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From Jordan Zimmerman <>
Subject Re: Possible bug in DistributedIdQueue recipe
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 19:13:02 GMT
That can't be correct behavior. Please open a Jira with a test case. 

Jordan Zimmerman

On Sep 17, 2013, at 2:09 PM, Adarsh Bhat <> wrote:

> Hi curator users!
> I'm using the DistributedIdQueue recipe in my system. Although I'm
> aware of the tech note that this is not suitable for production use,
> this is a pretty lightweight use case with very few items in the queue
> at any time. It has actually been working rather well.
> I encountered a situation recently that was uncovered because of a bug
> in my code. I neglected to catch an exception in my QueueConsumer,
> leading to an endless re-queueing of the item. While this is perhaps
> expected behavior, I also noticed that the name of the znode (and the
> corresponding lock znode)  grew with each requeue. After many hours,
> this name grew so long that it brought the entire zookeeper ensemble
> to its knees. It refused to accept any client connections.
> Starting with this:
> Exception processing queue item: queue-|616682fa-15b6-48e0-b7cc-ea6e3023248f
> And this is how the node name grew:
> queue-|616682fa-15b6-48e0-b7cc-ea6e3023248f|00000010940000001095
> queue-|616682fa-15b6-48e0-b7cc-ea6e3023248f|0000001094000000109500000010960000001097
> queue-|616682fa-15b6-48e0-b7cc-ea6e3023248f|000000109400000010950000001096000000109700000010980000001099
> ...and so on
> Before I knew it the node name was many pages long.
> Is this a defect in the recipe? Or have I done anything wrong myself?
> Regards
> Adarsh Bhat

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