so ws/security tests run with jdk 1.6.0_16
     new 8059705  Plan B for CXF-2400: no type at all --> anyType.
     new 70e6558  More changes to cope with collections and their aftermath with Aegis+JAX-RS.
     new 4d69ae8  CXF-2401.
     new 7af8a47  Add my new stronger gpg key
     new 510bce5  More changes to cope with collections and their aftermath with Aegis+JAX-RS.
     new fb663d3  CXF-2402 Allow minOccurs and maxOccurs and nillable specs for parameters for custom and builtin types.
     new 4ed88c0  CXF-2402: revert changes to AbstractServiceConfiguration, remove exemption for basic type from DefaultServiceConfiguration instead. There's nothing wrong with minOccurs=1 on a string, so long as you have set nillable to false.
     new c65665c  Put the special cases back in DefaultServiceConfiguration.
     new 6f52d55  JAXRS : adding more Aegis JSON tests, fixing WADLGenerator to get namespaces from
     new d126c02  Use our constants.  Some older versions of java.xml constants don't have the xsi ns defined.
     new ae35459  JAXRS : updating ResourceUtils to collect all the available resource classes
     new 750a81b  Work on reducing startup time by lazy-initting things and marking classes that Jsr250BeanPostProcessor don't need to deal with
     new 6507d10  Don't JSR250 BusApplicationListener
     new fe07f74  Update loading of core things to be more lazy-init.  Reduces # objects procressed in JSR250  Bus.init from ~55 to ~30.  More to go.
     new ddfb33d  Re-ignore randomly failing test
     new 3107a8b  Start performance increase phase 1: make as much as possible lazy-init=true, reduce JSR250 processing
     new ab87c1e  Exclude the wstx sdo pulls in
     new a0c8a27  Fix issue of threshold of 0 not forcing gzip
     new 2363987  Lazy-init the msv_validator
     new 921e8d5  Fix soap binding with spring doing jsr250 procesing
     new 1152efb  Remove a Thread.dumpStack I accidentally left in
     new 3fe7f14  Fix jaxrs systests in eclipse
     new 240a3e5  Fix issues of xjc plugins not working with bundle jar
     new 380dfd3  Get the bug671 plugin properly packaged
     new 6af2a2a  JAXRS : supporting the injection of proxified providers and sorting message providers by type
     new 31ba4a6  Split the HTTPConduit stuff out of AbstractHTTPTransportFactory so the conduit initiator stuff is completely separate from the destination stuff. Some fixes to ExtensionManagerBus to really allow deferred binding/transports Reduce number of initialized beans in a default bus to 8.
     new d09433b  [CXF-2406] Fix issues with HttpsToken RequireClientCertificate
     new c993643  JAXRS : improving the no-annotations feature
     new 691d7bc  Delay loading JavascriptQueryHandler
     new a9abe45  More updates for reducing JSR250 processing
     new 87624f5  Fixed the JMSDestinationTest
     new 737e636  Merge branch 'flat2' into trunk
     new c8b5a50  JAXRS : minor refactoring of JSON providers, fixing the issue of generated WADL being handled by custom writers
     new 3921f97  JAXRS : adding tests for http conduits with url or qname ids
     new 9d98101  Change default for ssl to "want" client certs (but not require) so the security-policies can determine if they are available or not.
     new 0f3351a  Add a flag to the location of the pmd/checkstyle things.   Still trying to get sonar to work since the latest version of sonar.
     new ceb3a0b  Step 1: move the existing systests down to systests/uncategorized. Step 2: move jaxrs and aegis to their own directories. Ignore one pesky test for the moment.
     new a39a78e  CXF-2408 : applying a patch on behalf of Leonard Lu
     new c11f8f9  Try to resolve build problems. Never again forget to delete my maven repo and run a build after rearranging things.
     new 0dc82df  Remove stupid phase of test-jar.
     new bd2ee32  Remove redundant copy of some classes. Add test scope to use of tests jar from rt-core in tools/common.
     new def3a03  Disable a test that has resisted my efforts to explain it's failure.
     new b04b4ce  Comment out test scope for now until we figure out what to do with the base test classes
     new b70ba11  Revert relocation of AbstractCXFTest stuff out of rt-core for now
     new 0555ba8  [CXF-2409] ClientOutFaultObserver in ClientImpl not initialized Patch from Bernd Wiswedel applied
     new 7a1362a  Move the ws-* system tests to their own module
     new d091849  Remove an unneeded dep
     new a6f1738  [CXF-2407] Patch applied on behalf of Dan Ryazansky, with thanks.
     new 48c8a4f  Merge branch 'aegispadb' into trunk
     new 7f80f24  Changed to generics
     new ad7951b  Fixing checkstyle errors
     new dc5746e  JAXRS : Logging the client creation failures and wrapping the original exception
     new f5c2f24  [CXF-2411] Fix some issues with parameratized types and JAXB
     new e293245  Refactored for better readability
     new 4af0a7cb Update my merge scripty thing to do all the blocks in a batch at the end to make it quicker
     new 9d09726  Set eol-style
     new f9dc813  CXF-2275 Support reading WSDLs from Maven repository. Implementation finished. We still need an automated  test
     new f56ea53  CXF-2421 fixed the UnsupportOperationException issue in ConfigureImpl
     new dcec8e4  CXF-2276 Support attaching generated WSDLs to the Maven build. Implementation finished. We need a test for this feature
     new a61517f  Synchronizing AbstractConduitSelector.getSelectedConduit so that multiple threads can always get the same conduit
     new 3839f15  [CXF-2419] Fix runtime problems with mismatch wsdl and jaxws frontend
     new 6fac6f5  [CXF-2418] Fix for stackOverlow in SchemaCollection Patch from Fried Hoeben applied
     new 787e791  Make the Aegis type mapping work in terms of Type instead of Class so that it can keep multiple generics straight.
     new bffd0d9  Clarify slot in TypeClassInfo for explicit spec of the Aegis type.
     new 2f22921  use Class.asSubclass to avoid a SuppressWarnings.
     new eb94619  Lots of changes in the 'Class->Type' campaign. Still fails two tests.
     new 489a3c7  Fix up test failures.
     new d27cea5  Set default of attachWsdl to true
     new 9571640  Turn off two javascript tests until I figure out what I busted.
     new ca316e6  I keep forgetting that I wrote some tests for the Javascript stuff that are stronger than any of the Aegis tests in Aegis.
     new 539bb53  [CXF-2416] Remove compiler warning from generated code for annotations using enums
     new 42ceb79  Turn off two javascript tests until I figure out what I busted.
     new b0c6890  I keep forgetting that I wrote some tests for the Javascript stuff that are stronger than any of the Aegis tests in Aegis.
     new bd337e0  [CXF-2398] Patch from Seumas applied to fix issues of closing the JCA proxies.
     new 271a099  Make sure fastinfoset get packaged
     new f85ff46  Add some structure to start moving some more systests
     new ea5a9c0  Merge branch 'aegispadb2' into trunk
     new 327e2a0  Move jaxws systests to own module
     new 452d577  Move transport related systests into transports category
     new 6d20ebe  merge all the codegen stuff into a single configuration/execution to speed it up a bit.
     new 17c327b  Use the DOMUtils.createDocument call to create the document to avoid having to create builders and such upfront when we don't really need to.
     new a451b76  Add a quick interop test with the Jackson JSON provider.
     new 06bfbd3  CXF-2425: OSGi metadata does not handle well multiple versions of CXF bundle
     new ac84975  [CXF-2270] : support for writing attachments for JAXRS
     new 5a1bd7b  JAXRS : minor updates to JSON and multiparts code
     new 4a1121a  CXF-2417. Borrow help from Spring to avoid leaks and other problems with property descriptors. Non-spring users are stuck with Sun's bugs for now.
     new ab814e1  CXF-2413. Avoid NPE on missing xsi:type.
     new 74c67de  if <cxf:bus> is used in a context that doesn't define a bus, go ahead and create a default bus and wire it into the context
     new 891e2ce  JAXRS : support for writing explicit collections with members having no XmlRootElement
     new e09df17  CXF-2434 set the default value of reconnectOnException to be true
     new 6d13de1  Remove the various svn:mergeinfo things that svn 1.5/1.6 likes to leave all over the place that then causes extra merge conflicts and such
     new 4adc5b6  Remove unneeded suppressWarnings
     new e0e10b4  [CXF-2424] Add version numbers and such in poms to make sure it builds with maven 3 Patch from Benjamin Bentmann applied
     new 1646b92  [CXF-2430] Patch from   Eamonn Dwyer applied
     new 3bf244e  [CXF-2415] Fix issues with dynamic client not properly using JAX-WS interceptors that cause strange failures
     new 870ab1a  Make sure sys id is set during validation
     new aec3570  Some ibm jdk 5 fixes. DataBindingProviderTest - string comparison of xml in test fails for ibm jdk. JMSConduitTest - work-around for ibm jdk finalizing the conduit while it is     still in scope in the test. AegisDatabinding - Need to add a null check so that the simple frontend     dependency can be excluded with the ibm jdk.
     new 61b0756  JAXRS : fixing failing JSONProvider tests on jdk 1.6
     new f8a5df4  CXF-2275 Added resolving wsdl artifacts by using the maven reactor
     new e9aa8b3  Add snapshot repo for now to resolve maven-artifact-resolver until the vote finalizes (two days or so)
     new 537cd12  Allow a peristent Bus ID to be configured for instrumentation purposes.
     new b105ccd  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 9726201  Change NPE to Runtime error for part with no content. CXF-2438.
     new cffc1f8  [CXF-2440] Fix some interaction problems with gzip and mtom
     new 93c941b  JAXRS : moving to jax-rs 1.1 on the trunk only
     new ac90bc6  Fix the java_first_jaxws sample by fixing the ASMHelper to generate proper field descriptions for maps
     new eab579a  On some versions of windows (old XP's for instance), the testPublishOnBusyPort fails as the OS just kind of silently allows the publish to succeed.   We'll just log a warning to not cause build failures.
     new 0a5a995  Move jars that are only there for samples into separate lib dir to distinguish them from "runtime" things.
     new 8bdb733  Add readme to explain the new dir.
     new c92a8ac  CXF-2444
     new 735a81e  CXF-52 added documentation and test for one way call
     new 776a0e7  Fix an issue where java2ws tries to use the wsdlLocation attribute from the impl to create a wsdl, but if that wsdlLocation is a URI (like file://) that resulted in trying to create a file named "file://...".
     new 54a8657  Fix some issues with streaming attachments and SAAJ interceptors causing streams to close
     new 388499f  Remove a spurious stack trace appearing in the test logs
     new dfd3c23  1.0 was released.   Remove snapshot dep.
     new 189bb41  [CXF-2447] Fix problems of creating a default bus in SpringDM/OSGI when using the stax parser built into the Java6 jdk.
     new 4f05fb7  [CXF-2449] Add ability to @Autowire by type the jaxws:client things
     new 5413fc9  [CXF-2036] Add a RetryStrategy Patch from Dennis Kieselhorst applied
     new b388ce3  [CXF-2448] With provider/dispatch services, only the first part should be mapped (since invoke only has a single param)
     new 955637a  Update setup.eclipse for new version of checkstyle plugin
     new 82db2d2  When pulling the root part out of a mime message, check if the charset is set in the parts mime headers and use it if it is
     new d230e3e  [CXF-2451] Fix an issue with implicit headers and no-arg methods causing exceptions
     new 2a81878  Copy http-osgi transport from smx to start preparing it to be part of CXF
     new 37d4f93  re-package the osgi transport
     new be24c8c  Add http-osgi stuff to bundles
     new a1a75b0  [CXF-2391] Add ability to set the number of continuations at which point jms will reconnect.
     new 688d6f1  [CXF-2441] Since we are now on spring 2.5 and not 2.0, we should just use spring-beans.xsd and not spring-beans-2.0.xsd
     new 54c9872  Remove some depenencies that are not needed
     new f912148  Remove some unneeded deps
     new 64f12eb  remove some unneeded deps
     new 2c4bfca  Remove some unneeded deps
     new 4f07757  [CXF-2391] Re-implement as a percent of the max to simplify
     new e887ca1  Fix typo (thanks Ron Galvin) Probably shouldn't develop while watching the RedSox attempt a come back.
     new 53488e2  Change the group id to a subgroup for all the systests
     new c76589a  Rename systests/aegis to systests/databinding and move the other databinding related systests into it
     new 4c26bfa  Forgot a file
     new cf84fa0  Fix error message typo Make sure the -Xts plugin is added to the activePlugins.  When run with params, it's not always added (thanks to TheDon on irc for discovering this)
     new fa510b5  Removed maven dependency on cxf-common-utilities as it is not necessary anymore
     new 2797f75  [CXF-2455] Add some flags/properties to turn off the JAXB ValidationEventHandler
     new 3f1a0e8  JAXRS : support for spring prototypes and injecting contexts into jaxrs filters
     new d67c8fb  [CXF-2436] Allow interface for sei
     new 043dd69  Remove an unneeded SuppressWarnings annotation
     new 0863487  [CXF-2453] If datasource isn't "xml", don't do the xml things.
     new c44bc10  [CXF-2457] Fix NPE in AbstractXOPType
     new 916e9d3  [CXF-2431] If the wsdl doesn't have a targetnamespace defined, at least try to do something and not NPE
     new 7b4beda  [CXF-2410] Add xjc plugin for boolean getters. Patch from Rémi Flament applied
     new 771f263  Minor update to JAXRS runtime for it to get the endpoint address from all AbsractHTTPDestinations
     new 6be2aef  [CXF-1459] use reflection on the actual connection's class to get the methods so it should work with the BEA versions as well.
     new 7e36bb2  [CXF-1970] Add unit test sfor UserNameToken Patch from Colm O hEigeartaigh applied
     new 982920b  Remove unused property and map the old session pool stuff in correctly
     new 6b409c4  CXF-2275 Bugfix: typo in variable name caused non wsdl artifacts to be considered
     new ed9b78f  Attempting to minimize the code duplication in http and osgi transports, more refactoring will have to be done later on
     new ef36035  JAXRS : minor update to CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet to support out/in interceptors
     new a57800b  [CXF-2460] Allow configuration of JaxWsClientFactoryBean during port creation
     new 6384c8c  [CXF-2442] fixes and testcases for using xsd's in a wsdl for use with xmlbeans
     new a6d684f  Fixing the test failure
     new 075e79e  Making sure the osgi transport can be configured so that it does not impose a 'cxf' prefix on endpoint addresses
     new 45dd948  [CXF-2308] add a setTo( method
     new c403142  [CXF-2301] Lookup the destination using a decoded URL as well to handle differenced as to if it is registered encoded or decoded
     new 79a3c59  [CXF-2384] IOExceptions should raise a WebServiceException
     new d79a79a  Removing redundant PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
     new 0d8e0a6  remove duplicate release-plugin config
     new aede999  Added test for writing wsdl to repo and reading wsdl from repo
     new df6cb48  forgot pom
     new 07ab0ff  Remove scm sections from child poms as release plugin and merging and such is screwing them up
     new f47ef53  Missed one
     new 3b47d10  Activate wsdl_maven systest
     new c60d49d  Added parent to poms and license header to java class
     new d125cdc  [CXF-2320] : updating AbstractClient to retry with a default ConduitInitiator when no ConduitInitiator can be found (ex in SMX JBI contexts)
     new 2a1614c  Minor updates to demos
     new 8e18e71  Added wsdldocumentation and webparam annotation
     new 02f9f07  Corrected indentation
     new 82d721c  CXF-806 Show better error messages when java2ws fails
     new df6888a  JAXRS : support for complex http headers
     new a721cdc  Minor update to wsdl_first demo for it to run better in XHarness
     new b6bf4fe  Add support for schema validation to Provider based endpoints Add streaming support for Provider based endpoints
     new 3bf69bf  Update to activemq 5.3.0 since it's released now and it fixes some dependency issues causing log4j problems in eclipse.
     new 03798dc  Remove build.xml as it's not used anymore as we use hudson for CI
     new 60054a6  Change default for Provider<Source> on 2.3 to sax and fix tests that assumed DOMSource
     new 4a911aa  [CXF-2469] Add test cases for operation qname
     new ae7cc21  [CXF-2468] Make the StaxUtils.copy stuff repare attribute namespaces as well as element namespaces
     new 0fc046b  [CXF-2470] Mark the invoke operation as synthetic so it doesn't show in the services list
     new 1164044  add test case for Holder.
     new 44cbdb6  Fix CXF-1837.
     new 68e625e  [CXF-2463] If the message is 1.1, use the 1.1 FaultOutInterceptor
     new 7fbd223  [CXF-2474] Detect if the reader is the same and punt out
     new 77e1b7d  [CXF-2473] Close XMLStreamReader in StaxDataBinding
     new 9ca2eb4  [CXF-2472] Log exceptions raised while writing out faults.
     new c2d77dc  [CXF-2454] Make sure id's are unique
     new fd317c4  [CXF-2437] Allow jetty to bind to particular host Patch from   Didier Gutacker applied.
     new 59b0b54  [CXF-1159] Remove unneeded hack for old version of XmlSchema
     new c752a6f  [CXF-1295] Set test to show that CXF-1295 is fixed
     new 1257e8d  Remove some unused namespaces
     new c7ea224  [CXF-2339] Add jaxb-xjc to deps for dynamic_client pom. Update JAXBUtils to hunt for the tools.jar to create the SchemaCompiler things to help in the case where xjc isn't found
     new ab900e4  [CXF-1824] Stick the ejb jar into the special samples-lib dir
     new 2a43a6f  [CXF-2311] Fix for this by making sure the client factories can be called multiple times and return new clients.   This allows the factories to not be prototype scope in spring config as well, but allows caching of some stuff (like methods and annotations and such) so subsequent create() calls are a bit faster.
     new 248c10c  [CXF-1725] Some fault detail handling cleanup
     new 1825d23  Fix problem I introduced with Java 5 (ran fine on Java 6)
     new c80c9a7  [CXF-2283] if a Child context is closed, we shouldn't be shutting down
     new 132ad65  Add a log4j properties file.  When running in eclipse, eclipse pulls in log4j from common-utilities, but not a config file for it.
     new 0afe46c  Initial cut at code to scan spring context for things with @WebServices.
     new 53a82a1  Start to implement CXF-1355.
     new 4bf328a  Make it the server factory, not the service factory, that is configured. If someone wants to control the service factory, they can set up a server factory and stick the desired service factory into it.
     new 7b402ed  CXF-2476 Throw meaningfull exception instead of NullpointerException
     new 5586040  CXF-2477: change focus of SchemaJavascriptBuilder to XmlSchema object from CXF SchemaInfo. This will make it easier to add processing for entire collection.
     new 8a1dc02  CXF-2477: in wsdl2js, process all the schemas, not just those that end up attached to the service info with SchemaInfo objects.
     new 3512499  CXF-1355 (mostly) additional tests. Also a tiny bit of extraneous code cleanup.
     new 1a0d103  CXF-1355. Add actual test for the whole spring extravaganza. It seems to work, though I'm not sure how to test that all the fiddly bus stuff is working correctly.
     new e762608  CXF-1355 the rest of the test.
     new e57c785  CXF-1355: avoid use of old HTTP binding in test, come up with other scheme for verifying customization somewhat.
     new 16ea77d  CXF-1355: fix classpaths for tests.
     new 4fddfc8  fix stupid typo in pom.
     new b92dc87  [CXF-2479, CXF-2480] Fixes for some UsernameToken issues on incoming policy validation
     new 324a5d1  Update sts client to be smarter about finding the operation it needs
     new 73644ba  Handle case where algorithmSuite isn't set.  Use defaults.
     new 8aee7c4  Set action for cancel/validate as well
     new 0e7b35c  [CXF-2481] If SOAPMessage or similar already defines a prefix for soap envelope ns, use it.
     new 58876a9  [CXF-2478] Fix problem of wrong part being removed
     new 66ec319  Fix for for [CXF-2305] PerformanceCounter.Client reports incorrect response times for oneway invocations
     new 74ed8c3  [CXF-2484] Update STSClient to allow interceptors/features to be configured on it
     new 24fb059  [CXF-2015] Add support to add interceptors per request as well as allow Destinations to be InterceptorProviders
     new 9d20c4f  Add deps that are not there in java 5.
     new 0381fb4  [CXF-2487] Fix the id that is used to lookup the SecConv token Patch from Colm applied
     new 112f938  MS changed addresses in wsdl/schemas, update to account for that.
     new 0b459aa  @Ignore a test that is randomly failing on HP, Sun, and AIX and always fails on Windows..
     new f56528c  [CXF-2491] Add support for TLS cert contraints Modified patch from Colm applied
     new 1120e6f  [CXF-1459] Another attempt at trying to get https working with weblogic
     new 76fba4a  [CXF-2493] : applying a patch on behalf of Colm
     new ff49caf  CXF-2495 added clean profile to parent pom
     new 4014e43  [CXF-2496] Add addressingRequired attribute to ws-addressing schema
     new acee8f0  [CXF-2497] Use conduits for all the http wsdl retrieval to allow configuration of timeouts, auth stuff, etc...
     new 250e262  [CXF-2498] Fix
     new 87aa163  A NoClassDefFoundError could also be thrown, not just ClassNotFoundException.   Make sure we catch Throwable.
     new 506c1d0  Add doap file for cxf
     new 88b2468  fix bugs in doap file
     new 7bd158d  [CXF-2501] Detect where slf4j is logging and try and do the same Also fix version of slf4j-api jar being picked up
     new 5890ec6  Add dyn-imports for the slf4j and commons-logging stuff we'll use to detect logging impl
     new 5bf680c  [CXF-2499] Proper support for message level policies. Patches from Christian Connert applied
     new 1a03efd  [CXF-2505, CXF-2502, CXF-2489] Bunch of fixes for WS-A + WS-Sec + Mgmt
     new f2b5bae  Fix ws-sc cancel operation I broke last week.
     new 22e6709  [CXF-2503] Patch from William Tam applied
     new cb91d6b  [CXF-1919] Update test to workaround issues in DOM
     new 23e5232  [CXF-1817] Add a depth check to make sure we don't recurse forever
     new 9c8cd3c  [CXF-1791] Add an extra NPE and AIOOBE guard.
     new 5913d38  [CXF-1282, CXF-1283] Fix a bug where setting an executor may result in a hang.
     new 3f23e9a  [CXF-1027, CXF-2445] Fix multi args for -beans and add multi args support for -xjc
     new 30885a1  [CXF-2499] Second "patch" for this from Christian Conner
     new dd7e22f  [CXF-2507] Patch from Colm applied to add unit tests to cert contraints
     new 20b9616  [CXF-2509] Testcase and fixes for wacky generics things
     new 548124b  Fix test failure
     new 2c040ae  [CXF-2510] Port XmlBeans namespace hack thing from XFire
     new 842729f  Add NPE guard
     new 99c0a59  [CXF-2511] Fix for FAULT_STACKTRACE_ENABLED and no detail Patch from Chris Dail applied.  Thanks!
     new fafb93f  Stop frightening the horses with 'cxf.xml' not found, tell them about their file instead. CXF-1148.
     new 90abca0  CXF-1266. Array parameters of JAX-WS methods are not nillable=true, so stop the Javascript test case from trying to send nulls into here. All of this because the original JAXB bug is fixed. Also fix the content-type in message from the Javascript code to say 'utf-8'.
     new 428bbe5  As a result of CXF-1471, add unit test for GET against Aegis+JAX-WS, and improve error message when using GET against an operation that isn't there.
     new bebec89  Add test for use of Simple front end and no annotations.
     new 1425297  CXF-1706. Don't require explicit MTOM permission to accept MTOM in the one place that was checking.
     new bbe46a0  Remove long-deprecated string properties from AegisDatabinding.
     new 36fb3d3  Fix test usage of obsolete property mechanism.
     new 77b6066  CXF-2365: sorts props in name order to get consistent behavior in Aegis.
     new 906ba80  Switch from illegible XML surefire files to text files.
     new 1f72958  CXF-2513. Javascript generated code has to ignore env:Header (and anything else that shows up ahead of env:Body).
     new 9123655  [CXF-2515] in some modules is incorrect
     new 7ab19ef  [CXF-1277] Enable schema validation for RPC/Lit
     new c2146dc  [CXF-2510] Add missing "return"
     new b137970  [CXF-2370] Switch to StreamTokenizer for digest auth parsing to get matched quotes working.
     new 13f5e44  [CXF-920] Add some sys props to enable logging
     new eeb278a  [CXF-2516] Make more attempts to get the schema loaded for use with validation.
     new 768b784  Revert the change to surefire as errors are no longer appearing on stdout/err.  Need to dig into files to find stack traces and such really sucks.
     new f688976  Fix broken test
     new 791084a  Slight performance enhancement
     new cd4f0ee  [CXF-2517]Exception shouldn't be considered as JBI ERROR,should use JBI FAULT instead
     new ea58d77  [CXF-1939] For services that don't differ after mapping, map to new nam Bunch of optimizations in wsdl2java to reduce reprocssing the same data over and over. Add a workaround for running codegen tests in eclipse if eclipse is using jdk 1.5, but commandline/apth is set to use jdk 1.6.
     new 0b1200e  [CXF-1536] If schemavalidation is enabled, also check to make sure the soap body/envelope are properly closed so the structure of the soap message is correct as well.
     new be93fad  [CXF-2522] wsdl2java not honoring jaxws:parameter extension for wrapped elements
     new 18fdc73  Fix pmd error
     new 18f6df7  JAXRS : support for redirects (JSP, etc) plus a lot of other changes/fixes accumulated during the last few weeks, more to follow in a few days
     new 7e6ea56  [CXF-2524] Allow null lifetime element
     new 8b5e158  Fix checkstyle
     new 9380e96  JAXRS: improving multipart/form-data support and adding more options for customizing in/out XML/JSON
     new 2102084  CXF-2520. Fix checks for impossible namespace maps in AbstractDataBinding.
     new 0f5146f  [CXF-1647, CXF-2324, CXF-2039, CXF-2113] Introduce "ParameterizedXXXX" types for use in the schema derived configuration things to allow the primitive things to be properly schema validated, but also allow some level of schema validation.
     new d9e22f9  JAXRS: fixing CXF 2529 and a minor update to AbstractHTTPServlet (a better longer term update will be to add a properties resource for static content types)
     new e9d5d68  [CXF-2525] Fix issue in TokenStoreCallback with it using a possible null token
     new a3a5d2a  [CXF-2530] Try some pre-interned strings first to avoid StringBuilder creation and concats and such.
     new a22843d  [CXF-2368, CXF-2508] Merge default options into configured options Add a flag to disable directory scanning
     new fb9ed12  [CXF-1850] Fix shutdown of multiobserver
     new bc34d1b  Remove some dead code
     new fe9f784  [CXF-2530] Move all the "create a prefix for me" stuff to a couple places so we only need to optimize/debug one place.
     new e6e0d65  We use java 5, so use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer everywhere
     new a31b6d2  [CXF-758] Allow empty post into Provider<Source> things
     new 1d8e1bf  Add a null check for the policy
     new 9cf593c  Possibly wire in the jetty management if mgmt is enabled
     new 9781208  [CXF-1500] Remove duplicate code from the tools "Stax2DOM" thing and move it into StaxUtils.   Allow WSDLManager to have line numbers of elements recorded into DOM that the wsdls schemas use so an error with a line number can be displayed.
     new 7ce6c75  Use a new string to make sure the doc doesn't hold onto things strongly Don't wrapper the woodstox locator objects to make sure they aren't held onto strongly
     new 954128c  Add some NPE checks
     new 4db3848  Minor simplification
     new fedbf82  JAXRS : adding Description annotation for better WADLs
     new a8165c7  Minor update for WebClients to support empty POSTS
     new 6c2f76b  JAXRS : fixing a regression in the way cookieParams are handled
     new ab15796  [CXF-2532] Pulling WSDL_* properties value in WrappedMessageContext from current exchange
     new 3577920  Try/catch around some DOM level 3 things that we can safely ignore
     new 261b978  [CXF-2244] Fix problem of always asserting signed tokens
     new a477bde  Fix TCK regression
     new 4455147  [CXF-2535] Fix problems with OverlayW3CDOMStreamWriter and optimize the MMOI a bit
     new 2de95fa  Another tck regression
     new c526bcb  Fix build failure
     new 3030486  [CXF-2536] If .createXMLStreamReader(Source source) returns null, try using the other methods.
     new b884a67  Fix randomly failing test
     new e5ccc92  @ignore a test failing on Hudson butnot elsewhere.   Will investigate more next week
     new 13aea52  Ignore the whole class for now
     new dd727c9  [CXF-2016] Update use of generics for InterceptorProvider and chains
     new d925267  [CXF-2543] On the client side, check the response qname to make sure it is what was expected
     new 1708206  [CXF-2543] Add NPE guards to MssageImpl
     new a753e8a  [CXF-2538] Add more info to the logged messages Modified patch from Cyrille Le Clerc applied
     new 85634c3  [CXF-2537] Enhance the error messages on the client side for http conduits.
     new 31d6bac  [CXF-2537] Even better error message
     new 417c6d9  Initial version of ATOM push-style logger
     new f29d8c3  Checkstyle in eclipse is complaining about the new properties files for some oddball reason.   We really just want to check .java so we'll do that.
     new 0133d6d  Assert the IssuedToken on server side.  Temporary fix for now.
     new cb536da  [CXF-2547] Fix issues with sig confirmation and Asym binding
     new ca37108  Refactoring and documentation
     new e1f6ea8  Spring integration of ATOM push-style logger; Log record JAXB namespace setup.
     new ccb423f  PMD check fix
     new b39ea0e  Refactoring
     new 0a3f346  Small post-documentation changes.
     new 17b8eab  Missing change commit :/
     new 912b036  ATOM push-style converters for ATOM extension mode; fix of doubled nested content tags.
     new e2f8ba8  Increasing the timeout to 3 secs for JAXRSLoggingAtomPushTest to work better on Windows
     new 42d3104  CXF-2556 and starting with refactoring of Atom providers
     new 0d12a20  Simpler configuration, AtomPub support, refactoring.
     new e765961  Align spring config for AtomPub
     new 5a546bb  protect against clever people who add extra properties to all arrays in Javascript.
     new 3483650  Mandatory properties of Atom feeds/entries set by customizable postprocessor.
     new 133dba9  CXF-2275: Maven plugins: Support reading WSDLs from Maven repository - Should be complete now
     new 86e5d84  CXF-2275: Maven plugins: Support reading WSDLs from Maven repository - Should be complete now
     new f70564e  Allowing failover addresses to be overridden in configuration
     new 1c2cd0b  CXF-2568
     new ba940e0  Put in place a guard against problems of our resolvers not being able to resolve a wsdl, but wsd4j can.
     new bea89c1  Set svn properties on everything to get svn:eol-style and such correct
     new 50fd687  Separate the flags for the surefire forking from the flags used for the ServerLauncher for forking.
     new ec3b570  Adding AtomPojoProvider plus few minor fixes
     new b20528d  [CXF-2553] Add WS-SecPolicy based UsernameToken sample. Contribution from Oliver Wulff
     new 694802d  [CXF-2572] Fix problem of Message mode provider and oneway operations with ws-addressing.  Test from Alexandros Karypidis provided.
     new 236aaf0  Unskipping a couple of tests that I'd inadvertantly left commented out
     new 05fcdc4  Update to spring 2.5.6
     new 43bbff0  Add an NPE guard
     new bdce461  [CXF-2571] Set systemId on the dom things for xjc Workaround bug in xjc not resolving jar: urls
     new 9de07e9  [CXF-2566] Add property for missing message Patch from Cyrille Le Clerc applied.
     new fd438a9  [CXF-2562] Add ability to change service list title. Patch from Rémi Flament applied.
     new 0e7238c  Removing System.out.println statements
     new 2296af1  Testing custom atom provider
     new c7c5338  Fixing the port
     new 706a5bf  [CXF-2571] ANother attempt at a fix for jar URL's with xjc
     new 5258f44  [CXF-2549] Get DynamicClient to work in Weblogic Patch from Dennis Kieselhorst  applied.  Thanks!
     new 644ea72  [CXF-2569] Fix an issue trying to determine the ObjectFactory method to call.
     new 4f8b69e  [CXF-2558] Fix jaxws:client objects not propertly being considered singletons
     new 8a38f45  [CXF-2555] Map custom faults into real exceptions.
     new 59e4c03  [CXF-2577] Only set creds if it's not already a SingleConnectionFactory
     new cf56eef  [CXF-2552] Use factory.isSingleton(name) instaed of def.isSingleton()
     new df376f9  [CXF-2551] Add some NPE checks into the ServletController
     new 469cee0  Updating Jettison dependency to 1.2-SNAPSHOT plus few more fixes
     new d865548  Decoding form parameter names too
     new 8ed0a98  [CXF-1818] Make sure schemaLocations are set for the imported xsds
     new 45b0f03  [CXF-2376] Add "classpath:" url support for wsdl2java things
     new 960cc8c  [CXF-2150] If service is configured for Digest, make sure a digest is sent in.   For WS-SecPol, make sure what came in matches the policy.
     new c2c8b4b  CXF-2541: minor update to the management interceptor for JAXRS operations be monitored too
     new ba7185c  Test file missed by the previous commit
     new 2ca1b8d  JAXRS : better nested beans support in WADLGenerator
     new 5f577ac  [CXF-1510] Support for anonymous root types
     new 9683c71  [CXF-1510] Only if it's not in a wrapper element
     new 4622e82  [CXF-2554] Make an attempt at trying to figure this bug out
     new ab95e5d  @Bug: CXF-2581 @Desc During logging, we invoke toString on an array, which will generate junk result. Fixed this by invoking Arrays.toString to convert the array into a readable String that gives the contents of the array. @Test Units Tests
     new 1cb1b04  @Bug: CXF-2581 @Desc During logging, we invoke toString on an array, which will generate junk result. Fixed this by invoking Arrays.toString to convert the array into a readable String that gives the contents of the array. @Test Units Tests
     new 05704f4  Bug: CXF-2581 Desc: During logging, we invoke toString on an array, which will generate junk result. Fixed this by invoking Arrays.toString to convert the array into a readable String that gives the contents of the array. Test: Units Tests
     new 0de9b3e  Minor update to WADLGenerator to ensure no duplicate forward slashes get concatenated by some tools
     new b362a8a  [CXF-2582] Fix issues with holders for the first response part
     new 5c43e29  [CXF-2223] Try to install a JRE Authenticator to handle proxy CONNECT requests.   Not sure if this will work or not.
     new 48b29d5  [CXF-2035] Make sure the element name matches the operation defined by the Actions
     new 27b09ee  [CXF-1758] Allow some more advanced usages of Generics with JAX-WS
     new d703c3e  Fix pmd error
     new 52fe0c1  [CXF-1758] Add test case in simple frontend as well
     new 8a4e234  Fixed a checkstyle error due to unused import.
     new 7f477ae  Update demo poms to point to nexus snapshot repo Move all snapshot repos into special snapshot profile Remove all references to repo
     new 7cdbc50  Adoption of abstract entry/feed builders
     new e2b174c  [CXF-2550] If JMS transactions aren't being handled by a spring TransactionProxy, we need to make sure the exceptions are propogated back to the container
     new 5b40986  [CXF-2546] Support for new ws-a metadata namespace
     new 883461c  Add an NPE guard
     new 85a778f  [CXF-2584] NPE guards for CXFAuthenticator
     new abcbdee  Remove print from test
     new 1dd607e  [CXF-2583] Make slf4j-jdk14 a test scope dep
     new 0e2feb8  Re-add jetty as runtime scope.
     new 6f912a5  [CXF-2579] Add support for flattened collections to aegis
     new 4b9be76  Make sure only snaps come from codehaus Remove incubator repo as abdera is now in central
     new b55cfc1  CXF-2585,CXF-2541: JMX support for JAXRS proxies and webclients, and a minor fix for proxies to support empty posts
     new 2f40063  Removing redundant test interceptor
     new 749c0f4  [CXF-2296] Add some extra checks around the parser creation/schema creation for the aegis files and INFO any issues, but continue.
     new 8830342  Add profile to test with Spring 3 Fix a compile issue with Spring 3.   Lots of warnings with Spring 3 mostly due to deprecation, but compile errors are gone.
     new 4b1aca0  [CXF-2216,CXF-2091] Updat spring version range to [2.5,4] so spring 3 can be used. Update all the javax.* things to be [0.0,...) to allow equinox to grab the in JDK versions.
     new 1117566  More Spring3 fixes
     new 3b78abc  JAXRS : some Atom push logging updates
     new 2a5d629  JAXRS : simplifying AtomElementReader/Writer interfaces and fixing URITemplate to escape *
     new c4905cf  Don't use deprecated Spring base test class.  Use the better JUnit4 version
     new 617f968  Restore Async methods over JMS to actually be async and not consume a bunch of threads.
     new a4e2a3c  JAX-RS : support for serviceName attributes
     new 33ff4c9  Minor update to SpringAopClassHelper to ensure double cglib proxies are handled
     new 04855be  [CXF-2587] Workaround "bug" in wsdl4j that really isn't looking into imports like the docs say.
     new 02e112d  [CXF-2422] Change the jaxrs DataBindingProvider to support generics
     new b6c3f4e  [CXF-2540] JMX ResponseTimeFeature does not count client side exceptions - add FaultMode entry to the exchange in ClientFaultConverter - Change ResponseTimeMessageInInterceptor phase registration from RECEIVE to POST_LOGICAL - Register ResponseTimeMessageInInterceptor in the InFaultInterceptor list
     new d73da4f  [CXF-2541] JMX Per Operation ResponseTime not collected for JAX-RS services AbstractClient : must be defined in the exchange, not in the message ClientProxyImpl : define the invoked Method in the exchange to let the ClientFaultConverter (or equivalent) figure out whether it is an UNCHECKED_APPLICATION_FAULT or a CHECKED_APPLICATION_FAULT
     new 59f886b  [CXF-2286, CXF-1816] Use weak references for ASMHelper stuff to make sure classes are not held onto strongly.
     new 010d937  Update wsdl_first to support a "war" version
     new 1133cbd  JAX-RS : some improvements to the way WADL is generated
     new 3424cdd  JAXRS: enhancing WADL test and making sure a custom WadlGenerator can be plugged-in
     new 56cca23  CXF-2593. When you have Collection<double[]>, for some crazy reason the JRE represents this the double[] as a GenericArrayType and not a Class<double[]>. Add code to concoct and use the later when presented with the former.
     new aecd246  Cleanup after previous and prepare for next test case.
     new 5dc8805  Add logs to ease debugging.
     new 6fc71d0  [CXF-2597] Add response code to LoggingFeature for REST/JAX-RS specific response codes LoggingMessage :  add responseCode field  output responseCode field in toString() method only if it is not empty (ie server side outbound message or client side inbound message)  output payload field in toString() method only if it is not empty because it is common in REST to have empty payloads LoggingInInterceptor and LoggingOutInterceptor : fill LoggingMessage.responseCode field if  [...]
     new 4f28d6c  Prototyping an AtomPullServer for feeding log events, more to come
     new d353cae  Prototyping support for feed archive/page extensions, more to come
     new c19f5f5  Add guards to logger calls to prevent unnecessary strings concatenations
     new 5e27dc4  Remove some eclipse warnings
     new 5360dd2  [CXF-2135, CXF-2600] Add autoNameResolution suggestion to appropriate JAXB error message.   If jaxb binding file doesn't have a schemaLocation element, attempt to find schemas that would match it and create a schemaLocation attribute for it.
     new 054efb6  [CXF-2599] More attempts to work around JAXB having issues with "jar" URL's.   Also logged a bug with them:
     new b89a427  Fix jaxrs test
     new 091d95d  [CXF-2601] Fix problems with XmlBeans and non-document fault infos
     new 1651246  Another update to the atom pull logging test
     new 6ef09d4  [CXF-2596] Add a FaultLogger to allow custom handling of fault logging Patch from Tomas Majak applied.   Thanks!
     new 002e8d8  Rename to FaultListener to make it sound a bit more flexible in what it can do.
     new 127a54a  [CXF-2594] During unwind on faults during output, with SAAJ, we can really fully unwind.
     new e988c5b  There is a potential problem if the workqueue drops to 0 threads, the THreadGroup gets destroyed and no more work can be added.   Make sure the threads are daemons, but the group is not to prevent it.
     new 03178c6  [CXF-2591] Fix problem of handleFault not being called on interceptors for transport exceptions with Async calls.
     new a19a184  [CXF-2545] When pushing a message onto a background thread, we need to suck in all the data from the input stream and cache it as the transport may close the original stream when the current stack unwinds.
     new 264eb2e  JAX-RS : better parsing of http headers
     new a0eb97b  Fix for [CXF-2609] Schema validation failure when null system ID passed to LSResourceResolver.resolveResource()
     new ba23f0c  Fixing JAXRS multipart test
     new e291ec0  [CXF-2610] trim logger class name
     new fea3373  [CXF-1816] Copy some JDK hacks from Tomcat to try and get jars not to lock.
     new 8fbd44b  [CXF-2598] Add support for the minOccurs and nillable annotations on the method return/params
     new 99e039a  Add a string to try and diagnose failures on hudson
     new 6ce8d47  Fix for CXF-2612
     new 877c3fc  CXF-2611 Removed generating temporary file generation to add wsdlLocation to binding as an empty wsdlLocation has the same effect
     new 0b61f75  Added documentation to explain how the defaults in codegen plugin work.
     new 929f639  Fix CXF-2459 set SecurityContext in jms transport for Tibco EMS
     new d230759  JAXRS support for reading Document and fixes to do with updating destinations when request URIs are equal to endpoint addresses
     new f01c4d1  Some versions of Sun's jaxp throw and exception, they don't return null.
     new 34b695d  [CXF-2613] Fix tests with IBM 1.6 JDK and restricted jars Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied
     new da06aae  Change the codehaus id to a more standard id that doesn't have space as some repo managers don't like the space
     new ca5ae28  Minor cleanup of rm sample
     new 46dd780  [CXF-2466] Clean up stack traces from retransmit issues Also fix problems with SequenceTest running in my eclipse workspace. This MAY fix the random failures in some of the SequenceTests
     new a84abdf  Remove an Ignored test that I have no idea why it was ignored (log not helpfull, my own fault), but the test also doesn't assert anything or check any output or anything so it's a pretty useless test.
     new 144af3c  Fix checkstyle errors
     new 4d09af3  [CXF-685] Add proper fault generation to RM Servant
     new 328bab7  [CXF-2616] Put the bin/sh thing in the proper place for use on non-bash shells
     new ad547b9  Leftover test improvements?
     new 10e8e68  JAXRS : fixing a regression with setting headers on HttpServletResponse
     new f447fce  Minor updates for logging
     new 53e55a8  [CXF-2605] Make sure form="qualified" is put on the element if the form should be qualified and the schema is not.
     new 4abbc7e  Using full XPaths for wsdl validation when they are very simple is apparently VERY expensive.   Do a much quicker basic search.   A very complex wsdl I have (500+ operations, 3000+ classes generated) now does a wsdl2java in 30 secs compared to over 2 minutes.
     new 28aa5f9  JAX-RS : minor changes to do with the injection of contexts
     new bf869fb  Use non-deprecated properly spelled methods
     new d43a08e  Make the xjc plugins more self standing and usable without CXF stuff Pull xjc plugins from the bundle as there isn't a way to really disable them if on the classpath and they can cause problems with other xjc plugins
     new f19d004  [CXF-2618] Fix problem of secureSocketProtocol not being configurable
     new def8205  [CXF-2618] On the server side as well
     new 9fc1654  JAXRS : ensuring multiple Cookie headers are processed
     new ebfae57  [CXF-2622] clear threadlocal variables in JAXRSInInterceptor.handleFault() in case of exception
     new b7bca5c  JAX-RS : HttpHeaderImpl enhancements to do with parsing Cookies and other multiple headers
     new 0f0895e  Removing cxf-rt-transports-http-osgi module from jaxrs and minimal bundles
     new 85bb485  [CXF-2623] Add MULTILINE flag for attachment boundary finder
     new 5a67729  [CXF-2620] Add some guards to prevent NPE with certain use cases and Spring 3.
     new 83d9ba3  [CXF-2619] Make sure we cache incoming content on first write or we could hit a deadlock
     new 060d81a  Make sure the threadgroup used by the workqueue is destroyed to avoid a classloader leak.
     new 6f1b9ba  Use released jettison
     new 8eee458  NPE guard
     new 43990a2  Slight Optimization
     new 1e8c336  Update surefire to 2.5 to start playing around with parallel tests
     new e70a78b  [CXF-2627] Add an NPE guard
     new c077054  [CXF-2627] Check the XmlElement name on the field of the wrapper class and warn if there is an issue instead of silently ignoring it.
     new aa394a4  Make sure we use proper version of spring jms stuff with spring3 profile
     new 38f88b5  Add ability to specify a WSS4J WSSConfig to use when processing the message
     new 4a46e34  JAXRS : Updating JAXBElementProvider to check for stax factories
     new 83ef133  JAXRS: adding a search extension to be used by regular JAXRS services and by Atom logging
     new 29ac51d  Finishing the initial support for Atom pull-style logging
     new 04e3dfe  More work toward limitting the objects created at startup time Start removing traces of soap from http transports
     new 06177d4  Forgot to reset some log levels back
     new e4f474c  More startup speed helps by reducing JSR250 processing
     new 3811b08  Creating rt/management-web module and moving JAXRS atom logging code into it
     new 1983b2f  Remove some dead code.
     new d2b68e7  Update to use the thing if running on Java6 Start using some junit 4.7 Rules things for temp dirs and setup stuff to start getting ready to enable some parallel test things.
     new 795fec1  Update logutils to allow parallel testing
     new d81e85b  Cleanup setting sysargs for surefire 2.5
     new 1df1d21  WS-A support throws NullPointerException in cases where we aren't mapped directly to class objects (example: camel/smx routes and such)
     new 099de87  Support for allowing users to configure custom Wss4J action implementations in WSS4JOutInterceptor
     new d75f52c  [CXF-2629] Fix WS-Addressing Action on response is not being returned as specified in the WSDL.
     new ef7d890  [CXF-2628] Fix issues with default namespaces not getting written out. Patch from Gyorgy Orban applied
     new 10179f0  [CXF-2629] Fix RM test failures caused by patch. Update WS-RM to properly set the WS-A action attributes on it's RMEndpoint instead of relying on the SOAPAction stuff.
     new d92b295  Connecting JMS Transport with JAXRS endpoints
     new 97ceed4  Removing a leftover println
     new 02618e5  [CXF-2635] JAXB can use non-public default constructors.  Check for that.
     new a898737  [CXF-2633] Fix logging of enabled cipher suites with Jetty https server
     new 48c62d9  [CXF-2630] Use some reflection to set the task executor to work with both Spring 2.5.x and 3.x
     new a92e340  Fix test failure.
     new 7f2c8c4  JAXRS : support for oneway invocations
     new 7254245  Fix an issue where one-way requests may mess up the input stream for other requests
     new f07abdd  [CXF-2645] Fix issues with the depscan for WSDL's not being able to be turned off.
     new b65c4ed  [CXF-2640] Don't create dirs if we aren't actually outputting anything
     new fc84c51  [CXF-2638] Fix issues with validating XPath related security policies Patch from David Valeri  applied.
     new 1be1ef5  Update js sample to define the namespace for the element
     new ac472a0  Work toward making the xjc things a little more self standing
     new e6e49fd  Remove direct dependency on jca classes from JMSDestination
     new 9c4fbe0  Reduce log level
     new d7a3e33  Fix for [CXF-2650] Long schema truncated prior to validation
     new 17d0870  [CXF-2651] Fix detection of slf4j
     new b287260  [CXF-2647] Add a better escaping algorithm for the URI's.
     new 1533532  [CXF-2632] Make sure the string passed into uri.resolve is fully escaped
     new bd111f0  CXF-2652 : UriInfo.getAbsolutePath was failing if encoded chars were included in the original request URI
     new 64a3fb2  Fix test.
     new d4d6629  Use new versions of stuff in cxf-build-utils and cxf-xjc-plugins
     new 58d1175  Fix build failure
     new 21e444d  Fix broken setup.eclipse
     new f21c1e7  Add java5 profile that activates on java5 Move all deps provided in java6 into java5 profile Mark spring as provided or optional in most places
     new 76c06e6  update to cs 2.4. no velocity noise
     new 68f4c53  JAXRS : WADLgen enhancements, case-insensitive query lookups plus few minor fixes
     new 61dc542  delete obsolete build tools
     new 3df0396  The checkstyle plugin upgrade also requires new eclipse config
     new 9c54ff1  Use the FI internal stuff directly.  The Stax factories are a LOT slower and almost defeats the purpose of FI.
     new a751d83  remove compiler config as the parent configures it
     new eab2f3b  Add woodstox back in as runtime dep.  Woodstox is WAY faster than the built in parser and we really want people using woodstox instead.
     new e506d5d  CXF-2641 : applying a patch on behalf of Rémi Flament, thanks
     new d6a4b0d  [CXF-2663] Fix for null classes coming from XmlSeeAlso annotation. Modified patch from Craig Tataryn applied
     new 5a12fe1  Remove some debug code I left in
     new 122dc83  JAXRS : adding ProtocolHeaders and improving JMS test
     new b145b09  CXF-2667 bus configure should provides bus attribute to set the bus
     new 3df503b  [CXF-2661] Fix some issues where various jaxws customizations were not being picked up properly from the portType
     new 7e6018e  Update to latest woodstox
     new 0e6016b  [CXF-2660] GET requests with AutoRedirect turned on fail
     new 8d20865  CXF-2667 supporting not to specify the name attribute for bus configure
     new 2322a5a  [CXF-2668, CXF-2665] Wrong namespace used for the schema
     new 43b0405  JAXRS : making proxies and webclients optionally thread-safe
     new f23cb06  JAXRS : updates to do with preserving template name/values pairs in proxy-to-subproxy and thread-safe clients
     new 9f15a2d  JAXRS : fixing the context leakage in shared providers
     new 7b39698  [CXF-2654] Fix bunch of issues with signed and encrypted elements Patch from David Valeri applied
     new c2a28bd  [CXF-2669] Change default cid to make it more interopable
     new 7d116db  Remove @Override that are confusing java5
     new ac2b52c  Test failed in hudson, I think due to not having the strong encryption stuff.
     new 6790ffe  Add another of suns debug keys
     new 773f8a7  [CXF-2662] All JMSFactory to work better with an external MessageListenerContainer
     new bd71416  [CXF-2672] Enhance CXF client message in case of HttpRetryException (http codes 401 and 407)
     new 71cfb52  [CXF-2672] Enhance CXF client message in case of HttpRetryException (http codes 401 and 407) Fix JDK 1.5 compatibility
     new ffd7f4c  [CXF-2675] Single quotes must be doubled in message formats (ie in resource bundles)
     new 2e67696  [CXF-2676] JMX InstanceAlreadyExistsException under high load initialization Add lock around counter creation
     new 48cd242  [CXF-2671] Use SIPUSH instead of BIPUSH to increase the # of arguments supportable from 128 to 32K.   Hopefully enough.   :-)
     new 22bdeed  [CXF-2658, CXF-2531] Use the proper http transport ID in the wsdl for SOAP 1.2
     new a7601d8  Providing an option to link log feeds with the services page
     new c101323  [CXF-2673] Fix problem of Aegis not using the interface method when looking for annotations.
     new 6d86a6e  Minor updates to AtomPullServer to ensure alternate feed and entries are displayed better
     new 247c1ca  Support for 'hiding' service contracts
     new 37664a9  CXF-2670: applying the patch on behalf of Rémi Flament, thanks
     new 55d86b3  Ensuring SOAP contracts can actually be hidden too
     new f8f91b7  Record the token protection for transport binding
     new f0881ae  [CXF-2384] Better testcase and fix for this
     new ee8e7ed  [CXF-183] Start working on getting ws-a + JMS working by making sure the non-decoupled case works fine
     new ea5b350  JAXRS : updating one of the security tests to use @RolesAllowed
     new 21e7ff4  Adding jsr250-api dependency
     new d5b7162  Cleanup JMS transport a bit to implement the old extensor logic on top of then new spec url logic to reduce duplicated code.
     new ef99cbc  Pull the back channel stuff out of the conduit and put it in the ws-addr layer so the ws-addressing client side stuff is transport agnostic in regards to ws-addressing.
     new a85b944  [CXF-2680] Update version of wsdl schema we use for validation
     new 70351e2  Remove annotation that is confusing java5
     new b0577b8  more issues on java5
     new 202d90c  Another java5 issue
     new 9642d42  JAXRS : minor update to WADLGenerator for it not to list ignorable query properties
     new 17770ac  Fix a bunch of things found by findbugs
     new ccb97c6  Update jaxws endpoint so after publish, adding interceptors will push the added interceptors into the right place so they take affect.
     new 0068be0  If policy just wants a username token (and not https protection or anything), allow that.
     new 5fe4979  [CXF-183] Get decoupled Ws-A working with JMS transport
     new bef755a  Remove ws-a stuff from destinations.
     new 015a525  Use original streamreader when possible in JAXB
     new 4475d0e  [CXF-2654] Add missing files and re-enable tests
     new 4ccb3b6  Bunch of minor tweeks to help performance and scalability
     new 70854f3  Another "I'm beginning to not like Java5" commit
     new a26f406  Make sure proper soap version is used for responses
     new 389a170  Make sure the namespace prefixes are defined in the sts messages.
     new 2c8867f  [CXF-2688] Allow deactivation of SSL X509 Certificates validation
     new 30f41e3  Always create the NS versions of elements and attributes
     new bbec580  atom search cntd
     new 2e1e112  [CXF-2688] revert change
     new 622d595  [CXF-2537] Enhance exception message for ssl related problems
     new 9ddbb73  [CXF-2694] Make security imports optional Patch from S. Ali Tokmen applied
     new 0101153  [CXF-2692] Fix NPE with meethod with only header param
     new 563e4d5  [CXF-2696] Fix dynamic imports Patch from S. Ali Tokmen applied
     new cfe7f7f  [CXF-2700] Use proper method to determine lang code
     new b8714df  Don't send a content-type on the one-way accept response
     new c3f242c  [CXF-2655] Fix problem with token protection Patch from David Valeri  applied
     new 28c48d0  [CXF-2697] Fill in argument list with proper null values if no args are given. Patch from Dieter Freismuth applied
     new c6b4b15  [CXF-2698] Fix mapping to non-primitive types
     new 19bb44c  [CXF-2693] Allow to use HttpsURLConnection's defaultSSLSocketFactory and defaultHostnameVerifier in CXF client
     new 00ead59  [CXF-2693] fix java 1.5 compatibility issue
     new 8e151b6  JAXRS : introducing a provider capable of generating and serving the client code
     new 33ed8cb  [CXF-2702]Fix issue with auth provider and non-cxf usage Patch from S. Ali Tokmen applied
     new c9600ab  CXF-2462 : another fix to do with handling quoted header values
     new 5569a88  [CXF-2703] More issues with spaces in wsdl/jar locations Patch from Craig Tataryn applied
     new 62477b9  [CXF-2705] getPasswordAuthentication is protected and not found with getMethod
     new 037b2f1  Remove eclipse warning
     new b88c2ac  [CXF-2706] Fix issues with missing ending boundary causing a loop
     new a4eb5b8  fix line length
     new f107556  FIQL parser and SearchCondition syntax tree builder
     new e9393f9  [CXF-2708] Add more work to find schemas to create the schema for validation
     new 7bd7d73  update poms to work with maven 3 and mvnsh
     new a5fa798  [CXF-2711] Make field volatile Patch from Guillaume Sauthier  applied
     new 023dee7  [CXF-2710] Check if params passed to javac are empty strings, not just null.
     new 8a33541  JAXRS: implementing SearchContext (rt/management-web build failure will be fixed next for this merge to go into 2.2.x too)
     new 287fbe1  Fixing compilation problem
     new e848fc3  Split line into 3 to try and debug which part is causing the NPE
     new aaefd40  CXF-2717: fix for primitive(string) multipart/form-data values be decoded by default
     new 4c9f306  Mostly reverting the previous changes
     new 44def03  Optimize the UsernameToken only case where there isn't any type of policy defining a Binding.
     new fbf684b  Fix a potential ClassCastException
     new 52d3c3f  Fix failure if strong encryption libs aren't avail
     new cbc0619  Add an NPE guard and better error message
     new b21214a  CXF-2717: support for base64 and quoted-printable part encodings
     new 5322981  Adding a missing test resource
     new 917d30b  [CXF-2719] Fix problems with inOccurs=0/nillable wrapper elements if the element isn't on the wire
     new 85b8050  [CXF=2713]  Add support for element refs in wsdl2js
     new 98570e9  [CXF-2720, CXF-2699] Fixes for Aegis MapType for subclasses and minOccurs=0 elements
     new cb5bba0  JAXRS: support for XOP
     new 05fac8a  Moving some duplicate code into AttachmentUtil
     new 80421a5  CXF-2724 applied patch with thanks to William
     new d16c5cf  [CXF-2729] Fixes issues with enabling of Jetty JMX extensions in OSGi.
     new 8d159a9  JAXRS : ensuring search conditions can 'recreate' original queries and introducing toSQL utility method
     new f6b86d0  Fixing compilation issue
     new ce2de4e  try to write a doctype in staxutils, may or may not work
     new 44190bd  [CXF-2739] Patch from Bryan Stopp applied
     new 21c711e  [CXF-2732] In source databinding, consume the END_ELEMENT event to match the other databindings
     new 2980784  Fix test that is randomly failing with latest 1.6 JDK
     new e2f261e  [CXF-2743] Remove timestamps from generated jxb binding files
     new be09500  [CXF-2733] Make sure exchange is set on message
     new 076bbc2  [CXF-2728] Try harder to determine classes for Spring AOP services Patch from Bryan Stopp applied
     new d1090d0  Get xmlbeans databinding to support wsdl imports as well as xsd imports
     new 38301b8  [CXF-2639] Expose Cryptographic coverage checking code from PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor in a non-WS-Policy based interceptor
     new 941e4ae  [CXF-2639] Removed extraneous @Override annotation that triggers build failure on Hudson.
     new a6e6f90  [CXF-2727] Fix NPE
     new 6f3da6c  [CXF-2630] Remove line that should have removed before to get TaskExecutor stuff working with spring3
     new 75a0258  [CXF-2723]:Reenable the ClientProxyFactoryBean and JAXWSClientFactoryBean configuration during port creation. This makes other Configurer implementation can replace the default dababinding with ClientProxyFactoryBean.getServiceFactory.setDatabinding(ownConfiguredDatabinding) in client side
     new d644a30  [CXF-2745] Add ability to set timestamp ttl
     new 5134c46  [CXF-2744] Support re-write of schema redefine elements
     new 78b0463  CXF-2753 Applied patch with thanks to William.
     new 47c3948  [CXF-2742] Changed InstrumentationManager to cleanup connectors on shutdown.
     new 0f60d13  CXF-2754,CXF-2755 : extending WSS4JInInterceptor, adding utility Authorizing interceptors
     new bb63d49  [CXF-2733] Reattempt a fix for this
     new 37edbbe  CXF-2754: adding a constructor accepting Map properties to AbstractWSS4JSecurityContextProvidingInterceptor
     new 3c2c19e  [CXF-2740] Tweaked Server lifecycle methods to allow for clean/complete shutdown of JAX-WS endpoints through API and JMX.
     new 8c4f9de  [CXF-2714] Add ability to not always encrypt UT's
     new 97d4aa1  [CXF=2695] Support xsi:nil on all struct child elements
     new 5d6300a  On server side, we already have the transport ID, use it instead of trying to find a conduit to match the URL.
     new 4915507  [CXF=2752] Default xmlns decls that come from non-woodstox parsers may have a null namespace as well.
     new 5921df3  [CXF-2731] Add a NPE guard in wsdl2js
     new a1f4a1b  [CXF-2761] Reset item to null Patch from Bjorn Hauser applied
     new cba99bb  Remove test code that shouldn't be there
     new d316eb6  CXF-2754,CXF-2755: some refactoring, adding unit tests
     new e1b3f18  CXF-2754,CXF-2755: simplifying the way SimpleAuthorizingInterceptor can be configured
     new abc411a  Don't call deleteOnExit during shutdown
     new e68a691  Add property to control the value of AppliesTo that the sts client sends
     new 4d0c115  [CXF-2765] Support imports in folders with spaces Patch from William Tam applied
     new 048c8ef  [CXF-2763] Properly merge in options from the defaultOptions
     new 346284a  Don't use the static for the hook
     new 5c198d5  [CXF-2730] For spring 3, make sure the servlet is registered as a listener that will survive a refresh Also make sure destroy is called on servers using simple:server and jaxws:server
     new ccbb59e  [CXF-2773]should specify version range for net.sf.cglib optional import
     new 002294f  [CXF-2771] Reworked management of Jetty MBeanContainer to avoid MBean name conflicts.
     new 26264d9  Fixing CXF JAXRS issue to do with Form beans processing and typo in ws/security/DefaultSecurityContext
     new 6a80182  Missing updates to test files
     new b0c359c  CXF-2754: addressing a case where UsernameTokenInterceptor is used in policy-first cases
     new 8973fa4  Adding guards to policy interceptors
     new 85d12f7  Attempting  to fix JAXRSLoggingAtomPushTest
     new 20eddd2  [CXF-2786]ws-rm Proxy should send SequenceAcknowledgement according to AcksTo URI header
     new 762a579  CXF-2785 Base64Utils.decode should handle/wrap all exception types, applied patch with thanks to Stan
     new 569b033  CXF-2784,CXF-2787: fixing NPE to do with  extracting values from parameter beans, updating primitives provider to check for custom charsets
     new 23ed70f  Attempting to fix the JAXRS test
     new 5254a5f  [CXF-2790]ws-rm example server side configuration contain unnecessary DecoupledEndpoint configuration
     new 216e773  [CXF-2780] Wrong soap fault code thrown on network connection failure
     new 374bb42  Fixing JAXRS test, verified on Linux
     new 74d43c7  Fixing the build failure on JDK 1.5
     new cf424ba  Renaming AbstactWSS4JSecurityContextProvidingInterceptor
     new 66f0d50  CXF2784 : updating UriBuilderImpl to support queries with templates
     new 7b3238f  [CXF-2751] Add Slf4jLogger Inspired by Julien Henry proposal
     new e72a7d4  [CXF-2751] Fix erroneous optimization
     new 0fd34f5  Remove useless optional dependency jul-to-slf4j, we only need slf4j-api
     new c964976  Fix some eclipse warnings
     new ecf13cc  [CXF-2792] Make sure custom set executor gets passed into conduit and used
     new fd01afe  [CXF-2798] Pick up addressing from wrapped operation
     new 5050c42  [CXF-2792] Fix test failure introduced earlier
     new 3ba70fc  [CXF-2799]ant client-servlet doesn't work for wsdl-first demo anymore
     new 39c2a15  fix checkstyle error
     new 125f7a0  [CXF-2767] More fixes for spaces in dirs Patch from William Tam applied
     new 3c47678  Add support for restricted encryption for WS-SC by allowing key size less than 256 bits
     new 22d03dc  [CXF-2768] Make sure large inputstreams are closed on server side
     new 0cc08ac  CXF-2801: adding WebClient resetQuery and fragment methods
     new e2ce66f  Update to latest versions of various plugins
     new ceaa952  Update a couple of the stream interceptors to not barf completely if a stream isn't there
     new 3531f9a  CXF-2793 Provide capability for JMS client to specify separate ReplyTo queue and listener queue by applying the patch with thanks to Seumas
     new d88c5de  [CXF-2802]The ws-rm example should also be deployable in Tomcat
     new 1ce1bc7  CXF-2793 added the file which I missed in my last commit
     new bad5506a Work around an J2EE TCK regression
     new 620dd17  Fix compile failure with strange non-UTF-8 chars
     new c47a056  [CXF-2804] Allow reset of response counters
     new ff67b82  Update junit version
     new 811869c  [CXF-2808] Add ability to use hash of fqcn for the suid for faults Patch from Julien Jean Paul Sirocchi applied
     new e701fdb  Update to protect the velocity engine init from being hit by multiple threads.
     new c9fabba  Fix a bunch of issue that the JAX-WS 2.2 TCK is exposing
     new a82baea  Start implementing some JAX-WS 2.2 things that can be implemented in 2.1
     new 6677b44  With JAXB 2.2, support XmlElemnt on the params/return
     new 4139869  Start supporting some of the jaxws 2.2 extra fault properties
     new ccded46  Send endorsed flags into forked compiler
     new a52633a  W3CEndpointReference is final, make sure we don't try and subclass it
     new ed03a15  If using jaxws 2.2, output the additional constructors
     new 5d47f5e  Fix previous commit that broke usage with JAXB 2.1
     new 47baf53  CXF-2812, CXF-2813, CXF-2814 SOAP/JMS W3C Test Suite for Soap 12 tests, applying patch with thanks to Peter
     new 6518bf8  [CXF-2815] Fix getHeader calls for J2EE tck Patch from Guillaume Sauthier applied
     new 3d48517  Register a DataContentHandler for images to make them work a bit more reliably depending on the mail/activation version found on the classpath
     new 12daeaa  Handle some cases where empty source objects are passed.
     new 352d530  We only understand the "standard" features.
     new 14df172  Misspelling fixed (CXF-2818)
     new fc9facb  Typos and grammatical errors fixed (CXF-2817)
     new e1968be  Fixed method arguments (CXF-2806)
     new 5dd06f1  CXF-2816 Fix: CachedOutputStream leaves behind temp files if resetOut() is called. Patch by Aaron Pieper.
     new 0d45e21  Section 3.3 of JAX-WS spec states final and static methods are not WebMethods unless the @WebMethod annotation specifically says they should be.
     new b06f4f3  Remove a println inadvertantly left in
     new de02b6c  JAX-WS 2.2 spec mandates use of addressing metadata spec.   Add those extensors along with the older extensors
     new e50f0e2  If the action is empty, don't output an annotation
     new 1113d62  Fix broken tests
     new e914781  [CXF-2788]:Close all the connection when bus shutdown
     new 3edcfb6  [CXF-2819]:Modified the bindingID to SOAP12HTTPBinding when the SOAP12Binding transportid from wsdl is
     new df84a96  [CXF-2819]:Added the lines wrongly deleted in previous commit
     new 6737a51  Updating rt Attachment to save headers without converting them to lower case
     new edcc2a6  Add some validation when only anonymous or only non-anonymous addressing it required.
     new e696958  WS-Addressing spec, section 4.4.4 dictates how the fault action should be generated.   We were not doing it correctly
     new a509413  [CXF-2822]:Added the interceptors in ClientFactoryBean to ClientIml. This made <jaxws:client> configuration work for dispatch client
     new 9a30e7f  Turn off DTD and Entity expansion stuff in the XMLStreamReaders
     new 3a6c148  Update to latest jaxb
     new fabbc0f  [CXF-2809] Update jaxen/abdera/activemq
     new 6ffce49  Add a "rat" profile to start diagnosing some of that stuff
     new e50bce7  Update to new "threadsafe" versions of plugins
     new bee2a92  [CXF-2821] Add an NPE guard
     new 42b8607  [CXF-2803] Make sure the initialize method is only called once.
     new d1f76d2  [CXF-2829] DOMStreamReader shouldn't generate attribute and namespace events
     new 91848c9  [CXF-2829] When injecting fields, get the real object out of the proxy.
     new 2e72713  [CXF-2830] Add NPE guard to EndpointReferenceUtils Patch from Chris Nelson applied
     new 0bf7e5f  Put a NPE guard in place
     new 9c56f0f  [CXF-2827]:Generated the wsa:action attribute for <wsdl:input> and <wsdl:output> element;Removed the duplicate wsam:action attribute
     new 44a0bae  [CXF-2831]:Compute wsa action value for empty FaultAction;Added wsam and wsad action value for back compatibility
     new 4bc3dcc  Don't use some deprecated things that maven 3 warns about
     new c75a366  More updates to make the wsa action and soap:action stuff match
     new 2fc5d5e  [CXF-2832] Validate the incoming Action Make sure the unwrapped operation and messages propogate teh extensors to the unwrapped version
     new f26992e  [CXF-2834]:Check addressingDisabled property in Message before abort interceptorChain
     new c884715  [CXF-2835] Fix logging of ctx to log proper ctx to avoid the concurrent mod issues
     new 431e748  Make sure the MTOM policy assertion works on client side
     new 5ab7af6  Push older annotation processing up a level so jaxrs can use it
     new 57403cf  Work toward making the codegen plugin threadsafe to work with Maven 3's parrallel mode.
     new 215f1a1  Delay creating bus until it's really needed
     new a8174ad  More updates for Maven 3
     new 3fc826a  Update all of jaxws system tests to use dynamic port numbers
     new 57ef619  Update the databinding system tests to use dynamic ports
     new 46e09be  Missed converting some tests to dynamic ports
     new a2058c3  [CXF-2836]:Corrected the wsa:action header value for dispatch client
     new 5f620de  [CXF-2836]:Refactor code and fix the build
     new 61b1305  Add some NPE guards
     new bc9a9f3  Update all the ws-specs tests to use dynamic ports and all of the JMS stuff in the system tests to use a dynamic port for the broker
     new 889764d  Add port to error message so I know which port couldn't be started
     new 94115a1  CXF-2837 Add null pointer check in SoapOutInterceptor
     new f87df5e  Update all the transport systest to use dynamic ports
     new 7996bc6  Update namespace used for recording wsdllocation in epr Make sure endpoint name can be recorded in epr
     new 50a8701  start updating some of the uncategorized sys tests to use dynamic ports
     new 2b4c7dd  [CXF-2840]:Process the wsdl port extenstion EPR
     new f5ecfa9  Update rest of uncat system tests except for the Failover test.  Need to figure out a solution for that one.
     new 3be372d  Only use full dynamic ports within maven.  In Eclipse or other, just start at 9000 and count up ot make it easier in wireshark and such to find the data.
     new 0e86690  Update jaxrs to use dynamic ports
     new 9e79ab9  [CXF-2842]:Fixed the wsa:action header missing when wsam:Action= in wsdl input;[CXF-2843]:Correct the wsa action value computation for response message
     new d6ff375  Fix some dead code warnings that the Eclipse Helios compiler is catching
     new a2511fa  [CXF-2833] Add eclipse source bundle things for the osgi bundles
     new 1ef5d98  Update versions of various ant things
     new 6706fc2  Make mina import optional
     new ecab2aa  CXF-2846 : support for superclasses implementing or superinterfaces extending JAXWS Provider
     new e185965  CXF-2846 : minor update to make it easier to merge to 2.2.x
     new 273b184  Fixing build failure with Java 5.0
     new 8dc2cfe  CXF-2847: fix decimal formatting
     new 52f4fbc  CXF-2847: checkstyle
     new 2dde031  Add security notice
     new f4419f2  In some strange cases if cxf.xml isn't the first import in a spring config, the ResourceManagerImpl can loop.
     new 6843b0a  Update to make the "versions" in the osgi bundles consistent to osgi conventions.
     new 14e7bd1  Mark some more stuff optional
     new 03237fc  Set version format and allow for "in jdk" versions of various things
     new 1e6f5ab  Fix ant groupId
     new 2fe9322  [CXF-2856] Make sure the connection isn't opened twice for the HTTP binding stuff
     new 8251111  [CXF-2855] Fix issue with xjc customizations not getting through to XJC plugins.
     new 7f51c75  [CXF-2852] Refactor java2ws tools for requiring Spring just when a spring bean configuration file is actually specified
     new c6d0de6  Helios eclipse compiler finds some dead code
     new 769d0dd  [CXF-2851] Reconfigure how schemaLocations are handled Patch from Nilup Bandara applied
     new a974151  [CXF-2841]  Remove fault from exchange/message so RM interceptor can do the resend thing and such.
     new 8f9d97d  Start wireing in the annotation listeners into the JAXRS stuff.
     new e749a80  Pull schemas from classpath instead of doing the unpack thing
     new 914b338  CXF-2754: Adding an authorization policy-first case for digests
     new d6784eb  [CXF-2849] Updates to support parts of the JAX-WS 2.2 API
     new 65626bd  Fix some issues where BindingProvider interface might not be loadable from the classloader of the other interface.
     new 01da135  Update default for java5 to be JAX-WS 2.2/JAXB 2.2
     new a4aa3e0  [CXF-2860]:Accepts the soap fault request message from another endpoint whose FaultTo address is this endpoint
     new d0eb238  [CXF-2849]:Added spring namespace handler and EndpointDefinitionParser for jaxws2.2 to make sure the endpoint started via servlet uses jaxws2.2 api
     new 6f7b7f4  Enhance the detection of jaxws 2.2 simplify the spring namespace handling to keep it in one place
     new aef777f  If only one return param, it's already mapped.  Return
     new f52b2a3  [CXF-2850]:Throw Message Addressing property is not present exception when the wsa policy is violated
     new e4a483a  Addressing various jaxrs frontend issues reported during the last couple of months
     new da6850c  typo fixed.
     new 6803fcd  [CXF-2868]:Use JAXB Bridge to unmarshallwhen the field of partTypeClass is javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar
     new ba041ad  [CXF-2867]:Skip wsa policy verification when client proxy is created with AddressingFeature(required=false)
     new c49690b  CXF-2884 Client async invoke API should accept context and exchange parameters
     new 181ab87  CXF-2885 Changed the package version rang of javax.servlet
     new 2249f94  CXF-2886 : adding a blockPostConstruct property to JaxWsServerFactoryBean
     new 0926e2d  typo
     new c34417c  more typos
     new 8e4a9c0  CXF-2892 write the right content type if XOP is not enabled
     new eeddd8c  Change to public
     new 8f3fb09  [CXF-2865] Fix test on windows. Patch from Yaytay/Jim Talbut applied.
     new f4bb535  [CXF-2900] WSDLValidator through Stax2DOM leaves input streams open which causes input files to be locked.
     new 411debf  [CXF-2896] More fixes for folders with spaces Patch from William Tam applied
     new d322b76  Change as much XML parsing/processing to go through StaxUtils as is possible to make updating anything related to XML processing easier since it would all be in one place.
     new 80151ce  [CXF-2893] Check default classloader for logger class
     new ba8c9ab  Update a bunch of versions of things.  Update distribution to build same on java6.
     new 00fabad  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch servlet3jetty7
     new c5061fd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release servlet3jetty7
     new e41f216  Apply feature before starting the server
     new 06eacb1  Allow XmlElementWrapper on return collection things.
     new ad87849  [CXF-2887] Fixing NPE in UriBuilderImpl
     new e61db7e  [CXF-2905] Added ability to send WS-T 1.4 ActAs element in RST.
     new 120fe2e  [CXF-2906] Added cache abstraction and configuration options for WS-A MessageID caching and uniqueness enforcement.
     new 802ae07  [CXF-2906] Removed accidentally introduced Mina dependency.
     new 01b82f9  [CXF-2907] Remove check for JAXB < 2.1 as we just assume 2.1 or newer Patch from Gary Gregory applied with thanks!
     new 753fd82  instant mechanism for compiling all the samples from the build
     new a46351d  Fix aegis_standalone sample
     new 868b50f  now all the samples build from test-samples
     new 081a152  Add compiling all the samples, somewhat slowly, to the stock build.
     new e375e03  Add unit test to Aegis sample -- fix bug it reveals.
     new 401c81d  CXF-2894: Use KeyIdentifier instead of Reference when linking to SAML Assertions.
     new 58c18e9  Fix test failure
     new f5dfcf4  Squashed commit of the following:
     new 980235b  remove the new test-samples thing for now (doesn't work with mvn 3)
     new 9f7e70d  Fix on java5
     new acff230  fix for java5
     new a0f8bdd  Stop maven3 whining.
     new 60d92726 Fixes for maven 3 Change samples to use a real version number Make distribution call samples to make sure they compile and so version number will be updated as part of the release
     new eb1a5d5  Remove some code that doesn't work.
     new d09bb40  [CXF-2909] Fixed usage of SecondaryParameters in WS-T 1.3+
     new 74256d3  Fixing StachOverflow in InjectionUtils plus a couple of other minor updates
     new 21f181f  CXF-2912 : Updating EndpointPolicyImpl to ignore empty policies during the update
     new 41be386  Update to jaxrs 1.1.1 api jar (tck signature tests require this) Fix some issues in URIBuilder
     new cebd56b  Fix java5 compile failure
     new a0eb7b3  Another attempt to make Benson happy.  :-)
     new b953366  Add comment to explain import scope Add distroMgmt section so deploy plugin doesn't barf Fix some checkstyle things Use same version of antrun and ant-trax
     new 64ee7c0  Add Sergey's JAX-RS with  Spring Security sample
     new 5334921  Fix for CXF-2917 (JAXB package naming rules)
     new 7f77f43  [CXF-2904] initial Request.selectVariant implementation
     new 2e57568  Fixing JDK 1.5 compilation issue
     new 34e536e  [CXF-2911]:Added the httpservletrequest snapshot in message for oneway operation with WSA enabled
     new 5f03e38  [CXF-2914] Enable signature algorithm configuration when using WS-SP.
     new 9d4815e  [CXF-2664] Removing deprecated methods to support configuration with Spring.
     new 51e4b9b  [CXF-2911] This can affect the http-jetty transport as well.   Move it into the method that is designed to cache the request.
     new e1b5586  Switch to use KeyIdentifier instead of Reference for SAML tokens within the SOAP request body EncryptedData element (see CXF-2894).  This change will have no effect until WSS4J's WSSecEncrypt is similarly updated (patch forthcoming).
     new 9487dbe  Add ability to configure basic endpoint properties from an annoation.
     new bb64eb5  Hook up EndpointProperty annotation
     new 918ea1d  [CXF-2918]:normalize the url like file:/home/cxf/org/apache/../../cxf in URIParserUtil.getAbsoluteURL()
     new ed5b855  [CXF-2921] Changed interceptor behavior for case where there is no WS-S header.  Now allows for policy interceptor to process results even when there is no header.
     new c8f74c7  [CXF-2915] Applied patches for SignedSupportingToken with mod to fix regression against SignatureConfirmation tests.
     new cb83d17  CXF-2923 Logging{In|Out}Intererceptor should check the encoding before writing the log
     new 5a25378  Update to spring 3
     new b35cd53  [CXF-2925] Updating JMSConfiguration for it not to implement InitializingBean
     new d0ec854  Reverting the change to JMSConfiguration
     new a3fd651  [CXF-2928] Add ability to send X509Data in lieu of KeyValue data in RST.
     new 9ab4f19  CXF-2931 Add configurable pretty printing to the CXF logging in/out interceptors
     new cb565a0  [CXF-2929] Adding public method for initialising the RMManager given a Bus instance
     new 8d84514  [CXF-2929] Renaming added method
     new 4fa3f98  CXF-2931 Polish the code as DanK suggested.
     new b177561  Fix distribution build
     new c52d712  Enabling some of disabled UriBuilderImpl tests
     new f8a9672  Get rid of warnings, but don't break spring2 support
     new 7b4c1a4  Allow "true" string to be used for start doc thing in config Update smx version
     new f49911e  Add some ne guards
     new 0fce427  [CXF-2934]:Corrected target namespace in generated wrapper bean
     new 6b5fe08  [CXF-2935]:Generate targetNamespace in @WebParam for the wrapped reference element
     new 5f80039  [CXF-2919] Add an NPE guard
     new 706f7a0  Fix for maven 3-beta-2
     new d5eca29  Add an NPE guard
     new 8616b91  Turn off uses generation to keep manifests smaller
     new 450d0ae  [CXF-2384] Add another test that tests a port open, but no service there
     new 783ce27  [CXF-2936] Change the registration of the JAXRS binding to be internal to the factory.  Reduces the spring stuff as well as makes it so it's NOT required to import the cxf-extension-jaxrs-binding.xml file.
     new ca81512  [CXF-2891] If using user supplied schema, turn off the generation of the wrapper types so we can modify the schema as needed to properly model the wrappers
     new b9a4939  fix some java6 distribution building issues
     new 7579f06  [CXF-2863] If useHttpsURLConnectionDefaultSslSocketFactory is true, don't create keystores and such
     new ab5c758  [CXF-2824] Put NPE guard in place for looking up the method
     new 65f0bda  Hold onto defs strongly after modifying them to make sure changes stay in memory (fixes some random test failures)
     new 5ceff18  Last commit didn't actually work.   Revert some of it and instead hold onto the actual String key used to load the wsdl.
     new 364a090  Fix test failing on java5.  (Honestly, not sure why it's passing on java6)
     new e1d397a  The 2.2 jax-ws Holder has 2 fields (serial id) so account for it.
     new f1823a5  [CXF-2939] Hold onto the JAXBContexts so the PermGen space doesn't go nuts. Do some test cleanups and other minor tweeks in jaxrs
     new 39534de  Remove irrelevant file
     new 6cfb837  [CXF-2944]:Get the targetNamespace value from reference element namespace in @WebResult
     new 9cf8c0a  [CXF-2941]:Get the namespace value from reference element in @XmlElement of response wrapper bean
     new 7059266  CXF-2948 Let the configure context can be used for extended instance
     new f7e9877  [CXF-2945] Support the publish=false use case on jaxws:endpoint Patch from Eric Pederson applied
     new da312a1  CXF-2949, CXF-2950, CXF-2951, applied Peter's patch of soapjms
     new 9ac7998  [CXF-2845] Adding http_jaxws_spi transport module (included in build with "jaxws22" profile only)
     new cdcf338  [CXF-2845] Modifying JAXWS 2.2 Endpoint impl to use the new http_jaxws_spi transport
     new 0e6d895  [CXF-2845] Adding grizzly container integration module for testing JAXWS 2.2 HTTP SPI against Grizzly container (through jaxws-grizzly-httpspi -
     new 484a32b  [CXF-2845] Moving jaxws 2.2 http spi transport to frontend-jaxws module to simplify build
     new 3a9c5cd  [CXF-2845] Updating pom for removing reference to http_jaxws_spi transport module
     new b0bfbc9  [CXF-2845] Removing http-jaxws-spi transport
     new 80b15c4  [CXF-2845] Few minor changes to please Eclipse and set proper svn props
     new 0d8633b  [CXF-1913] Implement asynchronous support for HTTPS transport in CXF Server Change to using the new Channel SSL stuff in Jetty 7
     new 5144cf9  [CXF-2953] Fixed regression and updated Ant plug-in version of interopfest wstrust10.
     new 701f284  [CXF-2845] Removing dependency on commons-lang
     new 5d25600  Adding a relativePath property to interopfest wstrust poms
     new f2976af  [CXF-2954] Synchronize some stuff in the Extension bus
     new 59ac7a0  [CXF-2922] Fix warning with spring 3 by renaming a method. Fix JAXRSLoggingAtomPushSpringTest by making sure the beans create the loggers before the AtomPush things add handlers to them.
     new 5c4cb63  CXF-2957 fixed the wsdl2java issue of xmlbeans databinding
     new f780748  Update spring version to latest release
     new ce5ff7f   CXF-2957 removed the System.out from the system test
     new 46d81a4  [CXF-2947]http-osgi transport doesn't updateDests correct for the second service
     new 4a78b30  Fixed brackets handling in FIQL parser
     new 7f88e0c  Fixing checkstyle error
     new c5f8914  [CXF-2963] Added workaround for WSS-242 to allow compatibility with older versions of CXF.
     new 7ccfae3  Updating FIQLParserTest
     new ce3e30a  Addressing various JAXRS issues reported recently
     new 94dfcc3  A not-quite-correct import of the JMS sample that was floating around confluence. Expect improvements.
     new bdeda28  Fix package names and add license notices.
     new a9fad5c  This version actually works.
     new 6c4a0a1  Rename to match content. It doesn't use the JAX-WS API.
     new c87b6d4  Fix checkstyle issues.
     new c54e9cd  Eliminate ant until I work out how to make it work.
     new 1a1df25  Add new sample to aggregate POM.
     new 3ed87b4  [CXF-2961] Applying a patch on behalf of Peter Easton, thanks
     new 01b3d8b  CXF-2956 applied patch with thanks to William
     new 7a4d1e9  [CXF-2968] Changed operation to use DOMUtils instead of SAAJ operation.
     new dd8ead9  [CXF-2967] Support the unwrapping of JAXB responses for Dispatch
     new 8b767ae  Updating ProviderImpl to have wsdlLocation attribute contain a pair of values by default
     new be68216  Update to latest surefire plugin
     new 87d4d0f  Restoring the mungled comment
     new 397aadf  Removing println from the test
     new f34352d  [CXF-2969]StreamWriterContentHandler.getPrefix shouldn't return null if DEFAULT_NS_PREFIX is used
     new 9dbe5d7  Remove some jaxb specific stuff from RPC intereceptors.
     new 87a14eb  [CXF-2962] Add a better NPE guard
     new 7e8fc29  [CXF-2942] Fix type of collection for transportIds
     new 7fd6bd0  CXF-2971 Avoid the NPE of AnnotationsFactoryBeanListener
     new 056d860  With mvn building the samples, we need to exclude the target dirs
     new 7b38649  Trying to fix Locator test, temporarily adding printlns
     new 3350d04  Add some sanity checks to AbstractDataBinding.addSchemaDocument. Something is rotten, and this will help find out what.
     new 1da6e67  Fill in missing required behaviors of MapNamespaceContext.
     new f296568  Removing printlns in the Locator test
     new 4945179  Dropping empty Metadata elements from EPRs
     new f18b244  [CXF-2972] Returning a fault when ReplyTo EPR address is none
     new fb93e83  [CXF-2975]ChainInitiationObserver lack synchronization which could causes continuations to malfunction for some rare scenario
     new d18f713  [CXF-2974]:Log warning message instead of ServiceConstructionException in initializeClassInfo()
     new 992c321  [CXF-2967] Updating DataReaderImpl to check the exchange for unwrap.jaxb.element as well
     new 4af5ef4  Minor update to ProviderImpl to check null or empty custom metadata
     new b1a40ed  Fix eclipse warning
     new 300a2ac  [CXF-2979] Fix issues around plugability of databinding for java2ws style tools.
     new dd22226  Missed a file
     new d621c7b  Fix checkstyle
     new 4009e05  [CXF-2980]specify spring import version for jbi binding to enable it works with spring 3.x in osgi container
     new 7fad682  Added snippet tag for soap jms wiki page
     new fd38e8b  [CXF-2981] : retaining original generic ReplyTo EPRs if no alternative EPRs are available
     new 9e92aac  fix spelling mistake
     new 5117166  [CXF-2976] Allow to configure SSL session cache size and TTL on the client
     new 47b6ad4  CXF-2982 Don't throw the SuspendedInvocationException when call the suspend() method of CXF continuation
     new 80997da  CXF-2984 Added getState() method into InterceptorChain
     new 346aaef  Including container-integration module in systests
     new f7b250d  JAX-RS : fixing most of the UriBuilder tck related tests
     new f25ac5b  [CXF-2990]Response Context should not be empty even with a SOAP fault message when use async invoke
     new f1d899d  Adding repo to the grizzly container integration tests only
     new 7fb60fb  [CXF-2991]:Configure the http client connection and receive timeout via BindingProvider.getRequestContext
     new a6c3fc2  [CXF-2991]:Refactor the code. Thanks Dan for reviewing the code and his suggestions
     new 8776976  CXF-2994 SoapBindingFactory should not break the backward compatible of the CXF JMSTransport configuration
     new 64c2830  [CXF-2995] Patch use of cxf with lazy inits. Patch from Adam Lewandowski applied
     new 98362ab  [CXF-2996] Fix GET requests for enums, dates, and nulls Patch from Christian Hvid applied.
     new 71272ca  [CXF-2998,CXF-3000] Fix issues with out of band headers not being mapped to parameters correctly.
     new c75c2a8  [CXF-2988,CXF-2989] Fix issues with generating wrapper beans from java2ws plugin.
