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From Rob Righter <>
Subject curator-x-discovery-server not purging static services after specified instanceRefreshMs
Date Thu, 09 May 2013 15:21:26 GMT

I am using Curator's curator-x-discovery-server. It is allowing me to
putService, getAll and removeService via the REST api and that all
appears to be working correctly. However, when I call putService with
a serviceType of "STATIC", the service is not being automatically
purged from the getAll list after the specified InstanceRefreshMs has
passed. I had assumed from the documentation (
) that a STATIC service would be removed from all lists after that
InstanceRefreshMs (specified in the DiscoveryContext) expires.

If it is helpful, the Json associated with my service is:

  "name": "analytics",
  "id": "ca2fff8e-d756-480c-b59e-8297ff88624b",
  "address": "",
  "port": 1234,
  "payload": {
    "datacenter": "dallas",
    "role": "master"
  "registrationTimeUTC": 1368105287000,
  "serviceType": "STATIC"

My questions are:

(1) Is my understanding of the "STATIC" serviceType correct, or am I
misreading the documentation?

(2) If my understanding is correct, is this a known issue, and can
anybody reproduce this behavior?


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