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From Adarsh Bhat <>
Subject Possible bug in DistributedIdQueue recipe
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 19:09:19 GMT
Hi curator users!

I'm using the DistributedIdQueue recipe in my system. Although I'm
aware of the tech note that this is not suitable for production use,
this is a pretty lightweight use case with very few items in the queue
at any time. It has actually been working rather well.

I encountered a situation recently that was uncovered because of a bug
in my code. I neglected to catch an exception in my QueueConsumer,
leading to an endless re-queueing of the item. While this is perhaps
expected behavior, I also noticed that the name of the znode (and the
corresponding lock znode)  grew with each requeue. After many hours,
this name grew so long that it brought the entire zookeeper ensemble
to its knees. It refused to accept any client connections.

Starting with this:
Exception processing queue item: queue-|616682fa-15b6-48e0-b7cc-ea6e3023248f

And this is how the node name grew:
...and so on

Before I knew it the node name was many pages long.

Is this a defect in the recipe? Or have I done anything wrong myself?

Adarsh Bhat

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