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Subject svn commit: r645525 - in /incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks: ./ README.txt build.xml
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 14:10:03 GMT
Author: bimargulies
Date: Mon Apr  7 07:10:00 2008
New Revision: 645525

Add mutant version of wsdl_first that uses the official ant task.

      - copied from r645289, incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first/

Modified: incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/README.txt
--- incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/README.txt
+++ incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/README.txt
Mon Apr  7 07:10:00 2008
@@ -1,31 +1,9 @@
-Hello World Demo using Document/Literal Style
+WSDL First Sample Using the CXF Ant Tasks
-This demo illustrates the use of the JAX-WS APIs to run a simple
-client against a standalone server using SOAP 1.1 over HTTP.
+This sample is derived from the wsdl_first sample, but uses
+the CXF ant tasks to generate the client code.
-It also shows how CXF configuration can be used to enable schema validation
-on the client and/or server side: By default the message parameters would not
-be validated, but the presence of the cxf.xml configuration file on
-the classpath, and its content change this default behavior:
-The configuration file specifies that 
-a) if a JAX-WS client proxy is created for port {}SoapPort
-it should have schema validation enabled.
-b) if a JAX-WS server endpoint is created for port {}SoapPort
-it should have schema validation enabled.
-The client's second greetMe invocation causes an exception (a marshalling
-error) on the client side, i.e. before the request with the invalid parameter
-goes on the wire.
-After commenting the definition of the <jaxws:client> element in cxf.xml you 
-will notice that the client's second greetMe invocation still throws an exception,
-but that this time the exception is caused by an unmarshalling error on the
-server side.
-Commenting both elements, or renaming/removing the cfg.xml file, and thus
-restoring the default behavior, results in the second greetMe invocation
-not causing an exception.
 Please review the README in the samples directory before continuing.

Modified: incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/build.xml
--- incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/build.xml
+++ incubator/cxf/trunk/distribution/src/main/release/samples/wsdl_first_anttasks/build.xml
Mon Apr  7 07:10:00 2008
@@ -17,9 +17,20 @@
   specific language governing permissions and limitations
   under the License.
-<project name="hello world demo" default="build" basedir=".">
+<project name="hello world demo" default="build" basedir="."
+         xmlns:cxf="antlib:org.apache.cxf.ant.extensions" >
     <import file="../common_build.xml"/>        
+    <path id='cxf.anttasks.classpath'>
+     <pathelement location='${cxf.home}/modules/integration/cxf-anttasks-2.1-incubator-SNAPSHOT.jar'/>
+     <path refid='cxf.classpath'/>
+    </path>
+    <taskdef uri="antlib:org.apache.cxf.ant.extensions"
+             resource="org/apache/cxf/ant/extensions/antlib.xml"
+             classpathref="cxf.anttasks.classpath"/>
     <target name="client" description="run demo client" depends="build">
         <property name="param" value=""/>
@@ -44,10 +55,14 @@
     <target name="generate.code">
         <echo level="info" message="Generating code using wsdl2java..."/>
-        <wsdl2java file="hello_world.wsdl"/>
+        <mkdir dir="${build.src.dir}"/>
+        <mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}"/>
+        <cxf:wsdl2java wsdl="${wsdl.dir}/hello_world.wsdl" 
+                       sourceDestDir="${build.src.dir}"
+                       destDir="${build.classes.dir}"/>
-    <property name="" value="helloworld"/>
+    <property name="" value="helloworld_ant"/>
     <target name="war" depends="build">
 	<cxfwar wsdl="hello_world.wsdl" filename="${}.war"/>

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