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From Jordan Zimmerman <>
Subject Re: Usage of semaphore
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 16:10:51 GMT
Here’s a portion of the JavaDoc for the class:

There are two modes for determining the max leases for the semaphore. In the first mode the
max leases is a convention maintained by the users of a given path. In the second mode a SharedCountReader
is used as the method for semaphores of a given path to determine the max leases.

If a SharedCountReader is not used, no internal checks are done to prevent Process A acting
as if there are 10 leases and Process B acting as if there are 20. Therefore, make sure that
all instances in all processes use the same numberOfLeases value.


From: Sznajder ForMailingList Sznajder ForMailingList
Date: January 9, 2014 at 9:51:36 AM
Subject:  Usage of semaphore  

I need to allow the access to a shared resource only MAX_CON times.

It sounds natural to use the semaphore for that.

However, something is not clear to me in the API.

What is the difference between the two constructors:

public InterProcessSemaphoreV2(CuratorFramework client,
                       String path,
                       int maxLeases)

public InterProcessSemaphoreV2(CuratorFramework client,
                       String path,
                       SharedCountReader count)

And especially, with the second constructor signature, how do I define the maxLeases value?
How can I limit the access to be only MAX_CONN?

Many thanks


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