     new d96c6e5  [CXF-2985] Better method of mapping a Bus to a thread to prevent memory leaks. Patch from Mauro Molinari applied
     new 5c329c5  Fix some javadoc
     new abb7848  Add SDO stuff into bundle, update manifests for jetty change
     new 87a23a6  Updates to get wstx-msv-validation into as well as remove jdk 1.6 deps.
     new bd1179d  Move to new JMS config universe.
     new 505929a  1. Switch sample to new JMS config. 2. Fix typo in comment.
     new 31a8fd9  Fix spelling of JMS URI constant. Add JAX-WS API code to sample; client don't work yet.
     new 3b03d2a  making comma a default separator for Cache-Control and fixing the issue of the empty collections in the absense of @DefaultValue
     new 7a8c664  CXF-3003 Fixed the JAXWS client issue of java first JMS example
     new 6b259fb  CXF-3003 Removed the java files of ServerHTTP and ClientHTTP, also updated the pom.xml with jaxws profile
     new c40f73b  Updating JSONProvider to support TypeConverters and fixing SecurityContextImpl to check Authorization headers
     new aec74c0  Adding a test confirming post parameters can be retrieved from HttpServletContext
     new f5735e7  Add survey summary
     new af6590a  Exclude some unrequired deps
     new 2db8a73  Add readme to let people know we can provide raw results if requested.
     new e77719a  Fixing checkstyle errors in the java_first_jms demo
     new ef32ce7  [CXF-2997] : Prototyping the initial fix, setting a current base address as HttpServletRequest attribute
     new 6e86c28  Fixed the log typo of ClientImpl
     new bbc29db  CXF-3007 WSDLServiceFactory should throw exception if the service factory cannot build the service with a wrong port name
     new 751b97d  Move to new XML schema version (1.4.7).
     new 87a8c8a  Fix an issue of using an @XmlList with a doc/lit/bare service
     new 1136046  [CXF-3004] Make sure the response codes for ws-add and ws-rm things are correct
     new f403c4d  [CXF-2992] Use unique response map for each request
     new cf1a677  Fix jira-report template
     new 65b4915  The one arg constructor can sometimes end up with a Bus, not the impl
     new 0d600fb  Update compiler plugin version
     new 9fa7f0c  Update various versions of things
     new 3fe44d2  add relative path in samples poms to find parent
     new a26ca3d  revert activemq version till we can figure out how to get it to save it data in target
     new 321b7b3  Fixing last ignored UriBuilder tests
     new 0bb1412  Mark abdera optional Update WHICH_JARS Remove some other unused jars
     new 0463c59  Updating ServletDestination to return a proper base address in case of destination address being overwritten
     new 9d10362  A hack to ensure that a + contained in UriBuilder.replaceQuery is retained but is encoded otherwise
     new d24206c  Add a test case for Aegis JAX-RS with unqualified elements
     new 3e0f421  extend test case to remove type namespace for user types
     new 4aee961  add reading test
     new f4d5728  Update to latest ActiveMQ for testing.  Required the property name to be changed.
     new ca1e1bd  Update to latest wss4j
     new 60b13e4  [CXF-2527] Fix for using relative references with wsc:Identifiers Patch from Colm O'hEigeartaigh applied
     new c98f1e2  Make checkstyle happy
     new 46eade2  [CXF-3024] Fixing ResponseBuilder.location to check for query and fragment
     new 59d8315  [CXF-3034] Fix issue with StaxUtils and DOMs with comments
     new d05986c  Updating PhaseInterceptorChain to unwind the chain before a oneway status is checked
     new 48b7dce  [CXF-2890] Allow supporting token without transportbinding.
     new 5cadc18  [CXF-3035] : Explictly dealing with Set-Cookie headers containing Expires fields, and applying a patch from Joachim Kainz
     new a37f4aa  Update FI version
     new 4bf7f16  [CXF-2927] Create a ConfiguredBeanLocator if there isn't one to make sure we don't get NPE's
     new 400bd6e  [CXF-3037] Make sure registry gets sent into normalize methods
     new 52f2504  Moving a code to do with setting up a decoupled Destination into a utility method
     new 80091ed  [CXF-2959, CXF-2955] Support the catalogs within XmlBeans Support using XmlBeans for header objects
     new 9d1e013  Minor update to MediaType handler
     new 7775a6d  [CXF-3047] When validating, wrapper the reader with a new reader that will fake some extra NS events to work around definciencies in the stax and validation API's
     new 26973b3  Update asm version
     new 6a3ec59  Use an insensitive compare to find cookies as some web servers are returning the all strange.
     new 248db03  Remove spurious printStackTrace()
     new 244aafd  Update release notes
     new a8eb9d3  Accound for the older woodstox sometimes return null instead of ""
     new 6894e22  Lock down war plugin version.   Enable some of the interopplugfest things for the release.
     new 0fb16f6  Use the "released" versions of these for now.
     new ea6f198  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.3.0
     new 98c1291  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 463fdbc  Go back to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT for the utils until release is promoted
     new 1cb845c  Remove double replace
     new 6b2fa7c  [CXF-3052] : Optional support for decoupled faults in case of oneway requests
     new a5d3653  [CXF-3059] idl2wsdl fails when constant is used to define boundary of sequence.
     new a375a36  [CXF-3060]:Made the AddressingFeature(true,true) work when the wsa policy is not enforced
     new 3bc4449  Fixing some versions from 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 2c243b7  Use the release versions
     new bb7549b  [CXF-3022] Some improvements to do with the generics support
     new 09e981e  Add version to samples pom as the release plugin had issues with <cxf.version>${project.version</cxf.version> when project.version was inherited from the parent.  Will see if this helps
     new 82d2344  Update versions to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 490f39f  [CXF-3065] Follow HTTP 301 redirect responses to HTTP GET requests
     new e03eb83  [CXF-3065] Follow HTTP 301 redirect responses to HTTP GET requests
     new 90c3689  [CXF-3063] : Initial code for using WSSE tokens for authorization decisions without extending WSS4JInInterceptor
     new 0294c9c  [CXF-3063] : fixing unit tests
     new 554e705  [CXF-3063] : Support for existing custom AbstractUsernameTokenAuthenticating subclasses
     new 74c9186  [CXF-3067] Removed duplicate code.
     new 744dcdc  [CXF-3068] Make sure the streams don't return 0 for anything.
     new ee3a168  Add a FactoryType annotation to control how the service object is constructed
     new 26328e2  First round of attempt to use XML Schema 2.0
     new 0032edb  Fix some but not all of the issues in testImportRepairs
     new 9538b16  ImportRepairTest passes
     new 30b7ccb  fix invalid schemas in soap binding header test
     new 65cd319  remove misleading utility that made it seem as if a schema element could be assigned an arbitrary qname
     new 37736a0  Fix schema issues with rt/javascript
     new 38bb94a  stop trying to set a name= for xml schema items with a ref=
     new 1e60b38  make a test a bit easier to debug
     new b35dc1f  make a test a bit easier to debug
     new b59df6d  Fix rest of tooling
     new abd5ca1  Fix http bnding tests
     new 8c1f81d  some clarifications in tests I was debugging
     new f1bc43b  Rest of the unit tests passing.
     new 137b2ff  Putthe correct concrete name in place
     new d5fe3f0  Respond to the removal of addType. Not all problems in CORBA fixed yet
     new 5d58f5e  more tweaks in response to crosschecks
     new 06e4cd9  Make some test failures more verbose. Eliminate another invalid call to getItems().add(). Make an element toplevel that needs to be toplevel.
     new 0907d71  Squash one last example of misusing XmlSchema.getItems();
     new 0c0183e  CXF-3051: modify all POM props to start with cxf.
     new 1ddf1b8  CXF-3051: missed an edit error
     new a085d59  Fix property that was renamed
     new 06ad1ba  [CXF-3069] Make sure proper XmlElement annotations are output when using asm generated wrappers
     new b3b631f  CXF-3051: missed an edit error
     new 35ef1f3  Fix pmd setup in eclipse for SDO
     new 96445d2  Fix some fault messages Add ability for SessionFactory to not create if not already in the session.
     new 8f397b6  Fix issues of sessions not really being usable across endpoints on the same port.
     new 0a0c1cb  CLose conduits to cleanup JMS connections
     new 9676af0  Fix failing tests on java5
     new 832db56  [CXF-3072] Added support for PKCS#11 providers.
     new 5876a79  Fix typo Patch from Guillaume Sauthier applied
     new ddd41be  [CXF-2839] CXF HttpConduit doesn't read VM proxy settings Patch from Guillaume Sauthier applied
     new fd7a44f  [CXF-3075] Sync the create method as state is recorded during processing.
     new 878746a  [CXF-3073] Switch to instance var for md5 digest and sync it properly
     new c4215e1  [CXF-3076]add catalog to avoid download schema files remotely
     new 79b4284  [CXF-3082] Make EndpointImpl.publish() work correctly without throwing the NPE on the get of the service list and wsdl
     new 40f12a5  Update to latest versions of some things. Fix issues of sessions with Jetty 7.2
     new 373dcf1  revert change.  Not in central.
     new a39a068  Add new convenience API for creating proxies.
     new a8f8785  Make some unit tests use the new API.
     new 5bd9cf5  Typos fixed.
     new 623d4da  [CXF-3091]  Added support to URL decode URL parameters encountered during WSDL lookup.
     new 5e5f102  [CXF-2992] More fixes for thread safety around the response context
     new 54dc859  Add an NPE guard to the OneWayProcessor.
     new 93b280e  Fix build, properties were renamed
     new 8aa2857  [CXF-3069] Adding NPE guard to getWrapperPartMinOccurs method
     new e3818e3  Fixing another leftover from the build properties rename, causing wrong META-INF/services/ prop to be included in installed artifact when providing -Pjaxws22 profile w/ JDK6
     new 45d7caf  [CXF-3088] : Fixing the UriBuilder.clone() losing a leading slash
     new 0d5fd8d  [CXF-3097]ws-rm ImmediateAcknowledgement doesn't work for ws-rm client side
     new da48ab7  [CXF-3104]:Enable threshold value configuration via  @MTOM and @MTOMFeature
     new b7f5988  [CXF-3107]keep net.sf.cglib optional import version range same as it used in spring-beans 3.0.x
     new 8b70488  [CXF-3108] Updating HttpServletRequestFilter qualifier to protected
     new 4263b96  [CXF-3090] : Support for request URIs with no trailing slashes
     new 28895e6  [CXF-3106]:Supported responses configuration in @Addressing;Added jaxws22 tests for this feature
     new b4ea5df  Fix versions.
     new c30e01d  Move to new Maven coordinates for XMLSchema.
     new be69022  CXF-3056: package non-optimized MTOM as streams to match optimized (in Aegis)
     new 31ac0d6  Fix 1.5 compile problem.
     new 772ee3c  CXF-3057, CXF-3058. Clean up some mtom wiring.
     new 7167055  Make it easier for new users to get started with their classpaths.
     new 5bebdc5  [CXF-3063] : selecting Subject principal by default
     new feab0b0  Fix eclipse warnings
     new 999bb5d  CXF-3115 Upgraded Spring version to 3.0.5.RELEASE
     new a3aa366  Removed repeated test.
     new ab42429  Removed duplicate test.
     new 3774aed  Restoring two tests erroneously removed yesterday.
     new 4cfb7c1  Code consolidation.
     new 586cbda  Making sure no servlet api is strictly required on the client side
     new 685ee05  JAX-RS : Fixing a catch statement
     new a17e946  [CXF-3116] Add an NPE guard
     new e2192fb  Make the new JAX-WS 2.2 spi.http stuff optional so it works with jaxws 2.1 api jars
     new 33dc84c  JAX-RS: another attempt on breaking the client dependency on the servlet api
     new aa13088  Add some more method to IOUtils to make it more useful and replace the commons version in the tests
     new b83f1f0  JAX-RS : finally making the servlet api dependency optional on the client, some good refactoring of util silos will be needed in time
     new d6aafd5  Fixed the CS errors of distribution build
     new a3d46d2  CXF-3123 initial commit of spnego auth with thanks to luca di stefano
     new 4d74e6b  Try to fix the release plugin issue of cxf.version
     new 112f790  [CXF-3122]Async Handler for dispatch client is called twice in case of bad response message
     new d7334ad  remove System.out from my previous commit
     new 558518b  Update the examples module name
     new 9737d5e  [CXF-3041, CXF-3042] Cleanup to checks for various request only or response only security cases
     new 329a01e  Add endorsing of the jaxws 2.2/jaxb 2.2 stuff to the scripts and ant build thing.
     new 288f295  fixed the idltowsdl typos
     new babe60e  Remove private "bus" in SoapTransportFactory that is redundant with the parent class
     new 3a2a396  Remove dependency cycle with config and move proxy logic out of HTTPConduit
     new 6a13937  CXF-3126 fix the issue of mvn -Pserver in CXF examples
     new ae2a108  [CXF-3127] Updating HttpConduit to check a non-error input stream only in case of successful requests
     new 3fc21d8  CXF-3130: ExceptionInInitializerErrors should get the same treatment as ClassNotFoundException when processing annotations
     new 6d19840  Make sure all the samples bring in a slf4j that will actually log someplace
     new aa0a98d  [CXF-3128] Properly enforce where exclude=true is allowed rather than just ignore it.
     new c76275f  [CXF-2868] Undo the changes for CXF-2868 as it looks like it was a bug in JAXB that is now fixed.
     new 620c2dc  Fix checkstyle errors
     new 3d01de8  Minor fix to do with handling trailing slashes for WADL queries working well
     new 479d673  CXF-3130: just catch Throwable as per Dan's suggestion
     new 68c173e  [CXF-3022] Fixing more generics-related issues
     new 9a3ee48  [CXF-3021] Removing a reference to javax.wsdl.port from WSDLEndpointFactory
     new 5278d4d  Removing @Override annotations for Hudson builds to succeed
     new 261d956  [CXF-3132]asynchronous client can't get correct error if non-runtimeexcpetion happen
     new 2d60da2  [CXF-3112] : Applying a patch on behalf of David Hagar
     new e36115c  Make sure abdera/axiom are in the manifest jar so just adding the jars to lib should work
     new 2335d25  Change to FINE logging as not having the old xfire classes is actually the norm
     new af01763  Small refactoring of http transport
     new 745f332  [CXF-3132]refactor StaxUtils not to use recursive to avoid StackOverflowError
     new 1c0b2bb  [JAX-RS] Minor fix for field-based injection of Contexts to work in cases when service classes are interfaces
     new 998e645  JAX-RS : fixing the build and minor update to improve the contexts injection via setters
     new 9de6a7b  Unify plugin version
     new e1a8039  CXF-3137 Simplify http connection factory in http transport
     new a8c6cd0  Hold the defaultBus as a weak reference: CXF-3142.
     new 3544f6b  Add javadoc to the BusFactory, particularly to reflect CXF-3142.
     new 47ac47d  Wrong form of integer used.
     new 61aae79  Switch to XML comments for license header.
     new 51799a3  CXF-3143: don't leak proxies
     new b058cfa  CXF-3144 Simplify HttpConduit by factoring out header, cookie and trust handling
     new 07f0a07  [CXF-3110] Minor update for xml adapters with parameterized types work better
     new 6fce5db  [CXF-3133] Support for invocations suspended from JAX-RS subresources, thanks to Willem
     new 6cc96ce  [CXF-3096] JMS shouldn't close pre-configured SingleCOnnectionFactories Patch from Hartmut Lang applied
     new 2c722e1  Remove a printStackTrace
     new 2ea3e44  Make a hard dependency on spring-context to make sure the proper version gets picked up
     new edbf229  [CXF-3105] Properly map the parameter names specified in the binding file by checking the message name  as well as the element name.
     new 3538053  [CXF-3074] Add fork mode to java2ws plugin Patch from Vincent Siveton applied
     new ab7e8b8  remove printStackTrace
     new 82cd106  [CXF-3114]WS-RM's RMTxStore's does not recover stored sequences after restart
     new e7d5ede  [CXF-3147] Defaulting to UTF-8 if form media type is null
     new 7f91c65  [CXF-3148] Improving the code dealing with explicit collections by applying a fix on behalf of Dobes Vandermeer
     new 9a646a7  Adapting a java_first_jaxws demo to a jaxrs system test with moving soap related tests to the subpackage
     new a002ff5  [CXF-3149] Making WebClient.invokeAndGetCollections work better with 3rd party providers - patch on behalf of Dobes Vandermeer has been applied
     new b44280e  [CXF-3151]Invalid WS-A ReplyTo constant value used by WS-RM--apply patch on behalf of Aki Yoshida
     new 84f7487  [CXF-2958] Support for explicit collections of query or matrix params with proxies
     new 74986cd  Remove hack for http->https urls as it's not needed with the latest updates to our JIRA
     new 0918300  [CXF-3155] Support for ApplicationPath and RuntimeDelegate.createEndpoint
     new 43155e2  Fixing the compilation failure
     new 435a4f0  [CXF-3061] Add an NPE guard
     new de89b0d  Fixes for running samples builds from within distribution env
     new b6fe613  [CXF-3099] Fix the samples that were not updated to Jetty 7 Update versions of groovy and ruby that are used in the samples
     new c28f03d  [CXF-3152] Update to wss4j 1.5.10 Add support for PKI cert chain Patch from Colm O hEigeartaigh applied but test disabled until the certs are available.
     new b3ce707  [CXF-3136] Make sure the ResourceManager is fully configured
     new 424a4bb  [CXF-3100] Add cookies on retransmit
     new 1d98fac  Update to make sure the proper spring-dm application bundle classloader is used to load the ws-security related things like properties files and callbacks and such
     new 612a509  [CXF-3152] Add the missing certs and re-enable tests
     new 451df1d  Fix builds with latest eclipse checkstyle plugin Will require a release of the buildtools.  Depend on the snapshot for a few days.
     new 4eb597d  Accidentally committed something that wasn't ready (and untested).  Fix the tests.
     new 362a2a0  [CXF-3159] Catching late provider initialization exceptions
     new 10e2675  Minor update to have no-annotation jax-rs servers return explicit collections properly
     new b1e7e91  Fix some relative paths to parents
     new 06065f1  CXF-3142
     new 5c6f19f  Add a missing accessor for callers who prefer to call wait for themselves.
     new aa722f5  CXF-3142. Reduce this to documentation.
     new d521dab  [CXF-3166] Ignoring empty and null values during UriTemplate matches
     new e2902f8  CXF-3160 Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants
     new 91bdddc  CXF-3160 Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants
     new e74c19a  [CXF-3166] Ignoring all empty values but the last one
     new 0075701  [CXF-3150] Introducing ServerWebApplicationException and ClientWebApplicationException
     new 9be1f28  Comments .. retrigger build
     new c93f1bd  Make a few methods public to allow it to be used easier without the spring config
     new 4470377  Fixing the system test failure
     new 7d1acae  [CXF-3168] : checking for spaces around template vars
     new 26f45d2  Bump up version of buildutils as the SNAPSHOT version is not in repository
     new 6410bab  Fix ws-addressing sample to create a new map for each messag
     new ec23e4a  [CXF-3172] Adding SecureAnnotationsInterceptor
     new e107d43  [CXF-3173] Adding JAXRSSimpleSecurityTest
     new c8bd5d1  CXF-3160 Patch 3: Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants - using DestinationRegistry for all http transport variants
     new fa55c0b  CXF-3160 Patch 3: Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants - using DestinationRegistry for all http transport variants
     new eb14cd4  CXF-3160 Patch 3: Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants - using DestinationRegistry for all http transport variants
     new 22e2940  CXF-3160 Reduce Code duplication between http transport variants - fixing bug with jaxws 2.2
     new 24a4fb0  Remove fork=true as command line is too long on windows
     new 8fa4993  [CXF-3178]build failed on Mac OSX caused by Failed to resolve artifact. om.sun:tools:jar:1.5.0
     new fddc09f  [CXF-3178]build failed on Mac OSX caused by Failed to resolve artifact. om.sun:tools:jar:1.5.0
     new d78dab4  [CXF-3095]test to verify multiple xsd files work with schema-validation-enabled
     new 66db34a  CXF-3176 Update to latest Jetty version 7.2.1 from 7.2.0
     new d034291  CXF-3177 Update to latest JAXB version 2.2.2 from 2.2.1
     new 599d392  CXF-3177 Added the maven repo into the pom
     new 4ed9954  Fixed the build error of cxf-systests-jaxws
     new 06c4a0d  [CXF-3062] Added enforcement for the presence of the MessageId MAP in Req/Resp MEP.  Added inclusion of RelatesTo MAP when MessageId is missing in request.
     new ebc21dd  CXF-3180 try to fix the Jaxrs/Jaxb unmarshaller code regularly causing performance problems & thread lock-up
     new da41f58  CXF-3180 removed the synchronized part of JAXBMarshallerUnmarshallerCache as it is used per thread
     new 7432a70  [CXF-3181]:Responder supports the inbound soap message with wsa MessageID and RelatesTo headers
     new 67385a5  Exported eclipse preferences as possible alternative to maven / ant automation.
     new fbbe6d2  Add a profile that might get PMD working in m2eclipse.
     new 1270127  CXF-3160 Extracting service list generation from ServletController and OsgiServletController. Moving some more code out of http-osgi
     new fa75ed8  CXF-3177 Removed the maven repo id as the JAXB 2.2.2 is in the central repo
     new 4fa8ec9  [CXF-3179]ServerPersistenceTest fail intermittently
     new 759fe28  remove LoggingInterceptor which is used for my debug
     new 48e99d9  Commented out ws security interop examples to fix build problems
     new ac55c90  CXF-3177 revert the upgrading of the JAXB 2.2.2
     new 98a2b7b  CXF-3184 Fixed the issue of SOAPBindingUtil.getProxy in OSGi
     new 33ef292  CXF-3180 remove the marshal and unmarshal cache as the lock is related to XmlStreamReader
     new 5d16604  [JAX-RS] Support for oneways in user models
     new 82d637d  Renaming README.TXT to README.txt
     new 1fcddcc  Recreating README.txt
     new e6d7628  Point to correct WSDL name
     new af18e7a  Fix wsdl_first_soap12 to actually do the schema validation when run from mvn
     new c6efe46  [CXF-3188]:Not return the soap mustUnderstand fault for an one way operation
     new fe07e9d  [CXF-3188]:Optimized the code a bit(thanks Dan for review my commit);Removed the wrong annotation @Override, it's strange the build is successful on jdk6 and fedora machine
     new 27a5de4  [CXF-1924] make sure the tmp dir is writable as well
     new 9dee2a9  Start updating tests so they pass with IBM JDK.  Still many to go.
     new 268d973  [CXF-3188]:Removed the wrong @Override annotation to fix the build
     new 2f75da4  [CXF-3192]extract GZIP Interceptors/Feature from http transport to transport-common module
     new c241920  [CXF-3192]also update AnnotationsFactoryBeanListener
     new d6597aa  Missing update to the jaxrs.xsd
     new 59d7961  CXF-3123 Some refactorings of the http auth code to make it easier to add new auth mechanisms
     new fd8f535  [CXF-3195] Introducing JAAS Interceptor and filter
     new db91c80  Fixing compilation failure in Hudson
     new a43f093  CXF-3123 Some refactorings of the http auth code to make it easier to add new auth mechanisms
     new 8549b93  [CXF-3195,CXF-3172] Updatig SecureAnnotationsInterceptor to check interfaces and JAASAuthenticationFilter to redirect to context-based addresses by default
     new dfea8ec  Missed a non-dynamic port.   Try with both jaxws:endpoint and the ServerFactoryBean
     new 7db2031  [CXF-3196] Add endorsed things to generated build.xml
     new 84f47cf  [CXF-3197] Fix NPE in wsdl2java when unwrapping elements that have anonymous types.
     new 8858a0a  Slight optimization.
     new daefa8f  [CXF-3199]:Set the wsa action and remove the not understood soap headers in OneWayDecoupledFaultHandler
     new e7bb7ee  [CXF-3179]bigger waiting time to avoid test failure with busy machine
     new 2308b5d  [CXF-3174]support gzip encoding compliant with Soap over JMS spec
     new fb1f68e  [CXF-3200]fix OOBHeaderTest failure
     new ff3e8cb  [CXF-3179]fix another incomplete awaitMessages assert
     new 742a27b  [CXF-3179]bigger awaiting time to ensure it pass on very busy/slow machine
     new 9babda0  CXF-3183 added http transport id
     new 5b2a886  [CXF-2810]wrong namespace in generated wsdl which conflict with aegis type annation namespace in SEI
     new 6b3a3f5  [CXF-3207] Adding Response MessageBodyReader
     new 8d7ce36  [CXF-3210]add test to guarantee Aegis will use the interface method when looking for annotations
     new 037bf79  [CXF-3206]PolicyEngineImpl initializes bus interceptors twice
     new 8e44022  Fixing some tests on Windows
     new 032d49d  CXF-3214 Fix the BusLifeCycleListener preshutdown is called twice issue
     new 3b79824  CXF-3213 BusApplicationListener should listen to the events of the BusApplicationContext parent
     new 4dca345  use correct Logger name
     new 81d695d  [CXF-3209]:Added NeedReset boolean flag in ServiceFactory to avoid creating service twice when the port is get without portName
     new 8044dac  CXF-3216 Refactor http authentication to make it more flexible and simpler. Add spnego kerberos auth support
     new c1ed63f  [JAX-RS] Enhancing FastinfoSet system test
     new 44b47ba  [JAX-RS] Ensuring custom response code is not lost in case of CXF interceptors initiating an early copying of headers
     new a107cd7  Fixing typo
     new a6b897f  [CXF-3217] Initial support for DataBinding annotation in the JAX-RS frontend
     new a674d26  Update to latest surefire
     new 2a47485  Polish the JMSEndpointTest accorrding to the SOAP over JMS spec
     new ba873a2  Remove the System.out.println of JMSEndpointTest
     new ff651a6  CXF-3220 let the java_first_jms can run without jaxws API, also put the activemq-data into target directory
     new af0ce96  Put the activemq-data into target, and fix the warning of Client
     new d854829  Fixed the PolicyAnnotationTest error in JDK 1.5
     new df1614a  [CXF-2626] Adding DataBindingProvider and XmlBeansDataBinding tests
     new d071430  [CXF-2626] Fixing typos in DataBindingProvider test; they do not affect the xmlbeans tests though
     new fb32dbf  [CXF-3198] Applying a patch on behalf of Rahul Somasunderam
     new 9a7e736  Revert the change of PolicyAnnotationTest
     new 9e6fcde  CXF-3187 upgrade Jetty version to 7.2.2
     new 9b939b5  [JAX-RS]Adding a test with the user model using a header parameter
     new 704d6ff  [CXF-3222]OsgiTransportFactory can't fully initialized problem
     new 2c8505d  [CXF-3154] Enhancing JAXBElementProvider to support single JAXBContexts
     new 0d5791c  [CXF-3223]introduce a threshold system property for staxutils to avoid parsing message with unreasonable inner element level
     new 35a95f1  [JAX-RS] Updating the property name
     new ecf4d5d  [JAX-RS] Minor update to AbstractJAXBProvider to simplify the checks and minimise the noise to do with the creation of package contexts
     new 85fb44c  [JAX-RS] Adding the tests to do with the update to AbstractJAXBProvider dropped during the previous commit
     new b949f5e  [CXF-2269] Making Aegis and XmlBeans dependencies optional
     new 181bcfa  [CXF-3227] Adding JAXRSDataBinding
     new fc86e74  [CXF-3129] Add @Generated annotation to generated code Patch from Nithya Sivasubramaniam applied (with mods)
     new de6c4f5  [CXF-3047] Take W3CDOMStreamReader into account when searching for namespaces. Patch from Marc Giger applied.
     new 4da9369  [CXF-2697] If order.size() == 0, allow the empty params. Patch from Dieter Freismuth applied
     new 90ae03b  Add some unit tests from Nithya Sivasubramaniam
     new 8ab4c0d  [CXF-2770] Support for autoRewriteSoapAddress frmo Spring Patch from Jim Talbut applied
     new 8e48d52  CXF-3216 Moving http auth classes to as separate package. changing HttpAuthSupplier to an interface and making it simpler. Note: This makes HttpAuthSupplier incompatible with the old style.
     new 4f836e1  [CXF-3215] Make sure only one version of each class is attempted to be created.
     new 11f1489  [CXF-3229] If exception name is Exception, use fully qualified name for the superclass
     new bcdd196  [CXF-3228] Honor the SAAJ encoding and write decl properties
     new 25f5579  Fix spelling mistake
     new e27db01  [CXF-3231] Check the wsa-action if the soap:body would not allow distinguishing the operation.
     new b921a18  [CXF-3201] Attempt to fix the failing test on Windows Patch from Jim Talbut applied.
     new 634941d  For a one-way, do a temporary yield after sticking it on the workqueue to try and allow the messages to stay in order.
     new d702275  [CXF-3218] The SecConv interceptor pre-validates the action.  Skip it in the MAPAggregator
     new eec7966  [CXF-3037] Pass the builder and registry around throughout the policies so that the normalize calls can all have the registry passed in.
     new a7af8eb  Make sure  the soap action on SOAP 1.2 is also checked
     new 8752f95  Remove a bunch of stuff that has long been deprecated.
     new 2fddfd8  Attempting to fix a test on Windows
     new 9dd42cc  [CXF-3085] Fix warning
     new 1797e6d  Another update to make tests passing on Windows
     new d482227  Fixed a CS error of wsdl_first_soap12 example
     new 1e36c88  CXF-3230 delete jms temp queue after request
     new f601554  [JAX-RS] Making sure ParameterHandlers are checked in case of String constructors throwing exceptions
     new 6f11e80  [CXF-3234] Minor update to JAXRSOutInterceptor for response Type be correctly determined
     new 5e18ac7  Creating an XmlSchemaImport auto adds it to the schema.  Thus, if we also add, we get duplicates.
     new f40b960  Make sure file URL's returned form the ServletContextResourceResolver actually resolve to a file.
     new 8283a97  Make sure the WebParam name is used
     new e88fef2  [CXF-2687] For schemas set with schemaLocation, make sure any imports/includes they have are properly processed for ?wsdl usage
     new bac231d  [CXF-3193] Allow CachingXmlEventWriter ns cache to have multiple prefixes for a namespace.
     new 169f676  [CXF-3165] Minor updates to bat files
     new f501e60  [CXF-3226] Support for explicit spaces in Path expressions
     new fa4f346  Adding some log statements to authorizing interceptors
     new 150f0be  relativepath should point to dir, not pom.xml
     new 2e51a76  [CXF-3092, CXF-3093] Add tests for these to prove they DO work. Will follow up with Glen
     new 9e0729a  [CXF-3080] Shorten some names to make them line up nicer
     new 2b8ccfb  [CXF-3232] Add a NPE guard around setting the content type
     new 7a6724d  Set SVN properties on a bunch of things to make sure line endings and such are correct
     new e900fc0  [CXF-3238]idl2wsdl fails when constant is used to define string lenght
     new 456974c  [CXF-3241] Support for CGLIB-enhanced response objects
     new b1fdec0  Fixing the build failure
     new 89f884f  [CXF-3236] - Add support for an Issued Token extracted from a SAML assertion  - Upgrading to use WSS4J 1.5.11-SNAPSHOT temporarily, which will be released soon.
     new 55840dc  Switch jaxws systest schema from French to English.
     new 9d75109  [CXF-3135] Proper support for wadl form parameters
     new ba23f7c  [CXF-3242] Better handling of primitive response/request types
     new d7aa055  [CXF-3239]idl2wsdl fails if invisible const char is defined in IDL
     new 87122d7  [CXF-3238]also fix the inner module case
     new 72a4f26  [CXF-3092,CXF-3093] Make sure the Documentation annotaions are handled at endpoint selection time, not when the server is created.
     new 67a5317  [CXF-3244] Make sure we pull the policies off the BindingFaultInfo from the unwrapped version as that's where they are stored.
     new 779df5b  [CXF-3079] Update a bunch of javadocs to remove all the javadoc warnings in api
     new 02d6543  [CXF-622] Change Cache-Control to a string as it can be pretty free form.
     new 6b4773d  [CXF-3233]adding a testcase clearly demostrate shemavalidation works for outgoing message
     new ddb24d1  Add notes on msv to WHICH_JARS.
     new d8826ef  CXF-3249 Better handling of HTTP 401 responses and other HTTP error codes
     new 782f815  [CXF-3250]:Fix issue EPR's address is NOT used for invocations on the endpoint when the dispatchImpl is created with EPR
     new b8bb018  CXF-3252 should support namespace ""
     new 54e6a1c  [CXF-3145] Applying a slightly modified patch on behalf of Brian Topping - thanks
     new 7a32e37  [CXF-3145] Removing @Overrides from SimpleSearchCondition
     new 2540321  Removing another @Override
     new e13d599  Removing yet another @Override: sorry
     new c6f9c5e  [CXF-3248] Application.getClasses() may also return provider classes
     new df9647c  [CXF-3247] Supporting providers with no generic parameters
     new ceaf844  [CXF-3188] Make sure the mustUnderstand fault is sent back to the client even if there is a problem in the body.
     new a23fe94  Remove println in test Update to release version of wss4j
     new 1d49db1  [CXF-3254]idl2wsdl should be able to honor #if preprocessor
     new 5ad7695  UPdate javadoc
     new f9601d0  [CXF-3257] Simplify the portInfo collections to a single map Make sure getPorts returns all the ports.
     new b6f6cc7  Remove a println
     new b372f91  [CXF-3145] Minor follow-up update: renaming SQLPrinterConditionVisitor to SQLPrinterVisitor and moving it to sql subpackage
     new 79213dd  JAX-RS: Starting to add the documentation to the org.apache.cxf.jaxrs package
     new f087366  JAX-RS: Fixing the typo in the docs
     new 45d19c3  [CXF-3209]:revert the change. It introduced another problem
     new c30aca8  Fix for CXF-3260 - missing message in resource bundle.
     new b9b495e  [CXF-3266] - CXF uses the incorrect namespace to refer to an Encrypted Key
     new 3572b3d  [CXF-3261] Removing reflective calls from the JAXRSOutInterceptor
     new 74e6729  [CXF-3170] SAAJInINterceptor doesn't filter out GET requests
     new bc148ec  [CXF-3170] Also put a GET guard on WSS4JInInterceptor
     new 17af21d  [CXF-3268] Add a jaxws21 profile to the tooling to have it not output the stuff that is specific to jaxws 2.2
     new 65c187a  [CXF-3264]idl2wsdl tool should be able to honor #pragma directive
     new cb44edf  CXF-3279 Marking the imports of the CORABA package to be optional
     new 2a8938f  [CXF-3207] Updating WebClient to support ResponseReader
     new 915e730  Add comment to JAX-WS 2.2 constructors to explain what to do about them.
     new 3885d20  [CXF-3274] Better support for Form requests
     new d42287b  [CXF-3277]soap headers can't be carried back when exception happen
     new 1f1a979  [CXF-3286]idl2wsdl tool should be able to honor local keyword
     new 7ecf7f9  [CXF-3262] Applying a patch on behalf of Jason Downey, thanks
     new 3bbbf76  [CXF-3280]idl2wsdl does not process multiple include directories -I <dir> correctly.
     new 3b87c4d3 [CXF-3264]add license headers
     new b3cb1fd  [CXF-3285] Avoiding explicit use of regular expressions in JAXRSUtils
     new 8061cf2  [CXF-3288] Cloning ResponseBuilder during Client.getResponse() calls
     new 57218e3  [CXF-3289]idl2wsdl fails if reference to interface is used inside the interface itself.
     new 5b0c9a5  [CXF-3292] Fixing MultipartProvider to read maps
     new 3392565  fix typos and spelling errors and missing substitution vars in messages in JAX-RS.
     new f0bfe13  [CXF-3293]idl2wsdl tool fails if parameter refer an interface from other module in an included idl file
     new dce7397  [CXF-3294]idl2wsdl tool fails if inherit interface has oneway method
     new 9916420  [CXF-3295]idl2wsdl tool fails for some comment format
     new cd44649  [CXF-3296]wsdl2java tool should always use catalog to resovle the overwriten url firstly
     new dd68f96  [CXF-3298] Use explicit indexOf and substring functions for creating the query map
     new 43623fb  CXF-3299 test scope for http and local transport
     new fdeee9c  Added reference to spring osgi as it is used in the spring context
     new d3cf02a  CXF-3230 Only log exception instead of rethrowing to work around problem with hornetq
     new 2a64be6  [CXF-3297]idl2wsdl fails with NPE if IDL contains typeprefix keyword
     new 1b3aedd  CXF-3299 add compile scope for http transport for jdk15 and for jaxws22
     new ccc81ce  Fixing a typo in the system jaxrs test
     new ed30fa8  Fix a problem with Dispatch<Document> not working correctly
     new ba7b0b7  Remove an unneeded/deprecated namespace
     new 3dafeba  CXF-3302: remove XFire compatibility dregs. Thanks Matt.
     new f85c470  [CXF-3305] Fix problems with Provider<Source> getting a Source that doesn't properly have the streamreader set to START_DOCUMENT.
     new 5301e06  [CXF-3271] WS-RM code does not support InOrder assurances Patch from Dennis Sosnoski applied Modified patch to use continuations when available to not consume threads.
     new 9b901b4  [CXF-3290] Fix problem of generating code with Service and SEI haveing the same name, but different packages.
     new fbcc3dd  [CXF-3310] Move the configureObject call for the ProxyFactory into the proxy factory so the ProxyFactory api's can be used with configured objects.
     new 790be45  [CXF-2736] Moving the LogBrowser project to the trunk
     new db9c113  Excluding the log browser package from the compilation
     new efbf0ff  Fixing the compilation issue
     new 23861d7  Fix for java 5
     new a5f9e96  Clean up the warnings in eclipse
     new 7d1a8f2  Removing the repository tag from the rt/management-web/pom.xml
     new 0387aa5  [JAX-RS] Adding some documentation as well as few more UriBuilder tests with 2 being disabled
     new 1d49f20  [CXF-3311] Incremental generation for XMLBeans Patch from petekol at mail dot ru applied.
     new c3844b3  [CXF-3253] Make sure local conduit uses the correct output stream to launch the destination.
     new cd141d9  Removing undocumented ws-security property and updating UsernameTokenInterceptor to duplicate a WSS4J token as a CXF one
     new 22f3154  Removingthe leftover code from UsernameTokenInterceptor
     new 34ae944  [CXF-3318] Renaming the to ws-security.validate.token
     new bff763b  [CXF-3021] Dropping a strong dependency on wsdl4j for JAX-RS services
     new 945275d  [CXF-3021] Minor update to the AbstractJAXRSFactoryBean to avoid hidden loader exceptions in the absence of wsdl4j
     new e021b79  [CXF-3124] Unifying the NoConduitInitiator exception handling
     new e83d56d  [CXF-3304] Disabling the chunking lets retrieve the text of the 401 response
     new 1feff49  [CXF-3321] - Added the ability to configure the STSClient via spring to send an X509Certificate to the STS.
     new 12eda42  [CXF-3322] Adding LoginSecurityContext interface
     new d99e093  Reverting r1069123
     new 73c6366  [CXF-3322] Adding LoginSecurityContext interface
     new 6957ce0  [CXF-3322] Fixing build failure
     new 2f5a246  Update to run tests in alpha order
     new 8c82936  Start updating a few things for next version of Neethi
     new a347552  [CXF-3319] idl2wsdl defines XSD types multiple times in wsdl.
     new f1953fc  CXF-3326 fixed the test error of RountripTest
     new 2dafb4b  CXF-3325 Logging interceptors should show the HTTP method
     new ab2c5f5  Constructor fixed.
     new 806f15c  [CXF-3112] Converting Expires to upper case
     new 2d8876e  [CXF-3324] Adding log guards in JAXRSUtils
     new fa504c0  Fixed the test error of SecurityPolicyTest
     new 0af12f9  CXF-3327 PhaseInterceptorChain should warn user if the interceptor phase can't be found
     new 0799f6f  Fixed a CS error of logbrowser example
     new 9b2f473  [CXF-3330] Escaping literal pluses in URITemplate
     new 4b619ed  Merging wss4j-1.6-snapshot branch to trunk.
     new 61d5c33  CXF-3332 Fixed the issue of SourceDataBinding doesn't create a thread safe DataReader.
     new 9585ecf  CXF-3334 cxf-jms should support the topicReplyToName option of the JMS URI
     new cb2b003  [JAX-RS] Few improvements to SourceProvider and XSLTJaxbProvider
     new a3e220e  Fixing a broken system jaxrs test
     new 5286ddf  Remove dead code
     new fb55d66  [CXF-3308] Change to using long instead of BigInteger for WS-RM sequences to make the code easier to maintain and use. Patch from Dennis Sosnoski applied
     new 4ed4013  Start updating trunk to use/leverage Neethi 3.0 changes
     new 28a0799  Changed message of the back link to explorer tab
     new a9e4f8e  Fix compile on java5
     new 194c101  CXF-3314 Separate loggers for LoggingInInterceptor and LoggingOutInterceptor
     new e4ddb0a  [CXF-3303]idl2wsdl fails with NPE if a type cannot be resolved
     new 0dc5110  [CXF-3338] Adding StaxTransformFeature
     new 51a1421  Fix a non utf-8 character causing a compile failure
     new 5ac923d  Move schemas and such from common/schemas into api as it tends to break the setup.eclipse stuff and is generally pretty fragile.
     new 20d7050  More work toward leveraging Neethi directly and not our fork of it.
     new 1614985  Change from using XML to straight text files for wsdl extensions. Much faster for startup.
     new 5be9ea1  Setting the TokenType on the SecurityToken  - The SymmetricBinding now sets the correct token type pointing to a SAML Assertion.
     new ee2be8e  Add test case for the faults from Provider Message mode
     new 8c8ea09  Update ExtensionBus and extension to use the ConfiguredBeanLocator Remove the changes to wsdl extension loading I made yesterday and replace with mechanism already in place. Make sure ALL functionaliy of Spring bus works with non-spring bus If NO spring config or context is being used, use the extension bus.
     new 102fe13  Fixed position sidebar items in Firefox 3.6
     new d358fd8  Fixed position of 'Sign out' link to top right
     new db03c5e  [CXF-3340]remove definition cache when use wsdl2java so it works in case that wsdl content changes with same wsdlurl
     new 75f11fd  Try finding the ID directly from the SAML Assertion.
     new 9e0a0bd  Minor update to last commit for correctness.
     new 45a9104  Update to leverage the Neethi AssertionBuilder and AssertionBuilderFactory stuff directly and the Neethi PolicyEngine instead of our own custom PolicyBuilder stuff.
     new 03fb55b  Start parsing the ignorable attribute Use more stuff from Neethi directly.
     new d258c87  [CXF-3226] Colons in path segments should not be url encoded by default
     new b5e7584  Update to just use Neethi Assertion wherever possible instead of CXF specific PolicyAssertion subclass.
     new e09a426  Switch from snapshot to release of XMLSchema 2.0. Phew!
     new 1500d39  Push more stuff to Neethi Cleanup some policy API's
     new 94dbcec  [CXF-3347] - Fixed package name.
     new ff8f8bf  - Fixed layout issue with hidden viewer on Chrome and Safari; - Fixed layout issue with sidebar on Firefox; - Fixed layout issue with table header of viewer;
     new 4a7261e  [CXF-3338] Blocking the original reader by default
     new 357760b  Fixed layout issue with sidebar's items
     new 870fdec  Make sure attributes are saved
     new c30cf8d  - Added left padding for sidebar links; - Adjusted style for 'Sign out' link; - Fixed cursor for all links; - Fixed width of the 'Sign out' block (user could sign out by clicking anywhere on the top bar);
     new 16927f7  Adding Shibboleth repo to fix distribution build failure.
     new 67ecead  Minor change...
     new 3694146  CXF-3350: selecting the correct resource from the complex user model
     new 2e1f619  [CXF-3349] Fix possible NPE in WS-RM scenarios Patch suggestion from Aki Yoshida applied
     new ee6dfe6  [CXF-3345] Remove the spring version number from the schemaLocations so the spring catalogs will work properly
     new 2c00cd0  [CXF-3077] Catch any exception and disable the validation.
     new 538e1d9  Fixed layout of "edit criteria" window;
     new b0a29de  Improved layout of settings tab;
     new b4c35d8  Moving http tests for authentication to auth package
     new e730a7a  Added scroll abilities (i.e. ScrollPanel) to sidebar and settings tab.
     new 48ad4c6  [CXF-3351] Getting the readers from the message and checking the package namespace
     new 683b944  CXF-3350: Making sure the case where model specifies the concrete class and the user supplies the interface to the proxy is covered
     new 486965f  Sychronize use of collections in WS-RM acknowledgement processing (CXF-3273)
     new b6ebdb6  Fixed the cxf-extension-osgi register issue
     new fa277a5  [CXF-3338] Ignoring out transform instructions in case of GET requests on the client side
     new 457ed6e  Small fix for unit test
     new 09993c9  extract sync and async implementation to one doInvoke as both were almost identical
     new edb1f71  Fixed the cxf-extension-osgi register issue
     new 8113163  Minor update to AbstractHTTPServlet for the redirection filter to report the request URI properly
     new e5dcd37  Squashed commit of the following:
     new f78fa15  Fix test failure in SequenceTest
     new a815959  Eliminate need for synchronization blocks by converting to CopyOnWriteArrayList collections.
     new 79a0fe5  [CXF-3353]can't refer to java.lang.Exception in gererated fault code
     new 0f131f1  CXF-3355 Exporting the properties of OSGi transport Servlet for configuring by the OSGi admin services
     new bf46b09  JAX-RS: minimize the excessive logging in case of client models
     new 4f3fa3d  [CXF-3357] Improving ServletController updateDests method for multiple endpoints sharing the same servlet path be supported
     new 5210822  Fix refs to stax api jar
     new 5b38b58  Change the WSDL query stuff into an interceptor that only appears on the WSDL based endpoints chain.   This will make it easier to configure as well as make it easier to change the behavior a bit.   Also reduces some soap/wsdl specific stuff from core.
     new 3e09af5  Remove some unused stuff
     new 7c15b72  [CXF-3359]introduce a threshold system property for staxutils to avoid parsing message with unreasonable element count
     new 65e701d  CXF-3333 add cxf-all features for Karaf
     new da622a2  CXF-3333 using the wss4j 1.6-SNAPSHOT
     new 4f1e674  [CXF-3348] - Applied patch, thanks  - I made some minor changes, in that the TokenType from the Template element gets priority over the set TokenType.
     new 64c5598  Add a warning about the interop stuff possibly not working
     new 48eea06  Catch all exceptions and use the default NS if cannot be mapped.
     new 42409a7  Update following (very) recent changes to WSS4J crypto interface  - Note that you will need the latest WSS4J snapshot in your repo for this to compile.
     new 61fb46e  Fix groupId for karaf, updated artifactIds
     new dc57944  CXF-3362 Fix the issue of CXF Servlet deploying into Servlet3 container
     new e63fb08  [CXF-3338] Adding a contextPropertyName property which can be used to indicate what client request/responses the transformation should apply to
     new 8d98b73  [CXF-3338] Removing the ignored test
     new a9725b0  Javadoc added for ResourceProvider
     new 4bd4fcc  [CXF-3364]:Generate wsdl elements from Exception.class
     new 25c1faf  CXF-3333 add apache snapshot repo for running -Pvalidate
     new 0b0ca56  CXF-3362 Updated the continuation wrapper to support servlet3 async API better
     new fd605ab  Moving WS-Security systest to use AES 256 instead of 192, as AES-192 is not a supported algorithm as per the Basic Security Profile spec.
     new 06edff2  Fix test failures with restricted crypto
     new fff60e4  Change to case insensitive map for the protocol headers
     new f60bee7  [CXF-3361] Wrapper the bug hacks with a catch(Throwable) so if they cannot run, it doesn't break everything, although the classloader could get locked. Add more lock prevention techniques from Tomcat
     new a1ea630  Add a "Record only" option while walking through potential merges to allow things that have already been merged to be marked as having been merged.
     new 7729357  Fix the records
     new 831985a  JAX-RS: Defaulting to the http transportId
     new 6d91efd  [CXF-3369]jetty SecurityHandler should be on top of org.apache.cxf.transport.http_jetty.JettyHTTPHandler
     new 3278bca  [CXF-3370] Initial support for searching for individual log entries with related fixes to search extensions
     new 0a7f357  [CXF-3373] Allow for providing a specific classloader for bus extensions lookup
     new cc03369  Fixing container-integration/grizzly failures when running testsuite with -Pjaxws22 profile
     new 9fc4b36  Fixing rt/transports/http-osgi/pom.xml to avoid trying pulling in spring artifacts of wrong version and not available on maven central
     new 053a71d  Added support for Issued Tokens using the Transport Binding
     new 631115d  CXF-3368 Added topicReplyToNameType into the schema
     new 602bd63  [CXF-3373] Adding testcase and fixing WSDLManagerImpl to load extensions from the classloader that loaded it (WSDLManagerImpl is created using the classloader configured in the ExtensionManager, so that's indeed the TCCL by default)
     new d9aeac9  [CXF-3374] CXF Service Builder fails if the binding is imported from different file and has different target namespace than one imported into.
     new aab05d5  [CXF-3375] Start to implement the validate methods of STSClient
     new 2d6285f  [CXF-3373] Fixing testcase failure on JDK 1.5
     new 96ac8b1  Pull all the namespaces out of the spring configs and bus-extensions.xml
     new 585e736  Compile-time error with new WSS4J SNAPSHOT.
     new 0929484  Change extension bus to use simple text files to load extensions but keep support for the old xml files for now.   Change all of our xml versions to text.
     new 29c1409  [CXF-3372] Adding a helper for reading arbitrary log files with an optional scanning
     new 1ebe809  [CXF-3372] Adding some documentation and applying minor fixes
     new 0f337ef  Make the Spring bus build off the EM bus Remove all the META-INF/cxf/cxf.extension things
     new 05fe8e6  [CXF-3367] Add unit test Patch from Aki Yoshida applied
     new 2be6e0b  Moved default JAXRSInvoker creation from JAXRSServerFactoryBean to JAXRSServiceFactoryBean; Javadoc updates
     new f71678c  [CXF-3378] Upgrade to Jetty 7.3.0
     new 497b52c  Added building URL with filtering options (after selecting endpoint in "filter" section)
     new 630121d  Client-side search condition builder with FIQL implementation (draft)
     new 77b4cc2  Fix: using primitive properties in type T of SimpleSearchCondtion is disallowed
     new 061d2a8  Fix: JDK1.5 compatibility
     new 607dfb2  Fix: date localization in tests, search condition with primitive type
     new 5c5a4f1  Fix: JDK1.5 compatibility
     new e81253e  Fix: timezones for tests with dates
     new 2785942  Disable BSP compliance for pre-existing test-coverage
     new 5daf516  Fix: timezones (cntd)
     new c5d7371  Disabling search condition test cases until problem is solved
     new 6777b0d  Adding some TokenType attributes, disabling BSP compliance for existing test files.
     new 65110c1  [CXF-3372] Better support for daily file appenders
     new 16574bf  [CXF-3372] Fixing a typo
     new 237c111  Allow access to the Bus that was used to create the client Register more policies that we do handle to reduce warnings
     new 0feb7c6  CXF-3378 Upgrade Jetty to 7.3.1
     new f668ca7  CXF-3378 Fixed the Jetty server start up issue when upgrade to Jetty7.3.1
     new 7ffaaf0  Refactored ExtensionFragmentParser, added a test and some documentation
     new ec37dda  Start adding some support to mark the old import deprectated. Update to latest WSS4J changes
     new 9a96f2b  Fix for build failure in jdk 1.5
     new 085782d  Moved JAXRSInvoker.getActualServiceObject() to protected, after discussion with Sergey
     new 9d299f1  Fix test failure
     new 53a7cbc  Add back in the cxf-extension-BLAH.xml files, but make them be wrappers onto the SpringBus and have them log deprecation warnings.
     new 477d23d  Update samples to not import the deprecated imports
     new c252353  Update to not call the deprecated methods
     new 9d8a04c  [CXF-3381] Make sure retransmissions don't cause exceptions thrown to the client. Patch from Aki Yoshida applied
     new 7a75447  Fix stack trace in tests by setting up more mock behavior
     new a97a9c4  Reverting changes of false problem alert
     new 6144b95  [CXF-3366] - Removed SAAJ stuff from crypto policy checkers
     new a4bb42c  CXF-3385 Add a new option in WSD2Java to skip the generate the type classes from schema
     new 86bc9ac  [CXF-3370] Adding tests for quering readonly storages
     new 716e881  [CXF-2657] - Support for issued tokens using the Asymmetric Binding.
     new 8e8b9b7  [CXF-3366] Allow an interceptor before the ReadHeadersInterceptor to specify the Document to read the headers into Update SAAJIn to use above to avoid having to copy the headers and such into a new Document Allow an Interceptor to specify additional interceptors to add when it is added.  A "requires this as well" type thing.
     new 922d443  Pass the WSSConfig object around better to avoid creating more default WSSConfig objects when not needed. Add a Validator that will call off to and STS to validate the incoming tokens on the server side.
     new 7281209  CXF-3385 Add a new option in WSD2Java to skip the generate the type classes from schema
     new 24fe1f3  [CXF-3391] Better support for extra JAXB classes
     new 84d51d7  Add a system tests for the JIBX databinding to show it actually works and fix issues discovered while doing so.
     new a6e5d12  [CF-3390] Applying a patch on behalf of Ben Noordhuis - thanks
     new 82ec691  Some changes required after a recent update of WSS4J.
     new 7d5b61a  Change validate method to allow returning security tokens and to throw an exception if the token is invalid
     new 88fe7fc  [CXF-3393] Add a fork mode to the codegen plugin.
     new 4873ea2  [CXF-3366] More work to enable delayed body parsing
     new 7bd299b  Get -Pfastinstall and -Psetup.eclipse working with jibx stuff
     new 33a1200  Move ws-security system tests into their own module as the ws-specs module was beginning to take a lot of time.
     new 92559ce  Fix problem with fork mode and maven 2.
     new d95d1d3  Remove duplicates from classpath
     new 2759455  Changing 8080 port in JAX-RS unit tests, todo: dynamic port allocation
     new 9ff8068  Changing 8080 port in JAX-RS unit tests and fixing the test
     new 55d0441  Yet another attempt to fix command line length issues on Windows
     new f9813f6  Try to deal with Windows spaces in directories issue
     new aaadcd6  [CXF-3360] Performance improvement Patch from Xiaoming Shi applied
     new bb96ddf  [CXF-3342] Port some fixes from the Soap11FaultOutInterceptor Pointers from Aaron Pieper applied
     new a566cc2  [CXF-3360] Fix typo causing test failure
     new cf81c06  [CXF-3363] Make creation of various SAAJ factories go through a common class that can handle various J2EE issues and SAAJ version issues and such.
     new 722190b  [CXF-3369]set SecurityHandler which wrap JettyHttpHandler to the ContextHandler
     new d46c54a  Reducing the synchronization scope in AbstractServletController.updateDest
     new 96fe10a  Removing the top synchronized block in AbstractServletController.updateDest
     new e54c50f  Get the interop samples building again
     new 84fbb4e  Moved some security test resources around, updated crypto properties to WSS4J 1.6 tags, and did some refactoring of the WSS4JInOutTest.
     new 5cdce3a  Re-enable configution compatible with 2.3.x
     new b263b93  More resource reshuffling.
     new 2775b02  Log the full URL and query params
     new 7fea81b  Set svn properties
     new 11747bd  [CXF-3370] Adding date related tests
     new 166f973  Add missing key in properties
     new cfc9d4e  Removed authentication and storing settings in local storage
     new 77c7563  Added helper classes and static files to support debug mode for GWT application
     new 64fcb14  Fixed building URL from filter options and bugs related with bad interpreting  selected endpoint.
     new 0ad4c16  Removed legacy bullet in instructions
     new 1621f3f  Moved resources into resources dir.
     new 012c8b9  Updated property values
     new 4b4bca0  [CXF-3363] Add a couple guards around the soap 1.2 factory creations
     new 5cacb1e  JAX-RS: Documenting the ResourceProvider interface and implementations
     new 97d89eb  Printing stack traces for anonymous Exceptions and adding a config option to  WebAplicationException mapper to print the traces
     new a5f1f46  Update to latest surefire plugin
     new b80bc07  [CXF-3396] Make sure the standalone MBeanServer lookups are done properly to prevent multiple MBeanServers from being created when they shouldn't be.
     new 2b22f1e  [CXF-3395] Set the encoding for the compile operations (and everything else in Maven) to utf-8 to make sure the builds are consistent and reproducible.
     new 83464af  Fix compile failure on Java5
     new 5f317eb  [CXF-3400] Better handling of request-scoped beans
     new 29308b6  REmove @Override annotation
     new 2718c4f  [CXF-3401] Make the ns map a contextual property
     new 37b919b  Fix from Ondrej Scecina applied relating to element.setPrefix with an empty string being undefined behavior.
     new 909cfa7  [CXF-3376] Make sure byte[] is properly mapped in Aegis.
     new bc307a4  [CXF-3383] In some very strange situations with several small attachments and read(buf, off, len) called with off != 0, the data at the end of various buffers can get lost and boundaries might not be found.
     new 644f15d  Remove println
     new 041c31c  [CXF-3331] Hack around a bug in the xerces schema parser built into the JDK
     new e99750a  CXF-3333 clean up the apache-cxf feature file
     new 5153899  Use correct etc and keystore dir for ant script
     new 3900d44  Fixed a CS error of the CXF example
     new a46cb07  Added a set of unit tests for SAML Assertions + picking up some changes in the latest WSS4J 1.6-SNAPSHOT.
     new 8eeab91  Some updates to systests and demos.
     new 3a6585e  SearchConditionBuilder as factory of builders. Minor naming changes.
     new a645fe7  FIX: JDK1.5 compatibility (again:)
     new f004b7f  [CXF-3403] Using context and servlet path for the baseURL calculation
     new ed13d3c  [CXF-3404] Proper handling of encoded semicolons
     new 9a53093  Fixing http osgi test
     new 66d3bce  [CXF-3402] Don't use the WebParam info for the type names.  That's against jaxws spec.   Thus, collections and arrays get mapped the same.
     new 242d075  Added phrase filed to filtering options and fixed building URL
     new 760d28a  Renamed from 'phrase' to 'message' in URL
     new 1a39796  Removed call to String.isEmpty (Java 5 backward compatibility)
     new efdf968  [CXF-3398] Allow the user to set the servicename and portname that the management stuff uses for the JMS ObjectName.
     new 026e9e4  Move all the JAXBContext creation stuff into a common JAXBContextCache to ruduce number of contexts created.   Have not done JAX-RS yet as that has issues that will prevent this from really working.  Need to talk to Sergey.
     new c01a56b  Adding some plugins for JDK 1.5 to use an endorsed version of xercesImpl and xml-apis...this is needed for the Opensaml tests.
     new 9778925  [CXF-3379] Support for the injection of JAX-RS Applications
     new d554356  Added a custom validator to the SAML unit tests.
     new c11200f  [CXF-3406] Restore handler props in finally block
     new 4bdbcc0  Add a simple antbuild demo
     new 3c2a97a  Add a NPE guard
     new de1f710  Removed Shibboleth reference from distribution poms.
     new e848af1  Added some new configuration tags for BSP compliance and Future TTL for Timestamp processing.
     new 141f554  All wssec10, wssec11 and wssc interop tests are now working, bar one failing TLS test.
     new 2a9ad11  Remove the lib-samples stuff and remove the build.xml files that required it.
     new 4787528  Attempt to fix tests on windows
     new 6a44dd7  [CXF-3407] Catch Throwable instead of Exception required for trapping NCDF errors when Spring not available
     new a7de49d  [CXF-3207] Adding the utility method to ResponseReader for reading error streams
     new fab311a  All WS-Trust 1.3 tests are now passing.
     new 580f145  Using constant names instead of values for setting crypto properties.
     new 4f87d22  [CXF-3408] Minor updates to the way custom response headers are handled
     new e64d942  [CXF-3224] - Add a boolean parameter to the STSClient to disable sending a default KeyType.
     new 049f317  [CXF-3207] Moving the code for reading the error streams to ServerWebApplicationException
     new 388ead6  Fixed some of the WSTrust 1.0 interop tests.
     new f57c79c  [JAX-RS] Avoid checking HttpURLConnection for the status code on the client side
     new aed8911  [CXF-1100] Change WS-RM to cache base on streams instead of byte[] Patch from Aki Yoshida applied
     new ba7d07f  [CXF-3411] JMSDestination improperly swollows exceptions Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied.
     new 6220c8c  Make servlet and osgi transports more alike. There is one failing test in jax-rs. Trying to fix that later
     new 9a50d6f  [CXF-3415] Initial attempt at making JAXB providers endpoint-scoped
     new 232421f  [CXF-3415] Missing modification of clonedProviders
     new 27fedaa  Fixing JAX-RS test failure
     new 97bcd10  Cleanup a bunch of things in the Spring bus referencing which allows a single application to MUCH better support having multiple bus' defined
     new c9da5d5  [CXF-3412]ManagedEndpoint.getTransportId return endpoint address
     new 7d86d8a  [CXF-3417] Injection of contexts into Applications
     new a270f6d  Change how the mapping to Long is done to avoid a global Adapter outside the org.apache.cxf namespace.
     new f6fe7e8  corba tooling just needs the antlr runtime part, not the full set of antlr jars
     new 3d2351c  Add jibx stuff to distro Update imports
     new 5c197df  Added support to the STSTokenValidator to validate UsernameTokens to the STS.
     new f912de2  Update to latest versions of a bunch of things
     new 16b476b  Don't put a version on the opensaml dep yet as it's not yet an OSGi bundle and I'm not sure what version they'll use.
     new 12cb515  CXF-3419 Removed most of the osgi transport code
     new 80d4fd3  Fix compile failure on jdk1.5
     new 2093790  Fix checkstyle error
     new 8567781  [CXF-3423] Better support for WADL doc extensions
     new 0cd1a47  [CXF-3423] Minor improvement
     new 6864fd2  CXF-3419 Created new HttpTransportFactory that replaces http client only, http jetty, http osgi and http servlet transport. Some broken jaxrs tests remain and the destinationRegistry is not yet correctly pulled in osgi
     new b7cd1ce  CXF-3425 CXF bundles of 2.4-SNAPSHOT should not import the package of org.w3._2001.xmlschema
     new e85a9af  CXF-3426  CXF JMSContinuation leaks threads
     new 9910859  CXF-3425 revert the patch, as it is not needed.
     new f8896da  CXF-3427 JMSContinuation should be thread safe
     new 5c09a18  Try to fixed the build error with the JDK 15
     new efb8440  Added a STSSamlAssertionValidator, which does not throw an exception if signature trust verification fails.  - This validator is used by the STSTokenValidator. If trust verification fails, then the token is dispatched to the STS for verification.
     new 5df6795  CXF-3419 Fixes for jaxrs test failures
     new 7b9f037  CXF-3419 Fix for http osgi setup using spring-dm
     new 92edb37  Adding the ability to set the KeyType directly on the STSClient.
     new b9e4e4d  CXF-3419 Fix checkstyle error
     new 5f6c049  CXF-3419 Fix to make context loading possible from classpath and from servlet context
     new 1c8a877  [CXF-3430] XmlJavaTypeAdapter with explicit collections
     new 3f4be98  Fixed a bug with the previous WS-Trust KeyType commit + added support for sending OnBehalfOf elements.
     new 9dae3b2  CXF-3419 Adding CXFNonSpringServlet to make it possible again to run cxf without spring at runtime
     new 5250bb7  CXF-3429 shutdown the destination before set the MessageObserver to be null
     new ecbfce4  [JAX-RS] Making sure JAXBProvider does not accept Response if unmarshalAsJaxbElement flag is set
     new 786db47  [JAX-RS] Making sure JAXBProvider does not accept XMLSource if unmarshalAsJaxbElement flag is set
     new d339103  Start porting Johan Edstom's blueprint stuff onto trunk
     new 5e36fdf  Add configuration stuff into blueprint bus
     new b966944  [CXF-3432] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expressions (Part I)  - Add inbound support for enforcing SAML SupportingTokens.
     new ab37b08  Added the ability to configure a validator for BinarySecurityTokens
     new 1cddc17  CXF-3419 Fixing osgi config for http, removing http-osgi project
     new dedcfb9  Moving cxf-extension-osgi to META-INF/cxf/osgi
     new ae0279a  [CXF-3338] Improving the way multiple namespaces and prefixes are handled in InTransformReader
     new 0e61d32  Updating JAX-RS SourceProvider to work with readers available on the message
     new 11d607f  Get jaxws:server and simple:server elements working in blueprint Start stubbing in jaxws:client/simple:client
     new 56b99f3  Fixing compilation failure to do with IOException having no constructor accepting Throwable in 1.5
     new 5068d3f  [JAX-RS] Minor improvements to XMLSource
     new 88f83a0  Added support to the STSClient to extract a SecurityToken via the validate binding.
     new 01f27f3  Updating the pom of the logbrowser demo
     new f912128  Adding a NOTICE to rt/management-web
     new 40b884b  Minor update to README
     new bc5a361  [CXF-3432] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expressions (Part II)  - Add support for adding a SAML Assertion to an outbound security header via a WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expression and a SAML CallbackHandler  - Added some systests for sending and receiving SAML Assertions over TLS and controlled by WS-SecurityPolicy
     new 43e368d  Get jaxws:client working in blueprint
     new dc73304  Get the features file somewhat closer to actually being usable
     new 291115b  Fix features. Get jaxrs:server blueprint version working
     new 159b353  Allow the blueprint bus to lookup bus extensions from the OSGi registry Grab the DestinationRegistry from the OSGi registry via above mechanism
     new 44ae7ef  Add a type converter at parse time as Aries cannot handle the List<Interceptor<? extends Message> thing that we do.
     new 8cfb34f  Fixed failing JDK1.5 systest.
     new ae1827f  CXF-3427 JMSContinuation should be thread safe
     new 1ccb175  Update for Karaf 2.2/Aries blueprint 0.3/etc...
     new e6b1850  Minor update to XMLSource
     new 0f474f8  [CXF-2716] Support for reading JSON collections with tests disabled for now
     new a044753  Now that I know that relaxngDatatype is BSD, all of the MSV deps are known to be 'category b' and we can redistribute them.
     new 13a3f7f  [CXF-3434] coloc feature for blueprint Patch from Johan Edstrom applied.
     new 3d6a619  [CXF-3435] Fix for build time catalogs Patch from Aki Yoshida applid
     new ac9aacd  [CXF-3436] Minor javadoc patch from Jacek Laskowski applied
     new 99ab0fa  [CXF-3434] Spring and blueprint can use the same schema for coloc as it doesn't need to reference the bean namespace
     new 5b309c0  [CXF-3413] If the number of elements in the body exceeds what the soap message expects, throw a proper fault and not an IndexOutOfBoundsException.
     new 1f5d629  [CXF-3424] LoadDistributingConduitSelector Patch from Jim Talbut applied
     new 580ee9b  Restore some behavior/methods to maintain some compatibility with previous CXF versions and other users of CXF like Camel
     new a58b50d  [CXF-3432] - Added support for sending signed SAML Assertions via WS-SecurityPolicy  - Added a symmetric and asymmetric binding tests to the systests.
     new d3ea4c66 Fixed remaining two (non-TLS) failing WS-Trust interop demos.
     new 9bc960e  Add a deprecation flag to a method restored for 2.3.x compatibility
     new 6765a77  [CXF-3432] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expressions (Part IV)  - Add support for creating self-signed assertions via configuration.
     new e980b43  Squashed commit of the following:
     new 61232e0  [CXF-3437] Add blueprint support for object binding Patch from Johan Edstrom applied.
     new c6d1645  [CXF-3437] Add blueprint support for object binding Patch from Johan Edstrom applied.
     new 9835eed  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 238c641  Make jaxws frontend optional instead of test scope
     new 6c46ade  Disabled some of the SAML systests for the unlimited security case.
     new 7a66fca  Using the actual class to get the package as opposed to Package.getPackage
     new fce47ce  [CXF-3440] Add BP support for ws-addressing feature Patch from Johan Edstrom applied
     new 82120bf  [CXF-3439] Add blueprint support for the soap binding customizations Patch from Johan Edstrom applied
     new 88d72bb  Add the resourcemanager into the bus.
     new 3c6437f  Add readme for sample
     new 4f23e44  [CXF-3410] Added a bunch of NPE guards
     new bbc12a3  [CXF-3117] Throw a better exception from  SoapTransportFactory
     new b162f86  Restore some compatibility with previous cxf-servlet configs
     new 671179d  CXF-3442 Fault should not swallow the cause exception message
     new c10ceb2  [CXF-3415] Making sure contexts are injected into cloned JAXB providers
     new 8f90b92  [CXF-3415] Minor optimization
     new 14599ec  [JAX-RS] Verifying multipart/form-data requests with a single file can be handled, minor update to simplify the retrieval of multipart/form-data parts
     new 6df625b  CXF-3442 Fixed the system test error of InterceptorFaultTest
     new dad3aee  Move all servlet related tests and support classes to the systest/transport project
     new 9ab474e  removing the testsupport project and all dependencies on it
     new 20aca00  removing the testsupport project and all dependencies on it
     new a728c78  [CXF-3443] Checking XmlJavaTypeAdapters for all types of JAX-RS parameters
     new 1360ce0  Restore testutils which was accidently removed in my last commit
     new c05591c  [CXF-3444] Attempting to set the 'best' SecurityContext principal
     new ee9135b  Revert "CXF-3442 Fixed the system test error of InterceptorFaultTest"
     new 4a9d837  Revert "CXF-3442 Fault should not swallow the cause exception message"
     new eb95a1a  [CXF-3441] Add support for Blueprint for policies Modified patch from Johan Edstrom applied.
     new e1bcd29  The xerces in some JDK's is broken and is causing a test failure. Make sure we add a usable version so the test will pass.
     new c5917f4  CXF-3442 add an option exceptionMessageCauseEnabled to generate the caused by message
     new 9011593  Maven 3 only deploys unique versions, make maven 2 and 3 compatible
     new 581beae  [CXF-2916] Adding a temporarily disabled test checking JSON nulls are unmarshalled as String empty values
     new 105b145  Better mavenized source code
     new 9849687  CXF-3445 Support the faultStackTraceEnabled option in Soap12FaultOutputInterceptor
     new 80ac99f  Splitting transport systests in jms and others
     new 69eb740  Fixed checkstyle errors
     new 6e2995a  Update to canonicalize the reference in the STS Patch from anubhavsharma applied
     new 6a1ef72  Added test for wsdl resolver
     new ca92e99  [CXF-3225] - Added a @Ignore'd test for a SAMLToken policy expression as a ProtectionToken.  - @Ignore'd as we don't support this yet.
     new 515e4cc  simplified key names and handling
     new 8cb0046  Fixed issue with token type author: anubhavsharma
     new 394a9cf  Fix checkstyle
     new c946240  [CXF-3171] If the hostname is in the noProxy list, use Proxy.NO_PROXY instead to make sure the host isn't proxied
     new 1c85c49  [CXF-3204] Use proper URI constructor that can handle spaces in paths
     new 7bfddbe  [CXF-3265] Change to using fully qualified j.u.l Logger to log issue about unresolvable wsdl URL which should allow the user to at least direct it someplace other than System.err
     new 875a4b0  [CXF-3415] Opting for a more straightforward approach for making JAXB providers endpoint-specific
     new c3008db  updated package structure
     new 33f51df  Updated HTTPS client to use WebClient and JAXRSClientFactory
     new d745a40  Fix the CI build by upgrade neethi to 3.0.0
     new 8ff575f  [CXF-3432] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expressions (Part V)  - Added support for validating IssuedToken policies against received Assertions.
     new 06a5d63  [CXF-2716] Support for reading JSON collections
     new 9e2e2b2  [CXF-2916] Better handling of JSON nulls
     new 36d9dd0  [CXF-3446] Blocking enum.getDeclaringClass
     new 1eaf4e8  [CXF-3392] Updating FormEncodingProvider to support Form extensions
     new 831db06  Remove special case for Integer. The cast from Integer to Byte is not possible
     new 1916abd  Use the newly staged 2.3.3-SNAP of buildutils so when the release happens and nexus deletes 2.3.2-SNAP, builds won't fail
     new b41c575  Change to using the smx bundle for opensaml.  That bundle actually works in OSGi
     new ea946d6  Make sure policy assertions are only added to the vocabulary and assertioninfomap once to keep the maps smaller.
     new 9e85043  Remove spring dependencies from codegen plugin
     new c64f6ed  Reverting spring depdenncy removal as there is a problem if the calling project has a depdendency on spring
     new 064d3fb  When calling xpath.evaluate, the classloader MUST be the exact classloader used to load the xpath expression.   Otherwise, strange ClassCastExceptions occur Don't hold onto the Factory as it can lock the classloader.  If this causes a performance issue, we may need to relook at it.
     new 78e85c8  [CXF-3005] Adding simple JSONP interceptors, patch submitted by Josh Holtzman
     new eec233c  [CXF-3005] Minor update
     new 06e544d  Point to correct path for schemas
     new c9d3d88  Adding more JSONProvider tests for reading arrays
     new ecb0e2c  Use classloader of the BusFactory when determining if the conditions are met since that's the classloader that will matter.
     new f81f9c8  updated readme Patch from  anubhavsharma appled
     new 4399aa7  [JAX-RS] Minor updates to JAXB provides to enable the output validation
     new 007533e  [CXF-3447] Don't get teh Bus unless really needed.
     new fb94e52  Fix some more catalogs for offline building
     new 8c5244d  [CXF-3432] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy SamlToken expressions (Part VI)  - Added support for validation of SAML holder-of-key and sender-vouches requirements
     new 72b7223  Updating Jettison version to 1.3
     new fc08e5e  Pull opensaml dep out to own feature to make it easier to override it later
     new 3f2ba44  [CXF-3452] Recreate headers list after security processing
     new 2972e2d  [CXF-3453] Create a complete hack to ignore validation errors that would occur with wsu:ID attributes when security is enabled.
     new bdc156d  Update to the release versions
     new 0cbdfad  Remove unneeded repository entry in pom
     new e1d3b8a  [CXF-3432] - Added a test for the last commit.
     new 1fdcf01  [JAX-RS] Some more enhancements to the way adapters are applied to JAX-RS params
     new ee8774b  [JAX-RS] Minor update for debugging Content-Types
     new f8642d1  [CXF-3453] Fix for the complex type use case in addition to simpleType
     new 5156dc8  Update release_notes
     new 7df50e2  Remote refs to http-osgi
     new 5d63a65  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.4.0
     new 748a999  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 26e7d10  Updating CXF version in logbrowser demo
     new 2183143  [CXF-3456]:Fix WSA implementation does not throw wsa:InvalidCardinality exception when there is a greater than expected number of the specified header
     new f7b502f  [CXF-3458]:AddressingFeature required Client should throw exception when the wsa header is missing in the inbound message
     new 468cf25  [CXF-3460] Updating WebClient with methods simplifying the replacement of query and path values
     new 3bee537  [JAX-RS] Some updates to SearchConditionBuilder
     new 2e11ef5  CXF-3464 AutomaticWorkQueueImpl uses a DelayQueue to accept the tasks which is delayed
     new 5303350  [CXF-3462] Prototyping the interceptor for validating BasicAuth(and similar creds) with STS
     new 4fd4f08  CXF-3466 Add integration test for issue. Remove connection.getContentType to avoid exception
     new fad69f3  CXF-3466 Fixed test to set log level to old level instead of INFO
     new 86db479  Refactored to improve readability
     new d26c184  Some minor changes to the SAML systest config.
     new 460fe80  Fixed tag name (schema of log entry has been changed)
     new 4204d68  [CXF-3468] Updating WADLGenerator with properties for setting the app title/etc
     new ad6d13b  Add an NPE guard in the MIME validator
     new 08e7a51  Fix content ids in multipart.
     new 70d56dd  [CXF-3476] - AbstractUsernameTokenAuthenticatingInterceptor does not handle digest passwords correctly
     new b34d145  Fixed the CS errors which is found in Eclipse
     new 9a64c72  [CXF-3470] Applying a patch on behalf of Carlos Marin
     new b827a80  [CXF-3462] Simplifying the conversion from BasicAuth to UsernameToken
     new 301da6b  [CXF-3462] Updating
     new c7f5a4c  [JAX-RS] Logging a message which may help with resolving AOP-related invocation failures
     new d3a4303  Removing temp comments
     new facc95e  Added example showing the jmsConfigfeature in action
     new fa093f8  CXF-3473 Let CXF LocalConduit and LocalDestination handler the request with Executor
     new 3c2ff3f  [CXF-3479] Consolidating the code for handling multipart/form-data in MultipartProvider
     new cbc3074  Added namespace and name to features element to make it compatible with karaf 3.0
     new 7a3ddca  updated tool spec for wsdl2service with better help and added a comment explaining faultStackTraceEnabled property
     new 0cd1b4d  [CXF-3480]URIMappingInterceptor and ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Error
     new a558f40  Added a (trivial) example of a SAML Validator to the system tests.
     new dd80728  cleaned up some of the Javadoc comments
     new 77cf961  restoring necessary webapp folder
     new dd30393  CXF-3473 enhance the LocalTransport to get the executor from different way
     new 608ce6f  [CXF-3478] Using Message.BASE_PATH when available for determining the endpoint address
     new f6e2f62  [CXF-3489] JSON sequences created from explicit collections of unqualified beans can not be read without additional configuration
     new 12cd35a  [CXF-3842] - wsse:Reference used instead of wsse:KeyIdentifier error on the server: Cannot resolve KeyInfo for verifying signature
     new 5d1cc83  [CXF-3842] - Pass checkstyle.
     new cadb507  [CXF-3461] - EndorsingSupportingTokens policy reports not satisfied when using TLS with signed timestamp
     new b8373ef  [CXF-3461] - EndorsingSupportingTokens policy reports not satisfied when using TLS with signed timestamp
     new 3d01fec  [CXF-3461] - Fixing accidental change from last commit.
     new 124297c  [CXF-3490] Updating WADL Generator to handle repeating parameters correctly
     new ab2e2ce  [CXF-3486] Implement unimplemented JAXWS2.2 SPI method Patch from Magesh Kumar Bojan applied
     new 8d8df8b  [CXF-3459] Add fault subcode to the Soapfault
     new 0ba08af  [CXF-3491]can't refer to java.lang.Exception in gererated client/server main code
     new 07ed93e  [CXF-3490] Related update to CodeGeneratorProvider
     new 601c55c  [CXF-3482] - Taking into account SAML namespaces when setting ValueType attributes.
     new da052fa  [CXF-3492] Attempt to fix issues of exposing a strange proxied object representing an OSGi service. Patch from  David Metcalf heavily modified and extended in an attempt to make it work for both him and our unit tests.
     new cff227a  [CXF-3493] Reverting the change causing the regression with unqualified elements becoming qualified after StaxUtils.copy
     new ff6d0b9  CXF-3497 Set the ClassLoader Extension when the bus is load from Spring
     new c5d09dc  CXF-3496 - Use OID SPNEGO instead of KERBEROS. Patch applied with thanks to Aris Tsaklidis (dunkelhaar)
     new e666e49  CXF-3496 - Making OID configureable using a message property to switch between kerberos and spnego oid
     new 32b9aa0  Added BouncyCastle dependency to interop tests to get them working again.
     new 780c260  [CXF-3457] - Service fails to find IssuedToken using SAML bearer subject confirmation
     new 3f43f48  Skip policy checking for SIGNED_PARTS and ENCRYPTED_PARTS when using the Transport Binding
     new 39532b2  [CXF-3498] Starting working on wadltojava tool
     new 94d9331  [CXF-3499]URIMappingInterceptor and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
     new a03e41f  [CXF-3502]:Fix IllegalArgumentException: wrong number of arguments with Dispatch/Provider service
     new 5eaced1  [CXF-3503]CXF should set the TCCL to the one of the service being invoked prior any invocation
     new 7c41e84  Default to signing the SOAP Body for an empty SignedParts policy assertion.
     new 7ca677c  Added a SignedElements test for SAML.
     new 993de5f  [CXF-3498] Updating generator to create interfaces and impl files if configured
     new c69113c  [CXF-3507] Support for Application constructor injection
     new 7030756  [CXF-3498] Support for various default options
     new b3a9a4c  [CXF-3503]revert set TCCL on AbstractInvoker
     new 574bd21  [CXF-3498] Making sure root resource path is not duplicated and a parameter representing request payload is added last
     new 2972e29  [CXF-3498] Support for optional compilation
     new df67d06  CXF-3512 CXF extension using it's classloader as a fallback to load the class
     new 91bd55e  CXF-3472 Made extending the HTTPConduit more easier.
     new b88989a  Fixing a typo in a previous commit.
     new 9d04c78  Encrypt the SOAP Body if the EncryptedParts policy is empty.
     new 7b872cd  Don't send a KeyType if one is being sent in the template.
     new 848ceeb  [CXF-3501]testcase to demonstrate how to pass array by dynamic client
     new bb319e9  [CXF-3506]Service list page displays no services in unformatted mode
     new 6a2dee1  [CXF-3498] Better support for grammars with referenced schemas
     new 14931e6  Made some improvements to how token inclusion types are handled inbound + outbound.
     new 7c5c33a  Try to fix the build error of ArrayServiceImpl on windows box
     new b9243e4  Fixing reference to parent pom
     new d38a1ce  Fixing rt/frontend/jaxrs test failures on Win
     new 62de84b  CXF-3515, CXF-3519 reuse the Jetty features of karaf and update the Karaf version to 2.2.1
     new 2a3ec60  Deprecated a misspelled method name.
     new 9268e84  [CXF-3948] Initial support for external JAXB bindings
     new c9340c5  Fix javadoc typos
     new e46fbee  [CXF-3472] Make it even easier to extend the HTTPConduit by moving the creation of the OutputStream into a protected method
     new 28a3409  [CXF-3525] Fixing JAXB provider for explicit collections of JAXB unqualified beans be read
     new 14d88a7  [CXF-3483] JSONProvider can not convert attributes to elements when explicit collections are used
     new a7b3506  [CXF-3528] Transform writer needs to writeEndDocument
     new a0b2f45  Some work on wsse UsernameTokens  - Added support for SP13 Nonce and Created policy elements  - Added a Policy Validator for UsernameTokens  - Added a systest.
     new edfdbc3  [CXF-3518] Better processing of response headers with quoted values, patch on behalf of Ka-Loc Fung applied
     new afb73d9  [CXF-3509] Making NOT-FOUND messages a bit more informative
     new 4d9d52f  [CXF-3504]ensure can't read MimeBodyPartInputStream after close it
     new 7afc190  revert unmeant commit
     new fc3bd34  [CXF-3474] Update to latest Jetty, but set to maintain compatible with 7.3 jetty
     new 056d6eb  Fix the mock to work with the IBM JDK
     new d3c4e78  [CXF-3505]CXF attachment doesn't compatible with SUN's ACTIVATION library
     new 20d97b3  [CXF-3948] More consistent support for simple and extended QName resource ids
     new 19255f0  Set the UIRResolver on the transformer to work around issue #1 with it on the IBM jdk
     new fa71f76  Move xalan to top of deps to make sure we grab it.  Fixes the tests on IBM JDK that don't work with the broken version in jaxp-ri
     new 1926c7b  Get more tests running with IBM JDK
     new 2670ed9  [CXF-3948] Initial support for customizing schema package names
     new 831c354  [CXF-3531] Returning 415 in case of malformed Content-Types
     new d9ecba6  Last non-WS-Security related IBM JDK failure fixed
     new 2bdb120  Minor pom cleanups
     new fbaa11f  [CXF-3532]jms set username/password missmatch
     new 68b5eb2  [CXF-2193]:Allow for WRAPPED style code generation for warpper elements with xsd:extension of a wrapper-compatible type
     new 9482f74  Write out UsernameToken sp13 elements in the WSDL.
     new dd44458  Missed writing out the sp13 namespace in previous commit.
     new f2ecf5a  Minor clean up of the SymmetricBindingHandler
     new b3421f4  [CXF-3537] Update features file to support multiple karaf versions. Patch from Jean-Baptiste Onofre applied.
     new 9748a43  Added an X509TokenTest to the ws-security systests
     new 3ff43aa  [CXF-3948] Adding a basic JAXRSContainer loader
     new 9c2e16e  [CXF-3948] Adding wadl2java batch files
     new 2d16f14  [CXF-3530] Support for Options on subresources
     new 4a579f2  Add an NPE guard
     new 8a67005  Fixing jaxrs systest failues
     new 963eb1d  [CXF-3540] Fixing PrimitiveTextProvider to check a charset parameter
     new f54f7ec  [CXF-3542] EndpointPolicyImpl overcalculating the required vocabulary
     new 3e440de  CXF 3510 wrong detination determination by OSGi based CXF entry point ...
     new 0b5d767  [CXF-3504]read through DelegatingInputStream when close it, ensure no cache file left on disk and correctly close the connection.
     new dbada9b  cxf-3510 followp fix for jaxrs systests
     new c8d591d  [CXF-3538] Prototyping wadl2java maven plugin
     new 0af327e  [CXF-3544]:Fix nested policy can not be resolved issue
     new f51ad3d  [CXF-3538] Adding a maven plugin-driven test
     new 7242522  [CXF-3544]:ignore the build failed policy
     new 2dfbf72  Added an Asymmetric X509Token test.
     new 519961d  Added a policy validator for X.509 Tokens.
     new 0776bf3  Add a BinarySecurityToken to the security header for the asymmetric case, if it is required and we are not signing anything.
     new 2e3e590  [CXF-3538] Enabling schema validation for a maven plugin-driven test
     new 074da46  [CXF-3504] Use a faster method to consume the stream
     new 0caeaa7  [CXF-3517] If wsdlLocation is a classpath: location, attempt to do something semi-smart in the generated code to find it.
     new b64bc3f  [CXF-3545] Use the "correct" streams when copying content in direct dispatch mode.
     new 40f9a26  [CXF-3541] Fix issues with XMLBeans with arrays in the wrappers
     new 5fc73b3  [CXF-3526]add testcase to demostrate how to use inherited nested map
     new 56d5230  [CXF-3548] EndpointImpl's hashCode changed; a unit test added
     new c612cc8  [CXF-3539] Fix NPE in STS if default namespace is used
     new 370b9b9  Update recently added tests to use dynamic ports
     new f0bf015  [CXF-3467] Make sure the jibx and xmlbeans classes are generated into different packages as they map the underscores differently which is ok on unix/linux, but can cause issues on Windows.
     new 4db59e1  [CXF-3179] ServerPersistenceTest to use synchronized variables to avoid occasional test errors
     new c021eb8  Remove printlns from tests
     new 4a8be43  [CXF-3527]NPE while use generic in collections with aegis databinding
     new 724e4e6  [CXF-3527]more test scenario using aegis with generic
     new d21621c  [CXF-3549] Support for docLocation attribute
     new 11c0b6e  [CXF-3549] Initial support for serving external schemas
     new 4ddbefe  [CXF-3514] Start splitting the PRE_PROTOCOL phase to reduce the number of interceptors that live in it and help make sure the interceptors are all run in an order that actually will work. (Note to self: Need to run TCK to verify this change)
     new 4e605fc  [CXF-2465, CXF-3182] Output wsdl:documentation information into javadoc
     new 161374c  Eclipse pulled in wrong class
     new 858a5cd  Fixing JAXRSJmsTest system test
     new dafae84  [CXF-2766] Fix issue with code first services that have parts starting with "return" not honoring the partnames correctly.
     new ec5a3fa  [CXF-1714] Mark asm optional in the bundles.
     new e80e1b3  [CXF-3500] Mark more jaxrs deps optional Patch from Ka-Lok Fung applied
     new 4b5fd6c  Format the generate javadoc a lot nicer.
     new 96eb9cf  Updated cxf-extension-wstx-msv-validation.xml to write the warning message.
