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From Sznajder ForMailingList <>
Subject Multiple consumers on a single server - strange behavior.
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 21:18:58 GMT

I made a short test as following:

- I have a chorum of 3 nodes for Zookeeper.
- I wrote a class using Curator QueueProducer who produces all the time
(when the queue is 10% full, it creates new items) , items (random integer)
- I wrote a simple class using Curator Queue Consumer which simply prints
to Log "consumed item i".

I tested some different combinations :
- running the consumers on one, two or three nodes.
- running one or more consumers in parallel on a given node.

But, and here is my question: I see some very strange behavior when I have
several consummers in parallel on a node. For example, running 5 consumers
per node on 3 nodes, I see a throughput **very** slow. When looking at my
Log, I see that most of the consumers are most of the time on an idle

Do I mistake somewhere?
 I was expecting to enhance the throughput by augmenting the number of
consumers, I am surprised to see the opposite....

Thanks a lot


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