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From Cameron McKenzie <>
Subject LOST ConnectionState
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 06:17:25 GMT
Just wondering how the LOST connection state is determined? I would have
thought that it would be safe to be in a SUSPENDED connection state until
somewhere close to the session timeout was reached. From my experimentation
though it seems that the LOST state isn't related to either the session
timeout or the connection timeout.

Is there some rationale behind this?

My thinking was that for leader election, locks etc. that rely on ephemeral
nodes, we can be sure that these nodes are going to exist for as long as
the session timeout, and thus we can be disconnected from ZooKeeper for up
to the session timeout (with a bit of leeway for safety) and still assume
that our ephemeral nodes are present. For leader election or locks where it
is not possible for another client to come and 'steal' this function from
the client isn't this a safe assumption?

Or am I missing something?

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