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Subject svn commit: r1091605 - /cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 23:55:43 GMT
Author: dkulp
Date: Tue Apr 12 23:55:43 2011
New Revision: 1091605

Update release_notes


Modified: cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
--- cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt (original)
+++ cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt Tue Apr 12 23:55:43 2011
@@ -1,44 +1,44 @@
-Apache CXF 2.3.0 Release Notes
+Apache CXF 2.4.0 Release Notes
 1. Overview
-Apache CXF 2.3.0 is a significant new version of CXF that provides several 
-new features and enhancements.  
 New features include: 
- * JAX-WS 2.2 Support
- * JAX-RS 1.1 Support
- * New annotations for Java first use cases to reduce the need for 
-   external configuration and provide more control over the runtime and
-   generated WSDL:
-     * @WSDLDocumentation annotation to add documentation nodes to generated
-       wsdl
-     * @SchemaValidation annotation to turn on schema validation
-     * @DataBinding to set the databinding used (if other than JAXB)
-     * @GZIP to turn on GZIP compression
-     * @FastInfoset to turn on FastInfoset support
-     * @Logging to turn on and control various Logging functionality
-     * @EndpointProperty to configure endpoint properties
-     * @Policy to associate WS-Policy documents with the service
- * SOAP/JMS spec implementation.  While CXF has supported SOAP over JMS 
-   since 2.0, there wasn't a standard specification to describe how it 
-   should be done so different vendors did things differently and 
-   interoperability was impossible.  The new SOAP/JMS specification support
-   implements the new SOAP/JMS spec to achieve a higher degree of 
-   interoperability.  The older SOAP/JMS configuration is still supported.
-   WS-Addressing also now fully works with the JMS transport when used in
-   conjunction with the SOAP/JMS spec implementation.
- * SDO databinding
- * Schema Validation support for Aegis Databinding if Woodstox 4 is used 
-   for the Stax parser
-In addition to the above, CXF 2.3.0 was enhanced to reduce it's memory 
-footprint and reduce it's startup time by delaying creation of many
-objects until/unless they are really needed.
+* Log Browser Console - see the logbrowser sample for an example
+* Transformation feature provides for a fast and effective way to transform inbound 
+  and/or outbound XML messages, please see the TransformationFeature page for more 
+  information.
+* JIBX databinding
+* Faster startup and reduced spring configuration. The Spring support has been redone
+  to be based on the ExtensionManagerBus. This results in much faster startup. It also
+  means that all of the imports of META-INF/cxf/cxf-extension-*.xml are no longer 
+  needed and are deprecated.  Additionaly, all features are now available when 
+  using the ExtensionManager Bus instead of being forced to use Spring.
+* WSS4J has been updated from 1.5.x to 1.6. See
+  for the list of new features and upgrade notes for Apache WSS4J 1.6.  Some notable new

+  features for CXF users include:
+    * SAML2 support: WSS4J 1.6 includes full support for creating, manipulating and 
+    parsing SAML2 assertions, via the Opensaml2 library. See
+    for more information.
+    * Performance work: A general code-rewrite has been done with a focus on improving 
+    performance.
+    * Support for Crypto trust-stores: WSS4J 1.6 separates the concept of keystore and 
+    truststores. See
+    for more information.
+ * WS-SecurityPolicy support for SAML tokens.
+ * Initial OSGi Blueprint support for JAX-WS and JAX-RS
+ * A simple framework for building an STS was added to CXF's WS-Security module.   See the
+   sts_issue_operation sample to see this being used to generate SAML tokens based on X509

+   certs used for the authentication.
 Users are encourage to review the migration guide at:
-for further information and requirements for upgrading to 2.3.0.
+for further information and requirements for upgrading to 2.4.0.   In particular, the upgrades

+to WSS4J and Neethi will require some migration work if you use the WSS4J API's directly
+have created your own Policy objects or builders.   Additionally, XmlSchema was update to
+so any custom Aegis types may need to be updated.
 2. Installation Prerequisites 
@@ -47,35 +47,9 @@ Before installing Apache CXF, make sure 
 with the specified versions, are installed on your system:
     * Java 5 Development Kit
-    * Apache ant 1.6
-2.1 Java 5 Development Kit
-You must install the J2SE Development Kit (JDK) 5.0, which can be downloaded
-After installing the JDK, set or modify the following environment variables:
-    * JAVA_HOME -- set this environment variable
-      to point at the root directory of the JDK 5.0 installation.
-    * PATH -- make sure that your PATH includes: 
-      %JAVA_HOME%\bin  (Windows) 
-      $JAVA_HOME/bin   (UNIX)
-2.2 Apache Ant 1.6.5 (or newer, 1.7.0 should work as well)
-To run samples included in the binary distribution of Apache CXF,
-you must install the Apache Ant 1.6.5 build utility, which can be downloaded
-After installing Apache Ant, add the <AntInstallDir>/bin directory to your PATH.
+    * Apache Maven 2.2.1 or 3.x
+    * Some samples can be built with Apache Ant 1.6 or later
-For more details, see the Installation Guide.
 3.  Integrating CXF Into You Application
@@ -103,6 +77,6 @@
 6. Migration notes:
 See the migration guide at:
-for caveats when upgrading from CXF 2.2.x to 2.3.x.
+for caveats when upgrading from CXF 2.3.x to 2.4.x.

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