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From Terry Siu <>
Subject InterProcessMultiLock documentation
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 17:25:35 GMT

The documentation says the InterProcessMultiLock follows the same usage as “Shared Lock”
which is the InterProcessSemaphoreMutex. Aside from these two classes defining the same APIs,
my assumption was that the multi lock would also use the same non-reentrant lock implementation.
However, after a test and verifying in code, the underlying multi-lock implementation uses
InterProcessMutex. I have a use case where I have a request thread which acquires a lock,
but a callback thread is responsible for releasing it. I was able to achieve this via the
InterProcessSemaphoreMutex and thought I would be able to do the same with InterProcessMultilock
for multiple locks, but the multi-lock requires that the same thread release the lock which
it acquired. Any suggestions on getting around this?


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