     new f183e95  CXF-3551 Log warning message when cxf find the @WebServices which is loaded by the other classloader
     new b857125  CXF-3551 Fixed some typo of the file
     new 1635eeb  [CXF-3534] making RMTxStore to work with Oracle DB
     new a4c9940  Editorial nitpicks.
     new 8276c00  Better phrasing, from Willem.
     new 7225b11  [CXF-3498] Initial support for WADL resources referencing abstract resource_type definitions
     new 6c6c579  [CXF-3547]code-gen-plugin should take advantage of maven proxy setting
     new d495dc5  [CXF-3553] Adding a boolean ignoreRequests property to WADLGenerator
     new 1e749f0  [CXF-3555]Wrong log message logged by AbstractStaticFailoverStrategy
     new 5af5d21  [CXF-3556]javascript AnyTest failed intermittently
     new d819471  [CXF-3552]Upgrade to Jetty 7.4.2.
     new 3ce1441  [CXF-3558]ensure proxy creation is thread-safe
     new 2c81965  [CXF-3477] Stick a better error message in (rather than an NPE) if an attachment couldn't be found.
     new 0b34d49  [CXF-3563] WS-RM RetransmissionQueueTest to correctly simulate the testing condition
     new 801e3bc  [CXF-3521] - WebServiceContext.getUserPrincipal() is null for incoming SAML Token or transformed token  - Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 1082556  [CXF-3524] - Support Derived Keys with the Symmetric Binding + SAML Assertions
     new 02a1e56  [CXF-3535] - Use the Requested(Un)AttachedReference returned from an STS to refer to a SecurityToken for signature
     new 07d82fd  Use the methods in Compiler class to find javac
     new 59dcae6  [CXF-3565] - Support pluggable way of configuring WS-Trust ActAs and OnBehalfOf behaviour
     new 4d7e2eb  CXF-3567 Do not use timer for JMSContinuation timeout task
     new 7e311ef  CXF-3567 Fixed the unit test error
     new 36730d1  CXF-3567 Added the file
     new 941c7e8  [CXF-3453] Add more error codes for the invalid attribute issues
     new f8b141b  Add a BundleActivator to find the bus-extension.txt files in other bundles so the Bus can pick them up automatically and get them registered and usable.
     new d10dbf8  Remove the extensions from the activator list on unregister
     new 64f510b  [CXF-3568] - Add the ability to cache returned tokens in the STSTokenValidator
     new a1da3ba  Minor updates to actually run now.
     new f8b9421  [CXF-3561] Initial support for failover feature
     new 8a8e067  [CXF-3219] WS-RM's inbound to update the ack range in the store
     new 60aab55  Adding a default expires value of 5 minutes for a SecurityToken
     new b58bb54  Update to latest servicemix-specs version
     new 3f37850  LocalTransportFactory isn't thread safe
     new 7b78b8b  [CXF-3560] Add NPE guard when WS-A is used with one-ways
     new a45b4ac  Update the (un) attached references that the STS returns with the correct TokenType/ValueType attributes.
     new 0a4192b  Fixing some findbugs warnings.
     new dabd48f  CXF-3571 CXF HTTPTransportFactory should throw exception when it can't find a right HTTPDestinationFactory to use
     new d12fae0  CXF-3572 Add a check of the message content list to avoid the OoM error from the HolderOutInterceptor
     new 5fee84e  [CXF-3561] Adding a test with custom conduit selector overriding Message.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS without failover
     new 86a8700  Removing println
     new 0e3fd97  Remove wstrust 1.3 from build as it's down right now.
     new f49d6f4  CXF-3571 try to fix the test error of jdk15
     new 88a2783  Add support for the case of specifying an IssuedToken as a SignedSupportingToken.  - This is for the use-case of getting a Bearer SAML Assertion from an STS, and signing it before sending it to the service provider.
     new afe20a9  Fixed some more findbugs problems.
     new feef2f6  Fix more test failures on AIX.
     new 589c663  [CXF-3575] Adding LoadDistributorTest
     new aa71f6f  CXF-3576 Patch applied with thanks to Oliver Wulff
     new 68249fd  [CXF-3577] add dispatch source support for coloc
     new 3efcd8c  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.1.
     new c283b8d  [CXF-3566]not put serialVersionUID in generated faults by default
     new b1318ac  [CXF-3577] add dispatch ... (remove ref to SOAPMessage)
     new 3e1891b  [CXF-3566]fix build failure
     new 6bfdb38  [CXF-3573] URI starting with '/;' match '/' thus some checks are needed to prevent matrix params escaping
     new 72b3818  fix checkstyle error
     new fbd923a  [CXF-3566]not put serialVersionUID in generated faults by default
     new 811e54f  [CXF-3578] Better checks for XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation on input
     new feca99d  [CXF-3579] Checking XmlJavaTypeAdapters when creating parameter beans
     new 63319cd  Set the default encoding so other plugins will see it
     new 640db7b  [CXF-3566] Allow specifying the SUID for faults
     new 2a822f1  [CXF-3580] Allow element refs when checking for unwrapping from Dynamic client
     new 8d47c34  Update release notes
     new 870ca7d  [CXF-3529] Applying a slightly modified patch on behalf of Biju Nair, thanks
     new 1114275  update release notes
     new 9ef4aad  Updating xmlsec bundle version.
     new c1eea3f  Add the ability to configure BSP compliance for the outbound policy-based case.
     new 92a726a  Avoiding a NPE in the STS when creating a fault caused by a NPE
     new a11e2fa  Fix checkstyle errors
     new c6f7ce9  Set svn properties, convert to native cr/lf things.
     new bd7e352  Attempt to fix release:prepare
     new 700097b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.4.1
     new e5296d1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7ceaf19  Move trunk to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 09e7d40  [CXF-3582] Fix problems trying to find attachments when reading from the middle of buffers.
     new 426eeb5  Some more refactoring of ServletController.updateDests
     new c81c39e  [CXF-3583] Saving the calculated base address as HTTP request attribute and using for building services pages
     new 586de27  [CXF-3584]?wsdl does not rewrite soap:address for soap1.2 service
     new 8213889  Forking compiler to use less permGen space. We have to check how this affects build time
     new 9c4c103  Reverting as out of memory on windows1 seems to be a infra problem
     new fd5d161  Fixed some findbugs security warnings.
     new 82fd629  [CXF-3585]WSDLGetInterceptor throws NullPointException when using EndpointSelectionInterceptor
     new 0ed8c2d  [CXF-3586] Making sure jaxrs clients do not ignore custom QNames
     new b7ce0f5  CXF-3590 fixed the Exception of Logging*Interceptor when the CachedOutputStream size is 0
     new 155f462  Removed the PrettyLoggingOutInterceptor
     new 4b0a81d   CXF-3590 removed the PrettyLoggingOutInterceptor fixed the unit test
     new 6233dcf  Fixed the typo of my last commit
     new 4e458ca  CXF-3572 do some enhancement on the HolderOutInterceptor
     new 258a822  [CXF-3594] WS-RM server not honoring the Expires value set in the CreateSeqeunce message
     new 025b960  Adding support for 307 redirects like discussed on the list
     new 3dd860d  [CXF-3597] WS-RM client keeps using an expires source sequence
     new 2a2d7a2  [CXF-3598] Don't swallow the exception.  Wrap and throw.
     new 9ed6282  Add the 307 redirect to the actual redirect code
     new 695befe  Fix typo
     new 6abf8c0  Fix -Pclient to find the client config
     new 625afc7  WS-ReliableMessaging changeover to internal use of WS-RM 1.1 data structures
     new 559bc37  Removed unused schema
     new 68528b0  SequenceFault handling fixes and improvements, restoring some of the unit tests.
     new dc69f07  Restore some of the tests left out for RM restructuring.
     new 088158a  [CXF-3600]add OBR resolver to karaf features descriptor
     new cb00304  [CXF-3605] - Fix for expiry regression
     new f99410a  [CXF-3602, CXF-3603, CXF-3604] Add command line switches to enable some common jaxws customization use cases.
     new 60172bd  [CXF-3606] - CXF STS Provider framework only works with Issue Operation
     new 9505ef0  [CXF-3591] Better linking to schema elements from JAX-RS Response
     new 5930989  [CXF-3608] Preferring more specific subresource locators to resource methods
     new 775f18c  Changing to use junit AssertTrue(s)
     new b5ba05c  Mark blueprint optional in the all and minimal bundles
     new 5fcef23  Update to newer version of velocity
     new 599b285  [CXF-3610] Enhancing WebClient to support posting explicit collections
     new 3dfec85  Fix warnings found by the latest Eclipse indigo compiler.
     new ceee368  [CXF-3609] Oneway CXF service having problem with gemini-web/tomcat-catalina
     new 1a25410  CXF-3615 set the classloader when creating the BlueprintBus
     new 8c23d52  CXF-3614 Fixed the Thread leak of AutomaticWorkQueueImpl
     new f488ebe  CXF-3618 removing maybeShutdownListeners as it was affecting performance really badly
     new 2c01980  Fixed the build error of ws_rm
     new 0d991e7  Fixed the typo of RMContextUtils
     new 0321a80  Minor update to HttpConduit to allow chunking for non-empty PUTs
     new 5ca380d  Remove some svn attribute things that don't really work with GIT and complicate various diffs and merges and such.
     new f257791  [CXF-3599]remove JBI stuff
     new 6f2bbb9  [CXF-3623] WSRM AckRange's number parsing not tolerating whitespace after CXF 2.4 upgrade
     new 74cf786  [CXF-3627]add a log in OneWayProcessorInterceptor to indicate the executor queue is full and have to use the caller thread
     new 8b599f7  Removed build.xml reference from three samples not having them per CXF-3619
     new e444587  LastMessage handling and other cleanup
     new 3d9e346  Restoring systests removed when committing WS-RM restructuring.
     new f64fb06  Text formatting change.
     new d650297  Removed ten of the build.xmls per here:
     new 5f2cb27  [CXF-3629]mbean WorkQueueManager misses information about thread pool status
     new a2d227d  Adding a unit test for a UsernameToken and a Signature.
     new b9e62f3  [CXF-3599]some cleanup
     new 005bb7d  [CXF-3633] - Provide a way of disabling sending an AppliesTo element when requesting a security token via the STSClient
     new 218175f  [CXF-3634] Avoid opening a connection in JDKBugHacks to disable url caching
     new 0b90e83  Add a "Flush" option to my script to make  it so I can flush out the blocks/records periodically if I have to.
     new c17b016  [CXF-3622] Update to latest commons-pool
     new 30d8705  Added ability to set a Context attribute on the RequestSecurityToken
     new 2160ad9  [CXF-3637]wsdl_first_https README.txt isn't correct
     new fe3d0f7  [CXF-3640]add schema validation explaination for js_browser_client_simple README
     new 58dc76e  [CXF-3643] Update to latest Jetty
     new 1d49bee  [CXF-3645]configuration_interceptor simple doesn't work due to missing configuration file
     new e4daf18  Text clean up, Ant build file removal
     new 64df6cf  Minor nitpicks fixed
     new 0307928  Added instructions to DoMerges
     new 46f8206  [CXF-3648] commons-pool is not needed.  Remove it.
     new b43ce45  [CXF-3588] Adding basic jaxrs saml system test over two-way TLS with assertion passed as a header, refactoring to follow
     new d9ec61d  [CXF-3588] Referencing rs-security system test module
     new 8054868  [CXF-3624] - BinarySecurityToken validated by STSTokenValidator doesn't satisfy IssuedToken policy
     new 0d22b21  [CXF-3588] Fixing artifact id for systest/rs-security
     new aaae6c5  [CXF-3649] If its an application level fault, make sure policies are considered.
     new a616326  Remove @Override to make it compile on java5
     new 059b7c7  [CXF-3647]Add schema validation explaination for samples/wsdl_first_xmlbeans README
     new 90960b1  [CXF-3588] Removing duplicate
     new 2cbc828  Merge unused constructor.
     new 97170d2  Eliminate unnecessary use of JAXB factory for WS-RM data objects.
     new a3e82c0  [CXF-3639]:add test case
     new 4502c40  [CXF-3588] Trying to figure out why test is failing on JDK 1.5 with extra logging and exception reporting
     new e2bd6b3  [CXF-3588] Adding client-side reporting
     new 1431e72  [CXF-3588] Adding stack trace
     new a5ba442  [CXF-3641] Support for explicit collections of Form params with proxies
     new 622e03d  [CXF-3650]jax-rs basic example doesn't work when there's a space in file path url
     new c354b56  [CXF-3588] Some initial refactoring to do with generalizing deflate/inflate handling and the way saml tokens can be created/validated
     new 6d10dc4  [CXF-3631] Updating WADL generator to check parameter methods and fields
     new ba26e71  [CXF-3588] Some refactoring of plain SAML interceptors
     new 8de06d3  [CXF-3588] Prototyping some skeleton code to do with various subject confirmation methods
     new 77fbedb  [CXF-3655] DefaultSecurityContext to handle implicit roles
     new 64c9db4  [CXF-3660] Fixing JAXRS proxies to ignore single slash path values
     new 7bd9450  [CXF-3661] Adding system test interceptors which add and extract the signature
     new 5c97b5c  Reverting the change to ws-security test client cfg
     new fb3abb3  [CXF-3588] Adding WSSConfig.init call to SamlHeaderOutInterceptor
     new ac2d4f3  [CXF-3656] Combination of form and other jaxrs parameter types was causing IllegalStateException
     new 7dbb2fc  [CXF-3662] Better support for multiple response elements
     new 9c1d119  [CXF-3665] server-side endpoint cleanup problem under spring/osgi
     new d8a655f  build fix for jaxrs/ext/codegen/SourceGenerator
     new 35e821a  [CXF-3658] Make NamePasswordCallback used for JAAS login more flexible...
     new f496044  [CXF-3664] Fixing wadl source generator to match generated type names better
     new bbb7ea4  [CXF-3673] Make ResponseBuilder.tag methods produce consistent header values
     new a767758  [CXF-3159] Better handling of Jettison related CL issues - thanks to Mike Youngstrom
     new 3771c1d  Fixing wadltojava test failures
     new 1ab0b39  Fix failing unit test
     new 72231dc  [CXF-3675] Applying patch to get DocumentBuilderFactory instances from XMLUtils, which keeps a classloader based map of them
     new 3c8ee0b  Added support for the Kerberos Token Profile
     new 8fb2c19  Added a system test for the Kerberos Token Profile (using a mock).
     new 0405699  Fixing checkstyle errors.
     new bd6b242  Updating to WSS4J 1.6.2-SNAPSHOT.
     new 8f676a3  Fix for failing JAX-RS system tests.
     new 245e7b6  Update a bunch of plugin versions and such.
     new 7fc6b24  Use the CXF FileUtils to find an appropriate tmp dir
     new 781ed36  [CXF-3676] Mark the mojo's threadsafe
     new 2777c7e  [CXF-3674] - Support the Kerberos Token Profile  - Fixing some incorrect test config
     new c23f9b0  [CXF-3663] Update to latest Jetty
     new 8e5a565  [CXF-3661] Prototyping XML Encryption handlers in systests - refactoring to follow
     new 2349221  [CXF-3661] Fixing some typos
     new 9a8b404  [CXF-3672] Make it easier to control the status code sent back for Faults patch from qiu zhan bo used as starting point
     new a4f94b4  CXF-3678 Fixed the NPE error of BlueprintBeanLocator
     new c63a457  [CXF-3638]wsdl_first_dynamic_client example doesn't work
     new c710150  [CXF-3661] Trying to get the encryption tests running in Jenkins by downgrading the strength of symmetric enc algorithm
     new af907f0  Adding some timeout to EngineLifecycleTests
     new e5c3925  Update to latest neethi.  Remove a el.setPrefix call
     new 4b30d8f  [CXF-3679] Updating CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet to be able to register custom interceptors when Application is registered
     new e16e68b  CXF-3681: Applying part of the patch on behalf of Andi Kuhtz
     new 73aba4d  Restructure WS-RM code to support multiple RMEndpoints with different protocol variations for a single logical endpoint, change tests to match new code.
     new 63e4b93  [CXF-3681] More tests from Andi and a fix for PartialXMLStreamReader issue
     new e1d6931  Store TLS Peer Certificate principal on the message context in the WS-Security layer  - Also fixing some failing system tests following an update to WSS4J.
     new 851e69f  Changing around some of the Kerberos types.
     new e0812c0  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 827c70c  Added ability to set the lifetime on an STSClient
     new 444e1cf  [CXF-3680] Logging locations are hidden with Slf4jLogger Patch from Woonsan Ko applied
     new 7845ffc  [CXF-3684] Move @WebParam(header=true) processing for out-of-band headers into the ParameterProcessor which actually knows that it's out-of-band and can force the header=true flag there.
     new 3851bd8  Re-enable a WS-RM test
     new bfa658e  [CXF-3682] remove unused imports Patch from Robert Liguori applied
     new 13cb2da  [CXF-3668] Fix issue with duplicate Poclies added in Java-First approach
     new a4a6e94  Setting clone of SecurityTokenReference correctly.
     new 14116c3  Import the BinarySecurity element to prevent signature validation failure.
     new 783d39a  [CXF-3677] Some refactoring of encryption tests
     new f11f544  [CXF-3689] Applying a patch on behalf of Qiu Zhan Bo
     new 4e84aac  [CXF-3689] Fixing test failure
     new c6b6515  [CXF-3667] Drop Content-Type if Content-Length is available and set to 0
     new 22536b4  Add ability to control the "DontClose" thing per port
     new 9c3e8b5  Remove unneeded @SupressWarnings
     new 9fad404  [CXF-3674] - Changed to use an InterceptorProvider for the Kerberos client case.
     new b18f622  Flip another couple tests to use dynamic ports.
     new 22f091e  [CXF-3692] enhacing inTransformReader's element features
     new 3c04df1  [CXF-3693] - SecurityTokenServiceProvider does not handle exceptions properly
     new 9a5c698  Update the checkstyle version that is used
     new cf8bba1  Make sure the JaxWsProxyFactoryBean.create method is synchronized like the parent version is
     new af4d52c  Revert change to logging file
     new fc5a10f  Fix build failure and remove test printlns
     new 2d03bca  Remove a println
     new f7db4e2  Remove some warnings by registering some more policies
     new 9529dad  Remove stuff on the screen during tests
     new fd63d47  Remove some printlns in the tests
     new f548a1f  Remove another println
     new 9aa9a51  reparing uninteded errors from previos commit for CXF-3692
     new 7c4a15f  [CXF-3695] Thread safety of Jetty transport
     new dfb24e2  Add an NPE guard
     new 5c21d36  [CXF-3696] FIx potential lockup in BusFactory
     new e7fa8b9  Fix RMOutInterceptor to expose correct version of WS-RM and WS-A in messages being sent.
     new b048435  Add WS-RM namespace to information exposed by RMConstants.
     new 22b744a  Expose the correct WS-RM namespace on output.
     new 0131926  [CXF-3699] Fix @Generated annotations when serialVersionUID are output on exceptions Patch from Denis N. Antonioli applied
     new 1a81457  [CXF-3697] Make sure gc'd clients have the lifecycle methods called.
     new f0ceae4  [CXF-3697] Add test case for client lifecycle events
     new 82f9e76  [CXF-3702] Make proxies implement closeable
     new 5b594ca  Start working on getting things building and running with Java7
     new 15f7825  [CXF-3694] Update jetty version
     new 9ccd443  [CXF-3510] Better support for addresses with trailing slashes
     new a13cb2d  [CXF-3703] Minor update to WebClient to avoid overriding Content-Type for GET requests
     new 5b62671  CXF-3661,CXF-3677: Minimizing the duplication to do with loading Cryptos
     new ddfbcd0  Removing println
     new cc570a9  Add the Version object to the message so it can be queried from the context.
     new 1cf19df  Remove unnessesary @SupressWarnings
     new c82275a  [CXF-3700] Add a flag to record if the server is stopped or not
     new fa97386  CXF-3707 Fixes the issue of CXF WSDL generation
     new 009c2b7  [CXF-3675] Add a classloader based map of DocumentBuilder instances in DOMUtils to improve performances when building documents. This also restores the former behaviour, with the DocumentBuilder being cached in DOMUtils.
     new e14e357  CXF-3661,CXF-3677: Minimizing the duplication to do with getting user names and passwords
     new c2f2c7c  [CXF-3708] - A validated and transformed SAML Token is not cached in the STSTokenValidator
     new 5aa208e  CXF-3661,CXF-3677: Adding encryption/sig test using shared encryption properties
     new d3eaaf7  Updating the STSProvider to support SOAP 1.2 faults.
     new 36266bc  CXF-3661,CXF-3677: More refactoring to minimize the duplication
     new 1ce69fd  [CXF-3710, CXF-3711] Some client shutdown enhancements and optimizations
     new b4588ac  Move saaj-impl to it's own feature that isn't installed by default. Only needed on java5.
     new 82505f8  [CXF-3709] Removing index-based calculation of base URL
     new 126372c  [CXF-3704] Minor fix to AegisJSONProvider
     new fdd5a16  Changing exception propagation in STSClient.
     new 4fc92d9  [CXF-3713] Replacing explicit InitialContext calls with reflection code
     new 6763178  [CXF-3714] Adding property to customize the way http headers can be added
     new 4d613b8  [CXF-3713] Reverting reflection-based code but retaining Throwable catch
     new 1bf4c14  [CXF-3716]:Move bus.getExtension(ClassLoader.class) to the constructor
     new d48536a  [CXF-3654] Optional reporting of uri mismatch related error messages
     new c6fb006  [CXF-3596] Updating FailoverTargetSelector to check strategy specific delays between retries
     new 49c51d7  [CXF-3596] Updating RetryStrategy to optionally move to the next address after specific number of retries
     new 4818133  [CXF-3677] Fixing the position of EncryptedKey, some flexibility in the way X509 key identifiers are handled
     new 7f8d851  Adding WS-Trust 1.4 schema and making JAXB types available to the STSProvider.
     new 2e797d3  Add accessor for Client to allow programatic config of the client
     new 8fdde3d  Add a "[C]hanges" command to script to see the changes that would be merged.
     new ff452eb  Use new released versions
     new 98cc320  [CXF-3102] Some pom updates Patch from Robert Liguori applied
     new f6ea12d  [CXF-3625] Fix issue with a generated "Exception" type could cause uncompilable code.
     new 48e1060  [CXF-3724] Enhance how the Jsr250BeanPostProcessor grabs the resource manager
     new efebb6a  [CXF-3726] Add pretty flags for LoggingFeature and Logging annotation Promote getFeatures method to Bus interface
     new 3029bf4  Always set the Message Level Principal on the WebServiceContext  - The Message Level Principal should override any previous principal
     new 6c67cef  [CXF-3719] Checking for null OutputStream
     new 64b819b  [CXF-3727] Wire in depends-on to factory beans
     new 09a5081  [CXF-3728] Detect lifecycle listeners automatically
     new c477ee3  Remove oro reference
     new 1879014  [CXF-3730] Add jars
     new f8bf008  Fix the url to the img
     new 9c38e77  [CXF-3729] Allow  use keystores with empty file/url/resource. Patch from Sergey Zhemzhitsky applied
     new d2166d0  Use released wss4j
     new 917ba3f  [CXF-3733] Adding empty rs/security/xml module
     new 92c6dba  [CXF-3733] Moving common code from systests/rs-security to rt/rs/security/xml
     new c33e5c1  CXF-3734 CXF ServerFactoryBean should not wire the thread default bus by default
     new c2f2410  [CXF-3733] Moving XML encryption and sig interceptors from systests/rs-security to rt/rs/security/xml
     new 3590f52  CXF-3736 Send the cause of exception stack trace
     new f147ee5  [CXF-3661] Support for enveloping signatures
     new bdf64ce  [CXF-3661] Adding a single proxy test
     new d39d6d4  CXF-3736 Fixed the systest test error
     new 18c3aea  [CXF-3677] Updating tests to receive encrypted content on the client side
     new b8b6c7b  Adding a missing file
     new 3811fb4  And removing Override
     new 54c62af  Adding a test for a SignedSupportingToken/EndorsingSupportingToken
     new 7c63474  Adding a commented out test for using a SAML Token as an Endorsing token for the Transport Binding.
     new 7ae73b8  [CXF-3733] Moving initial SAML code from systests/rs-security to rt/rs/security/xml
     new b64f9a5  Remove stack traces on console
     new c2d1144  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.3-SNAPSHOT to pick up key generation changes
     new ca2f432  Correcting a bug in AlgorithmSuite
     new 62a4284  [CXF-3744] fixing TransformOutInterceptor's fault case handling
     new 8002c15  [CXF-3587] Adding a test for SAML token included in the form request
     new 3005467  [CXF-3620] Minor update to check empty strings for PUT requests
     new 461f400  [CXF-3745] Support for default namespaces in OutTransformWriter
     new 1a5a38f  [CXF-3744] fixing TransformOutInterceptor's position
     new e57b91d  Add some notices that should be there
     new ddad604  Fix relative path
     new c5bad1a  Set contextual properties for protocol variation to be used for communicating with serverside RM endpoint.
     new ad881dd  Prefer contextual properties in setting the protocol version to be used.
     new 0d145a3  Fix test to work with protocol variation.
     new 9f49c58  [CXF-3747, CXF-3748, CXF-3749] Fix some issues with dispatch clients and addressing headers. Patch from Jesse Pangburn applied.
     new 3f701b1  [CXF-3740]:WSA handler have to throw WebServiceException on client side if addressing is required but not found in the message
     new bdb37d3  [CXF-3738] Remove bc license, add epl license "Patch" from Robert Liguori
     new fcc3739  [CXF-3750] Fix problem with CXF could lockup with a lot of long running one-way operations. Fix problems with OneWay and decoupled ws-addr not buffering the incoming stream properly Fix AutomaticWorkqueue to actually create threads as needed PRIOR to the queue filling completely up.
     new ada4c27  Update to newer versions of various things
     new 60b9ab8  Fixes to prepare to update to newer versions of checkstyle.
     new 748e8a9  [CXF-3635] - Added SPNEGO model + policy builder
     new 472a442  [CXF-3752]Allow ability to reset values in ResponseTimeCounter via JMX
     new 58ec77d  [CXF-3587] Adding SAML handlers for passing tokens inside custom xml envelopes
     new 8308787  [CXF-3757] jmx instrumentaiton for ws-rm
     new 8bb496c  [CXF-3750] More fixes for one-ways to make sure the stream is closed and thus properly deleted
     new c64dcf7  [CXF-3754] Fix ability to configure dispatch clients from Spring Patch from Jesse Pangburn applied
     new d991cf6  [CXF-3755] Check the bus  for the ws-addressing feature as well Patch from Jesse Pangburn applied.
     new 1032bf1  build fix for jdk15 regarding CXF-3757
     new c04c440  Add git ignore entry for the IntellijIDEA project files
     new aa176d1  Fix some tests that are leaving jetty dirs in /tmp
     new 07dc24e  [CXF-3761] - STSClient can't process EncryptedKey elements received from an STS
     new fade616  Use latest jaxb 2.2.4 as that fixes the java5 test failure
     new cf6d186  Backing down a maven-bundle-plugin version as the latest is apparently broken with Java5
     new 25025d9  latest jaxb api jar is broken
     new 8cdada1  [CXF-3587] Optionally signing content exclusive of SAML tokens
     new fba8b36  [CXF-3587] Optionally signing content exclusive of SAML tokens
     new bd87be4  Minor optimization
     new 7220238  Start of implementing server side ws-mex. Basic query for wsdl is working. Schemas and policies and wsdlimports not working yet.
     new a010dcb  Add mex to build
     new 9f56459  [CXF-3720]SOAP over JMS miss SOAPJMS_soapAction property when use soap12
     new 8abf25c  Attempting to fix transform tests for ibm jdk builds
     new 20513b8  [CXF-3756] Better support for multiple inlined schemas
     new 28869d3  [CXF-3759] Fix for checking multiple response status codes
     new 2ab42fe  [CXF-3767] - Adding support for signing + encrypting message parts using a Kerberos Ticket
     new da8832b  [CXF-3767] - Added tests...  - Transport binding endorsing kerberos token  - Asymmetric binding endorsing kerberos token  - Symmetric binding with a kerberos protection token.
     new df77bda  [CXF-3769] Updating wadl2java generator to support custom args
     new b4bd654  [CXF-3763] Fix fault generation with DynamicClients Patch from Esteban Salazar applied
     new a98d257  [CXF-3762] Support a flag to set the exception superclass Modified patch from Aaron Pieper applied
     new 15f8b46  Attempting to fix a generated code compilation failure
     new db7313a  [CXF-3769] Updating the spec
     new 871f161  [CXF-3767] - Added support for using derived keys with Kerberos tokens + added a system test.
     new dfd27c6  [CXF-3767] - Missed file from last commit.
     new 6c20871  Add the ability to have a custom Validator implementation for a SecurityContextToken
     new f406e09  More updates toward WS-MEX Add schemas into to WS-MEX response.   Allow querying the schemas.
     new dd88f07  Fix checkstyle errors
     new 3d8b741  Add ws-mex to distribution and bundles
     new 2068c27  [CXF-3760] Setting Accept:*/* in case of void
     new 96f68dd  [CXF-3394] More work toward WS-MEX IssuedTokens can now use Issuer elements in the IssuedToken to configure the STS.  MEX calls are made to the STS to get the WSDL/Policies.
     new 9fecdab  [CXF-3777] WS-RM provider may try to send a CreateSequence message to the anonymous endpoint
     new 10b16ae  Removing scanning-raled calls from WADL mojo till needed
     new 902ca5a  [CXF-3758] Some work to make sure the WSC threadlocal is really clear.
     new 93a4b6d  Use the existing Cancel policy (if it exists) for the STSClient cancel operation  - Return a boolean indicating whether the invocation was successful or not
     new d78093e  [CXF-3773] CXF unregisters MBeans for JAX-WS endpoints twice
     new 7ea0107  [CXF-3189] Remove IBM profiles wherever they are not needed. Only bring in jaxp-ri for IBM JDK v 5.
     new bddf833  [CXF-3593] Provide a config setting to require a wsdl
     new 5173d82  [CXF-2774] Use the endpointPublishUrl in the service list
     new fbfcb21  [CXF-3691] Fix sending of protocol headers with JMS transport
     new 1c54c14  [CXF-3780] Fix problem of DynamicClientFactory not honoring https settings
     new 775097c  [CXF-3770] Support for param options
     new 8c9ab1e  [CXF-3764] Proper support for form encodings, thanks to Marc Giger
     new a6706db  Restore contructor as it makes using it for mocks easier, but make it not touch the thread local.
     new ff76515  Some minor updates to the way an enveloped SAML token can be signed
     new e668053  Add policy support for the SC13SecurityContextToken policy
     new 56530b5  Fix eclipse warning
     new a80d9d5  [CXF-3776] Fix problems of duplicate policies in the wsdl if the service class is set to the SEI instead of the concrete class.
     new 2fd3806  [CXF-2952] When reading a bound sequence, stop reading once the last one is read off the wire and truncate the list/array down to the number actually sent.
     new a6792ac  [CXF-3587] Some more fixes to the way enveloped saml tokens are signed
     new a226ab0  [CXF-2053] -verbose logging of more information when not unwrapping an operation
     new dcdc357  [CXF-2779] Us getDeclaredField so we can get the private fields
     new f70b09a  [CXF-3737] Fix names in command line tools Patch from Robert Liguori applied
     new eff69d3  [CXF-3686] Fix some warnings about using static methods in a non-static context. Patches from Robert Liguori applied
     new 5878e91  Set some svn properties
     new fc0246e  [CXF-3785] Make sure the start method can only be called if the service is stopped
     new 854daf7  [CXF-3742, CXF-3785] Fixes for having the lifecycle listeners called too many times with spring/osgi
     new e0ef663  [CXF-3765, CXF-3766] Update karaf version and the features Patch from Jean-Baptiste Onofre applied
     new a9a8420  [CXF-3788] Allow CXF HTTP Client to handle HTTP 202 for twoway calls when the real response is sent back to the decoupled endpoint
     new 3c02154  [CXF-3790, CXF-3789] Remove some no-op crufty code Patches from Gary Gregory applied
     new a14d028  Fix a hanging test.
     new aa5ba81  [CXF-3768] HTTP response code 202 is not set for WS-Addressing ...
     new 28a02ca  remove the jetty specific jaas login interceptor from systests
     new 211ab70  Updated to give Maven build instructions
     new 5820506  Removed Ant builds for 10 additional projects, per earlier team agreement.
     new 841ff9e  [CXF-3783] Provide an option for the dispatch client to automatically set the correct SOAPAction based on the message payload
     new 504f246  [CXF-3588] Prototyping some code for validating SAML tokens and using them for ACL decisions
     new 9630364  [CXF-3588] Adding missing code
     new bc92410  Updating WADLGenerator to get private SchemaWriter interface protected
     new 00bde3a  Removing Overrides
     new 27d4caf  Remove requirment of importing cxf-extension-osgi to make it match how blueprint works.
     new a206a50  Until all samples mavenized, allow Java 7 for builds
     new 4b4b9b1  [CXF-3794]use geronimo-jaxws_2.2_spec 1.1 bundle
     new 3ac6fe6  [CXF-3775] Better support for Cache-Control private and no-cache fields
     new 3f59221  Get the CXF Bus objects registered into the OSGi service registry
     new 42623eb  When running in OSGi, you could create a non-osgi associated bus. Don't NPE in that case.
     new 187dad2  [CXF-3162] Make it possible to set the used for JMX and OSGi
     new 9598a80  When running in a place (like OSGi) where an MBeanServer is available via a Bus extension, go head and use it to register our beans.
     new 9a1afa7  When running in OSGi, use the bundle name as part of the bus id for purpose of management.
     new d961c1e  [CXF-3588] Some improvements to do with validating saml tokens
     new 59b42cc  Store a secret associated with a processed SecurityContextToken in a SecurityToken
     new 1cebbae  [CXF-3795] Configuring JAXBElementProvider to optionally register a namespace to prefix mapper
     new b1016a5  Added tests to verify server matching of client WS-RM protocol variations
     new e1d02e2  CXF-3796 Introduce an header to disable the handling the PartialResponse when the response code is 202
     new a5cd035  Fix issue of using <cxf:bus name=""> causing problems in spring
     new 6327379  [CXF-3767] - Store the KeyIdentifier SHA1 value of the Kerberos token
     new 1c69049  Make sure we remove the name attribute as this really confuses spring.
     new 29a4554  [CXF-1450] Add test case to show this now works
     new a287f63  Added a test to show the need for CXF-3796
     new 349c53d  Use async method in test to make it closer to what Camel does
     new 90d1f93  [CXF-374] request context property for WS-RM sequence demarcation
     new 25bb748  [CXF-2924] - Added a policy validator for AlgorithmSuites  - Only checks signatures for the moment.
     new 0c76d10  [CXF-3801] Make sure the calls into the CacheMap are fully synchronized.
     new 1aa620c  [CXF-3801] Slight optimizations for the JAXBContextCache.
     new 8c8acb5  [CXF-3788] fixing interop issues caused by this earlier patch
     new 995eae2  [CXF-2924] - Check encryption algorithms and (some) key lengths
     new 7ef3f90  Commenting some code to fix a failing system test with restricted security policies,
     new 9156992  removing unnecessary constant added by CXF-374
     new 5c5e1c9  Fix checkstyle
     new 2a85e21  Enhancements to EndpointReferenceUtils to make it cache a JAXBContext to reduce contention and synchronization points.
     new 8379f50  Make sure the proper classloader is used to load the osgi based bus extensions.
     new 6b863fa  Start working on getting calls that require security access to go through an AccessController to allow configuring via a SecurityManager. wsdl_first sample now works with basic security setups.
     new da868f2  [CXF-2924] - Add support to check symmetric key length for the derived case also.
     new 544f12b  When running in restricted environment, don't SecurityException if we query for properties we don't really need or have defaults for.
     new 4a3214d  [CXF-3802] Easier override of addressing properties from service Patch tested by Jesse Pangburn
     new ea93dbc  Get the JettyHTTPServerEngine able to support both Jetty 7.5 and 7.4
     new 0a861af  [CXF-3611] Fix the detection of array/list types in JAXBSchemaInitializer
     new 53c4dfc  [CXF-3798] Update to latest Jetty
     new cf8c8a9  Fix method signature
     new dda01eb  Remove some "cxf specific" stuff from the security policy model that isn't needed anymore.
     new ea4e489  [CXF-3803] Make sure bus.shutdown is called at servlet shutdown time
     new 0153b5d  [CXF-3054]wsdl2js script print out WSDL URL can not be null when use -v or -h option
     new f1581c1  [CXF-3705][CXF-2924] - Add the ability to specify custom AlgorithmSuites  - Re-enabled asymmetric key length checking for the restricted security policy test-cases
     new f8e601a  Update to snapshot for XmlSchema 2.0.1 so that we can do some testing with it before release.
     new 9fd0ccd  [CXF-3805] Fix problem with initializing all the factories when not needed
     new f1241f9  [CXF-3806] Adding replaceHeader method to WebClient
     new 831fe0f  [CXF-3125]Add -validate option to wsdl2service
     new 90d58d5  [CXF-2924] - Re-enable some unit tests
     new c9872e2  Renaming jaasLoginServiceName with contextName as per recent WSS4J upgrade
     new b478219  [CXF-3805] Add testcase for CXF-3805 Test from Tomasz Bech added
     new 82f16d4  Fix compile error on Java5
     new 2e41149  Update to new saaj osgi bundle that doesn't need jaxp-ri
     new 3336ba8  Remove property added to workaround Camel issue that is now fixed in Camel
     new 2a15dd6  Removed the legacy Ant and java build info from another 11 samples
     new 6e29a0e  CXF-3055 Adding -version, -Q switches to all command line tools
     new 83198ae  [CXF-3807] - Patch applied to use contextName for the KerberosClient
     new 2ad762d  [CXF-2759] Moving a refactored Lukasz Moren's contribution to the trunk
     new 446d6f4  [CXF-3808] Fixing the issue with the same proxy instance miscalculating the request URI in combination with the failover feature
     new c87014a  Remove @Override to make jdk5 happy
     new 915d90d  CXF-3690 using the maven stander main/java as the java source directory
     new 245e209  Fix for a failing test
     new c7f6d3f  Change the Kerberos system test to use the right AlgorithmSuites.
     new 8c1311e  [CXF-3323]add description elements in all CXF POM files.
     new 2657764  [CXF-3323]add description elements in all CXF POM files.
     new e3e1027  [CXF-3769] Initial support for mapping WADL element refs with schema element names affected by jaxb bindings
     new 71267d2  [CXF-3811] - Added sts-core module to a new services module.  - System tests to follow.
     new c8fe89c  Treat the session maintain as a contextual property to allow configuring it in via spring/blueprint config
     new 4ca5ef5  Add exclusions for neethi to make sure we pull in the versions we need.
     new 44b231b  Suppress some warnings in Eclipse
     new 8c996ae  [CXF-3810]exclude ws_security/interopfest example from binary kit
     new df07c04  [CXF-3814]update JDK download url in examples README.txt
     new c595c9a  CXF-3815 Add bin script for wsdl2idl
     new f5c5f8a  CXF-3815 revert the change as it is no needed
     new bab4778  Fix failing JDK1.5 build of the STS.
     new fb2162f  Add support to build the STS core if unlimited security policies are not installed
     new f9d0566  CXF-3690, CXF-3817 added pom support on ruby_spring_support and groovy_spring_support samples
     new 8ea3b09  CXF-3817 updated the build.xml with src directory changed.
     new bdd7341  Defer token validation to the WSS4J Validator interface + make it pluggable
     new a707ef5  Removed Ant build options from remaining 7 Mavenized projects.
     new a8a4ddf  Adding few TransformInInterceptor helper constructors
     new 9f99d1f  [CXF-3797] Applying most of the patch from Christos Fragoulides with some modifications
     new 5d5d5a8  [CXF-3797] Removing a ref to rackspace.wadl
     new 2b7c9e5  [CXF-3797] Really removing a ref to rackspace.wadl
     new 19c26b1  CXF-3817 added pom support on js_provider
     new 660e5d6  CXF-3817 updated the pom.xml of pom.xml for new added maven supporting samples
     new 9d69e2c  Removed the build.xml and updated the README file of js_provider
     new 17c5ec7  CXF-3819 Fixed the parent pom related path issue
     new 9e41bd1  [CXF-3797] More fixes from Christos Fragoulides with updates
     new 41d13a8  [CXF-3816] a policy provider/interceptor for asserting specified policy assertions
     new 9c1fcdd  MTOSI sample removed due to lack of demand/maintenance expertise.
     new 66be0fc  WSDL retrieval sometimes dumps stack traces if client does't read the full wsdl/schema.
     new 9e47dd2  [CXF-3797] Referencing element declarations found in xs:include schemas
     new f5738fd  Fix eclipse warning
     new e1c1ed7  Update to version of OpenSAML used by WSS4J
     new 2a1c17d  [CXF-3743] Configuration of extension and language mappings in a non spring servlet
     new ad1df57  Try to fixed the unit test error on the slower CI box
     new 1cc145b  Add support for the SecurityContextToken policy
     new 8dcff0f  [CXF-3787] Applying patch from Magesh Kumar Bojan to the http_jaxws_spi HttpServletRequestAdapter
     new d3c73f2  Add support to the STS framework to issue a token without returning a collection type.
     new a52501b  [CXF-3820] Make security token serializable Patch from Anubhav Sharma applied
     new 1849cef  CXF-3823 cxf-rt-transport-http-jetty should have the dependency of servlet API 2.5 instead of 3.0
     new 7e9def5  [CXF-3824]CLI tool -help should be able to list all switch in toolspec
     new 588dc29  CXF-3825 Add a README file in the CXF_HOME/etc
     new 5411cae  CXF-3825 updated the README file
     new 4531837  Added support to the issue token operation in the STS to issue a single token.
     new 118bbdf  Fixing some javadoc entries.
     new 5af4066  [CXF-3822] Returning 406 in case of malformed Accept header values
     new eea01bb  [CXF-3821] Adding an NPE guard to FormEncodingProvider
     new 6c64c82  Remove test-samples stuff that never went anywhere
     new bc1a308  Print out the URL to the viewvc change and the URL for any JIRA's that may be part of the commit log to make it easier to review the changes.
     new 204245a  XmlSchema 2.0.1 is now available in central
     new 3c2cbe1  [CXF-3245]Command line options are not uniform across CXF tools
     new fd62405  [CXF-2759] Minor refactorings
     new 1aeeb39  [CXF-2759] More refactorings plus adding a demo missed during the original commit
     new 1628dbf  [CXF-3826] - Implementation of caching in STS  - Patch applied, thanks
     new 278d122  [CXF-3827] - Cancelling a SCT with STS is missing verification of proof of possession key
     new 4be777a  Fix some issues setting up eclipse workspace due to wrong servlet jar being picked up
     new 227ea4f  [CXF-2759] Removing optional HTTP verbs from Token
     new 8d7436a  Add a few Karaf command line things to start/stop/list endpoints that are running in Karaf Fix some issues with stoping a Server causing it to completely unregister. Add ability to see if a server is stopped or not. Make sure the Bus is marked RUNNING after the initialization is done.
     new e682402  Refactoring BinaryDataProvider to make it easier to deal with ranges
     new 8ff12c7  Fixing two javadoc warnings.
     new 91fc78c  [CXF-2313] Adding a schemaLocations check for Application, support for context properties and injection of simple properties
     new 14bb042  [CXF-2313] Minor update to the servlet
     new 4027d35  Removed unmaintained integration/jca examples (CXF-3830)
     new bf2214c  Move some modules out of distribution and into an osgi directory
     new 94a495d  Adding support for issuing tokens in specific realms.
     new 1169843  Adding support for SAML realms when validating tokens.
     new a7a8b76  Added support for identity mapping in the STS.
     new 5a71a24  Turn the sts into an OSGi bundle, add it to the features
     new f8de666  [CXF-3832] Updating JSONProvider and SourceProvider to handle Documents
     new e810ecb  Added maxIdleTime attribute support on the jetty engine spring configure
     new 5aa6208  [CXF-1519]:Repspect @XmlType annotation in exceptoin class
     new 0c14563  Added an unit test to show how to use the bean name with the place holder
     new 603eac6  [CXF-1519]:Fix jdk15 build
     new fd012e9  [CXF-2006]:Check UnknownExtensibilityElement when RespectBindingFeature is enalbed
     new 94b143c  Fix checkstyle error
     new 1de10c9  [CXF-3834] Minor fix to get arrays supported
     new 993efd4  Allow a Principal object to be stored in the SecurityToken
     new 8f2dec6  [CXF-3828] Fix some issues with URI handling in the tooling
     new 771b9c9  Fixing checkstyle errors in the OAuth demo
     new 2122a5f  CXF-3833 polish the comment of http-jetty.xsd
     new 5c083e5  [CXF-3835] - SAML and Username tokens should be cached in the STS service  - Patch applied, thanks
     new c419a8b  Updated the token providers to store a principal in the cache
     new 354995b  [CXF-3797] Fixing a bug to do with subresource locator parameter generation plus few more improvements, thanks to Christos Fragoulides
     new 6c9f017  [CXF-3797] Better support for optional or repeating query parametets, thanks to Christos Fragoulides
     new 4c56299  Added test for the case where message id is used as correlation id
     new 3738ff0  Fix for JDK 5
     new 3d4e020  CXF-3833 fixed a typo of JettyHTTPServerEngine
     new 98c47b5  Make sure to try the message exchange for the TokenStore before creating a new one
     new 4936d84  [CXF-3838] Support for WADL in JSON
     new da1f140  Fix typo and error message
     new bad50ca  [CXF-3838] Optionally linking json elements to xml schema
     new 85f5641  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.3
     new b533306  Updating JSONUtils to check xsi:nil too
     new 9c62909  made description descriptive
     new 7f184be  [CXF-3843] Updating InTransformReader to optionally replace a text content
     new e21f952  More polishing of http-jetty maxIdleTime definition, based on Jetty site at
     new 00c7874  Don't repeat jira numbers.
     new c46997e  Fix test case with comparison to new error message
     new 9d11be2  typo
     new 08a1761  [CXF-3813] Remove the soap specific attributes before unmarshalling the header to prevent validation errors.
     new cbabb24  [CXF-3843] Replacing ':' content sep with '=' to provide for future xpath extensions - Aki's idea
     new d73ff7a  [CXF-3842] Make sure an namespaced Attr is created Patch from Marc Giger applied
     new 01c1f39  Added the ability to use the STSClient in an intermediary.  - There is a new configuration property to disable storing issued tokens per exchange  - Caching is enabled for OnBehalfOf or ActAs tokens
     new 6c44a62  [CXF-3844] Adding jaxrs saml authorization test
     new feeaf3a  [CXF-3844] Simplifying the interceptor wrapper
     new 205eb426 [CXF-3844] Fixing JAXRSSimpleSecurityTest
     new cb10d89  Opensaml is released
     new 7b2ecf9  [CXF-3797] Optional support for multiple in xml representations
     new 10f85ca  [CXF-3365] Updates to allow considering the incoming policy alternative when selecting the outgoing alternative.
     new 6646a37  [CXF-3797] Checking for duplicate element references when looking for representations with links
     new f57e7aa  Relativise returned claim names against the namespace
     new d595ed4  Avoid potential NPE if optional attributes aren't specified
     new a5a06c0  If the executor rejects the request, just run on the local thread and warn.
     new d060e6c  Updates to add a <cxf:workqueue> element to the core schema to make it easier to configure the workqueue parameters. Delay the creation of the actual threadpool till first call to execute to allow configuration ahead of time.
     new 881d483  Fix the object that invoke is being called on
     new 65f5e80  Add ability to configure global workqueues in OSGi
     new 8a2e723  [CXF-3847] Fixing ResponseBuilderImpl status validation
     new 032c11d  [CXF-3848] WS-Notification service implementation
     new 28c5dc8  Add support to the STS for certificate constraints + pluggable realm retrieval on the validation side
     new 3077c0b  [CXF-3848] [wsn] use cxf-parent, disable checkstyle, fix pmd violations
     new 49f09ae  [CXF-3848] Add a jdk15 profile for wsn
     new e5b0c36  Updating the Claims class to make it Serializable
     new 91a5e1f  [CXF-2850] - SAML and UsernameToken validation should validate the realm of the incoming token against cached tokens  - Patch applied, thanks
     new 35d807b  [CXF-3849] Removing printing the stack trace
     new 6e2b532  [CXF-3849] Reverting and logging the stack trace instead of losing it
     new 69b1bb8  [CXF-3848] Try again to fix the 1.5 build
     new 60cd112  [CXF-2759] Removing a redundant Client callback property and making a loginName optional
     new f72a85f  [CXF-3848] Use same project layout for wsn and sts
     new 962353a  [CXF-2759] Adding optional HTTP verb handlers to Request & Access token services
     new 74707bb  [CXF-3811] - Adding a war deployment for the new STS.  - I'll probably be re-shuffling this a bit over the next while
     new ea3caa2  CXF-3779 fixed some minor wsdl validate errors
     new 117e4c7  CXF-3852 Enabled the validate profile of  karaf feature
     new 5874b92  [CXF-2759] Removing redundant callback property from OAuthAuthorizationData
     new 38b2a21  [CXF-2759] Adding replyTo to OAuthAuthorizationData to make it easier to build forms
     new 4bd3b02  [CXF-3848] Add osgi support for WSN
     new 2568278  [CXF-3848] Fix groupIds to be consistent with sts, add a feature for wsn
     new ad02441  [CXF-3848] Fix WSN tests on jdk6
     new 2431b82  Start some work to decouple the JettyHTTPServerEngine from the Bus level factories to allow them to be configured outside a specific Bus (like maybe from OSGi)
     new cc3389e  Correcting package name.
     new b729ed6  [CXF-2759] Adding Provider annotation tp OAuthRequestFilter
     new e525f29  Start cleaning up wsn code to meet checkstyle Fix the tests so they run on Java6 on Linux
     new eadc248  Exclude some stuff that is part of Java6
     new 707d863  Fix remaining Checkstyle issues
     new 1c78a12  Switch to CXF logging standards and quiet the tests
     new b46018f  Use CXF DOMUtils
     new b0c7b27  Needs cxf feature for logging and domutils and such
     new fb19343  Add version range for jaxb
     new a9c80f2  Add version ranges for imports
     new 327d6de  Fix groupid for bundle, possibly use version of activemq already installed
     new 1afa4ed  For now, add a Dynamic-Import thing so the JAX-WS spi stuff can find the implementation... (might be bug/issue in jaxws api bundle)
     new 64768c3  The broker URL when using tcp seems to require a port with recent versions of ActiveMQ.  Since we don't need it exposed on a port, just use the pure vm url.
     new 7be34db  Use a working activemq feature
     new ab34d69  Define a working 2.4.2 ActiveMQ feature.  :-(
     new 95b27c0  Minimize dependencies for OSGi
     new a5955b3  [CXF-3857] - Support for subclassing of STSClient and adding Claims to RST  - Patch applied, thanks.
     new b6714ff  Change the feature name to "cxf-wsn" so as to not conflict with a non CXF provided wsn feature.
     new 495f9d1  Updates to work with Karaf 2.2.3
     new 5a96bc9  More updates to allow better dynamic config of workqueues
     new aecf18a  Use start-level=10 for the specs like the rest Don't grab from anymore
     new 26542a1  [CXF-2759] Updating authorization handler mappings plus few more minor updates
     new 3152e2a  CXF-3690 clean up the sourceDirectory
     new a99f7e6  Try to fix the AutomaticWorkQueueTest failure in slow box
     new 923b32f  CXF-3858 Added the cause exception message when throwing the fault from XMLStreamDataReader and XMLStreamDataWriter
     new 3fd759a  CXF-3736 clean up the codes
     new 3abf1d6  CXF-3736 polished the code of caused by message
     new 20bf791  CXF-3858 Added the cause exception class name into the fault message
     new d6c1af8  Add an NPE guard
     new 6156ac6  Fix issues when using Felix it cannot find the services from the context
     new fe1d5f0  Fix another issue with Felix not being able to create the proxies for the various wsdl extensor things.
     new 89400d5  [CXF-2759] Fixing a bit the way permissions are enforced
     new dab5dad  More updates to the OSGi shared workqueues Don't register the MBean on every bus, use a "Shared" key for those Wire the JMX property changes into the Config so they are persisted
     new 61bd39b  If the workqueue for the http-conduit async calls is full, try to submit it for a few seconds before just handling it synchronously.
     new 56231e5  Adding a test verifying the selection algorithm
     new 349216b  Try to fix the AutomaticWorkQueueTest test failure
     new 0fba7ea  Ignore the testEnqueueImmediate of AutomaticWorkQueueTest as it failed on open jdk 1.6
     new bec8d63  Added commend out code to check transform algorithms
     new 0d62daa  [CXF-2759] Some more updates to do with the permission enforcement
     new 39ea51d  Avoid possible race condition at startup
     new f248a17  [CXF-2759] Initial client side support code
     new bc7f785  Also check the XPath location of the element to avoid signature wrapping attacks
     new e420823  Prevent existing entries in the STSClient context from being overwritten by mapSecurityProps
     new 6d24123  Minor performance improvement
     new 237329a  Updating jsr311 api bundle version to 1.1.1
     new 08b8884  [CXF-3840]:Fix WS-Addressing and WS-RM: Nested Reference Parameters in request are not supported and become concatenated in the response to client
     new f41c3f6  Karaf is released!
     new 71d8d70  Make sure the wrapped XMLStreamReader can cleanup any resources it may be caching
     new a7a108e  Adding the ability to the STS war deployment to accept dynamic ports associated with service endpoints
     new dc20721  [CXF-3811] - Adding first batch of systests for the STS. These are not run by default at the moment as there is still some work to be done.
     new 65040e5  [CXF-2759] Adding initial java docs, plus few minor refactorings
     new ce91227  CXF-3858 Fixed the typo with thanks to Glen
     new f94ff0f  CXF-3860 CXF sample restful_dispatch Readme.txt need to be updated
     new a816767  [CXF-2759] Minor changes to do with deleting the tokens
     new 25cf456  Making the STS system tests work with restricted security policies
     new 0668e19  Very minor performance thing to not create an object that is immediately discarded in some cases.
     new 2cc427d  Fix some issues in the jibx tooling (and workaround issues in Jibx itself)
     new dd08849  CXF-3862:Fix binding customization
     new d014216  [CXF-3863] For the "built in" resolvers, don't recheck with the conduits
     new 18da320  [CXF-3829] Add and NPE guard
     new 7681b1a  [CXF-3846] Add a NPE guard
     new 61cd57f  Update groupIds and parents and relative paths in servcies poms to cleanup the deployment repo things
     new 9e4bdb0  Try finding the jms listiner via a property
     new 127d568  Cleanup a test that keeps randomly failing for me
     new 5ba4fbb  Minor updates to RequestDispatcherProvider
     new 658c94a  [CXF-3856] Use some of the ToolsConstants for the flags
     new cefc7a5  [CXF-3864]upgrade to jetty 7.5.3.v20111011
     new 0f75f88  [CXF-3866]CXF-Service
     new aa32fe8  [CXF-3811] - Adding "advanced" system tests. Commented out for the test run for the moment.
     new 1f2acf0  [CXF-2759] Removing request token in case of 'deny', minor improvements in client utils
     new a8a23d3  [CXF-3869] Minor improvements to RequestDispatcherProvider
     new 840cdc0  Tidying up the IssueUnitTest a bit.
     new 3931820  Update gwt plugin to newer, supported version.
     new dc6eaf7  [CXF-3855] Fix issue with uri escaping/encoding
     new b33729d  Maven already sets the  No need to do it in code.
     new c66c13d  Fix issues if the systemId passed to ERU is an invalid URI.  A different exception is thrown in that case.
     new 3dbf7fa  Set a bunch of svn properties
     new 7df2faa  Revert back to versions of gwt that will run on java5
     new 89b5a1f  Add serviceName/portName/targetNamespace attributes to the impls to make the generated wsdl look a bit better. Switch to SOAP 1.2 (which also allows SOAP 1.1 calls)
     new e0f5b54  Add a "main" method to startup a standlone WS-Notification service
     new 9516ca9  Add lexical handler to SAXSource's to get comments
     new 5fb53c5  Remove some deprecated stuff from the logbrowser
     new 5443845  [CXF-3811] - Updated the basic STS system tests to use dynamic ports for the STS + enabled them
     new 1fe19dc  [CXF-3811] - Enabling system tests.
     new ecbbda4  [CXF-3871] avoid NPE at getAction in wsa ContextUtils.getAction
     new f502c40  [CXF-3854] Applying the patch with spme mofifications on behalf of Lars Weber, thanks
     new b84d2a5  [CXF-3872] Better exception reporting, patch on behalf of Andrei Shakirin - thanks
     new 0d8cea0  [CXF-3873] Omitting exception details by default, patch on behalf of Andrei Shakirin - thanks
     new ba1e48a  [CXF-3811] - Changed the advanced STS system tests to use dynamic ports for the STS + re-enabled them
     new 8ba6da8  [CXF-3811] - Fixing a failing test with restricted security policies.
     new 5b9935b  Update wsn to allow specifying the full root url instead of just the port so you can bind to just a specific address or set to "" to make it use the pax-web servlet based transport.
     new ded74a8  Split wsn into an api (containing generated code and client stuff) and core (containing the actual services).  Make both of them OSGi bundles that can be installed individually.  The wsn-osgi is now an "uber bundle" if wanted. Added cxf-wsn-api feature to just install that. (if you want the API's to talk to an external service) Change cxf-wsn feature to use the core bundle. Fix some issues trying to run pure JAX-WS code in OSGi
     new c68e380  Oops.  Left the test hiting an external wsn server.
     new 3ea6eb0  Opt into geronimo-specs SPI things so we can remove the DynamicImport * things from the wsn bundles.
     new c06d9ec  Ignore a test that is failing due to a missing file
     new 90fa5b8  Fix broken test.  Make sure context classloader things override the built ins.
     new 5a3b875  Update javamail version we pull in for osgi
     new 5297c15  Put anything that depends on cxf-specs into cxf namespace and using cxf version number to make sure multiple versions don't get installed.
     new 4e13e90  Fixed the CS errors of oauth demo
     new 3dde631  Updating all test instances that use CipherSuites to accept AES cipher-suites  - This fixes all JDK 1.7 TLS test failures (DES cipher suites are not included in JDK 1.7)
     new 1e84096  [CXF-3874] Adding a role classifier property to JAASLoginInterceptor
     new 44d56db  [CXF-3854] Appending Resource to syntesized resource names to avoid clashes with schema types generated into the same package
     new 30ae4cc  Added a policy validator for the Transport binding.
     new 2367973  [CXF-3875] Checking type and default attributes better
     new cfcf456  Workaround "war" issue on java5.
     new a5bc45a  [CXF-3876] Update to use blueprint instead of spring to setup the servlet transport. Patch from Johan Edstrom applied. (note: those building from source, make sure you run mvn clean first to clear out the old META-INF/spring/osgiservlet.xml)
     new a9d9f43  Add a very basic WS-Notification sample to get people started with it.
     new f6423c2  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 5f1880e  [CXF-3880] TransformReader fix for append-child
     new 89749d8  Temporarily disabling transform-related tests to try to isolate the cause of the test hanging
     new b76a2ee  [CXF-3877] Updating services pages handler to optionally ignore endpoints with non-matching contexts, patch on behalf of Johan Edstrom applied with few mofifications
     new 0171c8b  Reenabling one of the two disabled transform tests
     new da91be6  adding a test for CXF-3871
     new 5688d15  Reenabling the last of the two disabled transform tests
     new 309d621  Fix an eclipse warning
     new 638cc52  Add new wsn sample to build
     new 3efa0a8  [CXF-3881] Optionally generating enums
     new 40140d2  Adding cxf-rt-rs-security-xml to the distro only
     new e20fafb  Fixing a typo
     new 185370d  [CXF-3205] Copy XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotations into the generated package-info class.
     new 888849e  Fix typo
     new 9240f5c  Minor cleanup of sts systests
     new 11db6b0  Get the test off port 8080
     new 67458cd  [CXF-3870] Map interface heirachy into schema as well
     new d41cd45  [CXF-3878] Do some better logging with JAX-RS exceptions
     new 737b132  [CXF-3878] Honor the return value on the fault listener
     new 487225d  Fix test failure on Java5
     new fd23936  [CXF-3845] avoid using setBoolean in RMTxStore to increase compatibility
     new 0e79d02  [CXF-3884] DynamicClientFactory#setupClassPath to handle url encoded paths
     new c1e3bfd  [CXF-3879] Allow controlling the maximum size of incoming attachments. Patch from Sam Meder applied.
     new e7beff2  [CXF-3879] Add file I forgot to add
     new 2cfcc69  [CXF-3853] changed RMTxStore.isTableExistsError to protected
     new ed4faad  Added new policy validators for the Symmetric binding + Asymmetric binding  - Started properly validating a load more policies
     new e83dff8  Fixing problem with last commit.
     new 8097688  Trap the calls to factory.setProperty so unsupported properties can be ignored.
     new 22ed4ed  [CXF-3885] Add options to wsdl2java for various SourceDataBinding usage
     new e151862  Added support to also encrypt SignatureConfirmation elements when the SignatureProtection property of the binding is enabled
     new d42f6d4  fixing windows related issue for CXF-3855 unit test
     new 56a6fb2  Added a check for an X.509 token in the InitiatorToken of the AsymmetricBindingPolicyValidator
     new 30f0d24  [CXF-3885] Add system test for source databinding
     new 2f1fbbb  Removed the sts_issue_operation sample and added a new "sts" sample that uses the new STS implementation
     new db708f0  Fix the parent in the sts/systest pom
     new 7d9dd07  [CXF-3887] Allow xjc to display multiple error messages
     new 1dddc89  [CXF-3887] Also update the DynamicClientFactory to display all the errors.
     new 7de7848  Added documentation
     new 959a3d6  Update release notes.
     new 7425ade  CXF-3888 Different log categories for each service
     new 9dbb5a9  Add the Apache license  header to files that are missing it.
     new c7751a9  CXF-3888 Bugfix
     new 5695b81  Fix checkstyle/pmd issues
     new 8f9b5ba  CXF-3888 Showing nicer class name and fixing checkstyle
     new 2dbba73  Slight optimization
     new 180cd5e  Set svn properties
     new ddd69f8  [CXF-3889] Change totalLen field in CachedOutputStream to long
     new b1d2f74  Fix java5 compile failure
     new 27feb48  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.5.0
     new 3321a97  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9c25fae  various cleanups to new STS sample
     new 492b4e2  [CXF-3225] - Add support for saml tokens in sp:InitiatorToken
     new 842e9d8  [CXF-3892]upgrade to servicemix specs 1.9.0
     new a7be136  Added support to the SymmetricBinding for the ProtectTokens policy for X509Tokens.  - Added 2x system tests
     new 8641453  Updated URL in readme
     new 0ea58a2  Implemented servlet deployment option for wsdl_first example
     new 0b6dcb1  Rearranged files as part of new servlet deployment option
     new 972659a7 add my public key
     new 2e7878a  Adding a missing file, sorry
     new 7dc4aad  Return a (cached) realm in the SCTValidator
     new c175568  Fix to make the STS sample work with JDK 1.5
     new 30040ff  Provided WAR deployment option for intro java-first sample
     new 4e3e5c7  New webapp directory for WAR deployment
     new b291cf1  Adding webapp folder for Java-first sample (updated wrong directory last time)
     new 7a017fa  Reverted previous change; updated wrong sample.
     new 0d2401f  [CXF-3894] RequestDispatcherProvider and FormUtils logging improvements
     new cb6816a  Validate SignedSupportingToken policies.
     new 031761f  [CXF-3380] Adding DataSourceProvider
     new 908cd0d  [CXF-3380] Adding DataHandlerProvider too
     new a58dc28  Improved EndorsingSupportingToken policy validation for X.509 tokens and KerberosTokens.
     new 0fa6cf9  Correcting some javadoc in the STS.
     new 5175b47  [CXF-3894] Making sure OAuth services can also log the form values captured by HttpServletRequest parameters
     new 2cdf115  Added policy validation for SecurityContextTokens as EndorsingSupportingTokens  - Added support for derived key policy validation as well for EndorsingSupportingTokens
     new c8d5bb0  [CXF-3380] Collapsing DataHandlerProvider into DataSourceProvider to minimize duplication
     new 331266c  [CXF-3836]test to verify null value for output Holder parameter works
     new efea99e  Abstracted most of the supporting token policy validation code in CXF into a common abstract class. Added support for SignedEndorsingSupportingToken policy validation. Added some tests for SignedEndorsingSupportingToken policy validation in CXF.
     new 52998ee  Removing some unnecessary configuration
     new 0890c52  [CXF-3902] Simplifying wadl queries a bit
     new 5762cb7  [CXF-2759] Updating the code checking permission uris
     new abc4824  [CXF-3902] Adding a query hint when a .wadl suffix is added
     new 18c3a6d5 Added support for using a SAML Token as an EndorsingSupportingToken + added a systest. Added support for SignedEncryptedSupportingToken policy validation + added some tests.
     new a3dd9ff  [CXF-3902] Fixing a system test
     new eee6032  [CXF-3770] Checking enums better
     new da0fe6e  Updating Jackson version to 1.9 in systests
     new 9240a45  A fix for when a UsernameToken is used via a SignedSupportingToken/IssuedToken
     new ea4582a  Removed unused cxf-servlet.xml files (CXF-3831)
     new abe5017  [CXF-3900] Checking Sets when reading the beans
     new c0678b5  Added a system test for a SAML Token as a SignedEncryptedSupportingToken
     new 8fcb35a  Fixing a failing test
     new 2dcb9ad  [CXF-3903] Support for primitive multipart/form-data parameters
     new 0b76006  [CXF-3908] Checking for exception mappers before wrapping IOExceptions
     new e2ae49a  CXF-3912 Archetype for JAX-RS
     new dc847cd  CXF-3912: add an archetype for JAX-RS.
     new 795d490  Remove new archtype from build for right now.  Has a couple snapshot deps that I cannot resolve.
     new 11cc0b5  Fix snapshot deps on archetype stuff.
     new cec603a  Put the archetype back into the build.
     new 0396e55  Added support for EncryptedSupportingToken policy validation and some system tests.
     new 1531926  [CXF-3913] blueprint for ws-rm
     new b626336  Added support for EndorsingEncryptedSupportingToken policy validation + added some systests.
     new 4885fd3  Removing a redundant import from a jaxws archetype resource
     new 10ca306  [CXF-3912,CXF-3907] Updates to get the archetype pom use CXF project version, removing escape characters from the sources
     new 46210b6  [CXF-3912,CXF-3907] Few more minor updates
     new 92dd327  Did a refactor of the TransportBindingHandler + added a systest for a Kerberos EndorsingEncryptedSupportingToken
     new 81b7f58  Added support for SignedEndorsingEncryptedSupportingTokens + systests
     new 0932ce5  [CXF-3923] - Support for OnBehalfOf in SAMLTokenProvider  - Patch applied, thanks.
     new 0210ff8  [CXF-3922] - Support for KerberosToken in RST if LdapClaimsHandler used  - Patch applied, thanks.
     new 278345a  Better Mavenized the groovy sample; switched to the sample's parent-level web.xml
     new d36205d  stray commented-out line removed
     new 956ea04  More WS-SecPol refactoring
     new fd24ccf  [CXF-3921] makingRMTxStore's tabel-exists error state configurable
     new b4d9140  Switching to a not so common port number
     new f24846c  fixing jdk15 build for CXF-3921
     new 4c1b936  Tidying up some indentation issues after removing tabs in some of the config files
     new ec1fb49  Failing fast(er) on security policy violation
     new cb20834  Fix for checkstyle failure
     new 8333c3f  Use faster method for source jars
     new 7e5a660  Check a message property for the token if caching on the endpoint is turned off.  Avoid a synchronized block if the TokenStore is available.
     new 13547e2  More SecPol refactoring.
     new d1d4739  Better Mavenized Ruby sample, switched to common ../etc/web.xml file
     new 39afbbe  Switched LogBrowser sample app to 2.5 version of web.xml [CXF-1111]
     new f54a690  Tidying up the binding policy validators a bit more.
     new a61ac8d  Minor update for WS-SP 1.1
     new b89383b  Update to work with Aries bp 0.4 which doesn't export this
     new 4a2f1df  Update blueprint to support both Aries blueprint 0.3 and an upcoming 0.4.1+.   (0.4.0 is not usable) When possible, use the ComponentMetadata directly to avoid direct dependency on Aries for that.
     new db26b52  Updates to CXF's namespace handler to support the other namespaces that may be encountered.   More or less requires ARIES-626 to actually work though.
     new 6a2dde2  [CXF-3926] supporting jaxws provider's null response handling
     new e080b1d  fixing ibm-jdk16 issue for CXF-3926's unit test
     new e6ef34f  [CXF-3933] Adding MultipartReadException
     new 7ae5917  Minor update to WADLgenerator to take subresources into consideration when checking for the same path operation
     new c9027e3  Finished sec-pol refactoring.
     new 9d0bc8a  [CXF-3924] - Support to configure keystore per SAML realm  - Patch applied, thanks.
     new b8f6b3a  Add parameter for mapping missing parts to null.
     new 84bd8ee  Try to invent nullable multipart parameters. Test commented out because I can't figure it out.
     new 7a59890  Switched to Ver 2.5 web.xml for remaining CXF samples having this file
     new 4d88bad  [CXF-3936] Renabling the test Benson added, thanks
     new e5f2c7b   CXF-3936: fix name of new param to be 'required'
     new 8516080  [CXF-3937] Minor fixes for UriInfo to return correct base URI
     new 5d53c7c  [CXF-3635] - Added an initial @Ignored test for WS-Trust for SPNEGO
     new 0b8f9a9  [CXF-3938] Injecting contexts into the providers at the selection stage
     new 44bc371  [CXF-3939] Fixing UriInfo to return the list of matched URIs and resources in the reverse order
     new 4bb0b37  [CXF-3931] - STS SAMLTokenValidator doesn't validate condition
     new 1a77ab3  [CXF-3931] - Missing file from last commit
     new 8872d6b  [CXF-3941] Better support for Description annotations
     new 6b161bf  [CXF-3928] - Add token validation for OnBehalfOf element in TokenIssueOperation  - Patch applied
     new 3737927  [CXF-3915] Properly keep track of the number of shared users of hte workqueue
     new dac17ee  Better Mavenized java_first_spring_support example.
     new 28ef288  [CXF-3925] Add some NPE guards on the fault chain
     new 0c1f83d  [CXF-3934] Remove the fillInStackTrace calls that is causing stack traces to be wiped out and become irrelevant.
     new 7c8c30a  Remove a bunch of printlns cluttering the tests
     new f07149d  [CXF-3916] Fix for partial response and async messages Patch from Jesse Pangburn applied
     new 19c10b1  [CXF-3934] Fix test failures
     new daed206  Fix warning in eclipse
     new 7e8d70b  Update to latest PMD and Checkstyle plugins
     new 922f597  [CXF-3916] The only check needed is if the message is a partial or not.
     new 739d6c4  Fix checkstyle/pmd error
     new 8128d84  [CXF-3914] Use stringbuilder.append for setting up WQ stuff Patch from Alexey Markevich applied.
     new c2ebdbf  Fix checkstyle error
     new 42e4d48  [CXF-3040] XMLBeans 2.5.0 is now in central.
     new 51e2922  Removing a static modifier from a test interface
     new 802ed52  [CXF-3942] CounterRepository cannot be assigned to a named bus
     new 52eefe8  CXF-3943: Implement filters for CORS. (Tests to follow)
     new f5945d7  add another two endpoints two buses wiring test
     new fe628c8  Start testing for CXF-3943 and run into CXF-3944.
     new 291817e  Compile on java5
     new b05873f  CXF-3943: see the simplest possible test work, courtesy of the apache http client library.
     new 8e4cfa3  CXF-3943: test non-* Origin restriction.
     new cf0b997  CXF-3493: merge the filter beans, fix issues, add more tests. Some of them even pass.
     new cf1472b  Better Mavenized the spring_security sample.
     new 685e2b1  Added a derived test for SPNEGO
     new 33a5400  Refactor of the WS-Security systests - part I
     new b9c6b1a  Potential fix for failing tests on the IBM JDK
     new be89887  Add parent so deploy may work
     new 3275fe1  CXF-3943: add an annotation to allow finer control than global params in the spring configuration.
     new 939507a  checkstyle oops.
     new 840a797  [CXF-3947] Make sure the bus names aren't lost when parsing beans with bus properties
     new 0f64a07  CXF-3943: fill in the rest of the non-annotation simple tests.
     new 47a1e4e  Refactor of WS-Security systests - part II
     new 58c7912  CXF-3493: fix up much confusion, more tests pass.
     new 3d6dff3  CXF-3493: pass all the tests I've got so far.
     new 22a85e3  Re-enabling SecurityPolicyTest(s)
     new fe3a36c  [CXF-3950] Adding XMLInstruction annotation - no substitution is supported at the moment
     new ec2458a  More tests, plus some substantive documentation. (CXF-3493)
     new aaa51ba  [CXF-3951] If the bus attibute points to an undefined bus, make sure spring or blueprint throws an exception.
     new 96464f2  [CXF-3946] Using a mutable map to keep the namespace-prefix pairs when dealing with collections
     new a682bc6  [CXF-3950] Adding basic processing of href attributes if any
     new 95f633e  [CXF-3952] Adding SchemaLocation annotation
     new 0340c82  [CXF-3943] Using JAX-RS Runtime to confirm a resource method exists during a preflight check
     new 5e51e76  Some fixes wrt caching in the STS TokenValidators
     new d8aedce  Add another utility I use often
     new 41c1fa4  [CXF-3949] Making imports non-optional for the jaxrs bundle only
     new 07a7e49  Needs to be compile scope
     new 16e6682  [CXF-3930] Extend ClaimsHandler interface to pass current realm and WebServiceContext
     new 57019cd  [CXF-3891] wsdl2js NPE's with element references to an element with an anonymous type
     new 54f900f  [CXF-3953] Checking for JAXB types with underscore characters
     new 304c418  [CXF-3943] Updating CORS filter to return an empty Response with a configurable status code on case of preflight failures
     new fd84e96  [CXF-3952] Renaming SchemaLocation to XSISchemaLocation, adding http.base.path property
     new efd04e4  [CXF-3893] Remove references to internal classes
     new de5003e  Add more information to the error message to help diagnose what is going on.
     new 342945f  [CXF-3958] Make sure namespaces are properly written where they need to be
     new 884ebd6  [CXF-3952] Adding a check for empty requestURI in AbstractHTTPDestination
     new 61b41bf  Fix compile failure on Java5
     new 39cab19  [CXF-3959] Fix issues of double injection with Spring Part 1
     new 81baea0  [CXF-3959] Fix same issue with JAXWS 2.2
     new 258b935  Some updates for the sts-war module
     new 9feea6e  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.4
     new 285b914  [CXF-3912] Fixing substitution properties
     new eeae26d  typo fixed
     new db6abcc  [CXF-3959] Test cases for issues with PostConstruct being called too many times and injections not working.
     new fdd6c56  [CXF-3961] Better exception if conduit cannot be found
     new e600124  [CXF-3962,CXF-3901] Make sure the bus.initialize() is called when it really is initialized.   Have OSGi pull Features and Listeners from the OSGi service registry at Bus startup.
     new 162c1f3  CXF-3963 set up maven-site-plugin 3.0. Don't work yet.
     new 176d952  CXF-3964: Diagnose missing artifact wsdls, and compensate for apparent resolver bug.
     new a70ff9e  CXF-3964: simplify code. The maven-artifact-resolver is the right API for what this is trying to do. This doesn't make the M3 bug disappear, but it makes this code easier to read.
     new 74edd08  [WSS-3960] - Patch for InitiatorSignatureToken Support in WS-Policy definition  - Patch applied (with some minor modifications), thanks.  - I added a systest.
     new 88c8870  [CXF-3956] Fix problem of Dispatch clients not using the HandlerResolver
     new 9789905  [CXF-3910] Add test cases for thread local request contexts for dispatch clients
     new 119f998  On java7, the test methods are executed in a different order and state in the singleton bookestore leaks across tests and causes failures. Add a reset that is called after each test to reset the singleton back to its empty state.
     new a158927  Fix eclipse warning when using jaxws22/java7
     new bd82ea6  [CXF-3895] Support for the Jetty OBF: prefixed passwords
     new 4902229  Add AES method to https setups so they can run with Java7
     new b19f632  More algorithm updates for java7
     new 0ebf89e  Fixed the jms unit test failure when upgrading ActiveMQ to 5.6.x
     new a3c3680  [CXF-3967] Adding UserSubject which OAuth filters may optionally use to create SecurityContexts
     new 993ff34  [CXF-3966] Getting JAXB providers to throw 400 in case of read errors
     new eb04cb3  Added a new "ws-security-examples" systests module
     new a396db2  Update to last commit
     new 70329dd  Some cleanup of the ws-security system tests
     new 164aab1  CXF-3920 Return the correct transport URI
     new 618ce1a  [CXF-3969] Allow WrapperStyleNameCollisionValidator to consider the bareMethods flag
     new f9fc66a  [CXF-3901] Allow osgi services to opt-out of the global pickup
     new 87ec906  More updates for algorithms for Java7
     new d8d08da  Fix a strange timing issue that could cause features to get wiped out Make sure the Interceptor lists are all of the CopyOnWrite variety.
     new 36c0531  Simplify spring Bus parsing by parsing directly to the Bus object when posible make sure the BusLifeCycleListeners are loaded and registered prior to initComplete called.
     new a693022  BusLifeCycleListener is usless as a global service as it doesn't get the Bus passed in.  Introduce a new interface that can be used to get noticed when Bus's are created and can then register additional BusLifeCycleListeners for the finer events.
     new be7e070  CXF-3966 fixed the systest failure of JAXRSClientServerSpringBookTest
     new 6c2d733  [CXF-3971] SpringBus.getId() may fail to determine the symbolic bundle name
     new 9303401  More tests for the lifecyclelisteners Fix issues if jetty isn't available
     new 2f50e45  Stop trying to report surefire and checkstyle. Since we fail the build for test failures and checkstyle violations, it makes the site build wildly slower to no purpose at all.
     new 81aae9b  [CXF-3967] Adding OAuthContext to be used by custom filters for extra checks
     new b2abd03  Make the parent structure conventional in the maven plugins.
     new b5cb203  [CXF-3967] Setting OAuthContext as class content on Message
     new 886efa0  CXF-3972: refactor wsdl2java mojo to make room for js.
     new 7e4c27f  [CXF-3973] making non-default bus instances also appear in the JMX monioring
     new de97052  CXF-3972 Fixed the rt-javascript build error
     new 93ce097  CXF-3974 Clean up the servlet api dependency of CXF systest
     new ebf579c  CXF-3920 clean up the code of MessageIdAsCorrelationIdJMSConduitTest
     new 533103d  [CXF-3975] consolidate ws-rm configuration schema for spring and blueprint
     new 7ba42bc  Adding tighter enforcement of transforms
     new 0b85566  fix to make cxf-3975 work for spring with no internet connection
     new ec64c5d  [CXF-3970] - Patch: InitiatorEncryptionToken, RecipientSignatureToken, RecipientEncryptionToken support in WS Sec Policy  - Patch applied, thanks.  - Added a systest.
     new b0c6814  removing spring schema reference in CXF-3975
     new a149738  Adding in some X509 Token tests from the WS-Security examples spec.
     new ebcbebb  unique particle attribution error in wsrm-manager.xsd from CXF-3975
     new ee91986  [CXF-3968] If a schema is imported from multiple places via different paths, make some attempt to rationalize all the various imports into a single import url.
     new cccbc69  [CXF-3905] Fixup jaxws archetype to actually work with the latest archetype plugin
     new 88896c2  [CXF-3867] Add a couple methods for keeping the URLConnection defaultUsesCaches thing set to true.
     new 6b41599  CXF-3972: continued rearranging to allow both mojos to exist, with similiar option structures.
     new dfad868  Hide wsdl2js mojo because it introduces a dependency loop.
     new 81a6b5b  [CXF-3972] move wsdl codegen to testutils from rt-javascript where it should have been all along.
     new c75ee0e  JUnit test for HelloWorldImpl added.
     new a05ebb7  Update release notes for 2.5.1
     new a6a7fd3  Added another X.509 Token ws-security-example systest  - Started on the SAML tests  - Added the ability to set the version of a generated SAML Assertion by policy (when we pick up WSS4J 1.6.5).
     new ce1e00d  [CXF-2972] prepare to split rt-javascript to break a dependency loop.
     new 602b350  [CXF-3972] move tests to new project. Due to svn idiocy I'm not 100% sure that this builds, but I'll fix it really quick if not.
     new 267043b  [CXF-3972] forgot an svn add.
     new 5961df2  [CXF-3972] further trimming of dependency tree in the hopes of getting out of the cycle business.
     new fa851f5  Remove dependencies on testutils for jaxb and soap.
     new 0036190  Fixing a bug in not directly referring to a DerivedKey
     new aac024a  Added some more SAML ws-security-example tests
     new 5560fc9  Adding policy validation for certain types of SAML tokens
     new cc589a3  [CXF-3976] Use the EPR passed into SoapTransportFactory whenever possible. Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied
     new 93b2a42  Simplify how the bus addtribute is handled on <cxf:bus> to make sure it's ignored and not resulting in circular graphs
     new 93c37d8  Remove testutils dependency on some poms that don't need it.
     new 1b8cc45  Update to latest easymock to simplify things a bit and to move us forward with it. Remove easymock deps from poms that don't need it.
     new 300c84a  Put better <name> element in there
     new c149aa8  a bit more dep reduction
     new 8a5486e  [CXF-3972] Revert "Hide wsdl2js mojo because it introduces a dependency loop."
     new 9c945fb  Try again to put the javascript runtime into the codegen.
     new a2693df  Much debugging of js mojo. It has even worked a little.
     new 3907d77  [CXF-3972] sort our marker suffixes.
     new 148ac77  [CXF-3972] another fix to marker suffixes.
     new a8eaad7  Adding some more SAML ws-security-example tests
     new 2b27d76  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.5.1
     new e453636  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0b26a37  Fixing some failing unit test with WSS4J 1.6.5-SNAPSHOT
     new 8f76314  Added in some more saml ws-security-example tests and a secure-conversation test
     new d2d3712  [CXF-3979]specify cxf-bundle start-level less than 60
     new a217684  Added an STS-based ws-security-examples SAML test  - Fixed a bug in SignatureConfirmation processing in the runtime
     new 9395019  Adding an interceptor to send and process SAML tokens with no binding policy  - Finished with the ws-security-example tests
     new 7c10f1f  Remove unneeded call to xjc
     new f473d07  [CXF-3984] Better support for Locale parameters
     new 1a6b5a0  [CXF-3986] JAX-RS MessageContext should check Exchange for Class properties
     new c1a706c  Fixing the system test failing after some temp code got in
     new ae4118f  ...and uncommenting some temp-commented test code, sigh...
     new 913bae8  CXF-3982 Added osgi metatype file for the cxf servlet
     new 1614d9e  Fixing the test which proxifies the exception mapper
     new 24cc7c5  Fix error in eclipse
     new 1e9bdaf  [CXF-3635] - WS-Trust SPNego (WCF message level spnego)
     new c950ffc  [CXF-3987] Removing confusing Multipart checks when reading plain multipart/form-data payloads
     new f8807bc  [CXF-3987] Checking Content-Id in case of missing Content-Disposition
     new 481c86a  [CXF-3903] Fixing a regression to do with converting Multipart params to FormParams too early for the benefit of WADLGenerator
     new 06135b9  Fixing the multipart test failure
     new 62cd80c  CXF-3988: First attempt at a builder/fluid pattern for making attachments.
     new b17a715  [CXF-3992] making jmx instrumentation manager configurable using some bus properties
     new 1a554bb  [CXF-3993] ws-rm's blueprint configuration fails to parse RMAssertion entries
     new 6947e51  [CXF-3991] Better error message when conduit cannot be found. Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied.
     new f91e46c  [CXF-3990] Make a few methods public in the policy engine to make it easier to extend or augment the policy decissions
     new 5c95cf5  CXF-3995: fall back to class-level annotations lacking method-level annotations.
     new e0fd85c  Format cleanup.
     new 8f22535  CXF-3998: add an additional flag (and annotation param) to make it easier to deal with browser confusion on Access-Control-Allow-Headers.
     new 0019d4e  specifying cxf version for META-INF.cxf* exports
     new 91bddc2  CXF-3982 Fixing wrong directory
     new a34df0b  Minor update to JSONProviderTest
     new bcc3ecb  CXF-3983 Use ManagedServiceFactory instead of ManagedService
     new 20ee2e6  CXF-3982 Provide metatype information for Workqueues
     new bca84a9  [CXF-3996] Allow POLICY_OVERRIDE to work on server side in. Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied.
     new 8ca750e  [CXF-3877] Returning endpoint address for foreign contexts
     new f5be917  [CXF-3999] Update to Jettison 1.3.1
     new 97e9e91  [CXF-4000] Optional formatting of the JSON ouput
     new 4f4afa9  Adding some more tests with URIs containing matrix params
     new a19e28b  Fixing the compilation failure
     new cd1865d  [CXF-3859] JAX-RS Minimal OSGI demo, applying a patch on behalf of Ka-Lok Fung
     new c00d853  [CXF-4001] Using InputStream available on the message when checking for form parameters
     new 7056c7a  Adding a null guard to AbstractHttpServlet
     new cc80c52  Reporting the dispatcher name in case of the failure
     new 67b965f  Minor update to RequestDispatcherProvider
     new f649f10  Fixing the build failure
     new 4ccf09f  Simplifying SAML Conditions checking in the STS
     new 7c1356d  [CXF-4005, CXF-4004] Fix issues where extraargs could be double merged and causing duplicate arguments.
     new e362fe4  [CXF-4003] Add date and time types for wadl Patch from Matthias Brandt applied
     new 9e9652a  Add a NPE guard to SoapTransportFactory
     new d7e3e2e  Set up the maven-invoker-plugin to run codegen tests.
     new d72eeb0  [CXF-4007] Make sure jetty threadpool is set on the server as well.
     new 2a29543  Use non-deprecated API
     new ad12c5b  [CXF-4008] Check the* props
     new bf30b85  [Minor fix]: correct to add rmDevivery in InFaultInterceptors
     new 5b91284  [CXF-3989]:messageConetxt.setScope(MessageContext.HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS, Scope.APPLICATION) leads to java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
     new 626f809  [CXF-3981]:WS-Addressing related faults do not contain addressing headers
     new cb1fd5a  [CXF-3981]:Does not store wsa header when wsrm is enabled to fix the SequenceTest
     new 5c18ec4  [CXF-4010] - Add ability to specific EncryptionProperties per STS instance
     new c8d5ad1  [CXF-4011] - The STS SAML DefaultSubjectProvider does not set the encryption algorithm when building an EncryptedKey
     new 3039ecb  [CXF-4012] - The AlgorithmSuite class does not use the WS-SP standard maximum symmetric key size
     new 5b53f1d  [CXF-4012] - Fix for failing STS test
     new 51efcdb  [CXF-4013] Enhancing the element-append and drop options of OutTransformWriter
     new e12bdb0  Update version number to 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 7113179  Update common-utilities and codegen plugin (and some users of it) to fix usage of raw types, change to new style for loops, etc...
     new 33b6fd1  [CXF-3989] Recorded scopes are "mapped" keys, make sure we map the key when setting and getting the scope
     new a45c425  Fix a bunch more eclipse warnings Update eclipse setup to not need two of the warnings turned off anymore
     new d2a3e51  Fix rawType warnings up to rt-core
     new 54e25a5  CXF-4014 Refactoring of OSGi startup
     new eeccd2a  [CXF-4010] - Fix for failing tests
     new ff61cfc  Fix eclipse warnings
     new b47cfa2  Fix another 200 rawtype warnings
     new c295783  Fix a bunch more warnings inside methods, private methods, and tests that can be ported back.
