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Subject [CONF] Apache CXF > Milestone 1 Plan
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 13:59:00 GMT
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     <h2><s>Milestone 1 Plan</s></h2>
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         <h2><a name="Milestone1Plan-Milestone1Plan"></a>Milestone 1 Plan</h2>

<h3><a name="Milestone1Plan-TargetedFeatures"></a>Targeted Features</h3>

<p>According to current tasks in JIRA system, it looks like folks are working on following
features and these might be good candidates for milestone 1 release:</p>
	<li>JAX-WS 2.0</li>
	<li>Transports: HTTP, HTTPS, and JMS</li>
	<li>Bindings: SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, XML binding, JAXB 2.0</li>
	<li>WSDL 1.0</li>
	<li>WS-Addressing and WS-RM</li>
	<li>Initial JCA support</li>
	<li>Complete tooling support, including wsdl2java, java2wsdl, wsdlvalidator, and xsd2wsdl
	<li>JBI integration?</li>

<h3><a name="Milestone1Plan-HighLevelTODOitems"></a>High Level TODO items</h3>

	<li>Code First support (Dan D: I've got this under control I think)</li>
	<li>Finish Configuration (Andrea S: Mostly done - it's up to individual components
now to specify their configuration needs and make sure they provide appropriate getters/setters).</li>
	<li>WS-RM - Implement the Celtix RM handlers as CXF interceptors. WS-Addressing is
	<li>Client side fault handling</li>
	<li>Soap 1.2</li>
	<li>Some simple spring helper beans - It would be great to have an CXFClientFactoryBean
and also a JaxWsEndpointFactory bean which makes an endpoint from a spring bean.</li>
		<li>We need a users guide space in Confluence yet</li>
		<li>We need to get a syncer in place for the wiki -&gt; SVN. It seems there is
already an auto-export going <a href="/confluence/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=CXF&amp;title=1&amp;linkCreation=true&amp;fromPageId=23644"
class="createlink">1</a>, but it doesn't end up at our site and it doesn't seem to
include the navigation</li>
	<li>Release Notes: we should start a wiki page which has the release notes. Specifically
we should address what features this does and does not include and what people should be looking
at this (developers primarily?).</li>
	<li>Remaining JIRAs which target smaller issues</li>

<h3><a name="Milestone1Plan-TargetedDate"></a>Targeted Date</h3>
<p>Start a vote on Oct. 9, 2006.</p>

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