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From Alvaro Gareppe <>
Subject PathChildrenCache creates the node if not present
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2016 13:31:10 GMT
Is there a way to avoid the node creation on PathChildrenCache start() ?

I have this case

1.- There is no node in ZK
2.- I do this:
         cp = new PathChildrenCache(conn, "/a",
3.- now I have a node /a in ZK

Im using the pathCache in a different thread (and possibly different
server) of the node creation, so I would like to have an option where the
node is not created, so it does nothing or throws and exception in that
case (both works for me).

Is there some way to configure the PathChildrenCache to do so ?

I'm using curator version: 2.9.1

Ing. Alvaro Gareppe

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