     new fe174a1  Warning fixes in tools that can be ported back
     new 82c9da2  Systest warning fixes that can be ported back
     new 04c149f  Revert a couple tests that cannot be pulled back as they require API changes
     new f196317  Another 300+ backportable rawtypes warning fixes
     new 62da7ba  [CXF-2864] - Support UsernameToken derived keys  - Part I : Added support for derived keys from a UsernameToken when it's used as the ProtectionToken of the SymmetricBinding.  - One important point is that it can only be used correctly for EITHER signature or encryption, but not both, as the salt in the U/T is different for both.
     new 7aa3128  Fix java5 compile issue
     new f94943e  Another couple hundred back-portable rawTypes warnings fixed
     new 8ba4be7  Non-backportable warning fixes.  Down to 600 warnings.
     new 988d3c1  JAX-WS Spec jars use plan List<Handler> which raises rawType warnings.  All we can do is suppress them in this case.
     new 63f5ae3  Getting closer to getting warnings resolved
     new 6d71077  By proper use of generics, a bunch of casts are not needed.
     new b45e329  Fix it test with maven 2.2.1
     new 8749823  Minor code cleanups to remove some unneeded comparisons
     new 27ff70c8 CXF-4014 Refactor some methods to ManagedWorkQueueList
     new 28af46b  CXF-4014 Adding compatibility for old workqueue configs in one file
     new 2b31742  CXF-3983 Bugfix
     new f2a212d  Cleanup rawtypes issues in JAX-RS
     new e8cc0e535 JAXB generated code for a couple types has rawtype issues
     new 4b8b38d  Update JMSSessionCallbacks to specify the type
     new b16c8df  Fix compile failure on java5
     new 6a7f193  Apparently the command line checkstyle is stricter than the in-eclipse version.  Not sure why yet.
     new 134d0dc  [CXF-4018] Fix problems with providers not getting the proper JAXWSMethodInvoker
     new b321599  Remove spring requirement for WSPolicyFeature
     new 8883893  CHange generated package name to not conflict with rt-core stuff
     new 48262ff  Move tools split packages from api to appropriate place in tool.
     new 89d9bc3  Move some utility methods into similar class in common
     new 96d0454  [CXF-4015] Mapping xsd:integer to long
     new d12c512  Move QueryHandlerRegistryImpl to private package to prevent a split-package
     new 5517b8f  Move org.apache.cxf.frontend stuff out of rt-core and deprecated the one class.
     new de87fd2  [CXF-4021] Claims element support in RST for validate binding
     new c6c19dd  [CXF-3985] Support for attributes with multiple values in LdapClaimsHandler
     new 5670260  Fix class name used to create logger
     new 176b101  Move to in-process as it's randomly failing out of process and no idea why yet.
     new 273c1e9  Move service/factory stuff all to rt/core to avoid another split package.
     new a66e08f  Checkstyle issue
     new 7688193  Fix some compiler warnings
     new efbfc4e  Failing sts systest fixed
     new 24b3fa5  Move all the policy stuff out of api into rt/ws/policy to avoid the split package.  (This introduces a hard dependency on ws-policy.jar in many places.   Will work on that tomorrow.)
     new 78a80db  Allow bus extensions to be marked optional which allows them to not be loaded at all if dependencies are not available.
     new f19c984  Fix the split package issue for Move impls into impl subpackage, put some stubs in addressing Make sure more classes don't use the impls (still some in RM)
     new 28b4290  Resolve the org.apache.cxf.jaxb split package issue
     new facd405  Update to newer bundle plugin
     new c234af9  Fix java5 compile failures
     new b80d216  Start working toward making each jar an individual osgi bundle. LOTS of import version range adjustments needed.
     new 032eb30  Fix java5 compile error
     new 8aa31d9  Add some NPE guards in Jibx tooling Fix an issue reported on the list.
     new 3496402  Fix some more java5 compile failures
     new 8f6f4d7  Mark junit optional
     new c4e5520  Minor osgi updates
     new 464d90c  Removing unnecessary signature validation check using Id/XPath  - Since WSS4J moved to use JSR-105 APIs for signature validation all signed Elements are available for direct comparison
     new 3ba9fca  Moving one package from common -> api resolves split-package with common and allows it to be a standalone osgi bundle.
     new 6bec848  Move the neethi dep down a layer
     new 56b3749  [CXF-4024] Update jetty version
     new 6d87da9  Updates to get all the bundles loading in karaf (no idea if they work but they at least load :)  )
     new 0ff474b  [CXF-4017] Update addCrossImportsType to handle other types of particles Patch from Benoit Lacelle used as a basis
     new b4442ac  [CXF-4016] Fix problems of having only an XmlRootElement annotation on a fault bean
     new 681c2e7  Fragments cannot have activator so make api fragment of core Add activator in
     new f2198b7  Add the overall beanchmar result for all TestRunners
     new d8cf59d  CXF-3983 Fix for NPE
     new 4e62ab4  CXF-4032 Fixing imports in jaxrs, jaxws, http, ws policy
     new 354d623  Method added for ClaimsHandler/ClaimsManager to pass more context data
     new f958964  Add spring test scope deps to get tests passing
     new d88e4cf  [CXF-4033] Allow interceptors to be added via the annotations using Class objects instead of just strings of classnames.
     new 746459d  fix build failure
     new a689b5f  CXF-4032 Fixing imports in jaxrs
     new 38d7d2e  CXF-4032 Removing unused dependency
     new 0551751  [CXF-4038] Support for XML Signatures on the server to the client path for JAX-RS
     new 4a083b3  [CXF-4027] Omit Enum, Clonable, Serializable from Aegis class searching Patch from James Phillpotts  applied
     new 69ba429  [CXF-4029] If the wsdl isn't a "File", still process it.
     new 9a8961c  [CXF-4031] Fix problem with holders required for out params, but soap:body is empty on incoming.
     new 934bff9  [CXF-4036] Update JAXBContextInitializer to look for XmlSeeAlso and TypeAdapters on classes as well. Patch from david ferbas applied
     new bfa54b2  Remove deprecated method in ClaimsHandler
     new fa6185c  [CXF-4037] Allow dynamic client to use already parsed and processed schemas like the tooling does.
     new b3587a8  [CXF-4039] If the wsdlLocation isn't a valid URL, don't output the "new URL" style lookup in the code.
     new cd267d5  Get aegis tests running again
     new af4c45c  [CXF-4006] Cleaning the thread-local state for clients
     new 97a1950  [CXF-4042] Only remove the schemaLocations for the schemas that JAXB actually generates
     new 411fd35  Add the services jars to the distro
     new b530398  [CXF-3596] Minor fix to RetryStrategy
     new 85890db  [CXF-4043] Minor update to JSONProvider to properly deal with a custom prefix
     new 7b7c12f  [CXF-4044]ensure publishedEndpointUrl property could be set to endpoint
     new 0c41851  [CXF-4043] Some updates to do with ignoreNamespaces & collections
     new 759df84  [CXF-4043] One more update to do with ignoreNamespaces and dropRootElement
     new 582df38  Fixing the compilation failure, sorry for the noise
     new f590341  CXF-4032 Making http conduit and destination independent of ws policy
     new 2ac06a4  [CXF-4045] Updating BusFactory to catch NoClassDefFoundError with minor refactoring to pass the Checkstyle
     new b251e96  Fixed the CS errors of samples
     new 4c213be  Fixed some policy alternative issues with WS-Security  - Added + updated a lot of tests based around this
     new c1ef4a4  [CXF-4047] OAuthContext needs to provide an access to OAuthPermissions
     new b2c45ff  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 653bb26  CXF-4048 Make cxf-rt-indings-soap independent of cxf-tools-common
     new 846d957  CXF-4048 Make cxf-rt-indings-soap independent of cxf-tools-common. Add deps for java 1.5
     new 6d78110  CXF-4048 Commenting out invoker to make build work. Will have to investigate this
     new ac663f6  CXF-4032 Making http conduit and destination independent of ws policy
     new b0bd8fb  Minor updates to the cors package.html
     new 729108e  Update some poms so the versions will resolve after a release
     new 42c232e  Remove oauth stuff..  Need to find a way to make them buildable without actually running them.:
     new 6b15d81  Updating RS-Security code to work with Santuario 1.5
     new 3e37bdd  [CXF-4051] Fixes to do with supporting OAuth scopes
     new c61f4bc  [CXF-4051] Removing redundant OAuthDataProvider.getPermissionsInfo
     new 91f7a4f  [CXF-4051] And making the AccessToken registration more flexible
     new 249caf0  [CXF-4051] Adding a missing file
     new b0bd77c  fixed samples' missing spring dependency
     new d9f1b7f  [CXF-4056, CXF-4057] Fix a couple of issues with echoed WS-Addressing headers and faults causing clients to hang until a timeout.
     new c82bf97  [CXF-4059] Better support for 2-leg flows plus various refactorings
     new 4624977  Resolve transport split package between api and core
     new 1f06c2a  Resolve "phase" split package between core and api
     new 8d78a76  Resolve io split package between api and core
     new e302574  Resolve "headers" split package between api and core
     new 42c2206  Resolve buslifecycle split package between api and core
     new b4a1f9c  Resolve clustering split package issue (although next step is to pull this into separate module entirely).
     new 58bf87d  Resolve service.invoke split package issue between api and core
     new 7580113  Fix location of where the bundle is loaded from.
     new 5e65424  Resolve "wsdl" split package issue
     new 251a526  Fix issue with JAX-RS tests after package moves
     new 9be29dd  resolve workqueue split package issue
     new 5c7e449  Resolve service split package issue
     new 539a8f0  Resolve binding split package issue
     new 7115062  Kind of sucky, but resolve interceptor and feature split package issue by promoting everything up to API
     new 7a68b5d  Resolve last split package issues. Change api to regular bundle, not a fragment
     new e0eb91c  [CXF-4060] oneway camel scenario is accessing the user principal too late, resulting in IllegalStateException
     new b0fee8d  Move attachement unit tests to api where attachments now live
     new a7ef32f  Move workqueue unit tests to api
     new a5b3215  Move transport and io unit tests to api
     new ab8e920  With more stuff promoted to API, change the hack put in place to maintain compatibility with <=2.5.x
     new 7adda64  Updating all SAML CallbackHandlers to produce schema compliant SAML Assertions  - Validating received SAML Assertions in the STS against the schema + specs.
     new fde55d9  Missed two split packages.  Easy fix though.
     new b51564e  Add a compatibility bundle that allows applications that use RequireBundle to still work.
     new 599ecae  Fix mocks
     new 48b82d1  Updates to features.xml and various imports
     new e266364  Mark a bunch of things optional that we don't need all the time
     new a3e0d46  [CXF-4061] Keeping some of the URI path characters unencoded
     new e09d1ad  [CXF-4055] Optionally checking ParameterHandlers first
     new a4de925  Adding tests that show how to use AES-GCM algorithms for encryption using custom WS-SecurityPolicy AlgorithmSuites  - @Ignore'd until we pick up WSS4J 1.6.5
     new 18337bc  Optimize features
     new 9eeb720  [CXF-4006] Fixing a regression leak in JAXB providers
     new f9c0952  Update some more things to get some additional test cases working
     new 97b7e9a  Remove some completely duplicate code
     new cf29c3f  fixed .gitignore so .idl files are not ignored
     new f9a1e10  CXF-4065 Moving common-utilities into api
     new 06fba73  Move all the JCA stuff into integration/jca to reduce API dependencies
     new b566190  Add ws-addr feature
     new 3100785  Use the cxf-jaxws dep for wsn instead of the full cxf
     new 127c498  [CXF-4066] Makesure subclasses of AbstractTransportFactory don't register until local fields are ready.
     new a67ef86  [CXF-4067] JAX-RS proxies ignore Consumes if the body type is String
     new 48a4786  CXF-4069 Add a new module for just the JAXB Adapter so people using it have minimal dependencies
     new d9f5eb3  CXF-4069 Add a new module for just the JAXB Adapter so people using it have minimal dependencies
     new 7bb6974  Enforcing that only one Timestamp is allowed per security header
     new 295e427  Removing redundant oauth-test module
     new f207967  CXF-4069 Fix for Java 5
     new 9db8fb4  Moving the cors code to rs/security/cors subpackage before moving it to the new module
     new 01b0bba  Update to asm 4.0 which provides support for Java7
     new cc9c203  make HTTPConduitURLEasyMockTest work when proxy is active
     new 870235f  Add ability to start configuring some conduit settings via config:admin
     new 946cb67  Compile on java5
     new 0ac2d93  Moving the cors code to the new rs/security/cors module
     new 5033a26  [CXF-4076] Removing cxf-rt-bindings-http
     new 1e6b45c  [CXF-4076] Removing one more test from systests/transports
     new 5986ccd  Attempting to capture a case when the response code may be corrupted
     new 95b124e  Support for pre-authorized tokens to do with the so called 2-way flow
     new 74d89e6  Minor cleanup in the OAuth code
     new 722c1de  CXF-4069 Add a new module for JAX DataTypeAdapter and the ToString classes so generated code does not have to depend on cxf
     new 9b4acae  Update karaf version we use
     new 397a2de  Try to write an initial pax-exam test, but it's failing completely. Just committing it so Christian or JB can take a look and help me figure out what is going on.
     new b447bc4  Fix some minor SONAR issues mostly so I can say I actually accomplished something useful today. :-)  (or  :-( )
     new b664c13  [CXF-4079] Moving many optional providers to rt/rs/extensions/providers
     new b567312  CXF-4081 Move gzip feature to core
     new f09b9e3  Fixed the build error of the logbrowser example
     new 141b9c0  Fixing CodeGeneratorProviderTest on 1.5
     new 8abfde6  Update OSGi http-conduit config stuff to support TLS stuff
     new 93f337b  Add ProbeBuilder back in.
     new 49ebabd  [CXF-4079] Finalizing the package updates for optional providers for now
     new c25e5c0  Fix checkstyle issues
     new b69bf09  Better support for wildcard media types
     new b7658b3  [CXF-4072] avoid NPE when a fault has no part
     new ac9169e  [CXF-4085]introduce org.apache.cxf.jaxws.checkPublishEndpointPermissionWithSecurityManager for EndpointImpl so that get chance to bypass SecurityManager Check in some cases
     new f3b623e  CXF-3352 Move clustering support into a separate module
     new 922fba3  CXF-4080 Removing basicAuthSupplier element from conduit schema as it did not work and was deprecated since some time
     new 36fa549  [CXF-4086] Proper support for selecting ContextResolvers
     new a78a3ba  Remove a bunch of printlns
     new 47cc5f2  Properly restolve the raw types.
     new cf8995c  Split the namespace handlers into multiple services so that the bundle plugin can generate a correct Export-Service header in the manifest
     new 1be763f  CXF-3352 Suppress deprecation warnings in the tests
     new bb73d59  [CXF-4087] Moving SourceGenerator to tools/wadlto, dropping CodeGeneratorProvider
     new bf7183b  [CXF-3352] And dropping the redundant JAX-RS FailoverFeature class
     new cd36ba0  Remove some unneeded SupressWarnings
     new fae5323  Updating the client proxy to ignore the Context parameters
     new 6d9689f  Remove @Override annotation
     new d2a44c5  [CXF-4073] Support for mulitple policy interceptor providers per assertion
     new 8bb429b  [CXF-4068] Make sure wsdlLocation is merged from defaultOptions
     new b124481  [CXF-4085]use SystemPropertyAction.getProperty but not System.getProperty
     new bb305af  Updating the KEYS file
     new fcfdcaa  Update to newer versions of various maven plugins
     new 868dbc0  Add notimestamp to javadoc calls.  With the timestamp removed, updating the javadoc in svn will involve much smaller diffs
     new d03a7d8  [CXF-4088] Checking getGenericSuperclass when selecting providers
     new 5948520  Removing Google OAuth repository ref
     new 6efe2b4  Revert pmd version as build fails now
     new 0a43cc3  Fix an issue where a test wasn't actually using a dynamic port like it should.
     new d12808b  [CXF-3916] If a response message doesn't have a RelatesTo header, do some additional checking to see if it should be marked a partial response or not.
     new a7cca6d  Remove override annotation
     new 183a6d6  Back to 2.7 PMD plugin.  It's working on the other branches.  May have been a temporary issue.
     new db6e420  Due to MPMD-142, the new version of the PMD plugin doesn't work with Maven 2.2.1.  Back out to 2.6 until 2.7.1 is released.
     new 31bd688  Minor updates to OAuth data classes
     new 0badc12  [CXF-4091] add a robust in-only processing option for oneway call
     new d647402  CXF-4090 Depending on http-whiteboard feature instead of the pax web bundles. this fixes issues when karaf uses a different pax web version
     new 837d490  [CXF-4093] NameIDFormat of SAML Subject configurable
     new 1741455  build fix for the change caused by CXF-4091
     new d9a0bec  jdk5 build fix ... by CXF-4091
     new 8de7103  [CXF-4095]:schemaLocation attribute for swaRef namespace is wrongly removed
     new 95a662f  Changing relativeLogoPath to logoUri in Client
     new 53514d2  Minor update to ProviderFactory to minimize the noise when Jettison is missing
     new f467074  [CXF-4096] a robust in-only processing option for non-decoupled WS-A EP
     new e6e8b14  [CXF-4052] - Crypto cache issues and the PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor used as a singleton
     new d3bd4a2  Prevent an NPE
     new 19dd6f6  [CXF-4092] - Confusing error message "No initiator token id" in AssymetricBindingHandler  - Patch applied, thanks
     new e7e9a05  [CXF-4030] Add option for setting in-memory threshold for dealing with messages caching in logging interceptors
     new 67b1070  Updating OAuthProvider to cope better with multiple authorization approval vars
     new 2452531  [CXF-4100] Adding a 'default' property to Permission
     new a553612  [CXF-4100] Adding a missing file
     new 4125601  More updates to system tests to fix the last remaining usage of ports in the 8000-9999 range and the 61500 JMS port.
     new b7611ce  [CXF-4100] Checking individual scopes
     new ddf2399  Update more of the test suite to use dynamic ports
     new 7646741  CXF-4101 Minimize use of dynamic imports move special jaxb classloading to api
     new 604fcb8  CXF-4098 JMX management supports of the CXF WS-Notification service
     new 6316998  Trying to fix build problem on IBM JDK
     new c49d895  [CXF-4103] Prevent NPE
     new 713c655  Remove remaining hard coded ports in 7000-9999 range.
     new 747c6d2  Change the dynamically allocated port algorithm to make it more predictable and help make sure two servers aren't randomly assigned the same port.
     new 2ffc7d6  [CXF-4102] Updating Logging interceptors to ignore the binary content by default
     new aa4964d  CXF-4105 fixed the mapping issue of Slf4jLogger
     new 745e133  [CXF-4107] Defaulting to 'callback' padding if no custom value is provided
     new fa31de0  [CXf-4109] Removing a reference to URI.getHost()
     new 688dc29  The serversocket lock doesn't seem to be 100% reliable.  Stick with a randomo starting point
     new d3ddfac  [CXF-4110] Fix problems of description not being set in servicemodel which is leading to @Policy annotations not working.
     new 2202dc7  New version of DoMerges that no longer needs as it handles it all internally.   Also works within a git clone instead of svn checkout.
     new 3cc1e9c  [CXF-3380] Enabling DataSourceProvider by default
     new 6c7ac32  Adding stricter SecurityPolicy parsing
     new 17a8ed6  Fixing incorrect HttpsToken assertions in STS wsdls
     new 2ca851c  Don't insist on an AlgorithmSuite for WS-SP 1.1
     new 272cbaa  Minor updates to work better with git and svn
     new 8984544  Fix compile failure with non-eclipse compiler
     new 265b659  Don't need the +1 as cur contains the right value now
     new 524dd56  Change how cherry-pick is called and print the running command in a form that allows copy/paste for testing
     new b64a1ec  Added @Provider annotation to DataSourceProvider
     new b0b4317  add an option to clear FaultThrowingInterceptor in testutils ControlImpl
     new 622dc09  [CXF-4094] Put a guard around the closing of the context.
     new 080231e  [CXF-4096] a robust in-only option with WS-A
     new 7c85438  [CXF-4113] Fix problems where header elements may appear twice
     new 264f507  Fix failing test
     new fd33396  improve the test cases for CXF-4096
     new d7c5876  [CXF-4116] Comparing Pattern string representations as the last step
     new 6ded76f  [CXF-4115] Make sure operation name given to provider either matches the payload or is null.
     new a351d30  Update to use int for versions and also not do the svn checkout to record properties if nothing needs to change.
     new bd106eb  Add ability to specify a single rev to consider Fix problem with log versions Also don't exit on merge issue, print and allow user to resolve.
     new 8a05f98  Fix changes and flush that were not re-asking about the current commit
     new 5efdba68 [CXF-4099] - SignedParts, EncryptedParts policy assertions are silently ignored on the client side if specified alone  - Patch applied, thanks.  - I also added in SignedElements, EncryptedElements and ContentEncryptedElements.
     new 98e9782  [CXF-4106] Re-use the binding, but not the endpoint, if the transports don't match.  Allows the mime stuff to be retained.
     new 7562943  Remove an unused interceptor
     new 8276b4f  Fix tests for offline build
     new 0c3b4d9  Add license to file (schema as given in WS-I Attachment Profile)
     new 6a2001f  New version of PMD fixes the problem we had with 2.7
     new ad37213  [CXF-4023] invalid ProtocolVariant causes NullPointerException in RMSoapInterceptor
     new c0698f0  add a robust-inonly test case with wsrm usage
     new 518a5d3  SVN 1.7.2 seems to need an up after a commit or various parts of the directory tree get out of sync and will refuse to merge anything again.
     new 0513974  Use a valid policy
     new 1e54559  [CXF-4034][CXF-3809] - Upgrade to WSS4J 1.6.5-SNAPSHOT  - Allow SecurityConstants.SIGNATURE_CRYPTO and ENCRYPT_CRYPTO to be used on processing side  - Tests with OpenJDK now working due to Santuario 1.5 upgrade
     new 05dd1a7  CXF-4120 JMS Transport content-type setting should be consistent with the HTTP one
     new a6f3186  [CXF-4119]support Certificates revocation check before encrypt when use CXF WS-SecurityPolicy
     new 79dc0d3  [CXF-4119]support Certificates revocation check before encrypt when use CXF WS-SecurityPolicy
     new 94504c3  [CXF-2864] - Support UsernameToken derived keys
     new a1c1c60  Re-enabling GCM tests. Added default custom AlgorithmSuites that can be used for GCM algorithms.
     new b0ecf1a  [CXF-4119]use jaxws property to configure enableRevocation
     new 07e55e1  [CXF-4122]CXFRequestData should get chance to setEnableRevocation from message context When use WS-SecurityPolicy
     new 4dd3d5d  make checkstyle happy
     new c5fddfd  Enabling secure validation for RS-Security
     new e737247  [CXF-4121] Simplifying the default WebApplicationException mapper
     new 27ffd36  Minimizing a number of HttpUtils.getPathToMatch calls
     new 278ffa7  [CXF-4124] Trap schemas embedded in WSDL and make sure the fallback handles it.
     new 88175bf  [CXF-4117] Fix issue when building service model where setting the part class on output part info's wasn't finding the part by name in the same way as setting it on the input part (which is working).
     new 7a988a6  [CXF-3635] - WS-Trust SPNego (WCF message level spnego)
     new 45f9052  [CXF-4129] Restore compatibility with in-jdk jaxb
     new daef913  [CXF-4112] Initial OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code support
     new cc5a7e7  [CXF-3993] WS-RM's blueprint configuration fails to parse RMAssertion entries (fix)
     new d037371  [CXF-4125] Updating WADLGenerator to keep the list of processed complex bean properties
     new 00dc8a3  [CXF-4084] Blueprint http (part 1 HTTPConduit)
     new 596d0a9  [CXF-4135]:Allow xsd shema file as a jaxb binding file to pass into JAXB schmeCompiler
     new 26c425a  [CXF-4134]GZIPOutInterceptor compiles Patterns constantly; they should be compiled once and reused
     new 2264ddf  Fixed failing RS-Security tests with the IBM JDK and Santuario 1.5.x
     new a3cc950  [CXF-4133] CachedOutputStream lost charsetName param
     new 6622a00  Updated the xmlsec bundle version with 1.5.0
     new 57f02e3  remove unexistent cxf-rt-rs-security-oauth-test ref from systests/rs-security
     new 06cea02  [CXF-4112] Checking the expired tokens plus few minor updates
     new 878e769  Updating OAuth10 client to have both applicationURI and callback properties
     new ab215b0  clean up the features file of cxf
     new 4e89d0a  CXF-4138 Fixed the build hung of samples/jax_rs/minimal_osgi
     new bf49d86  CXF-4138 clean up the code
     new 336f742  [CXF-4134]also add and reuse a ENCODINGS pattern
     new 8cadfac  Add support for GCM algorithms for restful encryption via BouncyCastle
     new 1e8f93b  [CXF-4084] Blueprint (part 2 HTTPConduit)
     new cb643c0  [CXF-4112] Various updates to make the initial code flow starting to work, a lot of refactoring to follow
     new 6670318  Fixing the build failure on 1.5
     new 8302b4e  [CXF-4141] Setting 500 directly on HttpServletResponse in case of write failures
     new da4e77b  Add the ability to specify an optional DigestMethod parameter when creating an EncryptedKey  - This allows the use of > SHA-1
     new 5c01854  [CXF-4112] Changing package segment from oauth to oauth2
     new 8387510  Avoid an NPE
     new d3bccda  Added support for configuring WS-RM WS-Addressing version via Spring and Blueprint Merged on behalf of Dennis Sosnoski
     new 831e067  Update to latest checkstyle
     new f0ec485  Use Byte.TYPE instead of byte.class to not confuse various parsers
     new 258b174  Make cookie public since the getCookies call is public
     new 6368daa  [CXF-4147]:Wrong wsdl generated from impl class annotated with BARE
     new ebd6a4e  [CXF-4112] Removing enum classes for now as they are awkward to deal with for custom token or grant types plus few more minor updates
     new 128f104  [CXF4096] mark partialMessage as the output message after the robust invocation completes
     new d4ae219  Re-enabling oauth10 test
     new 0facaad  [CXF-4112] Preparing the code to deal with multiple grant types better
     new 4c81475  [CXF-4151] Prototyping the initial code for the client_credentials grant
     new 31d51bb  [CXF-4150] Transform feature's OutTransformWriter may not correctly generate namespace declarations
     new 267fb31  [CXF-4149] Hold onto dispatch and proxy to make sure it isn't garbage collected and destroyed prior to the response coming back.
     new 21c1559  [CXF-4150] modified the previous fix to avoid jaxrs systests regression erros
     new 78970d3  [CXF-4049] - Check external CryptoProvider from message context properties in Wss4jInInterceptor  - Patch applied, thanks.  - I made some changes as per my comments in the JIRA.
     new b9f6b21  Minor fix to the oauth10 module
     new be286c7  [CXF-4142] Checking contextual properties for non-root parts
     new a4209e3  [CXF-4153] Fixing Beanspector wrongly getting the property names in case of 'is'
     new 35a39a7  [CXF-4153] Adding the missing test file
     new efbe607  Do not set passwords to the empty String if they are null.  - This is causing the keystore.private.password property of WSS4J to not work
     new f133afb  [CXF-4143] Make the ending interceptor public so the name can easily be accessed.
     new 37fe50c  [CXF-4136] Handle wsdls not as a dependency Patch from Owen Farrell applied
     new eb44c42  [CXF-4131] Make sure the conduit is only added as a listener once
     new dc90e34  [CXF-4130] Fix problems with Providers writing bodies into headers Patch from Seumas Soltysik applied
     new da3ea3c  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.5
     new 5511da8  [CXF-4160] - Support signing a SAML token using the requested signature and canonicalization algorithm
     new faadb58  [CXF-3589] Prototyping the skeleton code for supporting saml web sso on the SP side based on Colm's test
     new 54ed978  [CXF-4164] Robust-InOnly processing with WS-RM must delay updating the sequence until message delivery
     new d1f5976  [CXF-4161] - Support processing a UseKey Element that uses a SecurityTokenReference to another token  - Only merging this to trunk, as it breaks backwards compatibility in the KeyRequirements class.
     new adae5d8  [CXF-3882] Support for Claims transformation in validate or issue RST
     new d756c1b  [CXF-4166] - CXF does not always respect SecurityPolicy TokenInclusion for the AsymmetricBinding
     new d5db8ea  [CXF-4112,CXF-4151] A lof of refactoring to do with supporting different grants, preauthorized tokens, etc
     new 71dde49  [CXF-4168] - Support processing a KeyInfo/KeyValue child of UseKey in a RequestSecurityToken
     new 130573a  [CXF-4156] - Support SymmetricKeys for Entropy/BinarySecret Elements  - Part I.
     new 70f4779  Initial commit for addressing the collision issue
     new 000bcbd  Add a whiteboard feature to allow feature.xml to work with Karaf 2.2.5
     new 4e7cb8e  When WS-N is used with CXF in OSGi, wire in the jmx management and make sure it uses a bundle specific bus instead of the global Bus.  Restore testing with the RI which apparently has been broken for a while.
     new 222ba18  Fix build failure
     new 40083b6  [CXF-4170] JMX InstrumentationManagerImpl's properties may not be read correctly in standalone mode after 2.5.2
     new 537de93  something went wrong with CXF-4170 fix; temporarily reverting it
     new db82d88  un-reverting the previous commit for CXF-4170 as it looks okay
     new d2e0910  [CXF-4156] - Support SymmetricKeys for Entropy/BinarySecret Elements  - Part II - Support for processing an EncryptedKey child of the client Entropy
     new 3041758  [CXF-4171,CXF-3743] Fixing property name typo and adding an option to set the static sub resolution in CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet
     new f8577db  [CXF-4172] Some refactoring plus working around the lack of streaming support in Jettison
     new 24b3a77  [CXF-1636] - Adding support for caching UsernameToken nonces and Timestamps
     new da18cfc  [CXF-4173] Support for ClaimValue element of federation claims dialect added
     new 42fa58e  Fix potential NPE
     new 84f5c18  [CXF-4140] Make registerPublisher compliant with the spec
     new 82da7a3  [CXF-4169] make nested exception causes available at the client Patch from Stefan Wachter applied
     new f13f469  [CXF-4163] Should not add xsd files with no namespace into JAXB
     new b1431fb  [CXF-4172] Completing the messy workaround for Jettison, most of this code will be hidden in the next Jettison release
     new bd1afc5  Enhance SAAJ usage to better work with other SAAJ implementations
     new 45e03a5  [CXF-4177] Fixing ClientProxyImpl to keep the correct order of path parameter values
     new e9be9b6  [CXF-4178] Fixing ClientProxyImpl to handle Multipart annotations
     new 95c4b14  Setting a max TTL on the EhCacheReplayCache
     new 22f860b  handle null-EndpointReference in WS-RM Destination and Source for JMX monitor
     new 888b321  [CXF-4172] Adding tests for Source and Document
     new 6b15881  More updates for working with different SAAJ implementations
     new 9fe7122  [CXF-4167] Making sure some of the cors properties can be customized if they are not set on the annotation
     new c5b9096  [CXF-4167] Also removing a couple of redundant annotation properties
     new ed70a25  [CXF-4158] - Added support for renewing SecurityContextTokens
     new 9601255  [CXF-4179,CXF-3141] Introducing ContextProviders and moving the search extension to its own module
     new 8d2aebf  [CXF-4179,CXF-3141] Adding a missing file
     new 7cb39a2  Fix some compile errors and warnings
     new 2559aaa  Use some reflection magic to allow code compiled with Jetty 7.5 to work with Jetty 7.6
     new 8d4d3e6  [CXF-4175] more fixes for Jetty compatibility
     new b088a8c  Fixing the compilation/test issues caused by the search ext move, sorry
     new e4f40a4  improvement to CXF-4164 to utilize robust-mode to avoid persisting messages in ws-rm
     new 857b8ac  [CXF-4167] restoring allowAllOrigins for a moment
     new 2e010a0  Fix typo.  :-)
     new cfd470d  [CXF-4167] Fixing the test and moving the localPreflight property into its own annotation
     new e9755e8  [CXF-4172] Making the names of context properties shorter similar to the attachment properties
     new 68a62f7  Widen the range of Jetty versions that can be used with CXF
     new 840a997  Adding a typed version of the method posting the object and getting the collection to WebClient
     new 4bf5e01  [CXF-4157] - Support batch processing via RequestSecurityTokenCollection.  - Removed old RequestCollectionOperation from the STS Provider  - Issue/Renew/Validate/Cancel operations now support processing collections
     new 56a235b  pom was obviously copied from http's pom, but osgi info not updated
     new 0cabdb3  Bunch of OSGi manifest and feature updates
     new 4b2a3a0  Update versions for various things we use, particularly OSGi bundles to use the new bundles that have sources attachable.
     new d41495f  Fix java 5 compile
     new 7e27a70  More osgi updates
     new 4027dbd  Back out a version of the jaxb bundle due to a bug that affects Camel
     new cea130b  Fix typo in sts feature
     new 585648d  Some updates relating to caching security tokens in the STS
     new bcd7a64  Update the HTTPTransportActivator stuff to not have to sync on ALL the matchers, just on each one individually.   Also, apply the regex stuff first, then the specific address based and name based last.
     new db25f7b  Update to latest bundle plugin to hopefully fix SNAPSHOT jars built on jenkins
     new bb98d25  Fix java5 compile
     new a6d28c1  Cleanup some deps in hopes that jenkins will generate the same Import-Packages that I get locally
     new ab7b0a3  Once again, fix NPE
     new 9fc65f7  [CXF-4062][CXF-4173] - Enabling custom claim parser / Support for ClaimValue element of federation claims dialect added  - Patch(es) applied, thanks! I made a few minor modifications
     new 6ab997a  Set the prereq for building to Maven 3.0.   Should not affect those using CXF.
     new 58a93f7  Rename the priority field to "order" to make it clearer and easier to explain
     new 6e6ce67  Updates to the STS caching mechanism.  - Tokens have a default TTL of 30 minutes now.  - Removed STSTokenStore interface
     new 59ac7df  CXF-4180 LogUtils should default to CXF's Slf4jLogger if it can't find Log4J or JCL driver
     new b2d6808  CXF-4180 Fixed the CS error of my last commit
     new 32fa55c  [CXF-4182] make jaxws.provider.interpretNullAsOneway prop configurable using a string
     new 7d89574  Initial work to get jetty stuff configured from config:admin
     new 7948032  Revert "CXF-4180 LogUtils should default to CXF's Slf4jLogger if it can't find Log4J or JCL driver" Need to revert so the unit tests will run to test other changes.
     new 8104c8c  Downgrade to 3.3.1 of ASM as code compiled with ASM 4.0 is NOT compatible with 3.3.1 and is causing some strange conflicts that need more investigation
     new 81627d4  Add in fastinfoset bundle so the fastinfoset stuff works
     new 7ae435d  Too much stuff on the console during tests
     new 4da2980  [CXF-4180] Some work on the SLF4J loggers to help the performance a little bit and allow it to be used in more cases.
     new baa88b5  Don't log the full message for the "records".  Just clutters the svn page in JIRA as we already have it recorded there from the original merge.
     new de09ea5  [CXF-4184] For JMS TextMessage, keep the payload as String using Reader/Writer instead of streams.
     new 4347e60  Bit of an optimization of MessageImpl internals to reduce work for content lookups, particularly for non-default types
     new 53024bd  Make it possible to use a custom WSS4J Action on its own
     new 7dd22a5  [CXF-4183] Use our own DOM writer to avoid issues with Sun's.
     new f6ab4cb  [CXF-4123, CXF-4185] When using a global registry (OSGi), the servlet should not destroy the registry when refreshed.
     new e6dfefc  [CXF-4184] Also updating JAXB provider to check for Reader/Writer instances
     new 1998227  Update corba/bank sample to use maven.   README update will follow later.
     new 919703b  Update corba/hello-world sample to maven
     new 33593d9  Update corba/bank-ws-addressing sampleto maven
     new fa52eaa  Remove unused resources dir and add corba modules to build
     new e447525  Updated README files -- removed Java build instructions in favor of Maven-only instructions.
     new 15b8a03  Start adding spring deps on samples that now need it.
     new f47cf69  Use full path to directories to avoid failures
     new d0396bb  Renamed READMEs to make consists across all samples.
     new 0fb1fe3  With JMS, it helps to close the proxy pre-emptively to allow the JMS broker connection to cleanup cleanly.
     new 4c8081f  Checkstyle fix
     new 6d9d9a3  Use cglib-nodeps to avoid asm issues
     new 3ae5518  [CXF-4188] Robust-InOnly processing with WS-RM to perform AtMostOnce check
     new 36f9374  Updating trunk to use WSS4J 1.6.6-SNAPSHOT
     new 7d49848  adding another fix and test to CXF-4188
     new 7622267  Fixing the jaxrs content_negotiation demo
     new e493fd8  Switching to forkmode "once" for the STS core tests  - This can give a dramatic speedup if you are running the tests without generating entropy by moving the mouse etc., as forking per test involves re-seeding SecureRandom for each test
     new da383fa  Changed the TokenValidatorParameter and Response objects to contain the obtain to validate / the object that was validated directly
     new 68b782e  Skip test in the server/client profiles to avoid conflicts
     new 3a0b776  Closing JMS client so the broker won't report an EOF exception; some updates to READMEs.
     new 14ad22f  Fix pom so -Pclient works
     new cdbb912  Updated CORBA README's to show new Maven usage.
     new ee6b4df  removed unused Ant build file
     new ed9acdf  README file created for java_first_jms sample.
     new 60b064f  [CXF-4171] Setting the static sub resolution flag earlier
     new 035d1bc  Added a CANCELLED state to ReceivedToken
     new dd97a75  Updating HTTPTransportActivator to set the TLS properties only if the address starts from 'https'
     new e0a5ada  Moving security-related bundles from cxf-jaxrs to separate features
     new 95022b7  Updated base and antbuild READMEs
     new 195f6af  Use full classname when checking for test ports so multiple "Server" classes can have different ports.  Also log the ports in use.
     new 7e7d592  There are a minimum number of threads that Jetty needs, but Jetty doesn't warn about it.  We will.
     new cad68b4  Start cleaning up some of the systests to maybe flip to forkmode once at some point.
     new e9b3297  Add spring dependency
     new 8321bbd  A NPE guard
     new 8ba776a  Spring libraries added to support Tomcat deployment on WSDL- and Java-first samples.
     new 1de0345  Clarified sample, made beverages somewhat less gross.
     new f28efec  Clean up of wsdl_first_https sample.
     new 12a75eb  Minor cleanup on jaxes systests.  Avoid some unneeded forking.
     new 46beeb7  CXF-4195 fixed the configuration issue of http conduit for WsdlUrl
     new 70467e9  Testcase added for AuthenticationMethod in SAML tokens - requires WSS4J 1.6.6
     new 34be254  CXF-4197 Fixed the simple blueprint schema issue
     new ae38b1c  [CXF-4198] Moving JSONProvider to rt-rs-extension-providers
     new f83e751  [CXF-4193] Fixing the log browser demo
     new 15c16e7  Make sure the endpoints are stopped for the jms servers so that the connections to the broker can cleanly disconnect without errors.
     new 9f9f2e9  Close the proxies so the decoupled endpoints can cleanly shutdown
     new 5b04cb8  Cleanup the spring contexts
     new bd1a244  Remove unused method (causing an eclipse warning)
     new 88835b1  Fix problem with calling stop()on Corba endpoints not properly de-registering the endpoint.
     new 1325aff  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 517c287  [CXF-4192] Fix test in validator Patch from Carlos Rodriguez applied
     new d0214c1  [CXF-4189] Fix problem with ReplyTo=None for req/resp mep Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied
     new a1bac94  Use the correct ports
     new f9d5f69  [CXF-4181] Fix fault qname namespace handling
     new ea48c63  [CXF-4198] Removing 'ext' package segment to shorten the package names of optional providers
     new be29212  [CXF-4200] Applying a modified patch on behalf of Rob ten Hove
     new 6e7e0f4  [CXF-4154] If the URL protocol changes, grab a new conduit.
     new fe2b733  CXF-4203 imported karaf and jetty jaas related packages
     new a44221e  CXF-4203 fix the typoes
     new 6333f72  CXF-4203 revert the patch
     new 3032ed8  CXF-4203 reapply the patch, we still need it
     new 938f3df  Move all the start-level things back to the bundle. It WORKS on the feature level, but the features schema doesn't allow it there and thus it doesn't pass xml validation.
     new 313977e  [CXF-4204]CXF https transport should support to specify the cert alias name
     new 9049388  unifying the retry interface for CXF-4209
     new 29e7ab0  [CXF-4210] Add support for extra types to be handled by the ws-n api's
     new a899403  [CXF-4210] Add the extra classes to the constructor to simplify things
     new 2768cfa  Move over to using the new cxf-xjc-runtime packaged classes for the data adapter things.
     new b0a75fc  CXF-4211 Set the importing of 'net.sf.ehcache' to be optional
     new 0eb3436  [CXF-4204]add certAilas configuration through configAdmin when in OSGi container
     new 12523676 break big createTlsServerParameters method into small method to make checkstyle happy
     new 719b341  Add the additional modules to all bundle and the distribution.
     new c6ca04c  Don't export META-INF as that breaks a bunch of spring-dm things
     new 7225276  Downgrading to WSS4J 1.6.5 as 1.6.6 won't be released in time for CXF 2.6
     new c61a5d1  Introducing an EXPIRED State for ReceivedTokens
     new e3be753  [CXF-4154] Minor updates to JAX-RS AbstractClient and failover test
     new 0820cd5  [CXF-4154] Reverting change to JAXRSClientServerBookTest
     new fc139dd  [CXF-4181] More work with getting the fault details "correct" along with fixing some prefix issues with SAAJ implementations.
     new 1fdecbf  Check if the http-conduit workqueue is null before grabbing the default
     new 137edfa  [CXF-4215] Moving Claim annotations to the api module
     new a67d88b  Throw CXF specific SoapFault that the frontend can properly map.
     new 172e603  [CXF-4181] Adding (excluded) test reproducing regression with SOAP12 faults
     new eb38f95  Updating security tests to delete the EhCache replay caches in after the test run
     new 135da6a  [CXF-4217] Introduce Nullable annotation to help override the handling of empty payloads by the JAXB provider
     new 0f52761  [CXF-4181] Fix for SAAJ + SOAP 1.2 fault...
     new eb6373b  [CXF-4181] Another fix for SAAJ and fault handling that should allow the SAAJInInterceptor to retain all the information about the faults
     new 5415d0b  [CXF-4158] - Started on re-using TokenValidators for token renewal
     new cca32df  Attempting to fix the tests on IBM JDK
     new 056839c  Starting to fix OAuth2 module Java docs, more to come
     new 59bb778  Move ws-rm related systest to their own module
     new bac7a08  [CXF-4218] Change RMEndpoint and RMStore so that the sequences are recovered and monitored correctly
     new 1673ebc  [CXF-4218] forgot to take the new systests/ws-rm
     new 1133722  Fix  a typo
     new f1d7e23  If repairing, check the attribute namespaces as well.
     new 0e9c9ce  [CXF-4196] Allow and endpoint to expose wsdl using schema imports Patch from Jason Pell applied
     new b065bea  Use the potentially cached element instead of always creating a new DOM
     new 62549c1  [CXF-4219] - Switch to using EhCache for the SecurityToken caching solution in the cxf-rt-ws-security module
     new ba42168  Update to XmlSchema 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT so we can get some testing in before release it later this week.
     new 8b4a5d8  More Java docs updates to the oauth2 module
     new 9a6417f  [CXF-4083] Blueprint support for http-jetty Pull from Johan Edstrom with major thanks!
     new 6ea60e3  [CXF-4220] Updates to WADLGenerator to avoid duplicate slashes in modified schemaLocations and ignore empty schemaLocations
     new 3dab50a  [CXF-4219] - Remove EhCache warning message about max cache size
     new 40cbf72  [CXF-4219] - Another refactor of TokenStore. Removed AssociatedHash functionality.
     new b1bc2c8  Finalizing with Java docs and comments to the oauth2 module for now
     new 5670785  utilize the existing rmstore methods for sequence only updates
     new f88bee6  [CXF-4129] - Added some unit tests for security token caching
     new c75f5bf  [CXF-4219] - Fixed a failing test in the STS  - Also enabled caching of validated SAML and UsernameTokens
     new 5b6e9d1  [CXF-4225] Updating JAXBElementProvider to support Listener properties
     new a1ce883  change the package name of jsse.TLS config classes (remove spring)
     new ce85429  [CXF-4158] - Some minor stuff related to token renewing
     new ba2836e  [CXF-4224] Adding one more test with a custom HttpMethod annotation
     new 125656d  [CXF-4179] Remove checks for well-known context class names as it won't work with custom contexts
     new 8ce54de  [CXF-4158] - Added an initial SAMLTokenRenewer & some tests.
     new 67fd943  Enabling OAuth 10 feature, thanks to JB
     new 5f5c435  [CXF-4226] Minor update to WADLGenerator to check inherited class-level Description
     new 7b25653  Update to released versions of buildutils/xjc
     new da22659  Introduce a new @UseAsyncMethod to allow selecting the usage of the async variants on the server side when using JAX-WS.
     new 9071b11  [CXF-4229] Make upgrading the WS-RM's RMTxStore's tables easier
     new c2408a7  Adjust some timeouts to hopefully make parallel builds a bit more reliable.
     new d2bceab  Get the async exceptions working
     new 53d02c4  Update the jaxws_async sample to also show server side async handling and provide a war build to show the same thing in tomcat.
     new 57ea767  [CXF-4084] Http Blueprint (Destination)
     new 41ba6a1  Minor eclipse warning fix
     new 8210d99  Fix random failure with -T8 on my box
     new d18d2d9  [CXF-4128]Code Gen plugin fails silently when generated classes have name collisions
     new feb4366  [CXF-4227]AttachmentDeserializerTest contains buggy code for reading an InputStream.
     new 284813a  [CXF-4231] Handling If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since pair as recommended by HTTP spec, patch from Jan Engehausen applied with thanks
     new 68f9323  [CXF-4230] Updating Javadoc of GZIPFeature, patch from Simon Olofsson applied with thanks
     new dd26a51  Added in some Lifetime unit tests for renewing SAML tokens.
     new 50bc091  Added in some realm tests for renewing tokens
     new 630548f  Added in functionality to prevent the renewal of a token that is "overly" expired
     new 9751043  Use released bundle for ehcache
     new 6d5f7ed  Fix checkstyle issue
     new c8a3248  Minor updates to WHICH_JARS
     new be68157  [CXF-4223] Extend fault policy interceptors with POLICY_OVERRIDE Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied
     new 3c45db7  Add svn properties in a bunch of places
     new 47e3a82  Convert to native style line feeds in git
     new f786738  More cr/lf cleanups
     new bf70d47  Move all the configuration/jsse stuff into API to resolve the split package issue.
     new 92731e2  Allow supporting the HTTP Continuations when running with pax-web in OSGi where it's servlet 2.5, but using the Jetty requests
     new 9481dc5  Proofread README.
     new e5f7c88  [CXF-4176] preserve namespace prefixes in Transform feature
     new 09616fc  [CXF-4158] - Add proof-of-possession logic
     new 7947d88  Added an initial operation level test for renewing SAML tokens
     new 1abdee9  Update to new Karaf
     new 6dbf8b9  Updating the all-compatible bundle to require the jaxrs frontend with re-exports
     new 87b2d5e  Fix versions in two poms
     new 5462af3  [CXF-4158] - Added some more tests
     new 59c332b  [CXF-4158] - Removed re-keying stuff from SAMLTokenRenewer
     new 7b87e3c  [CXF-4127] Make sure the bus and such is reset on ApplicationRefresh
     new b6382a0  Minor update to JAASAuthenticationFilter to convert SecurityException to 401
     new 21df6d9  [CXF-4212] Support RBAC in JAX-WS WebServiceContext based on received SAML token
     new 19f7992  Fix a potential NPE in blueprint configuration
     new da30e1d  [CXF-4158] - Added some initial system tests for renewing SAML tokens & did some reshuffling in the STSClient
     new 598c58b  Tidied up how security tokens are stored on the request context
     new bd3183f  Update release notes for 2.6.0
     new e8d147e  JAXB update for UsernameTokenValidator
     new 2703714  Fix failing test with jaxws22
     new 5dabc60  [CXF-4158] - Added the ability to renew an expired token in the IssuedTokenInterceptorProvider.
     new b1c74df  [CXF-4158] - Added a system test to the STS for renewing an expired token.
     new 9eb1c30  [CXF-4158] - Generate a new ID for a renewed SAML token + Added functionality to test a received AppliesTo address against the audience restriction URI.
     new 57e9bf3  Update to released versions
     new 2cae648  [CXF-4238] Updating JAX-RS Spring parser to return a proper factory class name, thanks to Dan
     new a175559  [CXF-4236]Changing Maven Name for CXF-Services from CXF Runtime to CXF Services
     new cbc669c  Added support for wst:Renewing semantics in the STS & STSClient
     new 1b63d63  [CXF-4238] Updating the tests to use the specific service name and wildcards
     new 0e2316b  [CXF-4158] - Fixed a bug in renewing SAML Tokens with TLS POP & added system tests for it.
     new ba674ca  [CXF-4158] - Added a POP unit test for renewing SAML tokens using a message signature
     new f9fe413  [CXF-4158] - Minor update
     new 855be7f  Updating JAASAuthenticationFilter to default to Basic WWW-Authenticate challenge
     new 0196fbc  Fix some spring2 compat issues
     new 4fc6440  [CXF-4157] - Fixed batch processing in the STS and added a systest
     new fe5ac17  Fix NPE
     new 63f0ec1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.6.0
     new a7d1cad  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9c52875  Fixed sts-war systests + added a NPE guard in the sts-core
     new 490df0e  Fixing failing STS interop test with the metro STS
     new 6aae44e  [CXF-4157] - Added a batch validate test to the STS advanced systests
     new 59bd471  Fixed a problem with STS post-dating, and added several unit tests.
     new 0d7535d  [CXF-4191] RM broken in synchronous Mode
     new a39d204  [CXF-4126]add testcase to demonstrate add new custom action on WSS4JOutInterceptor also works
     new d4e52a4  [CXF-4244] OutTransformWriter's defaultNamespace setting may not replace all default namespace declarations
     new 39f29f9  Trim input parameters that are received via SecondaryParameters and Claims
     new ac3b545  [CXF-4247]:Add cache for not found wrapper class to avoid trying load them for many times
     new 6f29cde  Set a random RelayState for SAML SSO
     new 96c23fa  [CXF-4249] Make RMTxStore's current schema name to be configurable
     new cb2f6bd  [CXF-4250] Handling root-level WADL method declarations properly
     new 04f6724  DataSource as config option added to CXF-4249
     new 4acc750  Avoid NPE when checking OnlySignEntireHeadersAndBody Element when a STR Transform is used in the Signature
     new ac2599c  Minor update to WADL generator to get enum classes generated properly
     new 51e5d9e  Fix a bug when a signed SAML Token is being renewed without being re-signed
     new e46e12d  Added a unit test for the SAML Request builder
     new 60f6d59  Fixing few typos in the rs security module
     new d8f6da1  [CXF-4256] Updating WADL generator to create better enum classes
     new 3604b9d  [CXF-4257] Should catch RejectedExecutionException in WS-Addr's rebaseResponse
     new d3cf16e  [CXF-4256] Adding a simple test
     new 0dd1e76  [CXF-4257] add an option for RejectedExecutionException handling for onway
     new d96fc4e  [CXF-4256] Some updates to the code generating enum classes
     new 07af1d1  [CXF-4256] Reverting the temp test code
     new a62edfc  [CXF-4252]cxf:list-endpoints karaf command should also have a busid column
     new 5cf06b2  Removing unnecessary operation
     new dab8d47  Fixing build failure with JDK 1.5
     new 57e7c0b  [CXF-4243] Fixing Request.selectVariant implementation
     new 105fb43  [CXF-4259] Updating SetCookie handler to ignore the Expires property
     new f0b54ee  Specify an Assertion Consumer Service URL
     new 1d5b061  [CXF-4245] Making JAX-RS DataBindingProvider and CXF JibxDataBinding work together, thanks to Don Corley
     new ae6f23a  REmove unused imports
     new 9b0fa70  Updating oauth demo poms on the trunk
     new 691953b  Minor update
     new f9433fe  [CXF-4265] Fix potential NPE when createing soap faults.
     new e813912  [CXF-4240] Get WSN service running if not connected to
     new 35b63a6  Added a Validator to REST Security module to validate SAML Protocol responses.  - Upgraded to WSS4J 1.6.6-SNAPSHOT
     new a24500b  Missed some files from last commit
     new 38327b4  Updating RequestAssertionConsumerService to treat RelayState as the original target URI
     new 260755d  [CXF-4258] Disabling policy doesn't remove all the policy interceptors
     new 97f07d1  CAMEL-4266 fix a typo of CXF karaf feature
     new 5715674  Support for relative RequestAssertionConsumerService URIs
     new f3a4019  Added a SAML 2.0 Protocol Response validator
     new 38f0754  [CXF-4267] Put an NPE guard in AttachmentDataSource
     new 6e05f31  Adjust some timings to make the test more reliable. (I hope)
     new 57eca25  [CXF-4118, CXF-4268] Set a catalog based resolver into the schema compiler to allow using the catalogs.
     new 0e2c317  Fix unused imports
     new 2db930b  Depending on a hashmap implementation, a test could fail due to relying on output from non-compliant wsdl.
     new c956352  [CXF-4269] Make sure the prefix for the RPC wrapper element is mapped and declared prior to writing out the prefixes.
     new 1fa5251  Almost all of our use of ConcurrentHashMap is 99% readonly with very occassional writes.  Thus, the default concurrency level of 16 just results in many more objects created and more memory used.  Reduce the concurrency level in most places.
     new 861e767  [CXF-4270] Store bus-id with the endpoint name in WS-RM's RMTxStore to correctly recover two endpoints with the same endpoint name
     new 940365e  Removing basedir property from the jibx plugin configuration
     new d557996  Fixing the useless code in JAXRSInInterceptor
     new ebc2e36  Adding a missing spring-web dependency to the spring_security demo
     new 4159077  Delay parsing the "built in" schemas until they are actually needed. Speeds up start time in some cases and reduces memory if not needed.
     new b0fe11c  [CXF-4271] Update version range for cglib to match what the big bundles use
     new 2d45130  Unify location for cglib version import range
     new f9e5e56  Use a singleton for another stateless object to avoid 100's of them being created.
     new 9196866  add tests for RMTxStore's public methods
     new d285700  Fix servlet imports in oauth
     new b635fef  Add spring-web back into lib dir so non-maven users don't need to hunt for it.
     new 696d550  [CXF-4274] Support for a useReqSigCert for encrypting the responses from JAX-RS endpoints
     new a8cfc3e  [CXF-4275] Sample readme file incorrect
     new 8b40607  [CXF-4276] Make WS-RM's default store RMTxStore to be shareable
     new c6b21bf  [CXF-4277] - STSClient does not use returned KeyInfo size when creating a secret key
     new 7c1c6ba  Fix compile issue with Java7
     new 5e3468a  Remove http binding stuff from which_jars as its gone
     new c72cc3d  Now try fixing with java 5
     new fd32434  [CXF-4145] Adding the ability to restrict the encryption/signature algorithms for JAX-RS endpoints
     new 1ffe4e6  Add ability to unwrap a parameter into a real type.
     new b244041  [CXF-4246] Wrapper all the ASM things with locally defined interfaces and allow loading of a couple different ASM implementations.   Make sure only ASM reference is in cxf-api.  Add ability to test with different ASM impls and versions. Update things to work with  ASM 2.x, 3.x, and 4.0.
     new 4f1e04a  [CXF-4145] Optional restriction of the encryption key identifier type
     new f8d2b65  [CXF-4145] Fixing a typo
     new 9192b48  Fix NPE in some tests with j5
     new 4336f45  [CXF-4146] Better configuration for the out encryption and signature handlers, which also makes easy to enforce that the server uses the algorithms used by the client
     new 119df2a  Only write wst:SecondaryParameters out if there are child Elements
     new 3944870  Changing STSClient UseKey dsig prefix to match Santuario default
     new 1919eb9  [CXF-4002] Remove the @readonly for classesDIr as it seems to break certain Sonar setups.   Not sure why and not able to reproduce it.
     new c4a4791  Update to newer (and much faster) compiler plugin
     new 9e6dfd5  Use target dir for the tmp dir as the various WS-Security things end up using a shared cache for the tokens/replays and deleting them untimely when running in parallel.
     new 686bd92  [CXF-4279] Try to make sure the ehcache cache manager gets shutdown when we're done with it.
     new a26cb50  Fix java 5 compile failure
     new 3fe6692  Make sure the jaxws 2.2 version is actually tested when appropriate. Make forked server use same tmp dir
     new 2741a6d  Fixed NotOnOrAfter validation in SubjectConfirmationData
     new 6f7580d  [CXF-4282] Make additional properties of WS-RM's RMTxStore configurable using spring and bluepring handlers
     new 08139cf  Added description for the name of the default work queue
     new 9e236c3  [CXF-3589] Prototyping the code for managing the SP session data
     new 1c5d141  forgot to delete some unnecessary lines for CXF-4276
     new 947707e  [CXF-4283] Checking OAuth10 preauthorized tokens for missing or empty verifiers, thanks to Jordi T.
     new 0ecfca9  [CXF-4284] Updates to JAXB-based providers to get 400 reported in case of various read errors
     new c322f6f  Added unit tests for the SAMLSSOResponseValidator + added it into the RequestAssertionConsumerService
     new e8865ce  [CXF-2937, CXF-2450] Add an -encoding flag to wsdl2java and wire it into JAXB and XMLBeans. Update codegen-mojo to pass the endoding maven is using in.  Also update the fork mode to properly display output while it's occuring. If JAXB doesn't support encoding (2.2.5 or newer needed), warn and default to current behavior.
     new 95c56d3  [CXF-4284] Applying few more updates from Govindaram PS
     new b3205bc  Some cleanup of the ws-security runtime code
     new 99e38cb  [CXF-3589] Introducing a common SP handler, limiting cookies to specific apps that initiated SAMLRequest
     new 4a688aa  More cleanup
     new 627672b  [CXF-4285] Checking form parameters after all other JAX-RS parameters have been checked
     new 8107511  [CXF-4281] Adding UriBuilder.fromPath test with the http URI only
     new bc53ad5  [CXF-4287] Modify -validate switch to allow completely turning off all validation.
     new 2f712a7  [CXF-4280] Fixing MetadataMap case-insensitive checks
     new 15be030  Updating some of JAXRSClientServerBookTest tests not to depend on the state updates
     new 12ab69c  [CXF-4281] Adding one mmore UriBuilder test with duplicate template vars
     new a45392b  Fix for sporadically failing systest with JDK 1.7
     new e13dd3c  [CXF-4281] Update to UriBuilder.replacePath implementation
     new 64b2a23  update  site plugin version
     new 1518177  [CXF-4288] Consider the full signature when mapping methods to roles
     new 703f988  Fix possible NPE
     new 9c53985  Add some predictability into the WadlGenerator.
     new 25eef66  WADL params could be in any order depending on how javac compiled them and the vm loaded them.  Account for that in the test
     new c18a47a  [CXF-4278]remove ehcache bundle from cxf feature.xml as it's compile time dependency only since CXF 2.6
     new ff0f78e  [CXF-4278]add ehcache bundle back
     new 28c0a77  Fix tests that fail if run in different order (required proper cleanups)
     new 7c13ad4  [CXF-4293] Some WS-RM scenarios may not run withn there is no internet connection
     new 94af03a  Remove some printlns I left in
     new 2f8234f  Add gwt generated code into eclipse so "refresh" works reliably
     new 83d5770  Update to newer eclipse plugin
     new 6467007  [CXF-4296] Updating JSONProvider to use a namespaceMap for setting a Marshaller namespace mapper
     new b3f3e1f  [CXF-4292] Defaulting to String when WADL Generator can not determine a class name of the primitive type
     new 9996f54  [CXF-4297] WS-RM destination should update ack-ranges in RMStore before sending out ack
     new a00dcf9  Fix test that fails if the filesystem doesn't support the specific encoding
     new 685811b  Add an NPE guard
     new 622a01c  Just put the gwt stuff on the compile classpath for eclipse
     new 940fc70  Editor screwed up some formatting.
     new eec8e8d  Don't need xalan anymore.
     new 64a33e5  [CXF-4298, CXF-3505] Old fix for CXF-3505 not needed anymore as other fixes have made sure the streams are closed properly.
     new 3d5ff2e  CXF-4300 Increasing import range to [2.2,4) to allow the commands to install in karaf 3
     new 04142ed  Fix for failing JDK 1.5 build
     new e12df60  [CXF-4290] Adding an option to specify a custom loader for creating proxies
     new 823f76f  Change fork-mode from "pertest" to "once" for the WS-Security system tests. T  - This results in a very large speed up in the time it takes to run tests when nothing else is running. This is because SecureRandom was getting seeded "pertest" and pauses until it collects enough random data.
     new 503ca19  [CXF-4290] Fixing the cglib proxy and improving the test a bit
     new 4f7d081  Explicitly shutting down buses in the WS-Security system tests
     new eb787b6  [CXF-4303] WS-RM fails when GZIP feature is enabled
     new f2138bc  [CXF-4304] Complete WSA support for STS client configuration via EPR
     new 2dc23db  Did some cleanup of the STS basic systests
     new 0c9a016  removing temporary comments
     new bf15570  [CXF-4294] - Fix for race condition in EhCache stores
     new aec03a2  [CXF-4306] Trying to handle the mix-up of FormParam and Multipart annotaions
     new 08521db  Fix ecipse warning
     new 7c5ae95  [CXF-4305] Getting SearchContext to enforce that only non-primitive condition types are supported
     new 70c5d07  [CXF-4305] Updating the error message
     new 4507335  [CXF-4307] Setting a default in Cookie separator to ';'
     new 75f963e  Use configured Issuer name in NameIdPolicy
     new fe45f5f  Added necessary Spring dependencies to output of Maven archetypes
     new 49064d1  Fixing inadvertent alteration to pom.xml
     new f5073f1  Added tomcat:run-war option to java-first archetype, removed unneeded cxf-servlet reference from beans.xml
     new 64d79a9  Systests/advanced refactor + using fork mode "once"
     new a0bb3b7  [CXF-4310] Improving a bit the support for schemas with empty target namespaces
     new 9bb4612  Improving WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1 test coverage
     new 8cf50e5  svn info seems to have changed format slightly (empty line returned)
     new d27beed  [CXF-4308] Add option for disabling STS client WS-MEX invocation using WSA EPR address
     new a491f49  [CXF-4311] Attempting to generate the unique method names when no method ids are available
     new 9ed8a35  [CXF-4312] Remove setting the default executor in the JAX-WS service objects so the transports can do something "smart" if they can.
     new 14b4ead  Correcting HTTP headers
     new 8a5431a  Fix some random failures where we may need to wait for an additional message to get all the acks.
     new eb89282  Update to newer threadsafe version of remote-resources
     new 8d0fefa  [CXF-4312] Similar issue on the server side about having an executor set by default.   Not needed if the rest of the code guards against NPE
     new 8004e74  Remove unneeded property
     new ea7c398  [CXF-4314] Adding a search bean for capturing the properties with different names
     new 577235e  [CXF-4309] Improving OAuthJSONProvider to write and read more token properties
     new 4500bf9  Improved SupportingToken policy validation
     new 2d4cd14  More cleanup so systests/transports can be forkmode once
     new 1d93c2b  JMS tests can be forkmode once
     new 56381d8  databinding systests can be forkmodeonce
     new 5b1b64d  Stick with per-test for jms right now as they seem to fail when run in parallel mode for some reason
     new 6769ef1  Add ability to register a port as an int
     new f4db427  Start cleaning up some of the JAXRS tests to progress toward forkmode once
     new da2009b  Remove a couple static maps from JAX-RS model.... need to talk to Sergey about the others.
     new 8b71428  More cleanups in jaxrs systests
     new 56defda  Add ability to set the statics to cleanup some tests
     new 1d1b8b3  jaxws now forkmode once
     new b2ac27f  Checkstyle failure
     new af0d47c  forkmode once for ws-specs
     new 1e07426  Few updates to the jaxrs system tests to avoid the ambiguous matches
     new fac3cd3  Some RelayState updates to the SAML SSO code
     new b73a453  [CXF-4316] - Support SupportingToken SignedElements with the Transport binding
     new 80c275c  Optional support for the cookie domains for sso tokens
     new e27e089  Dropping the saml.sso.filter package
     new b122753  [CXF-3589] Moving the saml sso sp code to the dedicated cxf-rt-rs-security-saml-sso module
     new 179cbbe  Adding a missing pom
     new 9c4b680  Updating the relative path in pom
     new c47afda  URL decode the SAMLResponse first
     new f189280  Updating HttpHeaders to recognize Cookie parameters marked with $, JIRA to be updated once it is up
     new e8f7abd  Adding a missing
     new 8c41d03  fix for extracting the bus id on osgi for CXF-4270
     new 6cb3b74  Adding signature verification support to the RACS
     new 3734297  [CXF-4318] Reporting 401 only when no information about the challenges is available
     new 4382bc3  jaxws now forkmode once
     new 7834063  Checkstyle failure
     new 409fde2  Some cleanup in the uncategorized tests
     new 4affa91  Checking Client's IP Address in the SAML Web SSO module
     new 600f2d9  Add an expires field to the ResponseState extracted from an AuthenticationStatement SessionNotOnOrAfter value
     new deb2144  Adding an interface and default implementation to create AuthnRequests for SAML SSO
     new fa90c6c  Update to how SAML Tokens are renewed
     new f3cf69e  [CXF-4320] - Add the ClaimsAttributeStatementProvider by default to the SAMLTokenProvider
     new 02f0f6e  Instantiate OpenSAML
     new a1cab69  Make the enforcement of signed Assertions configurable for Web SSO
     new cfa8ef1  Minor updates to the filter code
     new 5139831  Added support for signing AuthnRequests using the redirect binding
     new c1fb479  jaxws now forkmode once
     new 427897d  Checkstyle failure
     new 0bd3350  Some support for the POST redirects
     new aa63790  Making possible for individual endpoints to have unique SSO contexts
     new cba8edf  Setting the cookie from the code as opposed from the jsp page
     new 30cb9fa  [CXF-4322] Minor update to RequestDispatcherProvider to check if view handlers are available for a given class
     new 0f1ba16  Checking if ResponseState matches the current web app context and domain if any
     new bcddc81  Minor update to the domain check given that the property is optional
     new 69ecf73  [CXF-4321] Prevent NPE
     new 4224f1f  [CXF-3589] Setting up a basic SecurityContext on the application path
     new 781694e  [CXF-4323] Switch to the documented Jetty continuation API Enable the continuations when war deployed to plain Jetty 7.x install
     new d4797e8  More cleanup towards trying to get more forkmode once stuff ready
     new 1c0c700  Left a sleep in
     new d7f9f5c  More cleanups and flip uncategorized tests to forkmode once Ignore JCA tests for now as they are somehow resetting the JVM level log levels causing printed stack traces and warnings from the various negative test cases.  Need to investigate.
     new f13c748  [CXF-4326]:Remove the XPathFactory.newInstance from XPathUtils' constructor to improve the performance a bit
     new 4771ff1  clean up the codes of FailoverFeature
     new 6c50a1e  CXF-4326 CXF-4327 add blueprint support on the cxf clustering
     new 22dbbf4  [CXF-4261] Add maxRetries option to WS-RM's retry logic
     new 61b6842  Prototyping a refresh token grant handler
     new cb4f16a  Minor update to the refresh token grant handler
     new dd09a6a  Removing @Override
     new 9458e40  [CXF-4330] - Enforce that received IssuedTokens contain the required claims
     new 31a9e92  [CXF-4331] Add methods to SpringBusFactory to make it easier to use it within an OSGi application.
     new 3992f9e  [CXF-4332] Adding a token validator against the remote AccessToken service
     new 23c775b  CXF-4327 unify the cxf-clustering schema
     new 561c9cf  CXF-4327 testing the cluster schema
     new 306df01  CXF-4327 update the blueprint namespace handler
     new 4a60781  Update for the apps running on diff contexts to share the security context based on the domain name only
     new f46373d  Add support for signing Authentication Requests using the POST Binding
     new 5e904cc  Also store the IssuerName in the IssuedToken policy
     new 96b7736  [CXF-4329] Expand the dynamic imports a little bit
     new 2dbb312  [CXF-4335]WSSecTest use some unecessary properties for WSS4JInterceptor configuration
     new 52315b8  [CXF-4336] org.apache.cxf.bus.blueprint.ConfigurerImpl may get IllegalStateException
     new 14c17ce  [CXF-4315] Selecting the conduit can cause extra properties to be set on the endpoint, make sure we reset the cache in such cases.
     new 87dffd4  Use the direction of the original message to find the maps to avoid WARNING log messages in the logs
     new e242db1  [CXF-4313] Allow more options to disable various hacks
     new a64cadf  Better way to make sure no warnings logged when the RM stuff doesn't really need or expect to have addressing maps
     new 123d15a  [CXF-4334]Schema validation does not validate elements in soap header
     new fad0355  [CXF-4337] Checking the local access token for null, thanks to Jordi Torrente
     new d73c844  consolidate some BP schemas
     new 7cb4e9f  Adding TokenReplayCache interface + implementation based on EhCache
     new 3b88e43  Marking EhCache optional for OSGi
     new 64d6a8a  [CXF-4340]Modify Aries version to [0.3,2) at Import-Package
     new e855e8f  [CXF-4248] DocLiteralInInterceptor throws NPE if oneWay operation sends non-empty response
     new bc41eee  [CXF-4341] Doing the case-insensitive comparison for the default Basic auth scheme
     new dcb55ed  Changing POST binding not to use Deflate encoding by default + changing deflate encoder to also support gzip
     new 9861f36  Try to get the offline stuff working by having separate namespace handler in API for schemas found there
     new dd757d0  [CXF-4313] Add ability to completely turn off all the JDK hacks
     new cd2d13c  [CXF-4342] Put some locking around tempFile deletion and make sure any issues in creating the tempfile result in it getting cleaned up.
     new 9446978  add wsdl.xsd in bp schema lookup for offline use
     new 2290dc2  Added some system tests to test signing and encrypting SOAP (1.1 + 1.2) faults
     new e6aa729  CXF-4300 Increasing import range for whiteboard feature so cxf works in karaf 3
     new c965968  [CXF-4343] Removing static maps from AbstractResourceInfo
     new 86bc615  Fix some eclipse warnings
     new f8f5ed6  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.6
     new 90eb402  Including OAuth10 client/server demos in the build
     new 3da57e9  [CXF-4338]config option to allow suppression of server version display in http response headers
     new 9e2d4e3  Trying to read XMLSchema for WADL generator not to fail with the low memory available, JIRA to be updated when it's available
     new 2e2d88e  CXF-4345 Allow user-secified feautres for JAXRSClientFactory
     new 8cb09cf  CXF-4345 Supports to set the messageType from the jms URI
     new 4ce9d03  support other DBs for CXF-4249
     new 835f2b4  set init method in RMTxStore's BP handler for CXF-4282
     new 73ed184  [CXF-4345] Adding a single method accepting the list of features to JAXRSClientFactory and WebClient, also removing references to Spring in JavaDocs
     new ce18b0d  Added a FaultTest using the client Dispatch API
     new deb1822  Adding in a new default EhCache-based StateManager for Web SSO
     new 4d3e4dd  Upgrade compiler plugin to fix -T issues with java6
     new e5d8951  Fixed signature creation for the redirect binding of Web SSO
     new f6ddf07  [CXF-4349] Making it possible to produce xsi:type for JAXB root classes
     new 7d860bb  [CXF-4349] Fixing a minor typo
     new 013d0a9  Returning 400 in case of missing multiparts
     new 6140d4d  Update release notes
     new a053256  Better commenting, formatting, more robust password callback handlers added.
     new 05c37ce  [CXF-4349] Updating the client runtime to check if current types are compatible with the original ones
     new 356f0e2  [CXF-3520] - Adding a @Ignore'd testcase
     new 32709c0  Better Mavenized STS sample
     new 86bf257  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.6.1
     new 952635d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0691e97  [CXF-4348] Fixing the way Content-Type is set for the root part of outbound attachments
     new 4575921  [CXF-4352] - SAML Web SSO processing error when receiving a signed Assertion
     new 9253b78  Check that the received Issuer for SAML Web SSO is a prefix of the configured IDP rather than match the Strings directly
     new 821fafc  [CXF-4353] Don't use the auth stuff for the proxy-auth Consume the intput stream so a single connection can be used.
     new 9a7ae0b  [CXF-4344] - Provide simplifications and shortcuts in CXF STS configuration
     new be5ca40  [CXF-4354] RMTxStore should explicitly close ResultSets objects
     new 1b0d27f  Fix CXF version in sample
     new 85727c3  Add jax_rs/minimal to build so release:prepare would handle it
     new e2e57b7  Allow configuring the statics to make it easier for testing
     new 41e0d09  Close the connection on destroy. Use spring/bp methods to init/destroy
     new 9b5d111  Start working toward getting ws-rm to be forkmode once
     new 883b1fd  Shorten the wait times on fast computers
     new 6327666  No need for  a thread
     new 2844cd0  There is a problem if testSuspendAndResumeSourceSequence is run first Need to get Aki to look at it.  For now, just force them into an order that works
     new bf928df  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 7627b70  A little more cleanup
     new 38043b6  Adding PGP key for owulff
     new afb8131  [CXF-4357][CXF-4358] - Support KeyValueTokens via the Transport binding  - Also fixed "NullPointerException in the TransportBindingHandler".
     new b36a370  No need for  a thread
     new b530bbe  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 838505f  More ws-rm systest cleanups
     new 9b3c1a6  WS-RM can be forkmode once now
     new 41ac5f4  Fixing a problem with not retaining a namespace definition from a parent element
     new 7a67880  Making it possible to relax the Issuer checking in the RequestAssertionConsumerService
     new 5f56f17  fixed ManagedEndpointsTest for its execution order issue
     new 787f0ff  No need for  a thread
     new c919591  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 5ce45fc  Another forkmode once
     new 3818e2e  When the AtomPushHandler is closed, wait for a bit to see if the events can be flushed and delivered to avoid potential System.err messages
     new 2d3a204  jaxrs to forkmode once Major update is to AtomPush to manually configure the single logger to leave the rest of the logging subsystem at the defaults.
     new 65c472c  Some java 7 test order and cleanup fixes.
     new 44cba6d  Fix some checkstyle issues
     new e5a31e7  [CXF-4361] - Add support for processing EncryptWith and SignWith parameters in a RST to the STS
     new dabf907  [CXF-4362] Add a reconnect option in WS-RM RMTxStore
     new 16191e2  No need for  a thread
     new 2bfdf50  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 7bdfd71  [CXF-4363] Configure server and client timeouts separately
     new 1ee8af3  Add ability to launch in-process brokers with vm: URL's
     new eb32ee9  Bunch of jms systest cleanups to use in-vm brokers and servers Also allows for forkmode once
     new e6727b5  [CXF-4364] - Keep TokenStore and ReplayCache instances per-endpoint instead of per-bus
     new 5d7c2f1  Switching to forkmode once for the STS basic systests
     new c11cd93  Latest compiler plugin
     new 80cc166  Upgrade to latest jibx (with all deps in central)
     new 7a0768b  Fix a randomly failing test
     new 8a2ea69  Adding a "sendRenewing" property to the STSClient
     new a6a5ead  [CXF-4365] - SAML SSO does not set Destination attribute when creating a signed AuthnRequest
     new fd8b322  [CXF-4366] Make sure the token/replay stores are cleaned up when endpoints and bus's are stopped.
     new 34edc67  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 5679b2b  Use configuration from the ehcache config to create the caches Since the token caches are per-endpoint, use smaller maxes for the heap to avoid exploding the memory usage.
     new b4182f8  Update trunk to 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 6e56f50  Remove the JDK 1.5 related profiles and settings from the build
     new 3ab10af  Remove some reflection that is no longer needed with Java6+
     new 2f2a3a9  [CXF-4370] - Support the ability to decrypt encrypted Assertions for SAML Web SSO
     new d032b81  Allow empty ranges
     new 665fc37  Handle multi-line props
     new 3b92172  Update to latest gwt (since we now don't support Java 5)
     new c53ad2b  [CXF-4371] Only block the flush for StaxOut based writing.
     new 677844f  Strip the SecurityToken Identifier of a "#" prefix if it exists
     new 1df7a1e  [CXF-4373] Updating JAXB providers to end the xml documents only on JAX-RS paths
     new e1c9207  Enabling per-bus cache behaviour.
     new c2f869e  Update to latest antrun plugin
     new d2b561d  Update to activemq 5.6.0 for testing
     new ced804d  Dropping support for j5 allows removing the old activemq stuff from the features.xml
     new afb0524  [CXF-4374] JSONProvider should not auto-allocate prefixes, let JAXB or users do it
     new e5f3b68  [CXF-4374] The actual updates to JSONProvider
     new b4d4803  Changing the "Encrypted-UT" STS test-case to actually encrypt the issued token
     new e5c50d6  [CXF-4376] - STS encryptIssuedToken with the SymmetricKey KeyType does not work
     new 51f4198  [CXF-3799] Dropping Java5 allows updating to Jetty 8.x
     new 8801468  [CXF-4377] Update CXF servlets to also be Filters
     new 3f0cfb2  add reconnect attributes in rmstore schema (CXF-4362) et al
     new 4e4a0e7  reverting part of schema update for compatibility (CXF-4362)
     new fe69ba9  Minor spelling fixes to the sample READMEs
     new 1150a45  Fix a comment typo of JAXRSSoapBookTest
     new 1dcc5bf  Minor update to Form to override toString
     new 5a22e39  [CXF-4381] Adding an optional DOM4J provider
     new 392782a  Add another class to check to see if spring is available and usable
     new 81e38d1  Added a WS-Security test that uses JaxWsProxyFactoryBean
     new a21b7a4  [CXF-3562] Removing references to HTTPUrlConnection from the jjaxrs client code, applying a patch from Willem
     new dd3494a  cleanup DBTables at the beginning in ws-rm systests
     new 326599a  Fix a test that is randomly failing with ActiveMQ 5.6.
     new 9ff4180  [CXF-4383] Some temporary files are not deleted after WS-RM scenarios
     new fbc7a23  The managers will grab these and auto-register them.
     new de9fbe1  Turn the source checks on when building with java 7
     new 72ffee7  Need to turn off pmd/checkstyle in setup.eclipse profile so java7 can be relatively quick to setup
     new 1beade4  Added a test-case for an Intermediary to the WS-Security systests
     new 3721a45  [CXF-4221] Initial support for FIQL to JPA convertors, applying a slightly modified patch on behalf of Jeff Wang
     new 5bed0c0  Patch for CXF-4054 (unclear error messages when security configuration missing) applied
     new 872e42f  CXF-4386 Fix the apache-cxf feature issues
     new 4fda9ff  [CXF-4389] Moving FiqlParser to its own package
     new 667c816  [CXF-4359] Adding Types to a single JAXBContext
     new b0215e7  [CXF-4380] Support for reading custom JAXBElements
     new e0c2d5c  Avoiding checking for single specific prefixes in the schema generated by JAXB as the output is different depending on JAXB versions
     new 132195f  [CXF-4382]:Fix fault message is not transmitted to decoupled faultTo endpoint if error occurs from a two way operation
     new 6ec3f0b  [CXF-4350] Getting JAX-RS client code to support JMS, applying a patch from Willem with minor updates
     new 78e4190  Use configured defaults for cache size etc. for the SAML SSO work.  - Also give the ability to configure caches "per-bus".
     new b91164e  Fixing EhCache so that it picks up individual configuration properly
     new e435fdc  [CXF-4390] Initial support for Local transport in the JAX-RS client runtime
     new 10e02ff  [CXF-4387]put long classpath in @argfiles to avoid javac command too long(windows has limitation for command length)
     new cf9bdfe  [[CXF-4387]]remove classpath temp file in finally block after javac
     new 3135324  Fix eclipse warning
     new 19296ae  Updating to WSS4J 1.6.7-SNAPSHOT
     new 8308dbd  Checking for null in constructor to avoid a null pointer exception later
     new caac5c9  [CXF-4350] Checking Request URI for query parameters if no QUERY_STRING is set as in case of JMS/Local
     new 2325f2f  [CXF-4390] Few more updates for supporting piped Local transport calls
     new c93c3f9  Improve troubleshooting messages.
     new 9cc14b3  [CXF-4390] Removing disabled GET piped test given that a pipe gets activated via a write, making client headers case-sensitive for a GZIP test to pass
     new f00cf07  Translate message properties onto the message context instead of storing as properties (WSS4JInInterceptor is a singleton when using WS-SecurityPolicy)
     new c8e9d3b  [CXF-4393] Initial support for checking custom catalogs when creating JAXB Schemas
     new 498eb37  [CXF-4393] One more modified file
     new e16c438  [CXF-4394]should add dependency='true' for spec bundles in cxf features.xml
     new 815529a  Simplified WS-Security service configuration
     new 976ee3c  Simplified test config for the STS systests
     new f7fd857  Updating policy for one of the WS-Security samples
     new 5d5a04b  Added a test-case for passwordTypeStrict
     new 911d3d2  Latest version of JIBX uses newer yoda-time
     new 5ca59ec  Add javadoc to various methods in InterceptorChain Allow to unpause a chain (slightly different than resume) and mark difference in javadoc.
     new 703a14c  [CXF-4395] ClaimsAttributeStatementProvider add claims for subject of onbehalf/actas
     new 77146d8  Add support for subject cert contraints when validating chain trust on WS-Security signatures
     new 0973f4f  [CXF-4144] Updating generated schemas with wrapper element names when possible
     new b74d7e9  [CXF-4144] Fixing the test
     new aba7130  Fix some warnings that the new Juno Eclipse release flags
     new 76382ea  [CXF-4396] Checking a port when address gets replaced
     new c575f25  [CXF-4379] Passing corect type for adapters bound to interfaces to be discoverd
     new 11138e9  [CXF-4379] Minor optimization
     new 0d7af8c  an option to not hold the connection for CXF-4362
     new 5a89956  [CXF-4398] Updating HTTPConduit to check 303, patch from Fred B applied
     new 18b58da  fix test errors under jdk15 for CXF-4362
     new 037b144  Examine the actual BeanPostProcessors that are found on the context to determine which injections we need.
     new daf80f4  [CXF-4400] Better handling of redirect and static resource requests in AbstractHttpServlet
     new 3fdfad7  Reverting the change to BookStore for now
     new de7c53b  Remove some suppresswarning things that are still creating errors/warnging
     new 7e546ff  [CXF-4401] XMLStreamDataReader not closing the original input stream
     new fed810b  Make the diff based "changes" have the proper direction +/-
     new e5224cf  Updating DOM4JProvider to support text/xml
     new 1c8ccdd  [CXF-4348] Ignoring optional multipart media type parameters when possible
     new b8669c9  Reverting the BookStore change again, sorry
     new b2b1129  Remove some unneeded versions
     new 32d96f0  [CXF-4152] Updates to get the cxf-codegen-plugin be automatically m2e compatible
     new 81f6714  Fix failing test
     new 876e532  Fix juno warnings (may introduce indigo warnings)
     new 78f0584  [CXF-4152] fix test failures due to m2e work
     new 1595181  [CXF-4402]remove http-whiteboard feature from cxf features.xml
     new f6f820d  CXF-4399 Added to the ObjectName
     new cba20fa  [CXF-4152, CXF-4403] Update codegen plugin for wsdl2java goal to pass warnings and errors back to Eclipse for display. Update customization parser to not discard location information so information passed back to eclipse is actually useful.
     new 3571fb5  [CXF-4404]potential atomicity violation issues because of misusing concurrent collections
     new 9ef7add  Updated compiler plugin minimums in samples from 1.5 to 1.6
     new 595eb71  TLSParameterJaxBUtils needs to use ResourceManager to locate the store resources if ClassLoaderUtils can not locate them
     new 6e8aec1  Updating WadlToJava container to read the WADL files using UTF-8
     new c362d5b  [CXF-4392]Easier customization of log messages in Logging[In|Out]Interceptor
     new c9649e3  [CXF-4405]:Fix OneWay faultTo request is not correctly transmitted to the specified address
     new a092364  CXF-4399 clean up the code
     new bf2303d  Fix some typo of ManagedRMEndpoint
     new 0c3cd6d  CXF-4407 Fix the issue of Server.start()
     new c2dc000  [CXF-4408]:Fix NPE in DOMUtils when soap header contains null namespace element
     new c6dfb63  Minor updates to Ehcache providers, adding a close handler to filters too for cases they are not collocated with Racs
     new a601626  Checking if bus is null earlier
     new ec9b95e  Adding an HTTP-based SP state provider to make it really easy to set up a distributed cache for the purpose of POC
     new f01818a  [CXF-4410] - sp:EncryptSignature policy validation should only check to see if the primary signature is encrypted
     new 55781e1  CXF-4413,CXF-3949:Getting CXFNonSpringJAXRSServlet to support out fault interceptors and invokers, as well as load early RuntimeDelegate implementation as suggested by Stephan Klevenz
     new 2158264  Fix ignorable NPE stack traces in tests
     new cbc19a3  Updates to the test filter to validate that UriInfo.getPathParameters is working as expected
     new 967a311  [CXF-4409] Updating ProviderFactory to avoid clearing the proxies during recursive calls
     new ce666b5  [CXF-4407] More fixes to make sure we get a 404 and not a 500 after a server.stop().
     new 95acb46  [CXF-4414] - SecurityPolicy validation fails when a KeyValue is used as an EndorsingSupportingToken
     new ae6f13e  [CXF-4415] Support for basic hierarchical queries
     new a3b65ac  [CXF-4415] Missing updates
     new d653690  [CXF-4411]Maven plugin fails wsdl2java execution with concurrent modification exception
     new c731c5b  [CXF-4417] Fix problem of not throwing rejectedexecutionexception if runnable was not enqueued.
     new b849a67  [CXF-4417] Add settings to control the async behavior of the conduit
     new cc2e076  [CXF-4417] add settings for async control to osgi settings
     new 2a6018f  Updates to workqueue to work better with Java7
     new 7f24cee  Move thread.currentThread out of synch block.
     new 2eeec22  Change to ArrayBlockingQueue since size doesn't need to change and abq doesn't need to create any objects for offer (less gc contention)
     new 19fe02e  If using woodstox, don't bother with the pools as they are safe.
     new c620886  Only log the warning level once to avoid flooding the logs.
     new 0089320  If another thread is working on adding threads, just return and let it handle it.
     new 3e3a114  Minor updates to a couple of sp providers
     new 26b7a73  Updating ResourceUtils to try to convet a given resource to URL first before trying other options
     new 734ff37  [CXF-4420]CXF JAXWS MTOM should be able to extract Content-Disposition and setName accordingly for AttachmentDataSource
     new 646c7ac  Update how the thread default bus is handled to reduce calls into the synchronized block.  (in some cases drops from 3 or more calls per request to one).
     new 8076dd8  [CXF-4419] Prototyping a resource owner grant handler
     new 3710310  [CXF-4423] more flexibility in configuring httpconduit's tlsClientParameters
     new b1e8cb3  Use the current token type as recorded in the fragment to determine the flags
     new c204b1d  Work around JAXB-909 which is preventing various SAML assertions from validating in the STS.
     new c22b3fc  blueprint version for CXF-4423
     new 3d18621  [CXF-4225] Reusing default validator instance between requests, making it possible to customize the validation
     new 510fe27  More work on removing the sync block for the ThreadDefaultBus Just use a ThreadLocal for normal case except for the initial set on the Thread.
