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Subject svn commit: r767235 - /cxf/branches/2.1.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:26:27 GMT
Author: dkulp
Date: Tue Apr 21 17:26:27 2009
New Revision: 767235

Update release notes


Modified: cxf/branches/2.1.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
--- cxf/branches/2.1.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt (original)
+++ cxf/branches/2.1.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt Tue Apr 21 17:26:27
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-Apache CXF 2.1.4 Release Notes
+Apache CXF 2.1.5 Release Notes
 1. Overview
-Apache CXF 2.1.4 delivers the latest set of patches and bug fixes for Apache
-CXF.   This release fixes 88 JIRA issues that have been reported by users.
+Apache CXF 2.1.5 delivers the latest set of patches and bug fixes for Apache
+CXF.   This release fixes 87 JIRA issues that have been reported by users.
 2. Installation Prerequisites 
@@ -73,102 +73,103 @@
 7. Specific issues, features, and improvements fixed in this version 
-Release Notes - CXF - Version 2.1.4
-[CXF-1140] - wsdl2java failed if the schema import use the relative path to a url
-[CXF-1673] - Unnecessary dependencies
-[CXF-1749] - Quick Fix for JMS Encoding issue
-[CXF-1757] - Javascript client not working on IE-6
-[CXF-1762] - The JAXRS mapping of Java methods without method parameter not working.
-[CXF-1798] - DynamicClientFactory does not work when called through Ant
-[CXF-1820] - CXF does not work with hex-encoded request parameters
-[CXF-1844] - Add support for byte and Byte
-[CXF-1847] - AttachmentDeserializer cannot handle attachments with Quoted Printable content
transfer encoding
-[CXF-1859] - mtom-enabled property case sensitive
-[CXF-1872] - JCA inbound connector ignores jaxws-endpoint bean configuration
-[CXF-1882] - JAX-RS can't unmarshall request body if the corresponding parameter is annotated
with non-JAX-RS annotation
-[CXF-1889] - WS-RM: Cleanup of candidate list in RetransmissionQueueImpl
-[CXF-1890] - Aegis serializes enums with toString instead of name
-[CXF-1895] - Invalid character set UTF-8; action= urn:ihe:iti:2007:RetrieveDocumentSet in
request in Contet-type
-[CXF-1898] - cxf bundle should optionally depend on J2EE Connector API
-[CXF-1900] - Invalid ContentId Encode
-[CXF-1903] - Maven Codegen Plugin Fails For CXF WSDL
-[CXF-1905] - WSDL2Java can't handle JAXB-bindings with split WSDLs
-[CXF-1909] - JMS Transport does not work with JMS 1.0.2 provider
-[CXF-1915] - W3CDOMStreamReader returns wrong type in moveToChild()
-[CXF-1920] - Oracle WSDL files contain ESB port entry that causes connection failures
-[CXF-1923] - Message "SOAPBinding can not on method with RPC style" ?
-[CXF-1924] - Infinite loop in FileUtils.getDefaultTempDir() when "" directory
does not exist
-[CXF-1925] - Problem with servelt mappin on 2.2-SNAPSHOT
-[CXF-1927] - Misleading phase for java2ws goal in Maven Integration and Plugin article.
-[CXF-1930] - JAX-WS + JAXB does not honor the service factory isAnonymousWrapperTypes() flag
-[CXF-1931] - Can't include the <jaxws:dataBinding> inside the <jaxws:endpoint>
-[CXF-1935] - enableAsyncMapping doesn't work outside of wsdl:operation
-[CXF-1936] - Async methods are bound when not using wsdl on client side
-[CXF-1937] - certs out of date in jax_rs/basic_https sample
-[CXF-1943] - jms transport doesn't support to inject jmsconfig to JmsDestination
-[CXF-1945] - NullPointerException in W3CDOMStreamReader
-[CXF-1947] - Incorrect deserialization of null values in Map
-[CXF-1948] - Interface is not visible when CXF does not have visiblility to domain classes.
-[CXF-1955] - WHICH_JARS text file does not mention commons-collections.jar
-[CXF-1961] - Intent map exception when running the greeter demo client
-[CXF-1963] - W3CDOMStreamReader can't read text in the root element.
