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From Sznajder ForMailingList <>
Subject Leader Selection and failing node
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 15:19:46 GMT

I ran the LeaderSelectorExample / Example classes on a real Zookeeper
chorum of three nodes
- node_1
- node_2
- node_3

I start ZK on theses nodes by using:
bin/ start command on each one of three nodes (Is it necessary?
Could I start only one of them? )

Then, I am launching the LeaderSelectorExample by giving it node_1:2181 as
connect string, on each one of the three nodes.
I made two tests:

- I stop the process on node_1 , the two other nodes continue to take the
leadership one after the other, as usual.

- I stop ZOOKEEPER on node_1 by calling 'bin/ stop' on node_1.
In this case, immediatly the current leader prints
"relinquishing leadership"

But **no one** takes the leadership then. And all the processes stay

Thanks for your help


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