     new acbfd13  Add a cleanup of the bus a test creates
     new 43959fe  stale flag needs to be volatile
     new cd8d136  [CXF-4426] Fixing JSONProvider not to loose the actual class type after the adapter has been used for interfaces
     new 82c9a49  [CXF-4427] Optionally reporting the custom error details
     new 176ec0a  [CXF-4356] Make sure close isn't called twice, thus wiping out the temp file prematurely
     new 42758bf  [CXF-4430] SpnegoAuthSupplier updates, also adding Kerberos interceptor and filter
     new 5130b5c  [CXF-4429] Properly checking the status code in the OAuth2 client code
     new 1f59875  [CXF-4430] Updating the filter to check if the user name is null, optionally removing the realm when setting up a security context
     new a245a35  [CXF-4430] Updating SpnegoAuthSupplier to use GSSCredential if it is available on the message, filter - to make it available in the CXF context if the cred delegation is enabled, dropping a mutualAuth property for now - we do not provide any support for getting the response token from the server
     new b3f6dd1  [CXF-4428] Optionally reporting oAuth 1.0 error details, using 400 by default, 401 if no client is found, mostly in line with the 1.0 spec, consistent with 2.0 too
     new 033b25d  Minor updates to OAuth2 module, with the code to report new invalid_client error condition to be updated later
     new 69ab1bd  [CXF-4428,CXF-4432] Turning error-related properties into contextual ones, fixing the test; restoring the original support for oob callbacks with few updates
     new d70b4ee  Updating the spnego handler to use message.getContextualProperty when checking for the credential
     new b4f4341  [CXF-4434] - SecurityConstants.TIMESTAMP_TTL property is not parsed
     new 5dcf563  [CXF-4435] CounterRepository bean not registering to the bus in BP
     new 8136e7e  [CXF-4436] - EncryptionProperties.keyWrapAlgorithm is not used when issuing a Symmetric HOK SAML Assertion
     new d125ade  [CXF-4433] Fixing the typo losing the correct 'allowCredentials' response value
     new 48a2bf8  Minor updates so CXF is warning free in eclipse with both  JDK7 and JDK6
     new 94d81f0  clean up for CXF-4423
     new 24dac51  [CXF-4438] more flexibility in configuring tlsServerParameters in spring and blueprint
     new a6ef1c3  CXF actually requires http-whiteboard, not http
     new c3dc812  [CXF-4430] Few last Kerberos updates for now with support for JAAS Configuration, also reusing NamespacePasswordCallbackHandler which can handle servlet specific password callbacks
     new 33e0f16  forgetting to commit one more update
     new 2f9bf7e  Minor to updates for Kerberos filters to work with keytabs
     new bd4c9a8  [CXF-4439] Update to Jettison 1.3.2
     new 95bbfb2  Fix deprecation warning in eclipse
     new e0282bc  For source and stax databinding, set the "type" to anyType so java first case will at least generate a simple but crappy wsdl
     new a51af0f  Update of SecurityConstant javadoc - part I
     new 1f412ce  Fixing build
     new f591f53  [CXF-4431] Initial OAuth2 MAC token support, applying a modified patch from Sasi M - thanks
     new cde7a36  [CXF-4388] Wsdl options from artifacts only works if the artifact versions are the first options in the list.
     new f02ee6b  [CXF-4431] Aligning the code with the MAC spec draft v5
     new 37a4ba2  [CXF-4443] Relaxing the control of malformed media types
     new 25528c8  Update test to actually match wsdl.
     new 08aafe8  Making JAXRSClientServerBookTest server run out of process
     new c651f31  Attempting to fix JAXRSClientServerSpringBookTest by moving it out of process
     new e05d813  Pull the HttpURLConnection stuff out of HTTPConduit and into a subclass Should allow easier subclassing of HTTPConduit with new implementations
     new ef4b665  Fix deprecation warning
     new 14847b0  protect against a recursive reference in responseContext (for CXF-4437)
     new a399bfe  [CXF-4444] Updating BusApplicationContextResourceResolver to resolve resources without names by their types only, as proposed by Matas Veitas
     new cfdb2f8  [CXF-4444] Updating system jaxrs tests
     new 4a70102  More moving stuff around to help with HTTPConduit subclassing
     new e1dc159  [CXF-4445] Making a comma a default char for splitting multiple parameters, supporting 'space' for backward comp
     new 6167057  Update to use URI in the http conduits instead of URL as using a URL can be fairly expensive (particularly in Felix, not so bad in Equinox)
     new b9ef171  [CXF-4447] Output the correct soapaction
     new 62334f7  Javadoc fixes to a CORS class.
     new 6c1b686  Updated SOAPAction urls in the wsdl for SecureConversation
     new 2bea1ca  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.7
     new 01ebbdf  More updates to WS-SecurityPolicy configuration
     new 3a9a0b3  [CXF-4449] Make sure the xmlbinding root elements are qualified
     new 7b9c24c  [CXF-4448] Generate valid SOAP messages with @XmlList on doc/lit/bare
     new 69108d9  [CXF-4450] Evaluate the wsam:Action attributes as well
     new 5445479  Make sure the test case wires the message parts into the messageinfo
     new 05d7f54  Testcast is finding the wrong operation
     new ee7caa4  If creating the STS endpoint for SecConv, adjust some of the names and actions and such to match the SecConv spec
     new f121477  Fix some tests that are using an invalid wsdl
     new ab9a4da  Newer version of ws-t uses a response collection
     new 221d251  Revamp of WSDL-first-https sample; DisableCNCheck no longer done, new keys used
     new 1e40bd6  Removed disableCNCheck from wsdl_first_https Spring XML config option
     new c7ea00d  Clarified error message in case of CN mismatches between server cert and HTTPS URL address
     new 436bfd8  Better troubleshooting message with CN mismatch error
     new 8831fb3  [CXF-4453] - Make the CryptoCoverageChecker easier to use for common signature verification use-cases
     new 92831c6  Removed DisableCNCheck from configuration in basic_https sample.
     new 9c70abe  Some improvements to handling SOAP Actions
     new 792b5ff  Just set the concrete name and not set it as an element
     new 769c10d  Better Mavenized ut_policy sample, removed disable CN check
     new 3ced3ea  Add some extra formats for the image handler
     new 10607cf  Finished updating SecurityConstants doc.
     new 5f80dd9  Initial start of a UDP transport for CXF
     new a3ed48d  [CXF-4453] - Added SOAP Body decryption checking support + some reshuffling following feedback from Glen
     new be7f9de  [CXF-4453] - Updated WS-Security samples to use the DefaultCryptoCoverageChecker
     new 29a553b  Fixing distribution build
     new 229b468  Update to add some connection management to the UDP stuff to keep it from using a ton of threads and a ton of ports
     new edc166a  [CXF-4453] - Add in default signature verification of WS-Addressing ReplyTo and FaultTo headers
     new 397702f  Add support for UDP broadcasts
     new 65fece09 Update to allow larger than 2K messages to work
     new 06d80f1  UDP seems to hang on some machines (like my new Mac) Disable until I can investigate
     new 454f9f6  Fixing the test bug exposed on Java7 and Ibm Java
     new 143542d  Removing JRA dependency
     new 4861d24  Fixing the build failure, mvn install alone did not caught it
     new 3ced312  [CXF-4454] JSSE KeyManagers and TrustManager XML configurations are ignored if they contain no keystore element
     new f030922  Upgraded from Commons HTTP Client to Apache HttpComponents' HTTPClient.
     new adbfcef  Optionally logging the kerberos service principal name
     new 28dea95  Updated SecurityPolicy documentation.
     new 498bccc  Only use default statement providers when no user-configured provider is available
     new e5aa37b  Adding the ability to run all STS basic systests in eclipse
     new 2bc939a  More testcases for onbehalfof added
     new ba2db0b  [CXF-4452]NullPointerException when trying to customize the package name for a service definition without customizing the class name.
     new 400b615  Removing interopfest from trunk + fixing some checkstyle errors in the samples
     new 0777278  Trying to calculate a correct base address in cases where the scheme is not http-based, as in Camel servlet
     new d975e7e  [CXF-4455] Starting the initial upgrade to 2.0
     new abe9b7b  [CXF-4455] A couple of other updates
     new 1431b02  [CXF-4455] Correct cast in Variant constructor
     new 8b68ea3  Updated pom.xml to use property values
     new cc151b1  Updated pom.xml to use property for version.
     new 435cd80  Better Mavenized wsdl_first_https sample
     new 6026216  Fix the UDP stuff on OSX by making sure the proper buffer size is set
     new a820928  When using an async transport, make sure an exception is thrown on a timeout, not a null return;
     new 99b4d4e  Add support to the embedded broker an such to pass extra params to the broker url to work around AMQ-3879 to try and make the tests more reliable.
     new 3d43c6a  Update to latest xmlschema
     new 6fbfcbb  Check the flag on the Service as well
     new 1abe6e7  Upgrade to latest woodstox that fixes a performance regression.
     new 8b8c284  Get WADLGenerator support publishedEndpointUrl property, same was as for JAX-WS
     new da943c0  Updating the WADLGenerator JSON test
     new 2cac400  Making sure publishedEndpointUrl is used when calculating schema refs
     new 98d8572  Use a contextual property check.  Slightly faster and provides broader ability to set it.
     new d43565a  Split handling of validation of parts from doc-lit-bare forcing as they are two separate things.
     new 9498e83  The wsam:Action needs to also be checked as that can override the soapAction stuff in the WSDL.
     new a8397b7  Fixing broken JAX-RS examples
     new 474583c  Updating XMLSec bundle version to 1.5.2
     new 592c8f4  [CXF-4469] 2.6.x rt-ws-security bundle is requiring opensaml
     new d975aed  [CXF-4470] Restore spring 2.5.6 compat for cxf:bus
     new 18b964a  Ooopss... useless double cast
     new 53d29a1  Use the WS-A Action header to map to an operation if the SOAPAction was unable to. More attempts to match the desired action in the STSClient to an operation
     new f91a033  Simplified example: included web.xml, removed need to place CXF version in endpoint URL string
     new 621e237  [CXF-4475]LoggingInInterceptor throws when pretty printing MTOM messages
     new 86fbde0  Update DoMerges to try and auto-detect stuff already merged
     new ae07043  Forgot the lf in the log string
     new 09e7d14  Don't need the full log on blocks either... just pollutes the tabs in JIRA
     new 67ed8fb  [CXF-4455] Prototyping some more 2.0 Response implementation code
     new c4def82  Placing web.xml in each sample that needs it, rather than relying on a common /etc/web.xml file.
     new fa0ca33  Moved /etc/ file to only sample (Antbuild) still using it.
     new 535eb88  [CXF-4476] Content-Disposition header may be incorrectly set in MTOM under windows
     new bbd5873  [CXF-4455] Some 2.0 Response updates and tests
     new 737ee1f  Update UDP transport ot properly mark end of streams so it works with the Logging interceptors
     new 932abde  Add initial support for the SOAP-UDP spec
     new 2056334  [CXF-4455] Support for 2.0 Response readEntity methods
     new 56234aa  Update WS-Addressing encoding to not bounce the headers through a DOM The ws-a headers can be written directly out to the output stream and thus take advantage of anything already set on the XMLStreamWriter (like namespaces)
     new c179b02  Try to get the soap.udp messages as small as possible
     new bb32c9a  Start implementing some ws-discovery stuff
     new 535aa75  Make sure the correct "To" address is used in the ws-addressing header
     new 2811fde  Bus can be optional for this
     new e0ca498  Add support for multicast address in addition to broadcast
     new 08265c0  Flush out the ad-hoc mode hello/bye interaction.
     new 60293bd  Mina can handle multicast fine, it was the one-way that was causing the issue
     new 5241517  [CXF-4455] Initial support for Link header
     new 8be2c41  Change the API's that use AbstractFeature to just Feature
     new 7421d95  Add a constructor for managed mode
     new c55dbb5  More work to change AbstractFeature -> Feature
     new 2abb504  Fix possible NPE
     new c255690  Mina (actually, the JDK nio) cannot do req/resp multicast
     new 8746e35  Add support to turn off the sending of the anonymous ReplyTo
     new 1fc264e  When using multicast with async callbacks, allow multiple responses.
     new b9f00b5  Switch to using a Dispatch client for the discovery as a variety of responses can come back from  a probe.
     new 47b65bf  Flip from adHoc mode to managed mode if a DiscoveryProxy sends a Hello
     new 599e7da  Dispatch should implement closeable as well to release resources
     new 37170e0  Need to handle multicast server side special
     new 3a51788  Start stubbing in a WSDiscovery service that will respond to the probes
     new 327b5ab  Update service to auto flip back/forth between managed and adHoc
     new 761ec02  Fix eclipse warning
     new 7c690b4  [CXF-4455] Prototyping some code for supporting the mapping of new WebApplicationException extensions
     new 230e099  Change how adding the wsa ReplyTo is handled. Make sure all the systests would pass if the optional ReplyTo wasn't specified.
     new 78668f8  Fix checkstyle
     new a0b3c3b  [CXF-4477] Fixing regression to do with defaulting primitive parameter types to String, adding the option to customize the type mapping
     new 34b21ea  Start wiring the discovery service into the bus. Auto-publish new services, handle basic probe responses.
     new 96b0d6a  Start work on a basic ws-discover sample
     new d2a9bc1  Fix checkstyle issues, remove a println
     new fa9e1e6  Updates to get the discovery stuff working in OSGi
     new becdab1  Added my new key to the KEYS file
     new c381f8f  [CXF-4479]Improve No
     new 898ab0a  [CXF-4477] Avoiding using the schemaTypesMap for both primitive schema type to java type mappings and complex Java to Java type mappings (as in case of W3C EPR), support for autoboxing of all optional params, support for mapping representations with no element references to Java types
     new 395dafd  Update to keep the "file" where the error occured as a String for as long as possible to avoid NPE and allow the file to be a real url like an HTTP url
     new 9e2d0ad  [CXF-4477] One more update
     new 4e7f300  Updates to the BUILDING.txt
     new 69494a5  [CXF-4482]AttachmentSerializer puts an extra new line
     new 25711f6  [CXF-4477] Restoring schemaTypeMap, adding notypes option
     new ac8c975  Minor update to DepthRestrictingInInterceptor to do the best effort in ignoring all non-xml payloads
     new 13c6ea8  [CXF-4485] Support for inheriting resource-level parameters
     new 47b5909  Adding two more MAC token constructors
     new 767ccc8  If provider flips to one-way, set the out message to null as well to prevent it from trying to send an out message.
     new 57503ef  If a probe doesn't match, return null and treat as a one-way
     new 2eafa42  Fill in the other probe matches
     new 9d4f600  Use the endpointPublishURL and other properties to fill in the discovery details
     new 6e6fd79  Upgraded BouncyCastle version
     new 69b94ad  JIRA upgrade broke the attachment reports.  Use new URL
     new be71fe4  Cannot have blank line
     new d2b209d  [CXF-4432] Minor updates to the way OOB responses can be presented
     new d2c6d67  [CXF-4488] Making importing* by cxf-rt-databinding-jaxb in CXF 2.6 optional
     new 1157570  [CXF-4432] Adding a utility form OOB provider
     new 82c465d  Minor update to the OOB provider
     new 09ee0eb  Update a couple of tests so that they will compile if xerces 2.10 is pulled in instead of 2.9
     new 4eca0b9  [CXF-4487] Try to detect when Xerces if feeding warnings into JAXB and ignore those, but not others that jaxb itself would be publishing.
     new 062a6d8  Remove an import thats not needed in some cases
     new c82974f  [CXF-4489]cxf-wsn-api bundle can't find org.apache.cxf.jaxws.spi.ProviderImpl in OSGi container
     new 84a2687  [CXF-4489]revert the unecessary change
     new c61b6a2  [CXF-4490] cxf-codegen-plugin does not detect changes in WSDL loaded from classpath
     new 494e886  More updates to make it easier to wire in the Async based conduit With the async client, we HAVE to put the response on the workqueue or threads will block.
     new 2c1b162  Async client needs a notice that there won't be output.
     new 65ab4ca  Update version of async http stuff to match the version needed by the new transport
     new 922a3f7  [CXF-4491] Make sure the fault goes to the faultTo and is handled like a replyTo...
     new a27c27e  Allow an IOException from another method
     new e35d6f5  Start abstracting out the dependencies for the HttpsURLConnection
     new b7138cc  Rename a test to make it match what it really is.
     new f20c924  [CXF-4493]add NPE guard when FaultAction is used with OneWay
     new 587ffb1  [CXF-4494]JMSDestination need set binary mode if server send MTOM message back
     new 8b392f1  Properly log exceptions in the WS-SecurityPolicy layer
     new 4971de2  [CXF-4455] Update to 2.0-m10
     new 300011a  [CXF-4455] Completing the support for new exception classes, dropping a couple of CXF-specific providers
     new 61edf8a  [CXF-4455] Completing the support for new exception classes, more updates
     new bc9de30  [CXF-4455] Removing CXF-specific exception class for reporting client-only errors
     new d41614f  The 401 push back is also echoing back headers like "Content-Length", but not sending any content.
     new 4ae6bbc  Remove some printlns left in
     new 61af6ff  Fix compile failure
     new 6fa6b10  [CXF-4495] Update to SimpleAuthorizingInterceptor to check configured roles only, applying a patch on behalf of Andrei Shakirin
     new 3ad2d30  [CXF-4400] Minor fix to the way static resources are checked
     new 1f1f7df  [CXF-4400] Minor fix to the way static resources are checked: adding the test resource
     new 2a8f8f5  Add hashCode/equals methods to the TLS stuff so it can be used as part of the keys for the connection pools
     new 8973ab1  [CXF-4497] Ability to skip the JAXB package scanning Patch from Jason Pell applied
     new 58cce4a  Cleanup the exception messages a little bit for extension loading issues.
     new 76284c8  Better error messages if extension class can be loaded, but object cannot be instantiated
     new fd02dad  [CXF-4455] Updating Karaf features to link to ServiceMix jsr339-api-m10 snapshot bundle
     new 649f985  [CXF-4455] Preparing for the introduction of new Container filters
     new 8de01f5  [CXF-4499] Properly encoding not only form keys but values too
     new 9dfd342  Add a test that tests the basic HTTP proxy stuff
     new 6d0d222  Add a test for basic-auth to the proxy
     new 9e1115b  Allow resetting of a port to reuse later
     new 06c225c  Updates to get all the tests passing with the proxy related tests
     new 65ab1c4  More error message improvements
     new 7f3acd9  [CXF-4484] - Claims to SAML attribute encoding wrong
     new 662fac4  [CXF-4455] Initial support for new request filters
     new 32f687d  Make a few calls so I can wireshark to make sure a single connection is used
     new 4ad2604  More error message updates
     new 7b75e4a  Forgot to update the request counts for the proxies
     new ab2f9d3  Updating DataSourceProvider to ignore DataSource content type property by default
     new 8a71d52  [CXF-4455] Prototyping the support for new out filters
     new 43c858f  Restricting XSLTJaxbProvider to support single beans only
     new 3d0df71  [CXF-4460] Support static claims globally and per endpoint
     new b96fbaf  [CXF-4455] Minor updates to the filter tests
     new 384a719  If a bunch of threads try and create a helper at the same time, wastes memory and processing time.  Prevent that.
     new bb56319  [CXF-4501] Update to AtomPojoProvider to avoid using JAXB to generate inlined content if POJO itself or builder has a ready one
     new 180b794  [CXF-4455] Prototying the code for suporting client filters
     new c9101e6  Better defined need for spring-web.jar
     new 0453f66  Pull interface out into it's own file due to issus using internal interfaces as an OSGi service registration type
     new cbe2dd0  Add more httpasync versions and osgi version ranges to parent pom
     new 38739c6  Copy async http stuff into main build.
     new 8850fd5  Add some meta information about the properties so it appears in the webconsole
     new 59493ae  Add cxf-http-async stuff to karaf features file
     new 6487076  Add more properties, restart reactor if props are changed.
     new b911f54  Remove println
     new b4f2c0d  Relaxing the type safety of AtomPojoProvider as a single provider needs to handle both feed and entry Pojos, registering a provider typed on a feed Pojo from Eclipse prevents the runtime from selecting it when a Pojo representing an entry is returned from the resource
     new a60efaf  Check for encoded '=' characters, may be needed when rep map has media types with parameters
     new 891b852  [CXF-4503] TransformOutInterceptor may lose namespace declarations in some elements
     new a661c22  Add a profile for testing the async transport
     new 0151bf6  Fix a problem with the direct reads if there is an offset on the incoming buffer
     new 4ddb76c  CXF handles the redirect itself based on the policies in the client policy
     new 8c0359d  Add profiles for async http to other systests (not all pass yet)
     new e8afada  Fix another issue with an read buffer with offset != 0
     new 85d68d1  [CXF-4455] Wiring in new client filters into the existing RS client runtime
     new 04a168e  make visibility of related methods in RMTxStore consistent
     new 8eae233  [CXF-4505] Invalid WS-RM messages may not be rejected by WS-RM destination
     new 337ad61  CXF-4506 Added the support to set the userName and password on WSN service
     new 01dcbaf  [CXF-4455] Sorting post match filters according to binding priorities
     new 61564f9  [CXF-4455] Prototyping the support for reader/writer interceptors
     new 6150191  CXF-4506 setup the default value on the username and password
     new c4f615f  Making it simpler customize Abdera writers
     new 2feb3b1  Making it simpler customize Abdera writers, actual change missed
     new b0b27d5  [CXF-4455] Initial support for calling reader amd writer interceptors on the server side
     new d52cb6d  [CXF-4455] Wiring reader/writer interceptors into the existing client runtime, tests to follow
     new ea69285  [CXF-4455] Adding few new interceptor tests
     new 0b52d9c  Reverting in-process test flag left from r1287755
     new 683c5c2  [CXF-4511]WS-RM Sequence header should have mustUnderstand attribute
     new 4c1a597  [CXF-4512] Updating AtomPojoProvider to use MessageBodyReader/Writer Class parameter when checking for custom providers
     new 4ab8c4b  Minor update to the wadl generator to avoid adding full class names for custom media type class names
     new 1bf462d  [CXF-4514] Updating JAX-RS client code to recognize bean enum properties
     new 73a977f  Boost the performance a bit by using some singletons
     new 1e5fa1b  Bunch of optimizations to allow the stream copying to avoid a bunch of buffer copying.
     new 9dd10ab  [CXF-4500] Evaluating schema locations after providers
     new 9a0c4e4  Fixing a regression in the WADL code generator - tests have to be enhanced asap
     new 2e6a2e4  [CXF-4431] Minor updates to the MAC token code
     new 2d0e1d3  [CXF-4508] Adding an extra OSGI import into the search module
     new 0aaa864  Add first pass at some Async methods on the JAX-RS WebClient (ok, just an async get so far, but have to start someplace)
     new 1a02061  [CXF-4517] ClassCastException in WS-RM when RMP 200702 assertions are used
     new 7d69d04  Adding an async() method to WebClient to keep the async related interface in line with jaxrs20
     new b23d459  [CXF-4515]add address option for maven java2ws plugin
     new 2be9560  CXF-4518 added the mapping of
     new c6878bb  Initial attempt at bringing the sync and async web client code closer
     new 23ab7e0  Populating AsyncInvoker implementation
     new 108342b  Adding a test for post async call, and adding a shortcut to WebClient
     new 0fdb95b  Implement WritableByteChannel which will allow some extra optimizations
     new 5748026  Fix to work with Jetty 7.5.x
     new 7724906  Update to latest smx specs version
     new 19b46b8  [CXF-4455] Minor update to get Application name-bindings applied to root resources, as well as an update to get the inheritance between sub and root resources working better
     new 0d3e908  Update to latest saaj impl
     new f284832  Update a bunch of plugin versions
     new 2da0b3d  Update some sun deps
     new 670d7ea  UPdate commons-codec version
     new 2e12431  Update jaxen version
     new 14bcb63  UPdate jetty version to latest 8.1.x
     new d803443  Update to latest junit
     new 25d21ea  Update to latest log4j
     new 0cc6948  Stick mina version in parent pom, separate http core and client versions
     new c6c6ebf  Start getting the new stuff into the release
     new 63f006b  Fix issue with FI upgrade pulling in old xml API's that the JDK can provide
     new 340b400  Fix problems of an loop in loading the ws-discovery stuff in OSGi
     new 0016bab  Minor update to client constructors given abstract URI-based constructor still wraps it into the state object, fixing a doc typo
     new c448592  Add some stuff to WHICH_JARS
     new 8bca2c4  CXF-4506 update the activemq connector configuration on the wsn-core
     new 9b007ca  Updating WSS4JInInterceptor to use LoginSecurityContext
     new 95ac38c  [CXF-4519] Adding an option to set type-specific schemas on JAXB providers
     new df691d7  [CXF-4519] Adding an option to set type-specific schemas on JAXB providers, one more commit
     new 40603ee  [CXF-4455] Support for new ResourceInfo context
     new d326518  [CXF-4521] Detect if other Stax Impls are threadsafe Patch from Ivan/xuhaihong applied
     new cadd822  [CXF-4520] Make sure namespaces are written prior to attributes that may use them. Patch from Ivan/xuhaihong applied
     new 5102829  [CXF-4507] Fix problem with null/empty array elements causing duplicate items in the array Patch from Kayvan Arianpour applied
     new 63f94ce  If using something other than Basic auth, create a AuthorizationPolicy object based on what we CAN retrieve from the HTTP Request
     new 5986e06  If the Basic auth stuff is not valid, but a principal was provided, use it.
     new f8aa036  If we have a principal, even for basic auth, record it.
     new 37c087e  Polish the WS-Discovery sample a bit.  Add a README
     new 6b9af33  Use the new async client transport to make the example really async
     new 3ee6d86  Allow property to be set as a String (example: in configs)
     new c79a6d0  Fix typo in setting
     new 49f2694  Add a connection TTL for the async connections.  Full Keep-Alive timeouts is broken in Apache AsyncClient, patch submitted.
     new eca6d3d  [CXF-4455] Prototyping support for DynamicFeature
     new eb1435c  Correcting the DefaultClaimsPolicyValidator
     new 277f0d0  [CXF-4523] Close the XMLStreamReaders Modified patch from  Ivan/xuhaihong applied
     new e74ff24  Fix a print to screen and not set the real cause anti-pattern
     new 2c35548  If the databinding is wrapper capable, the helper will be null. Return.
     new b5d74e9  [CXF-4397] Add a CachedWriter that will work like the CachedOutputStream.  Update logging In interceptor to use it.
     new 7352f5c  [CXF-4455] Initial support for AsyncResponse
     new 9a62364  Upgrade the HttpAsyncClient to 4.0-beta3
     new 8e7bfe7  [CXF-4455] Excluding AsyncResponse in client proxies
     new b6b4c00  [CXF-4496] Updating proxy code to check for WebApplicationException response mapper in case of HTTP errors and no exception types available in the signature
     new b1a3aa5  Fixing WS-SecurityPolicy unit tests to properly check that some policies were not asserted
     new 50e50e8  Per javadoc, empty prefix needs to delgate to writeDefaultNamespace
     new df59b00  [CXF-4525] Refactor the handling of the DefaultHttpAsyncClient to create one per conduit, make it accessible to applications, etc... Hook up the connection timeout as well.
     new e2f04b3  Add some settings to control how the ws-discovery service is registered in OSGi
     new 99be852  Allow use of a bus property to configure managed mode
     new 51a3b3b  Ability to configure the probe timeout
     new 24560d5  Left a line in that wasn't needed
     new bb2b785  CXF-4528: change the logging severity in WebApplicationExceptionMapper when the app has a FaultListener that actually asked for logging.
     new 445ab0d  [CXF-4528] More updates to the mapper, if fault listener has handled the exception - do not log, otherwise do log either at warning (default) or fine level
     new 57f407c  [CXF-4528] Making simpler to customize the error message and optionally including it with Responses
     new 83a9b3f  Resetting isPending status when the continuation is resumed
     new c28ea34  [CXF-4455] More AsyncResponse related code
     new 2659dd7  [CXF-4455] Removing incorrect comment
     new 07f4353  [CXF-4531] Introducing ContinuationCallback interface marked as the work in progress
     new 229f841  [CXF-4531] Introducing ContinuationCallback interface marked as the work in progress, adding the actual interface
     new 80c6b19  [CXF-4455] Completing AsyncResponse code for now with the optional support for CompletionCallback
     new af66ea2  [CXF-4525] If the request is retransmittable, we can let the Async client handle the negotiation and use a more optimized way of retransmitting the request.
     new 336c45f  [CXF-3813] Ability to validate just incoming or outgoing requests Slightly modified patch from Jason Pell applied
     new 5553daa  [CXF-4522] Update the soap:body content for SOAPMessage
     new 94c6412  typos fixed
     new 428101a  Don't set a null address
     new ad9d9f5  Rename to match other samples, add to the build
     new 39119e1  [CXF-4525] Make it easier to set credentials so that it can be done via spring/blueprint config
     new 2cc9940  [CXF-4455] ParamConverter support, for ParamHandler be deprecated
     new 94524fb  [CXF-4532] Better support for @Policy annotations refering to bean refs Very slightly modified patch from Jason Pell applied
     new f75fbf8  [CXF-4537] Examine the package level adapters as well
     new eee1f3d  [CXF-4535] Fix bug with soap:fault child elements output in wrong order Patch from Gary Gregory applied
     new 5862baa  [CXF-4533] Use a Reader to read from the input stream as chars instead of trying to handle it ourselves.
     new 83c85f7  [CXF-4539] - WS-Security inbound performance regression  - Fix confirmed by Alessio.
     new 60dfc62  Cleanup of sleeps in security tests.
     new 7dfe5c1  Add some extra diagnostics to the java6 compilation
     new 6973bf5  [CXF-5440] Problems with basic-auth passwords that contain a colon.
     new b1ccee7  Some code cleanup
     new 05012b2  [CXF-4526] Add an NPE guard
     new 821691b  [CXF-4541] Fix a scoping issue in the idl2wsdl processing
     new 3183c5f  Prepare for update once specs is released
     new 2be3af7  Some more cleanups
     new 2f81c52  Fix an issue when using the W3CDOMStreamWriter with the dom4j dom implementation.
     new 31ed059  [CXF-4542] More work on examining all the XmlJavaTypeAdapter things Patch from Richard Opalka applied
     new be86e45  [CXF-4534] Add a bunch of extra map types into Aegis
     new 3309327  Some more cleanup work
     new 04416f5  Disable the STSClient in the CachingTest rather than create a new one...perhaps this will help with randomly failing tests on Jenkins
     new 5275b95f [CXF-4544] - Create a common SAML-based SecurityContext for both the JAX-RS and JAX-WS layers
     new 904cbad  Disable more STSClients in the STS systests/basic caching tests...
     new 127d1ea  [CXF-4545] - ut_sign + sign_enc samples broken in last releases
     new 15fb9f4  Minor performance improvement when evaluating multiple XPaths
     new 4ab70ce  Change Claims value to List<String> to support multiple values
     new 275cb69  Add deprecated methods to maintain compatibility with 2.6.x
     new 2a25cd2  Update release notes for 2.7.0
     new 96de477  Release is out.
     new ccd46fb  add the two transports to the bundle
     new d3962f7  Fix release process
     new 92ebf48  Fix issues with release
     new 3f3a9d3  More releases fixes
     new 09271cd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.7.0
     new c5317b5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 48ece1f  Some more cleanup work.
     new ad205e5  Speed-up XPath evaluation for WS-Security code coverage checking
     new 6c4bb35  Added a ContentEncryptedElements policy system test
     new 44130d2  Some updates to the WS-Security system tests  - Much more tests are now run with restricted security policies  - Some work done to try to prevent random failures on some JDKs
     new cafdd61  Fixing some lazy initialization problems
     new 9450270  Explicitly close ports in the STS system tests
     new ca1f08a  [CXF-4552] Collections of parts annotated with @Multipart are nor processed with form data payloads containing a single file only
     new ced74e1  Fix IBM JDK test failures in rt/frontend/jaxrs
     new c93fdbc  More minor code improvements
     new bae2e66  [CXF-4349] Reverting some of the updates, using a workaround to get xsi:type generated
     new b7db58f  Fixing another failing JAX-RS test on IBM
     new 74cbce5   CXF-4554 clean up the active namespace of SoapTransportFactory
     new b2021ac  CXF-4554 Fixed the CS error
     new e345a2c  Updating AtomPojoProvider to cope with the side-effect of object class possibly not matching the configured names
     new 65c7ec8  More code cleanup
     new 89b149e  [CXF-4548,CXF-4549] Enabling the use of customized session providers, adding more information to OAuthContext, patches applied with thanks to Thorsten Hoeger
     new c0f9473  [CXF-4556] - JAX-RS SAML TLS HolderOfKey check does not work
     new 045487f  Prototyping support for mapping FIQL to Lucene Query
     new 6a7a06a  [CXF-4547] Attach configuration provided policies into the wsdl Patch from Jason Pell applied
     new a7d7bd7  Add missing files
     new 0cb28dd  [CXF-4551] Fix problems with schema-validation and MTOM Patch from Jason Pell applied
     new e497e88  [CXF-4558] - Relax the requirement for a child <wsp:Policy> element for a WS-SecurityPolicy HttpsToken policy
     new c9a9867  Adding an optional Lucene contents fields map
     new 347301f  Some more updates
     new 59c9c55  Store the SAML Assertion in the (JAX-RS) SecurityContext
     new 6c8a843  Adding few more FIQL to JPA converter tests
     new f85a068  [CXF-4557] More updates to make sure the XMLStreamReader/Writers are closed Patch from Peng Zhang applied with very slight mods
     new f4eeb64  [CXF-4391] Trap invalid patterns and ignore them
     new 8afcd40  [CXF-4561] Allow disabling WSI-BSP compliance in UsernameTokenInterceptor
     new c0a9fbb  [CXF-4555]enable http:conduit to configure the chunk size
     new 9402795  [CXF-4562]Soap Fault fields precedence is incorrect for soap12
     new 342819b3 [CXF-4560] - Default JAX-RS SAML Claim namespace is incorrect
     new 3cf8bf8  Fixing Javadoc warnings in API
     new b43f6d6  Make the Claims accessible from the STSClient
     new dcd2a0b  clean up for some sonar issues
     new 989f01b  [CXF-4563] Fixing the way empty responses are read on the client side
     new bcf8e4c  Fixing the compilation failure
     new c7e2562  Minor plugin version updates
     new 7f820d7  [CXF-4566] StaxTransformFeature outTransformElements does not work when conversing namespaces
     new 4ba7826  Update to test with latest activemq
     new 5f93879  [CXF-4567] Fix error message
     new 042472e  Add a spring3.1 profile to start testing with it.
     new c373706  reverting the fix for CXF-4566
     new bab6d53  CXF-4569 update the cxf package imports version range of cxf-services-wsn
     new 4332b23  [CXF-4565]per JAXWS spec, if outbound throw ProtocolException and No response is expected then the message processing stops and the handlerFault method of handlers shouldn't get invoked
     new 6a7edde  [CXF-4555]apply http:conduit ChunkLength configuration to async HTTP transport as well
     new f9912d3  [CXF-4573] Better effort at trying to establish the class name from imported types, also adding noVoidForEmptyResponses switch
     new f6f67bf  [CXF-4566] StaxTransformFeature outTransformElements does not work when coverting namespaces
     new 1b33f12  [CXF-4568] Adding OAuthContextUtils, patch from Thorsten Hoeger applied, thanks
     new 1a46c96  [CXF-4576] Output a warn log when failing parsing policy attachments
     new 5dcb82b  More code cleanup
     new 555eeb5  Trying HTTPServletRequest.getLocalAddr if getServerName returns
     new da3de40  [CXF-4578] Adding a query type parameter to SearchConditionVisitor
     new 902ad3b  [CXF-4578] Missing update in management-web
     new 211fe9c  [CXF-4570] Some minor cleanup around the content-id and saaj
     new 486b367  [CXF-4580] Getting 'is' boolean getters supported
     new e2caa35  [CXF-4579] Exchange's out message not set for recovered outbound WS-RM messages
     new ee5b204  enable the test for CXF-4566
     new 3eaaf01  Updating WS-Discovery listener to check if interface if available
     new 648a41e  More cleanup work
     new 92128bc  [CXF-4584]org.w3c.dom.DOMException when sending soap11 request and returning soap12 response
     new e4661c2  CXF-4585 Updated the cxf imports version range of sts-core bundle
     new 60495f7  Minor cleanup
     new 0a5868f  Updates to support the latest JAXB impl
     new 0c5fd69  Minor update so  on a loaded system, if it failed to put the item on the queue, try again on the first data packet
     new a2b4272  Support for nested properties with mappings at different levels
     new 9ea9f32  CXF-4583 Fixed the Empty soap response issue When the logical handler return false processing the outbound message.
     new ae940b5  [CXF-4587] - Signature Confirmation does not work with TransportBinding and EndorsingSupportingToken
     new 1f01186  [CXF-4590] - STSUtils: DRY refactoring and support Soap12 via property
     new 60bc8e2  [CXF-4592] Some tests are failing when COS's file caching is enforced
     new 46bd48c  Changed all setAccessibles to use ReflectionUtil
     new 10fbaf8  Initial support for AsyncResponse ResumeCallback
     new 9082d04  Prototyping new UriBuilder method implementations
     new 9f5dca2  Sample updates -- formatting, text, etc.
     new c57adf0  Typo fixed
     new cafcc13  Updates, clarifications to jms_queue sample
     new f273114  Code and README updates for jms_pubsub sample.
     new d36926c  Text, formatting updates to jms_spring_config sample
     new 7b0f1fe  README and formatting changes to jms-spec-demo sample
     new 941ff9a  rename of jms-spec-demo to jms_spec_demo to be consistent with other samples
     new 2660b56  Trying to fix test failures with IBM JDK
     new 642b643  Trying to fix test failures with IBM JDK, the actual update
     new 52f02fa  [CXF-4596] adding an option for encrypting tmp files generated by COS
     new cd0a337  Wrapping new ClassLoader instantiation in AccessController.doPrivileged
     new 0c0ee62  Making it simpler to use the dates in queries
     new 96730bc  Avoid a NPE in the mojo to make sure the "real" error surfaces
     new 3a42178  [CXF-4564] Try to work around a bug in JAXB 2.2 that causes problems if the initial source location is a jar: URL but imports/includes are then absolute URL's.  Not a complete workaround, but at least helps SOME cases.
     new ce3285c  [CXF-4599] Async HTTP may fail for large data due to a file caching issue
     new 8e2209b  Fixing the wrong setting to null in XmlBeansJSONProvider, thanks to Colm
     new fb3ea2d  [CXF-4591] Applying patch from Richard Opalka
     new fcb24a3  [CXF-4598] Problem with resolving imports/includes with validation turned on.
     new c669b26  Turn on wsdl validation for a much larger set of the tooling tests and fix some of the issues that reveals. Should make it easier/quicker to spot if changes to the validation code will cause issues.
     new 66a8889  More JPA2 support, making CriteriaQuery visitor more useful, support for joins to be added at some later stage
     new 84ec3a8  [CXF-4595] RequireClientCertificate is not validated Patch from Jason Pell applied
     new e74b62f  [CXF-3613] Update to show how to use Class as a param/type with Aegis Fix potential NPE via a null in the PropertyDescriptor[]
     new 21843f1  [CXF-4601] invlaid WS-RM messages to a robust WS-RM endpoint may lead to NPE
     new 3655ace  More cleanup
     new 1503bdd  Use url.toString() instead of storing the URL directly in definitionsMap
     new ca06205  More minor cleanups
     new 8b5716a  Fixing broken JMS test
     new 8dfdd8e  Fixing regression
     new 3f05aec  More refactoring
     new ae6397a  More cleanup
     new b42be19  [CXF-4602] Some improvements to the logger creation
     new 5f0fafe  [CXF-4602] With all the split package things resolved, we don't need separate properties files for messages from the various areas.
     new 2a743eb  Minor update
     new bd56584  Restore the saving of the URL as its required for the caching to work properly. Put a comment to that affect.
     new 302a25c  More minor stuff
     new 1986d0c  Initial commit for fixing the issue with the WebApplicationExceptions losing the original exceptions in some cases
     new 7cfc024  Removing the duplicate code in AtomPushEngineConfigurator, thanks to Colm
     new c34f8d5  More code updates
     new 5537130  Removing references to ResumeCallback which is about to be dropped from api
     new 2b46fcf  Minor updates to the search code
     new f12e020  Support for ParamConverterProvider at the client side
     new e85ef82  Reporting 400 from AtomPojoProvider in case of read failures
     new f457191  [CXF-4607] Updating RequestDispatcherProvider to support enums better
     new 8609c43  [CXF-4348] Adding one more test
     new 6dbbc26  More cleanup
     new 7a13d6b  Adding JPA2 test with relationship
     new 0317329  Support for ParamConverterProvider at the client side: update to the test
     new 65a3fe3  [CXF-4607] Adding RequestDispatcherProvider enumResources property
     new 6f81483  [CXF-4581] UPdates to work better with m2eclipse incremental builds Patch from Josh Beitelspacher applied.
     new b42686d  Some cleanup around the bundle handling when grabbing loggers
     new 7198746  [CXF-4550] Quote params to forked mojos
     new ab489a6  [CXF-4572] Support a negotiation for the GZIP
     new f181305  [CXF-4552] Support for mapping multiple multipart form-data parts with the same id to collection parameters bound to that id with Mulltipart attachment
     new 7819395  Add testcase for CXF-4608
     new 7b95352  [CXF-4608] Simplify a bit and try the Service.create method
     new 130a0d5  [CXF-4608] Make sure the correct Source form is used if specified and the operation is given
     new c90e27d  CXF-4585 reverted the change
     new d8bb034  More minor cleanup stuff
     new 7af7c33  Few updates to the search code after testing with OpenJPA
     new 99962ea  [CXF-4605] When using a specific map type, make the type in the schema uniquely named to avoid conflicts
     new cedc1d3  Fixing the regression in the way empty query parameters are handled
     new 6f17d9b  [CXF-4609] Fixing a typo in ImplicitGrantService, thanks to Steven Tippetts
     new 43b14ae  Reverting the code to do with mapping WAE to subclass mappers, updating the runtime to throw subclass exceptions instead of WAE where possible, as per the spec
     new 5e8836c  Initial contribution of XSLT Feature
     new 3035177  Removing invalid test
     new e80346e  Updating the rest of RS code to use WAE subclasses where possible
     new 558d6b3  Updating cxf-abdera feature to reference SMX abdera-parser bundle
     new c74806a  [CXF-4613] More updates to ImplicitGrantService with thanks to Steven Tippetts
     new 3972097  [CXF-4614] Updating UserSubject to use LinkedList instead of Collections.emptyList to avoid JAXB-related issues
     new 0f7f855  [CXF-4612] - SAML assertion element is not imported into SecurityHeader document
     new 4f01a17  [CXF-4615] Updating OAuthRequestFilter to ignore CORS preflight requests to be handled by the service code
     new f781045  Update configuration_interceptor sample to work better in m2eclipse
     new 25eb57c  Update wsdl_first_dynamic_client to work well with m2eclipse
     new 0e589eb  wsdl_first_https working better with m2eclipse
     new 560f00d  wsdl_first_pure_xml in m2eclipse
     new 72d0a6f  wsdl_first_rpclit in m2eclipse
     new 143c8ff  Record the options used for the wsdl into the .DONE file and compare them on next run to allow changes to the pom to trigger regeneration of code.
     new d88f443  Move wsdl into resources dir
     new c1116be  wsdl_first_soap12  in m2eclipse
     new efe316e  wsdl_first_xml_wrapped in m2eclipse
     new ab41c7c   wsdl_first_xmlbeans in m2eclipse
     new cc17a01  ws_rm and ws_policy in m2e
     new 2f7d8e0  More m2e updates
     new 4004fa9  More m2e updates
     new 23423f9  [CXF-4619]cxf:list-endpoints - Duplicate headers if multiple endpoints installed
     new dbb95a6  Fix regression cause by commit 1404620 causing Log4J logger not being used
     new db7f541  [CXF-4618] CLose input stream after done copying Patch from Steve Hodecker applied
     new c5cfa9f  [CXF-4622]cxf:list-endpoints - Add option to list the full url of the service
     new cf8bdd6  [CXF-4620]Exception at compilation when a 'space' character is present in maven local repository path
     new b4d2333  [CXF-4611] Set jaxws.provider.interpretNullAsOneway as true by default Patch for the tests from
     new 6120e9bc Fix unit test
     new 131864e  Replacing some String appending stuff in loops with StringBuilder
     new ab77a0a  Minor update to last commit
     new 47aaa20  [CXF-4628] - Only use default AttributeStatementProvider in STS if no Claims were handled
     new f58c5a5  Fixing time unit conversion bug reported by gpasquiers in AsyncResponseImpl, updating TimeoutHandler test to do multiple timeouts
     new 1ac73d4  [CXF-4616] Check the default command map if not found in local Patch from Jinhua Wang applied
     new 3024291  [CXF-4605] More map things for aegis
     new 138e935  Update xmlbeans version
     new 79cc5a7  [CXF-4623]Marshalling Error during asynchronous service invocation when adding a soap header using a SOAPHandler
     new 769c574  [CXF-5632] upgrade to aries 1.0.0
     new 5904479  Adding initial Servler3ContinuationProvider tests, more to follow
     new 904fe81  [CXF-4631] Using HttpServletRequest.getServerPort to build the absolute URI, thanks to Jakub Bocheński
     new cb6197c  More cleanup
     new f7de973  Updating AsyncResponseImpl not to resume the context to manage timeouts
     new bb04e8f  Restoring the commented continuations test code
     new bf8fef3  [CXF-4633] If the client is invalid then return an error directly to the end user without enforcing JSON media type
     new 7105da8  revert asm version change of CXF-4632
     new 5dd9396  [CXF-4605] Add a warning message if a generic type could not be mapped due to an erased generic.
     new 9d22a1d  [CXF-4630] With the latest XmlSchema code, you cannot set the element name to null after it's been set.  Thus, only set the name if we really intend to.
     new b64d157  [CXF-4623]Marshalling Error during asynchronous service invocation when adding a soap header using a SOAPHandler
     new c220e2d  Updating Servlet3ContinuationProvider to startAsync every time the continuation is requested, and JAX-RS AsyncResponseImpl not to cache continuations
     new d479c1b  Making Jetty continuations test run out of process again
     new db11c91  [CXF-4629] Skip the URIMappingInterceptor if ws-security is being used. Part 1 of fix, backportable.
     new 58b2e0b  Remove a println that was accidentally left in
     new 94a98b3  [CXF-4629] Part 2 - remove the URIMappingInterceptor from the default chains
     new 74b4ee8  [CXF-4594]when use code first, If no setter method in Exception class, the property can't get marshalled nor available in generated wsdl
     new f7c1836  [CXF-4594]also add a testcase
     new 3795243  [CXF-4594]refactor org.apache.cxf.jaxb.Utils a little bit to make it more clear
     new 69da518  [CXF-4594]make checkstyle happy
     new 58a1b61  Fixed the NPE of WadlGeneratorTest on AIX JDK
     new 5359a1b  Adding two more methods for supporting PUT to WebClient
     new 56cecbe  use cipher RC4 for CXF-4596 test
     new 012184f  Added default constructor to XSLTIn/Out interceptors
     new 516325f  Fix eclipse warning
     new de79071  More code cleanup
     new 0913533  Java6 handles headless images much better (well, it actually handles them), at least on OSX and Linux. Re-enable those tests on trunk since we no-longer support java5 there.
     new 95d55b0  Fix issue on IBM jdk where the wrong WSDL is returned.  (IBM sometimes returns methods in different order)
     new 20cf618  Workaround an issue with the IBM7 JDK that causes the proxy to be garbage collected while an invocation is still in progress.
     new 9331c47  Fix an issue with a test if run  standalone.
     new 6fd3a37  Another random failure on IBM7 JDK
     new 1cf8255  Make sure the generated busid doesn't have a - in it as some patterns don't account for it.
     new 3e58bca  Make sure bus is shutdown
     new 6f20b90  Fixed the NPE WSDLServiceUtils
     new 8a42e4b  [CXF-4637] More replacing of Collections.emptyList() with modifiable instances in the OAuth2 code
     new 17c4677  Finalizing JPA2 related enhancements for now with the initial support for joins
     new 8de1b97  Fixing the build failure
     new 7bac639  Make sure a bunch of tests attemp to cleanup some stuff, close ports, shutdown bus's, etc...
     new 78c7409  More teardown fixes
     new 78d2d60  Remove an unused property
     new f6e9dfe  Previous fix held onto the clientimpl much longer than needed (potentially forever). Make a different attempt.
     new 9520f6a  Fix potential test failure if bus.hashCode() < 0
     new b5d3c81  Cleanup of casts
     new 9cdfe63  Another potential failing test with IBM JDK
     new 8af69f6  Tidied up indentation of some of the STS wsdls
     new 7ceda03  [CXF-4638][CXF-4639] - Add ability to set STSClient Claims via a CallbackHandler  - Add ability to send an existing SAML Token via the JAX-RS SAML code
     new 021940f  Use new ports on the tests to make sure things aren't beeing shutdown while running.
     new 863d0e8  Fix another IBM JDK random failure.
     new a7ed433  Remove a stack trace printed in the tests
     new 0d0a872  Making AsyncResponse work with Tomcat Servlet3 continuations
     new 4f13fed  Restoring the test
     new 85bc83f  [CXF-4640]@PostConstruct methods invoked twice in Spring projects when using OSGi
     new bf1f209  [CXF-4640]fix checkstyle
     new 3fdd2a7  Final cleanup commit
     new f34673c  Removed Maven antrun plugin from restful_dispatch sample (makes it easier to load via m2e)
     new 52fa09e  Updated jaxws_handlers sample to remove Maven antrun plugin.
     new 88afa7d  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new 9e93247  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new e17b0c8  Lengthening sleep for expired Timestamp test
     new f60b943  [CXF-4640] If you reference the class directly anyway, you might as well just use that class object.
     new 0c68ab6  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new f76e955  Removed commented-out parts of pom.xml.
     new 77e3ef4  Removed unneeded commented-out configuration.
     new 3b894ea  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new f023c05  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new a22cb1c  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new c1a9f12  Updated sample to remove antrun plugin.
     new 1931b67  Removed no-longer used (due to m2e's inability to work with it) antrun plugin configuration.
     new 2f2a259  [CXF-4529] Make an attempt at a workaround for the issue of hte authenticator holding onto the classloader.
     new 156c5be  [CXF-4482]get line.separator system property ensure CR/LF works across platforms
     new 0739b8a  [CXF-4482]use org.apache.cxf.common.util.SystemPropertyAction instead of
     new 806194b  [CXF-4482]remove the explicitly line.separator as it's not needed actually
     new 1175bce  [CXF-4641] Introducing QueryContext context
     new 9072f58  CXF-4642 Fixing version range for jetty feature
     new cad050b  Removing @Override
     new 52b3090  Revert to 2.5.1 compiler plugin as 3.0 is always detecting changes causing re-compiles all the time
     new 9c6e34d  Grab the latest snapshots to double check that everything is working OK
     new e7409fe  Add m2e generated file
     new 4a02b4c  version is specified in parent/pom
     new 82b00dc  [CXF-4593] Configure soap version for MEX client Patch from Andrei Shakirin applied
     new d9a4d24  Disable GCM tests on IBM JDK 7
     new 6585299  Adding few simple grant beans
     new 4169b8e  Updated disabled tests with a bit more info on the cause
     new 6550e65  Removing @Override
     new 5931665  [CXF-4644]shouldn't have dependency='true' for saaj-impl bundle
     new 6916767  [CXF-4646] - Use AlgorithmSuite functionality in WSS4J 1.6.8
     new 7005628  Re-enabling unit test
     new d090d22  Minor update to OAuthClientUtils
     new eb72bc1  Make sure Santuario provider is installed for the SAML case
     new d34ea03  Switching STS to use RSA-OAEP as the default key wrapping algorithm
     new 6cde2f8  [CXF-4648] Update wadl-to-java to support AsyncResponse parameters
     new dee8666  [CXF-4647] A wrong soap action when using ws-addressing may lead to an empty response or the wrong fault
     new 7092cf9  Log a warning if an RSA 1.5 AlgorithmSuite is used.
     new e47d6a6  Default to requiring RSA OAEP for the REST Encryption case
     new 7dfd913  Fixing failing tests with restricted security policies
     new 2c8a85a  [CXF-4652]Additional namespace is added when web service provider implements Provider<DOMSource>
     new 649c4b7  CXF-4610 add support for controlling schema validation at the operation level.  Currently only fully supported for JAX-WS.  Additional work required to support other binding types.
     new d3200b1  CXF-4610 cleanup of some misleading comments
     new b4bf03a  Fixing STS wsdls
     new 5dc91e6  Update version numbers so it can be used with trunk
     new 45eb558  [CXF-4645] Allow re-use of connections when Auth is specifically set Modified patch from Øystein Grimstad applied
     new c5ad8c8  Bunches of fixes that should allow things to work "better" with Saxon.   May need to force a dom in some cases.
     new 9e79ff1  Fixed CXF-4461: ClaimsHandler is called only if a requested claim is supported
     new 7fc1e20  [CXF-4653] Updating Servlet3Continuation to handle the exception reported by some containers when startAsync is called more than once, patch from Richard Opalka applied
     new f58f6fc  [CXF-4653] Also initializing isNew status to true
     new 77ad03d  Replaced tabs for spaces in ws_addressing pom.xml (please block w/DoMerges)
     new bbba2aa  Better Mavenized ws_rm project via use of resources folder.
     new 84f80fa  [CXF-4655] - Enforce SAML SubjectConfirmation requirements for the non WS-SecurityPolicy case
     new 6cb68e4  Support for JAX-RS 2.0 BeanParam
     new 3aabc2f  Lock down maven-war-plugin version as 2.3 has issues on Mac.
     new d52427e  Unify the compiler plugin configs
     new ada4c20  Use the managed versions of various deps
     new bf67a33  Cleanup for callback  sample
     new 0c6e8cc  Don't use some deprecated API's
     new fad49c4  Add the jaxws21 flags to a bunch of poms
     new aece019  Move a version to the parent/pom.xml
     new 553f64f  Update to match the spring versions we use
     new ff875ef  Use standard maven layout
     new ee945ff  Adding missing files
     new d8bb6b5  Restricting spring security version to 2.0.6.RELEASE at the systest level for now as Spring Sec 3.x is very different from 2.x
     new db2222d  [CXF-4657] - Add XACML functionality to CXF runtime
     new 79b415c  Minor modifications to the Oauth2 code
     new 0e04951  Correcting Karaf feature
     new 651cc85  Updating the client cred grant to use the clients subject as the resource owner subject
     new 20cd48c  Use the new snapshot so when I click on "release" and Nexus deletes the last snapshot, the cxf build won't fail.
     new 10037c9  Fix spring security package name in sample
     new c26fbfd  Better Mavenized WS_Policy sample
     new a1482e8  Better Mavenized WS_Addressing sample
     new bec30d1  Add very basic lifecycle stuff to corba plugin
     new a60dcf4  Get the corba samples importing into eclipse
     new 7aea7c3  Better Mavenized mtom sample
     new e395689  Few more m2e updates
     new 1bf8c5a  Better Mavenized wsdl_first_dynamic_client sample
     new 565fb9a  Better Mavenized the configuration_interceptor example.
     new dc5252b  Fix a few eclipse warnings
     new 21e25c7  [CXF-4660] Making it posible to set primitive and list properties of providers at the servlet configuration level
     new 5bdafd3  [CXF-4661] Make CachedOutputStream configurable using the Bus properties
     new b49b94a  [CXF-4659] remove the doctype decls from xmldsig-core-schema.xsd as spring is trying to process and resolve that doctype.
     new 3fe53d5  Throw the actual exception if it's a checked exception
     new 2b7f964  Register the error listener sooner to catch parse errors
     new 6c8b049  CXF-4662 - added support for specifying the jaxb.scanPackages using a Boolean or a string. Plus a small amount of refactoring to add a PropertyUtils class to cxf-api.  This new class is used by the JAXBDataBinding scan packages check.  I also changed MessageUtils.isTrue to delegate to PropertyUtils
     new fc04946  CXF-4662 - remove accidentally committed eclipse pmdruleset file and added an ignore for pmdruleset to cxf-api
     new ae51527  use setThreadDefaultBus for CXF-4661
     new e81c181  [CXF-4664] - Support primary and secondary Claims in the STS
     new d6cd5ce  [CXF-4664] - Set the Dialect correctly on parsed RequestClaimCollections
     new 688a299  fix those tests having problem when cos.threshold system prop is set low
     new c0231c0  [CXF-4643] Updating ServletController to check for custom query handlers only if HTTP method is GET
     new fe740d4  Fixing deprecation warning
     new d6f3507  [CXF-4666] Making it simpler to customize UserSubject creation
     new d1fc50e  some addition and minor improvent to CXF-4596
     new 786e41a  [CXF-4656] UserSubject should be able to keep the list of custom properties
     new 2d52811  [CXF-4667] Initial support for FIQL to LDAP query conversion
     new 8ce0659  [CXF-4546] Checking for spaces when parsing XMLInstruction value
     new 05deb0e  CXF-4665 cxf-utils.js missing from binary distribution
     new 45bd2b9  [CXF-4669] Updating ImplicitGrantService to report expires_in, thanks to Steven Tippetts
     new 9527a25  [CXF-4654]cxf:list-buses - Table layout should be aligned if bus name is long
     new 480f337  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.8
     new c0b101d  [CXF-4679] Updating Client to have a list of extra properties
     new 46af3d7  [CXF-4672] Better support for extraClass property when package JAXB contexts are created
     new 9d88b7e  Fixed a bug with XACML Environments in a Request
     new 9af86a1  Updating implicit grant service to report the scope if it is available
     new a5151a6  [CXF-4674] Early consume publishedEndpointUrl information
     new 4178ae25 [CXF-4674] Early consume publishedEndpointUrl information
     new 4103571  Use the released versions
     new 00ec24a  [CXF-4591] Rollback change Patch from Richard Opalka applied
     new 2784c24  Don't need these jars anymore
     new 1183ecb  Update release notes
     new 819d0f2  [CXF-4675] Introducing SubjectCreator interface for users be able to customize the user subject creation 'closer' to the data
     new e10fbbf  [CXF-4673] Updating OAuthDataProvider to accept requested scopes for refreshing tokens and getting pre-authorized tokens
     new 0e1cca9  Updating refresh grant handler not to enforce the refreshed token scope - up to the provider
     new d7bab75  [CXF-4677] Adding 'autoRewriteSoapAddressForAllServices' option for updating all services/ports soap:address values (except for path) in the doc returned to wsdl queries; this is basically an extension to the existing 'autoRewriteSoapAddress'
     new 31679eb  use staxsource directly for jdk 1.6
     new 849033c  Better alphabetized properties in parent/pom.xml; added a cxf.junit.version in parent/pom.xml that can be read in by the Maven archetypes, added JUnit unit test to cxf-jaxws-javafirst archetype.
     new e4d04fa  Just copy the non-inbound headers to the response
     new 64bfe81  [CXF-4678] ConcurrentModificationException from WS-RM's RMOutInterceptor's ack updates
     new 5d04bd9  [CXF-4301] Fix a couple issues when using out of band headers
     new 86ab747  [CXF-3329] Fix issues with struct member name being same as struct/scope name
     new 2ffeb4f  [CXF-4683] workqueue configuration in BP does not derive the id attribute from the name attribute
     new 782549c  CXF-4681 Fixed the karaf feature issues
     new e03f168  CXF-4682 upgrade karaf vresion to 2.2.9
     new 9e2972d  avoid jmx server being overwritten in standalone case
     new 16b59e8  [CXF-4679] - STS onBehalfOf validation should throw exception for invalid tokens in issue operation  - Patch applied, thanks
     new d91fbba  Updating SearchContext to accept bean property mappings, and the parser to support Sets
     new 52638df  Adding a couple of shortcuts to SearchConditionBuilder
     new 1375b90  release notes updates
     new e0632b7  Update to latest specs version
     new 70aede3  Minor fix to the search code
     new 0b6213f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.7.1
     new 3988bd6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7fcc488  Switched to tomcat7-maven-plugin in java first archetype
     new 00ed810  Specifying encryption + signature algorithms in the demos
     new d5a2e49  Switched to Apache's Tomcat Maven Plugin from Codehaus on in CXF REST archetype. (Unsure why empty context.xml file is needed; will send a JIRA to Tomcat plugin team.)
     new 0f7c5d0  Making it easier to pass parser/contextual properties by adding a couple of more methods to SearchContext
     new 4c3b3b6  Few updates to SearchConditionBuilder to make it simpler to build some comlpex expressions
     new bd1f174  [CXF-4680]:Add @XmlType(propOrder={...}) support for Exception class
     new a951029  Adding comparesTo method to search builder - can make it simpler to capture the ui-level selections, etc
     new 78b9167  [CXF-4689] stax outTransform feature may fail to remove the default namespace
     new 266f99b  checkstyle fix
     new 0cc841f  Restoring CUSTOM search type
     new 42297a3  [CXF-4690] stax's inTransform feature does not work with a provider's Source based service
     new c518e94  Removing the duplicate path alias call
     new 2c34b34  guard agaist inconsistent faults in JaxWsClientProxy
     new 89279b6  [CXF-4693] Making the String based converters thread-safe ready when needed
     new 079a84e  [CXF-4694] WS-RM is not returing a correct soap fault message to the client
     new 1a6b532  Added some tests for CXF-4629
     new fa093ab  Moving security processing boolean to the end of handleMessage
     new 54b3fc8  Prototyping the implementation of new and messy replaceTemplate and co methods
     new 3072fce  [CXF-4687]cxf-codegen-plugin breaks mvn deploy when proxy exists
     new c31c010  [CXF-4687]add NPE guard
     new 903cc7e  [CXF-4697] Fixing MultipartProvider to correctly read Maps by applying a quality patch from William Tam
     new b8cf067  [CXF-4697] Adding a test resource
     new 20b0821  fix the constant name added in CXF-4248
     new 199731d  [CXF-4700] Add an operation for manually cancel/remove WS-RM messages and sequences
     new f8c6e33  Using different WSDL ports for various STS caching tests to try to stop random failures
     new 729a3e5  [CXF-2701] Updating MultipartProvider to ignore InputStream if requested via the contextual property
     new 63973c3  [CXF-4684] SOAPFault message improvement in CXF
     new 6d1ec46  [CXF-4695] Applying patch
     new a09fc6e  [CXF-4703] Cache the unfound extensions to boost performance
     new c3a00ab  [CXF-4703] Slight optimization
     new 4a2f5a5  [CXF-4702] Initial support for registering providers on the bus
     new fec9f74  [CXF-4702] Minor optimization
     new 31e0ff5  Addition of a WSDL-first Maven archetype
     new 33eefa1  Fix for CXF-4668
     new bf918e6  [CXF-4705] - Allow STS to configure signature + encryption crypto objects via URL + Properties object
     new d1a9ecb  If OAuth permission restricts URI and the client fails to use a valid URI - issue the warning
     new af72503  [CXF-4702] Also adding an option to register all the providers in a list
     new fd70825  AtomPojoProvider will throw NPE if interface classes are used
     new 8f9f6f0  Upgrading xmlsec bundle
     new 3671fb8  [CXF-2704] Adding CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet classloader property for extending classes to set when needed
     new 5fa247d  [CXF-4706] Try to map the old ws-discovery ns to/from the new one
     new 726b07f  [CXF-4699] Catch throwable to get the various errors and such as well.
     new a8f61cd  [CXF-4699] Should handle the set as well
     new 9ec0d6a  [CXF-4699] Fix non-dom level 3 issues in BusDefParser
     new 8428f5c  finalize method should be protected, not public
     new 21782c9  If the responsecode has already arrived, don't wait.
     new a3ce95c  Slight performance optimization
     new 8b6a8f1  If using a SNAPSHOT version, output the svn rev# or git hash into the version string to get some sort of idea of what version we are dealing with.
     new 58fb6f9  Minor updates to JPA2 visitor
     new b120280  Add a "-from" to my script to provide a starting point
     new b1371fb  revising the fix for CXF-4689
     new 4c12459  [CXF-4712] A couple of perf improvements
     new 24c0c03  [CXF-4707] Just use the String form of the URL for the cache.  Simpler and less error prone. Also use the concurrent set instead of a synchronized HashSet.
     new 5a6b470  [CXF-2335] Support for the subresource injection
     new 1b573de  Actually use the parameter that is passed in
     new 879d2b8  Start to use some precompiled patterns for common places where we split strings
     new 5fd37c1  [CXF-4708] Remove an unnessary cast that was failing in some cases
     new 3ed12ed  Fix some issues introduced in 2.7.1 that caused extra classes to be added to the JAXBContext that shouldn't be.
     new abbd135  Fix spelling typo to make Glen happy.  :-)
     new 542034e  [CXF-4741] Minor fix to prevent HTTP CopyingOutputStream impl from looping
     new 948a816  [CXF-4714] Better fix by fixing the underlying jetty stream
     new 00aaa32  Bunch more pre-compiled pattern usage
     new a45fb9b  Bunch more compiled pattern usage in jaxrs
     new 14572b9  Namespaces are wrong for the XPaths, so nothing was being signed/encrypted
     new 7d01235  [CXF-4715] If an element is being looked up for encryption only, don't put a wsu-Id on it.
     new 6994707  [CXF-4717]should add dependency='true' for javamail bundle in cxf features.xml
     new addaec1  log SequenceFault with warning intead of error
     new 5b2b4e1  [CXF-4718] - UsernameTokenInterceptor is not caching nonces
     new 95fcfb6  [CXF-4716] - Make sure to validate all possible policies of a particular type
     new 38992bc  [CXF-4716] - Added an @Ignore'd test to reproduce the issue
     new dcb609c  Slight optimization on getting the BOI
     new 9832b49  PolicyException is unchecked and can be thrown directly and PhaseInterceptorChain will wrap it with a fault.
     new e6952b1  Fix test
     new 2fcd531  Fix Colm's test
     new e40a9dc  [CXF-4713] Grab all the methods Patch from Iris Ding applied.
     new c582d08  [CXF-4716] - Updated test to reproduce the issue properly
     new f254ff7  [CXF-4720] Match javadoc/spec on what threshold param means Patch from Han Hong Fang applied
     new 9cbd25f  fix the robust-mode case for CXF-4694 and add tests
     new c934844  [CXF-4723] stax outTransform may generate duplicate ns declarations for global attributes
     new 54ef2ca  fix the coding-mode for CXF-4723 xml files
     new 7b81dd0  [CXF-4724]cxf-codegen-plugin should be able to use proxy.user/proxy.password from maven settings.xml
     new 5506b29  [CXF-4725]remove duplicated message key
     new 49fecaa  Updating FIQL parser to recognize collection checks, starting from count
     new 0e9079c  Updating CriteriaQuery visitor with the orderBy utility method
     new e323195  Optional conversion of plain queries to FIQL queries
     new 29fdbd9  Optionally skipping WAE mapper
     new 3f51ead  Optionally using all the query component as the search expression
     new 3ec1868  Minor update to ResponseDispatcherProvider to get redirections paths from the output message
     new b902364  Fix for CXF-4289 (disable copying soap headers to fault through property)
     new 2819fe5  [CXF-4728] - STS KeyIdentifier AttachedReference shouldn't use a URI fragment
     new 8ab07ce  Some sample cleanup
     new 1066085  Bunch of optimizations for the Aegis XMLTypeCreator to delay creating the XPathUtils and to cache which documents could NOT be found instead of trying to repeatedly find it.
     new aa9f1b7  [CXF-4727] Add an npe guard
     new c78d6a2  Upgrade to latest junit
     new 008b1d8  Fix deprecation warnings
     new e027063  Adding optional lucene imports
     new eea494c  Some minor WS-Security changes
     new f181e4e  Minor sample cleanup
     new 9c608f6  Update release notes for 2.7.2
     new c8725a7  Upgrade wss4j version
     new 7e5f15c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.7.2
     new eae1ec5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fce2b7c  [CXF-4729]:Support @XmlAccessorOrder(XmlAccessOrder.ALPHABETICAL) in Exception class
     new 7559a8d  [CXF-4730]unwanted {0} in the NO_SETTER_OR_FIELD_FOR_RESOURCE from cxf-api
     new 546d47b  [CXF-4731]add dependency=\'true\' for stax-api bundle in cxf features.xml
     new 174afdd1 README cleanup
     new a5f22f4  [CXF-4732] Fixing bug
     new d198ec4  Remove some redundant checks.  Minor cleanup
     new 88f763b  More sample cleanup
     new fdbdbbd  Update version to 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 21e1aec  Update spring version a bit.  Remove spring 2.5.x profiles and support
     new dad812c  Update tests to work with the Abdera 1.1.3/Axiom 1.2.14
     new 11f1414  Update version numbers for samples
     new 80968ab  Add some spring version ranges for OSGi
     new f178ade  Update to latest abdera which finally allows latest axiom
     new ec74cbc  Indentation fix
     new d2561a8  Add some extra information to the assert message
     new 7436730  Remove test that tests the ancient and long since deprecated OldImpl.  URL seems to cache the handler which causes issues with later tests and it's not likely to ever be hit anymore using modern JDK's
     new e2970e4  Sample README cleanup
     new 64f746b  [CXF-4743] Upgrading to m15
     new 7ac63d0  [CXF-4744] Upgrade to Jettison 1.3.3
     new 063653a  Also enabling the last ignored JSONProvider test
     new 4be00ae  [CXF-4746] - STS issues invalid SAML 1.1 Assertions under certain conditions
     new c6eb855  [CXF-4745] Add a check in JAXB databinding to make sure the object to be written out actually matches what JAXB is expecting it to be.
     new 9e92290  [CXF-4676]Partial WSDL support in CXF
     new 06df090  [CXF-4750] Allow XMLBeans to work with enums
     new 61b8710  [CXF-4753] stax outTransform cannot deep-drop an element hat has some attributs
     new 2db6982  Remove some unused code causing issues on j5
     new 9f8cf3c  CXF-4755- StackOverflowError when ASMHelper tries to getClassCode from a parametrized type <E extends Enum>
     new 4a2478c  an adjustment to the change made with CXF-4511
     new 16717e8  [CXF-4742] - Not possible to disable token renewal in STS client
     new 2964592  [CXF-4758] - Handle a SpnegoContextToken policy properly in the TransportBinding as an EndorsingSupportingToken
     new 7c5edcc  Fixed JavaScript browser examples -- added Spring dependency and corrected path to static content.
     new 5264fee  [CXF-4761]a testcase which demonstrate CXF follow jaxws spec
     new 439765a  CXF-4735:@XmlJavaTypeAdapter ignored on exception setters(Patch from Richard)
     new 3c5ce71  [CXF-4760] Optional support for setting Content-Length in the binary provider
     new bbfad1a  [CXF-4766] Stripping custom regular expressions from method names
     new 4331319  [CXF-4767] Making JAX-RS endpoints interact well with WS-Discovery, setting JAX-RS EndpointInfo QName same as Service QName instead of keeping it null
     new da79305  [CXF-4768]Refact SwaOutInterceptor to honor other JAXB impl(besides  JAXB RI)
     new 3d691c0  [CXF-4769] - Refactor STSClient
     new 7aeab23  fix wsdl for the invalid attribute
     new 9875881  CXF-4773 - StackOverflowError when JAXBSchemaInitializer tries to process parametrized type Enum<E>
     new 7050fa4  [CXF-4770] Adding NPE guard to make sure IllegalArgumentException is thrown
     new 3b69cb2  [CXF-4770] One more test
     new dd00f5d  Minor README refactor
     new ce6ca53  CXF-4774 cache w3c Element in PolicyAttachment so can be serialised in wsdl
     new ee5ba03  Minor update to JSONUtils to minimize the need to switch to newer Jettison
     new 4c81099  [CXF-4775] Do not split header values with commas by default
     new 4dfac9b  [CXF-4771] Removing a trailing comma in MAC representation
     new 861498e  Minor OAuth2 updates
     new fd44f59  CXF-4776 cleanup of test cases
     new 833584e  Adding the option to add a user name to the authorization page with the custom interface
     new 9a0741e  [CXF-4777] Allow providing CXF compiler instance to be used in WSDLToJava
     new d47bd8b  Getting post-match ClientRequestFilters running before ReaderInterceptors
     new e3215f9  [CXF-4765] Intersect the policy timeouts a bit better
     new e4f7ef8  [CXF-4756] Ability to specify action to use for unchecked exceptions via an annotation
     new dacf900  [CXF-4762] Fix hard coded mapping to port 80 which isn't needed and is wrong for https
     new d16825e  Also updating the test
     new ff5f7ce  [CXF-4777] Further externalize Compiler methods
     new c4319f2  [CXF-4748] Add getMessage to generated schemas for exceptions to match RI and spec Patch from Iris Ding applied
     new 96358e7  Minor updates to JAXRSInInterceptor
     new bc0d56b  [CXF-4781] MacAccessTokenValidator needs to have a setter for NonceVerifier, applying a patch from Craig McClanahan
     new d315a7d  [CXF-4735]:Fix the jaxb Utils.getGetters doesn't exclude toString()
     new 295a4e2  [CXF-4776] - Fix + re-enable tests
     new 487a4ca  [CXF-4752] TransformOutInterceptor does not transform SoapFaults
     new 2eb7704  fix to the wrong method in CXF-4752
     new 65a8b08  [CXF-4783] NonceVerifier implementation, patch from Sasi M applied with very minor updates
     new 5c8e49a  Adding a mising file
     new f7e307b  Referencing cxf-rt-rs-security-sso-saml module in the distribution pom and karaf features
     new 0b18aed  [CXF-4784]enhance CXF to follow jaxws spec when using RI or Axis2 client
     new e753fc7  [CXF-4786] - Support KerberosToken SupportingToken policies without a security binding  - Also refactored all of the standalone interceptors to put common functionality in an abstract class
     new 3909f07  [CXF-4787] Updating wadl generator to use UTF-8 when creating files
     new 1a37c0e  Some updates to the token interceptors
     new 39649be  [CXF-4750] If the "base" is an enum, but the actual type isn't, it shouldn't be mapped to an enum
     new 43025ff  Initial attempt at enforcing method name bindings must contain all of filter name bindings
     new 9a1486e  Preventa potential memory leak where the spring bean factory will hold onto string reps of every URL ever used.
     new ebdca49  Minor update to JAXRS20 test to ensure that the faulty filter has at least one matching name binding
     new f022dd5  [CXF-4791] Get WADL to Java generator to support JAXB compiler arguments, patch from Artur Chyży applied
     new 1f69eb0  remove System.out.println form stax transform systest
     new 1a49ab2  [CXF-4794] Soap 1.1 service returns an invalid soap fault for soap 1.2 requests
     new 5f4f7d2  a minor fix for CXF-4794 test in cleaning up the second EP
     new c2c1a6b  [CXF-4767] Fixing one more NPE when JAX-RS endpoints register with WS-Discovery service
     new 91eda5c  [CXF-4797] CachedWriter may leave temp files undeleted
     new fedc95a  [CXF-4796] Minor updates to protect against NPE when conduit is accessed on JAX-RS ClientConfiguration in the failover mode
     new 49cf433  [CXF-4798] Allow CachedWriter and CachedOutputStream to be configured using the same props
     new c738276  [CXF-4790]Set lang and subcode for soapfault
     new e67f2cf  [CXF-4803]NPE is thrown while enabling fine log level in TrustDecisionUtil if MessageTrustDecider from message context is used
     new c4d63d7  Minor fix to InjectionUtils
     new f79a8d7  Minor optimization to JAXRSUtils
     new 2747744  [CXF-4804] Removing ParameterHandler
     new 21d6160  Making sure 2.0 filters can be re-entered if the exception has been mapped
     new 41f016f  [CXF-4803]add {} ensure operator sequence is correct
     new ec0cd45  [CXF-4806] Use instanceof SslConnector instead of the specific subclass
     new 99fb334  [CXF-4814] - Support multiple AlgorithmSuite policy alternatives
     new 14585ed  [CXF-4696] Split ProviderFactory before starting the client runtime move
     new bd56568  [CXF-4696] Moving jaxrs:client schema element into its own schema
     new fa66668  [CXF-4815] Only return the auth creds once
     new 135ca71  CXF-4813 - test cases to demonstrate issue with alternatives and policies linked to operations bingings rather than bindings. Two tests are disabled as they currently break due to the bug
     new d2905c6  CXF-4816 - fix to ensure that class level @Policies are effective in service impl classes
     new 04b0921  [CXF-4789] Fix supporting token validation signature check
     new 00a2051  [CXF-4799] Adding a test
     new cc0ba3f  [CXF-4696] Moving test resource to a client package
     new 5297e91  [CXF-4711] Add testcase, show's it's working
     new 96a349f  [CXF-4696] Moving JAXRS client code into its own module
     new 7707e26  CXF-4815 Do not return auth info for basic and disgest auth as we already support it through the HttpConduit
     new 035df3e  [CXF-4696] Restoring client resource
     new 3378d28  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.10-SNAPSHOT
     new e338af2  CXF-4805: insist on GET or POST in soap messages.
     new a852efe  CXF-4805: fix checkstyle, tolerate no verb at all.
     new 53e5857  [CXF-4817] Making sure async CompletionCallback is called
     new 06a5519  [CXF-4812] NPE on MessageModeInInterceptor when sending empty SOAPBody
     new 4b5ce65  [CXF-4817] Making sure unmapped exception is reported correctly
     new 5917174  CXF-4816 - fix to ensure that class level @Policies are effective in service impl classes
     new 07a52b7  Simplifying Crypto configuration
     new f5308ff  Returning null matches the other providers and can avoid some expensive merges
     new 37aff8b  Get one of Jason's tests working.
     new 249687f  CXF-4813 re-enabled disabled test and fixed an invalid test assertion, based on Dan's fix to wsp policy alternatives support at operation level
     new d524892  Adding a sample configuration of loading a Crypto file via the Spring factory method approach
     new 2f250cf  [CXF-4800] Extended using of exception mapper for methods returning Response
     new 81ea77e  [CXF-4822] Initial attempt at updating the selection algorithm to get root resources with the same path checked
     new 95f7b4e  make ServiceInvocation ws-rm systests to use fresh db
     new 0ce2bce  Throw an exception if there is an error trying to load a Crypto properties file
     new 0ac8a97  Properly remove the AIM so it doesn't validate against the wrong policy
     new e17d2e9  Assertions that are not found in the map should not be asserted.
     new 5b56a16  If the DescriptionInfo doesn't have a baseURI, create one to avoid policy fragments poluting from one wsdl to another.
     new 8cbfb24  [CXF-4814] Better selection of alternatives for outgoing response
     new 060e89c  [CXF-4799] Making it a bit simpler to customize the way JAXB context is created
     new 4dd9534  set exception before unwinding
     new a3ea280  [CXF-4810] Fix problem with aegis databinding and Exception class
     new feb0f5c  [CXF-4829] Add OperationInfo based authorizing interceptor
     new a97df55  [CXF-4380] Upgrade to JAX-RS 2.0 API m16
     new ca203ac  [CXF-4818] Fix problems with adding soap:Header things to existing MessageMode Provider/Dispatch
     new deb8677  [CXF-4820] Add a better exception instead of an NPE
     new b12fe12  [CXF-4831] - Support renewing SAML Tokens by default in the DefaultSecurityTokenServiceProvider
     new 26eabab  Check if a policy is already registered to avoid a bunch of duplicates.
     new 39716e6  [CXF-4819] Remove the soap specific attributes from the header elements so that validation can occur. Recheck the operation defined headers for ultimate reciever processing after the bindingoperationinfo is known.
     new df7ac9e  [CXF-4833] Adding missing check on hasSuppressed in ToolException
     new 023872e  Setting Message.REST property on the exchange, making AbstractJaxbProvider handleJaxbException non static
     new bcde842  [CXF-4838] Server-side EP may throw NPE when a request message arrives while the EP is being stopped ...
     new 0ba30b2  Fix a problem where the wrong fault was returned.
     new 114310f  Only grab the schema if we actually need it.
     new 890dee9  [CXF-4819] Don't actually remove the attributes as SoapHandlers or Provider<SOAPMessage> or similar may need/expect them.   Instead, ignore those attributes for the purpose of validation.
     new 3119ce5  [CXF-4839] WSDL parser error not logged
     new e5b8a93  [CXF-4840]add more optional Import-Package for cxf-rt-transports-http module
     new 0cb0603  [CXF-4841] - STSClient AppliesTo is not working correctly in certain circumstances
     new b0fe9b7  Make sure the context classloader is set for REST requests.  Simplify things a bit.
     new 63e8e7c  [CXF-4843] - STSClient always uses "old" WS-Policy namespace for AppliesTo
     new 0af169a  These imports shouldn't be there.  Was a problem with the context classloader.
     new e2ec1c2  Fix features.xml for new annotations api bundle
     new 4c5707d  Bunch of import cleanups to make sure we get the proper ranges in various places
     new 30fa71e  Fix sample build
     new be37f7d  [CXF-4828] Support for OAuth2 SAML2 grants and authentication
     new 27bb1f5  [CXF-4845] Upgrade to JAX-RS 2.0 API rc1
     new cc2d9f7  Don't need ws-metadata since we are java6+ only now
     new 0bd7410  Upgrade surefire version
     new e810906  [CXF-4848] Support for GenericEntity in WebClient
     new 3d370cd  [CXF-4848] Minor update
     new de6ad4d  [CXF-4848] Getting GenericEntity supported during async calls too
     new d79e95a  [CXF-4849] Support for JAX-RS 2.0 GenericType
     new f3f330d  [CXF-4852] Fixing ContainerRequestFilter to get request stream and URI replaced when requested
     new 34bf4dc  [CXF-4852] Minor fix to prevent NPE when new URI is the same as the base one
     new 9ecdc99  fix the mock usage in HTTPConduitURLEasyMockTest
     new 8153b8f  [CXF-4842] - Support Claims defined in Security Policy at IssuedToken/Claims
     new 7967bd9  [CXF-4857] Workaround for Socket Closed exception for jdk1.6
     new 7e3a8ac  Adding a test that uses a SAML CallbackHandler to set a DOM Element directly on a SAMLCallback
     new 30a8302  Using updated keystore file property in a few places
     new 32e21e5  As Colm requested, add flag to only check your own commits
     new aecadd3  [CXF-4895]remove some unused message from cxf-rt-core/src/main/org/apache/cxf/service/factory/
     new 9da7925  [CXF-4860] Keeping redirection status as HTTP attribute instead of parameter
     new df3da6f  [CXF-4820] Fix some that are in the wrong place, no longer used, etc...
     new c786610  [CXF-4856] Fix a NPE for java first cases.
     new b5031ae  [CXF-4855] Fix problem with prematurely flushing the stream. Patch from Mattias Lundstrom applied
     new e4100bc  Fixing test with new WSS4J SNAPSHOT
     new db83b79  Adding ability to configure UsernameToken TTL
     new c1bf42f  [CXF-4863] TerminateSequenceResponse must be returned to WS-RM 1.1 TermianteSequence
     new 08c9bd0  CXF-4864 Fixed the concurrency issue of DestinationSequence
     new 8aff7ec  [CXF-4865] Upgrade to wsdl4j-1.6.3
     new 982fa9b  Minor update to OAuth2 Saml code
     new 200e778  One more test to check parameter converters
     new 821bb40  Use standard port type impl for client-caching cases
     new 8ce3ac4  [CXF-4872] Dropping a root element if index is equal to zero
     new ee1f724  [CXF-4851] Improving the way UriBuilder handles encoding in case of build() calls
     new 0e4926e  add wsdl test with local soap-binding decls
     new 604e4cd  Separating client + server side caching tests
     new c333a54  [CXF-4871]:add -clientjar to wsdl2java tool
     new 2b11fe1  [CXF-4847]:Data types not correctly published in WSDL from Exception classes;Apply patch from mustafa
     new 28bacc7  Another attempted fix for sporadic STS test failures
     new faadbb2  Load STS war on startup
     new 9f9a1c7  Sharing some STSClient beans between tests
     new 3d9864c  Namespace port
     new b269479  Fixed source + test compile, and got most of the tests to pass
     new d7ed81c  Got all tests in cxf-rt-ws-security working
     new 9115771  Updated STS code
     new bc534fa  More work on updating code
     new 6a16e4e  Everything working bar one failing test in systests
     new cfc58bd  First attempt at porting model work
     new 653d5b5  Adding commit that mysteriously disappeared
     new 418f399  [CXF-4880] -  Incorrect enforcement of X509Token PKI policies
     new b762d08  [CXF-4879] Check for empty strings for the Proxy properties.
     new 5da0f94  [CXF-4877] Fix problems where extensors may be adding namespace declarations into the root wsdl instead of the current wsdl when dealing with services that generated imports.
     new 5a08d4e  [CXF-4858] Copy the cookies when we allow HC to handle the retransmits
     new 309af89  [CXF-4871]:fix the compile issue with jdk5
     new 83dde30  [CXF-4882] Removing CXF JAX-RS filter extensions
     new 9eada81  [CXF-4883] Strict comparison of OAuth2 redirect URIs
     new 2ed78cc  Switched over to use WSS4J policy model completely
     new 0776c6c  [CXF-4884] Removing CXF Form extension
     new dd8f38b  [CXF-4881] Updates to the js tests to make the tracer act directly as a function which is what typeof returns.
     new bca9d7a  Try to reproduce CXF-4850 and fail
     new 9a7f67a  [CXF-4019] Remove some code that definitely doesn't work correctly
     new 4bee0d1  [CXF-4873] Updating WebClient to escape the query question mark to bypass MBean ObjectName restrictions
     new fe12504  Reverting r1454352
     new 53fde87  [CXF-4873] Escape the MBean ObjectName question mark pattern char in the counter interceptor operation name value if it comes as a message property
     new e253273  Update slf4j version
     new 9ce7fd4  Put slf4j-jdk14 in front of classpath so it's picked up instead of the log4j version that wss4j may pull in
     new 81c3f7d  Minor tweaks to try and get some policies in the systests to load
     new 5448c31  Add more things to the list of primitives Also optimize so only a single instance of most of them will ever be created.
     new b715067  Fix checkstyle
     new dae6055  [CXF-4875]:Fix NPE when resolve the wsrm policy
     new b7fd5ab  [CXF-4874]:Data types for Fields not correctly published in WSDL from Exception classes;Apply patcdh from mustafa
     new d8820ba  [CXF-4889] Upgrade to JAX-RS 2.0 API rc2
     new 7e15d0e  [CXF-4888] Fixing OAuthClientUtils ignoring an authorizationHeader property in one of the methods
     new 73ea6c5  Asserted some more Assertions to get testcases passing
     new 40e0f93  Switched to use AlgorithmSuiteBuilder in WSS4J for GCM AlgorithmSuites
     new ea090bb  Fixed some more failing tests
     new cc5172c  Fixed more failing tests
     new ed66e7d  More work on port
     new 796d2ad  Some minor security fixes
     new 35218f9  More fixed tests
     new e73200b  [CXF-4890] Fix problem if interface does not have @WebService annotation
     new 75666a6  Get a new SPNEGO token on expiry
     new 80c31e9  Fixed some more failing tests
     new 7e796eb  [CXF-4876]CXF RespectBinding feature does not support the customized binding info under operation and its sub element
     new 5f28bc4  Adding an "Action" test for old WS-Security style configuration
     new 95dd295  Fixing test on 2.7.x
     new a312f2a  Fixed a load more failing tests
     new af70ff8  Policies that contain policies or have other attributes cannot use a singleton.
     new 323583f  [CXF-4895] FIx problem of reusing socketFactory after tlsclientparams have changed.
