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Subject svn commit: r766881 - in /cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release: BUILDING.txt release_notes.txt
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 21:26:51 GMT
Author: dkulp
Date: Mon Apr 20 21:26:51 2009
New Revision: 766881

Update 2.0.x release notest and stuff


Modified: cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/BUILDING.txt
--- cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/BUILDING.txt (original)
+++ cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/BUILDING.txt Mon Apr 20 21:26:51
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
    JDK location, and that your PATH includes %JAVA_HOME%\bin (windows) or 
    $JAVA_HOME$/bin (unix).
-3) Install Maven 2.0.6, which can be downloaded from 
+3) Install Maven 2.0.9 or newer, which can be downloaded from Make sure that your PATH includes 
    the MVN_HOME/bin directory. 
@@ -28,15 +28,14 @@
          $> mvn -Pfastinstall.
    This will compile Apache CXF without running the tests and takes less
    time to build.
-   Depending on the load of remote Maven 2.0 repositories, you may have 
+   Depending on the load of remote Maven repositories, you may have 
    to run "mvn" several times utill the required dependencies are 
    all located in your local maven repository. It usually takes some time for 
    maven to download required dependencies in the first build.
 Building kit
-1) Change to the "distribution" directory of Apache CXF source distribution.
-2) Run 
-         $> mvn
+1) From top level, run
+         $> mvn -Pfastinstall,everything
    This will build an Apache CXF distribution kit under "distribution/target"

Modified: cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
--- cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt (original)
+++ cxf/branches/2.0.x-fixes/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt Mon Apr 20 21:26:51
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-Apache CXF 2.0.10 Release Notes
+Apache CXF 2.0.11 Release Notes
 1. Overview
-Apache CXF 2.0.10 delivers the latest set of patches for the 2.0.x series
-fixing another 40 reported JIRA issues.
+Apache CXF 2.0.11 delivers the latest set of patches for the 2.0.x series
+fixing another 35 reported JIRA issues.
 2. Installation Prerequisites 
@@ -68,50 +68,55 @@
 6. Specific issues, features, and improvements fixed in this version:
-[CXF-1140] - wsdl2java failed if the schema import use the relative path to a url
-[CXF-1749] - Quick Fix for JMS Encoding issue
-[CXF-1847] - AttachmentDeserializer cannot handle attachments with Quoted Printable content
transfer encoding
-[CXF-1872] - JCA inbound connector ignores jaxws-endpoint bean configuration
-[CXF-1889] - WS-RM: Cleanup of candidate list in RetransmissionQueueImpl
-[CXF-1890] - Aegis serializes enums with toString instead of name
-[CXF-1895] - Invalid character set UTF-8; action= urn:ihe:iti:2007:RetrieveDocumentSet in
request in Contet-type
-[CXF-1898] - cxf bundle should optionally depend on J2EE Connector API
-[CXF-1900] - Invalid ContentId Encode
-[CXF-1905] - WSDL2Java can't handle JAXB-bindings with split WSDLs
-[CXF-1909] - JMS Transport does not work with JMS 1.0.2 provider
-[CXF-1915] - W3CDOMStreamReader returns wrong type in moveToChild()
-[CXF-1924] - Infinite loop in FileUtils.getDefaultTempDir() when "" directory
does not exist
-[CXF-1931] - Can't include the <jaxws:dataBinding> inside the <jaxws:endpoint>
-[CXF-1932] - Spring injection with bare parameter style fails to deploy
-[CXF-1936] - Async methods are bound when not using wsdl on client side
-[CXF-1943] - jms transport doesn't support to inject jmsconfig to JmsDestination
-[CXF-1945] - NullPointerException in W3CDOMStreamReader
-[CXF-1947] - Incorrect deserialization of null values in Map
-[CXF-1979] - wsdl2java fails to generate working client code if web service name or serviceName
is "Service"
-[CXF-1980] - XML Validation in offline fails due to missing cxf-beans.xsd in distro
-[CXF-1981] - Inconsistent use of logger delegation via LogUtils
-[CXF-2000] - ReadHeadersInterceptor ignoring DataBinding when creating SoapHeader
-[CXF-1819] - Make PhaseInterceptorChain.unwind() more defensive wrt handleFault() exceptions
-[CXF-1835] - Use Jetty Continuations to implement asynchronous HTTP processing
-[CXF-1910] - JBI binding should honor aegis databinding
-[CXF-1916] - Mtom Performance - MimeBodyPartInputStream performs slow
-[CXF-1918] - AttachmentUtil creates randomUUID for each attachment
-[CXF-1922] - Improve DynamicClientFactory: make compileJavaSrc() non static and protected
-[CXF-1926] - The transportId should be available on org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsProxyFactoryBean

