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Subject svn commit: r830031 - in /websites/production/cxf/content: cache/main.pageCache release-management.html
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 15:47:24 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Fri Aug 24 15:47:24 2012
New Revision: 830031

Production update by buildbot for cxf


Modified: websites/production/cxf/content/cache/main.pageCache
Binary files - no diff available.

Modified: websites/production/cxf/content/release-management.html
--- websites/production/cxf/content/release-management.html (original)
+++ websites/production/cxf/content/release-management.html Fri Aug 24 15:47:24 2012
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ Apache CXF -- Release Management
 <h2><a shape="rect" name="ReleaseManagement-Performingarelease"></a>Performing
a release</h2>
-<p>The first step is to update the release_notes.txt in the distribution/src/main/release.</p>
+<p>The first step is to update the release_notes.txt in the distribution/src/main/release.
 This file's JIRA list of solved Bugs, Improvements, etc. can be obtained from the <a shape="rect"
class="external-link" href="">"Road
Map" JIRA tab</a>, selecting the desired version's Release Notes, and then the Configure
Release Notes button (choose Text output).</p>
 <p>Then, to actually perform the relesae, run the below commands.  </p>
 <div class="panelMacro"><table class="noteMacro"><colgroup span="1"><col
span="1" width="24"><col span="1"></colgroup><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"
valign="top"><img align="middle" src=""
width="16" height="16" alt="" border="0"></td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">It
is suggested to use Maven 2.2.1 for CXF versions &lt;=2.5.x as that has been better tested.
  For &gt;=2.6.0, Maven 3 is required.  Also, since CXF supports Java5, it is recommended
that the release be done with a Java5 JDK.</td></tr></table></div>

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