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From Check Peck <>
Subject Re: multiple machines working on different task
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 22:29:13 GMT
Thanks Jordan.

Can you briefly explain how I can leverage Nirmata Workflow here? I was
going through this example
but I was not able to understand how can I use it for my use case?

And if you have some other solutions as well which I can use here then let
me know as well.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 3:20 PM, Jordan Zimmerman <
> wrote:

> There are many ways to accomplish this. However, I wrote something that
> may solve your problem. Have a look at Nirmata Workflow:
> Even if you don’t use it directly, you can use the code as a sample of how
> to do what you want.
> -Jordan
> On September 4, 2015 at 3:18:23 PM, Check Peck (
> wrote:
> I have a simple requirement as I am using Zookeeper with Curator. I have a
> znode like this "/test/clients/" and some other application will create a
> znode under "/test/clients/" with some data in it and those are each task
> that my other three machines has to perform so it will be like this:-
> This will be a znode "/test/clients/clientid_123" with some data in it,
> let's say Hello World 1
> This will be a znode "/test/clients/clientid_124" with some data in it.
> let's say Hello World 2
> This will be a znode "/test/clients/clientid_125" with some data in it.
> let's say Hello World 3
> This will be a znode "/test/clients/clientid_126" with some data in it.
> let's say Hello World 4
> Now I have three machines in which I will be running a service which will
> use Curator library. I want all those three machine to pick up some
> clientid task from "/test/clients/" znode.
> For example : if machineA is working on "clientid_123", then I don't want
> machineB or machineC working on "clientid_123". A single machine can work
> on multiple clientid task but no two machines should pick same client id
> task.
> How can I do this with zookeeper? I can have all three machines keep a
> watch on "/test/clients/" znode and as soon as anything gets added up in
> this znode then I don't know how to make sure only one is picking client
> id
> task. I can use leadership but in leadership, only single machine will be
> leader and that single machine will work on all the client id task and
> that's what I dont want.
> I want all the machines working on some client id task.

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