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From Rich Alberth <>
Subject Re: Curator forum?
Date Thu, 12 May 2016 14:15:09 GMT
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I'm creating a Distributed Priority Queue in my Spring appcontext.xml, and wiring a thread
pool object as the executor.  My intention is to have a single Curator framework connection,
a single Distributed Priority Queue object, and a thread pool to control parallel execution.
 My hope is as elements are dequeued, they would be given to the thread pool, which would
be responsible for executing them in parallel.

From testing, a single thread is always used, regardless of my executor.

Can you confirm this is intended?

I've enclosed a sample Java class to demonstrate this behavior.  When run, it always uses
a single thread even though the Executor is ready to use a different thread for every execution.

 - Rich Alberth

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