-[CXF-1969] - wsdl2java - NPE when wsdl has a missing attribute
-[CXF-1973] - Dynamic Client Factory classes should take URL objects as well as Strings
-[CXF-1974] - Missing names in sample POMs
-[CXF-1976] - WebApplicationException not thrown when injection of fields with *Param annotations
-[CXF-1979] - wsdl2java fails to generate working client code if web service name or serviceName
is "Service"
-[CXF-1980] - XML Validation in offline fails due to missing cxf-beans.xsd in distro
-[CXF-1981] - Inconsistent use of logger delegation via LogUtils
-[CXF-1982] - Sub-resource locator fails on subtyping
-[CXF-1990] - 3 CTS tests, invokeAsyncTest(for pojo, ejb and servlet) fail
-[CXF-1991] - Incomplete implementations of UriInfo and UriBuilder
-[CXF-1992] - cxf tools should honor "java.home" property to search javac for compiling generated
java beans.
-[CXF-2000] - ReadHeadersInterceptor ignoring DataBinding when creating SoapHeader
-[CXF-2001] - java2ws plugin generating exception beans when they already exist in classpath
-[CXF-2005] - Missing type in generated WSDL part definition when using int[] arrays with
RPC/Literal encoding
-[CXF-2007] - JAXBSource can't be used as Source from a JAX-WS Provider interface
-[CXF-2011] - Asynchronous client behaves improperly
-[CXF-2020] - Code generated from SwA/Mime binding when NOT using the enableMIMEContent customization
throws exceptions at runtime
-[CXF-923] - wsdl2java error message improvement
-[CXF-1819] - Make PhaseInterceptorChain.unwind() more defensive wrt handleFault() exceptions
-[CXF-1835] - Use Jetty Continuations to implement asynchronous HTTP processing
-[CXF-1887] - add ability to modify log of response before logging in LoggingOutInterceptor
-[CXF-1910] - JBI binding should honor aegis databinding
-[CXF-1916] - Mtom Performance - MimeBodyPartInputStream performs slow
-[CXF-1918] - AttachmentUtil creates randomUUID for each attachment
-[CXF-1922] - Improve DynamicClientFactory: make compileJavaSrc() non static and protected
-[CXF-1926] - The transportId should be available on org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsProxyFactoryBean

-[CXF-1928] - "@Produces", "@Consumes" in JSONProvider
-[CXF-1938] - Enhance JMSConfigFeature documentation to also describe its use when configuring
a server
-[CXF-1946] - Changed the jms client received timeout value from 2 second to 60 second
-[CXF-1952] - Remove NodeLists from souirce as they are thread unsafe.
-[CXF-1957] - Add official support for Axis2 saaj implementation
-[CXF-1958] - JAXRS Endpoint should be aware of bus which exits in the application context
-[CXF-1964] - Add ability to inject WSS4J Processor objects into the WSS4JInInterceptor
-[CXF-1968] - Add API in Client interface to allow passing Exchange in the invoke method
-[CXF-1978] - Spring-based JMS Conduit should support using a shared permanent reply queue
for several instances
-[CXF-1989] - ClientImpl to leave inputstream in the message at caller's request
-[CXF-1993] - Adding namespaces to the soap envelope
-[CXF-1998] - WSDL2JavaMojo should declare phase=generate-sources
-[CXF-2012] - Implement HTTP digest auth
-[CXF-2018] - JMS transport should transparently wrap the ConnectionFactory in a SingleConnectionFactory
-New Feature
-[CXF-180] - JMS Transport support for transaction
-[CXF-1599] - URIResolver can't be replaced eazy
-[CXF-1912] - Implement asynchronous support for JMS transport in CXF Server 
-[CXF-1962] - Create directory if does not exist for WSDL to javascript
-[CXF-2004] - unit test errors in systest
-[CXF-2019] - Test failure in systest http ClientServerSessionTest.testPublishOnBusyPort
-[CXF-1327] - Logging Interceptor with pretty formatting
-[CXF-1394] - Maven2 for build
-[CXF-1921] - Class org.apache.cxf.jaxb.JAXBDataBinding is final
-[CXF-1971] - adding documenation to for DynamicClientFactory
+** Sub-task
+    * [CXF-2110] - Missing parameterOrder attribute in java2wsdl generated RPC wsdls
+    * [CXF-2112] - Missing element in generated WSDL definition
+    * [CXF-2114] - java2ws generates invalid import statement when using member classes
+    * [CXF-2129] - Provider endpoint causes NPE in AbstractPolicyInterceptor
+    * [CXF-2138] - Missing parameterOrder attribute in java2wsdl generated Doc/Lit wsdls
+    * [CXF-2147] - wsdl2java does not generate @XmlList with doc/lit wsdl
+    * [CXF-2148] - wsdl2java does not generate @XmlJavaTypeAdapter in SEI
+** Bug
+    * [CXF-973] - WebFault(faultBean="...") not used
+    * [CXF-1766] - handler chain wildcard matching does not quite work
+    * [CXF-1858] - JAXRSOutInterceptor throws NullPointerException for unknown requests when
using exception mapper
+    * [CXF-1884] - ExceptionMapper is not called due to a NullPointerException at JAXRSOutInterceptor
+    * [CXF-1950] - wsdl2java omits @WebParam's header=true where <wsdl:service> element
is missing.
