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Subject svn commit: r1175747 - /cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 09:35:23 GMT
Author: ningjiang
Date: Mon Sep 26 09:35:23 2011
New Revision: 1175747

CXF-3825 Add a README file in the CXF_HOME/etc

    cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README   (with props)

Added: cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README
--- cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README (added)
+++ cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README Mon Sep 26 09:35:23 2011
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+This directory includes some file which can be used for example or tools.
+cxf-utils.js: The utilities code is a fixed set of JavaScript that provides some browser
compatibility and XML management. You can find more information about it here
+ This file is used in java connection adapter for configuration of
Apache CXF J2EE connector inbound connections. You may need to update the file when you build
resource adapter (.rar) file.
+ This file is used as the j.u.l log configure file when you run the example.
+ra.xml: The resource adapter configure file which is used in the JCA example. 
+ This file has the version info of CXF kit.
+web.xml: This file is used to load the CXFServlet when you deploy the CXF example application
as a war file. When you build the war file of example, ant or maven will put this web.xml
into the war file.

Propchange: cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README
    svn:eol-style = native

Propchange: cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/etc/README
    svn:mime-type = text/plain

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