-[CXF-1946] - Changed the jms client received timeout value from 2 second to 60 second
-[CXF-1964] - Add ability to inject WSS4J Processor objects into the WSS4JInInterceptor
-[CXF-1968] - Add API in Client interface to allow passing Exchange in the invoke method
-[CXF-1978] - Spring-based JMS Conduit should support using a shared permanent reply queue
for several instances
-[CXF-2012] - Implement HTTP digest auth
-New Feature
-[CXF-180] - JMS Transport support for transaction
-[CXF-1912] - Implement asynchronous support for JMS transport in CXF Server 
-[CXF-1962] - Create directory if does not exist for WSDL to javascript
-[CXF-1327] - Logging Interceptor with pretty formatting
-[CXF-1921] - Class org.apache.cxf.jaxb.JAXBDataBinding is final
+** Sub-task
+    * [CXF-2110] - Missing parameterOrder attribute in java2wsdl generated RPC wsdls
+    * [CXF-2114] - java2ws generates invalid import statement when using member classes
+** Bug
+    * [CXF-973] - WebFault(faultBean="...") not used
+    * [CXF-1999] - HTTP conduit configuration is not loaded when not using Spring
+    * [CXF-2025] - Null Pointer Exception in AbstractInvoker.createFault()
+    * [CXF-2030] - JMS transport is not usable with IBM MQI interface endpoints
+    * [CXF-2033] - StaxUtils assumes DOM Node::appendChild(c) returns the passed-in child
+    * [CXF-2034] - JMS client transport (JMSConduit) does not tear down its reply awaiting
listener on Bus shutdown
+    * [CXF-2037] - SoapFault subcode not outputted correctly in Soap12FaultOutInterceptor
+    * [CXF-2038] - changes for signaturePropFile and decryptionPropFile of WSS4JInteceptor
can't be reloaded if we use cxf in container
+    * [CXF-2049] - Temporary files are not deleted under windows
+    * [CXF-2050] - MimeBodyPartInputStream never finishes reading certain streams
+    * [CXF-2062] - MTOM content-type header missing required "type" parameter
+    * [CXF-2067] - Can't send message attachments via the WebServiceContext in 2.0.x
+    * [CXF-2077] - When using wsdl2java with the -db xmlbeans flag, the generated build.xml
doesn't work OOTB
+    * [CXF-2082] - client using decoupled ws-addressing with async handler hang from time
to time
+    * [CXF-2084] - AbstractMessageResponseTimeInterceptor has protected methods, but default
(package) scope constructor
+    * [CXF-2087] - CXFServlet / URIResolver tries to load file "" (empty file name)
+    * [CXF-2104] - Caller application hangs in case it uses the polling (Response) method
with JAX-WS async mapping and an http error occurs during sending. In case of callback style
(AsyncHandler), the client application has no way of getting the exception.
+    * [CXF-2105] - The CxfBusLifeCycleManager can cause ConcurrentModificationExceptions
to be thrown
+    * [CXF-2106] - Temp files created for data over 64kb are never deleted
+    * [CXF-2115] - refactor JBIConduitOutputStream exception handle
+    * [CXF-2145] - Proxy in JCA connector throws exception due to concurrency issues
+    * [CXF-2149] - java.lang.ArrayStoreException getting headers in handler
+    * [CXF-2152] - Certain Spring AOP proxies cannot be used any more as service bean since
CXF 2.1.4 because the real (non-proxy) target class is not found correctly by SpringAopClassHelper
+    * [CXF-2161] - WSA handler class MAPCodec is not decoding From header
+    * [CXF-2163] - org.apache.cxf.resource.URIResolver on Websphere 6.1 doesn't resolve from
"wsjar:" base URI's
+    * [CXF-2172] - RPC/Lit types with both XmlType and XmlRootElement are ending up as element
parts, not type parts
+** Improvement
+    * [CXF-2042] - Expose totalHandlingTime attribute in ResponseTimeCounterMBean to offer
trendsup monitoring
+    * [CXF-2063] - should set catalogManager debug level a bit ealier
+    * [CXF-2081] - Allow specifying a Java heap size when wsdl2java -compile invokes Java
+    * [CXF-2140] - Allow injection of an existing MBeanServer into the InstrumentationManagerImpl
+    * [CXF-2141] - Expose faults count in ResponseTimeCounter in addition to existing invocations
+    * [CXF-2169] - JBIConduitOutputStream need save JBI MessageExchange in response message
for later possible use
+** New Feature
+    * [CXF-2069] - provide services list that's easily parseable

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