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Subject svn commit: r1198187 - /cxf/branches/2.4.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/samples/java_first_jaxws/README.txt
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 07:34:41 GMT
Author: gmazza
Date: Sun Nov  6 07:34:41 2011
New Revision: 1198187

Instructions added for WAR deployment.


Modified: cxf/branches/2.4.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/samples/java_first_jaxws/README.txt
--- cxf/branches/2.4.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/samples/java_first_jaxws/README.txt
+++ cxf/branches/2.4.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/samples/java_first_jaxws/README.txt
Sun Nov  6 07:34:41 2011
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ located), the pom.xml file is used to bu
 Using either UNIX or Windows:
-  mvn install   (builds the demo)
-  mvn -Pserver  (from one command line window)
+  mvn clean install   (builds the demo and creates a WAR file for optional Tomcat deployment)
+  mvn -Pserver  (from one command line window -- only if using a non-WAR standalone service)
   mvn -Pclient  (from a second command line window)
@@ -19,3 +19,23 @@ To remove the code generated from the WS
 files, run "mvn clean".
+Alternative: WAR deployment of service in a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat)
+1.) Update the endpointAddress value in the client.Client class to the WAR-hosted 
+value. The endpointAddress value will be installation-specific, but could be 
+"http://localhost:8080/java_first_jaxws-{CXF Version}/services/hello_world" 
+for a default local installation of Tomcat.  Replace {CXF Version} with the
+CXF version declared in the parent POM -- for example, "2.5.1", "2.5.1-SNAPSHOT", 
+2.) Manually copy the generated WAR file to the Tomcat webapps folder, or, if you
+have Maven and Tomcat set up to use the Tomcat Maven Plugin 
+( you can use the mvn tomcat:redeploy
+command instead.  Important: if you're using this command and deploying on Tomcat 6
+instead of Tomcat 7, update the tomcat-maven-plugin configuration in the pom.xml,
+switching to the the Tomcat 6-specific "url" element.
+Prior to running the client (mvn -Pclient) good to confirm the generated WSDL 
+can be seen from a web browser at: 
+http://{server}:{port}/java_first_jaxws-{CXF Version}/services/hello_world?wsdl

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