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From chao chu <>
Subject Real world usage of the recipe LeaderLatch
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 16:03:22 GMT

I have been trying to use the LeaderLatch to implement Leader Election in
my project and had written some scripts to simulate the situations when the
zk ensemble become unstable due to network problems. It worked well and as
expected so far.

However, by digging into both zookeeper-users and curator-users mailing
lists, there are indeed some bugs/edge cases reported, like
LeaderLatch bug causing extra znodes appearing in
 and multiple participants thought they are
worried me about the reliability of this.

So, my question is that: are there any real world projects are using this
recipe which have proved the quality of it, or are there any other known
edge cases or open issues?

Thanks & Regards,


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