+    * [CXF-1999] - HTTP conduit configuration is not loaded when not using Spring
+    * [CXF-2025] - Null Pointer Exception in AbstractInvoker.createFault()
+    * [CXF-2030] - JMS transport is not usable with IBM MQI interface endpoints
+    * [CXF-2031] - CacheControlHeaderProvider produces invalid no-cache headers
+    * [CXF-2033] - StaxUtils assumes DOM Node::appendChild(c) returns the passed-in child
+    * [CXF-2034] - JMS client transport (JMSConduit) does not tear down its reply awaiting
listener on Bus shutdown
+    * [CXF-2037] - SoapFault subcode not outputted correctly in Soap12FaultOutInterceptor
+    * [CXF-2038] - changes for signaturePropFile and decryptionPropFile of WSS4JInteceptor
can't be reloaded if we use cxf in container
+    * [CXF-2040] - One way operations return response after impl is invoked...
+    * [CXF-2043] - CXF failed to deal with attachment if client sends in attachment with
"Multipart/Related" instead of "multipart/related" as Content-type
+    * [CXF-2044] - Aegis Custom Type Mapping
+    * [CXF-2045] - Custom headers lost when using Cxf Interceptors
+    * [CXF-2049] - Temporary files are not deleted under windows
+    * [CXF-2050] - MimeBodyPartInputStream never finishes reading certain streams
+    * [CXF-2051] - Exception in REST Service creates not-well-formed xml responses
+    * [CXF-2054] - wsdl2java NPE on Async WSDL
+    * [CXF-2058] - org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.AbstractJAXBProvider.getPackageContext erroneously
returns null value
+    * [CXF-2059] - org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: No such operation
+    * [CXF-2062] - MTOM content-type header missing required "type" parameter
+    * [CXF-2071] - Missing import on 'com.sun.xml.bind.api' for cxf-bundle
+    * [CXF-2072] - Persistant HTTPS connections appear to be disabled.
+    * [CXF-2074] - 2.1.4 now throws "No DestinationFactory was found for the namespace"
+    * [CXF-2075] - Error in spring config file reported as a missing config file during initialization
of BusApplicationContext
+    * [CXF-2077] - When using wsdl2java with the -db xmlbeans flag, the generated build.xml
doesn't work OOTB
+    * [CXF-2080] - Default value is not assigned to HeaderParam
+    * [CXF-2082] - client using decoupled ws-addressing with async handler hang from time
to time
+    * [CXF-2084] - AbstractMessageResponseTimeInterceptor has protected methods, but default
(package) scope constructor
+    * [CXF-2087] - CXFServlet / URIResolver tries to load file "" (empty file name)
+    * [CXF-2088] - Wrong serialisation order of elements when using Aegis databinding.
+    * [CXF-2095] - wsdl2java -db xmlbeans can't generate right wrapped class
+    * [CXF-2097] - If wrapped style is used and multiple message parts are generated (because,
for example, a soap header parameter is declared), the generated wsdl does not interop with
RI or CXF client.
