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From Jordan Zimmerman <>
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 16:53:32 GMT
In this mode, all current nodes and any additionally nodes before the event is sent are gathered.
The internal initialSet is continually added to until hasUninitialized() returns false. So,
whatever nodes exist when the PathChildrenCache is started make it into the event and then
any node changes that occur before the event is sent will make it into the event.


On May 17, 2013, at 8:10 AM, Mark Libucha <> wrote:

> I'm not clear on the guarantees for the POST_INITIALIZED_EVENT StartMode for PathChilidrenCache.
Specifically, what happens to changes that would cause events to be posted to a listener which
occur between the call to start(StartMode.POST_INITIALIZED_EVENT) and the arrival of the INITIALIZED
> Are they (1) included in priming, (2) not included in the priming but captured and delivered
after INITIALIZED event, (3) dropped (probably not -- just checking), or (4) something else
> Another way to frame this question is how to best use this option without any changes
slipping through. Is it:
> pcc = new PathChildrenCache(...);
> pcc.getListenable().addListener(listener);
> pcc.start(StartMode.POST_INITIALIZED_EVENT);
> and then ignore everything in the listener until an INITIALIZED event arrives?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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