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From chao chu <>
Subject Will the latest curator work with zookeeper 3.3.5?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 16:12:34 GMT

I want to know if the latest apache curator can work with zookeeper version
3.3.x? I knew that originally, the netflix one will require zookeeper 3.4.x
since 1.1.x (from their twiki/doc)?

Due to some restrictions, currently we are using zookeeper 3.3.5 and I am
using curator 1.1.9 (I know it's quite outdated). However, I found no
problem with at least the LeaderLatch so far. However, via the github's
compare view between 1.1.9 and the 'archive' branch (, I did see
there are quite a few non-trivial bug fixes to LeaderLatch over the time,
so I hope I would be able to upgrade to the latest curator.

will I be lucky to get curator 2.x working with zookeeper 3.4.5?

Thanks & Regards,


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