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From 张树行 <>
Subject Re: Query regarding service discovery
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2017 14:13:42 GMT
Each W can register themselves as a ephemeral node, such as /alive/w1,/alive/w2….
Then put a watcher on the /alive path,  the watcher will be called back when the w(i) disappear
because of the w(i) down.
You also need handle the connection loss cases and other details.

> 在 2017年4月19日,下午8:59,Tejash Tarun <> 写道:
> Hi,
> How to use curator framework to achieve the following:
> I have one instance of ResourceManager RM running which provides work to 5 Workers W[1...5].
 RM and Ws are java applications. 
> Zookeeper is being used for service discovery and coordination of Ws.
> Now, how to have a callback in RM if any of W goes down ?
> Basically, Zookeeper via heartbeat via session of W can detect the aliveness of W, however
when W goes down Zookeeper knows this due to absence of the heartbeat.
> But how to get a callback in RM for the event ?
> Any suggestion and help is appreciated.
> Thanks !!

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