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From Ioannis Canellos <>
Subject ConnectionLoss and Retry Policy.
Date Mon, 20 May 2013 12:24:51 GMT
I am using curator version 2.0.0-incubating and even though I am using a
retry policy (usually something like 10 retries with 1 sec delay), I am not
always successfully recovering from a connection loss.

In many cases I do see the RECONNECTED state change in my logs right after
the retry policy has been exhausted and this makes me think that its
possible that something is blocking the event while retrying.

i) Could it be caused by long running tasks triggered by a
ii) If so, would it help if I passed an executor service along with the
listener or I should have the executor in the listener impl?
iii) Other ideas?

*Ioannis Canellos*

Twitter: iocanel

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