+    * [CXF-2100] - Digest auth is broken
+    * [CXF-2101] - Cannot add headers to request from Dispatch client in async mode -- ThreadLocal
+    * [CXF-2103] - Some attributes marshalled through JAXBSource have wrong names
+    * [CXF-2104] - Caller application hangs in case it uses the polling (Response) method
with JAX-WS async mapping and an http error occurs during sending. In case of callback style
(AsyncHandler), the client application has no way of getting the exception.
+    * [CXF-2105] - The CxfBusLifeCycleManager can cause ConcurrentModificationExceptions
to be thrown
+    * [CXF-2106] - Temp files created for data over 64kb are never deleted
+    * [CXF-2108] - idl2wsdl NullPointerException at typedef with sequence of (named) fixed
+    * [CXF-2109] - samples\corba\bank_ws_addressing does not compile
+    * [CXF-2115] - refactor JBIConduitOutputStream exception handle
+    * [CXF-2117] - method AnnotationHandlerChainBuilder.patternMatches() causes CXF portability
issues with other JAX-WS stacks
+    * [CXF-2119] - wsdl2java failes with NPE with void Async Methods
+    * [CXF-2122] - NPE in AbstractJAXWSMethodInvoker
+    * [CXF-2124] - DynamicClientFactory.createClient API would throw an exception with source
path instead of classes path when classes.mkdir() call fails
+    * [CXF-2128] - wsdl2js gives NullPointerException on
+    * [CXF-2132] - @Oneway doesn't work with simple/bare element types
+    * [CXF-2139] - Deserializer for complex types is not created inside the generated JavaScript
client code
+    * [CXF-2143] - Timezone problems with special dates (e.g. birthdays)
+    * [CXF-2145] - Proxy in JCA connector throws exception due to concurrency issues
+    * [CXF-2149] - java.lang.ArrayStoreException getting headers in handler
+    * [CXF-2152] - Certain Spring AOP proxies cannot be used any more as service bean since
CXF 2.1.4 because the real (non-proxy) target class is not found correctly by SpringAopClassHelper
+    * [CXF-2160] - LoggingOutInterceptor logs message twice
+    * [CXF-2161] - WSA handler class MAPCodec is not decoding From header
+    * [CXF-2163] - org.apache.cxf.resource.URIResolver on Websphere 6.1 doesn't resolve from
"wsjar:" base URI's
+    * [CXF-2170] - Aegis logging inconsistent....
+    * [CXF-2172] - RPC/Lit types with both XmlType and XmlRootElement are ending up as element
parts, not type parts
+    * [CXF-2175] - DynamicClientFactory.setupClasspath throws a null pointer exception if
URI contains undefined path.
+    * [CXF-2180] - ProxyHelper requires cglib even if interface is used as client service
+** Improvement
+    * [CXF-1549] - Let TLSClientParameters take an SSLSocketFactory
+    * [CXF-1650] - Allow JAX-RS Resources, without XmlRootElement JAXB annotation
+    * [CXF-2042] - Expose totalHandlingTime attribute in ResponseTimeCounterMBean to offer
trendsup monitoring
+    * [CXF-2063] - should set catalogManager debug level a bit ealier
+    * [CXF-2081] - Allow specifying a Java heap size when wsdl2java -compile invokes Java
+    * [CXF-2086] - CFX does not log caught RuntimeException
+    * [CXF-2099] - support XMLSchema Vaildation in XMLBeans DataBinding
+    * [CXF-2116] - Refactoring of the WrapperHelper
+    * [CXF-2140] - Allow injection of an existing MBeanServer into the InstrumentationManagerImpl
+    * [CXF-2141] - Expose faults count in ResponseTimeCounter in addition to existing invocations
+    * [CXF-2167] - WS-Addressing handler should not drop messages when the RelatesTo property
is explicitly set by client code
+    * [CXF-2169] - JBIConduitOutputStream need save JBI MessageExchange in response message
for later possible use
+    * [CXF-2177] - add ability to modify log of response before logging in LoggingInInterceptor
+    * [CXF-2181] - Dynamic Dispatch classes should cache MessageFactory instances
+** New Feature
+    * [CXF-2069] - provide services list that's easily parseable
+    * [CXF-2174] - WSDLToJava to support generating a list of wsdls all at once
+** Test
+    * [CXF-2120] - Add a systest for XMLBeans databinding

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