     new 297d459  Adding an "Action" test for old WS-Security style configuration
     new 125fd89  Fixing test on 2.7.x
     new dd30863  Get a new SPNEGO token on expiry
     new 80f2052  Merging security fixes from trunk
     new 4549900  [CXF-4896] Performance optimization: avoid duplicated reflection usage to speed up creation of java-first endpoints
     new 9b2799e  Remove expired tokens from cache + always retrieve a new token for the Kerberos case
     new fdf2fb5  Remove expired tokens from cache + always retrieve a new token for the Kerberos case
     new 172bfb9  Misc minor performance fixes
     new 7f75a2f  [CXF-4891] Refactoring JAXRSOutInterceptor to correctly deal with response headers, plus some more relevant updates, more to follow
     new 5e3ae2f  [CXF-4891] Adding a test where the content type is modified directly from MBW
     new 73d6245  Fix typo
     new accf9a9  Don't add java.* and javax.* things to the context
     new 562a896  [CXF-4894] Adding few tests
     new d99659b  Fixed [CXF-4897]
     new 1fc6859  Fixed more WSS4J 2.0 tests
     new b15370f  Fixing some more tests
     new 270da39  CXF-4870 fixed the osgi field issue when using SpringBusFactory to create the bus
     new e7354dc  SamlTokenInterceptor is not checking version of received token against the policy
     new 7313f77  [CXF-4900] Provide options to control the cxt bus's interaction with osgi service based features and lifecycle listeners
     new 5d3e675  [CXF-4870] Fix checkstyle issues Also fix issue of bundleContext not being registered as a Bus extension using the proper class.
     new 8ed5caf  [CXF-4901] - OnlySignEntireHeadersAndBody property validation doesn't check if a SOAP Body child was signed
     new 82c9c7d  Minor update to JAX-RS ClientRequestContextImpl
     new 4deb6c3  Few more optimizations (check log level before building up / concatenating strings for FINE or lower log level messages)
     new 92bc455  [CXF-3045] If the output generates non-java stuff, add them to the projects resources
     new c921f82  Setting REST_MESSAGE exchange property at the top of JAXRSInInterceptor
     new cb10f2c  Upgrading to xmlsec 1.5.4
     new bcc70b2  Upgrading to xmlsec 1.5.4
     new e2077e5  [CXF-4901] - OnlySignEntireHeadersAndBody property validation doesn't check if a SOAP Body child was signed
     new 0ad59e8  SamlTokenInterceptor is not checking version of received token against the policy
     new 0a95718  Fixed [CXF-4897]
     new de89cfa  Fixing build
     new dea6d07  Fixing more failing tests
     new 4751b00  Fixing javadoc warnings
     new d606a5c  @Ignoring one of the caching tests that fails on Jenkins all the time
     new e6b41fd  Fixing logging levels
     new a6f629f  @Ignoring one of the caching tests that fails on Jenkins all the time
     new 766fa3e  Fixing logging levels
     new 9fadc0a  [CXF-4904] - Incorrect validation of Layout LaxTimestampFirst + LaxTimestampLast
     new c5c1104  [CXF-4904] - Correcting policy names
     new 19aff2d  CXF-4906 fix the adding to User-Agent header issue
     new 44b4ba7  [CXF-4844]Response header Content-type not recognized for asynchronous soap/http
     new 16ac7f1  [CXF-4904] - Incorrect validation of Layout LaxTimestampFirst + LaxTimestampLast
     new f05ca23  [CXF-4904] - Correcting policy names
     new 71aa117  CXF-4906 fixed the typo with thanks to Aki
     new 552fc04  Added a @Ignore'd test and some (not-used) functionality to validate ProtectTokens policies
     new e720476  Reverting accidental change
     new 1cb8ea7  Added a @Ignore'd test and some (not-used) functionality to validate ProtectTokens policies
     new 2831f0a  Reverting accidental change
     new 6affb75  Adding few more ContainerResponseFilter tests with minor follow-up updates to do with setting the content type
     new 92b4fda  Removing some non-namespace aware DOM calls
     new 1a4b7cf  Removing some non-namespace aware DOM calls
     new fae4801  Added a negative test for Signature Confirmation
     new c53fc6c  Added a negative test for Signature Confirmation
     new ab5e64e  Minor change
     new 9c2dad7  Fixing some more tests
     new 3867042  Commenting out a test
     new c1fe338  Fixing failing WS-Trust tests
     new 19fcada  Fixing some TLS stuff in the tests
     new daaebf3  Fixing some TLS stuff in the tests
     new 3ea4bab  [CXF-4912] Initial support for the wadl parameter validation
     new 8fb9d36  Adding some negative test-coverage for X.509 Tokens
     new 7073dbb  Adding some negative test-coverage for X.509 Tokens
     new 13dee37  Fixing failing test
     new 517ce66  Fixing failing test
     new 01e1972  Avoiding some Collection creation
     new d5cf3fc  Merging some other work based around Collections
     new 7aae878  and some more fixes
     new d576297  [CXF-4915] Optimizing HttpHeaders to create a single extra Map only
     new 78a2ca9  Avoiding some Collection creation
     new dfc20ae  Merging some other work based around Collections
     new cd0c5d1  and some more fixes
     new a4e9143  Fixing build failure
     new 524b812  Switched to new Apache Tomcat7 Maven plugin in wsdl-first sample.
     new 224b54b  Switched to new Apache Tomcat7 Maven plugin in java-first-jaxws sample.
     new ffa7650  Minor updates to HttpHeadersImpl to return correct defaults for missing Accept and Locale
     new 0ede8ff  Update to latest woodstox
     new 8ba4753  Fixed a failing test with IBM JDK 7
     new 4cdeead  Fixed a failing test with IBM JDK 7
     new 456e713  Adding some SAML Negative tests
     new 3c9eaa3  Adding some SAML Negative tests
     new b89dddd  Adding some HttpsToken tests
     new 555dd2d  Adding some HttpsToken tests
     new 46192d6  [CXF-4922] NPE is thrown at EP creation when no service class specified and the provided wsdl not loaded
     new a3d2c08  Merge branch 'jaxrs-responsebuilder-link' of into trunk
     new 4698249  Corrected expected/actual order in checkBuild() unit test
     new 8751ed1  CXF-4914 implemented empty responsebuilder methods
     new 990f2a2  Keep checkstyle happy by not "hiding" fields
     new d94188f  Merge branch 'jaxrs-linkbuilder-reset' of into trunk
     new 1638e3e  Upgrading to WSS4J 1.6.10
     new 8cf99a5  Fixing the checkstyle errors, disabling one more test for now
     new a00dc09  Start stubbing in the stax size restrictions
     new 4f17fa5  Wire in a bunch of properties to control limits on the XML parsing
     new 52a30bc  If cannot create a parser factory at startup, allow trying at runtime.
     new fe261d8  Woodstox is now a compile time dependency.
     new 6bb6b76  Cleanup stax dependencies that are no longer needed.
     new 16c3c87  [CXF-4923] Upgrade to JAX-RS 2.0 rc3
     new 3b96e84  windows fix for CXF-4871
     new c67cf4f  [CXF-4912] Getting multiple declared exceptions checked by the client proxy, patch on behalf of Parwiz Rezai applied with minor modifications
     new 75ec627  Adding a batch of negative tests for various UsernameToken policies
     new f528e87  Adding a batch of negative tests for various UsernameToken policies
     new 04b535b  Fixing build following principal namespace change
     new 00597a5  Updating to use SLF4J 1.7.5
     new 2a67573  [CXF-4915] Completely avoiding copying the headers
     new 1848efe  Fix issue with exception superclasses not having the imports set.
     new 3783bb2  Use parent/pom.xml specified version
     new 720b7de  [CXF-4918] Try to detect a redirect (if enabled) and set the appropriate URL
     new 23d6508  [CXF-4926]remove org.apache.activemq.activemq-core as Require-Bundle from wsn-core module
     new ced1a3d  [CXF-4920] TransformationInInterceptor fails when XML contains same namespace with different prefixes
     new 1c5deac  [CXF-4927] HttpHeaders.getRequestHeader needs to return null for missing headers
     new 71a588f  Added some negative tests for various SupportingTokens
     new c7a7830  Added some negative tests for various SupportingTokens
     new 47fff36  [CXF-4929] Minor updates to get server response filters work better with generic entities and annotations
     new 5e2a230  [CXF-4931] - Create the SecurityContext from a JAAS Subject in the WS-* layer if available
     new 5614daf  [CXF-4931] - Create the SecurityContext from a JAAS Subject in the WS-* layer if available
     new 855ac71  Fix tests by allowing for the null return.
     new 3d03077  Output a better "message" into the exception.
     new f4b1468  Making few of WADLGenerator methods protected
     new 0e1b775  Making few of WADLGenerator methods protected: one more, sorry
     new be7f704  remove the unnecessary put op
     new 33cb37a  [CXF-4932] Updating SourceGenerator to check for more illegal Java parameter names, patch on behalf of Emmanuel Texier applies; plus minor update to the way a verbose flag is checked and adding 'encoding' option
     new 382158b  Adding some sanity tests for not sending any security header to a service with a UsernameToken requirement
     new 8d017b5  Adding some sanity tests for not sending any security header to a service with a UsernameToken requirement
     new 536e79f  Fixing build
     new fdacb46  Adding a load of negative tests for various Parts/Elements policies
     new d3434fa  Adding a load of negative tests for various Parts/Elements policies
     new ec8393e  [CXF-4929] Inital updates to support client side filtering of types and annoytations, though more clean up will be need later on after the full support for 2.0 client api is in
     new 007277e  [CXF-4898] Allow specify extra "types" for WS-Discovery registration
     new ca67e9a  Update dependency-plugin version
     new 26b684c  Update checkstyle plugin version
     new ca1e982  Update surefire version
     new 8210839  Rever checkstyle update.  Will require some updates to buildtools.  :-(
     new 47604b9  Unify the list of conditions forthe two files (next up, remove the duplicate)
     new 2c992cb  [CXF-4936]Expose FastInfoset serializer tuning properties
     new 27e7ac7  Updating to work with latest principal refactoring code in WSS4J trunk
     new 0c906f3  [CXF-4825] Trying to make sure JAX-RS Responses created by alternative implementations are not used internally or replaced by the CXF implementation if needed
     new 159355c  Update to make things work if woodstox isn't found and insecure parsing is turned on.
     new 4135cd3  Mark optional in OSGi manifest.
     new 8ba62af  Get systests/databinding to compile
     new 3b8844d  Start getting some of the SecureConversation tests passing
     new d5e5211  Throwing NoContentException in case of emtpy payloads and gfew other minor updates
     new 92203fb  Fixing remaining SecureConversation tests
     new 1a0d8e4  fix NPE at ws.rm.DestinationSequenceTest
     new 7524807  Update following WSS4J merge
     new 0e45e5e  [CXF-4924] Initial update WADLGenerator to support the retrieval of the documents containing the referenced resource_types
     new 7595de6  [CXF-4941] WS-RM related faults do not contain the correct addressing action
     new 4df60b3  [CXF-4941] WS-RM related faults do not contain the correct addressing action
     new b612339  Fix potential problems with the JAXBContext being null
     new bd3430f  [CXF-4924] Renaming the test resources to make it simpler to merge to 2.7.x
     new de58d76  [CXF-4825] Replacing MediaType.valueOf calls with the internal util calls
     new 313b2dc  [CXF-4825] Replacing MediaType.toString calls with the internal util calls
     new 29acb63  [CXF-4944] Getting RequestDispatcherProvider to save attributes with the custom convention
     new 0231e16  [CXF-4938] Moving the static initializer out of CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet to the subclass
     new 8b750c1  [CXF-4946] Better resolving of relative references with parent folders
     new 76cb9b0  [CXF-4529] Work a bit harder to get the authentcators cleaned out.
     new 185dc73  [CXF-4947] Minor cleanup of JAXBContextCache as per suggestion from Rex Wang(rwonly)
     new 20ae386  [CXF-4940]add a testcase to demonstrate exception hierarchy works
     new 07a86f1  [CXF-4940]CXF not (always) responding with the correct exception when working with an exception hierarchy
     new 8254d79  [CXF-4928]add a testcase to demonstrate wsdl in simple frontend works as expected
     new 8b697ed  Added in an OutInterceptor for StaX WS-Security + some tests + some interop tests against the (inbound) DOM code
     new c371427  [CXF-4951]cxf-codegen-plugin wsdlArtifact ignores classifier|add classifier for cxf-java2ws-plugin used to publish wsdl
     new b1d7db5  [CXF-4950] Minor code updates, preparing for the actual refctoring
     new da8bd6a  UPdate compiler plugin version
     new 4e1c201  Don't stick the service namespace onto the message as it's likely not the right namespace.  If anything, should check the schemas instead, but for the most part, that's not needed.
     new 579c7bc  Bunch of updates to WS-Discovery 1) Start supporting WS-Discovery 1.0 namespaces on client side 2) Fix problems with the WSA Action being wrong 3) Return and action from the service
     new 8eaee76  Remove an isntance that isn't needed
     new 5d9b27b  [CXF-4850]commit to expose the problem with CXF-4850
     new bdaf800  [CXF-4850]add WebMethod(operationName=) to the inherit wethod to avoid name conflict in wsdl
     new 3b44c54  Handle the WSD 1.0 scope match types
     new 380d462  [CXF-4950] Some updates to the way Consumes annotated methods are selected
     new ad8fbe7  Implement the resolve operations.
     new c3494c7  [CXF-4957]remove dependency=true for saaj-api/jsr339-api specs bundle
     new f99d692  [CXF-4957]revert change on saaj-api bundle as only jsr339-api has this issue
     new a0ae89d  Adding Signature + Encryption Key Identifier StaX -> DOM Interop tests
     new bb2757c  Added an InInterceptor for StaX WS-Security + lots of tests
     new 2ba67fa  Upgrading to Opensaml 2.5.3
     new 5e1b222  Upgrading to Opensaml 2.5.3
     new dbc2475  [CXF-4950] Updates to the way Accept and Produces values affect the selection of methods and response types, cleanup to follow
     new 9bfb76f  Adding a new demo that shows how to use the StaX WS-Security approach
     new 6a705cb  [CXF-4950] Avoiding checking Consumes in case of GET and few other minor updaes
     new c821f0a  [CXF-4950] Removing few JAXRSUtils shortcut methods to avoid the unexpected results
     new dba906d  [CXF-4946] Using a specific URL constructor to resolve the relative references with parent segments
     new c31a3ea  Add a property to allow disabling the ws-discovery publishing
     new c8f00d6  Check UsernameToken password type on inbound side
     new da600d1  Added some SignatureConfirmation Interop tests
     new c825570  [CXF-4960] Fix a couple of startup race conditions
     new bc155be  [CXF-4950] Added producesResource test scenarios: multi q; multi qs; concrete types and wildcards
     new 57ddbcb  [CXF-4950] Some follow up updates based on the analysis from Andrei
     new 70cf608  [CXF-4958] Updating one of system tests to have jaxrs:client depending on pre-configured  MBR to read the message
     new 8f8c7ef  Added some encryption algorithm interop tests
     new 4c3aead  [CXF-4959] Optional support for the partial comparison of subtypes when checking the compatibility of media types
     new 4318942  [CXF-4959] Making the property name simpler
     new a49acbd  [CXF-4964] NPE is thrown when WS-RM's destination has no ackPolicy configured
     new 40c49c0  CXF-4966 Create new default constructor for KerberosClient and mark current one as deprecated
     new 4341325  [CXF-4967] Fixing NPE in JSONProvider
     new 3c466ba  [CXF-4968] Add an option to limit the number of active sequences created at WS-RM endpoints
     new 3f0d66d  CXF-4870 CXF-4970 fixed find BundleContext issue inside the Spring Context
     new 6c3e1df  CXF-4966 Create new default constructor for KerberosClient and mark current one as deprecated
     new b52e54d  [CXF-4971] Updating JSONProvider to check a context property too when deciding whether to keep the root or not
     new 624fde0  [CXF-4971] The system test
     new 05fe97f  [CXF-4949] Updating FiqlParser to recognize properties with camel case by default, without having to map them
     new ba741f4  test for CXF-4900
     new 02f690f  Some initial SAML interop tests
     new 69bc8b3  [CXF-4969] Mapping exceptions thrown from per-request root resource constructors, parameter or context setters
     new bb0f33b  [CXF-4972] Moving Retryable invoke method out of WebClient API
     new 26c1082  [CXF-4953] Adding a frontend Client adapter to get JAX-RS client used in interfaces where the frontend Client is expected
     new bc37bdb  [CXF-4974] Adding close() method to Client interface
     new 341b0f3  Added some DOM -> StaX SAML Interop tests
     new 5e7356a  [CXF-4747] Making it possible to initialize WebClient with jaxrs:client
     new dc09232  [CXF-4747] Adding a missing test resource
     new e45e550  Added some more SAML interop tests
     new 0fab009  [CXF-4975] Appending a forward slash to Application path if needed
     new 9bffdd0  Adding DOM -> StaX SAML HOK interop tests
     new 6026796  fix a typo bug in CXF-4950
     new 3194eb1  Adding some tests
     new 45d4d47  Added functionality to create a CXF SecurityContext from the StaX WSS4J results/events
     new 75e1bf5  [CXF-4977] - Adding @Ignore'd testcase
     new 9b874fc  [CXF-4977] - Adding @Ignore'd testcase
     new 0da0f84  [CXF-4978] - Only encrypt an issued token if we have a matching key
     new af1ed23  [CXF-4978] - Only encrypt an issued token if we have a matching key
     new ebf6c02  Some changes following WSS4J changes
     new 95b6156  Added a way to check required Actions against inbound security events
     new b89704d  Enabling WS-A on the StaX demo due to fix for WSS-437
     new 59742b1  [CXF-4983] Updating ResponseImpl.getStatusInfo to deal with status codes which have no matching Status enums
     new 3cd2391  [CXF-4984] Setting Content-Type to application/octet-stream if it is not available
     new 8057253  Correcting Action order for Signature/Timestamp tests
     new fc7e822  [CXF-4984] More updates
     new 42ca2f4  [CXF-4985] If response entity is null and the status has not ben explicitly set - report 204
     new 0078619  Added a CryptoCoverageChecker for the StaX code + tests
     new 6b62ac9  [CXF-4985] Copying statusSet field when cloning RB
     new b2fbefa  Fixing incorrect setting of StaX thresholds
     new 329571d  Don't use deprecated constructor
     new 569847f  [CXF-4947] More updates for the JAXBContextCache and aggressive GC's Patch from Rex Wang applied
     new 7f4f363  [CXF-4988] Minor updates to support 'char' and avoid ClassCastExceptions if the filter sets Content-Type as MediaType
     new bc3e23b  [CXF-4988] Making sure MultipartProvider does not interfere when the multipart payload is expected to be read directly, updating the way the providers are sorted - trunk only
     new 7bbcaea  [CXF-4988] System test updates
     new 99c4751  Some minor fixes
     new 2b0565d  [CXF-4986] Fixing MetadataMap to enforce the read only for stores which are not copied and all 2.0 filter contexts to set a proper flag on it; using HttpServletRequest to save the filter properties if possible
     new 93cde37  [CXF-4986] Forgot to commit the updates to the client filters
     new 1f49ed4  Update to working version of xalan bundle + couple others
     new 1676bb6  [CXF-4954] - CryptoCoverageChecker prevents handling of SOAPFault-Responses
     new 9bce1ec  [CXF-4954] - CryptoCoverageChecker prevents handling of SOAPFault-Responses
     new baa6132  [CXF-4979] Optionally XML-encoding some of WADL properties: path, default param values, doc title and value
     new 3e84ba4  Change how the build number is added to the version text (when using snapshots) so that it results in a valid qualifier so snapshot builds can be used for Eclipse WTP settings.
     new 25fbe31  CXF-4990 fixed the namespace issue when thrown the fault from logical handle.
     new 60eae5b  [CXF-4991] EH-Cache availability checks in ReplayCacheFactory and TokenStoreFactory now performed using the defining classloader
     new 48144f0  More configuration work for WSS4J 2.0
     new ebd2889  [CXF-4991] EH-Cache availability checks in ReplayCacheFactory and TokenStoreFactory now performed using the defining classloader
     new 483c7b0  Update to use soap 1.2 by default, but add setting to drop to 1.1
     new dd69453  Adding some tests for a secured SOAP Fault
     new ed1bf4e  Adding some tests for a secured SOAP Fault
     new 77e8fb4  [CXF-4977] Update the test config so it gets the SAML token from the STS and sends that as part of the request to get the SecureConversationToken.   The service is failing to process that token (or something).
     new 80ec74a  [CXF-4977] Update server side config
     new 3afead5  [CXF-4988] Using MBW's produces if response content type had a wildcard, checking provider interfaces during the application setup
     new 4f9e5de  [CXF-4988] Using MBW's produces if response content type had a wildcard, checking provider interfaces during the application setup, more updates
     new fb49b7e  [CXF-4977] Record the security context with the SCT token to be able to restore it during the real invokations
     new 00af059  [CXF-4992] Fixing subresource proxies invoking on non-HTTP endpoints
     new 0a2e01f  [CXF-4992] Test server flag update
     new c16038d  [CXF-4992] Minor cleanup
     new ac24b66  [CXF-4992] One more update to ThreadLocalClientState
     new ed0fc36  Some more WSS4J 2.0 unit tests
     new 38d9ace  Adding system tests for Stax Action stuff
     new f0939c9  [CXF-4919] Fixing UriInfo/HttpUtils relativize implementation, quality patch from Stian Soiland-Reyes applied
     new a98d18e  More unit tests
     new cbaad9c  [CXF-4977] Record the security context with the SCT token to be able to restore it during the real invokations
     new 102be36  [CXF-4977] Update the test config so it gets the SAML token from the STS and sends that as part of the request to get the SecureConversationToken.   The service is failing to process that token (or something).
     new 1c4994a  [CXF-4977] Update server side config
     new 928dac8  Add the ability to specify a required (in) action via the properties config as well
     new a2efbd3  [CXF-4988] Support for instantiating providers with non default constructors
     new 0cffef8  [CXF-4988] Support for instantiating providers with non default constructors, more updates
     new b244ea5  [CXF-4982]Codegen maven plugin fails forked execution on Windows when default tmp dir contain space
     new 3b49b42  Fixing failing STS systests
     new 003a0d4  Missing file from last commit
     new 231f70d  If modifyable MetadataMap has unmodifiable Lists the replace them if needed
     new ce8b13f  [CXF-4988] Making sure providers can get Application injected via field or setters and Application itself can get the contexrs injected, same as for the root resource
     new a63dfff  [CXF-4988] Also making sure subresources instantiated via ResourceContext can get Application injection working
     new 48f2210  [CXF-4993] LdapClaimsHandler can't find attributes if user authenticated against LDAP
     new a7522ea  [CXF-4854] Load the STS war on startup
     new 0c2a87c  Minor updates to the way Content-Type is set when it is not available
     new 7b2d389  [CXF-4997] Skip PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor processing when AssertionInfoMap not available
     new 1c47998  [CXF-4997] Skip PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor processing when AssertionInfoMap not available
     new fef3f12  [CXF-4993] LdapClaimsHandler can't find attributes if user authenticated against LDAP
     new 76bfa9d  [CXF-4854] Load the STS war on startup
     new 9ba6e49  [CXF-4998] Adding one more method to client factories to make it a bit simpler to register providers and username and password
     new 9c655bf  Adding Character check for the primitive text provider to recognize Characters
     new b256c46  Added a StAX WS-SecurityPolicy InInterceptor
     new f37eff9  Update mina version
     new 526498b  Add the ability to set a UseKey certificate directly on the STSClient
     new b12b45f  Add the ability to set a UseKey certificate directly on the STSClient
     new 0e33a80  [CXF-5000] Uodating the way reader and writer interceptors are selected
     new d933d45  [CXF-4994] Support LDAP groups as claim
     new d6668a7  Using Response.getMetadata to copy the headers
     new e132290  [CXF-4994] Support LDAP groups as claim
     new 916b902  Fixing build
     new 03f31ae  [CXF-4988] The exceptions thrown from readers should be mapped too
     new be25817  [CXF-5000] Root-level NameBindings are missed if they are created from Application
     new 74a52d0  Minor version updates
     new 6e022e2  [CXF-5004] NPE at StaxUtils.copy for empty namespaces under JDK's XMLStreamReader
     new 0feb922  [CXF-4988] Minor update to the way readers/writers manage tcontent types
     new 5e55025  Custom ResourceComparators can extend OperationResourceInfoComparator so the old constructor needs to be restored
     new 94802b6  [CXF-5005] Fix EPR match in WSDiscoveryProvider::handleResolve
     new ae9468d  [CXF-4953] Updating FrontendClientAdapter and ClientConfiguration to return Endpoint
     new 524a7c2  Adding JSONP JAX-RS writer
     new 51ed843  Get the last WSS4J Principal first when parsing the security context (+ skip the Decryption case)
     new a5326e3  Get the last WSS4J Principal first when parsing the security context (+ skip the Decryption case)
     new 942e3f0  Fix a potential NPE when using java-first clients and the WSPolicy feature within spring
     new 7f717e8  Fix after latest WSS4J revision
     new 3ba70b4  [CXF-5007] UriBuilder updates to get some edge-case tests passing
     new 5837ed9  Cache the JAXBDataBinding class which make client creation a tiny bit faster (after the first one) and can hopefully fix a potential deadlock issue when using spring-dm to start multiple bundles that have jaxws:client entries.
     new b7ffb08  Removing StAX-specific tests
     new 13b0238  Enabled policy validation via the ws-security-policy-stax layer in WSS4J
     new 4720dbf  Add a few more to the compat bundle so hopefully the OBR may pick them up if a module use the Require-Bundle thing.  SHould make it a bit more compatible with previous versions.
     new a372781  [CXF-5011] - Fix NPE in WSS4JInterceptor
     new 69a8153  [CXF-5011] - Fix NPE in WSS4JInterceptor
     new 606974c  Log XACML Request at level.FINE
     new e3e3266  [CXF-5007] More updates to ResponseImpl, ResponseBuilderImpl, LinkBuilderImpl, UriBuilderImpl, etc
     new efbfc2f  [CXF-5007] Response needs to unwrap GenericEntity in getEntity
     new 3a89665  Change NamePasswordCallbackHandler logging level to fine from warning when looking at method arguments
     new 7099417  [CXF-5000,CXF-5007] Delaying converting headeres to String till the stream is written (required), minor updates to do with AsyncResponse exceptions, support for reading streams into File (only to get TCK happy)
     new a46ce9d  [CXF-5012] Adding a test checking that WAE is thrown from proxy if no mappers are available
     new aa3726b  [CXF-5013] - Need support for SHA256 Signature Algorithms
     new 0ae6e79  [CXF-5007] Adding HeaderDelegate null checks
     new 33824b3  [CXF-5007] More API updates
     new c8847b7  Got a lot of the inbound StaX security tests working
     new e91a5c2  Added testConsumesResource5() checking TCK test problem for consumes with wildcards and qs params
     new 8703ce0  Fixed a bug with the HttpsTokenInterceptorProvider + don't run DOM specific token interceptors when using StaX.
     new f471258  Properly assert SP13 Created + Nonce policies
     new c855962  Remove @author tags
     new 96e4336  Update poms to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT to start targetting it.
     new 865036b  [CXF-5007] More updates to ResponseBuilder, ResponseImpl, etc
     new 8616653  [CXF-5020]add NPE guard when we restore original java.class.path system property
     new 6d90bcc  Return error message when a streaming exception occurs in the soap binding
     new d26a05c  Return error message when a streaming exception occurs in the soap binding
     new 2e5b5f2  Added some StaX SAML system tests
     new eac8cf3  Added StAX UsernameToken system tests + added the ability to set Validators via SecurityContext keys
     new 6cac783  [CXF-5010] Add customizable request logging capability to STS
     new fbe4c7e  [CXF-5009] Allow multiple subcodes in a SOAP 1.2 fault
     new 82cde9e  [CXF-5010] Add customizable request logging capability to STS
     new 8e54dce  Added an OutInterceptor for streaming WS-SecurityPolicy
     new ba9841a  [CXF-5018] - EHCache TimeToLive value overriden in EHCacheReplayCache
     new 76d10e7  [CXF-5018] - EHCache TimeToLive value overriden in EHCacheReplayCache
     new 0e5b958  fix features.xml for 3.0 version ranges
     new 85c6cb5  Get the karaf commands to resolve the new version #
     new b91d4c6  Update to latest jaxrs api spec jar for osgi (snapshot for now)
     new 0c10562  Need to use relative path and fully qualified name for blueprint to resolve this.
     new 96af328  [CXF-5022] Fix problems with JAX-RS services starting on the same URL
     new 6c0b998  Start some refactoring around the Bus interface
     new e07e865  Start refactoring some Bus things
     new a3f3df0  Remove the CXFBusImpl class
     new e920277  [CXF-5023] Initial implementation of WS-RA WS-Eventing: Jan Martiska contribution + misc fixes/additions for wrapped delivery and to prepare for event description support
     new 66c7a75  XKMS contribution - first draft version
     new 44204fa  Fixed XKMS poms to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT version
     new d20efdf  Fixed XKMS lookup certificate tests to ignore .svn folder
     new 7e204b5  [CXF-5023] Removing 'aux' dir in test as that makes the build fail on Windows
     new 13c9797  Replacing Exception with Throwable in JAXRS client code to get another 1.1 and 2.0 API mix-up issue handled
     new 31b6da0  Replacing Exception with Throwable in JAXRS client code: one more update for CL issues not actually be reported as WAE causes
     new 728590b  [CXF-5024] Updating Headers utitly to deal with Date, Locale, Link, etc
     new ebc9107  [CXF-2007] More final API updates for this JIRA issue
     new 7f67c20  [CXF-5025] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy "Strict" Layout validation
     new da63682  [CXF-5014] Do not split HTTP headers on the client side by default, to avoid unexpected splits and to be consistent with the way HTTP headers are treated on the server side
     new dbe7e5b  [CXF-5025] - Support WS-SecurityPolicy "Strict" Layout validation
     new 070bde4  [CXF-5017] Splitting CORS headers using a comma pattern only
     new 229bc4c  Added initial attempt at configuring SecurityPolicy for the transport binding outbound
     new c521fa9  [CXF-5027] Support for XmlAttachmentRef in the JAX-RS XOP marshaller
     new 15c560d  Remove unreferenced BaseDataReader/Writer interfaces, merging methods directly into DataReader/DataWriter
     new 2df7c37  polish the code of JettyHTTPDestination
     new 71f8d3a  Enabling one test, Ignoring another due to a partial fix for WSS-443
     new 1f16cb0  Fixed [CXF-5028]: XKMS configurable LDAP schema parameters
     new 893263d  Fixed XML formatting issue in [CXF-5001]
     new 57afcdb  remove remote dtd references
     new fcef06b  Remove unused params to Destination.getBackChannel
     new fce8e75  [Cxf-4996] Support for providers with complex hierarchy like Jackson 2.2.1, and also making it optional to check these hierarchies
     new a465a17  Get streaming security policy enforcement working for the inbound client side
     new ab1cd2b  Added interop tests for UsernameTokens over TLS
     new 7eedbb7  addition to CXF-5009 as requested
     new a203500  Move BUILDING.txt and README to root (so appears in a useful place for folks checking out from SVN) Also ignore the .gitignore file for the src distribution
     new 6747de0  [CXF-5031] - Add support for SupportingToken policy assertions without a binding
     new 925978e  [CXF-5031] - Add support for SupportingToken policy assertions without a binding
     new c5f3efe  Fixed [CXF-5029]. XKMS: id and RequestId attributes are not schema compatible
     new c9e1a9c  [CXF-5032] Suppor SOAP 1.2 in DynamicClient
     new 3b85cfa  Update the Spring version, remove a bunch of SuppressWarnings that can be fixed with dropping support for older Spring
     new 2327631  [CXF-5021] Allowing to customize static media types, using ResourceManager to load the resources
     new f671633  [CXF-5021] Forgot to remove a redundant prefix in the custom resource path
     new 1eb6908  CXF-5030 Move xmlsec and change start level  to make sure it is loaded first
     new eed15b4  Merging wss4j2.0-port branch to trunk
     new 475500b  Set the SOAP Action correctly on the inbound streaming policy enforcer
     new 4843806  Remove some of the blueprint 0.3 hacks
     new f1d5ca8  Update version range
     new 92003db  Update jetty version range to only go back to version found in karaf 2.3
     new f23fe70  [CXF-5037] - DefaultSecurityContext Principal is incorrectly set from Subject
     new c9f5e01  Make CXF AbstractFeatures also be WebServiceFeatures and get the jax-ws frontend to recognize that
     new c86b320  Added a load more streaming interop tests (for SAML) along with some bug fixes
     new 3898dbb  Make proxy's also implement the Client interface which can make it easier to use and configure. ClientProxy.getClient can be deprecated and/or removed once all the usage of it is cleaned.
     new 1632b7e  Allow continue processing ClaimsHandler even exception occured
     new 2fdf13d  Claim returned even filtered list was empty
     new e996789  Support adding full group name to SAML token for filtered group list
     new 3410e46  Checkstyle fix
     new 0146d65  Added some X.509 WS-Security streaming interop tests
     new 1acfc88  CXF-5041 Added netty http transport for CXF
     new d8e4ad3  CXF-5041 moved the netty dependencies into parent pom
     new 48b3628  [CXF-5016]ArithmeticException on ResponseTimeCounterMBean.getAvgResponseTime() after counter reset()
     new 01f06dc  correct the parent pom location
     new 6edbd58  Added an Asymmetric Outbound Handler + some X.509 interop tests
     new 48f5308  PatternLayout added for LoggerListener
     new b09f960  [CXF-5040]support new asm4 shade of xbean
     new a371057  [CXF-5405]:UndeclaredThrowableException thrown in the client side when server responses with wsa:OnlyNonAnonymousAddressSupported soap12 version fault message
     new 367c959  [CXF-5045]:add the missed line in previous commit
     new f6bab1a  CXF-5041 add netty-server and netty-client into the distribution
     new 32e9e22  Fixed the CS error in the examples
     new 81d8e24  CXF-5041 cxf-rt-transports-http-netty-server and cxf-rt-transports-http-netty-client are OSGi bundle now
     new 66bd965  CXF-5041 added http-netty-server and http-netty-client feature
     new 42931a2  Added support for streaming derived keys, EncryptBeforeSigning + EncryptSignature policies + tests
     new 313c407  Fixing tests failing with limited strength security policies
     new cf26ae9  Get ws-eventing building offline
     new 5a0d5de  First pass at cleaning up some ws-eventing warnings in eclipse
     new 7dc270e  Add slf4j impl to remove error on console
     new 3c95b4b  Use the addressing types already generated in cxf-api
     new 7a9039c  Fix a test
     new 94bd1cc  Use a common bus and shut it down at the end
     new 0946fd9  Fix some eclipse warnings
     new 51efdf3  More eclipse warning fixes
     new 6358dc0  [CXF-5046] - EncryptedSupportingTokens used with EncryptBeforeSigning does not encrypt Username token
     new cfb3f18  [CXF-5039] IdentityMapping support in ClaimsManager
     new dd31efec Fixing failing test with limited security policies installed
     new aa297f8  Fixing incorrect policy name
     new 6fc4cdf  Fixed streaming SAML Asymmetric tests
     new 1d7365b  Added some (commented out) streaming GCM tests
     new 252994f  [CXF-5049]Support for schema compiler options in DynamicClientFactory
     new 493e084  [CXF-4463] Support caching for mapped principals/identites
     new 5ff578a  logging fixed
     new a00f4c5  [CXF-5047]add a testcase to demonstrate that how multiple endpoints with publishedEndpointUrl property work
     new 1fb14e9  [CXF-5047]more clean up
     new 3c78d3b  CXF-5042 Add SSL support on the netty-server
     new 8017011  CXF-5042 added SSL support on netty client
     new c63e862  Fixed bunched of CS error
     new 3fa3231  CXF-5042 fixed the build error NettyHttpConduit
     new 4a32e60  Changes for WS-RMP 1.1 support
     new 923ad4a  Changes for WS-RMP 1.1 support
     new 4f648cb  Updating WADL schema to Java type map with float and double
     new 31b6842  Getting all of the code needed to set a field value run as privileged
     new bff9bf2  [CXF-5053] Updating JAX-RS MessageContext to return Message, to be consistent with CXF JAX-WS MessageContext, patch from Minto van der Sluis applied
     new e071885  [CXF-5055] OOB Response support, Client scopes registration
     new eeb54d7  Stacktrace format customizable in LoggerListener
     new 61145ca  CXF-5042 find a way to set the SSLSession instance to the NettyHttpConduit
     new 51b6917  CXF-5041 changed the default chunck aggregator handler size
     new 8ba668a  [CXF-5007] Some updates to Request implementation
     new 9f49d93  add a beans example for ws-rm maxRetry
     new 90c1633  Added streaming inbound support for Kerberos + some @Ignore'd tests
     new bb42285  [CXF-5057] NPE at the decoupled endpoint when receving a response messge with unknown identifier
     new 094d369  Update version to 2.0
     new 6019486  Updating javax.annotation-api version to 1.2-b04
     new 445c6dd  [CXF-5060] Adding Token Revocation service
     new 703b93c  [CXF-5060] Adding a missing update to the system tests
     new 1223a2c  Minor updates to get a demo working
     new ea5663f  [CXF-5059]add TCCL as fallback so it can load resources from other bundles in OSGi container
     new f475c44  [CXF-5059]use bus.getExtension(ClassLoader.class) as default CL
     new 6241186  Adding streaming Kerberos support
     new d9def5e  Adding a name for the security cache
     new 1d64387  Squashed commit of the following:
     new 373d15b  [CXF-5059] The bus is garanteed to be null during registerInitialXmlExtensions so pass the bus into it.
     new 2a05746  Work on getting the wss4j stuff loading in osgi
     new e72cd4a  [CXF-5070] Make an attempt to map CDATA -> CHARACTERS to work around jaxb issue
     new 7d30aec  Disabling the autodetection of the charset for Atom providers
     new 0fd41e2  CXF-4139 Clean up initial checkins, fully integrate use of RMConfiguration into policy handling
     new 7e13cf2  CXF-4139 Clean up initial checkins, fully integrate use of RMConfiguration into policy handling
     new e8d94a3  Fixed AlgorithmSuite bug + enabled a load of streaming ws-security tests following recent fixes in WSS4J
     new d5f4ca8  Added some more streaming GCM tests
     new a93cb91  Correcting some JIRA references
     new 7534fe9  Always send Resource URI/URL in the XACML Request
     new ad5888f  Don't add null resources or roles to the request
     new 48ef6df  Few OAuth2 code updates to get a case with omitted redirect_uri supported better
     new 0fa7477  Enabling tests following WSS4J fixes
     new bcd6241  [CXF-5065] Setting subresource parent before the subresource gets evaluated
     new ca2e809  [CXF-5073] Fixing the recursion issue with the static/early resource resolution
     new 49c144e  [CXF-5073] Fixing checkstyle issues
     new 1764cb7  [CXF-5073] Some more fixes to avoid endless recursions
     new 0f65c53  CXF-4139 more code cleanup and restructuring to simplify RMConfiguration usage
     new c650d4d  Fixing build
     new 008f6e6  An initial outbound handler for the SymmetricBinding streaming code
     new d7f3a21  Making sure multiple calls to JAXRSServerFactoryBean.setProvider does not lose the providers registered earlier
     new 445d38a  [CXF-5066] Adding a test with @Override
     new 3cbfe03  [CXF-5066] Adding a test with @Override, one more update
     new b5a5c91  Add force setting to @GZIP annotation
     new 99f93d1  [CXF-5070] Map the CDATA things in other places as well
     new 02a7a30  [CXF-5063] Make sure the keymanagers are not wrapped within the TLSClientParams to avoid hash changes and cause major problems
     new ba9ab35  [CXF-5071] Make sure configs that set the SSLSocketFactory delegate down to URLConnection based impl
     new a1b1e78  Some Kerberos test updates following recent fixes in WSS4J
     new 722a3bb  Upgrading BouncyCastle version
     new a4cfbbb  [CXF-5067,CXF-5068] Always setting the current endpoint URI as HTTP attribute too
     new 24cbca7  Added support for outbound Symmetric streaming WS-Security + enabled X.509 testcases
     new 03fa30f  Temporarily reverting r1492687
     new 4a59f1c  [CXF-5064] XmlJavaTypeAdapter's on soap header params aren't taken into account
     new d927be5  [CXF-5063] Use the properly updated Keymanagers
     new 353e4ec  Got some Symmetric Kerberos tests working with streaming (client only)
     new 4875177  [CXF-5075], [CXF-5076]: added trust chain validation
     new e046c38  Enabled SAML Symmetric streaming outbound test
     new 8cd826e  Fix wseventing sample compile problem
     new 58ced12  [CXF-5056] - EndorsingSupportingTokens with both transport security and message layer security applied
     new ad9fef8  Ignore 3 failed trusted certificate tests under JDK 6 before further analyses
     new b8ea49f  [CXF-5056] - EndorsingSupportingTokens with both transport security and message layer security applied
     new 4ad85b2  Ignore 3 failed trusted certificate tests under JDK 6 before further analyses
     new 0dd17b9  Remove QueryHandlers, redo javascript as a ServerListener that only applies to SOAP
     new 70c1b92  Remove all the long since deprecated cxf-extension-*.xml files
     new 461b3e9  Missed one
     new 7ae1708  Fix jaxws2 profile
     new 51335a6  [CXF-5061]a testcase to demonstrate that valid WSDL could get generated for List of Complex Type
     new 912dd1c  Avoid a NPE when no SAML Token Type is specified
     new 6efd239  [CXF-5081] Support for custom FIQL query names
     new 6b0adb6  [CXF-5078] Cache the wsdl into a CachedOutputStream before writing out to real http stream to avoid holding the lock for a long time. Patch from John Bellassai applied
     new e0618b6  Some updates for the streaming symmetric binding
     new a216acb  [CXF-5061]add a package-info
     new bd3b7bf  [CXF-5084] Updating UriBuilderImpl to better detect HTTP scheme, applying a patch on behalf of David Blevins
     new 26fd9b7  [CXF-5082]make aries.blueprint dependency as optional
     new 5947e59  [CXF-5075]: fixed and enabled trusted test for Java 6
     new 652fab3  Not encoding comma in queries, trying to encode non-encoded URLs when constructing WebClients
     new 1c218c8  Minor update to get it simpler to register a single custom grant handler
     new e3e64c7  Added XKMS based WSS4J crypto provider
     new 508ba55  [CXF-5086] Minor fix to JSONProvider to get collections read if JAXBElement is involved
     new c8b3efd  Skip the IOImage hack by default.  With the very latest JDK's on OSX, it will immediately create a bouncing java icon on the Dock. Since use of Images is fairly rare, it's likely not needed very often and it can be turned on if needed.
     new 8220126  [CXF-5085]: fixed pax packages names
     new c6ed551  XKMS: refactored interfaces names
     new 61e0f6d  minor fix on ws-rm's handling of non ws-rm messages
     new 2b280d5  EndpointProperty annotation is only saving the second value, not the whole array
     new aa5a705  Update EndpointProperty annotation to allow grabbing a bean by ref or creating one
     new e287ef6  Support for a realm parameter in OAuth2 filter
     new b14f773  Remove extensions.xml processing for grabbing wsdl things (doesn't work well in OSGi anyway)
     new 525e065  [CXF-5087] Use threadlocal only in places where we can actually clear it.  Otherwise, just use the map.
     new ddb6790  CXF-5043 add the spring configuration support of netty-server
     new 5fa1f30  CXF-5088 Made the service file of cxf-core.jar Web Application Server friendly
     new bb98709  [CXF-5090] Starting to update to Jettison 1.3.4
     new 8bbb1b0  Modify the transport factories (ConduitInitiator and DestinationFactory) to pass the bus as a param to allow the factories to exist as singletons or OSGi services or similar.
     new 1b4a1b6  Fix broken compile
     new df457e9  Fix compilation error
     new 465ea3b  [CXF-5089]:java2ws generate both ref and nillabe attributes in a schema element
     new f1614ea  Add the missing file to fix the compilation error
     new 14eb493  [CXF-4457] - Allow "non" ".sct" configuration values to work for SecureConversation
     new 4b86b20  Adding link to WSS4J JIRA
     new 2727d82  Added support for the streaming SymmetricBinding for X.509 + SAML tokens
     new 3a0b498  Remove some unneeded stuff from the src distro that just makes it bigger
     new fdbf3b4  [CXF-5093] Initial try to update HTTPConduit and also RS client code to better deal with requests with no payloads
     new 985a30a  [CXF-5092] Making sure the exception is not lost in case of the validation error
     new e107906  CXF-5042 add thread pool configuration support
     new d789926  [CXF-5095] Allow adding attachments to the context using jaxws attachments
     new f0baeba  Fixing some streaming SAML system tests
     new e7454c1  [CXF-5098] - References to Kerberos Tokens are not created correctly in responses
     new f348991  KerberosToken ProtectionToken test with SymmetricBinding streaming now working
     new 467415e  [CXF-5099] Fix problem of optional extensions not being truely optional
     new f5a82c1  [CXF-5100] Support for customizing namespace mapper and XML PI property names
     new b174615  Reverting 1497709
     new d369447  [CXF-5100] Support for customizing namespace mapper and XML PI property names, take2
     new 26d3318  Attempting to get a build working, adding a missing file to Netty transport
     new dc70a5c  [CXF-5101] More options to get the parsed values validated
     new 0415f46  [CXF-5050] Adding a test which posts an empty form
     new 30ef578  CXF-5042 added the missing file of ThreadingParameters
     new f9d0164  [CXF-5090] Removing a ref to the staging repository
     new 12e0ca1  [CXF-5093] Updates to JAX-RS related code
     new b08039d  [CXF-5102] schema resource loading in various blueprint namespace handlers not working in some environment
     new 416b117  More streaming Kerberos work
     new 13a1010  Update to latest javadoc plugin
     new 71f30cc  Adding EhCache-based IdentityCache in the STS
     new 5e94c80  CXF-5041 clean up the test of netty server
     new 3887304  CXF-5042 Added unit test of SSL on netty-server
     new dbaeb11  CXF-5042 Fixed a NettyHttpConduit SSL Session setting error
     new ea254d2  CXF-5042 Added SSLNettyClientTest for unit test
     new bc683e6  CXF-5042 fixed the unit test error of SSLNettyClientTest
     new 902a89c  Added support for streaming policies that don't have a binding
     new 0fcacad  Fixed problem with retrieving right policy for certain WSDL types
     new 6a9664a  More streaming tests + various bug fixes
     new 048db11  clean up and add another test for CXF-5095
     new 7397e89  Remove unused variable
     new 66ded46  Correct wait time to match comment, 15 seconds to allow for default backoff.
     new 514aebf  CXF-4139 Restructure policy handling to work with WS-RMP 1.2, use configuration adjusted by policy to control operation.
     new a7df4c9  CXF-4139 implement WS-RMP 1.2 handling at the message level.
     new f45bfa1  CXF-5044 added the blueprint support of netty-server
     new c766f10  CXF-5105 implement support for assertion in policy (without enforcement)
     new e62927a  forgot to include with CXF-5102 test
     new 454a6f8  Move some WSDL services only interceptors out of API.
     new 8dc5465  Start moving ALL the XML parsing and printing to using Stax.  Should help performance and security.
     new b3a5968  Remove more transformerfactory usage
     new fff8cde  [CXF-5069] Adding basic caching JAX-RS providers
     new 501a9ff  More streaming fixes + tests
     new 1224a40  Some initial work on streaming WS-Trust integration
     new e47151b  CXF-5109 Added the support of loading the netty transport with 'netty://' perfix
     new 30a2b16  [CXF-5111] Support for GenericTypeArray
     new a7a13ab  [CXF-5111] Removing few annotations
     new efeee7b  [CXF-5110] Wrong processing of @XmlJavaTypeAdapter with RPC style endpoints
     new 6698485  [CXF-3883] - Merged Oli's 2.7.x patch to trunk
     new aab6216  Fixed a bug with TLS policies + added more streaming WS-Security system tests
     new c75ed32  [CXF-5108] Adding a test with GET and query bean
     new d96cfb8  [CXF-5026] Updating WebClient to handle async exceptions better
     new b82c554  Fixed a bug in the streaming code + added more system tests
     new f913086  [CXF-5112] Returning exception Response directly
     new f4c0d94  Security systest refactor part I - Use common CallbackHandler implementations
     new 5144fc5  [CXF-5026] Updating JAXRSAsyncClientTest to minimize a noise
     new f0ee363  [CXF-5104] Inject contexts when CXF continuations are used, patch from Sharath P. applied
     new f16d169  Security systests refactor - part II
     new 4ff319c  [CXF-5113] Fix spaces in features.xml Patch from Minto van der Sluis applied
     new 8d925e6  Fix PMD error
     new 5cc9333  Security systests refactor - part III
     new 5fddc35  Security systest refactor - part IV
     new e6cd4dc  Removing "iona" namespaces from configuration files
     new 0c402ce  [CXF-5104] Releasing contexts when CXF continuations are used, using PhaseInterceptorChain when the call is resumed directly on a subresource instance
     new 32c4b89  Enabling tests after WSS-458 fix
     new 816bc50  More streaming security tests
     new 8cd3e8e  Some better security error checking
     new 9a8d4a4  Relax some of the timeouts
     new e6581ab  Some minor XKMS cleanup
     new 7b79d5d  [CXF-5115] Support for primitive arays
     new 875d9b5  Fix some problems that PMD 5.0.4 will flag
     new 9132c6e  Some optimizations which also remove a PMD 5.0 error
     new 18b10c4  Minor fix to get JAXRS test dealing with arrays passing on Java 7
     new 1d92764  [CXF-5114]a testcase to demonstrate how to use session with Oneway invocation
     new d84c651  Fixing failing tests with restricted security jars
     new cdb2164  Minor change
     new a1a6c4b  WS-Security Examples systests refactor
     new fec6f70  Enabling a Symmetric ProtectTokens streaming test following fix for WSS-457
     new 734560f  Releasing contexts if AsyncResponse is not immediately processed
     new 03df490  [CXF-5108] Ignoring Maps with complex values and better support for Maps with simple values when dealing with parameter extensions
     new 8018c83  Added + reenabled some streaming UsernameToken tests
     new 3fc5b85  Adding support for Timestamp last Layout creation in the streaming code + more tests
     new 753557e  Start process of completely removing XMLUtils (in favor of either StaxUtils for IO or DOMUtils for DOM related stuff)
     new 09a9a7e  [CXF-5116] DelegatingInputStream created in AbstractHTTPDestination is cached into wrong Message instance
     new 5f239df  Remove XMLUtils
     new aefa36d  Fix some checkstyle issues
     new c2653fd  Remove some more stuff from api
     new 236b1a8  Remove an empty (and thus pointless) properties file
     new 6a825d6  Move some more stuff from api
     new 56a44e0  Fix NPE on server side
     new 879753e  [CXF-5114]CXF Client issue when try to handle session for One-Way Operation call
     new 8c6269a  Updates to caching JAXRS providers to handle lists of delegating providers, example, when XML and JSON providers are configured alongside it
     new bfb06cb  Drop some unused classes
     new 580cfc8  Remove some more unused code
     new 475f9b6  Use the constants from XmlSchema directly instead of our copies (faster startup and less memory as constants only initialized once)
     new c2cb5b7  Remove a bunch of unreferreneced methods
     new 22e352f  Use the right constant
     new 86e526d  Add messages
     new a2f8255  Some updates to AttachmentUtils to make it simpler to finf a matching part if Content-Disposition is available
     new ec7720e  Adding a simple test where multiparts are looked up explicitly
     new da87714  Move some tools only stuff into tools.
     new 6ee1685  Resolve a plit package issue with SchemaValidateFeature
     new 34b5a3b  Move the WSDLConstants into rt-wsdl, remove SOAPConstants.
     new db84f3f  Move some utility methods that are ONLY used by javascript to javascript
     new c755e0a  Remove the ancient spring maps we created for delayed lookup of objects that is no longer used with the new bus extension mechanisms
     new b7dc34c  Remove MapProvider that is leftover from the ancient spring way of wiring the bus together
     new 5ee6a3d  Remove some more unused types/methods
     new 06bb385  Move some code to a private method in the only place it's called
     new ecb6108  [CXF-5119] jetty endpoint may log exception when it is assigned to a non-default cxf bus bus in spring beans
     new 150dc1a  Fixed the build of cxf trunk
     new 1bdcc6c  CXF-5120 supports the TLSSessionInfo generation inside of  netty-server
     new 9bd2ff3  Added some StAX Binding systests
     new 46193f6  Added streaming supporting tokens test
     new b184d94  More tests
     new bb257ca  CXF-5121 Refactor for better readability
     new 49f968c  Minor fix
     new bfd4a8c  Make the AddressingProperties a concrete class to make it easier to work with
     new 8f04311  Remove the old "impls"
     new 78f0c57  Once again remove deps on WSDL stuff in JAXRS
     new 3a59de0  Remove some unused code
     new ffb4278  Add some methods to assert the qname based value of an XPath expression
     new aaa3c63  Different JAXB impls use different default namespace prefixes which can cause some of our tests to fail.  Stop checking the prefixes
     new b1c0536  JMS doesn't directly need the JAXB impl/xjc
     new 0796aaf  Different JAXB impls may use different namespace prefixes
     new 43ee39d  Use the output transformer to map the namespaces as other jaxb impls may not use the namespace context the same way.
     new 9b8fcb3  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 7d043ce  Don't compare the prefix
     new 8601456  Actually, don't even bother with the old namespacecontext way, the transformer works better.
     new f279c0d  Fix the expected wsdl to actuall be what is expected
     new 8f9ad42  Fix how the wsdls are parsed to try and process qnames as qnames, not strings, so namespace prefixes can be irrelevant.
     new d79b6b1  Use the prefixes defined in the wsdl
     new f2f9573  Initial support for using eclipselink Moxy instead of the JAXB ri.  Many tests will still fail with it, but most of the simpler things are now working.
     new 625e54c  CXF-5127 added the maxChunkContentSize option to netty-server
     new 982052e  [CXF-5126] Fix creation of SecurityContext from JAAS Subject for Kerberos
     new 62144e2  Re-enabling tests following fix for WSS-462
     new 66cbfef  Minor updates
     new 6ab4f89  Enabled more tests
     new 2679bcc  Fixes following WSS-446
     new 66a3f2f  Tagging failing tests with a JIRA
     new ebf910b  [CXF-4827] Moving WADL generator code into its own module
     new e093808  [CXF-4827] Moving WADL generator code into its own module, update to tools/wadlto
     new 8d30650  [CXF-4827] Check if no generator is available when returning a list of prematching filters
     new 97273f5  [CXF-5130] Adding simple WebClient SyncInvoker link
     new 266d512  Update ServiceMix specs version to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT, and features.xml to reference JAX-RS 2.0 API, as well as new WADL module
     new d6b4d3f  Update javax.annotation version to 1.2
     new c4556fc  [CXF-5129] Update to HttpServletResponseFilter to get content-type not lost in some cases
     new 5c6e0e2  Fix a duplicate dep
     new 5027baf  Fix relative path
     new 47daeec  [CXF-5116] Also fixing JAXWS 2.2 HTTP SPI destination impl
     new 992c0be  Fix problems with thread bus not being retrieved correctly Also cleanup bus's in the one test case.
     new 5e1a629  [CXF-5010] Pull spring stuff, define own interface Revert change to log4j
     new c364e6c  Send multiple roles as XACML AttributeValues of a single Attribute
     new 843e91a  analogue fix for netty for cxf-5119
     new cf38867  Send the Resources as a single Attribute
     new 14cb273  part of CXF-4577 for trunk
     new 7dd5c51  Removing "TESB" log message
     new e4b9f25  Revert "Send the Resources as a single Attribute"
     new bcc9bf9  Update dependency-plugin to work with maven 3.1
     new c54b9b1  Use CXF annotations and such for the management
     new a01b3da  Added an XKMS system test with WS-Security
     new 7febe61  Added an @Ignore'd Asymmetric test
     new 7892ab5  Added additional JAXB context classes to get details in fault message
     new 7569b70  Re-enabling Asymmetric XKMS test
     new 4d71890  Enabling some streaming (client) XKMS system tests
     new 4adf16e  [CXF-5133] - CXF STS renewed token not itself renewable.
     new 2816469  Minor update to the XKMS system test
     new 785afc4  [CXF-5135] Prototyping the code to get 2.0 fluent API supported, more to follow
     new f31658b  [CXF-4836]:Remove the port check
     new ff20863  Updated service name and port in client blueprint config
     new 068993e  Call new Jettison Configuration only if requested by a user - should let reuse older Jettisons if no new properties are used
     new f40cf72  [CXF-5134] Upgrade to ehcache 2.7.2
     new d4fcd6d  Update xerces dep
     new ced1573  Update to latest buildutils and such that more or less will somewhat work with the latest PMD plugins in eclipse
     new b86874f  Remove unused fields
     new 694c6c4  Use latest PMD version
     new 3b44c96  Mark logback optional
     new 04cfd43  Move nekohtml version to parent pom
     new 4b3c378  Don't pull in all of servicemix-core for the tests
     new 1662a49  Don't exclude xerces as it's needed
     new 5ebbb6c  Re-enabled streaming RequiredParts tests
     new 3abddd3  Added some more streaming WS-Security tests
     new 6096d78  Move closing the XMlStreamReader up to PRE_INVOKE except for the streaming Source cases
     new 13ce127  [CXF-5122] Optional support for restricting redirects to same host and for relative redirects
     new a894b15  Added a XKMS ClientCache
     new 6086217  clean up the code of NettyHttpServletHandler
     new a710b5d  [CXF-5143]http-conf:server blueprint configuration doesn't work
     new baa7e24  Enabling some EncryptedParts tests
     new e759be9  Marking some tests with a JIRA number
     new e64540c  Fixed a streaming IssuedToken test
     new 4fa7c4c  [CXF-5146] Updating RS proxy code to unwrap TypeVariables
     new b816789  A fix for the stax symmetric case
     new 51c50b5  [CXF-5144] Reusing the original ServletConfig reference
     new 3c5d070  Propagate exception from closing the reader in StaxUtils
     new 6bba346  If there is a problem loading an OSGi based extension, keep the original exception.
     new 0de202b  Try and throw the most useful of the exceptions
     new 0b78fd4  Clean up the NettyClientTest
     new 63f6c6f  CXF-5150 Support to load the HttpClient conduit when the address is started with hc://
     new b9a8167  [CXF-4377] Some more work to do with running CXFServlet as Filter
     new 511bd55  Moving FilterDeclaration package name closer to the relevant code to protect more from pre-3.0 servlet API being linked to; the reflection can be introduced if really needed
     new 7c241fb  Re-enabling some tests + disabling some others to fix the build...
     new dd77275  Using reflection to get FilterRegistration
     new e9642b4  [CXF-5139] Optionall support for a single equals operator in FIQL expressions
     new ecae5ec  Marking some failing tests with the appropriate WSS4J JIRA number
     new 240a24d  [CXF-5146] More work to do with having Typevariables recognized by Jackson
     new c040431  [CXF-5148]add HTTPServerPolicyHolder for http:server blueprint configuration
     new 516e740  [CXF-5148]add holders for http:client blueprint configuration
     new 5894ce6  [CXF-5148]extract mapElementToHolder method to parent class
     new 548f0e4  [CXF-5148]add a util class to remove duplicated code
     new e4c0c87  Adding new streaming STS TransportBinding test
     new 32a1944  Remove "OnBehalfOf" Attribute from created OnBehalfOf Assertions
     new 3c65b44  Making some tests thread-safe
     new e874b99  [CXF-5144] Closing InputStream after read when possible
     new f678cdd  Some ResponseImpl clean up
     new c09be28  [CXF-5142] Initial set of changes for running jaxws client with security manager on
     new 68d6bd0  [CXF-5142] Removing unused imports
     new b6438f7  [CXF-5142]:Add another doPrivileged
     new 1a3782b  [CXF-5142] Removing unused imports
     new a178048  More streaming WS-Security tests
     new 28dc043  Don't catch PolicyInputProcessor SecurityEvents
     new 1419bea  Simplify asserting security policies for the streaming case
     new 67875e9  [CXF-5135] Prototyping some initial support for Configurable/Configuration
     new c148ac9  [CXF-5161] Fixing AbstractGrantHandler typo and updating it to correctly work in a case where a concrete implementation wants to support more than one grant type
     new 2fd45aa  Reverting a change to JAXRSXmlSecTest
     new 608b823  CXF-5151 added support for gzip ?wsdl
     new 07f5ffd  [CXF-5162] Updating AccessTokenService to validate if Clients can get the current grant supported
     new ac22376  CXF-5151 merged from 2.7 branch
     new 39b7b73  [CXF-5164]Wrong class name in LogUtils.getL7dLogger() of org.apache.cxf.aegis.databinding.XMLStreamDataWriter class
     new d7e0faf  [CXF-5165]add a JAAS authenticator for ServiceListPage
     new 913609f  [CXF-5154,CXF-5155] - Some changes to the PEP -> PDP request
     new fdc889d  Minor update
     new eff5ffd  Another minor fix
     new b35e579  [Cxf-5135] Some more experimenting with complex Client API
     new f283e72  [CXF-5165]remove unnecessary attribute from HttpServletRequest after authentication
     new 1f6f2b3  Adding SignedParts policies to various policies to get some tests to pass
     new 0ee70e2  Re-ignoring a test that fails often on Jenkins
     new 45e4012  Updating LocalTransport to check message contextual properties when deciding if it is the direct dispatch or not, so that this property can be used by injectable clients
     new 3b29f84  Re-enabling a couple of UriBuilderTests
     new 5a5dbe7  [CXF-5144] Closing async Response objects when possible too
     new e8a2650  [CXF-5135] Some more Configuration related coding
     new 32915d5  Re-enabling a test following a fix for WSS-470
     new 0e48353  Disabling failing test on Jenkins
     new 6f947b7  [CXF-5147] Don't NPE if using a primitive for a holder. If null, don't call the setter so whatever is the default in the wrapper object would end up being used. (basically, same behavior as when a BARE method is used)
     new e3518a7b [CXF-5135] Related refactoring to get various provider registration options supported
     new 49ec9db  Add OSGi properties for Ehcache for the sts
     new a84a5a6  Moving some version numbers to the parent pom
     new 8830091  Correcting ehcache version thing
     new 6cd0fa9  Correcting some JIRA references
     new 80f1e07  [CXF-5163]:Support marshall exception calss with @XmlAccessorOrder in JAXBEncoderDecoder(patch by Kyle)
     new 3e2e2c8  [CXF-5163]:Add missing test class
     new ebc3eb2  [CXF-5171] Upgrade maven plugins to support both maven 3.0 and 3.1
     new 0c26720  Added support for streaming cert constraint validation
     new 291bc6c  [CXF-5163] Fix test failure with Java6/JAXB 2.1
     new 8037811  Update some plugin versions
     new c742aba  [CXF-5135] Supporting a case where an object imlpementing multiple filter contracts wants each contract to have its own unique priority
     new 3987116  Some XKMS tidy-up
     new 741d39f  avoid the side effect of CXF-5171 for dependency-reduced-pom
     new 78bb092  Get the localtransport working with requests that don't have a body. (example: GET)
     new e521bb9  CXF-5173 Add config to disable xkrss
     new 5f9152b  Renaming one of JAXRSLocatorTransport tests, now both piped and dispact modes are tested for GET
     new f088bea  Trying to load Crypto with URI or File if other attempts fail
     new 3af8ee0  Moving a try block a bit higher
     new 4a4f765  Fix compile failure
     new 8780ad6  [CXF-5144] Closing response stream only if '' property is enabled
     new 083fe4f  If requested entity is InputStream do not close it even if auto-close is requested
     new 95880cc  Protecting a bit against the spec requirement to auto-close Response original stream if the requested entity is not InputStream
     new 00137e3  Auto-closing async response only if a property is set
     new 9862f07  Fix an eclipse warning
     new 288f681  Add a utility method to print a DOM
     new dd8d7ac  [CXF-5166] If not eclipse or sun, use the SchemaCollection to try and determine the schema types
     new 17339e1  Fix eclipse warning
     new 724a2e3  New bundle plugin is strict about the ordering
     new 440a1b7  More changed for new bundle plugin
     new 847de6c  [CXF-5167] Fixing a regression to do with affecting Content-Type and Content-Length of HEAD responses
     new 54904a3  [CXF-5178] Fix message name in WSDL
     new c120809  Add some cleanup to the test
     new 47e0f38  Don't need to special case eclipselink anymore as the schema based version works.  Don't need to create an RI based context either.
     new 3f927d1  Add a profile for the eclipse.moxy stuff for testing
     new 73b77de  CXF-5157 - Made the JAAS realm string rfc2617 compliant
     new 65d3b7c  [CXF-5181] Use relative paths in imports so blueprint validation can work without long startup delays and internet access.
     new 83052fa  fix failing test
     new d5f77ca  Rename method
     new fc98f85  Flip to using the ObjectFactory.class directly to avoid class.forName and classloader issues.
     new a326d84  Fix all the eclipse warnings
     new d0c54ea  CXF-5121 Introduce  XACMLAuthorizingInterceptor
     new 6fbbe40  Fix versions
     new e491ca3  Fix jaxrs lib
     new a751c55  Fixing dependencies
     new 2296e11  CXF-5173 Fix some dependencies
     new 47d9548  Go back to the 2.0 version of the bundle now that the snapshot is actually deployed
     new d8dd9d6  Mark some deps optional that aren't needed for JAX-RS
     new 4c5bb04  Also catch the NoClassDefFound error
     new e522835  This should be fixed now
     new afdf7d1  Actually, catch throwable as that's what the parent class does and can thus detect a wider range of issues. (example: static inializers failing)
     new 5cc5b0e  Update to be able to grab transports from OSGi services for blueprint... need to test spring.
     new ad686e7  [CXF-5186] Properly parse soap 1.2 faul reason xml:lang attribute
     new 7d45890  If an OSGi bundle registers a service with the same classname as a Bus extension, use it instead of creating a new one.
     new 8997142  [CXF-5187] allow a negative value of maxRetries to indicate unbounded retries
     new e675dba  Minor cleanup for encryption
     new 9e745da  CXF-5173 Add tests to prove XKRSS can be switched off. Add locate itest
     new 7a5c5e0  [CXF-5190] Fix issues with faults between oneWay being set and robust being handled. Add some pre/post unmarshall phases for consistency
     new d11d0eb  [CXF-5191] StaxUtils readQName not accepting leading and trailing whitespcaes
     new 6ae8f4a  Remove dependency on javax.mail. Handle base64 decoding of attachments.
     new cf6038e  Remove mail implementation out of default classpath
     new a011a96  Make sure headless is set to stop bouncing things on the OSX Doc
     new 78f72b2  CXF-5196 fixed the issue that Failover feature doesn't work when client uses async invocation
     new 4126716  [CXF-5135] Some work to avoid the duplicate registration of various providers due to Client 2.0 API making the duplication possible
     new d2c01f1  Rename cxf-api artifactId to cxf-core as step 1 to combine cxf-api/cxf-rt-core
     new 3dc89fe  rename api dir to "core"
     new 024f503  Move all the code from rt/core to new core
     new 2022ac7  Forgot some files
     new bca65dc  Change the name/description
     new d19a85f  Remove cxf-rt-core from everything
     new 447d50a  Fix failing test
     new 90271b2  Close some contexts to avoid some eclipse warnings
     new a571dbe  Combine the two namespace handlers into one
     new 4d170b0  Get rid of the xerces-xsd-validation module (integrate into the only place using it)
     new 84cb84b  Move the woodstox based validation into core.  Create new interceptors that would allow it to be used for all validation.  Change aegis to use the new stax validation.
     new 271e3bd  Basic attempt at supporting Configuration injection
     new 4f6e0cf  Throw a wrapped version of the real cause so the real exception can be displayed
     new 3f4fd1c  Flip to using jc-over-slf4j for testing and such to make sure all the logging goes to one place
     new 1669963  fix compilation error
     new dca7456  [CXF-5169]DISPATCH/PROVIDER doesn't work for OUT message validation
     new 41d039f  make jaxrs SelectMethodCandaitesTest deterministic to prevent sporadic test errors
     new 7e9a823  Removing the dead code from AbstractResourceInfo, especially now that custom Contexts are supported, dropping support for Resource annotations on context classes on fields (already not supported on setters or method parameters)
     new c08d14a  [CXF-5199] - Using an EncryptBeforeSigning policy with no EncryptedParts/Elements results in no Signature in the request
     new 424c55b  Updating Xerces bundle version
     new efbd286  Moxy internally has a dep on javamail for some attachment processing.
     new 4052ba5  [CXF-5169]move the out message schemavalidate to source databinding
     new adc6a46  [CXF-5169]add a DISPATCH side test
     new d18806d  [CXF-5202] - Missing some default value in the blueprint xml of XKMS osgi bundle - thanks to Xilai Dai
     new 71ef175  [CXF-5188] Fix resource leak when server fails to start
     new 3aaac23  [CXF-5204] Better support for TypeVariable in JAX-RS frontend
     new 7bca1ae  [CXF-5200] - Support newer signature algorithms in WS-SecurityPolicy (such as RSA-SHA256)
     new 01c6ccb  [CXF-5205] - Client SSL Cache Timeout default is specified in milliseconds rather than seconds
     new 0a8948e  Remove a println left in
     new 4cca1b7  [CXF-5194] Testcase for validating header elements Fix problem discovered of NOT validating outgoing headers.
     new c30f553  [CXF-5195] Update check for hte proper namespace Patch from Alex Halovanic applied
     new 2ca388d  [CXF-5206] Update to latest Jetty
     new 37fa0f8  [CXF-5176] Aegis inheritance: inherited xml attributes appear twice Patch applied
     new d2f7a6d  [CXF-5185] NPE guard in FailoverTargetSelector
     new 20b023d  [CXF-5181] Spring doesn't set the proper systemId so relative schema imports don't work very well.
     new f8d90c7  [CXF-5169]ensure stream is re-readable if need schema validation|add one more test
     new 55441b1  [CXF-5180] Adding a simple RefreshToken implementation, patch on behalf of Thorsten Hoeger applied
     new 0c638d7  [CXF-5180] Replacing Set with List to avoid some possible marshalling issues, etc
     new 307edfd  [CXF-5209] Support for OAuth2 audience parameter
     new 63f9222  [CXF-5209] Making audience parameter visible to data providers
     new 793c24b  [CXF-5201] Updating test WriterInterceptor to add more headers
     new 654c21f  Preventing a resource leak if JAX-RS server fails to start, copying a fix Amichai did for Simple Frontend
     new 92c7421  CXF-5177 Upgrade netty version of netty-server to 4.x
     new 82de186  CXF-5177 fixed the unit test error of netty-server
     new 563d779  CXF-5177 fixed the warning message of stopping NettyHttpServerEngine
     new cf8a1aa  CXF-5177 Upgraded netty version of netty-client to 4.0.x
     new c48a9c1  CXF-5177 upgrade the feature file of netty transport
     new 71f5ced  CXF-5177 fixed the NettyHttpServerEngineTest hang issue
     new fb3e0da  Add javamail dep so example compiles
     new 1f85add  Change to <packaging>bundle</packaging> for everything that should be a bundle
     new c5e4dc0  Some caching updates for security
     new 351659b  [CXF-5184] Updating FailoverTargetSelector to deal with cases when REQUEST_URI starts with ENDPOINT_ADDRESS, major help from Jacek Obarymski appreciated
     new 35b1a51  jaxb databinding doesn't use jaxb-xjc
     new e7f7367  Slight optimization to avoid checking the ASM stuff unless it's actually needed
     new 9dd6250  fix complie failure
     new 177eb6c  Add support for encrypted passwords in WS-Security Crypto property files
     new dc75a09  [CXF-5204] Some more work to do with handling TypeVariable
     new 399e3b2  [CXF-5142] More on running with a security manager enabled; introducing CXF specific permission for URI resolution, unmarshalling EPRs in privileged actions
     new 7c5c3f0  [CXF-5214] Better support for BeanParams
     new 2cd47f7  [CXF-5218] WS-RM destination's fault handling to distinguish protocol related faults from other faults
     new 132f8ad  [CXF-5204] Taking care of TypeVars wrapped in GenericEntity too
     new e9ce96b  Minor update to the test
     new dac9e84  m2eclipse warns if the pom version and groupId are the same as those in the <parent> tag.  Since they aren't needed and are redundant, just remove them.
     new 1ab2916  Fix the features.xml file for the latest wss4j requirements
     new 1c17be3  [CXF-5212] Checking for superclass when looking for context setters, patch on behalf of Thorsten Hoeger applied
     new c031fb6  [CXF-5212] Adding missing test file, sorry
     new 99ffed7  [CXF-5198] Getting expressions with camel case supported when SearchBean is used
     new 4e0ea1d  Use the latest released xjc-utils
     new bc97ca5  Remove a bunch of tab characters
     new 88b4bd9  [CXF-5225] Provide the Endpoint so conduit selectors can make a complete decision
     new 9fca2dc  Adding XKMS validate caching + some caching unit tests
     new 59af472  Cleanup the test dir or target balloons to HUGE sizes
     new 35a3e66  Renaming CXF attribute for the WSDL endpoint
     new 3630ffd  update catalog entries for api schemas
     new 92e9466  Make it possible to set up an XKMSInvoker with just an endpoint URL + a CXF bus
     new 2ca8135  Add a "cxf" frontend to the code generator.
     new 29186b6  Throw some more useful exceptions if it's not CXF that is picked up
     new 641eb0a  Fix a problem with extensors that don't allow anyAttribute
     new f4f4dda  With CXF 3.0, jaxb based wsdl extensions don't need to implement ExtensibilityElement
     new 07ea01d  The wsdl stuff in the jms transport is now completely optional.  Update the pom and OSGi manifests.
     new 8c09796  Don't print a stack trace and instead actually propogate the error to the main thread
     new 8c585b7  Split Activator
     new 6516e80  [CXF-5230]:Message element is not generated for exception class which extends Exception
     new e43079f  [CXF-5230]:Message element is not generated for exception class which extends Exception
     new dbdeafa  CXF-5228 Extending ProxyHelper to support combined classloader
     new 74c7255  [CXF-5219]:Apply patch from Kyle and add testcase
     new b3457ac  [CXF-5219]:Add missing files in previous commit
     new 02d4045  Fixing failing tests with restricted security policies
     new 4a92cb1  Update following recent merge to WSS4J
     new 7679625  Fix eclipse warning
     new b0a7dea  [CXF-5217] Set namspace to null if no schema found (assumes unqualified elements which is default for JAX-WS/JAXB)
     new 9cf4485  [CXF-5232] XLSTIn should not handle GET requests
     new 19e7643  Fix compile failures with latest wss4j
     new aa86b3a  [CXF-5231]NoSuchElementException in ClientFaultConverter when stack trace message contains line breaks
     new 6ba1c17  [CXF-5179] adding an optional id property to OAuth user subject, applying a patch on behalf of Thorsten Hoeger
     new b6e4110  [CXF-5226] Fixing a typo in RedirectionBasedGrantService to do with supporting public clients, thanks to Diarmuid Power
     new f4db015f [CXF-5065] Minor update for subresources not to lose their own Produces/Consumes annotations
     new 2b9558c  Check the service itself and the binding for the various JMS spec extensors and adjust those url's as well.
     new f97fd49  [CXF-5233] Allow responses to TOPIC's.  In the case of multiple services listening on a TOPIC, the client may get multiple responses (it will really just get the first one delivered to it), but it should be an allowable usecase as you could have a single service on the TOPIC
     new d11b7d2  [CXF-5209] Getting an audience parameter recognized by redirection-based grant handlers
     new 71af94f  [CXF-5209] Removing the getter
     new 5246522  The wss4j stuff now loads into Karaf fine, re-add to cxf feature
     new 5463750  [CXF-5234] Fix problem of simple frontend blueprint proxies not being parsed.
     new cd93045  [CXF-5232] Restricting XSLT interceptor GET check to the server side only to get in interceptors always working on the client side if needed
     new ffa23d0  Update the order of some of the elements to match the actual schema so the eclipse web.xml validator is happy
     new a9d3bce  Add frontEnd flag to enable errorless import into eclipse with java6/7 mix
     new b2b110b  Fix ut demo to also work with ws-discovery
     new cdd09e5  More updates to allow co-existence with ws-discovery
     new 226906c  [CXF-5135] Support for HTTPS configuraion
     new b5db68a  [CXF-5237]:Schema validatation doesn't work in mtom enabled provider service
     new 476ef1b  Support public clients having redirect URIs
     new b6287f7  [CXF-5236] Make most of OAuth2 model classes Serializable
     new 94ecbe62 [CXF-5239] Support for transient client secrets in auth code flow
     new e560cfe  [CXF-5241] Allow disabled chunking to actually work
     new 98db1cd  Fix NPE on GET requests
     new 9db3b49  Update to use ActiveMQ 5.8 for testing (and the pom changes should allow much easier change to 5.9
     new 3c349df  Fix sample poms
     new 2236f57  Add some protection around the factory loading
     new 0b5bd0f  [CXF-5240] Fixing JSONP out interceptor to check message OutputStream first, thanks to Vadim Beilin
     new 43fdd69  [CXF-5237]:Validate XMLStream with MSV validator
     new 5e63a91  Making it easy to disable JAXRS SpringResourceFactory calling lifecycle methods
     new 90b59e3  Add msv dependency to fix the build
     new 2bac37a  [CXF-5242] If using a topic for reply destination, leverage the Async setup to make sure a listener is setup ahead of time.
     new 8a0a27e  [CXF-5245] Improving the way SpringResourceFactory deals with lifecycle methods
     new df81f1b  [CXF-5245] Minor updates
     new 2c1345b  Hold onto the JMS wsdl URL strongly for the life of the test to make sure the proper wsdl is used.
     new 9a94d17  [CXF-5243,CXF-5244] Adding a test to confirm a stream can be obtained from the filter on the trunk, fixing issues with updating content or accept types
     new 02181b5  Also fixing client contexts to deal with streams
     new 1f82b3b  [CXF-5135] Updating client filter to return Client or Configuration
     new 676740a  One more update to do with updating InputStream
     new bc77da3  [CXF-5245] Updating the test to check that postConstruct was called only once
     new 38798e5  [CXF-5247] Support for BeanParam in rs client proxies
     new e46a8f0  Adding a serial version id to SamlUserSubject
     new 6ce6e42  Setting Jettison readNull property only if it is set to false
     new 88f227a  [CXF-5249] Adding a test where the request method is checked in container filter
     new 6930413  Fixing build following WSS4J merge
     new f77a9eb  [CXF-5246]Conflicting schema namespaces for services with same set of schema classes
     new e6a013a  [CXF-5189]Java transient modifier is ignored by JAXB databinding
     new cbff3a7  [CXF-5248] - Signed SAML assertion validation error w/ SupportingTokens only policy  - Added tests + some other bits and pieces
     new 1354bd0  Minor updates to CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet to make it simpler to override methods creating Application
     new 3665370  Fixing minimal_osgi demo
     new e8d08f0  One more minor update to CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet and the demo
     new 3409588  One more minor update to CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet and the demo, forgot the demo update
     new b8c8c6f  Minor XKMS changes
     new 59fe4dc  Update the version of the broker used for the sample
     new d251f7b  Fixing a checkstyle issue
     new 794d67b  Don't use the 3.0 only API if the 2.5.x version will work
     new 9fa2780  [CXF-5169] If MSV is not available, drop down to the much slower method Jim originally had. (no MSV OSGi bundles available yet)
     new 9b3bdde  remove the DOMUtils.readXML methods as all XML reading should be using StaxUtils
     new dff49ce  Making additional JAXB Context classes available to XKMSInvoker + fixing X509 File handler
     new b7440d2  Don't store EhCache elements on disk for XKMS
     new 0ba5fd4  Add jcl-over-slf4j
     new ccc7ad5  [CXF-5225] Also add the request context information (like ENDPOINT_ADDRESS)
     new 415fc29  [CXF-5251] - Implement more stringent requirements on allowing OnBehalfOf/ActAs in the STS
     new 0a7a0d0  [CXF-5135] Using default binding name when creating client interceptors to prevent NPE
     new dcce03b  [CXF-5253] Updating JPA visitor to support exact match for non wildcard strings by default
     new fb58225  [CXF-5250] - Too long the cer file name generated by XKMS service
     new 05ea22e  [CXF-5251] - A revised version of this patch following some comments by Oli
     new e7792f3  [CXF-5253] Also using notLike for wildcard strings
     new f337d24  [CXF-5255] - Support revocation lists in the XKMS Service
     new a02bfac  Another attempt to bypass JAX-RS RuntimeDelegate
     new 19e99e2  Reporting correct exception if Response.readEntity finds no readers
     new 51814b3  [CXF-5135] Adding a missing NPE guard to AsyncInvokerImpl
     new 23f8e62  [CXF-5135] Adding Feature instances to the list of configuration instances
     new 2065758  CXF-5259 Workaround for xkms bug in Eclipse RCP
     new 7125337  CXF-5260 Move CryptoProviderFactory to common
     new 8578e3c  CXF-5260 Move CryptoProviderFactory to common
     new 683fa92  CXF-2118 Add JMX support for CloseSequence on source sequence and TerminateSequence on destination sequence. CXF-371 Correct CreateSequence/Offer to include required Endpoint element (blocked interop with .Net)
     new 9054877  Remove unused namespace.
     new 177b53e  Minimiaing a need to use servlet api on the client side when reading form response
     new f179d14  [CXF-5135] Updating Response.readEntity to support reading entities of diff types if IS has been buffered
     new 4eecccb  CXF-5260 Fixing XKMSTest
     new bf459ec  [CXF-5135] Defaulting to forward slash if target address is empty
     new 7b87544  [CXF-5262] Updating Reader and Writer contexts to select new providers if needed
     new 324da3c  Remove an now unneeded check in JaxWsProxyFactoryBean and move the service interface to the end to try and make the classloaders more reliable.
     new 044067d  Fixing XKMS CRL checking in JDK 1.7 + re-enabling test
     new 4dc006c  Guard against an invalid URI
     new 16a4296  Don't do the custom check that no longer seems to be working
     new 0ab710d  [CXF-5257] Set the JMS expiration header
     new abe9a7e  [CXF-4999] Make sure the endpoint property is set even if wsdlLocation is null
     new 4e8f85d  CXF-5265 Fixed the issue that Netty Http transport can handler ?wsdl request rightly
     new 8f466d8  [CXF-4381] Updating DOM4JProvider to better support custom media types
     new d15d766  Always validate CertPath
     new e3bc99d  Added an unit test in netty-server transport
     new b361f68  CXF-5259 Allow to create crypto provider without fallback. Separate factory for client from XKMSInvoker
     new 85b8f22  [CXF-5255] - Finished with CRL support in XKMS
     new 29602f4  [CXF-5270] - XKMS Crypto Client does not check local keystore for "locate" if the alias is actually a Subject DN
     new f57a75a  CXF-5259 Adding two factory methods and exporting impl package again
     new 74cba45  CXF-5259 Make sure correct symbolic name is used
     new 8418d85  Use maven bundle default for symbolic name
     new d369abd  CXF-5255 Fix in revocation list lookup
     new 3c055b7  Add the ability to return roles from a TokenValidator. Return roles by default from the SAMLTokenValidator. Set the roles on the TokenDelegationHandler.
     new eb82558  Check local cache first for IssuerSerial
     new 54d6b5e  [CXF-5268] If we've determined the proper operation out of the WSDL, go ahead an use it. This removes a bunch of hacks that were scattered in the soap binding and ws-addressing impl.
     new 56c17b5  [CXF-5135] Resetting buffered streams after a client reader returns an object can have side-effects
     new a6939ef  [CXF-5135] ResponseImpl should resolve relative Links against client request URI
     new 2ba301b  [CXF-5271] Fix when the CLIENT_CREATED event is fired
     new c558a96  Initialize the class to make sure it and anything it depends on can be found.
     new 75da7cb  [CXF-5271] JAXRS server should act like the JAXWS server
     new 1ab3a29  The service class classloader must be part of the loader.
     new c9a267b  CXF-5272 fixed the NPE issue which caused camel-cxf endpoint cannot be started in Blueprint with ClientPolicy is set
     new c11f460  CXF-5273 polish the code of WSDLGetInterceptor
     new efe8afa  CXF-5255 Add crl config in default xkms config
     new 6166f14  CXF-2118 Add support and test for source sequence termination via JMX call CXF-5274 Add support and test for source sequence message acknowledgment notifications via JMX
     new cc35b8c  Make it easier to relax the AudienceRestriction requirement for OnBehalfOf SAML Tokens
     new b3c07db  Update some bundle versions
     new c3ce44b  [CXF-5276] Updating TransformOutInterceptor to ignore the messages if transform.skip property is set
     new a5b6a88  [CXF-5280] wsdl2java may fail to extract the wsma:Action attribute value
     new d555b3c  CXF-5273 should not remove the interceptor base on the Phase
     new 47fd08d  Improved logging in WS-Security handling
     new da11d49  Set the audience restriction check in the STS to "false" by default
     new 4b2c552  Getting rid of the last two static UriBuilder calls in the client runtime
     new cadd8ac  [CXF-5278][CXF-3932] - STS Renew returns incorrect lifetime  - RSTR Lifetime element sets current time in Created element
     new a078510  [CXF-5277] - "ConditionsProvider receives limited information from SAMLTokenRenewer"
     new 92e17fb  [CXF-5268] Force everything to doc/lit/bare for provider/dispatch things
     new d6bde1b  [CXF-5189] Make some more attemps at mapping some of the fields, particular those with XmlAttribute.
     new 8642997  Revert back to the 2.7.6 classloader stuff for creating the proxy.  Its thus no worse than 2.7.6.  May need to re-look at this later.
     new 47a0908  CXF-5281 Netty Http Server should enable the reuseAddress option
     new 22148f9  Encrypt the UsernameToken rather than the Timestamp in the sample
     new d3fa179  Remove the minimal and jaxrs bundles
     new 43efdb5  Remove the big bundle from the distro
     new 9f8e987  CXF-5284 Importing correct package version, catching throwable to not interrupt main execution
     new 84d4f48  CXF-5284 Switch order of interfaces in proxy call
     new 02ffbdc  Fix tck failure due to double wrapping JAXBElements
     new 08491d5  Fix TCK failure.  TCK doesn't like the HTTP method being available on the client side.
     new 7296273  Remove println
     new fa77513  [CXF-5285] Always returning a modifiable map from WSDLGenerator getLocationsMap
     new 18b5bd9  [CXF-5290] jaxb's databinding to support an option to not include specific namespace declarations when marshalling
     new b541d60  CXF-5281 fixed the netty-server transport restart issue
     new ed0c4b5  Make sure we return the EXACT class object for the names classes, check system classloader AFTER all the others.
     new c492f6c  Also reverse the order in the simple frontend
     new bdec087  [CXF-5291] - Only activate ws-security caching if it is required
     new 915a398  Allow "signatureUser" to be configured instead of "user".
     new 8fda22f  [CXF-5291] - Only activate caching for ws-security for the stax layer as well.
