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From Oliver Dain <>
Subject Compatible ZooKeeper versions
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 18:16:42 GMT
It appears that Curator isn't compatible with older versions of ZooKeeper. For example, if
run with ZooKeeper 3.3 the LeaderLatch recipe never elects a leader though it works fine with
3.4.5. This isn't surprising or really a problem. However, we're using some ZooKeeper stuff
to mediate our interactions with Kafka. Kafka ships with ZK 3.3 so every time a new developer
at my company starts messing around with our code on their local machine they find it doesn't
work. The LeaderLatch recipe doesn't throw an exception or anything to indicate that the version
of ZK is old - the latch just never fires with an elected leader, so people keep debugging
the same problem.

In the short term, I'm happy to add some code to our libraries that check the ZK version and
throw an exception if it's too old I haven't been able to find documentation on the oldest
supported ZooKeeper version however. Does anybody know what that is?

In the longer term, it seems like it'd be nice if the Curator library itself did the version
check. Should I file a bug for that?


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