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From Patrick Peralta <>
Subject PathChildrenCache start behavior
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 17:06:54 GMT

Apologies if this has been previously discussed (I could not find a good
search interface for the list archives). The methods of starting up
PathChildrenCache are as follows:

     * Method of priming cache on {@link PathChildrenCache#start(StartMode)}
    public enum StartMode
         * cache will _not_ be primed. i.e. it will start empty and you
will receive
         * events for all nodes added, etc.

         * {@link PathChildrenCache#rebuild()} will be called before this
method returns in
         * order to get an initial view of the node.

         * After cache is primed with initial values (in the background) a
         * {@link PathChildrenCacheEvent.Type#INITIALIZED} will be posted

However, the start method does the following:

            case NORMAL:
                offerOperation(new RefreshOperation(this,

It seems to be that the behavior is the same as POST_INITIALIZED_EVENT,
except that an event isn't posted when the cache has been populated. I was
surprised to see my listeners receiving events even though the cache was
supposed to be empty on startup.

I don't actually have a requirement to start with an empty cache; I was
just mostly confused about the difference between the doc and the actual
behavior. Perhaps the doc should be updated to reflect the existing
behavior, assuming that it is intentional?


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