     new e5e491a  [CXF-4442] - Process OneTimeUse element of SAML assertion
     new cba9f70  [CXF-4442] - StAX support
     new 6be6b3f  If JAX-RS Destination Factory is auto-discovered then set the related property
     new bce66cb  Reverting the earlier change to UriBuilder path method accepting Class and method name, cloning resolved vars info too
     new 440d9fb  HttpHeadersImpl can not ignore multiple list values, not a problem on the server, problem with Response.abortWith and filters
     new c7bf868  [CXF-5135] Various fixes related to the use of filters in client api
     new bd88de7  [CXF-5135] More fixes bound to the trunk only
     new 4eb0218  [CXF-4543] - Encode multi value claims as multi-value saml attribute
     new f1c3bf9  [CXF-5296] Correctly parsing custom params with semicolon, dealing with missing token_type parameters
     new a699418  [CXF-5289] WadlGenerator misses class-level Description annotations in some cases
     new 9c3b59f  Compilation fixes after recent WSS4J change to SAML's AttributeBean
     new 459299a  [CXF-5299] SearchBean can not capture properties with dots, patch from Nikolay Blindov applied
     new d83ab4e  Forgot to add an rs xml security test where Response.readEntity is used
     new 18caf87  [CXF-5300] Trying to map exceptions thrown from in or out interceptors to JAX-RS Response
     new 3cdef91  [CXF-5300] Adding a missing test resource
     new 94fd7c1  [CXF-5301] Adding the name of the root to existing arrayKeys if root if array is needed and the root is dropped in JSON
     new 16ed4ea  Compilation fixes following on from recent merge to WSS4J
     new 7540d85  [CXF-5122] Using URI.resolve to resolve relative redirects, and optionally restricting a number of redirects
     new e2e20c5  [CXF-5294] Write all the detail elements out. Patch from Jens Granseuer applied
     new b656ec8  [CXF-5287] Fix for possible NPE in maven plugins Patch from Nickolay Martinov applied in multiple places
     new b41487d  [CXF-5286] Use a hash of the URL for the marker file to keep file name shorter and also allow for all kinds of funky characters.
     new 3e4683b  [CXF-5305] - STSClient does not send Renewing element in renewal RequestSecurityToken message
     new ebbb056  [CXF-4934] In some cases the type erasure results in JAXRSInvoker failing to find a proxy method
     new 24c8bdd  [CXF-5215] Fix problem with certain path names on Windows in the codegen plugin Patch from Grzegorz Grzybek applied
     new 168619b  [CXF-5307]:Add DecoupledFaultHandler for request-response message when decoupled fault is supported
     new fc277fb  XKMSCrypto: Introduced allowX509FromJKS property, simplified XKMSCryptoProvider implementation
     new 4886e25  Added support for configuring WS-Security actions individually via "HandlerActions"
     new 15af3fa  Added support for outbound streaming XPath
     new 433e438  Added another streaming WS-Security test
     new 3f6e485  Attaching standard Priority value to jaxrs security filters
     new 46a8e92  [CXF-5314] Initial/basic support for inFaultInterceptors in JAX-RS client runtime
     new 1022b96  [CXF-5300] CXF InInterceptor fault mapping is done by default on the trunk, optional in CXF 2.7.x
     new ef89633  Upgrading EhCache
     new 91b367b  Added a StAX XKMS test
     new 6c06fac  [CXF-5315] Getting JAX-RS 2.0 ParamConverters always checked first
     new 5484ef4  [CXF-5122] Removing a redundant MAX_AUTO_REDIRECT_COUNT property, initial update for getting the frontend clients in sync after the transport changes the target address
     new 0ed88c5  Added some streaming ws-security tests + removed "self-sign" JAX-WS property
     new 21c1549  Fixing rs-security build failure
     new 434e0a1  [CXF-5317] - Policy exception handler throws away useful exception stack trace
     new 77ea0eb  Added more SAML streaming stuff
     new f360f14  A fix to get inbound security processing working with the streaming STS
     new bcb2973  Fixing some "Strict" ordering streaming security tests
     new f9d34aa  Only skip action checking on a Fault for a client
     new 40bc1bd  A bunch of bug fixes for streaming IssuedTokens + some tests
     new 57270b2  Fixed a couple of streaming WS-Security bugs + added some tests
     new 9f0a203  In some cases, setting the context of the bus could cause another listener to ask for the bus causeing a second bus to be created.   Make sure the current one is registered BEFORE calling the setContext
     new a18be4f  Update to the latest http async stuff (SNAPSHOT for now, release should be very shortly) to help test it.
     new c232974  [CXF-5319] Minor simplification to WADLGenerator when JSON is requested
     new a3eeadb  [CXF-5322] Fix warning for propOrder Patch from  Lars Geidel applied
     new 75d0b12  [CXF-5306] If an out of band header part has the same name as a regular part, there can be confusion as to what get's written out where.
     new 9c81eb8  Update to streaming ws-security code following recent merge to WSS4J
     new 7d3bc77  [CXF-5326] Fix references to the wrong DOMUtils
     new 800f8f6  Use new interfaces and such for test and make sure the clients are properly closed
     new 003518b  remove an unused chunk of code
     new 849a7d8  Added a working streaming (client) derived symmetric test
     new 44b25eb  Some bug fixes + enabled some more streaming derived tests
     new 2d2800b  Added a SPNEGO EncryptBeforeSigning Test
     new 29cb0ed  WSDLtoCorba: handling different forms of sequences
     new 82292bf  [CXF-5254] Correct handling of wrapped and unwrapped sequences
     new b6c6864  [CXF-5329] Make sure the wsn bus gets registered as a service Patch from Sebastian Ruhl applied
     new 9881dc2  Some fixes following from some WSS4J work
     new 873f7a5  CXF-5105 - basic support for using WS-RM over WS-SecureConversation
     new 1584291  More streaming bug fixes + added some streaming SPNEGO tests
     new cb20bf3  Bug fixes for an Encrypted SAML assertion case
     new c95370e  Enabling some WS-SecureConversation streaming tests
     new e5f6697  Use the interface when possible
     new a925d01  Fix compile failures
     new 98d04f0  Change default setting of wsrm-mgr:sequenceTerminationPolicy terminateOnShutdown to true, as per email discussions
     new 98aa9b1  Adding some more streaming tests
     new f6b89fb  Experiment with using Parameterized tests instead of a big loop
     new afe5dfa  [CXF-5334] Make sure we specify text/xml for the wsdl/xsd gets.
     new f68e1d7  Enabled more tests
     new 3bcf569  More work on streaming STS test-cases
     new 6242c05  [CXF-5335] - Incorrect handle of ws-policy 1.1 (Incorrect inclusion value: null)
     new 711619f  Adding more streaming STS systests following a fix for WSS-479
     new 6f7ec44  More streaming WS-Security work
     new 8384142  Some STS tests
     new 43ccd74  [CXF-5332] Fix issues of treating strings starting with # as references in all cases.
     new 2ca6a5e  Some bug fixes + test updates
     new 8f912c25 Enabled streaming SAML InitiatorToken tests
     new 63ee16d  Update policy stuff to pass the current message in when appropriate so AlternativeSelector can consider contextual information while selecting a policy.
     new cf83a69  Get empty responses being sent back with local transport
     new bc2c0c9  If the dispatch throws an excpetion (likely from the fault out chain), try to do something smart with it.
     new b04f7ed  Close control too soon
     new edac8fb  Adding more local transport tests
     new 2db2973  [CXF-5336] Various WADLGenerator improvements
     new d1fdca8  JSON & DOM4J providers should support composite JSON media types by default
     new 1c1441f  Fix some of the locking in RMManager to prevent some deadlocks on close where a shutdown would ask to terminate the sequence, but we could not process the sequence ack on the decoupled channel.
     new fc3e644  Removed unnecessary configuratioj
     new 0739099  Updating JAXRS20 test to check methods in client filters
     new 885290d  Some fixes to allow streaming SecureConversation for the inbound server case
     new 5588578  Fixing Cancel policy calculation for the streaming case
     new c087020  Make sure the STS endpoint has the correct action and structure for the Cancel
     new 981c480  [CXF-5331] Adding Serializable to Property and Permission
     new ad658a1  Fixed some streaming SecureConversation tests
     new 901d2a5  [CXF-5325] More updates to get contextual information available for policy alternative selection
     new 9941a6b  Adding some streaming SecureConversation tests
     new e4fd50f  Added more tests
     new 1353a31  Added more streaming SAML tests
     new 6d22caf  Added streaming SPNEGO tests
     new f78c362  Fixed an error when trying to cancel a token
     new 03630b2  [CXF-5343,CXF-5316] Updating the phase of ClientRequestFilterInterceptor, adding a test to confirm that changing Content-Type in server filter affects the method selection
     new e65e658  After resetting the endpoint to the STS endpoint, recalc the Operation based on the soap action.
     new fe69b42  More SecureConveration changes, already applied on 2.7.x + 2.6.x
     new 2dd8cba  Remove a println
     new 7bf00ff  Set the correct element name for the response.
     new 3a90759  [CXF-5337] Relaxing HttpCondiit to allow DELETE with bodies
     new 368e84c  [CXF-5342] Making it possible to pass relative XSI locations
     new 07c97db  Fixing Cancel operation for SecureConversation
     new aa560f4  Consolidated some common code between DOM + StAX WS-Security code
     new 329026e  Some fixes to the last commit
     new 0011b05  Added more security tests
     new 458b211  Updating test
     new bbc50bc  Re-enabling some Derived key streaming tests following the fix for WSS-480
     new 77517a1  CXF-5321 Use only joda time 2.x
     new 48ac8d6  Enabled some more derived tests
     new 8d1e26a  Fixing some more tests
     new 6e72d1e  [CXF-5328] Minor update to support the providers accepting primitive arrays
     new 100bf13  Fixing a derived streaming Kerberos test
     new fffba8c  Asserting more security policies on the outbound side
     new 7996bff  [CXF-5346] Making sure shared dynamic filters do not interfere with non-target operation bindings
     new 3acbca4  Add a copy consructor
     new e3d8ccc  Add some NPE guards
     new 775079c  If something on the ws-discovery network throws a fault, ignore and continue getting the probematches responses
     new acc23eb  CXF-5359 reload xkms client on config changes
     new 617f73c  Add a test case to make sure multiple messages coming back are received and processed.
     new 1eb6d6c  [CXF-5354] Make sure the faultTo is used as the destination for the fault message
     new d5993e0  [CXF-5357] - Fix handling of bound character array
     new 85ff2ff  [CXF-5340] - Handling quoted literals and exception members
     new 3b2e71d  [CXF-5361] Attachments iterator may incorrectly handle its remove op
     new b08a5b0  CXF-5333 Supported to set the TLSClientParameters dynamically
     new d5c72f8  Added more SecureConversation tests + a fix for SecureConveration Endorsing with TLS
     new 9a321e7  Adding more SecureConversation tests
     new b626840  Some security refactoring
     new 7d801fa  More refactoring
     new f18544e  CXF-5333 polish the code of AsyncHTTPConduit
     new e9a8e89  CXF-5333 Polish the code of NettyHttpConduit
     new 6760726  Improve logging in tests
     new f1a4896  Correcting log path
     new 568ddf6  Use the snapshot for opensaml for right now
     new 07a7690  [CXF-5347] Making sure matrix params do not interfere with RequestPreprocessor handling extensions
     new d48dd90  Improved logging in XKMS trust chain validation
     new 79f8fca  [CXF-5365] Part 1: if woodstox cannot process the schemas, fallback to slower method. Part 2: If element doesn't have XOP elements, still validate.
     new 4ef48b9  Updates to cache the Woodstox schema grammer
     new 42bb91e  Just make the check for woodstox once.
     new 0cfba2c  [CXF-5080] Initial support for CXFBlueprintServlet, it has no Aries code deps
     new d88b16c  [CXF-5341] Committing patch from Rebecca Searls, thanks!
     new 16aa7aa  Added some functionality to the STS to get it working with streaming WS-Security
     new 78d67e6  Fixed [CXF-5369]: XKMS Crypto provider throws exceptions due not found certificate instead returning empty array
     new 5d51207  [CXF-5367] Work around some issues with MSV with included schemas
     new 2454187  Remove this check, no longer needed.
     new e2cf8e3  Make sure the "big bundle" is not an OSGi bundle so people use the individual bundles
     new 7294ff0  http async client is released
     new e01fc4a  This wasn't supposed to be committed as part of the other commit
     new 2ad3aac  [CXF-5366] DigestAuthSupplier should output the algorithm Patch from Evgeny Shakin applied
     new ea9f6ce  Fixing WS-SC Cancel operation + added unit tests
     new b1b9583  RequestDispatcherProvider should add prefix and extensions to the context paths when possible
     new 211d028  [CXF-5309] Initial support for JAX-RS BeanValidation, applying a patch from Andriy Redko with minor modifications
     new ea30dd4  [CXF-5371] Updating JAXRSInInterceptor to skip the rest of the in chain if Response is ready
     new e03882f  CXF-5372 ServerEngineFactoryHolder should release JAXB classes when it is destroyed
     new 021f781  CXF-5370 Refactor STS logging to split mapping from log writing
     new 93b78bb  [CXF-4987] - disables mtom silently
     new 4ad7f1c  [CXF-5048] - StaticSTSProperties class requires a CXF message context to initialize using configure() method
     new 53d80e1  Upgrading to use WSS4J 2.0-beta release
     new 10ee439  [CXF-5355] Initial support in WadlGenerator for XmlSeeAlso
     new 15ce0c3  [CXF-5355] Making sure substitutions do not interfere with xsi:type
     new c7f4ce2  [CXF-5309] Updating the system test to test the annotation inheritance, pacth from Andriy Redko applied
     new ec3dc63  [CXF-5309] Validation for response entities wrapped in JAX-RS Response
     new 65083f3  Adding a null check to the code creating new HttpClient
     new 27c1ff3  [CXF-5309] Fixing JAX-RS ExceptionMapper, patch from Andriy Redko applied
     new b94ce41  [CXF-5309] Getting JAXRS interceptors also impement 2.0 filters so that they can be applied from DynamicFeature
     new 1b0f8eb  [CXF-5309] Validating Response values only if Valid annotation is present, review comment from Andriy R.
     new b6e6a04  [CXF-5309] Optionally validating the service objects but only in the invoker for now
     new b091921  Minor update to XSLTJaxbProvider
     new ba6e362  [CXF-5309] Validating Response values only if Valid annotation is present: updating the invoker too
     new cdf849a  [CXF-5355] Allowing for XMLRootElement when checking XmlSeeAlso if the class is abstract
     new 724458f  Adding a JIRA number for a failing test
     new 0189dc6  Added some tests + some fixes for configuring the STSClient via the WSDL of the WSP
     new b41e50e  Fixing test warning
     new 19322e3  [CXF-5379]introduce cxf swagger feature
     new db32813  Excluding validation api in rt/extensions/search
     new db872c2  [CXF-5380] Better support for xsi:type
     new 646618c  [CXF-5308, CXF-5309] Adding simple interceptors expecting the singleton service object being injected directly into them from Spring/etc
     new 349a7b6  [CXF-5309] Optionally reporting more parameter info during the exception processing
     new 58b7407  Removed tabs from WSDLs + .xml files + re-indented with 4-spaces
     new 08d5e15  [CXF-5377] Check REQUEST_URI if no REQUEST_URL property is available
     new c2ee7f5  [CXF-5308,CXF-5309] Removing Simple interceptors, making abstract in/put interceptors as public and ready to use when a service object can be injected
     new 56990a6  [CXF-5379]mark swagger dependency as optional|use relative context path|remove potential concurrent thread issue
     new 39467e3  [CXF-5379]move SwaggerFeature into rt/rs/description module
     new adfb0d1  [CXF-5379] Actually removing SwaggerFeature from the jaxrs frontend on the trunk
     new e664599  Update to released versions
     new b03c140  Finer grained locking in ExtensionManagerImpl, just lock on the extension being considered.
     new b583dcd  The 2.5.1 version of eclipse moxy was released, snapshots no longer avail
     new 0646fdb  Adding stax sample to build
     new a1eb9a0  [CXF-5368] Using a dedicated Content-Disposition handler to avoid issues with filename parameters containing ';'
     new 1c96e19  Get a bit furthur with MOXy by fixing some tests to not use hard coded strings
     new e24ab14  FIx test and remove println
     new b94129c  [CXF-5309] Optionally importing validation api in OSGI
     new b5c38cc  Make the thread bus holders final so the jit can optimize the accesses better.
     new c167490  [CXF-5368] Check for both filename and name in Content-Disposition
     new eb5e7a5  Make sure the validation dep is marked optional
     new bfa2514  [CXF-5378] Optional support for the failover feature reacting to HTTP errors
     new a284f9e  [CXF-5381] Fix problems detecting overlays when elements of same name are stuck in an overlay element.
     new 61adb14  [CXF-5373] Suspending continuations does not work if the current thread is different to the one which holds PhaseInterceptorChain lock
     new b09ddad  [CXF-5384] Make AccessTokenGrant implement Serializable
     new ae1212c  [CXF-5309] Support for custom ParameterNameProviders (patch from Andriy Redko), and adding more configuration support
     new 6a8283e  [CXF-5378] Failover feature should not be activated in case of transport client errors
     new 9e17d8a  [CXF-5309] Fixing the typo in one of ValidationProvider constructors
     new 333ec93  Adding system tests for the WS-Security Soap With Attachments profile
     new dddd440  [CXF-5373] More generic solution to a custom executor thread deadlock issue
     new fbc4ff5  [CXF-5385] Updating JAXRSUtils to use JAX-RS 1.1 Response.getMetadata instead of 2.0 Response.getHeaders
     new 81726a1  Adding an option to run Server instances in the in-process mode
     new 9b03618  Reverting the change to testutils
     new 3b86cba  [CXF-5373] Initial attempt at PhaseInterceptorChain.getCurrentMessage() working in the custom executor threads
     new 0981f0b  [CXF-5373] Removing the temp Exception block added to ServiceInvokerInterceptor
     new b013386  Adding @Ignore'd tests for SwA negative tests
     new 414dcf6  [CXF-5373] Minor update to PhaseInterceptorChain to support cases (possibly unlikely) of pahse chains having a single interceptor only
     new 417a181  [CXF-5309] Adding another patch from Andriy, with few minor updates
     new 11bccec  Fixing a bug with the streaming SymmetricBinding when there are no EncryptedParts
     new 0b3894f  [CXF-5390] DeflaterEncoderDecoder needs to throw the exception if the inflator can not finish the process
     new ec154bd  Updating the specs version to 2.3.0
     new 3adfb76  Fix a problem of generating stuff that shouldn't be generated
     new cd3c7cd  [CXF-5375] Use the javadoc plugin to help with better javadoc
     new 60668f7  Adding more @Ignore'd SWA tests
     new f613754  [CXF-5153] Disabling servlet address updates by default on the trunk only
     new 8c96de1  [CXF-5153] Actual servlet controller update
     new f37752a  Cleanup the runtime folder to prevent target dir from ballooning
     new dea8b64  Update some versions
     new 350901f  Add javadoc plugin
     new 1ed93a6  [CXF-5394] URL encoding the scope returned as a fragment
     new 385cb45  [CXF-5394] Reordering a bit the implicit scope response parameters to make it closer to the spec example
     new 3cebf41  ASM version check from 2.7.x
     new b070907  [CXF-5396] Fixing a bad typo introduced during the recent refactoring
     new b384af5  test fix in systests/transports
     new 73bba21  [CXF-5391] Response code is not logged for SOAP responses
     new c113cf0  [CXF-5377] More updates for Logging interceptors to better report the request URI for non-HTTP transports
     new eb4e91a  [CXF-5377] Updating LoggingInInterceptor to try to log the request URI even if REQUEST_URI is not set
     new 0877b2a  [CXF-5399] Moving WebClient.query to Client
     new 0c46762  [CXF-5386] Updating WadlGenerator to recognize multipart InputStream parameters
     new 382d6f7  Adding some streaming SwA security system tests + a fix for adding the SwaInInterceptor after the StaxEndingInInterceptor
     new d4ab2f9  Add the Content-ID as a header
     new 8aeecbe  [CXF-5400] Propagating SearchParseException by default
     new 31c0053  [CXF-5400] Removing redundant test assert
     new 106b942  [CXF-5383] Remove extra ; that shouldn't be there.
     new 9c4675b  [CXF-5392] Ability to set validation handlers on the writers Modified patch from Joe Wertz applied
     new 383a0f5  [CXF-5258] If a type is a collection, keep it as a collection type.
     new c2016c0  [CXF-5402] Propagating the exceptions from the resource owner handler
     new 3c731fb  [CXF-5405] WS-RM with anonymous endpoint throwing security policy validation exception for SequenceAck
     new 48cf4d7  Make the SecurityToken.principal non-transient
     new 045d3c0  [CXF-5404,CXF-5406] Fixing NPE and ClassCastException when reading entries with no content or without 'type' parameter
     new 8c96713  [CXF-5401] Response entity validation, patch from Andriy Redko applied, with few more updates
     new 9db7dec  [CXF-5308] Making the nest effort in AbstractValidationInterceptor to get a singleton service object, introducing ValidationFeature
     new 0fcb493  Update release notes for 3.0.0-milestone1
     new e7a5427  Adding some initial tests for MTOM with WS-Security
     new 68489a7  simplify the boolean exp for AbstractHTTPDestniation.hasNotResponseContent
     new 32aea34  Get the grizzly container tests to pass.
     new f761107  Use staged release for now
     new faa5a8f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-3.0.0-milestone1
     new 800598f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 185f674  Back to snapshot until rlease
     new b37837f  Updating WebClient to let JAX-RS 2.0 WebClient or InvocationBuilder to get to the lower-level CXF configuration too
     new 535917e  Adding an ApacheBVal dep in comments to make it easier to swicth when needed
     new 935ec15  [CXF-5409] Make response code be included in logging for LocalTransport
     new 86a69a6  move xkms-itests to run after cxf-feature is built
     new 836b08e  Adding some negative tests (@Ignore'd for now) for WS-SecurityPolicy streaming SwA
     new 6351c76  Fixing tests related to WSS-482
     new 2fd68d8  AsyncResponse parameters should have @Suspended annotations for the suspended continuations be actually activated bound per the spec
     new fce0ce3  [CXF-5387] Added property to relax validation of SOAP Action in case if it not specified in WSDL/service model
     new 3d21022  [CXF-5414] If a continuation is complete, make sure we let he container know so timeouts will cancel.
     new cfbe894  [CXF-5414] Removing AsyncResponse.reset call from JAX-RS OutInterceptor
     new 880377a  [CXF-5415] Escaping service and operation names when needed
     new 7521ad6  Reduce some duplicate code between the various HTTP providers
     new ae039d5  [CXF-5418] WebClient should have only absolute path exclusing the queries added to its syntesized QName
     new 8d78131  test case for CXF-5409
     new 4a876e0  Verified two tests work with the fix for WSS-484
     new c6efa27  Switching to WSS4J 2.0-SNAPSHOT again. Added support for SOAP with Attachments
     new 5ef45a1  [CXF-5421] Making the servlet api dependency optional in OAuth poms
     new ecf2fdb  Fixing JAXRSClientServerBookTest
     new 6502de3  Re-enabling tests following WSS4J upgrade
     new e61bfa7  Log original exception in case if inbound policy verification is failed. Simplifies problem analysis.
     new 086b116  [CXF-5420] - Issue with EhCacheTokenStore using default LRU.
     new f73a878  [CXF-5420] - Forgot to add this in for one place on trunk
     new e68bd71  [CXF-5309] Adding 'Bean' to most of CXF classes supporting Bean Validation
     new a9f3c94  [CXF-5426] Avoiding the explicit casts when reading data with Response and WebClient
     new c873f99  Make sure we use the constructor that takes the message to work around an issue in geromino-specs stax-api
     new 02df8d6  Don't set to "null" as that then creates a DefaultValidationEventHandler which prints things out to System.out.
     new 5c43ede  Use our Stax XML parsing for all the parsing to prevent global locks on sax factories and provide more security
     new 9a2fe57  Release is done
     new 6ffe710  Fixing a regression on the trunk to do with listing all JAX-RS resources
     new cda59ba  Using parameterized tests for STS basic systests
     new 9a20282  Removing the test code printing the data to the out stream
     new 9603da4  Adding parameterized tests for the WS-Security example systests
     new b509ba6  Partial switch to use parameterized tests in systests/ws-security
     new e64947f  [CXF-5408] Dealing with escaped exceptions in JAXRSDefaultFaultOutInterceptor
     new e25741b  Finished porting the WS-Security system tests to use parameterized tests
     new c2eff32  Fixing cert constraint test with the streaming code
     new 22ac320  Re-enabling some failing tests that now pass
     new 3207e88  move xkms-itests to run after karaf-commands is built
     new 3b0aae2  Adding streaming STS system tests to the STS basic system test suite
     new ad82b0b  Fixing samples
     new 48f200d  Don't serialize SecurityToken secrets
     new 01ad820  [CXF-5308] Adding a basic test showing the same bean validated on RS & WS paths
     new d0f4012  An update following a recent merge to WSS4J
     new 75a584d  [CXF-5433] Fixing the issue with mapping Multipart types to primitive values
     new 2246e13  [CXF-5430] Making it possible to register a custom parser
     new 0072de6  [CXF-5430] Making a parser property simpler
     new 006892d  Added a streaming STS Token Validator + a bunch of STS tests
     new 966ca86  Downgrading test log
     new d89b292  Add a test for validating SAML Tokens to the STS
     new da8972f  Some updates to do with the request state clean-up on the JAX-RS path
     new f6207d0  Minor update to JAXRSInvoker
     new e45f3e5  Upgrading to BouncyCastle 1.50
     new 40a2c68  More advanced STS systests
     new eff0fa9  fix file prop
     new a754fec  [CXF-5309] Minor updates to JAX-RS bean validators
     new cf91531  Removing redundant Provider annotation from PathSegmentImpl
     new 3ef21c8  [CXF-4199] Starting with the auto-discovery of service providers work, patch from Andriy Redko applied
     new a8859f4  [CXF-5435] WS-RM's retranmission should call conduit.close(message) after successful retransmission
     new 1fc25ea  Finished with STS system test refactoring
     new e6cb482  [CXF-5427] Change ClientFaultConverter to be an AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor to leverage the calls for the get readers that would setup validation and such.
     new 32fd2f7  [CXF-5425] Fix a problem where the client may end up being null with a multi-threaded test.
     new 97afa21  [CXF-5437]:JAXBDataBinding can not handle the exception with generic objects like ObjectWithGenerics<Boolean, Integer>
     new e87f553  Making FIQL SearchConditionBuilder more extensible, patch from Francesco Chicchiriccò applied
     new f42f6b6  [CXF-3725] Optional autodiscovery of JAX-RS root resources, patch from Andriy Redko applied
     new 8bc5579  [CXF-5440] NPE is thrown at http conduit's authorization setting in BP
     new 536f0c9  [CXF-3725] Adding utility SpringResourceServer based on the code fragment provided by Vladimir Kulev
     new eec9d19  [CXF-3725] Renaming a server creation method in SpringResourceServer, pointed out by Paul Wilson
     new a72f421  [CXF-3725] Optionally restricting the bean names in SpringResourceServer
     new 1cb3c15  Largish refactor of streaming security configuration
     new f3497b0  fix for 3.0.x
     new 8115b31  Commenting out failing tests for now
     new 4d392f1  Fix test failure
     new ee1f819  [CXF-5434] Fix some issues where a reply may attempt to be sent to the "none" address.
     new 818363f  Prepare the feature for [CXF-5443], STS Symmetric HOK: using server endpoint (AppliesTo) as certificate identifier to encrypt symmetric key
     new c227422  Blocking namespaces in writeAttribute methods in IgnoreNamespaceWriter
     new 120428d  [CXF-5445] Adding a JSONProvider test
     new 1474bc3  [CXF-5446] Removing hardcoded client-side long timeouts from systests/jaxrs
     new 4c343aa  Fixed a bug in the WS-Security layer + re-enabled some tests
     new 5db6a03  Improved error message
     new 961e8a7  Minor updates to JAX-RS Spring server
     new 3b21a29  Spelling correction
     new 629713a  Minor refactor
     new 2b33266  [CXF-5447] Checking for empty byte arrays to prevent POST issues over HTTPUrlConnection
     new 9e27007  Disabling the validation in persistence.xml to get JPA2 tests running in the studio
     new 10d86cf  [CXF-5450] Fix some issues with SAAJ + Provider/Dispatch + Headers causing out of memory errors
     new a527260  Fix CS error
     new 9c7f0ee  Externalizing Configuration resource as per example in CXF-5448, few other changes
     new b5aff34  Fixing some tests following WSS-481 fix
     new cb178ee  [CXF-5452] Adding a missing entity argument in one of SyncInvokerImpl post methods
     new 1d9c6ac  [CXF-5447] Adding a test depending on the empty request property
     new accafce  add systest for CXF-5405
     new 07413be  remove unused pkg imports from test of CXF-5405
     new 47d5bb4  [CXF-5453] Support for beans with interfaces
     new ed20495  [CXF-5454] Latest Jetty does not like empty -D params
     new 8507fd5  Fix a javadoc warning
     new ec9c41e  [CXF-5455] Make sure we use the correct service/port impl when generating the server
     new ba3ffb1  [CXF-5456] Use the port name for the impl.  Not backportable.
     new 88d83b5  Fixing a typo in JAXBElementProvider
     new 0e7bb9c  Added a test-case for a problem with streaming SOAP Faults
     new e10f669  [CXF-4199] Introducing ClasspathScanner utility, slightly modified patch from Andriy Redko applied
     new 820b246  Skip action checking/policy asserting for the streaming code when we have a SOAP Fault with no security header for the initiator
     new 60fec6d  [CXF-5324] Optimizing schema lookups in case of many schema resources
     new 12eda4f  Fixed a failing streaming WS-Security test
     new 80eefb2  [CXF-4199] Auto-discovery support for Spring jaxrs:client, patch from Andriy Redko applied
     new 330d7a9  Fixing streaming ws-security sample
     new c2d1027  Fixing build...
     new 276c35e  [CXF-5458] - TokenValidator instances don't set MessageContext on RequestData
     new f9b4939  Updating JAX-RS proxies to buffer Response if requested
     new b4b9a01  Validation fix in the STS
     new 0fdc68f  [CXF-5463] Update Jettion version to 1.3.5
     new a82d9b4  [CXF-5461] Add ws-securitypolicy-1.2.xsd to rt-ws-policy's schema resolution
     new c96aec0  fix url for CXF-5461
     new 14e827d  Updating JSONProvider to check more properties on MessageContext
     new a4a5b4f  Also engage the WSS4J policy handlers on a SignedParts policy, in case we have no binding
     new bd16e0e  [CXF-5423] Setting correct bus and loader before the client invocation
     new 236926c  [CXF-5467] Hazelcast Tokenstore configuration with Spring
     new b573206  [CXF-5459] some ws-policy related schmeas are not resolved in spring
     new f560c62  [CXF-5468] - Upgrade osgi itests to pax exam 3.4.0 and karaf 2.3.3
     new d85ccc5  [CXF-5465] policy.xsd used in rt-ws-policy's blueprint configuration is inconsistent
     new 99a0584  Refactoring FailoverTargetsSelector a bit to make it simpler to customize it, based on the feedback from Jacek Obarymski
     new 76e6684  Upgrading Opensaml dependencies
     new c689308  [CXF-5469] Removing HttpServletRequest cast from JsonpInInterceptor
     new 18ae0bd  [CXF-4736] Using activator to publish blueprint namespace handlers, making aries blueprint optional. Adding OSGi tests
     new 7b2020d  [CXF-4736] Switching jaxws frontend to use activator instead of blueprint context
     new 0ea2ba9  [CXF-5469] Fixing a typo on JsonpInInterceptor
     new 1d0b185  [CXF-5449] Updating FiqlParser to better deal with the deeply nested queries
     new a6bb663  Temporarily removing http-hc dependency from systest jaxrs
     new 0ff365a  Adding optional delays to async tests
     new 12c910c  Adding the http-hc dependency back, disabling all async tests depending on Future or InvocationCallback
     new 30a6fee  Asserting more security policies
     new f1474c7  Fixing policies to add a Inclusion Type
     new 66a2078  Updating OAuth2 Code Grant handler to support the last code verifier dratt
     new 14be17b  [CXF-5472] Making a digest-based code verifier check optional as per the latest draft
     new d32f56e  Reenabling all but negative async tests
     new fa76f6a  Autoclosing Response if the exception occurred, re-enabling all the async tests
     new 292bcb0  More Response cleanup on the JAX-RS client side
     new 6c6d8d6  Adding few more WebClient.close
     new dd78899  [CXF-5473] JAX-RS schema validation: interpret schema loading problems as exceptions instead warnings
     new b2cc4b2  [CXF-5424] Optionally loading the key info out of band
     new 6e35146  [CXF-5353] Initial attempt at scraping Java docs from HTML
     new b54be09  [CXF-5353] Updating JavaDocsHandler to pick up the right HTML resource
     new 40ea3f7  [CXF-5362] Moving servicelist.css resource to the package where it is actually used
     new 9720411  [CXF-5362] Allowing for more flexible setting of JAX-RS service beans and providers with the code suggested by Dan
     new 5dc29c1  [CXF-5443] STS Symmetric HOK: using server endpoint (AppliesTo) as certificate identifier to encrypt symmetric key
     new 31cf9c7  Temporary switch off XKMS endpoint lookup test
     new 910f4e9  [CXF-5353] Some more updates to JavaDocProvider
     new 5f321f0  [CXF-5443] STS Symmetric HOK: using server endpoint (AppliesTo) as certificate identifier to encrypt symmetric key
     new 1bf4c0c  [CXF-5480] - Element Id not unique in AbstractBindingBuilder
     new 3a962e4  Upgrade commons codec to 1.9
     new 11b4bed  Use ConcurrentHashMap as parent to make sure setting properties on the services/endpoints at the same time messages are processed won't result in exceptions
     new 461f8d7  Add a profile for java8 (doesn't build, several tooling tests fail)
     new 5753513  2.1.16 apparently has broken poms at central
     new 2e4a678  Improved XKMS validation error handling
     new e92859b  [CXF-5482]: XKMS: provide direct trust validator
     new 669aa67  Trivial spelling corrections
     new fb8061c  Start working on supporting Spring4.  Remove JMS102 stuff.
     new 0919edd  Remove the long since deprecated MethodDispatcher
     new 90ab5af  Remove the JAXBToString stuff that was moved to xjc subproject a long time ago
     new b34e1da  More work on removing the old MethodDispatcher
     new 68b0308  Remove the deprecated loading of the single workqueue config format.
     new 2e0b830  Remove method there just to support CXF 2.3.x style config
     new 93ea062  Remove another class that was moved to xjc-utils a long time ago
     new 8eb0e72  Remove some more deprectated stuff and unused properties
     new 883739a  Fix NPE on shutdown
     new fcc19c3  Remove the deprecated (and security problematic) URIMappingInterceptor
     new 90b9805  Fix a potential NPE
     new dd61195  [CXF-4736] Switch simple frontend to Activator for BP namespace
     new 888bfa0  Minor refactoring
     new 724bc94  [CXF-5484]JAASAuthenticationFilter cannot separate 3rdParty based on user/role
     new 473bbf6  CXF-5485 Fixed the Apache CXF kit bin directory access right issue
     new 64a23c3  XKMS: allowed access to XKMSInvoker, XKMSCryptoFactory and XKMSCryptoProvider
     new 1797749  More refactoring
     new cc56a00  Update to work with spring4
     new cae03a0  [CXF-5488]make basePath in SwaggerFeature configurable
     new 8204370  CXF-4736 Switching the rest of the bundles to use activator for blueprint namespaces
     new b7a111f  Switching to WSS4J 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 3fbce4d  Potential NPE fix
     new fa30f53  Added a streaming XML Security in-interceptor for JAX-RS endpoints + tests
     new 01c79cf  Re-enabling tests following fixes for WSS-468
     new 99674f2  Mark security processed for faults
     new 3120b93  Some javadoc warnings
     new 20767c6  [CXF-5387] Relax SOAPAction check in SoapActionInInterceptor
     new ac2f3f8  Properly enforce SignatureProperties for streaming inbound XML Security
     new dda04a0  Checking for policy exception messages in some streaming tests
     new e5d5f31  [CXF-5353] Minor update to get return info scraped up correctly for methods with no params
     new 8a1487c  Minor update to Kerberos filter
     new 6c3730e  Adding more policy error message checking
     new 7cbdd5a  Fixed some more WS-SecurityPolicy streaming tests
     new f4f50aa  Replacing deprecated API
     new 756994d  Fixing checkstyle
     new 885d450  Added support for LaxTsFirst policies for the DOM code
     new b941cb8  Updating Spring Security version to 3.2.0.RELEASE
     new dae56b9  CXF-4736 Switching the blueprint files for http and http-hc to activators to allow running without blueprint
     new 3c176a2  Send the KeySize for SecureConversation
     new eb1059d  CXF-4736 Updated httpasyncclient version to include bugfix for HTTPASYNC-65
     new 83cfa2f  Consolidating WS-Security DOM + StAX functionality into a single demo
     new cbd81c9  Adding streaming-based "ut" demo
     new b92558c  StAX-enabling ut_policy sample
     new de4148e  Stax-ifiying ut_sign sample
     new 148b185  [CXF-5494] Making sure '-' does not make it into the method names
     new 95fe720  [CXF-5494] Removing println
     new 201d185  Changed DefaultCryptoCoverageChecker to require UsernameTokens to be encrypted by default
     new b3b3cf8  Fixing sign_enc demo. Deleting ut_sign demo.
     new 4f2b18a  More updates to get camel case supported
     new 60e756d  Adding a README for WS-Security demos
     new c1d1ee3  Adding a WS-SecurityPolicy version of the sign_encr sample
     new 7c1daf4  [CXF-5495] Initial refactoring to JAX-RS SpringResourceServer based on the input from Paul Wilson and David Clark
     new 0e323f0  Standardizing security error messages
     new 1ddf740  Add more strict validation of X.509 tokens
     new 5bd5124  Allow returning Replay Attack messages
     new 6673546  Rolling back http async client to 4.0 for cxf 3 m2
     new cf391d0  Put a limit on the size of the output we record to limit memory usage for longer running tests that spit out a ton of info.
     new 605b602  [CXF-5500] Limit what get's logged from the conduit with FINE logging
     new 7fd02d1  [CXF-5498] Put a DOM level3 check around DOM level 3 API call
     new 1a0c4aa  [CXF-5493] DOMUtils isn't handling CDATASections when grabbing text content
     new 46fbc96  Added a @Ignore'd test for using SenderVouches Assertions with the STS
     new a3b3e70  [CXF-5491] If the ws-discovery service fails to startup as part of th a normal listener process, log the warning and continue so the real services won't block.
     new 1f60c6b  Fix some eclipse warnings
     new 508ed23  [CXF-5476] Add an NPE guard
     new cb3802f  [CXF-5442] Attempt to make sure no references are in place
     new 67de1e3  CXF-5501 NettyHttpServletPipelineFactory should shutdown the executor for running application
     new 296ff8e  [CXF-5417] Getting Servlet3Continuation callback on registered listener if client has disconnected, many thanks to Andriy Redko
     new 33fd35e  [CXF-5417] Fixing a typo, making sure a user can set IOException class name
     new e67ec6f  [CXF-5417] Minor optimization
     new ef82d41  [CXF-5503] - Adding support for IssuedTokens with SAML SenderVouches
     new 3456770  [CXF-5505] - Adding a test for using an STS with SenderVouches
     new ac0cb8f  Fixing build
     new 8d7f5e4  Fixing build II
     new 3314af3  Fixing token referencing problem with the AsymmetricBinding
     new d4ccde7  CXF-5505 SpringBus should shutdown the bus when the application context is closed
     new 78b1613  Adding streaming option to STS sample
     new 1ad113a  [CXF-5506] Make ws-addressing schema available during blueprint schema resolution
     new f580f39  Removing deprecated API from the STS
     new c79696b  Relaxing the service object and method checks in the out validation interceptors which should not run if the chain was forwarded to the outbound interceptor, thanks to Andriy Redko
     new 62b40da  [CXF-5507] Missing alternativeSelector handling in ws-policy feature's blueprint configuration
     new f28f777  CXF-5511 Moved the EventLoopGroup to NettyHttpConduitFactory
     new b51c93d  Add the ability to use SecurityTokenReferences returned by an STS in the streaming layer
     new 1275ffe  Refining a recent merge for security errors
     new 2dd4f36  [CXF-5513] Prototyping the utility code for supporting the encryption of bearer tokens
     new 118eceb  Fix pom
     new 60e5702  Add some dependencies for the features file so it gets "built" later in the build so then the osgi paxexam based tests get run later.
     new 2142e11  Make sure a BinarySecurityToken was processed by a WSS4J Validator before checking against the IssuedToken policy
     new 1777dcd  [CXF-5495] Minor update to the Spring factory
     new 59c84eb  Fixing some Kerberos streaming tests
     new de0245e  Fixed [CXF-5512]: @UseAsyncMethod annotation doesn't work for classes implementing Provider<T>
     new 12ee3fb  [CXF-5513] Making it simpler to encrypt sequences serialized the non-default way, ex, with JSON, etc
     new 256d220  [CXF-5513] Minor updates
     new 36603ee  [CXF-5513] Completing support for encrypting server-related data
     new a497422  CXF-5511 close the EventLoopGroup when the bus is shutdown
     new 53701e1  [CXF-5523] Making DestinationRegistryImpl#getTrimmedPath not static
     new d1358f3  [CXF-5518][CXF-5519][CXF-5520][CXF-5521] - Delegation handling documentation improvements
     new 34b2d6c  Fixed [CXF-5516]: decoupled endpoints is not compatible with @UseAsyncMethod annotation
     new ea2f8e8  [CXF-5417] More basic tests and some updates
     new 1d72c15  Update following WSS4J change
     new d856294  [CXF-5417] Replacing Runtime exceptions with OAuth2 ones
     new 215bef6  [CXF-5508] Fixing Request.evaluatePreconditions(Date, EntityTag)
     new 28b53b0  CXF-5417: Added ConnectionCallback test case and root cause detection
     new 38777cc  CXF-5417: Added ConnectionCallback test case and root cause detection. Fixed couple of checkstyle violations
     new 882d04c  [CXF-5526] Excluding wrong dependencies
     new de76767  [CXF-5527] Update the SAAJStreamWriter to use the SAAJ methods to create children of Body and Header so that they end up as the proper SOAPHeaderElement or SOAPBodyElement types immediately.  Otherwise, they may be converted to those types later.
     new 6a9eec6  [CXF-5489] Add transferTo(file) functionality Modified patch from Henry Clout applied
     new 21e29bc  Update xmlschema version
     new 61c94e8  Update neethi version
     new fe03e8e  Make an attempt to get the osgi based tests to pass in Jenkins
     new 66a1ab7  [CXF-5529] Removing IOException throw clause from some of SAML SSO handlers
     new 8769740  Added an initial interceptor for streaming outbound security for JAX-RS clients
     new e3044db  File missing from last commit
     new e35e48b  Spelling correction + fix to get DOM-based signature code working with streaming code
     new f1f64bf  Address overwrites are disabled by default on the trunk
     new 7408a93  Add a retained annotation to make sure package-info.class is created to avoid re-compiles
     new 6a8766e  [CXF-5524] More addType fixes Patch from Denis Simonov, although hard to apply and may have missed something
     new 76ee50f  Fixed streaming encryption outbound for JAX-RS clients
     new c7a7e99  Add outbound support for streaming Signatures with no KeyInfo Elements
     new cbc44e3  Spelling correction
     new b9071a4  Re-enabling test following Marc's fix for WSS-490
     new a6ec0c8  [CXF-5508] More fixes based on the feedback from Jan Engehausen
     new a5d6613  [CXF-5530] Support for providers overriding the error message in case of the missing clients
     new 925dffc  [CXF-5528] Support for interfaces in jaxrs Blueprint endpoints, patch from Heath Kesler applied
     new 482d9d6  NPE in MapEventLogger
     new 21d0fce  [CXF-5530] Reporting invalid_request if client id is null, invalid_client - if the id doee not identify a valid client
     new 14c434a  [CXF-5531] - STS can only create SAML Tokens with a NotOnOrAfter Condition specified in minutes
     new 2d8fad8  [CXF-5508] Adding more tests created by Jan Engehausen with thanks to Jan
     new b3976c6  [CXF-5533] - Store a reference to a Bootstrap SecurityToken in SecureConveration
     new 557bcd4  [CXF-5513] Optional compression before the encryption, initial support for encryption/decryption with certificates
     new 6dcd71f  [CXF-5513] Minor optimization
     new 4eb55ce  [CXF-5534] Adding the tests provided by Hans Weisheimer
     new 69eada2  Fixing X.509 Token referencing problem
     new 8fd34e2  [CXF-5513] Adding a test involving both cert and secret key
     new 221efc0  Fix to put an Asymmetric Signature BinarySecurityToken in the right place in the security header
     new 82b3dba  Fixed an infinite loop caused by certain streaming action combinations for WS-Security + partial test
     new 5e9eb6f  [CXF-5513] Some refactorings
     new b95949f  Renaming CompressionUtils method names
     new 743852f  [CXF-5348] Fix to get complex typed mappers correctly selected
     new e7013ba  [CXF-5348] Preventing NPE
     new 8797ffc  [CXF-5517] Incorrect check for VOID type
     new b39e602  a minor clean up for CXF-5517
     new 02fe287  Adding another X.509 test
     new 7c9bf22  [CXF-5537] - Support an X.509 Token as a EndorsingEncryptedSupportingTokens
     new ca088ea  Added a PKIPath test for the Asymmetric Binding
     new 1e8aba0  Adding new builders for SignatureTokens + EncryptionTokens
     new b2d38cf  Make sure the release profile involves the jaxws22 stuff
     new 1d884dc  [CXF-5540] - Add a flag to return the security cause error in a SOAP Fault
     new a72350b  Make sure the GMT timezone is used if the format is going to mandate that.
     new 683dc5c  [CXF-5532] Fix problem finding schemas Patch from  sjaak derksen applied (with modifications for checkstyle)
     new 0c77f4f  Fixing some EncryptBeforeSigning tests
     new 5df3f72  Another EncryptBeforeSigning fix
     new 5d1e71a  [CXF-5541] Adding a 'bus' parameter to CXFServlet
     new 2319407  [CXF-5542] Doing the best effort to prevent the loss of TL contexts when providers are shared between the components with different buses
     new 5995149  [CXF-5542] Adding the changes to the JAXRS frontend
     new 5c21f5a  [CXF-5542] Injecting TL contexts immediately, with the optimizations to follow
     new 35aa26c  CXF-5543 Make jms independent of spring. First part
     new 3fae604  CXF-5543 Fix for compile error in jaxrs systests
     new b235b11  CXF-5543 Removing dependency jms dependency from jaxrs systests. Some other cleanup and fixes
     new 0bfee67  CXF-5543 Removing dependency jms dependency from jaxrs systests. Some other cleanup and fixes
     new 87d67b9  [CXF-5546] NPE may be thrown and logged during WS-RM's retransmission
     new 70bbd4f  CXF-5543 Adding dependency for jee connector to ws-specs systest
     new e87711a  CXF-5543 Adding back jms transport dep as it is used in one test
     new 1557512  CXF-5543 Fix JAXRSJMSTest
     new aacf5fc  [CXF-5547] Linking a response message to the exchange in case of 202 and no body
     new 5b82381  Adding support for sending Claims via the Validate binding + a test
     new c969819  Preventing the error reporting when checking for getters on JAX-RS providers
     new fc6fb5c  Upgrading to WSS4J 2.0.0-rc1
     new 4e8e5f2  [CXF-5542] Minor updates
     new 2cf133d  Making it possible to register OAuthRequestFilter as the interceptor and also use it on non-JAX-RS paths
     new df3aa9d  Remove the getDefinition(URL) call on WSDLManager... only used in tests.
     new 2ed82af  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Covered basic use cases.
     new 16d26a0  Removing unnecessary version overrides
     new b54206b  CXF-4866, CXF-352 Restructure WS-RM so that updated WS-RM headers are generated for retransmission and security is re-applied to the message.
     new ac9ced7  CXF-4866, CXF-352: Fixes to restructured WS-RM code from problems found with unit tests, and corrected unit tests to work with the restructured code.
     new afe13e4  CXF-4866, CXF-352: Fixes to restructured WS-RM code from problems found with unit tests, and corrected unit tests to work with the restructured code.
     new 9fcf83d  JavaDoc correction only.
     new 5d6e1bc  Add getContextualPropertyKeys() to expose which keys are set.
     new 9879f3e  CXF-4866, CXF-352: Restructure WS-RM to capture message in PRE_STREAM phase, begin retransmission from same point so that WS-Security and other add-ons will function correctly.
     new 7c9df9d  Correct for merge errors.
     new 9ffaa4d  Make jms continuations independent of spring jms
     new d37bdf0  Consolidating Attachment CallbackHandler into a single class
     new 707c179  CXF-5543 Use interface for MessageListenerContainer. User our own DestinationResolver impl
     new dcddfbb  [CXF-5556] Initial updates to get 2.0 exception API not interfering with 1.1 API
     new d15ad11  [CXF-5556] Minor updates
     new cd40957  [CXF-5430] Moving the count extension constant to FiqlParser
     new 02ab100  [CXF-5430] Renaming OData2Parser to ODataParser for now
     new b40ff38  minor javadoc fix
     new 4b48fab  CXF-5543 Replacing message listener container and removing spring jms dep
     new 39d89d0  [CXF-5430] Support for cases when the bean and search properties names differ
     new f732696  [CXF-5430] Updating Olingo version to 1.1.0
     new 278e8a9  Enabled signature for MTOM example
     new 643a696  [CXF-5554] Correct check for media types
     new 02848d5  [CXF-5554] Minor update
     new 983f409  FIx eclipse warning
     new dc9ae15  Fix failing JMS tests
     new 65ad54c  CXF-5543 Replacing JndiTemplate. Removing spring-context dependency
     new 3a77957  CXF-5543 Fix error in dependencies
     new 53f1131  CXF-5543 Adjusting karaf feature for jms
     new c099c7d  CXF-5543 Fixing JAXRSJMSTest
     new b20f995  CXF-5543 Moving JAXRSJmsTest to separate directory
     new c68ae4f  [CXF-5557] Support for Hawk
     new 7686ddb  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Added more test cases and more effective primitive type handling
     new b1a2e7e  CXF-5543 Fix continuationtests
     new 1903171  [CXF-5558] Updating JSONPInInterceptor to recognize custom callback parameters
     new 5a140bb  CXF-5543 Remove specific JMSEndpoint subclasses as they are not used
     new 1429dd0  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Covered most of advanced use cases (6 test cases to fix)
     new 2e0e4aa  [CXF-5550]CXF JAX-WS frontend DispatchImpl ignores setting of MessageContext.WSDL_OPERATION
     new 1e7c47d  [CXF-5561] Updating AccessTokenValidatorService to ensure an authenticated Principal is available
     new 39e35f4  [CXF-5561] More updates
     new 045f6d1  [CXF-5561] Introducing constants
     new 4d0254a  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Covered most of advanced use cases (JPA)
     new 5065d9b  Start connection in TestReceiver
     new 299f085  Add support for streaming WS-Security with the Dispatch API
     new 6cd1772  Added tests showing how to use the STSClient with the Dispatch API
     new 2542213  [CXF-5562] Relaxing the checks when injecting via setters, no need to have a name match
     new fa17e74  [CXF-5562] One more test update
     new 080bd76  CXF-5543 Refactoring JMSEndpoint to not be generated from xsd, not using vm activemq for tests as it is sometimes using kahadb
     new 685eb54  Adding Bean Validation features to features.xml
     new 44de359  Removing the line added by accident from features.xml
     new 4200019  [CXF-5559] Preventing the infinite loop in case of connection exceptions during the async calls, patch applied on behalf of Anthony Communier
     new 6fc8fae  Adding a test for the Symmetric Binding with the Dispatch API
     new ea2062a  Update to latest httpcomponent versions
     new 51809a3  Temporarily dropping commons-lang dep from ODataParser as agreed with Andriy; will revisit it for 3.0.0 Final
     new 4354b1a2 Use release
     new f52a3c8  Fix release:prepare
     new b8f68b6  Try to fix release:prepare
     new 2b573e9  Fix version number again
     new c54a538  Property isn't working
     new 4240977  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-3.0.0-milestone2
     new de6c14b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 14a29e1  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Covered Lucene SearchBean test cases
     new 951584f  Adding few more tests to JSONProviderTest
     new 252626f  [CXF-5430]: Added initial support for OData 2.0 query language. Added JAX-RS test case to verify custom parser and $filter query string
     new 4c597e7  Updated JSON provider test to illustrate package-info issue
     new e3ebd9c  We only need to pick up WSS4J common in rt-security
     new 8e4f8d8  Minor update to CXFNonSpringServlet to allow for the overriding of the class loader initialization
     new 15bcc14  [CXF-5568] Optionally disabling the selection of bean services
     new 5723211  [CXF-5568] Restricting the check only if ClassLoader is requested
     new 97fc83f  Update scm location in pom
     new 4df3682  Don't need to differentiate between git/svn anymore for buildnumber
     new ed8ac50  Picking up WSS4J 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT again
     new 994fd70  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 076b258  Uncommenting some stuff after picking up WSS4J 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 3158ccb  Fix a checkstyle error
     new f8ed98e  Update StaxInInterceptor to just create a html error message on the client side as the normal error handling works best on server side.
     new 8a32190  [CXF-5569] Allowing for the unrecognized parameters if they came as a result of the form parameters making into HTTP parameters map
     new 3ebbda1  Enabled some streaming XML Encryption + Signature test-cases
     new 09f8068  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4554703  CXF-5565 update to opensaml 2.6.1 with thanks to Jon
     new 4aefaea  [CXF-5571] Policy Alternative compatibility checking rely on not overriden equals() method
     new 405db94  Added the ability to sign/encrypt the request without specifying QNames
     new 2be0649  Adding more streaming JAX-RS XML Security tests
     new b77bbdc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d33c0de  [CXF-5572] - "EHCacheManagerHolder returning wrong CacheConfiguration"
     new f716391  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1823faf  @Ignoring a test
     new 3085f0f  More work on CXF-5572
     new c4b5bf8  Workaround to get the exceptional responses ignored by XML security out interceptors
     new 2841fc7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d9a17ba  Upgrading ehcache
     new 7837aec  Initial pass of DoMerges updates for the git repo
     new 7705a92  Auto block stuff we know will need to be blocked
     new 2b3bb5e  Re-enabling test
     new 60ced92  Adding a testcase for CXF-5567
     new 55a4b7b  Adding a basic delegating authentication interceptor
     new 0bbd3da  Avoid NPE in SecureConversation code
     new 642f253  Some minor modifications to the STSClient
     new 94a1524  Improved fix of [CXF-5571], enabled broken test
     new bb3073c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 91e6b02a Move up the gwt plugin to make sure it runs as part of setup.eclipse Update the gwt version
     new c886ce3  Fix the eclipse warnings with the latest gwt code
     new f527045  Minor update to JAXB provider for it to prevent handling Document objects in cases where no type info is available
     new 03a0a7e  Use "Id" instead of "ID" for Signatures
     new c03492d  Add MessageCallback interface for WS-RM message accept and acknowledge notifications, MessageCountingCallback simple implementation, test code.
     new 1bc0731  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 880b8d9d Adding a couple of JAX-RS tests
     new a2d6cb8  [CXF-5575] Replacing duplicate slashes where possible
     new 212ce2a  Ignore bin dirs
     new f29557a  Added initial support for "useReqSigCert" for the streaming JAX-RS XML Security code.
     new 7c95984  [CXF-5578]: oauth sample: requires commons-logging dependency
     new 91112f9  Try to fix the AutomaticWorkQueueTest unit error with AIX
     new 98347e4  CXF-5543 Cleaning up configuration to separate old style and new style configs
     new 2d92576  Allow tokens that are encrypted before being signed
     new 4dc42da  [CXF-5578]: oauth sample, migrates to spring 3.1
     new a0bb363  [CXF-5575] Adding a dedicated test
     new 86a4a17  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fdb8de2  Restoring rt/pom.xml
     new c92b639  Include Encryption tokens for certain scenarios
     new 8018b19  [CXF-5339] websocket in cxf http-jetty transport
     new 99e1520  Merge branch 'master' into ws_take1
     new 2d4c985  [CXF-5339] Moving JAX-RS Web Socket test to its own package
     new b177b23  [CXF-5339] Removing BookStoreWebSocket
     new 50ac1ba  [CXF-5339] Disabling the test
     new bfad2ef  Fix test failure in jaxrs
     new 36ec4ee  fix jaxrs websocket test by adding the correct content-type
     new 3ccc90d  [CXF-5579] Adding getBus(boolean createIfNeeded) to AbstractEndpointFactory
     new 9f935ad  Fixing signature validation
     new 227bf19  Added "action" checking functionality for the JAX-RS XML Security streaming code + some tests
     new 4839273  [CXF-5575] Trying to avoid using '/' as servlet path when possible
     new 43df7e2  activate jaxrs websocket test (see CXF-5339)
     new 30fb5ca  make jetty.websocket optional in http-jetty's osgi imports
     new 3889d04  Don't cache issued tokens on the service side
     new a77d464  [CXF-5575] Updating RequestDispatcher to set the servlet path to the empty value when possible
     new 252b294  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1ab9f70  Upgrade to SLF4J 1.7.6
     new e3d15f8  [CXF-5339] Reintroducing BookStoreWebSocket
     new 249c25b  [CXF-5339] Adding a unique path segment for BookStorewebsocket
     new 30a9e05  [CXF-5339] Adding a couple of negative tests, disabled for now
     new 7644048  [CXF-5339] Adding one more test for now
     new a7c4de4  [CXF-5339] Enabling the servlet stream test
     new 2c2c744  use block-write for bytes writing
     new 627a47e  add status+headers in websocket response; enable all the tests for CXF-5339
     new 94297be  [CXF-5580] Support for Stax depth properties at the JAX-RS XML path
     new 276343f  [CXF-5580] Trunk: Checking the legacy depth properties in JSONProvider only
     new 8d1f9be  [CXF-5585] - "SignatureConfirmation does not work with the Asymmetric Binding + EncryptBeforeSigning".
     new 6940c5f  Missing file from last commit
     new 07108f9  [CXF-5585] - Streaming code
     new d86d201  Preventing possible ThreadLocalClientState NPE
     new 9423ee7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c58518d  [CXF-5586] Let custom strategies ovverride the default log level
     new a02db39  Use the QName of a service as part of the cache key
     new aebae33  [CXF-5589] Making JsonpPreStreamIntercptor implement JAX-RS WriterInterceptor
     new 6738039  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 40b8986  CXF-5543 Removing jms old style config, changing tests to use soap over jms style
     new 3d7db46  Fix to allow https which was excluded by my last change
     new a6d2a8a  Adding the ability to cache tokens per-proxy
     new f182073  [CXF-5339] Making the jetty websocket dependency optional
     new a5babde  Fix jaxws22 usage on server side
     new f9b7c42  Quick fix to make compile work again
     new 3941fe5  Revert "Quick fix to make compile work again"
     new 30d6e81  Fix clustering tests
     new db6d559  Moving STS's RequestClaim(Collection) to rt-security. Renaming STS's Claim(Collection) to ProcessedClaim(Collection). Add the ability to add ClaimCollection Objects to a RST in the AbstractSTSClient
     new 9792971  Making jms tests more robust
     new e0be73d  [CXF-5591] Support for multiple collections of non primitive types
     new ac69305  Start of Claims refactor
     new 10c6be0  Increase permgen to get tests to run on Java6 on Mac
     new 61dc5e1  [CXF-5590] Preventing ISE after socket timeouts, patch from Anthony Communier applied
     new cc1467c  Fixed the AutomaticWorkQueueTest test error in slow windows CI box
     new 0d63e95  Disable testBroadcastUDP test in UDPTransportTest when it is ran inside of a REL box
     new b83e3fc  the subsequently pushed websocket data to carry the empty status (CXF-5339)
     new 95caaa8  CXF-5543 Some more refactoring in the jms systests
     new 8c6f017  Fixed typo
     new b218997  [CXF-5593] Passing parameter annotations to ParamConverterprovider
     new 26d332e  Decoupled the AuthPolicyValidatingInterceptor from the STSTokenValidator. Also create a security context with the principal
     new 7a4023d  [CXF-5593] Update for form parameters
     new 540508c  Validate trust in a public key credential supplied for UseKey in the STS
     new 3353757  CXF-5543 Minor fixes
     new 04c31e8  [CXF-5592] RequestDispatcherProvider should not override HttpServletRequest getRequestURI
     new be0889f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 37e455e  [CXF-4910]:Schema can not be retrived if two imported schemas have the same relative schema location
     new 2120520  [CXF-5596]:Schema element generated from exception class doesn't honor @XmlElement annotation
     new 82b48aa  Minor fix to correct import
     new cae108d  Introduced SAMLClaim, and ported cxf-rt-ws-security to use it
     new a40358a  CXF-5597 Setup the ResourceResolver for BlueprintBus
     new f1ff1df  Minor fix:remove the println
     new cde7fd3  Ported Claims changes to rs-security layer
     new c2a1497  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration
     new 4c1bb34  Update release plugin version to version that works better with git
     new b5162d4  More plugin version updates
     new 566ac6d  If there is a merge conflict, don't bring up the editor
     new d711d75  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Added Jetty-based test cases for programmatic and WAR-based deployments
     new 7778876  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Added Jetty-based test cases for programmatic and WAR-based deployments
     new 5287bb3  [CXF-5592] Fixing RequestDispatcherProvider to correctly forward to servlets with non-empty URL patterns
     new c9c4430  [CXF-5600] WSDL generation at WS-RM endpoint leads to NPE in the server's log
     new 8fe4fc1  refactor websocket (CXF-5339) into a seprate transport component
     new 7335999  FIx checkstyle issue
     new a6d41f6  Merge branch 'claims'
     new 72287e2  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Added Tomcat-based test cases for WAR-based deployments
     new 10570db  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 79fb92a  Adding a JAX-RS multipart test with a minor update to Attachment
     new e5f5657  Fix some compile issues and an eclipse warning
     new 36b2623  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d9a1164  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 635578a  Updating JAXRS ClientProxy to use bean parameter annotations
     new 08e02bf  Skip the UDP test for REL
     new 6379631  Actually fixing JAXRSClientServerBookTest
     new d61c528  Using bean param method annotations
     new e557d6f  [CXF-5598] Using case-insensitive comparison of allowed headers as per CORS spec
     new c70e021  [CXF-5599] Optional support for tokens embedded in form payloads
     new 2131c33  remove custom websocket servlets (CXF-5339)
     new 741754e  [CXF-5602] Create HttpServletRequestSnapshot for requests with WSA ReplyTo prop set
     new 9251e70  [CXF-5603] - The DefaultSecurityContext should use a supplied username to help find the User Principal
     new dfbe1e5  Moving cxf.tomcat.version property to systests/cdi/pom.xml as CXF does not uses it in builds and downgrading the version to 7.x to get the tests passing with Java6, with thanks to Dan
     new add1748  Simplify the WS-Addressing properties used to store the properties on the message
     new 8d5c446  Allocating unique ports to WebSocket tests
     new 1ffad3d  [CXF-5608] Simple class names for parameter types derived from some of xsd types
     new f228404  [CXF-5608] Parameter names shoul always start from a lower case char
     new c25a5c9  Clone the SecurityToken Element
     new 6069d72  [CXF-5339] Adding a test confirming WebSocket transport is not blocking a regular HTTP path
     new 2d8264a  [CXF-5604] Add atmosphere based implementation in websocket transport
     new 04a3c60  Some updates to try and make sure the jms tests are a bit more reliable when run in parallel
     new 5cc7e90  remove the incorrectly pushed file
     new b11ce27  More updates to try and get the JMS tests more stable
     new a0aef78  Use the same connection we already have on the server side to send the response rather than create a new connection
     new 747f4f8  Temporarily reverting to using method parameter annotations when populating BeanParam info in JAX-RS proxies
     new bc91295  [CXF-5339] Updating the code to report 400 in case of path restrictios as agreed with Aki and temp disabling the path restrictions test
     new 0e8efba  make websocket test utility to handle both string and byte[] transparently
     new 5748b29  make websocket test utility to handle both string and byte[] transparently (correction)
     new e1f10bf  Change the default for launchServer to be inProcess Fix SequenceTest.testCreateSequenceRefused to behave more predictably
     new 6276add  Moving Claims Interceptor to rt/security
     new 2c0d2a8  [CXF-5609] - Won't pass verification of explicit WSS Policy AsymmetricBinding -> Layout -> Policy -> Lax
     new 760e4bd  Adding some unit tests for the SAMLUtils methods
     new d3da9ed  enable the ivalid request test (status 400) for websocket
     new 21b9599  Fixing checkstyle errors
     new 9d4ddb5  Add a test validating websocket endpoint can accept pure HTTP requests
     new aff4f5d  Minor test update
     new 6646546  fix pmd error in websocket tests and add sendText tests
     new aa38340  Save the retransmitChain per endpoint, not in the manager, as each endpoint may have a different chain
     new f8e3111  Make it easier to subclass the DelegatingXMLStreamWriter
     new 79bd4f3  Revamp how WS-RM captures the message to capture while writing to normal output.
     new 45d4beb  [CXF-5614] CachedOutputStream may fail to read the encrypted data
     new fdfc50e  pmd build fix for CXF-5614
     new 1ec4309  [CXF-5612] Logging a warning if JAX-RS method has no Path or HTTP method annotations
     new bd61380  [CXF-5428] response.getWriter() is called too early
     new 926ba99  [CXF-5615] Resetting min and average response time counters to 0
     new 902671a   CXF-5610 - Jetty transport should warn the user if the endpoint address conflicts with the published service
     new 53d4e06  CXF-5610 fixed the system test error of jaxrs
     new e8aced6  Polish the log code of netty-server
     new 38d1f49  CXF-5610 Polished the code of JettyHTTPServerEngine
     new eaf416c  CXF-5616 Netty transport should warn the user if the endpoint address conflicts with published service
     new 6affc47  [CXF-5617] - Support SecureConversation with the Transport Binding
     new 3b798b8  include cxf-rt-security in cxf-ws-security feature
     new eabac92  [CXF-5619] JSONUtils always passes UTF-8 to Jettison
     new a546648  Do the destroy in reverse order of the start so anything that may have required stuff from setup can still use it for cleanup
     new 4391aa5  Add ability to register a closeable directly to the endpoint to have it called at shutdown/close to simplify cleanup of per client/service specific things
     new 14c241f  Change RMManager to use the closeable on the Endpoint.  This allows the CloseSequense call on the client to complete prior to the decoupled-destination being shutdown which could cause a "hang".
     new 3cd24f0  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Refactored JAXRSServerFactoryBean instantiation flow.
     new 962f67f  [CXF-5610] Revert part of the commit so the WS-N tests will pass
     new 5786063  Drop support for Jetty 7.4..... too ancient to worry about
     new d05e1a9  [CXF-5567] UPdate test case to pass
     new 9bb928f  [CXF-5564] Set the async flag based on whether the exchange is async or not.
     new 9893ce9  [CXF-5621] Adding JAXRS client factory methods allowing to control the time the thread local proxy keeps the state, patch from Parwiz Rezai applied
     new d71c706  [CXF-4910]:Refactor to better support more relative import path
     new 1e9e67d  Fixing some CRL tests with JDK 8
     new 675c9b2  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Refactored JAXRSServerFactoryBean/Bus instantiation flow.
     new 635e5ac  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1fa9f53  Add ability to set the synch timeout via a contextual property
     new f0edc88  Add an "advanced merge" option that will try and take any remapped paths into account
     new c15186d  If git cherry-pick doesn't have a conflict, we dont need to "record" the merge as "git cherry" will detect it
     new fc5026a  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Refactored bus detection inside CXFCdiServlet.
     new 21d1450  [CXF-5628] Fixes to Base64URLUtility and HmacUtils
     new 4199bf1  [CXF-5629] Do not try to write twice to output stream in robust one-way
     new ec8538e  [CXF-5629] Do not try to write twice to output stream in robust one-way
     new 52ec9e0  Fix some error messages where wsdl2java would just display FAIL_TO_CREATE_WSDL_DEFINITION instaead of the actuall problem.
     new bf2536f  Fix the printing of the suppressed exceptions on Java6
     new a16914b  [CXF-5623] If a wsdl imports a schema directly using a wsdl:import instead of wsdl:types/xsd:schema/xsd:import, then try to detect that and use the appropriate schema systemId instead of a generated one.
     new e4fa39f  Fix a test error message to reflect reality.
     new 3c2824e  Update to allow specifying a single version to merge Use patchId to figure out if we need to record the merge or not
     new 9c18083  Simplify expression and make PMD happy
     new 5d21307  Some refactoring + picking up the latest WSS4J change
     new 0a4f85b  Do a better job of trying to detect if a given commit has already been committed on the branch
     new 712c509  Merge branch 'CXF-5629' of This closes #1
     new bafb953  Fix merge issue
     new 7fa0e3a  The merge log entry things are no longer appicable with git based merges
     new 559e8b4  Fixing some checkstyle issues in the samples
     new 44c3a63  Adding .pmdruleset.xml to .gitignore
     new 4c4ce8b  [CXF-5626] Restore former MessageContext into WebServiceContext instead of clearing it
     new e1ef05e  [CXF-5630] If the client sets the ROBUST_ONEWAY flag, process any fault returned.
     new 2ac673f  Update to the latest Woodstox releases
     new 391ab2c  [CXF-5601] Update the Blueprint parsing for JAXB objects to allow propertly placeholders.
     new 976e6e6  [CXF-5635] Optimize the LoggingInInterceptor to only slurp in "limit" bytes from the InputStream then replay those bytes, then allow the rest to stream like normal.  Should prevent very large temp files if logging is on.
     new 43e74ad  [CXF-5635] Optimize the LoggingOutInterceptor to only cache up  to the limit...
     new 0b21c66  THe advanced merge was eating any JIRA ID's stuck in brackets
     new 869b080  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Added support for bus injection inside CXFCdiServlet.
     new c179553  some clean up in systests/jaxrs' websocket tests
     new abe5b35  add a jaxrs websocket browser demo in the sample collection
     new e7fe2b7  fix the typo of websocket transportId in CXF-5339
     new a63b946  Remove the non-working soap-tcp stuff
     new eb6ac32  Remove a System.out write in the tests
     new a9ed605  Remove the require-bundle for the bundle that has changed names
     new 20d61c8  add the text transfer mode for CXF-5604
     new ed0ab4c  profile atmosphere to run jaxrs websocket tests using atmosphere
     new 3f1542f  [CXF-5639] Introducing StreamingResponse, can be used with/without WebSocket
     new 9962043  [CXF-5639] Minor updates to StreamingResponseProvider
     new 2bacebe  Remove some println's in the test
     new 5b6b226  No need for an INFO level log here and remove some test printlns
     new ffd30fe  Remove more printlns
     new 3225f35  Merge branch 'no-soaptcp'
     new 70cf494  Fix checkstyle errors
     new 1138017  Add the jcl-over-slf4j dep so all the logging will work
     new 57d1e47  Move the code for copy a specific amount to IOUtils
     new 8f4799b  Don't cache the input stream unless we have gotten through the service invoke phase.  If there is an exception or similar on input, there is no need to cache it, just discard what we can.
     new 9e87ede  [CXF-5651] - Support issuing SAML Tokens from the STS with strong digest algorithms
     new 51053aa  [CXF-5625] Introducing XSLTTransform annotation
     new 30ddf1c  [CXF-5625] Fixing XSLTTransform docs
     new f4e85ce  Adjust some of the defaults for 3.0 to values that make more sense today.
     new 0048c8f  Set up the SecurityContext with roles with SAML SSO
     new 78d5199  Allow security errors to be returned if we are the message initiator
     new cf4cb4b  The cached output stuff has never been used for pipes, remove the code.
     new 84ce206  Expand the asm version range as we'll need v5 to be able to support Java8.
     new cc4fc2c  Update version of moxy we test against (moxy still doesn't work)
     new 21e6229  Remove a test that wasn't actually testing a validation error and was thus not working correctly with moxy
     new 1f3f94b  Update test to specify the namespace prefixes to use to it works with different JAXB providers
     new ee79134  Make sure we don't create an XMLStreamReader if there isn't an XMLReader
     new 8ce34ce  Get the XLSTJaxbProvider to work with eclipse MOXy, sort of.
     new 9e1629f  Remove some printlns
     new 3a662d4  Fix checkstyle problem
     new 364ef77  Update wadl generator to use the prefix that the JAXB implementation chose for the targetNamespace.
     new 5427c2e  [CXF-5653] Optional support for the same URI redirects
     new d16e2ea  [CXF-5649]Enable configuration for JMS message type to be byte when use MTOM
     new dc5bde7  Fixing the sts-war
     new 8749d14  Fix to check against the local name, not the tag name
     new 4348078  The the rs/providers working with MOXy
     new 589cfb1  Moxy doesn't set the "type" properly, do an instanceof
     new e97f8b2  Handle the case of Arrays and how they are mapped.
     new 1b9f011  With MOXy, the array types namespace only comes from the package-info
     new 3b3d0fd  Fix how the test looks for the messageId
     new 939b542  xsd:ID is only supposed to be used as Attributes, not as element types as per:
     new ff86dd4  Minor update to Base64URlUtility
     new e06ac19  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8a49565  Upgrade Santuario bundle version
     new 2c8472d  Bugfix for jms performance in async case, add support for using work queues
     new 3e52647  [CXF-5656] Fixing HTTP transport issue to do with losing CT parameters in case of 500
     new b52aee8  Update the javato tests to pass with MOXy
     new d214d10  Massive update to the CORBA binding to remove the subclassing of the TExtensibilityElement, cleanup the type hiearchy, and get the tests passing with MOXy
     new 1592a67  Fix the URL's for the WSDL
     new 1089728  [CXF-5645]:Fix wsp:Optional isn't adhered to for WS-RM policy in WSDL
     new 3d701b5  Fix for jms performance
     new 11ecb99  [CXF-5659] Updating Servlet3Continuation to prevent redispatch() called after reset() unless startAsyncAgain has been called and blocking possible ISE caused by the calls to complete()
     new 8605382  Don't check the prefixes
     new b023ff3  Try and detect MOXy so we can set the appropriate property for the default namespace. The RI will throw an exception if we set it all the time (unlike MOXy) so we can only set this if we're reasonbly sure we're going to have MOXy.
     new b8a7ca3  Updating Karaf features for WSS4J
     new 4c5a7fa  [CXF-5657] Preserving the cookies during the auto-redirects
     new 974526c  Update the ws-specs tests to use xpaths instead of direct string compares when possible.
     new 96c4332  If namespaces are part of the Attributes, make sure they are written out first and then NOT duplicated as part of writing out the namespace mappings
     new 92f88c0  base64 would need 4 bytes here to avoid an unmarshal exception prior to the XKMSRequestException occuring
     new 32facce  Updates to get some of the tests passed with the Moxy profile
     new 58af366  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 828866e  Few more fixes to JAXRS tests to get them running with Moxy
     new 9c920cd  Fix checkstyle
     new b0e7be0  CXF-5576: Initital support for CDI integration. Added more test cases and support for application singletons
     new fad0c99  [CXF-5644] Updating XSLTTransform to let the client run transformations
     new af229e2  [CXF-5650] Optionally dropping final path subresource candidates
     new 7063472  [CXF-5660] - UsernameTokenInterceptor cannot use subject from WSSecurityEngineResult
     new 532c5a7  Fixing bug in when using replyToDestination
     new b3288ed  [CXF-5577] Initial workaround for the edge case involving matrix parameters
     new 1026909  [CXF-5362] Support for collocating RACS with endpoints
     new 6d5598c  Work around another MOXy bug.
     new b36e977  In some cases, the name is null, but the URI is still correct
     new ee7ade9  Cleanup some tests
     new 99eb3de  [CXF-5661]add more JMX operations for ManagedEndpoint mbean
     new 242ffb1  revert unwilling commit
     new 0920499  [CXF-5569] Making it simpler to support unrecognized parameters
     new bbb8626  Remove printStackTrace
     new 5f49a3e  Add websocket back in
     new af577d2  Updated the MTOM code
     new 15ad9bd  [CXF-5633] Prototyping Logout Service
     new adba5b8  [CXF-5633] Minor udates to logout service
     new 5b17d24  Updating RACS filter to ignore requests without expected parameters and let authentication filters deal with it
     new 7d30cc4  Fix a race condition that could cause many conduits to be created when only one is needed
     new 1f7d6ad  Add some synch blocks around some of the variables that could be set/read on multiple threads
     new 6a4a8fb  Fix checkstyle
     new da66ca8  [CXF-5665] Make sure the Policy annotations are only processed once
     new 61cad67  Updating JSONProvider to pass the custom encoiding to the reader
     new 7757436  [CXF-5622] - SAMLSSOResponseValidator broken by CommonsBean update
     new e50e87d  [CXF-5664] - CXF STS does not support wst:Participants
     new 412fccc  [CXF-5668] Set explicit parent to ProxyClassloader
     new f69d6b6  Revert "[CXF-5661]add more JMX operations for ManagedEndpoint mbean"
     new 1ed0dd8  Move log4j version to parent/pom
     new eee65c4  Put generated source into default location
     new 0da3215  Add a new module for building the javadoc
     new c28f034  Move some versions up into parent/pom
     new e083b4d  Flip to using javadoc generated from the javadoc module.  Remove the "all" bundle as it's not a bundle and not needed.  Was only used for javadoc.
     new 751953c  No more need for the shade plugin
     new 0918a1b  Fix compile failure
     new 0739807  CXF-5543 Adding experimental XA transaction support
     new c51282e  Add a transaction api jar to fix compile failure
     new 12e8613  CXF-5543 Fix problem with workqueue rejecting messages. Some simplification in MessageListenerContainer
     new c62ac16  CXF-5543 Made tests more solid
     new a96ef8a  CXF-5543 Fixing transactional tests and adding Polling
     new 63dce48  Make it easier to use a subclass of ServerImpl to create ManagedEndpoints with specific additional functionality
     new ea30397  Fix the test failure  (not sure if this is the correct fix, but the test passes)
     new c67b011  Create separate javadocs runs for the "core" stuff for the distribution and the full everything for the site
     new 5c2c2c7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7c7fff7  CXF-5543 Fixing tests
     new 1ef40fc  CXF-5543 Fixing error from merge
     new c542198     CXF-5616 clean up the code
     new 7f7be98  CXF-5610 clean up the code
     new e05f429  [CXF-5648] Adding an optional 'schemas' property to SchemaValidation and checking it in JAXB providers
     new 40847e1  CXF-5610 check the context path conflict
     new 45e361c  [CXF-5479]Create a Maven plugin for generating WADL at build time
     new 621622e  [CXF-5648] Updating JAXBProvider to check SchemaValidation type
     new 816ab4c  Print all the possible matching commits at once and ask once instead of being asked a dozen times for things like "Fix Compile Failure" and other generic messages
     new 0213b00  Fix a couple of eclipse warnings
     new 83f8e8c  making it possible to disable the input validation via JAXBProvider property
     new a4903d3  [CXF-5673] Update to support latest ASM/XBean code Patch from Romain Manni-Bucau applied with updates
     new 6baced6  Fix a reverse logic issue
     new 21e4bad  Update slf4j and woodstox versions
     new 648bd64  Update httpcomponent versions
     new 423c5ab  Update activemq version used for testing
     new 85ecae5  [CXF-5678] Allow setting custom DestinationRegistry in HTTPTransportFactory
     new 0aa3a15  Update swagger version
     new cd4adda  Fix problem with parsing blueprint things that sometime result in JAXBElements instead of the actual type
     new 2e6ce31  [CXF-5504] Fix potential NPE in Logging interceptors
     new 811e10d  CXF-5680 Support reconnect in destination and conduit
     new 2c68620  CXF-5680 Avoid rebuilding suspendedContinuations after reconnect
     new 728a647  Update to the latest versions of a couple geronimo specs
     new 638f4e8  CXF-5680 Support case when jms server is down at start
     new 3bd4e84  Remove some printlns in the tests Cleanup some of the synchronized blocks for slightly better performance
     new 658a15b  Upgraded Olingo2 from incubator to 1.2.0 release
     new 0455e7b  Adding a fine-level log message confirming that AsyncConduit is active
     new 7823e99  [CXF-5681] If the user has provided catalogs, but no CatalogManager is found, make sure we log a warning.  If no user specified catalogs are there, don't worry about it.
     new b632aa1  [CXF-5675] Fixing CPE caused by non-String headers making it into the client via the local transport
     new 7cd17bd  Don't need the compiler plugin configured in netty
     new e7eda4c  Update compiler plugin version
     new 7217132  Chop 55K off the jaxws jar by just using the types we actually need to proces the handler-chains
     new f32709f  Add some lifecycle mapping so SOME things my actually work within m2e
     new aa87076  Use version from DepMgmt
     new 0d2ea5d  Use versions in depmgmt
     new ec5b090  Use groupId from parent
     new 0a34954  Removing deprecated method
     new a255551  [CXF-5664] - CXF STS does not support wst:Participants
     new 80e89da  [CXF-4910]:Schema can not be retrived if two included schemas have the same relative schema location
     new f618768  [CXF-5664] - CXF STS does not support wst:Participants  - Added some unit tests
     new 603d32a  [CXF-5684] - Change token storing logic to allow to store "expired" tokens
     new 6155656  [CXF-5684] - Flaw in token storing logic when configured to allow token renewal after expiry
     new c6015af  Adding back in some commented out code
     new 0400b94  [CXF-5687] Update for generated WebFault's to make sure the detail is properly schema validated.
     new 048a77a  [CXF-5676] IllegalArgumentException: wrong number of arguments while invoking operation with only an implicit header parameter
     new 76fc9eb  [CXF-5687] Remove printed stack trace and replace with proper assert
     new b4c680a  Minor WSS4J optimisations when sending no security header
     new 642cf8d  CXF-5543 Test for JTA
     new e828470  upgrade atmosphere to 2.1.3
     new 210d24b  CXF-4965 Support overriding STS Service address
     new 3a4118d  Minor stuff
     new 19ba5d0  Only store security events that we actually need
     new 5204b1e  More minor stuff
     new 7bbe6d0  Improved setting policies.
     new 1f5a2ff  Some changes to storing tokens on the outbound streaming security code
     new 3791ce7  [CXF-5688] Optional support for case-sensitive enum conversion
     new 7ac69b0  [CXF-5686] Fix problems of Providers replying with faults with schema validation on
     new 341507a  Simply Crypto loading for streaming code
     new c2eb9df  Make sure the CallbackHandler gets saved for subsequent requests
     new caca7e1  More cleanup work
     new a3f7f14  [CXF-5695] Delay creation of the HTTPCOnduitFactory until needed
     new 6ad6cca  There is no "bus" parameter on AsyncHTTPCOnduitFactory
     new fd835f2  [CXF-5693] - Support wsp:URI as part of wsp:AppliesTo in the STS
     new 82774ce  Minor update to validation features to support the injection of the validation provider too
     new a02b60f  [CXF-5664] - Support wsp:URI + JAXB Elements when parsing Participants
     new e46b896  [CXF-5689] Passing Message to the code initializing response exception mappers
     new 253f876  Disable WS-Security schema validation by default
     new 6d27230  [CXF-5674] - CXF Support in "Audience Restriction" of SAML 2 (SOAP)
     new 7197b10  Updated the wsdl_first example to add option to use netty transport
     new 19a66ba  Upgrade netty4 to 4.0.18.Final
     new e2b5264  CXF-5699 IdleStateHandler should not be shared across the channels
     new d512d52  CXF-5700 Avoid to throw IllegalStateException in NettyHttpServletRequest
     new 1bd380a  More minor optimisations
     new 762719c  [CXF-5479]add javadoc support for the java2wadl-plugin
     new 8be9f4b  [CXF-5704] Improve Spring auto-discovery code to locate classes implementing matching interfaces
     new ce7692a  [CXF-5702] Ignoring ApplicationPath by default
     new 4b1396b  Fixing some JAX-RS XML Security tests
     new cf63422  Fixing useReqSigCert functionality for JAX-RS streaming XML Sec
     new 2625dee  [CXF-5664] - Also check a JAXBElement for a primary participant
     new 326fa2a  Changing Spring jaxrs base-packages attribute to basePackages
     new ab8818b  [CXF-5704] Correctly collecting the data between multiple package checks
     new 2f3446f  CXF-5707 Fixed ByteBuf leak issue
     new a350522  CXF-5708 applied the setting of application thread pool size
     new 5e83294  [CXF-5709] WSRM 1.1 TerminateSequence should not overwrite default replyTo to none
     new dc4f09b  [CXF-5710] Updating JAX-RS servlet to support loading multiple applications and fixing the issue with the constructor injection of thread local proxies along the way
     new 7215e86  [CXF-5410] Optionally disable HTTP OSGI transport
     new 37a9b1f  [CXF-5410] Making sure does not affect the conduit configurers
     new 5150a2a  Consolidate some code
     new 7e2f8ba  [CXF-5712] SessionAuthenticityTokenProvider must be able to access form data
     new ecd6ae9  Updating Collocated RACS to delegate to the abstract handler
     new ff1da20  Fixing a typo in HttpUtils
     new c4185d5  [CXF-5701,CXF-5706] More flexible support for Response
     new a4ea197  Added CXF-5685: Extended support for wsdl11external WS-PolicyAttachments references
     new 04483eb  Removed old Wsdl11DomainBuilder (replaces by new URIDomainBulder)
     new 76e65e7  [CXF-5479]add a profile for mac with jdk6
     new 99a1f19  Improved test for URIDomainBuilder: register builder locally
     new b798331  add info-log in WebSocketTestClient's fragment/stream handlers
     new 0b4fe87  [CXF-5715] Add a conduit support in WebSocket transport
     new d84cdcc  [CXF-5713] Escaping % character, patch from Romain Castan applied
     new b9a7d7d  [CXF-5714] Adding getId getter to LoggingMessage
     new 099c710  Avoid a NPE on no Crypto instance
     new 1b0e2fe  Minor change
     new 7c3e2c4  More XML Security work
     new cc674df  Modifying last commit
     new b4436e5  [CXF-5711] SOAP 1.2 fault reason xml:lang attribtue should follow XML standard
     new 9c68cd2  CXF-5711's version 3.0.0 specific simplified fix
     new e2eacb2  Add a setup.eclipse profile to ignore access errors to avoid errors in eclipse
     new 5f1a556  [CXF-5705] Better support for the client authentication, including 2-way TLS
     new 944bf86  [CXF-5705] Some refactoring around client authentication support
     new 8cc74d4  Minor update to the collocated RequestAssertionService to prevent it reading regular POST form payloads and block PUT/etc requests
     new 713410e  Minor update to OAuth2 token service
     new a6eaa6b  CXF-5718 Suppose to override the of the managed endpoint with persistent one
     new b4c3652  [CXF-5705] Renaming ClientCredential to ClientKey
     new 3af1a79  [CXF-5705] Minor updates to ClientKey
     new fc4f04e  [CXF-5705] Removing PUBLIC_KEY type untill actually needed
     new a5be501  [CXF-5717] Checking registered Param converters
     new 8ff6a88  [CXF-5705] Removing ClientKey after all
     new a5300df  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a7674fd  [CXF-5705] Removing ClientKey after all
     new 338c66a  [CXF-5705] Removing ClientKey after all
     new 68b0b2d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8cf9659  [CXF-5705] Updating OAuthAuthorizationdata witha cert property to let view handlers optionally include a link to he client public cert for the current user to check
     new 882bda5  Always do reconnects for jms
     new b5e2667  Allow to set username and password on ConnectionFactory
     new bf6da99  Add OSGi itests for soap/http and soap/jms
     new 2156bf5  CXF-5413: Support Java API for JSON Processing
     new aa0179d  Add some extra checks to make sure the temp dir is created and usable
     new cfda95f  Update to only hack in the catalog resolver if catalogs are actually used.  Fix the logic around it to work with in JDK xjc.
