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From Sznajder ForMailingList <>
Subject Multiples queue consumers in a quorum reduces the throughput
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2013 16:51:52 GMT

A parallel problem to the problem I described earlier in this list is a

The parameters are still the same:

- I have a producer who produces items in the queue (integer). The producer
adds some items when the queue is half of its initial size.

- The consumer just picks the item and write to a log file and goes to
sleep a while...

When I define a chorum of 2 machines - One producer, and one consumer, I
consume 1320 items in 5 minutes.

When I define a quorum of 3 machines - One producer and two consumers, I
consume 2693 items in 5 minutes (expected!)

When I define a quorum of 4 machines - One producer and three consumers, I
suddenly, consume only 1975 items in 5 minutes!! (Even less than the
precedent configuration!!)

I would thank you for your help/. This issue is relatively urgent for me..

Best regards

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