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From Joe Littlejohn <>
Subject Re: Temporarily remove a host from service discovery
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2015 23:44:26 GMT
Thanks for commenting!

It would be good to be able to implement this without having to maintain a
parallel structure of nodes. I was thinking a flag included as part of the
instance node data ("enabled":false) however this would require a Curator
change since this flag would not be accessible via the ServiceInstance
object (unless it was included in the payload).

The ability to deactivate a node when using the service discovery recipe
seems like a very useful and core feature. I'm wondering - would the
maintainers be amenable to adding such a feature? It would be quite easy to
implement some tooling outside of Curator to set/reset this flag, but at
least having the core Curator library support the flag itself as part of
the node data would mean that this wouldn't require many client-side

I see this as very similar to the DownInstanceManager but offering
explicit, central control.

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