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From Stefano Salmaso <>
Subject Trouble with InterProcessMutex.acquire, timeout not respected
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:32:28 GMT
Forwarding to Curator list...

Hi Jordan,
I'm using apache curator with zookeeper in order to have a distributed lock.
Our code follow this guide line <>

But.. I found that, during network problems (ie using poor mobile connection) or with high
concurrent request on same path... the tryLock timeout is not respected.
In my test I use 3 seconds... but in those circumstance the timeout is higher than expected.
(more than 10 seconds.... also 30.. 40)
I tried with different RetryPolicy and connection timeouts.. but there is something wrong.

So... I don't know if you can help me.. and if this is the right channel for a request like
this.... but... I am hopeful!! :-)

Thanks so much

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