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Subject [CONF] Apache CXF > Logo Contest
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 13:56:00 GMT
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<p>This page is a working draft.   No contest has started yet.</p>
<h1><a name="LogoContest-ApacheCXFLogoContest"></a>Apache CXF Logo Contest</h1>
<p><img src="/confluence/download/attachments/2327185/paint_200x150.png" align="left"
border="0" /><br/>
<b>Submissions accepted through TBD</b><br/>
<b>Round 1 Voting runs from TBD through TBD</b><br/>
<b>Round 2 Voting runs from TBD through TBD</b><br/>
<b>Winner Will be announced on or after TBD</b></p>

<p><br clear="all" /></p>

<h2><a name="LogoContest-ContestRules"></a>Contest Rules</h2>

<h4><a name="LogoContest-SubmissionGuidelines%3A"></a>Submission Guidelines:</h4>
	<li>Anyone can submit one or more logos, as long as they own the IP rights.</li>
	<li>All submissions must be licensed as <a href=""
rel="nofollow">ASL 2.0</a>.</li>
	<li>Submitted designs must include a logo for the website banner, which should be no
more than 150 pixels high and 500 pixels wide.</li>
	<li>Images should be submitted in PNG (preferred) or JPG format as well as a scalable
vector, print quality version.  Initial submissions may just be the "web" quality image, but
if your entry is selected to be the new CXF Logo you must provide the "scalable vector, print
quality version of the logo" prior to the selecting being official.</li>
	<li>The logo must incorporate the full project name: Apache CXF
		<li>NOTE: The word "Apache" may be in a smaller font then "CXF"</li>

<h4><a name="LogoContest-Submissionscanbemadeby%3A"></a>Submissions can
be made by:</h4>
	<li>Editing this wiki page and adding your logo (only available to Apache CXF contributors
and committers and those with ICLA's on file.)</li>
	<li>Provide a URL to the files on a public website</li>
	<li>Attached to <a href="" rel="nofollow">TBD</a>
	<li>Submitted by email to &lt;; with a subject header
that starts with [LOGO] so they can be added to this page.</li>

<h4><a name="LogoContest-Voting%3A"></a>Voting:</h4>
	<li>Will occur from TBD through TBD and may include multiple rounds of voting.
		<li>Initial Round - TBD through 23:59 GMT on TBD</li>
		<li>Finalist Round (top 5) - TBD through 23:59 GMT on TBD</li>
		<li>Final PMC vote - a 72 hour by just the CXF PMC to accept the "winner" as the official
project logo.</li>
	<li>Anyone can submit a vote, but the Apache CXF PMC will have the final say on which
logo is selected.</li>
	<li>An <a href="" rel="nofollow">STV</a>
voting system will be used for all but the final CXF PMC vote.</li>

<h4><a name="LogoContest-Winner%3A"></a>Winner:</h4>
	<li>Will be announced on or after TBD and will be expected to have a CLA on file with
the ASF before their logo will be used.</li>

<h4><a name="LogoContest-Prizes"></a>Prizes</h4>
<p>TBD - not sure if there will be prizes.  Anyone have anything to donate?</p>

<h3><a name="LogoContest-Process%26LegalGuidelines"></a>Process &amp;
Legal Guidelines</h3>
	<li>Acknowledgment to the winning entry will be provided on the project <a href="/confluence/display/CXF/Special+Thanks"
title="Special Thanks">Special Thanks</a> page.</li>
	<li>The Apache Software Foundation reserves the right to select no winning entry, if
it deems that the submissions do not meet the needs of the organization</li>
	<li>If the Logo is selected, the contributor must assign all rights to the selected
images to the Apache Software Foundation</li>
	<li>Logo must be free of any copyright or any other intellectual property claims</li>
	<li>Logo must not incorporate or extend existing trademarks of other companies</li>

<h3><a name="LogoContest-LogoSubmissions"></a>Logo Submissions</h3>
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