     new 8ee19a5  CXF-5413: Support Java API for JSON Processing. Minor classes/packages renaming
     new d7cb537  [CXF-5679] Fix problems with trailing whitespace in the soap:body could be discarded. Tests from Aki Yoshida
     new 190b89b  Fixed CXF-5722: JAXB generated Enum throws IllegalArgumentException by unmarshalling as @QueryParam
     new 55fe542  [CXF-5722] Delaying the exception propagation only if it is enum and fromValue method
     new 0edab8d  [CXF-5720,CXF-5721] Dealing with SQL percent and reserved chars, patches from Romain Castan applied
     new a989069  Assert SignedParts/EncryptedParts when we are using TLS with no bindings
     new c081ee4  [CXF-5721] Duplicating single quote if possible
     new 44c52c1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ffbb46f  CXF-5413: Support Java API for JSON Processing. Added more test cases
     new d78f8c6  Update the @FactoryType annotation to remove the spring ref and prepare for possible package changes for 3.1
     new 2382e8c  CXF-5636 Add AckRequested to outbound header when messages are outstanding (depending on AckRequestMode)
     new e480106  [CXF-5636] Move AckRequested code to RMOutInterceptor, use Source configuration option as default to control with override in message property.
     new 8cae156  [CXF-5697] Minor updates to WHICH_JARS, needs more updates for 3
     new 021646d  [CXF-5679, CXF-5724] Fix some usage of the "fragment" flag to staxutils.copy and make it properly handle a fragment.
     new 95d6cfc  [CXF-5725] Fix NPE when no Accept for Offer
     new 93febc0  [CXF-5726] Eliminate Offer in CreateSequence for oneway endpoint.
     new 2726988  Upgrading to XML Security 2.0.0
     new 6e9405c  Adding @Ignore'd testcase for signature validation issue
     new 9fc1a68  "Fixing" test-case
     new 0eeefee  Fixing test-case again...
     new 1267757  Reader needs to read until the END_ELEMENT beyond the level we started at to get all the content of the element
     new a4c8551  Reorder some of hte calls to get the createSequence stuff occuring immediately to fix the tests
     new 7ed1cd8  Update jetty version
     new 9cb6ef3  Updating WADL to Java container to support wildcards for some options
     new 4b27319  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 217cf55  [CXF-5539, CXF-5434] For JMS, don't create a back channel conduit if it's not needed.
     new 17d844c  Removing redundant comment
     new 17c6675  Fixing the test due to the latest Jetty adding some unexpected text in case of escaped eceptions
     new 3da0b5c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c91adab  [CXF-5730] Calling Server destroy when thetext is destroyed, applying a slightly modified patch from Florian Léger
     new 6e5cba3  Upgrading to WSS4J 2.0.0
     new 0709775  Minor updates to OAuth2 EncryptionUtils
     new e89b2b1  [CXF-5731] Optimizing joins in JPA queries, patch from Romain Castan applied
     new 5af5c7b  fix CXF-5732 Wrong faultcode in case failed schema validation on server side
     new 148bbc8  Improving JMS tests
     new 037abfe  CXF-5734 Allow to plug in alternative certificateRepo using OSGi service
     new 167de59  Fixed the OAuth 1.0 demo
     new 109e40d  [CXF-5733] Use standard way of generating SAX events with StaxSource
     new e5eb148  Don't need xalan in there
     new 74c6e2b  Fix checkstyle issues This closes #3
     new 5365fde  Remove some printlns and warnings from the test console
     new b3a62ba  Minor updates to OAuth2 encryption utils
     new be93ea5  revert changes for CXF-5732
     new abfbb35  [CXF-5726] Restore Offer in CreateSequence, since we can't be sure the endpoint is always oneway.
     new 21bfb9a  [CXF-5735] Add AckRequested action handling
     new 0e46331  Moving crypto related OAuth2 utility classes to a subpackage to minimize the noise
     new f8c17ef  Renaming EncryptionUtils to CryptoUtils and adding few sign helper methods
     new ffd29da  Update checkstyle and pmd plugins
     new 2f7f035  Align the deploy plugin versions
     new e7db84d  Update surefire version
     new 4887c83  Update the java8 profile to allow the codegen plugin to access file based schemas.
     new a45ef8e  Fork a few more calls to the codegen plugin
     new 2bc5efe  Adding static qualifiers
     new 4491a84  Get the tools/wsdlto/test tests to behave identically inside and outside of eclipse
     new 2120019  Adding a test-case for adding + parsing a BinarySecurityToken
     new 17407db  Minor change
     new 54b617b  Add a check for gzi in to make sure not for GET.
     new 266ad76  [CXF-5741]:The properties in the requestContext are not copied into RMClient
     new 3bd1723  fix RM11 CloseSequence's invalid Sequence soap header
     new 6afbf9c  Moving MessageDigestUtils back to the original package
     new a296277  Only add Sequence to RM protocol message for last message when using RM 1.0 protocol (needed to close the sequence).
     new f228db2  Update building instructions to mention java6, not 5
     new 61125f0  Update WHICH_JARS for 3
     new 1cbfd0c  Update release_notes
     new e036bbd  Don't put 2 versions of servlet jar in lib
     new e5bc06d  Update buildnumber plugin to latest to work better with git
     new fd92c80  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-3.0.0
     new 037cc95  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 12d71c3  [CXF-5739] Support for SQL Timestamp, applying a patch on behalf of Romain Castan
     new 85d44cf  Updating JAXRS SecurityContext to better check for CXF SecurityContext
     new a918053  Another minor update to JAXRS SecurityContextImpl
     new 190f6e2  Updating JAXRsInInterceptor to check if Response has alrready been set and also removing a duplicate call
     new e43f452  Updating JAXRsInInterceptor a bit more
     new 8464516  [CXF-5746] WebsocketConduit to use the id header so that it can correlate requests and responses
     new 1091ca3  Minor changes to how tokens are referenced
     new 10969ab  [CXF-5748] - Improve WS-Security Kerberos configuration
     new 0dcfa2f  [CXF-5750,CXF-5751] - Support SpnegoContextTokens with the TransportBinding, Support policy validation for SupportingToken SpnegoContextTokens
     new 5bd695d  Minor update to OAuth2 CryptoUtils
     new fd0528c  [CXF-5311] Initial JWT code, more to follow
     new 0cab9af  Removing a temp resource
     new 5036637  [CXF-5749] Avoiding NPE if client proxy is given null body parameter
     new 0b388f8  fix the orphaned jaxrs websocket sample
     new 34d892d  [CXF-5747] karaf feature for the websocket transport
     new 1e7e0ee  [CXF-5752] Unable to find the target operation when using websocket transport without atmosphere
     new 0024d94  Store security context for SPNEGO case
     new b15aa32  [CXF-5479] Support for more WADLGenerator parameters
     new 6b45986  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7553e84  [CXF-5749] Removing the unused method parameter
     new ffc3fb9  [CXF-5757] Adding WADlGenerator linkAnyMediaTypeToXmlSchema, deprecating linkJsonToXmlSchema
     new 8050c26  [CXF-5757] Minor update
     new aa08a33  Fix an eclipse warning
     new 8ac7958  [CXF-5311] Fixing RSA encryptor/decryptor helpers
     new 3aa9857  CXF-5740 Added a system property to stop checking the url
     new e03c1d9  [CXF-5311] Adding some basic signer helpers
     new a8e21df  Add some more STS caching tests
     new e9ac42b  [CXF-5311] Renaming Algorithms to Algorithm
     new 71a43b9  [CXF-5311] Copying some SAML grant handlers to JWT
     new 419f09f  [CXF-5311] Fixing some of interface names
     new 50cb750  a minor cond-exp fix in QNamesMap.get()
     new b5409a6  [CXF-5311] Optional support for auto-generating content-encryption key and IV
     new 97a38ec  [CXF-5311] Minor modifications and reverting a previous 'fix' to RSA helpers
     new cc02c01  [CXF-5311] Minor update
     new f206aab  [CXF-5764] Initial update, enforce cliend id and secret only if no Pricnipal is already available
     new 1944d3d  fix CXF-5719 : remove wrong tokenizer usage, a bug occurring when exception message contains "#*#" still exists (but its not a cxf-core bug) This closes #5
     new cf05755  Add certificate path validation for X.509 tokens in the STS
     new 779cf32  [CXF-5766] - Caching nonces to disk may not work if the service QName is too long
     new 7851f41  [CXF-5768] - Fallback to "Issue" if "Renew" fails in the STSClient
     new 1e62c4c  Missing change from last commit
     new 8cf45d1  use a unique port in systests/ws/action tests
     new 14949c3  Update to latest JAXB, this might have to be reverted, but wanted folks to see what is involved.
     new 3e3d4b8  Update a couple deps
     new 149dcf0  Comment out a part of a test that is very dependent on the xerces version picked up and the jaxb version being used on client and server.
     new 5093b5b  Fix tests on J7.  Seems to be a code generation problem with latest JAXB
     new 9ef0259  Use jaxws22 with java8
     new d6a28f1  More updates for Java8 support
     new e7b4edb  Fix checkstyle issue
     new adf3cf4  Fix how a "default" prefix is added to the provider to avoid two namespaces with the same prefix
     new 902eaae  Fixing failing JSON encryption tests with JDK 8
     new 953dbb0  CXF-5778: JMS Subscription: durableSubscriptionName is not propagated into AbstractMessageListenerContainer
     new d278bb2  split the feature in two parts for CXF-5747
     new 070c8eb  Update to new version of the xjc-utils stuff
     new 4604c9f  [CXF-5640] Checking the bus too
     new c9af77e  [CXF-5775] Ignore defaut fault logging on the JAX-RS path
     new 8b457fd  Some minor changes
     new 8c138e0  Fix a startup race condition that could lead to a NPE
     new 7012de6  [CXF-5764] Checking ClientIdProvider too if Principal is null
     new b7ad1f3  Fix some race conditions in the EndpointPolicyImpl
     new 037da2d  More race conditions fixes
     new 82606af  Minor optimisation
     new 9221cf9  If OAuth2 Client has registered a certificate then enforce 2-way TLS
     new a912773  [CXF-5783] Wire jaxws customizations into the port element
     new 4008219  [CXF-5781] NettyHttpConduit Port out of Range -1
     new 2d0d606  Updating ModelEncryptionUtils to handle Client cert if available
     new 90404af  Fixing oauth2-jwt encryption tests with JDK6
     new e44fba7  Adding the utility code for stripping the algo properties in some cases, thanks to Colm
     new 710990c  [CXF-5780]: JMS pubsub: support different parameters for clientID and durableSubscriptionName
     new 68c3186  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 95a6d1c  Defaulting to A256GSM JWT name if Java AES name is provided
     new 63e9732  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 567f986  [CXF-5311] Adding a test where CEK is not included in the JWE sequence
     new fc8331e  [CXF-5311] Initial attempt to introduce some 'safety' into the encryption/decryption process, with more refactoring due for abstract classes
     new 8b5d78a  update and align netty3 and ning-ahc versions, 3.9.1.Final and 1.8.5, respectively
     new ac556b7  add the ws scheme handling in jaxrs client's LocalClientState
     new 117061f  [CXF-5311] Fixing compact serialization if OOB ceks are used, refactoring abstract JWE helpers, adding empty encryption and signature properties which can be used to enforce that only specific encryption/sign algo props were used
     new 187d35e  Adding missing files
     new b46641c  [CXF-5479] Avoiding instantiating the classes
     new bfd50e9  [CXF-5311] More refactorings to make it simpler to use JWE helpers in JAX-RS providers
     new 2b51837  [CXF-5311] Fixing the typo, updating the test
     new 73caf0e  [CXF-5311] Prototyping JAX-RS handlers
     new a7208b6  [CXF-5311] Prototyping JWS MBR/MBW
     new 727baf1  [CXF-5790] Response-Code is logged for the response sent over a decoupled endpoint
     new 266b0d6  [CXF-5475] Updates to get a correct WADL file name produced
     new a261650  [CXF-5475] Not checking applicationPath as an output file name candidate
     new 9e51e56  [CXF-5311] Minor update to the grant handler
     new 1900e1f  [CXF-5479] Optional support for the auto-discovery of root resources
     new db470d7  [CXF-5793] A better error message than an NPE if the "message" attribute isn't there.
     new 50c679e  [CXF-5794] DynamicClientFactory createClient fails for Simple Rpc Service
     new 98a481d  Temp avoiding supporting absolute current URI for ws schemes
     new 776bce9  [CXF-5792] Make the WSDLGetUtils that is used by the interceptor something that is looked up
     new 4503ba0  [CXF-5479]set javadocOptionsDir folder into target
     new 5e67322  fix regression introduced by the change in jaxrs client's LocalClientState's ws scheme handling
     new e3a2b03  [CXF-5479] Making sure a single classloader is used to load multiple root resources
     new 2932201  [CXF-5479] Support XmlType beans by default
     new 5885d6b  [CXF-5791] Could not send a message. Caused by HTTP response '404: Not Found'; patch by Guilherme
     new f75fa59  [CXF-5795] Prevening misleading NPE
     new bbeddfc  Updating JWE test to default to 128 bit keys if 256 is not supported
     new 8447da0  Minor update
     new 3d635a7  [CXF-5479] Updating Spring class path scanner to support laoding interfaces only and accepting a custom loader
     new afd0492  correct the previous fix in AhcWebSocketConduit's jaxrs uri path handling
     new 5ec1b60  [CXF-5761] When pretty writing, ignore any errors as they could be caused by the truncation Also unify the limits
     new bbee298  [CXF-5798] WebSocket transport fails to transport a large message; add a jaxws websocket test
     new 63e985d  Optimization to only load the first extension found when only one is asked for.
     new 44b35f1  Make sure netty client isn't used as the default for sync calls unless specifically asked for (like the hc client). Also, if SSLSocketFactory specified, make sure we delegate down to URL version so it's used.
     new 7fbe3b6  Add some debug logging if an optional extension isn't loaded
     new f912f16  Allow use of lowercase as well
     new db2f02a  "Fix" a checkstyle error
     new 66e4696  revert an unintended change
     new 0ccdc39  [CXF-5311] Support for loading private or public key handlers in JAX-RS providers using context properties, based on the CXF WS-Sec/WSS4J idea
     new b4909d6  [CXF-5311] Passing properties to default handlers
     new 1cc014c  Updating OAuth2 Redirect service to support the case where a view handler randomizes a name of the field containing a session authenticity token
     new 0f2a9fa  Making sure JWS handlers can deal with the arbitrary payload
     new 9ef7c5e  [CXF-5765] Fix several issues with RPC/Lit with schema validation turned on.
     new ad97191  Fix compile failure
     new 607f935  Refactoring JAX-RS providers
     new 7d4f8ea  [CXF-5311] Support for default media type
     new 7f60c6c  Updates to make sure extensions are only loaded once if multiple threads request the same extension at the same time.
     new 86d7c4b  Setting content type for jws writers
     new a9264b0  [CXF-5623] Fix a typo
     new ca2de0d  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor
     new 657ab96  CXF-5802 added ability to use a global ehcache manager.
     new 8d00161  [CXF-5805] Invalid SOAP Envelope names are accepted
     new 12d19ff  [CXF-5780]: clientID is renamed to durableSubscriptionClientId to keep compability with CXF 2.X.X
     new 08f29ac  Upgrading to WSS4J SNAPSHOT
     new ad4e3dd  Adding a SOAP 1.1 test with WS-MEX
     new 8515dcb  [CXF-5311] Experimenting with JWS interfaces
     new da25b2a  [CXF-5807] - Fix STSClient configuration when Issuer EPR has an "anonymous" address
     new d3d7a35  [CXF-5763] Make sure the stream is only closed once
     new 9929533  [CXF-5753] Update to use the addChildElement calls that use qnames that don't "inherit" default namespaces and such.
     new 86a0bb6  [CXF-5809] WebSocket transport supporting concurrent asynchronous calls
     new 35aa01c  [CXF-5809] adding atmosphere profile in systests/jaxws for jaxws websocket tests
     new 6f8d4ad  [CXF-5311] Initial end to end JweJws test
     new 60be93b  update the comment text for the jetty and atmosphere's websocket destination
     new 7132026  [CXF-5753, CXF-5811] More attempts to get the child namespaces "correct" with various SAAJ versions
     new 335148d  [CXF-5311] Keeping refactoring and experimenting with property names
     new 27fa54f  Upgrading EhCache
     new e4704fb  [CXF-5282] Update all the scripts to say java 6 is required, not 5
     new c55f816  [CXF-5311] Passing principal name to password providers when possible
     new 46509e7  [CXF-5810]:Empty response is returned when both security policy and handler chain are enabled
     new 86c613b  [CXF-5813]add completers for cxf karaf shell commands
     new d3b9fc5  [CXF-5808] Updating JAXBUtils to default to a mapper shipper with CXF if possible
     new 4429728  [CXF-5809] WebSocket's concurrent calls handling update; add a test for it
     new 507b03b  [CXF-5806] Adding a patch from Romain Castan, and a temp disabled test
     new 459b988  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor
     new a009f87  [CXF-5549] Making tika-parsers scope optional
     new e28454a  [CXF-5806] Enabling the test
     new 5dcb1f3  [CXF-5806] Reverting the unintended change to the abstract test
     new 9d1b5e3  [CXF-5806] Very minor optimization
     new a980e2f  Minor update to jwe encryptor
     new 6672144  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor
     new 7d5f8b5  Update to OAuth2 CryptoUtils to get the authentication block correctly calculated if multi-part encryption is used
     new 25549fb  [CXF-5549] Customizing the contents field, adding a test checking that metadata can be matched, adding methods allowing to extract either the content or metadata only
     new 095a3e3  [CXF-5817] - CXF's STSClient does not handle additional Schemas properly when parsing a WS-MEX response
     new 018b563  Merge branch 'master' of
     new df94a7f  [CXF-5549] Splitting Tika extractor into 2 handlers so that the tika content can be fed directly into CXF SearchCondition API
     new b522a81  [CXF-5549] Avoiding caching the parsed content if it is not needed
     new 4150c1d  Allow setting the UseAsyn flag via a string to make it easier to set via spring/blueprint
     new eb3d8f4  CXF-5802 remove temporary code now that WSS fix is applied
     new fcf3c8a  Revert "Only add Sequence to RM protocol message for last message when using RM" Eliminate redundant change after Aki's commit. This reverts commit a2962773cbad6c88cb4d651c3199e45b352a5972.
     new e8abc3b  Improve reliability of test by ignoring the exact order of callbacks, as long as they're consistent (messages accepted in order, one and only one ack per message, messages always accepted before acked).
     new 0494f76  Eliminate println()s used for looking at callback ordering issues.
     new c613aa4  [CXF-3272] Return acknowledgement rather than Fault when duplicate message received.
     new 45867c5  Add simple test for decoupled client oneway operation.
     new 9c36535  Improving Error Handling in the STSClient
     new 6e64b69  Improving logging a bit in the STS
     new 727d350  [CXF-5817] - Adding unit test
     new 35b9209  [CXF-5819] Prototyping HBase visitor, test disabled for now
     new 732ad17  Fixed PMD error of transport-jms systest with JDK8
     new 38420ba  Igore the WSDLAddressRewriteTest.testWithEquivalentAddress() as doesn't work in JDK8
     new 0652be3  Skip the connection test of in systests jaxws when running with JDK8
     new 0bb4d0c  [CXF-5823] Update to Base64Utility to support multi-chunk encoding correctly
     new a10b113  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7454e5a  [CXF-5823] Fixing a typo in the test name
     new 27e80bb  [CXF-5311] Initial attempt at JWE encrypting directly into output stream, cleanup to follow
     new dae6111  Adding another @Ignore'd cross domain test
     new d014f6a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 856a0b9  Fixing oauth2 crypto tests
     new 48b00b3  [CXF-5311] Removing JweEncryptorWorkerState
     new 5daca2d  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor
     new 403a4fb  [CXF-5822] Fixing a possible NPE in PropertiesLoaderUtils, patch from Christoph Eßer applied
     new 68372da  Avoiding NPE if either a location/wsdlLocation is not configured on the STSClient
     new 417d938  Adding support for a cross-domain STS test
     new 60bad6d  Fixing problem with IssuedToken policy validation
     new 53270bd  [CXF-5311] Updating Base64Utility to support urlsafe mode and stream to OutputStream and JweOutputStream accordingly
     new f24a5be  [CXF-5825] Fix the "verbose" logic in the tools
     new 1a8809a  [CXF-5783] Fix client code generation
     new cd058a9  We should NOT be keeping the runtime folders.  Causes massive disk usage in target dir
     new bf8247f  [CXF-5827] Use only local name matching for inbound rpc/literal processing
     new d012b94  Replacing a strong map of jaxrs context proxies with a weak hash map
     new a1157ad  [CXF-5826] making sure only setters are checked
     new e0a449e  Add WS-MakeConnection 1.1 basic policy handling; fix WS-I RSP policy handling.
     new 8f99f30  [CXF-5549] Moving Lucene DocumentMetadata to its own class and supporting injecting it via the constructor as discussed with Andriy, updating TikaContentExtractor to accept multile parsers
     new 785c0bd  [CXF-5549] Moving Lucene DocumentMetadata to its own class and supporting injecting it via the constructor as discussed with Andriy, updating TikaContentExtractor to accept multile parsers
     new 0253be4  [CXF-5549] Adding a constructor accepting list of parsers to Lucene extractor too
     new 16cff26  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visit. Added date/timestamp handling implementation.
     new d607b8c  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Enhanced date/timestamp handling implementation.
     new cf2db1f  Minor update to the search pom to make it easier to run the tests
     new ec4d582  [CXF-5802] Fix a condition introduced with the removeCache call where if two proxies are using the same cache, closing one (or having it GC'd) would cause the cache to become invalid.
     new 89dec9e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2a614f6  Fix PMD issue
     new 074e91a  [CXF-5834] WS-RM's JAXB marshalling/unmarshalling is not thread-safe
     new daf87c8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5b1cc92  [CXF-5835] Support for FileDataSource
     new 73b6eee  CXF-5311: Quick update to make JweDecryptor thread safe, clean-up will have to be done later on
     new 34c814b  Don't use the unmarshall method that takes an InputStream as it's very slow due to creation of parsers. Also make sure the streams are closed
     new d40ea83  Allow -1 for the limit
     new 0fdde9e  [CXF-5836] Fix NPE when nonProxyHosts is used Patch from Nicolas Sprauel applied
     new 7fab676  [CXF-5818] Fix stackoverflow with TLS
     new 5edc426  Workaround for [CXF-5803]: error processing by context injection
     new 5372863  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f6def6a  [CXF-5549] Some updates to do with supporting Dates on different paths
     new d217346  Squashed commit of the following: This closes #6
     new 84cbdf6  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added more test cases and numeric types handling
     new e0036b7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b6d3e15  [CXF-5840]:ResponseTimeCounter counts the one-way fault message twice
     new f0bb4ac  [CXF-5785] Applying a patch with the disabled test
     new c0d434e  [CXF-5311] Wrapping JweOutStream in DeflaterOutputStream if compression is requested
     new 59a1524  Downgrade loglevel for regular requests
     new 39573be  Fix import order
     new 1a6a695  Updating TikaContentExtractor to accept custom ContentHandlers which can be handy if users want to optimize the way the content is indexed in Lucene, etc
     new eafb1dc  Removing some comments from Lucene visitor
     new 8394d3a  [CXF-5832] Make the attachments map returned from the JAX-WS properties a live "wrapper" over around the List<Attachment> that CXF uses.
     new 2f4bd49  Force the use of CXF as no other JAX-WS implementation can understand the soap.udp spec
     new fb690c0  CXF-5845 HTTPTransportActivator does not clean up old configuration while updating
     new 3a373f1  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added ParamConverterProvider and DefaultParamConverterProvider implementation
     new c5752fd  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5a9bcf3  [CXF-5851] Ignoring null attachments in client proxies
     new b7516fd  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added ParamConverterProvider and DefaultParamConverterProvider implementation
     new a03443e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 805f877  Assert streaming SecureConversation policies properly
     new f3087f8  [CXF-5837] Updating OutgoingChainInterceptor not to eneble the in caching if it is not needed
     new 1fbf530  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b246f43  [CXF-5837] Updating MessageContextImpl to set to FALSE
     new b7f754d  [CXF-5847]:Add operation to enable/disable ResponseTimeCounter
     new 5588092  [CXF-5839]:ResponseTimeCounter doesn't count the schema validation fault
     new 2d2a45a  [CXF-5840]:ResponseTimeCounter counts the one-way fault message twice
     new 828d7e5  [CXF-5843]:Add operation to enable/disable ResponseTimeCounter
     new 00e33d3  [CXF-5847]:More work on enable/disable ResponseTimeCounter in ResponseTimeOutInterCeptor;Remove the unused classes and test;Fix all the tests
     new 9a52319  [CXF-5847]:More fix to enable/disable ResponseTimeCounter
     new 3cd2f8f  Activated UriDomainExpressionBuilder by default
     new 58f2f57  [CXF-5849] Setting systemId on individual XSLT templates, patch from Vjacheslav Borisov applied
     new 1feb5a7  Improving some policy asserting
     new 97dab3d  [CXF-5856]NPE in SwaggerFeature
     new 1cf6098  CXF-5857 Fix and improve JMS samples
     new c39c04b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fcb2f15  [CXF-5853] Avoding releasing the provider tls state immediately after a non-match as it may override the state set by the same thread in case of multiparts, the state is cleared up at the end of the request anyway
     new c1617b0  [CXF-5841] Mulitple identical policy references when using annotations. Patch from Bartosz Baranowski applied
     new f372fff  Add a timeout to speed up the test from 60 seconds down to 5ish
     new 1075d1f  Shorten a few more RM tests to poll for result instead of a long wait and then check
     new f4ce90b  Update to latest releases
     new f568476  Fallback to issue if renew fails for SecureConversation
     new 9a25833  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added ParamConverterProvider usage into LuceneQueryVisititor
     new 6cd3843  [CXF-5860] Using ProxyClassLoader to create ThreadLocalProxy based proxy
     new 84c1a74  temporraily disabling a Tika test
     new d044e1c  [CXF-5861] Injecting context values immediately after ResourceContext creates a bean
     new 9d971b7  Upgrading to WSS4J 2.0.1
     new 73ba9ac  Upgrading xmlsec bundle
     new f55a02f  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Refactored contextual property date retrieval
     new 9fc73f5  Minor updates to the search parser to beter control the encoding/decoding process
     new 669e2f0  [CXF-5865] Do not close Response if WebClient.close is called as a code may be holding a reference to a non consumed Response
     new badfac5  [CXF-5838] Setting a correct default char value
     new 38a9b66  [CXF-5864] Optional support for anonymous users
     new 3812fe2  CXF-5863 Fixed the issue that JettyHTTPServerEngineFactoryHolder does not support Handlers
     new ebf24b7  [CXF-5842] Make sure the cache gets cleaned up if it fails to cache the input
     new 2c94642  Updating OAuth2 Client to hold the whole public cert chain if needed
     new e0b7f35  [CXF-5866] Adding XMLStreamReaderWrapper to WSDLManagerImpl and providing a XMLStreamReader wrapper that resolves system properties
     new 7683d05  making sure search parsers actually see a decode property
     new 22dbf10  [CXF-5311] Quick prototyping of JwsOutputStream, refactorings will follow
     new 5182ed5  CXF-5868 Add subject.doAs and HTTP status mapping
     new c36a238  CXF-5868 Revering status code mapping as a fault always must have status code 500
     new 5934b2e  Trying to prototype some BP code for mapping between jaxrs and jaxrs-client
     new 82d49c1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f584187  [CXF-5869] Temporary file caching using encryption may get corrupted data
     new e8a0383  [CXF-5869] test using AES/CTR
     new f5d2a03  [CXF-5311] Actually making JWS out streaming work, more refactoring will follow
     new 2209258  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added integration tests (systest) for JAX-RS/Tika/Lucene/Search
     new 6ba3e0b  Fixed checkstyle issues
     new 3163a36  [CXF-5847]:Refactor the code;Fix typo
     new 901a6e1  Minor update to the Tika date test due to the Z conversion producing different values in diff time zones
     new eb59896  Adding a comment to the test
     new e76e09a  [CXF-5866] Replace DelegatingXMLStreamReader with StAX StreamReaderDelegate; turn SysPropExpandingStreamReader into a more generic PropertiesExpandingStreamReader
     new 03f0d1b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 78664f4  [CXF-5311] Adding a system test with JWS HMAC signature
     new e67312c  [CXF-5311] Initial attempt to minimize a number of properties that may have to be set when JWE and or JWS are used
     new e5e77b7  Fixing Tika system test
     new 9be6ef6  CXF-5868 Quick Fix for JAASAuthentication filter to run without doAs
     new 388ee56  [CXF-5872] Fix NPE when Dispatch clients trying to process a fault
     new 1b3b938  [CXF-5871] Fix dispatch.invokeAsync not sending proper Action
     new f4fbe42  [CXF-5873] Fix a problem of a ton of logs if the client pre-maturely closes a connection.
     new 3aa9adf  [CXF-5871] Fix checkstyle issue
     new a4e4ea1  [CXF-5874] Add ability to turn on a strict Action checking
     new 8cd225a  Fix checkstyle issues
     new db602b8  [CXF-5870] A quick fix to avoid duplicated inherited parameters added to the signature
     new 5d5caa1  Quick fix for test failure in jaxrs search tika
     new 02dbc110 Another attempt to fix a date related Tika test
     new 98340f1  [CXF-5828] Make it simpler to access OAuth2 request token details so the the code which needs does not have to parse HTTP Authorization again
     new 51925d8  [CXF-5876] Updating AtomPojoProvider to log the warning only if the actual context injection failed
     new 6c4aa3a  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Fixing date-based tests stability by providing explicit timezone
     new 77b05b6  CXF-5311 Minor optimization
     new 5fd9993  Avoid going though URL creationg from String when computing MTOM/XOP multipart messages' CID
     new 3985756  Fix checkstyle issue
     new 923117b  Fix compile issue in sample
     new d1c4845  [CXF-5877] - SCT in a (SAML1.1 + SCT) scenario failing to renew ore reissue. Thanks to Freddy Exposito for the patch.
     new 149bfbd  Update 3.0.1 release notes
     new ebd5378  Updating release notes with GCM issue
     new 32caf7f  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Added contextual property systest and fixed NPE (DefaultParamConverterProvider)
     new bbe1a2a  CXF-5549: Introduce Tika Search Visitor. Fixed checkstyle issues
     new d8f82a8  [CXF-5879]: Distinguishing client or service in FactoryBeanListener
     new e53db10  Updated javadoc for CXF-5879
     new b39006b  [CXF-5880]:Fix Concurrent issue in ResponseTimeCounter
     new 217d41a  Add few more methods to search QueryContext to avoid passing null if the query can be discovered
     new 50c57d9  [CXF-5311] Working toward finalizing the interfaces
     new 4e3ffb9  [CXF-5311] One more refactoring
     new 1704fa3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-3.0.1
     new 542e416  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7664178  [CXF-5882]UDPTransportTest.testLargeRequest always failed on some machine
     new 14ce0ad  CXF-5881 If a given wadl has a single schema with no target namespace then optionally support it
     new 4cb5fa9  Upgrading to WSS4J 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT + picking up new policy assertion code
     new 2328915  Update to latest moxy release
     new 8364fbf  Change wsn to use the WSDL whenever possible instead of relying on the service/schemas to built from the class.  That makes sure the proper schema is used for validation and JAXB context creation and such.  (and works around a bug in Moxy)
     new 8bf20a7  Fix unused import
     new 877b14d  Moxy wraps some of the XMLStreamExceptions an extra layer deep.
     new c5379b9  The writeStartDocument(String) method takes the version, not the encoding.
     new 10c0903  Flip to using xpath expressions instead of raw strings.
     new 09faa0f  [[CXF-5885] - Validate "ActAs" tokens in the STS
     new 4daba03  [CXF-5388] Using IOException to indicate that the sequence is malformed in OAuthJSONProvider
     new 7df9053  [CXF-5888] Check for attributes on base types when unwrapping operations
     new 5383620  [CXF-5889] Using a custom servlet wrapper to preserve the attribute
     new 2d48a26  Fixing log
     new d1244e1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1bcb4ec  [CXF-5892] Ensure EncryptedKey references BST before it
     new 95bfefb  [CXF-5893] Websocket transport sporadically fails with corrupted data
     new 2f4c97f  [CXF-5652]: enhanced HttpsConnectionFactory to check JVM properties in order to initialize key managers, if they are not specified explicitly
     new 903b250  Updating JWT claims to use Long instead of Integer to represent date properties
     new a46e5d4  [CXF-5311] Adding a signature test with EC keys
     new a8c97f8  [CXF-5895] Fix issues with shaded ASM versions.... Patch from Romain Manni-Bucau applied
     new 3e585af  Updates to WHICH_JARS
     new 3cfddba  [CXF-5652]: added fallback configuration of chiper suites using JVM option
     new 27987cc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9e663d1  [CXF-5311] Minor update
     new 6127950  [CXF-5652]: refactored system properties in own method
     new e6efdf5  upgrade atmosphere to 2.2.0 with the osgi range [2.0,3.0)
     new ecbf4e7  Update master versions to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 5fbd407  Master is now Java7 only  :-)
     new 994d43e  Clean up the NettyHttpServer shutdown code
     new fae074f  [CXF-5900] websocket destination in osgi fails to start after being stopped
     new 7134c48  [CXF-5902] Initial test code, to be optimized later
     new 08d98fb  CXF-5311: Removing the reflective Cipher.updateAAD call on the trunk
     new 67432ae  Start working on removing all the JAXB 2.1 and JAX-WS 2.1 code and profiles
     new c36df2a  Updating Binary provider to keep the response input stream opened if requested
     new eac1815  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c9a58c1  Updating Binary provider to keep the response input stream opened if requested, default is true
     new f942e1e  Make sure the tests are moved as well
     new 6e4f0f6  Don't stick the warning commend in the generated service anymore since we only support java7/jaxws22
     new b453660  Move some of the jaxws22 functionality up into the base classes.  Deprecate the 2.2 specific versions
     new 3b1a8cc  Don't need anything endorsed anymore
     new 7e0a575  [CXF-5904] Fixing the regression leading to eliminating all but one inherited parameters
     new 8535014  fix rt/wsdl's so it can build/test offline
     new cb934e6  Fixing a SAML SSO validation issue
     new 2721563  Removing some code from last commit
     new ba16735  [CXF-5844] Merging annotations on the output if the annotated and invoked methods are different
     new 9ea935f  Samples should be 1.7 as well
     new 0c0555f  Don't force the use of the jaxws21 frontend anymore. Inherit compile-plugin settings
     new 2004b10  More updates to inherit the compiler plugin settings
     new d3e9295  More compiler plugin updates, update archetypes for Java7
     new 92c4738  DOn't need jaxws-api anymore
     new 75c69b2  We don't use the geronimo stax-api either
     new 90312bc  Don't need geronimo-activation
     new 51f433d  Don't need jaxb-api either
     new 87e146f  Don't pull jaxb-api from the xjc-runtime either
     new 8e028a6  We only support Maven 3 so this isn't needed.  We also don't use the maven site generations stuff
     new 2d4f5cd  [CXF-5906] Fixing multi claim value support This closes #11 Signed-off-by: Daniel Kulp <>
     new f2dc0d4  Largeish refactor to properly support SignedParts associated with EndorsingSupportingTokens
     new 89bb593  [CXF-5909] Propagate security Provider from Exchange to WSS4J ThreadLocalSecurityProvider
     new a48f672  Some optimisations to the AbstractBindingBuilder
     new 6acb404  [CXF-5897]: Relax setter method name restriction for @context injection
     new 42131e0  [CXF-5897]: Update JUnit test to check relaxed validation
     new 9899753  [CXF-5902] Refactoring Jwe helpers to better support diffent key encryption algorithms, more to follow
     new d391d93  Review all the eclipse warnings produced with the upgrade to Java7 and fix them
     new d45de9c  [CXF-5878] Disabling policy engine causes NPE
     new 7c26938  [CXF-5897] Using full class names, avoiding direct refs to 2.0 contexts (to support loading CXF 3.0 into 1.1 envs) in a static map
     new 1734e4f  [CXF-5913] - logStacktrace Property Not Implemented in MapEventLogger
     new cb4bc53  [CXF-5910] Using a more specific name binding for DynamicFeature
     new 3bf3d07  [CXF-5911] Make sure the xml:lang attribute is recorded for SOAP 1.1 faults. If the user specifies a lang for a SOAP 1.1 fault, write it out.  (otherwise, don't)
     new d721bd1  [CXF-5862] Make sure we don't skip binding nodes in the binding file Fixes a potential NPE if there are an odd number of binding nodes
     new e9122c7  Update to JAXRS RequestPreprocessor to use 1.1 API
     new 4fa4473  Updating swagger-jaxrs version to 1.3.7
     new 8c33192  Minor update to Requestpreprocessor
     new 730cdf2  Trying to fix the SAMLP response decryption issue
     new 563ae63  [CXF-5916] Better support for camel case properties
     new a64ded4  [CXF-5917] Restoring the original check against the EncryptedData element for greater flexibility as recommended by Colm
     new 131c3fd  [CXF-5914]: Extend AbstractPolicyProvider.getEffectivePolicy() with optional message parameter
     new 646b27a  [CXF-5902] More refactoring to make it easier to provide a utility code for composite algorithms
     new e3dfa35  [CXF-5918] Logging a warning message in case of JAXBException, patch from Stefaan Vanderheyden applied
     new 9a33c9e  [CXF-5902] Moving closer to providing a utility
     new c33e0e7  [CXF-5902] Set default IV size in to the typical block size in bits
     new 25671bd  [CXF-5902] Prototyping the code for making AecCbcHmac encryption work in a streaming mode
     new c019803  [CXF-5744] CHeck for XmlTransient annotation on Exception.getMessage methods
     new 98f65f2  [CXF-5908] Implemented clone, hashCode, equals and toString method for Claims
     new 7ec0f08  [CXF-5908] - Making Claims clonable. Thanks to Jan Bernhardt for the patch
     new 43aa455  Minor systests refactorings
     new 13893ab  [CXF-5902] Minor fix to JweOutputStream
     new 17d077f  [CXF-5925] First implementation of a JEXL Claims Mapper
     new 2ba7732  [CXF-5926]: Extend SSL KeyManagers with password callback handler
     new 31c8094  [CXF-5927] Providing claim mapping utils
     new 97e955a  [CXF-5929] Using a double dot convention to pass the parameterized types
     new fdb7dd8  [CXF-5925] Making JEXL dependency optional and moving version to parent pom.xml
     new 18a3d43  [CXF-5846] Updating binary and source providers to throw InternalServerError in case of ClassCastException, patch from Iris Ding applied
     new bea22d7  Updated comment in security schema for keyPasswordCallbackHandler attribute
     new b67537d  Start the process of issolating Jetty 8 and 9 differences.
     new 13dfe0f  Change how maxIdle and reuseAddress is handled to make Jetty8/9 easier
     new 944eb0b  Remove some reflection code that's not needed by dropping support for Jetty 7
     new 88adfaf  JettyHTTPDestination works with both Jetty 8 and Jetty 9
     new b9c91a7  Adding support for WS-Security kerberos credential delegation + a system test
     new 213b502  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bf879ad  Removing some tabs
     new 1824d9c  Fix some unneeded warnings
     new 4f61ca8  Remove references to various SAAJ jars as we can use the version in the JDK
     new 71488c6  Simplify the SSL config since we don't need to support Jetty 7.x.
     new b9f4748  NPE fix
     new 0d5ee54  [CXF-5932] Caching method properties early
     new c044f72  More work to issolate the differences between Jetty 8/9.
     new f18acbc  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika
     new e242307  Revert accidental commmit
     new a5f8a4d  http-jetty now compiles and it's unit tests pass with both Jetty 8 and Jetty 9
     new df669c6  [CXF-5920] Using UriBuilder to compose the final Link URI
     new 89f74ab  Add the ability to specify a Kerberos OID Service NameType
     new 69fc87a  Adding a JAX-RS kerberos credential delegation test
     new 6256b7c  Get the SSL tests passing with Jetty 9
     new 478de21  Allow for ignorable spaces in the return values for the tests.
     new a4315cb  Update tests to use the Server constructor that takes the port instead of creating the connector directly.  Easier compatiblity between jetty 8 and 9
     new 470bdcb  Work toward getting Jetty9 based websocket stuff working.
     new f2f6aa0  Fix a problem with compiled with jetty8, but run with jetty 9
     new 8f96764  Cleanup some jetty version things by moving to parent pom
     new a7b79ea  Get jca tests passing with Jetty9
     new 91d6630  Add method need for Jetty9
     new 46838d8  Send the appropriate charset so the server does the right thing
     new ea778c4  Bunch more updates to get Jetty9 working for many of the system tests
     new 5266312  Add a way to enable credential delegation via a property
     new bb1edc5  More updates to get more of the jaxrs tests passing with Jetty 9
     new 9344b09  CXF-5118 Add cert based auth to JaasLoginInterceptor
     new 8e4a6b5  [CXF-5934] Introdicng gew protected methods to make it simpler to override handleOperation
     new 8bcb513  [CXF-5937] Updating AbstractHttpServlet to optionally support X-Forwarded headers
     new b5fc90f  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added initial search support.
     new fc1ac5c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6707883  [CXF-5891] Avoid building DOM document when no header is found in the message
     new 161e10b  Add an error handler for Jetty 9 that doesn't let the details escape. ALL tests now pass with Jetty 9
     new 101beb0  [CXF-5902] Initial refactoring to get the utility AesCbcHmac decryption working
     new 49791d3  [CXF-5902] More refactoring to get the utility AesCbcHmac decryption working
     new ff74243  using Java 7 classes directly
     new 1674e7f  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added async POST support.
     new fa37d87  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Fixed coupe of checkstyle violations.
     new 1b944b5  [CXF-5902] Completing AesCbcHmac encryption/decryption test, some cleanup to follow
     new c556641  [CXF-5901] Updating JAX-RS api version to 2.0.1
     new 4cf959b  [CXF-5898] Update the SAAJ bundle version
     new cdcccb9  No need to lock for the getClassObject call once the class is loaded.  Removes most locking in most cases within ExtensionManagerImpl.
     new 67201fd  Squashed commit of the following: This closes #17
     new 5b40876  If the WS-SC client does not send a SOAPAction, degrade to the old DOM based processing.
     new 4e374cc  CXF-5795: Minor update to the exception message
     new 7e95279  make WebSocketTransportFactory instantiable for either of the available jetty versions
     new f7a091a  update pom for sample websocket's pom
     new a04c01f  [CXF-5943] Updating the exception catch to check Throwable, patch from Iris Ding applied
     new ba8fc3d  an option to switch jetty version for the sample jaxrs websocket
     new 669d9f0  [CXF-5902] Adding a system test
     new ae44ed7  [CXF-5902] Updating the system test to use the output streaming
     new 77d7a46  [CXF-5944] Better support for multipart representations, patch from Alexey Markevich applied with modifications
     new 2afb9d3  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added simple file storage (to keep original content).
     new f8f5bc3  [CXF-5946]ensure unregister cxf http transport Servlet OSGi service before we re-register it (cherry picked from commit e18a3b9097491c10be4db3943c09de0f2a286ac9)
     new 91f89e4  [CXF-5795] Adding a system test
     new 2f94a81  [CXF-5795] Enabling the processing of 202 responses if the request is not explicitly oneway
     new 93a4380  [CXF-5949] LogBrowser not working for some time
     new d3780ee  Fixing a long time issue related to the use of inherited params and adding anyURI mapping - thanks to Alexey M
     new 0f54c19  [CXF-5952, CXF-5953] Fixing few issues related to the processing of representation params
     new 4f70bdf  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added duplicated documents handling.
     new e9d2aa0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d54a216  Remove a suppresswarnings that won't be necessary until we go to Jetty9
     new 66cc4a4  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added document download.
     new 42c9246  [CXF-5958]incorrect OSGi header in cxf-core bundle (cherry picked from commit aca3b4670d7819594fb8b03154d19cdf9b4a4b01)
     new 70caefd  [CXF-5959]support to specify of ManagedBus
     new 857cc4f  Minor update to LuceneQueryVisitor to convert Strings to lower case if the analyzer indexed with the lower case too
     new 5cc2ed0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 43c8d50  [CXF-5886] Prototyping default OAuth2 Ehcache providers, to be tuned later on
     new 8190545  [CXF-5956, CXF-5961] Support for repeating response parameters and optional multipart parameters, patches to both issues provided by Alexei Markevich
     new fb05205  [CXF-5962] Make LogBrowser sample also run in OSGi
     new 8c96985  [CXF-5962] add some note to logbrowser's README.txt
     new ea4cd76  [CXF-5962] change the settings path constant to generate the correct path
     new 435afae  [CXF-5960] Prototyping default encrypting providers
     new 30e4e72  [CXF-5669] Prototyping ClientRegistrationProvider interface
     new 774347c  [CXF-5669] Adding the missing file
     new 8ebe526  [CXF-5922]Secure CXF WSDL with standard HTTP Authentication
     new 913eff1  [CXF-5922]remove debug log
     new 198f33b  [CXF-5941, CXF-5961] Controlling the order of inherited parameters, fixing the regression, patches from Alexey Markevich applied with some extra code
     new d1995a4  [CXF-5964] The injection of contexts into Application needs to be done earlier
     new 1805027  [CXF-5925] Adding multi-value role claim support to CustomClaimsHandler
     new bcf0c9f  [CXF-5925] Adding STS SAML issue unit test for JEXL claim mappings
     new 0a6d5ea  Make sure the logging interceptors are before the stax wss4j things
     new 5d9af8f  [CXF-5948] Few more modifications
     new 621e3a7  [CXF-5966] Fixing NPE
     new 816e1a5  [CXF-5962] add a separate plain blueprint version
     new 4d6fd51  [CXF-5899] Better support for injecting Configuration
     new ffd429b  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Upgraded Apache Lucene to version 4.9
     new 4aaafd7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5fa0cbe  [CXF-5969] Passing generic type to ParamConverter
     new 0c25f5e  use safeHTML in logbrowser
     new fad3938  Adding a Action -> Policy test for a KeyIdentifier fix
     new be6b95a  [CXF-5970] Adding a test confirming the order of the providers with the same properties is preserved
     new fd3471e  CXF-5963: LuceneQueryVisitor should use analyzer to create query properly. Refactored LuceneQueryVisitor to use QueryBuilder and analyzer.
     new 15f8726  Merge branch 'master' of
     new af2f7d3  [CXF-5972] Fix all karaf features definitions
     new 51ca253  [CXF-5974] Setting a default representation media type to */*
     new 481466c  less info logs in transports/websocket
     new 162bbb5  CXF-5963: LuceneQueryVisitor should use analyzer to create query properly. Added more LuceneQueryVisitor test cases.
     new 41348da  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b40b103  [CXF-4913] Initial support for validating WADL documents
     new c808b17  [CXF-4913] Updating NOTICE to refer to the fact a schema from the submitted specification is included in the product
     new 4916298  Use the class name instead of the class directly as cxf-rt-ws-addr SHOULD be optional and using the class prevents that. At least log a FINE message about why the sec-policy stuff failed to load.
     new 4d2dbb0  [CXF-5582] adding push-over-stream to AtomPullServer
     new c56913c  [CXF-5899] More work to do with supporting the injection of Configuration
     new 7e318c4  add http-jetty dependency to samples/jaxs_rs/websocket explicitly
     new fa8a614  [CXF-5979] Allow some headers to be returned in WebSocket's streaming responses
     new eee2a94  CXF-5938: LuceneQueryVisitor is not reusable / not thread-safe
     new 6bec796  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 72a172d  [CXF-5968] Make sure the old true/false values for the Async policy still work
     new d0c5c3d  CXF-5938: LuceneQueryVisitor is not reusable / not thread-safe
     new 38bb9fe  CXF-5938: LuceneQueryVisitor is not reusable / not thread-safe
     new d16fd1e  [CXF-5976] Some changes to support more explicit collection variations
     new 0983a2b  [CXF-5980] Adding a test
     new ec4435d  [CXF-5938] Initializing the stack directly in visit() to avoid NPE in cases when a thread that invokes initially was not the same which initiakilized the stack in the constructor
     new 250dc87  [CXF-5582] add StreamingResponse-based delivery to AtomPushBean
     new e4a78fe  [CXF-5954] Adding AesGcm Key Wrap test
     new d9877ad  Add an options to use a CallbackHandler + service name form switch with KerberosClient
     new ed4d48d  Update to Karaf 2.3.6 for testing (at this point, need to move to 3.0.1 shortly)
     new 64368a5  Move pax.exam.version to parent pom
     new 454d01c  [CXF-5984] Provide a simple way start a decoupled servlet endpoint
     new 80014cf  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added initial web page to upload documents.
     new 3feb2a3  [CXF-5954] Prototyping basic JWK support
     new 0717062  [CXF-5954] Renaming some classes
     new c5683a6  [CXF-5954] Minimizing JWK Set reader/writer interface
     new 69176e3  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added initial web page to upload documents.
     new a50e622  Minor update to JAXRSJmsTest
     new 08e47a2  [CXF-5954] Prototyping the code for JAX-RS filters optionally use JWK sets
     new 1124305  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Updated index.html to use AJAX for posting files.
     new 698cfd2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 86d5c83  Make testutils a bundle so we can use it in the osgi based itests
     new 491f98b  Update the OSGi test support stuff to add some methods to make it easier to use the testutils
     new 1d29dfa  Add a test for the http-jetty support.  Update to karaf 3.0.1 since that is required for http-jetty
     new a285569  Don't use the deprecated classes
     new 9189ee9  Using a linked hash map to store JAX-RS providers in ConfigurationImpl
     new 279da32  [CXF-5954] Adding a basic JWE system test where keys are loaded from JWK sets
     new 2c2311a  [CXF-5954] Minor updates for JWK to RSAPrivateKey conversions work with the spec examples
     new 6401132  Adding another security "action" test. Needs a fix from latest WSS4J SNAPSHOT
     new 21a099e  [CXF-5954] Adding a system test with JWK AesWrap
     new 7646107  [CXF-5988] Checking for Date when extracting values from parameter beans
     new 384ad75  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Updated index.html to support search.
     new f6b0911  Update some plugin versions
     new 1b3f01b  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added CORS provider.
     new bee82ba  [CXF-5993] Updating Jettison version to 1.3.6
     new eba07e6  Updating Tika version to 1.6, trying to use a null content handler if only the metadata needs to be extracted
     new 85c06fc  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added error handling to UI component.
     new 0aaa2b5  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added error handling to UI component.
     new c80de4f  Added support + tests for creating "default" STSClients
     new 3296457  [CXF-5986] Copying some more code from the WSDL plugin to do with supporting filesets, and checking CXF ClasspathScanner too
     new e2bf1f6  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6bd77ab  [CXF-5986] Correctly passing a defaultOption
     new 8f102ef  [CXF-5995] Ignoring null BeanParam properties
     new f7f3fc8  [CXF-5954] Adding the methods for reading/writing individual keys back to JwkReaderWriter
     new b7a7916  Add a test plus some fixes to allow for SignedElements evaluation of SAML Tokens
     new b22f204  [CXF-5954] Adding a JWS JWK HMac test
     new 2024437  [CXF-5954] Allowing for reusing the same property file between JWE and JWS
     new 3827848  [CXF-5954] Experimenting with EC keys, adding a system test
     new 4f25abe  [CXF-5954] Adding JWS RSA and JWE AesHMacCbc JWK system tests
     new 7268b3c  Fixing tests following WSS4J upgrades + adding some SAML Subject Confirmation Method tests
     new a8c28e3  [CXF-5990] Support for a custom parser class property, patch from Romain Castan applied
     new 70df890  Fixing jax-rs SAML failures
     new 0037232  [CXF-5970] Adding an option to set the custom comparators which can be used in cases where 3rd-party providers do not correctly implement JAX-RS provider contracts
     new d2dec5b  CXF-5999 Moving JiBX related systests into its own module.
     new 1141c99  upgrade woodstox-core-asl to 4.4.1
     new 276c2bf  Move depends plugin version defintion to parent pom
     new d292979  [CXF-6000] Wrong default algorithm is used for TrustManagerFactory instantiation
     new e3c99de  [CXF-5954] Experimenting with PbeHmacAesWrap JWE with the view of supporting the encryption of JWK sets with the help of password callbacks
     new f02b029  Use the new xjc plugin to fix the generated HelloType (and others) so they can actually be marshalled when using Java7/8.
     new a3d4b6f  Use new plugin to fix the generated code so the tests don't have to be disabled/skipped
     new bc00a78  Test optionalSignatureParts
     new 288259b  Another SCT system test + a NPE fix
     new f563a05  [CXF-5954] Completing the initial PbesHmacAesWrap code
     new aecc29f  [CXF-6003] Trying to create the beans from discovered classes with the auto wire support, the patch from Hesam Talebi applied
     new c9331df  [CXF-5954] Supporting encrypted sets and keys
     new 5a407ef  [CXF-5944] Making it simpler to deal with integer amd long headers
     new 8bc72ec  [CXF-5944] Trying to minimize on a number of utility classes for now
     new 3052929  [CXF-6006] Support for StreamingOutput on the read side; patch from Gerald Quintana applied This closes #23
     new 1fa008d  Preventing NPE in a JWE test
     new fa79535  Minor update to allow CXF to compile and work with both XmlSchema 2.1 and 2.2-snap
     new 30dec87  [CXF-5944] Changing packages and the module name based on the feedback from Luigi Lo Iacono
     new aacbee5  [CXF-5978] Adding a missing client dependency
     new 5a40d6e  Added some STS Delegation tests + fixed a bug with ActAs
     new 1a12598  [CXF-5944] Refactoring some of JWE class constractors
     new 797c3f3  [CXF-6009] Statically initializing a GMT time zone, patch from Lucas Pouzac applied
     new 22e5d26  change NO_NAMESPACE's error text to be more general
     new 6ce2f6a  [CXF-5944] Making it simpler to create algo implementations from JWK
     new 5fe1ba2  [CXF-5944] Updating JwsSignatureProvider interface
     new 31da86f  [CXF-5989] Updating WadlGenerator to check BeanParams
     new 4aa68b2  BouncyCastle dependency upgrade
     new 14d5af7  Using a parameterized Bouncy castle version property in the jose module
     new 4640cf1  Changing the oauth2-jwt source folder to oauth2-jose
     new 4a06514  [CXF-5944] Updating JweUtils
     new 84c4048  Improving Jexl Utils for STS Claim Mapper
     new 1e927cd  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Integrated browser demo into the server package.
     new 9fe4c04  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Integrated browser demo into the server package.
     new 669bd55  [CXF-5944] Adding few more JWK utility methods
     new 9f5b54e  [CXF-6007] Support for retransmits for HTTP requests with no content provided the auth supplier supports retransmits
     new 8d6ec66  [CXF-6015] Providing a workaround, a better solution will need to be provided in due time, also removing some redundant code to do with creating Context resolvers
     new 6a90a1e  [/CXF-6019]: original exception isn't logged by exceptions in WSDL parser
     new 332002a  [CXF-6019]: original exception isn't logged by exceptions in WSDL parser
     new 2e62888  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 854fd752 Updating a WADLGenerator test
     new 5308929  [CXF-5992] - Cannot set org.apache.cxf.stax.maxAttributeCount
     new 2665d9a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 924269f  Updating a WADLGenerator test again
     new 65e1dc1  [CXF-6020]: UrilInfo.getAbsolutePath() missing path separator between servlet url and relative url
     new f767314  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6fda644  [CXF-6021] Updating WbClient to default to a wildcard Accept
     new 64f2323  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Refactored handling of static resources.
     new 6ef4997  Fixing two NPEs
     new 22a6eba  [CXF-5944] Minor updates to JWS filters
     new 2194c93  [CXF-6015] Optionally URL encoding all or specific client parameter characters
     new d552e8c  [CXF-5975] - Add support for renewing tokens "about to expire"
     new 698cd04  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added multiple fields into search criteria
     new e4befc7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6292346  Update to released version
     new f49d0a3  Add a test for the possible growing MAPCodec leak
     new 5ef794b  CXF-5944 Minor updates to JWSCompactConsumer and Producer
     new eae0b03  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 702f27b  Added smoke JAX-RS OSGi tests
     new 522b702  [CXF-5944] Moving some of code from the jwt package to the jose package
     new 9fce11e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ef5192b  Upgrading XML Security
     new a407288  Some changes to how the security context is populated
     new c34bf7a  [CXF-5944] More refactorings
     new 918ea46  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 49cb5c2  [CXF-6027] Fixing a typo in ModelEncryptionSupport with thanks to Ricky Nguyen
     new 4d77a81  Some fixes to the security context for the streaming code
     new 360a379  Only store principal if the token is signed
     new 4e7539b  Fixing some systests
     new 8b495fa  [CXF-5944] Optionally restricting validators/decryptors to supporting single algorithms only
     new 6958642  Fixing initialization of ClaimMapper context
     new 971d219  [CXF-5944] Updating JAXRS filters to support the direct key encryption
     new b147a3d  [CXF-5944] Adding a JWS headers test on behalf of Luigi Lo Iacono with some modifications
     new 469d3bc  Fixing JavaDoc
     new 318b978  Adding ClaimUtils#filterValues method to filter out claim values.
     new 47b57d7  Making ClaimUtils handling claims in an immutable way
     new 99963f9  [CXF-6028] Add a new optional "Metrics" stuff in rt-management based on codahale metrics library.
     new 665eb25  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added OpenDocument support.
     new 51db79c  Improving JexlClaimsMapper:  * Making script resource location more flexible  * Adding settter vor JexlEnginge to allow custom engine configuration
     new 53889ee  [CXF-6032] - NullPointerException while validating cert for SAML HOK
     new 9a67cc9  Upgrading WSS4J version
     new 6910730  [CXF-5688] Ninor adjustments to the enum conversion code
     new 0eab963  Fixing caching file location in Tomcat 8
     new 6085471  Fixing cache file location for SAML SSO
     new 8644ac4  [CXF-5944] Moving Base64UrlOutputStream to the core module
     new 6129ec5  [CXF-5944] Moving some of security utils to the core where they might stay and working toward preparing creating a JOSE module without the deps on the OAuth2 module, the idea from Luigio
     new 9c05333  [CXF-5944] Finalizing the current round of refactorings with introducing a dedicated rt rs security module, idea from Luigi Lo Iacono
     new aa237f2  [CXF-6015] Excluding header and cokkie params from being url auto-encoded
     new 7a28ae1  Extending unit test for ClaimUtils
     new 04f0ef2  enhancing readability #CXF-5688 This closes #24
     new 745a784  [CXF-6010] Fix potential NPE Patch from Eirik Bjorsnos applied
     new a5aff3e  Revert "enhancing readability #CXF-5688" (discussed with Sergey) This reverts commit 04f0ef2e32f55d51f14cfc6d7a14616b62a6cce5.
     new b8938b5  Adding a utility for converting JwtToken to ServerAccessToken
     new 9a952cf  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5a4fdd1  Minor update to the utility converting JwtToken to ServerAccessToken
     new 0dc377c  Move hadoop version to parent pom, add to javadoc to allow javadoc to be generated
     new 4ebaac4  DOn't javadoc the wsn-osgi stuff
     new 9110a9f  Fixing the jaxrs minimal_osgi demo compliation failure
     new 74b5522  Better fix to the demo compilation issue
     new 625bc46  [CXF-6037] Support for java.sql.Time
     new 727da1c  [CXF-6040]need use servicemix wrapped opensaml 2.6.1_2
     new e1e1000  revert to use opensaml bundle 2.6.1_1
     new d1767a6  Minor update to JwkUtils
     new 3ba703c  Minor fix to OAuthJSONProvider
     new a3d446a  Updating Jwe/Jws consumers to strip double quotes
     new 7596658  More minor updates to OAuth2 utils
     new 9505bc6  Adding a utility for getting UTF8 bytes
     new fac67a2  [CXF-6042] - Support certificate constraints in JAX-RS XML Signature
     new 8e930bc  Adding a nonce + Created Timestamp to the test
     new a4222c9  [CXF-6043] Adding multiple user base DN support
     new 43c65b0  [CXF-5927] Improving ClaimUtils
     new 2321c67  [CXF-6045] Registering BodyWriters early
     new 5b1a1f1  [CXF-6047] - Extend the STSTokenValidator to be able to call the issue binding
     new 3276ab7  [CXF-6048] - Support roles in the AuthPolicyValidatingInterceptor
     new b0b8cda  [CXF-6048] - Minor change to last commit
     new 42934a1  [CXF-6045] Changing the way BodyWriters are registered and fixing the test faiures
     new 7c4a01e  Moving the basic JSON parsing utility code to rt/rs/extension/providers
     new 0cfedc9  [CXF-6051] - "Support sp13:Nonce + sp13:Created in the UsernameTokenInterceptor"
     new 4fe7844  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added OR/AND search criteria support.
     new 3ade4ba  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 92502a5  CXF-5923: Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika. Added OR/AND search criteria support.
     new e3a8f67  Reshuffling SecurityConstants
     new 30e3c5b  Removing JwtHeaders and JwsHeaders for now
     new 1496fd4  Adding a new JAX-RS property to control Kerberos request delegation
     new 986aa4d  Optimizing the BeanParam instantiation code, thanks to shisholik
     new d9f624e  Fixed the xkms itest error
     new 2b4fe99  CXF-6052 Upgrade the Karaf version to 3.0.2
     new e975527  [CXF-6053] Introducing JwsJsonConsumer, applying the first part of the modified patch on behalf of Daniel Torkian and Luigi Lo Iacono
     new 007b6e1  CXF-6054 add a property to allow unsigned saml tokens
     new 683a2c6  Simple JSON parser updates
     new 3f35e99  Updating JsonMapObject provider to ensure the update property history is preserved
     new 093bb31  Added support for token transformation in the UsernameTokenInterceptor
     new ea512e8  Added an initial test-case for JAAS support in the STS
     new 2efbac3  Few more minor updates to JsonMapObject provider
     new d1e764d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 60af486  Fixing an issue with JsonMapObject parser not parsing an array of primitive values correctly
     new 990f4b1  Disallow SSLv3 by default in Jetty
     new de6e81a  Simplifying Jetty server test configuration
     new cd809b8  Exclude DES by default
     new dfe481d  [CXF-6053] Applying a second part of the modified patch on behalf of Daniel Torkian and Luigi Lo Iacono
     new c1532bf  Try to find a more usable interface as the "default" may not support multicast
     new 00ee55b  Update UDPDestination to allow specifying the interface to use via a property Also, try to decect a usable interface if not specified
     new 70c9859  Support for simpler extraction of JWK sets with WebClient
     new b3f8893  Adding an initial JAAS LoginModule for the STS
     new 2b95868  Add the wadl2java tool to manifest so the command line tool works
     new da9070b  [CXF-6057] Passing the encoding property to the JAXB compiler, thanks to Dan
     new 80ea719  [CXF-6038] Only add the handler interceptors once This closes #26
     new 1d54d41  Updating JAXRSInInterceptor to block caching input streams if the chain is aborted with an error Response
     new 83a241c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0d63846  Disable SSLv2Hello
     new 5540ea2  remove kahadb log etc files
     new f2fd3cc  Updating STSLoginModule documentation
     new 1858ea6  [CXF-6053] Adding JAXRS JwsJson filters and starting with the system testing
     new 1ebe682  Updating JwsSignatureVerifier to return the algorithm it actually supports
     new 2939492  Updating JWE ContentDecryptionAlgorithm to return the algo it actually supports
     new e125ae5  Updating JWE ContentDecryptionAlgorithm to return the algo it actually supports
     new 29789aa  Update Jwe KeyDecryptionAlgorithm and providers to report the algorithm
     new 5e2b1fa  Minor optimization to JwsJsonConsumer
     new 68cd67b  Refactoring cert host verifier
     new 312fcaf  Update to not log stuff to ~/java0.log
     new 623a827  Minor test change
     new d5433bd  [CXF-6061] Allow parameterized booleans for the public/start attributes
     new b54fe0d  Update the JAXWS/Simple ServerFactoryBean's to not hold onto the Server objects and "reset" after create.  Thus, multiple "create" calls should result in actual "clean" Server's without sharing a bunch of things like EndpointInfo and such that could result in state being shared across services when they shouldn't.
     new 41c7bc2  [CXF-6059] Add a better error message if an invalid wsdl is used.
     new 8c5acf3  [CXF-6034] Fix problems with mapping schema locations to resolvable locations when generating the live wsdl
     new e56023e  [CXF-6066] Using WeakHashMap for referencing WebTargets, thanks to Hartmut Lang
     new 29e8bf9  [CXF-6067] Fixing ProviderFactory code checking the generic types
     new 5cf72fe  [CXF-6060] Avoid checking the providers if the out message is null
     new cdc55cd  [CXF-6058] NPE guard in Header logging
     new 8687007  [CXF-6041] Allow deactive/shutdown to proceed without exception if the POA is already deactivated.
     new b57976f  [CXF-6068] Use XMLEventFactory.newInstance instead of newFactory due to old stax-api jars being picked up.
     new 77a6da2  [CXF-6030] Add an NPE guard and remove "null" headers
     new 5e06ba0  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Added initial demo skeleton.
     new 73ad9a8  [CXF-6070] Instead of NPE, throw a more meaningful exception.
     new 4e9b960  less info logs in transports/websocket
     new d48057b  Allow configuring the STS JAAS LoginModule solely via jaas config
     new 83ca30f  [CXF-6072] Updating AbstractHttpDestination to delegate to HttpServletRequest to get Principal
     new 84de2c2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2833a58  [CXF-6071] Make sure the Impl classnames is properly munged
     new 89e8795  [CXF-6053] Fixing the sigature entry serialization bug when an unprotected header is available, patch from Daniel Torkian applied
     new 9896b92  Go ahead and make Jetty9 the default for 3.1
     new 47b1a4a  Update to latest spring releases for 3.1
     new 4d49814  Update commons-logging version
     new 14ab1ff  Update xalan version
     new 222137c  ANother spring update
     new 5a72bd2  Update easymock
     new 85b22ef  Update asyncclient
     new 8ac2d47  Update msv version
     new f595ca0  Update xmlschema version
     new 7431af2  Update mina version
     new 441cd2c  Update activemq version to latest
     new 695fe06  Update swagger version
     new c1c9562  Only support maven 3+
     new 035154f  Fix and eclipse warning
     new c1c75b0  Remove the keepRuntimeFolder call again
     new 6efe475  Fix test failure with Jetty update.
     new 46f0d5f  Fix javadoc generation with jetty update
     new 7ad6303  Fix some schema validation issues
     new fb94440  Fix samples compiling with Jetty9
     new 84f1152  CXF-6073: cxf-wsn installation in Karaf fails
     new fe9aaf6  Fixing the STS JAAS LoginModule to work in a container
     new 56c0db0  [CXF-6075] NPE may occur at websocket destination under high load
     new d20d518  [CXF-6053] Prototyping JwSJsonOutputStream and supporting multiple key aliases in a single properties file
     new 277607d  Fix the validator tests on OSX.  For some reason, the wss40CACRL.cer key is interfering with the validation of the other tests so just copy it for the test that needs t.
     new 8c7e249  Fix build with maven 3.1.x
     new 28ae583  [CXF-6077] Make sure we use the classloader for the extension that is trying to load/create the wsdl extension
     new 350b516  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Replaced embedded Swagger UI with webjar.
     new 18204e5  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Replaced embedded Swagger UI with webjar.
     new 85d6e1a  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Replaced embedded Swagger UI with webjar.
     new b7e74f0  Minor updates to MessageUtils and ExceptionUtils
     new 61c7b99  [CXFR-6066] Closing WebClient on finalize too
     new 48262ef  Remove unused osgi imports that are causing issues on Karaf4
     new f97778f  Update features to work with Karaf 4
     new 2c62312  [CXF-6053] Adding more JwsJson tests, slightly modifies patch from Daniel Torkian applied
     new b6a5a87  [CXF-6053] Adding more JwsJson tests, slightly modifies patch from Daniel Torkian applied
     new 7f7c42b  [CXF-6076] Allowing + chars in media type parameters without quotes
     new 3cf19d0  [CXF-6081] Make it easier to control the way AccessTokenService checks the passwords
     new 98a578d  Disable SSLv3 by default for the client
     new b916b1b  Prototyping few Java Key to JWK conversion methods with more to come
     new 30390cc  [CXF-6078] Checking service class interfaces if one of its non-interface super classes has no expected JAX-RS annotated method
     new de0524a  [CXF-6078] Checking service class interfaces if one of its non-interface super classes has no expected JAX-RS annotated method
     new afa5219  [CXF-6084] Support for validating critical headers, applying a patch on behalf of Daniel Torkian
     new eb746f5  Adding a SecureConversation test for Kerberos
     new 79916d3  Some modifications to Hawk token nonce verification code, more is needed
     new 1701e6c  [CXF-6087] - Add a way to exclude (multiple) SSL/TLS protocols in the HTTPJ namespace
     new 89b8707  Disable SSLv2Hello unless protocol is given as SSLv3
     new 9d4b49b  Use vm transport for broker to avoid port conflict issues
     new a7c6e78  Don't install spring and spring-dm by default
     new a4ed944  Adding more JWE utilities
     new ddcb197  Minor updates to JwsUtils
     new dbf25b7  Adding a Jose feature
     new e9d6f16  Adding filter interceptors to post process OAuth2 token and code responses
     new 4915ce3  Making OAuth2 module depend on JOSE
     new be9694b  [CXF-5607] Introducing an sso-oidc module
     new bd5fad7  Passing UserSubject to OAuth2 response filters
     new 7845fa8  [CXF-6090] Add some NPE guards in xmlbeans tooling.
     new 8f12a15  [CXF-6092] Add a couple NPE guards
     new d8d0dbe  [CXF-6091] Fix problems stoping servers that are using the MultiEndpointObserver Patch from Vadim Beilin applied
     new 316ce86  Jose utils updates
     new 58e6563  [CXF-6094] Cache the default KeyManagers, only warn once if there is an issue, and check for file existence before even attempting so no warning at all if not there.
     new effcaf3  [CXF-6098] - Use RSA-SHA256 by default when issuing tokens in the STS
     new 8fccdd9  Excluding org.eclipse:org.eclipse.osgi transitive dependency which seems to be not needed and is causing issues as the required version is not in Maven Central
     new 6e0451e  Updating JWE/JWS filters to postponse setting a jose media type
     new 4a292c0  [CXF-6089] XmlAccessorOrder.ALPHABETICAL, Exception.getMessage() duplicate WSDL elements generated - applying patch on behalf of Rebecca Searls - thanks!
     new 8daf38e  Minor updates to JOSE filters
     new cc27d5b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e2ad037  [CXF-6089] Reworking the fix to avoid regressions and adding an additional testcase from Rebecca
     new 36b7297  [CXF-6062] Fix adding interceptors to bus via spring
     new f675e31  EhCache upgrade
     new 4ff4d39  [CXF-5607] Adding some more OIDC utility code
     new 49c3593  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Added customized Swagger UI.
     new e31cf1c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0158b01  The extensions are "put" into a Map using the same key, thus there is no point in putting all of them in.  Just grab the first one.
     new 7d1f30f  add logbrowser-blueprint in its parent pom's module list
     new 49a78e9  Adding JweJwt helpers
     new eb3dd93  [CXF-4242] Add exception name to faultstring/detail/stackTrace
     new 3d2e276  Updating OIDC utils
     new 8e1dc05  If the requested extension could not be loaded, but was optional, don't add a null to the return collection or an NPE will result
     new 6e3f69d  Detect if the netty libraries are there and not load teh dest factory if they aren't.   Mark it optional.
     new 82d73de  Maintain the order that extensions are discovered/added and use that order when searching to allow some level of predictability and controlability.
     new 4505b6b  Remove the netty libs from lib (but keep the CXF plugins which should now be properly optional based on presense of netty libs).  Need to make sure Netty transport is not picked up by default due to issues.
     new e8f57cc  Make sure the netty client is optional can can not cause failures if netty isn't found
     new 865eb64  [CXF-4242] Adjust how the exception is output in the stack trace as well as how it's created on the client. Fixes the failing tests
     new cc5f43b  Removing useless printstacktrace
     new d8cf47f  Adding the missing files
     new e21d8b4  [CXF-6101] Updating JAXRSBinding not to set a text/xml by default
     new d333c27  [CXf-6104] Case insensutive comparison of charset parameters
     new 969cdb0  Fixing a typo in OIDC token validator
     new 2d13112  some clean up in websocket test html pages; add a plain html test page for logbrowser sample
     new a124380  Adding an OAuth2 code request preprocessor
     new 855ab39  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2cd4f13  [CXF-6064] Making it simpler to customize WADL resource ids
     new 2561af8  [CXF-6105] - CXF 3.x does not use the older WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1 namespace
     new 4f570a7  adding another missing file
     new 09d4301  [CXF-6103] Updating IgnoreNamespaceWriter to optionally block xsi attributes
     new 1a0519b  [CXF-6103] IgnoreNamespaceWriter should not lose xsi attributes by default - the current behaviour
     new a61e235  add optional web-container choices dependency in logbrowser-blueprint sample's pom
     new b6d68bf  Attempting to fix Jose test when run with Java 8
     new 335c7ba  [CXF-6106] Fixing ClientResponseFilterInterceptor initialization of the request context, thanks to Dmitry Kozlov
     new da6b2ee  Removing JWT MBR/MBW for now
     new bf6bba1  Patch from vantonevich to get jax_rs/spring_security demo updated applied; This closes #30
     new 0bc9bb3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bd7babd  CXF-6107 support unmarshaller aware xml stream reader CXF-6107 extended to support marshaller / unmarshaller aware event readers, event writers, stream writers
     new f445889  CXF-5640 change visibility of property so it can be used from java
     new d70027b  Updating HBase client version
     new ba48172  Better HBase client test code
     new c4595f2  Prototyping some code supporting an implicit link between a JWT user token encoded as a header and a signed payload
     new 4ca438d  Prototyping a jws jwt auth filter
     new f8f0789  Making JAXRS ResponseBuilderImpl non final
     new 5520b06  [CXF-6112] Adding ResourceContextProvider
     new 2f0b3e3      CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Added customized Swagger UI using index.jsp.
     new c32136c  added npe guard
     new 940c343  [CXF-6112] Updating ResourceContextProvider
     new bbbe2c5  Removing one of the search module test deps
     new 24ac267  [CXF-6115] Introducing ClassUnwrapper and updating Classhelpers to delegate to it if it is available
     new 5055d4c  Making GZIPOutInterceptor gzipPermitted method static
     new 388d6ea  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Refactored index,jsp to index.html
     new e907a55  [CXF-6109] - Incorrect TrustException constructor in AbstractSTSClient
     new c1ca78e  [CXF-6109] - Fixing system test
     new eb184f4  Minor updates to WADLGenerator - optional exclusion of overloaded methods and referencing of (XSLT)stylesheets
     new 919d0b8  [CXF-6110] - AbstractSTSClient MEX: download XML schema from Location. Thanks to Frank Cornelis for the patch.
     new a4caf93  Make Signature protection policy validation more robust
     new 710bf9a  Making the way the elliptic key signature is prepared JWS compliant
     new 808a1a7  Making it easier to plugin jose4j/etc into CXF JOSE filters
     new 2496300  Removing Jwe/Jws factories for now as filters already support the injection of custom Jwe/Jws handlers
     new 9f23528  Updating java2wadl to support new wadl generator properties
     new df947cb  Removing dependency that is no longer required for 3.1
     new 81d40aa  Updating the way JAX-RS filter properties are passed around
     new 0aa08ee  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9283d10  Adding NPE guards to HTTP Headers utility, thanks to Raman Malisetti
     new 2200660  [CXF-5996] Initial support for client-side caching, patch from Romain Manni-Bucau applied
     new 2d3ac55  [CXF-5996] Better support for reading caching various entity types
     new c772783  Write the prolog only if it hasn't already been written
     new 336c67c  [CXF-6115] Protecting CachedOutputStream against infinite loops when it works with Transferable streams - patch from Kyle Lape applied - This closes #32
     new a7eacda  [CXF-6074] Add the ability to configure (statefull) XmlAdapters on the JAXB Un-/Marshaller. Commits from Maarten Winkels applied This closes #28 Update Update Update Update Update Update Update Fixed whitespace.
     new 5475624  Moving JwtAccessTokenUtils to a new tokens/jwt subpackage
     new 1bfbb32  [CXF-5996] Ignoring null serializable entries and checking the cache control visibility constraint
     new 2e0c207  Make some information from the SAML SSO validation process available in an easier way
     new ab4eaac  Simplify test
     new 74ba195  add WSI-BP R2209 check in WSIBPValidator
     new f34d5aa  Adding some initial JWT access token validation code
     new c29f64a  Prototyping OAuth2 JWS Code filter, draft-ietf-oauth-jwsreq-01.txt
     new 9dfb278  Including Ekstazi ( profile to optimize execution of the tests
     new efaf051  Updating Jws/Jwe provider initialization code
     new 74a2e6f  Reverting the jettison version update in parent pom
     new 127612e  Adding a client side support for signed code requests
     new 6388f2e  [CXF-5607] More of OIDC utility support
     new 4715a0d  [CXF-6121] Updating to Jettison 1.3.7
     new 2f3eb09  Some oidc refactorings
     new fc65b49  CXF-6120 added a new property to JMSConfiguration to stop creation of the Security Context
     new 79156d8  CXF-6118 support overriding schema validation at jaxws endpoint and client level.  Added REQUEST / RESPONSE annotations and apply them correct direction for client and server
     new 25b6603  Prototyping a primitive JSON data provider
     new 1f02b3d  CXF-6124 Switch http transport to use HttpService for OSGi
     new c5609a4  CXF-6124 Use only http feature
     new 36fcf42  CXF-6124 Fixing exports
     new 10b043f  Added a new "kerberos" system module for integration testing using the Apache DS KDC
     new f51fb33  Some refactorings in OSGi tests
     new 8ef743e  Make the client proxies thread safe
     new fc64f1c  [CXF-6122] Internally decoding a query plus character passed in the init URI to avoid double encoding it
     new 1baae69  Moving SPNEGO tests to new module
     new a955567  Prototyping support for JWKs with the certificate info
     new 652d821  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Added more examples.
     new 55bda33  [CXF-6130]fix org.apache.cxf.osgi.itests failure
     new b487236  revert previous unnecessary change
     new 76c4df1  [CXF-6059]upgrade jaxb version to 2.2.11
     new 0de0309  [CXF-6131]JAX-RS resource spring auto-discovery doesn't work in OSGi
     new 25d92ab  [CXF-6129]fix CXF STS basic systests failure
     new 29f0620  [CXF-6131] Minor updates
     new 89dda2e  Adding Kerberos STS test
     new 6233ee1  Some more kerberos stuff
     new 50f5cd8  [CXF-6121] Extending JAX-RS Spring parser to support an annotation based filtering of the resources, modified patch from Thorsten Hoeger applied
     new 83205e0  Updating JAX-RS Spring parser to do a last try and check the matching resources if none of them have been set previously
     new b0ba2d1  [CXF-6121] Minor refactoring
     new ec98e18  Only write the kdc port out once
     new cba91b8  [CXF-6121] Optimizing a bit SpringResourceFactory
     new 2b2f97f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d50ffd0  [CXF-6131]extract spring-osgi related stuff into an seperate class to avoid possible JVMs failing with some eager resolution class loading exceptions in non-OSGI
     new 5b4347e  Moved JAX-RS kerberos tests to new module
     new 3085311  [CXF-6131] Minor updates
     new 03bd1b4  CXF-6135 Make sure CXF installs on karaf 4 minimal
     new 13e01e2  CXF-6135 move version to parent
     new d1a52f2  Optional use of default JOSE algorithms by filters
     new 716f3a1  Support for jose store context properties
     new 71ced47  CXF-6135 Do not directly depend in http feature. Make servlet API non optional and deploy by default
     new d611a7a  make tools-corba, rt-ws-eventing tests run without the internet access
     new 7bf10fc  Moving LDAP tests to new integration module + re-enabling
     new 6cd9547  Optional support for using OAuth2 client secret or certs for JWS/JWE
     new ea98d52  Workaround to avoid losing complex signed OAuth2 code extensions
     new 5f7bb5a  Fixing a compilation issue
     new 0304dcb  [CXF-6137] Treating Date as simple type
     new 03cac8f  [CXF-4817] Optional blocking of async context restarts
     new 6268a76  Making a JAX-RS form provider easier to configure
     new 922dcbd  [CXF-6139] Avoiding using expanded qnames as resource ids
     new 5c8645a  Some minor merges, disable a test on IBM JDK
     new 4b44512  [CXF-6141] Adding KeyType to STS Audit Events
     new 99653ff  Updating Hawk token validator to support AS letting RS finish the signature validation
     new 1f12377  Minor update to a client Hawk validator
     new 982bff9  [CXF-6142] Updating AcceptTokenValidator interface
     new 3898cf1  Few more updates to the Hawk validators
     new d8a6bdb  Minor modifications to Spring scanner code to avoid side-effects in Eclipse
     new 0ba1945  Fix for itest problem
     new 970feee  Fixing checkstyle error
     new 94cfe7e  Adding http feature to enable servlet transport
     new e5a8058  Also exclude export ciphers by default
     new 19e912e  Removing CipherSuiteFilter from test files
     new 13b9b01  Fix tests by adding http feature
     new 4fb4de7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2ef6f58  Adding JWT token related utility code
     new d4a35c4  Initial refactor of transports systests
     new bf8ca4b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d7f7c7c  Finished transports refactor
     new d222f3e  [CXF-6147] Part of demo wsdl_first_soap12 doesnt work
     new 94585ae  Moved https specific tests into a new directory
     new e34329f  Missing files from last commit
     new 3f04b09  Adding an RSA 1_5 JWE test
     new b843c14  Adding a JWS PSSHA test
     new d2d1acb  Moving SSLv3 tests to systests/transports
     new e80d3da  upgrade atmosphere to 2.2.4
     new b18a2ba  Get keyPasswordCallbackHandler working with "resources"
     new 3f1a3c7  [CXF-6149] Fixing ContainerRequestContext and ClientResponseContext hasEntity implementations
     new 9aace1d  Adding some more comprehensive client authentication TLS tests
     new 3834ba2  Prototyping some code to get SwaggerFeature run as a filter
     new ee66bfc  [CXF-6152] WSDLValidator may throw ClassCastException under verbose mode
     new 598f671  [CXF-5854, CXF-6150] Support for creating templates at runtime if the context property is set; optionally refreshing templates created from the annotations
     new 8c128d1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5e97d1e  Another refactor of systests/transports to make the https tests more manageable
     new 1946e32  [CXF-6079, CXF-6153] Support for RequestDispatcher.include and Cache-Control for static resources
     new 0028906  [CXF-6153] Fixing NPE
     new 37d5dd4  [CXF-6146] Fix demo wsdl_first_xmlbeans build error This closes #42
     new 10a8386  Switch to ASYNC_ONLY by default
     new 553d44b  Remove the "GET" stuff from the JAX-WS based samples that no-longer support it.
     new 8616ea9  (CXF-6148) Added support for basic xsd:choice elements for JS generator. Covered with tests and improved tests. Added log message when not supported exception is raisen.
     new d5f0ace  Fix checkstyle This closes #37
     new 3043bfb  CXF-6138 JAXB unmarshaller Properties get overwriten on a call to initialize()
     new e47e394  CXF-6138 JAXB unmarshaller Properties get overwriten on a call to initialize() Removed some code that isn't necessary This closes #36
     new 51c5ff8  [CXF-6155] Reacting to ParamConverter IllegalArgumentException
     new 6b1b576  Reuse the principal from UT valdation if possible
     new fb6867e  making it simpler to use refresh tokens as oAuth2 client ids and avoiding using UUID to generate tokens
     new 27ae341  Adding more comprehensive IssuedToken policy systests
     new 35c2f3f  Use principal from the validation process if available
     new 27c2c25  [CXF-6157] Support storing of OAuth2 redirection state in a session token
     new 716531d  [CXF-6157] Minor update
     new b37a59a  A slight refactor of role parsing in the STS
     new a404411  Pass roles through to the ClaimsHandler if available
     new 54a6e56  Actually set the roles...
     new 9dd4194  Fix test failure in osgi itests
     new 5b01778  Updating Swagger version, fixing typos
     new 9043011  [CXF-6143] - SSL/TLS hostname verification does not strictly follow HTTPS RFC2818  - Code ported from httpclient
     new fb9d265  Removing CertificateHostnameVerifier on master
     new 5935251  Fixing failing test
     new 5e865b3  [CXF-6160] The JAX-RS frontend requires updates/changes to the exchange from multiple threads concurrently to support the AsyncResponse stuff.  Change the Exchange to have a thread safe map.
     new 4cd2826  [CXF-6162] Added support for group reference elements with nested sequence/choice elements. Also allowed nested sequence elements (still no support of choice/sequence with maxOccurs > 1)
     new 431db52  Remove unnecessary annotation when using Java7 (which is our default)
     new b3d603d  Write out kerberos ports to different files per-test
     new 9148f04  [CXF-5607] Remaning UserIdToken to IdToken to match the OIDC terms closer
     new ba00202  [CXF-6164] Creating a standalone Consumer class
     new 9d1aad5  Minor update to OAuth2 digest code verifier
     new 33fcf44  Added some hostname verification tests
     new 5bac26a  [CXF-6165] Adding the initial demo code, will be finished over the next several months or so
     new 5583b99  Fixing failing JAX-RS kerberos system tests
     new 2834608  Fixing a bug exposed by Exchange now being ConcurrentHashMap
     new 0d5b518  Enable protocol support for async http clients
     new 717018e  Upgrading SLF4J
     new 0822d75  Updating OAuth1 client utils to simplify dealing with RSA SHA1 signatures
     new 574455e  [CXF-6168] Applying a patch from lucaspouzac with minor modifications; This closes #45
     new 0052a55  Adding some CipherSuiteFilter system tests
     new bcdc4ff  [CXF-6163] Fixed xsd:any behaviour when used with minOccurs=0, maxOccurs>1 This closes #46
     new 328a1a5  [CXF-6167] Added ability to specify a function for parsing parsing error details from failed SOAP response This closes #47
     new a3be410  [CXF-6145]  WS-RM demo server throws exception Patch from gwuireland applied This closes #41
     new 8fc7bfa  More OAuth2 SPOP related updates
     new 46ce177  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Minor filter fixes.
     new f2c3706  Updating some dependencies
     new 890fbf7  Adding a client type property to AccessTokenValidation bean
     new ce4bf27  Copying a client type property from AccessTokenValidation to OAuth context
     new a00dc60  Remove a warning in eclipse
     new 40c6734   CXF-6175 - STS: warning message is not informative, in case if service doesn't match
     new 5e017ce  Add utility to determin if filename is valid
     new 4fb48af  [CXF-6173] Use configured sizes limits for the SAAJIn processing
     new 969eb03  Minor update to Jose client code grant
     new b2db2a2  Prototyping a code to make it much easier for confoidential client webapps to deal with OAuth2 authorization code flows
     new 46d5a13  Update SwAOutInterceptor to work better with other JAXB impls
     new a815cd9  [CXF-6151] updating the mime-binding wsdl schema with 2004-08-24 version
     new b4bdea3  [CXF-6127] Check cause for SOAPFaultException to populate subcodes and locale
     new 27c1bb5  Refactoring the OAuth2 client code filter code, adapting it to OIDC
     new 9511cd4  Some OISC RP refactoring
     new 2860230  Adding missing OIDC filter classes
     new eb95527  [CXF-6166] Updating JsonMapObjectReaderWriter to convert non-String JSON primitives to Long
     new bac8c8d  [CXF-6176] Minor update to get providers registered on the bus shared between multiple JAXRS factories
     new 5ec2f2f  Fixing one of OAuth2 tests with IBM JDK, disabling another one
     new a3bf2a8  Prototyping the code for ECDH, the last unsupported JWE algorithm
     new 632cb29  Creating some utility ECDH code
     new b7657a4  CXF-6046: Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations. Added test cases (systests)
     new 16172e3  [CXF-6184] Setting the transport.retransmit.url property only if it is a redirect-based retransmit
     new 8ea1ea3  Finalizing JWE EDCH direct code for now
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