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From Stephan Ewen <>
Subject Attaching a Fencing Token to a Leader Latch
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 10:31:03 GMT
Hi Curators!

We are using the curator LeaderLatch recipe for leader election - so far
works great!

We need to additionally attach a "fencing token" to the leader latch -
basically a random unique ID that can be used to identify actions taken
under the assumption of a certain node holding the leader latch. This token
should be retrieved atomically with the leader status and live and die with
the leader status.

Its seems natural to use the leader latch znode for that.
We were thinking to either use the latch's znode zxid, or to write some
bytes to the znode (or attach a child node) to it.

The recipe does not provide any access to the znode, however. What would
you recommend to do here? Is it possible to add (read only) access to the
znode in the LeaderLatch?


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