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Subject svn commit: r890119 - in /websites/production/cxf/content: cache/docs.pageCache docs/jax-rs-data-bindings.html
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:48:16 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Dec 12 18:48:16 2013
New Revision: 890119

Production update by buildbot for cxf


Modified: websites/production/cxf/content/cache/docs.pageCache
Binary files - no diff available.

Modified: websites/production/cxf/content/docs/jax-rs-data-bindings.html
--- websites/production/cxf/content/docs/jax-rs-data-bindings.html (original)
+++ websites/production/cxf/content/docs/jax-rs-data-bindings.html Thu Dec 12 18:48:16 2013
@@ -951,6 +951,8 @@ public class CXFCustomXMLProvider extend
 <h1><a shape="rect" name="JAX-RSDataBindings-Schemavalidation"></a>Schema
+<p><b>New</b>: starting from CXF 3.0.0-milestone2 it is possible to point
only to classpath folders containing multiple schema resources. </p>
 <p>Schema validation can be enabled in one of the following ways:</p>
 <p>1. Using jaxrs:schemaLocations element</p>
@@ -962,6 +964,10 @@ public class CXFCustomXMLProvider extend
+     &lt;!-- Possible from CXF 3.0.0 milestone2: --&gt;
+     &lt;!-- 
+         &lt;jaxrs:schemaLocation&gt;classpath:/schemas/&lt;/jaxrs:schemaLocation&gt;
+     --&gt;  
@@ -1066,6 +1072,7 @@ Starting from CXF 2.3.4 and 2.4, the fol
 <h1><a shape="rect" name="JAX-RSDataBindings-BeanValidation"></a>Bean Validation</h1>
 <p>Bean Validation can be used to complement the schema validation or as an alternative
form of validation, please see <a shape="rect" href="">this
page</a> for more information.</p>
 <h1><a shape="rect" name="JAX-RSDataBindings-FastInfoset"></a>Fast Infoset</h1>
 <p>You can enable the <a shape="rect" class="external-link" href=""
rel="nofollow">FastInfoset</a> by explicitly registering CXF FastInfoset interceptors
with a JAXRS endpoint and configuring JAXBElementProvider to support an "application/fastinfoset"
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